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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 2, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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the 10:00 news on ktvu fox two starts now. [ yelling ] >> justice for mario. >> a protest march and vigil in memory of a man shot by san francisco police one year ago today. >> these moments we just have to shout their names out loud. they were here. they existed. >> it was a confrontation seen on video that sparked a call for change. >> the shooting death of mario woods one year ago today led to a backlash against police. protests of excessive police force, and a review of police protocols by the u.s. justice department amber lee was there as mario lee's mother was joined by friends and supporters at the scene of the shooting. amber?
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>> reporter: frank, the shooting of mario wood took place on third street here in the bay view. tonight was understandably emotional for his mother. >> i have to say his name out loud, he used to be here. >> this is a daily struggle. >> other mothers stood behind her to support her as she struggled with her grief. >> glen, we got your back. >> these women say their sons were also killed by law enforcement from various agencies around the state. >> they got into a scuffle, he stood back and shot my son to death. >> these women say they're walking down the same path looking for justice for their sons. on december 2nd last year cell phone video of the police shooting woods sparked outrage. now one year later the police department is implementing reforms including changing its use of force policy. then chief greg sur came under
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pressure and later resigned after two more deadly police shootings. woods and her supporters are calling on the district attorney to charge the five officers involved in mario woods shooting. >> we're not asking for justice, we're not begging for justice. but we are demanding justice for mario woods. and we will not stop until justice reigns down on our community. >> before the vigil, the mothers and their supporters marched from a nearby park to the site where woods was killed. police say he had stabbed someone earlier that day and refused to drop the knife. one man attending the vigil tells me he's been in and out of prison and that it can be a struggle just to stay alive. >> maybe we can make a change with the officers. you know, i want peace myself. you know, it's bad enough that.
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[ indiscernible ] >> as for mariio woods his mother released balloons. >> there's so many mothers you have to pray for. so many sleepless nights. >> organizers plan to meet with the da tuesday. they will be asking him to charge the officers who shot mario woods. >> amber, was mario woods mom, did she mention at all any of the changes made in police protocol, is she at least happy about those? >> she didn't talk a lot about that. she talked about the pain that her and the other mothers must unit as they fight to bring justice to -- unite to bring justice to their loved ones. >> now to south carolina where jurors in the murder trial of a white police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man say they are deadlocked. the jurors told the judge today they could not agree on the guilt of officer michael slager
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in the death of michael scott. cell phone video showed scott running from the officer after he was pulled over for a broken taillight. the footage then shows him shooting scott in the back several times. the judge ordered the jurors to continue their deliberations on monday. >> president elect donald trump broke with decades of u.s. policy. speaking today by phone with the president of taiwan. china's foreign minister says he hopes u.s. relations won't be damaged as a result. diplomatically the u.s. recognizes that china considers taiwan part of its own territory. late today mr. trump tweeted interesting how the u.s. sells taiwan billions of dollars in military equipment but i should not accept a congratulatory call. there are also reports that an
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executive from the trump organization visited taiwan last month reportedly expressing interest in a hotel deal there. today a michigan state board deadlocked along party lines on president elect donald trump's objection to the recount. the deadlock means a hand recount could start next tuesday or wednesday. green party nominee jill stein pushed for the recount siting voting irregular laters. donald trump defeated hillary clinton in michigan by ten thousand 7 hundred votes. a recount is underway in wisconsin. >> bernie sanders is back in the bay area tonight. the senator from vermont visited two bay area universities as part of his new book tour and had a message for thousands of supporters who came out to see him. >> frank he's no longer a presidential candidate. but bernie sanders proves he can still draw a crowd. the tickets for the event here
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and earlier at uc berkeley sold out within hours and he promised the crowds at both locations he will continue fighting for his progressive causes. [ cheers and applause ] >> senator bernie sanders got a standing ovation from a sold out crowd that greeted him. he's on a tour for a newly published book our revolution. now turning the page he promised to continue fighting for progressive values in the new era of president elect donald trump. >> mr. trump does not have a mandate, and our job every day of the week is to remind him of that. >> sanders said while politics is often about compromise he will not compromise on racial equality, fighting wall street corruption or climate change. and he said america is a siloed society where people moving forward need to reach out more
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to others and foster understanding. he encouraged young people the millennials who mobilized for his campaign to stay involved. >> there has never been a generation in american history that is less racist, less sexist, less homophobic, than the young generation of today. and we should be very proud of that. >> for some students it was a chance to hear from one of their heroes and reflect on lessons learned. >> we need to continue being politically engage and had informed about what's happening around our world. >> the process of working together, compromise, and listen to people who aren't being listened to. >> that's what's going to keep him relevant if he keeps addressing those issues and fighting for the small guy. >> let's go forward together, thank you very much. >> one of the big questions right now is how much democrats will fight against or work with mr. trump. tonight senator sanders says he's been elected to the
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democratic leadership team in charge of out reach so it's likely he will play a very visible role in the coming years. >> does bernie sanders have anymore stops in the bay area or is he flying back to vermont. >> as far as we know right now he does not have anymore here in the immediate bay area. he finished at 8:30 on the dot took photos with some students and left very quickly. there was no real opportunity for us to have an interview with him. but i imagine with this book just coming out he will be making many more book stops on tours throughout the country trying to bring his message directly to the people. >> jenna, thank you. >> it is official. the holidays have in oakland's jack london square. tonights tree lighting ceremony part of a yearly tradition we're very proud to be a part of.
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>> ktvu was among hundreds of people on hand tonight for all the fun. >> 3, 2, 1. >> and with that christmas at jack london square. it was impressive. >> i like the star up there. >> what do you like about it? >> the stuff at the top of the tree. >> under the night sky it was this star that stood out. completed with 5,000 lights and 600 colorful ornaments. the man behind it james carlton. >> trees are like people they come in all different shapes and sizes. so hunting for the perfect one is always a challenge. >> it's a family business and labor of love. his family first delivered a tree to jack london square in the late '60s. >> the people in oakland and folks that come abroad come in year after year and they think this is their tree because it
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is. >> oakland celebrated with holiday performances. >> i will mention briefly that the tree in san francisco is not the real deal. >> tonight brought back fond memories for oakland's mayor. >> i remember being a little kid and watching this tree get lit up. so it still looks tall even though i'm all grown up now. >> it was even enough to make santa proud. the tree traveled a long way to get here and for many it was worth it. >> beautiful. beautiful, couldn't ask for anything better. she loves it, you like the tree. >> at a time of year when neighbors maybe trying to out do each other with christmas displays the winner might be here in jack london square. >> coming up new developments following this beating of a special needs student by a
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teacher's aid. at 10:30 what we learned about a lawsuit just filed. >> we're hoping that this case will serve as a model for school districts that are placing special needs children in private placement. >> and weather in the bay area is clear right now. but dropping temperatures coming up. the neighborhoods in the low 30s, near freezing first thing saturday morning. [ indiscernible ] . >> what the music can teach us.
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a gospel choir is providing more than music these days. once you see the performers you'll know why. they've been around for 40 years but now they say what they're doing is more important than ever. >> we dropped in on rehearsal for the lighthouse singers. >> reporter: voices raised full and fluid. >> it's real. it's legit gospel music. >> gospel in the african american tradition from a choir almost entirely caucasian. >> they sound like black people. and so every time they get up in front of a crowd people are just amazed. how are they doing that? >> it's not mimicry but practice and deep appreciation for gospel's spirituality. >> it's soul music. it just feeds the soul, and
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people can feel that and identify with it. >> one of the first to join when the music professor launched the choir in 1979. she had to persuade black churches to give them a listen. >> give them a chance. if they're not any good, fine. but give them a chance. and after that word got out and it was smooth sailing. >> there's something that falls away when people sing together. >> differences take a backseat to this music. although the choir still raises eyebrows. >> because we show up and people look at us and say what are you doing here. and then we sing and they go oh that's what you're doing here. it's a beautiful way to commune. it's about your sorrow and feeling lost and not having things go your way. and being blessed and being
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grateful. it's all of the essential ingredients of being human. >> the choir director believes there's never been a better time for what this group represents. >> there's a lot of division in our country right now. >> the music is color blind and the lighthouse singers want to be a beacon. >> we can in fact live together like we've been doing all these years but we can do it all the better if we just tap into this thing called love. >> and a big test for the lighthouse singers last summer. a gospel convention and national show in birmingham alabama. their holiday show is this sunday the 4th, 7:00 p.m. san rafael church. >> you cut out. did you say they finished second? >> i'm not sure that they were ranked as far as the competition. i think it was a national workshop a chance for everybody
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to gather and show what they can do. so they went in nervous and did great. >> it's nice seeing them sing. that was a nice story. thank you. today bart removed official looking but unauthorized signs posted in many trains. the signs declared that racism, sexism, islam phobia and more are prohibited in the bart system then at the end included a swear word saying people need to get their blank together. bart officials took down the signs but not before a lot of people got to look at them. >> it's a good thing to have signs like that to remind people to be mindful and compassionate. i'm kind of a buddhist so i swing that way but not with the foul language. >> bart tells ktvu that they're working on their own campaign to celebrate diversity. their campaign was in the works before the signs popped up. >> the man charged with killing a department of public works employee in san francisco
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earlier this week has pleaded not guilty. he's accused of shooting 27-year-old germaine jackson jr. in san francisco wednesday morning. he's due back in court on december 9th. he remain ins custody with a bail set at $5 million. >> the two men charged in a deadly shoot out in stockton two years ago pled guilty today to the murder of a hostage used as a human shield. it happened at the bank of the west in stockton. their hostage was killed during a chase and shoot out with police. her husband said the court appearance stirred up a lot of difficult memories. >> the proceedings of what happened today it's definitely brought everything back up to the surface. i was pretty emotional on my drive in to work today just
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reliving the day. >> he's facing life in prison without the possibility of patrol, they're due to be sentenced next month. >> the state's biggest public employee union called off a planned one day strike set for monday saying they have found a path way forward. the service employees international union did not offer details on the break through but said negotiations continue. as many as 95,000 state workers could have worked picket lines including nurses, teachers and custodians. they offered them a nearly 4% salary increase but they said they would be off set by a 3.5% increase in employee's contribution to retiree health care. >> we had some gusty winds today in the bay area especially across the higher terrain as well. you can see some of the numbers really up there. gusts of up to 60 miles an hour. closer to sea level not as
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strong but still gusty out there with winds topping 40 miles per hour to fairfield. outside right now we have mostly clear skies. the main storm track heading way to the north of the bay area and north of the state as well. we're going to have a sunny saturday for most areas. maybe some patchy fog to start things off. and some pretty cold numbers as well. here's a check on the current numbers out there. already in the 40s in concord, livermore, fremont, santa rosa down 45 degrees. and san francisco showing the upper 40s as well. the christmas tree in oakland jack london square, at least the weather cooperated for the tree lighting. but patchy frost first thing tomorrow morning. no frost advisories but we could have patchy frost in the inland neighborhoods. around the bay upper 30s to mid-40s. here's a look at projected lows tomorrow morning. widespread 30s inland. san jose 38 and mainly in the 40s near the immediate
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shoreline. as you can see the temperature timeline throughout the day and lots of sunshine throughout the afternoon hours. temperatures on track to reach the low to mid-60s under mostly sunny skies for your saturday. coming up a look at your sunday forecast and let you know if we have any rain clouds to talk about in the 5-day forecast. >> another stretch of the northern california coast is set to open tomorrow for commercial crabbing. the 50-mile long stretch was closed to commercial crabbing because of elevated levels of a naturally occurring toxin that comes from algae. it will remain closed until levels of the acid fall to safe levels. >> a message tonight from the u.s. attorney general about a growing protest on federal land. >> we expect everyone involved to exercise restrain. >> up next her call for peace as protesters clash with police
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over a pipeline project. >> plus coming up a little bit later in sports a northern california high school football championship. find out if delasalle did it. >> plus the latest developments from the campus.
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a professor at the university of southern california was stabbed to death late this afternoon and a student is in custody tonight. police were called to the health sciences building there on the la campus just after 4:30. the victim is a man around 25-years old. he died there at the scene. the school's emergency alert system sent out a text message advising students to stay away from the area. the names of the victim and that suspect have not yet been released. >> there is outrage tonight over the release of a man accused of
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shooting and killing former nfl player joe mcnight. he was killed during an apparent road rage incident in new orleans yesterday. sheriff's officials in parish county louisiana let the 54-year-old walk free inspite of the evidence that he had pulled the trigger. one of the men cut the other off while driving on a bridge. mcknight's family is expressing outrage and shock. >> the boy was trying to make it back in the nfl. that's all he wanted to do. that was his whole dream from 6-years old. >> there are reports that gasser was arrested back in 2006 in which he attacked another driver. gasser is white, mcknight was black. the naacp calling mcknight's death a hate crime. >> attorney general is calling for peace at the site of the
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protest of the dakota access pipeline. demonstrators say the pipeline threatens drinking water as well as a cultural site of the standing rock sioux tribe. with the arrival of bitter cold weather the first concern is safety. >> we continue to support the protesters constitutional right to free speech. and we expect everyone involved to exercise restraint, to refrain from violence, and to express their views peacefully. >> lynch said the u.s. government is making strenuous efforts to find a resolution. north dakota's governor has ordered protesters to leave but said they will not be forcibly removed. >> donations for the homeless stolen in the south bay. >> the painfully ironic situation. >> up next the plea for help and how some people are already stepping up. >> plus caught in the act, and
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now under arrest. new developments in a series of package thefts from bay area homes. ♪ think of your fellow man. ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone
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