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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  December 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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and killed by san francisco police, we talk with the mother of mario woods. >> you can try and bargain with god. in the end, he wins. mario's not coming back. >> and after more than a year away from golf, tiger woods is back. the 4 on 2:00 at start now. what happened to sherri papini and the reason she was abducted remains a mystery. >> i'm heather holmes. we begin with the case of that redding mother, sherri papini, released after 22 days of captivity. >> although the circumstances of her disappearance aren't known, authorities say she was branded and experts say that could be a sign of sex trafficking. that is, henry, a tell-tale sign, is it not? >> yeah, ted. shasta county sheriff says
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investigators can't say definitively if sex trafficking was involved. but it's worth looking into. redding mom sherri papini vanished while jogging a month ago. 22 days later, she was found on the side of the road in yolo county on thanksgiving. her long blond hair was cut off, she was battered and she was branded with some kind of message. authorities also say they have no concrete information about the possibility that a cartel or sex trafficking ring could be involved, but victim advocates say they believe that is certainly a possibility. >> when they heard that she was branded, that she had gotten branded, the first thing that came to our mind is she was prey. it's been going on in oakland where they just drive by and just literally throw you in the car. >> she is an advocate for sex trafficking victims in oakland.
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she says sex traffickers often brand, tattoo or otherwise mark their victims. sex trafficking is what many call modern day slavery. papini's husband said she had scabs, bruises, a broken nose and only weighed 87 pounds. she had been thrown from a car in yolo county with chains around her waist and a bag on her head. the advocates say they stand ready in support of all sex trafficking victims. the fbi and state investigators are helping shasta county authorities try to figure out what happened to sherri papini. joining me now is jason dewitt with the dewitt detective agency. you heard henry and human trafficking does seem to be a possibility here, does it not? >> i would say absolutely. there are a lot of different possibilities with this case, but human trafficking certainly seeming to be one of the
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possibilities, maybe even at the top of the list. >> is branding the number one reason you say that? >> it's interesting to me because in this case, people are talking about branding. it almost sounds like this victim is alleging to have been burned. the research i've done on branding, it's more along the lines of tattoos. either way, that's a way for these pimps and human traffickers to claim women as their own. so yes, i think that is consistent with human trafficking. >> we don't know everything she's told investigators. we do know that what she's told them has been limited in terms of detail and specifically her captors. what as an investigator do you do in a case like this to try to solve this mystery? >> that's the thousand dollar question; right? what i would say is this victim -- and she absolutely is a victim, regardless of how all this shakes out, but she needs
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to be interviewed carefully and numerous times by many different experts. my understanding is that the federal bureau of investigation is involved, state investigators are involved. it's not just the shasta county authorities. and they're going to be looking to kind of pull out details that she may not even be aware that she knows of. and then what they're going to do is combine those details, try to make some sense of it. once they've been able to do that, they're going to try to verify and corroborate her story with physical evidence and other types of evidence such as license plate readers, such as other witness testimony, things of that nature. >> there are a lot of skeptics in this case, people that have read about it, watched the coverage of it, and they say
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something just doesn't fit here. what's your overall opinion? >> yeah, and i think it's easy for us all to arm chair quarterback from a couple hundred miles away and not really be involved in the investigation and i -- i would caution anybody who is trying to say that this is a hoax -- it may be a hoax. hoax do happen. they're not real common. but it may be a hoax. what i would suggest is that we all kind of sit tight for a little bit and see what happens, see what shakes out. in my mind, there is no victim -- there is no question, though that this young lady was a victim. now, is she a victim because she surrounded herself with the wrong people and she's being victimized by them in some way? it's a possibility. is she a victim because she went out for a jog in the middle of the morning and was picked up by, you know, some -- two hispanic women and was
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thrown into the back of an suv and driven off and held captive for three weeks? you know, that is a little bit outlandish, but certainly within the realm of possibility. >> thank you. today marks one year since the controversial shooting of mario woods by san francisco police. officers first used less lethal force on the stabbing suspect but woods refused to drop the weapon. that's when officer ares fired shots, shooting woods 15 times. calls for change as well as a justice department review. today's supporters are marching from mlk park to the spot where woods was killed. that's where we caught up with woods' mother recently to find out what this year's been like without her son. >> reporter: she told me she takes it one day at a time.
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she is joining marchers right now as they make their way to this location. this is where mario woods was gunned down. they have placed photos out her, and candles. we did speak one-on-one with gwen yesterday on the eve of the anniversary of her son's death. >> reporter: visiting the spot, she says she still struggles with his death. >> that breaks me down when i see his figure right here and all around him. >> reporter: a barrage of gunfire, cell phone video of her son's killing still haunts her. it shows mario armed with a knife adolescent time shot by san francisco police officers after a they he failed to comply with demands. >> i remember cowering in the
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corner like that's my kid. that's my kid. >> reporter: woods says mario and his older brothers grew up mainly in houston, texas, moving back to her family home in the bay view neighborhood 16 years ago. mario served 9 years in prison at the age of 17 after committing an armed robbery. he had only been out for a year when he was killed. >> that was last mother's day. >> reporter: she realizes her son wasn't perfect, but he deserved to have his day in court. particularly in how officers interact with communities of color. no charges have been filed against the officers as of yet. >> nothing to be done. >> reporter: something woods says she has come to accept. >> i'll be another black or brown mother that has to say i have to take this loss.
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i have to [ indiscernible ] justice somehow. i have to be okay with not being okay. >> reporter: woods now lives in sacramento working a temp job. she says she understands depression and there are days she doesn't feel like showering or even getting out of bad. >> you can try bargaining with god. in the end, he wins. mario's not coming back. so those days are hard. >> reporter: woods looks on the positive side. she believes mario's death did have an impact, opening up a dialogue when it comes to use of force policies. these days she looks for signs of mario. on thanksgiving, she got one in a lady bug on her night stand. >> lady bug flies in and rattles around the lamp. >> reporter: mario used to laugh that the only bug his mom liked was the lady bug. >> i think it was mar.
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>> reporter: right now the supporters are walking just a couple blocks away from this vigil which will get underway shortly. the debate over san francisco's sanctuary city policy is once again flaring up, this time in the shooting death of kate steinle. this morning a federal judge heard arguments as to why the u.s. government and city of san francisco want a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of steinle to be dismissed. she was shot as she was walking along the san francisco pier. steinle's parents thinks the sanctuary city policy created a lack of communication between ice officials and the sheriff's department, which led to the 32
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year old's death. >> the lives are trying to hold the city liable. they're trying to use our sanctuary city policy to try and suggest that this wouldn't have happened except for the sanctuary city policy, which is just not the case. >> we think the sheriff was wrong when he issued his own memo saying you can't communicate with ice regarding felons who are undocumented immigrants and that's what led to kate's death. we hope this case stands for the fact that san francisco's sanctuary city law is not a safe harbor for felons. >> sanchez is a 7-time felon. he had been deported 5 times when he picked up a bureau of land management ranger's gun
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and fired it at steinle. no word on when the judge will make his ruling. another bay area sanctuary city, san jose, also feeling a wave of fear sparked by the incoming trump administration's stance on immigration. today they gathered to try to reassure the public that the police department would not be enforcing federal immigration laws. looking at the impact that those words are having on the real life circumstances of some of those people. >> reporter: the chief says he's received phone calls, email, regular mail, first hand accounts of people who are terrified that a change in washington politics and policies could lead to mass deportations here in the bay area. we're also feeling that and seeing that here in sunnyvale.
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the police chief, san jose mayor and the chief diplomat of the consulate in san jose stood together shoulder to shoulder. the san jose police department will not help immigration officials when it comes to raids of people in the country without documentation. this is not a change in their policy, but rather a continuation of existing policy. the reason: working with immigration customs and enenforcement -- >> my officers are committed to maintaining active community involvement to continue the trust that we have worked so hard to achieve. >> the one that it's up to is president trump that's coming in next month. he already said he's going to take everyone out that is daca. i'm already scared.
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>> reporter: olivia martinez came here with her mom and entered illegally. she's now married to a u.s. citizen and his two children. olivia martinez is not alone. there is a ground swell of emotion of that kind of fear all aroundlet south and and it touches all different levels of age, sex, society i socioeconomic strata. officials in contra costa county say a teen accused of sexual assault will not face charges. >> plus parking in downtown oakland just got more difficult after this parking lot is declared unsafe. >> cool breezy day around the bay area. we'll check in on your conditions and if this weather
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is going to stick around for your bay area weekend coming up. over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to have health insurance starting january 1st, you need to enroll by december 15th. visit today.
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the contra costa county district attorney's office says charges will not be filed at this time against a high school football player suspected of sexual assault. he's accused of assaulting a 15 year old girl who attends an all-girls school across the street, carondalet.
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it is not uncommon for the da's office to request information before moving forward. the fate of the h1b program. a silicon valley venture capitalist is urging president- elect donald trump to keep that intact. my first question is why is the h1b program so important, do you think? >> skilled immigration is a very critical part of the labor force in america. especially in silicon valley. almost one third of the venture capitalists in silicon valley are with -- >> how concerned are you about the future of the program? >> so they say that you campaign in poetry, but governor in prose. i am positive that once president-elect donald trump starts to governor, he will think about this issue in the
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full context and preserve the best parts of our immigration program. >> i want to talk a little bit about what mr. trump said on the campaign trail. the influx of foreign workers holds down salaries, keeps unemployment high and makes it difficult for poor and working class americans, including immigrants themselves and children, to earn a middle class wage. what do you say to those who are critics of the program? >> we need to get economic prosperity and jobs in america. but the laws in place protects the workers here and makes sure we can only hire people when those people are hard to find and at wages higher than the prevailing wage. we have security in the system to make sure it doesn't get abused. two of my heroes: steve jobs and elon musk, son of an
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immigrant and one is an immigrant, we let creation happen in america. >> to those that say -- the people who are coming in for the highly skilled jobs are taking them away from americans, how do you answer that? >> the reality is we don't have the kind of skilled labor in america today. what's going to happen is they're going to start companies in india and china and take jobs from here. the h1b visa program is used to get highly skilled people we don't already have in this country. >> some people say let's keep the program, but make some changes. >> there might be situations here where you have certain companies abusing the program or in some cases using it not in the way intended, but we should not throw the baby out with the bath water. we should make america a place for innovators to come from all
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over the world. >> have you got any response yet? >> i haven't heard anything. i don't expect to. we have a transition in place and the president-elect takes into power on the 20th. i think it is important to get into -- so we can have a balanced score card. right now we only heard the negative elements. >> obviously you're one venture capitalist. what is the feeling there in silicon valley? if changes are made, this could change the way silicon valley works. >> it does. i think across the board, obviously people are trying to understand and fully reason what has happened in this election process and work with our new president. i think the belief is ultimately we will do the right thing. america is very famous for trying everything out, but ultimately doing the right thing. >> thanks for taking the time to talk to us. that's a story we will be
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following as mr. trump gets ready to head to the white house. let's turn things over to our meteorologist with a look at the chilly forecast. at least it was for me in san francisco this morning. >> the wind was blowing and quite cool out there. blustery start followed by a brisk afternoon. the wind provided us clear views for most of the day. 62 miles per hour mount diablow. sfo, 37. mid-30s, 35 mile-per-hour half moon bay. earlier this morning we were covering downed power lines and trees. the winds are going to continue through this hour. will be with us through your friday night, begin to die down for saturday. napa reporting a north breeze at 20 miles per hour.
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fairfield gusting to 25. and we have a sustained wind at concord, not bad at the moment. the airport reporting 6 miles per hour. san jose, 12. lightened up some in the last couple of hours. temperature-wise, 59 degrees right now in fairfield. 61 in berkeley, 61 san francisco. low 60s in nevado. the temperature's not too bad with the sunshine in place. with the wind in place, it feels a little bit cool up there. temperatures are up because of the wind. 5 degrees. few degrees in areas like santa rosa, napa, concord and san jose. temperatures are going to remain on the mild side for the afternoon, but wow, going to be quite chilly as we start the mornings. i'll have a lock at what you can expect coming up in a bit. hundreds of people who park their cars in an oakland garage owned by the city lost their parking spaces today. the parking structure was
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deemed unsafe and shut down indefinitely. what other options are left for drivers. >> reporter: this is the final day people will be able to pull into this downtown oakland garage to find a place to park. the signs are posted everywhere. this structure is closing down because of concerns about its seismic safety. >> i usually always park here because it's more convenient. the other side is kind of lonelier on the other side. i like it here. i feel safer here. i guess safety is more important. there is a lot of other places we can park, so that's what we have to do. safety is first. >> reporter: this 4-story garage at the corner of clay and 14th streets next to city hall has been in use for more than 50 years. after a year-long study, city officials figured out this structure is not a safe place to be in the event of a large earthquake. >> we took that report to the
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city council a few times in october and to the full council in early november and the decision was made to close it and we went about the process of doing that right away. >> reporter: people visiting city hall and other offices downtown will have to find other places to park. a big hassle for okis. >> i come here and pretty much handle all my business needs and this garage is right here. all the other garages nearby is down the street. but if you get there after 8:30, you have to pay a lot of money. this is the most cost efficient and closest garage. >> reporter: as many as 500 cars come in and out of the clay street garage. the city is urging them to use the garage under frank ogala plaza or the garage on martin luther king jr. way.
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alex savidge. the zika zone, there in florida, shrinking. and the one popular tourist area that is still affected.
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finally, some good news in the fight against zika. >> transmission of the virus has stopped in south florida. >> reporter: the miami zika zone is shrinking.
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covering one square mile of miami's little river neighborhood today. >> today is a good news day. after 45 days of no local transmission of zika in the little river area, we can say the little river area no longer has active zika area. >> reporter: recommending all pregnant women in the u.s. should be evaluated for possible zika exposure during prenatal care. governor scott is unhappy with federal response to the virus. >> it's still frustrating the federal government has not been a good enough partner. we worked hard to get the funding this year. it's been 2 months and we've only seen $7 million so far. >> reporter: the mosquito transmitted case in texas is the first local transmission outside of florida. one zika zone remains in miami
4:30 pm
dade county, a 1.5-mile area in south beach. >> this is not passed. we're going to have mosquitoes next year. we're all going to work together. hopefully the federal government will be a good partner and we'll get a vaccine. but everybody here is going to work hard. >> reporter: south beach will remain in the active zika zone for at least one week. that will mark 45 days since the last confirmed transmission of the virus. coming up, donald trump takes action to stop a recount in one midwestern state. >> we talk with a uc berkeley professor who says every state should do an audit. >> donald trump continues to fill key posts while thanking supporters.
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president-elect donald trump surprised supporters last night announcing his pick for secretary of defense. today he is back in manhattan continuing to shape his cabinet. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump making a surprise announcement during his thank you tour yesterday. telling thousands of his supporters he has picked retired marine corps general james mattis as his nominee for
4:34 pm
secretary of defense. >> reporter: general mattis will need a congressional waiver to serve since he has only been retired for three of the required 7 years. most don't foresee it being an issue, however there are some critics taking issue with the general's well-known intense demeanor. >> general mattis, in the statements he's made, is a colorful military general, much in the tradition of many of our successful battle field commanders. >> reporter: another head line to come, a comment made by the president-elect during his stop at a carrier plant in indianapolis. >> companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. >> reporter: those on both sides of the aisle were quick to weigh in on mr. trump's threat questioning what impact it could have on how the u.s.
4:35 pm
does business. >> one of the big questions as you raised is what does it mean, what are the consequences that he's contemplating? tax penalties? people being jailed? >> reporter: the president- elect is back in new york continuing to shape his cabinet. he has 8 more to go. lauren blanchard, fox news. while president-elect donald trump prepares to enter the white house, the push for recounts in three battle ground states is moving forward. phillip stark is here. we were talking before this segment. you said this is something you've been pushing for, states to independently audit their results, for several years now. >> we've been advocating for this for a long time. i've been working on the problem for 9 years myself. the technology we use is
4:36 pm
fallible. it has a variety of ways it can malfunction. even in the absence of malicious hacking. having a paper trail and going back and checking the results gives protection against hacking. >> why doesn't each state conduct an audit? >> some states do audit, but it doesn't do the optimal thing. what we'd like to see is ensure that when the audit is over, the election outcome is correct. audits in the state that is have them are a spot check of the equipment. >> there is no specific federal guidelines for how each state should conduct these audits. >> no. the federal government doesn't regulate how states perform their elections or audits. former representative rush holt had performed a number of audit laws to get the most number of
4:37 pm
auditing happening across states, but that was not passed. >> this is just including president-elect donald trump who says it's a bunch of cry babies out there who want to try to switch the outcome of this year's election. you say there's more to it than that. >> absolutely. i can understand why he might say that. because he doesn't stand to gain much personally from checking the result ares. that said, i think there's something at stake much larger than who ends up being the president. namely, national security. there's a lot of -- we know that hackers responsorred by the russian government hacked the dnc email. we know hackers based in russia hacked into voter databases in arizona. it would be a little surprising if they didn't actually try to mess with the election itself and the only way we're going to find out if that happened is to
4:38 pm
look at the paper trail and compare it to electronic results. >> what are you looking for when the three battle ground states do conduct their recounts? >> we're looking for them to compare the result that comes from hand tabulating the paper to the results the computer gave. if there are any discrepancies, to understand why they came about. if there was foreign interference in our election. >> do you expect to find that? >> i have no idea. >> moving forward, what do we do here? is it a matter of making sure that each state -- you mentioned a paper trail. is it a matter of changing how we vote or is it something bigger than that? >> two things. first of all, 25% of americans still vote on equipment that doesn't have a paper trail they can look at before casting their vote.
4:39 pm
we need them to be on equipment that generates a paper trail. paper has wonderful security properties for elections. the paper trail doesn't do any good if you don't look at it. so the second part is close the loop and look at enough of the paper to determine if the results are accurate enough to determine who won. what i've been working on -- there's now a law in colorado that incorporates these methods, is how to do that in the most efficient way so if the outcome of the election is wrong, you look at all the paper and correct the outcome. but if the outcome is right, you look at as little paper as possible. what is it exciting to me about this is people feel strongly enough about the election that there's a moment we can move forward in election integrity.
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>> thanks for taking the time to talk to us. a bay area man is helping to lift the spirits of people who have suffered a terrible loss. >> plus meteorologist rosemary orozco will be with us. over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california.
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that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. at progresso, we are now using 100% antibiotic and hormone-free white breast meat chicken in all our chicken soups! behold our greatest opus! an east bay artist is
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helping grieving families heal by sharing his art. >> bill small volunteers his time drawing portraits of loved ones who died and told us what started as a hobby has now become a mission. >> it gives me an enormous sense of satisfaction. >> reporter: the people in the portraits by bill small are often victims of gun violence, drunk drivers, suicide and other complex circumstances of untimely traumatic deaths. they include babies, children and adults. >> i get wonderful thank you notes from people who are obviously feeling a great deal of pain. >> reporter: the 74 year old works with mothers of drunk driving. the contra county crisis center and anti-violence non-profits to find grieving families. he says he picked up a piece of paper and two pencils 5 years ago to draw his grand children. >> actually i started with
4:44 pm
these guys. they're now 5. >> reporter: when the sandy hook massacre happened december 2012, he decided to focus on helping people turn their grief into a remembrance of their loved ones. >> i spend a fair amount of time studying the photographs before i start. and then i think mostly it's just practice. >> reporter: primarily self- taught, small says he's taken some classes. time has helped him hone his skills employ the desire to capture the essence of the person for their families is perhaps his greatest motivator. >> this is the person as i remember them and they can focus on the good times and not what they've lost. >> i don't want to cry, but, yeah, it's very touching and very moving. >> reporter: mady scott of san francisco is a recipient of small's art work. her son, george c scott was
4:45 pm
shot ask killed in san francisco in 1996. small has drawn three portraits of her son. >> they're healing for me. they touch my heart and let me know that i'm not alone in this. that someone does care. for someone to do that for me and not charge me a dime is unbelievable. >> reporter: small says the art of giving is rewarding. >> it helps me put everything in my life in perspective. when you're drawing pictures of people that are gone, your problems sort of fade away. >> reporter: small tells me the demand for his portraits have grown over the years. he wants to recruit other artists. he says he goal is to give hope. in danville, ktvu fox 2 news. let's check in with our meteorologist rosemary orozco. sort of complaining about how chilly it was on the way to the
4:46 pm
gym this morning. >> i think what made it feel even chillier today, the wind. the wind will be dying down as we get into your bay area weekend, but sticking around at least through the evening hours. beautiful shot as sunset approaches. we have a nice golden hue in the sky. low 60s in oakland. san jose check nothing at 62 with the wind in place. actually a little bit warmer today. didn't feel like it because the breeze could chill you to the bone. storm tracker 2 and the pattern that's set up. ridge of high pressure over the pacific. we are lodged right in between. you can see the northerly breeze moving through california. we have a few high clouds spilling over the ridge. that's what we showed you in the live shot a moment ago. these winds will remain in place for tonight. but as we get going tomorrow morning, things will start to calm down. with the calming in place and
4:47 pm
the cold air sinking in, it's going to be a chilly morning once again. the winds will be generally light and remaining light in the afternoon. will pick up a little bit, but not like anything we saw for today. the bay area cool down will be in place for your bay area weekend. we are going to start out tomorrow morning around the bay upper 30s, mid-40s. inland areas will be freezing. you can expect patchy frost once again. widespread 30s forecast for the inland cities. temperatures will be relatively mild. without the wind it should feel better out there. a lot of 60s in the forecast for the afternoon. 47 degrees to start in pacificca. 46 in san francisco. around the bay, upper 30s to mid-40s. 9 degrees for areas right around hayward. 40 degrees expected in san prose. as we get into the mother bay,
4:48 pm
chillier numbers. 38, santa rosa. 39 napa. the inner east bay will be one of the colder spots. 37 degrees expected in livermore. afternoon highs tomorrow, 66 degrees for santa rosa. if we go to the east bay, temperatures in the low 60s. from oakland into concord. we have 61 pacificca as well as san francisco. our south bay locations, mostly sunny and mild. your extended forecast here showing you first of all, unfortunately, no rain in the extended forecast. we are going to continue with dry conditions. the overnight lows and into tomorrow morning, as well as sunday morning, going to be quite cold. afternoon highs not so bad. increasing cloud cover on sunday. partly cloudy for the back part of your weekend. as we get into next week, it's been awfully cool, but we're going to have temperatures come
4:49 pm
down some. mid-50s monday, tuesday, wednesday. a bit colder as we get into the business week, but for the weekend, not too bad. >> the wind really clears the skies up. frank joins us now with a live look at what we are looking on for 5:00. >> it's a startling video, a teacher's aide at a bay area school striking a student in the classroom. today that boy's family filed a federal lawsuit. live coverage coming up. >> and the mistily of sherri papini. >> she's the mom of two from redding, went for a jog, wasn't seen for three weeks. one injury she suffered suggests that she may have been a victim of human trafficking. >> look forward to that. thanks, frank. coming up next here on the 4:00, we will head out live to jack london square where a christmas tradition is about to get underway.
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over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to have health insurance starting january 1st, you need to enroll by december 15th. visit today.
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well, in just about 90 minutings, the annual tree lighting will take place at jack london square in oakland. >> reporter: we are literally a stone's throw from ktvu here in beautiful jack london square. the tree lighting itself is at 6:15-ish. this is one of the biggest events of the year. >> one of the biggest. we have all the events here, but tonight's our big celebration for holidays and we're going to kick it off tonight at 6:15.
4:53 pm
>> reporter: we have tap dancing christmas trees, hot cocoa. let's go for a walk. i was right over here, i saw a lot of kids saying hi. we're from chan 2 news. do you make a point of coming here every year? >> this is quite a fun event. it's just a lot of fun. mus he's the only one eating ice cream when it's old outside. >> reporter: is this a nice kickoff to the holiday season for you? >> yeah, i love christmas. it's like my favorite holiday. >> reporter: not just because of the ice cream; right? >> no. >> reporter: happy holidays. thanks for coming. i heard singing coming from this area. are we artists and singers here? can i talk to you real quick? >> i'm in the oakland interfaith youth choir. >> reporter: you guys are performing tonight? >> yes we are. >> reporter: what it is it take to be part of this event?
4:54 pm
>> i think it's really nice because we're getting a lot of publicity for this and a lot of donations. we're going to hawaii very soon. we're really excited for that. this is a big publicity moment and it's good to get into the holiday time. >> reporter: favorite holiday song? >> deck the halls. >> reporter: i knew i liked you. i'm going to have to hangup the microphone in just a few minutes. i'm going to jump up on stage where we kick things off with one of my favorites, tap dancing christmas trees. we have the lighting of the tree. stay tuned we'll carry that part of it live for you on ktvu. back to you. 5,000 sparkling lights there. >> in the world of sports, tiger woods is in the mix in the world challenge in the
4:55 pm
bahamas. he posted a bogey-free 7 under today. 65 is what he ended up shooting today. 8 strokes better than yesterday. it is the first time he hasn't had a bogey in 18 months. tiger coming off three back surgeries. tiger is in it. and everybody is excited about that. >> they certainly are. good to see him back in it. pregame coverage of tonight's big pac 12 game between washington and colorado begins right at the top of the hour. >> should be a fantastic game. jason here. >> it's at levi stadium. it's the first time that neither oregon or stanford is in the game. so it's a little bit different. colorado is coached by mike mcintire. he coached san jose state for three seasons, completely turned that program around before landing the gig at colorado 4 years ago.
4:56 pm
coach mack has done the exact same thing in colorado. worst to first this year. yeah, i love their mascot, the buffalo. doubt he'll be at levi. colorado rank ared 9th in the country led by a defense that beat utah last saturday. 9th ranked in the country. tall order for them facing the 4th ranked huskies. they are led by one of the best quarterbacks in the country, jake browning. he's a northern california kid. he played high school ball at folsom, just outside of sacramento. browning by no means is washington's only weapon. they have talent everywhere you look. >> looks like they don't have any weaknesses and they play really well. you know, coach peterson is a heck of a coach. coached against him one year when i was at san jose state
4:57 pm
and he was at boise state. and beat us bad. it's going to be exciting for both teams. i know we'll play well and hopefully we'll play well enough to score one more point than washington does. >> lots on the line in this game. washington wins and they're probably in the playoff picture and will play at least for the chance at a national championship. washington especially in getting in the playoffs. >> it will be a big win for colorado. they beat washington state but barely. and washington killed them. >> it's remarkable what colorado has done. this is going to be a good game. if you don't want to watch the football game, switch to ktvu plus. that will do it for us for now. wee going to go to ktvu plus for the news.
4:58 pm
otherwise enjoy the game. >> that's right. t's right. am i actually pushing these guys who ran out of gas six miles on a lonely highway? or is this a metaphor for how i'm constantly pushing myself to make a tastier sandwich? like my new pepper jack ranch spicy chicken sandwich with spicy pepper jack cheese, spicy ranch, and spicy all-white-meat chicken.
4:59 pm
but judging from the third-degree sunburn, and the fact that i can't feel my legs, i'd say i'm actually pushing this car. there's gotta be a better way to get new customers. the pepper jack ranch spicy chicken sandwich. taste it before it's gone. yep, i'm lost.
5:00 pm
>> coach chris peterson is ready looking for another winning season. a great job at washington how about mike mcintyre and the job he has done. coach of the year, turning colorado around. quarterback. a lot on the line next on fox. >> first they are unique. and tonight two programs will experience the rush of the


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