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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  December 7, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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tell you how they are being remembered this morning. good morning. thank you for joining us. it is wednesday, december 7. we are focusing on your weather as well. lots to talk about. steve, things are happening today; right? >> they are. they will start today. tonight things are in the mix. and looks at we will get rain but so-so news is there are not a lot of dynamics with this. we will see increasing clouds, some of that cold air will stays trapped. highs will struggle to get on in the upper 40s for some. some of the higher elevations there are already returned showing up. we will continue to see increasing clouds throughout the day. it will be a great day. when you get temperatures this cool and you have increasing clouds will be hard-pressed to get out of the 40s for some. other temperatures 30s death low 40s for some. it will be a
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very cool day. cloud cover will increase starting rain on the north and then spreading south. the system from the north is being replaced by a system from the west. we are turning cloudy with highs in the upper 40s, mid-40s for some to low 50s. >> steve, i was just telling people i don't talk to anyone before i come in so you are the first -- well, today i was talking to myself. good morning steve, good morning everyone. let's go out and see what we have at the tracy super commute . we are looking at the road center and they don't look bad. it is a nice way to set up the morning if you're driving in from the altar month past it looks good from 580 -- alltel mount pass -- ulta mount pass
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. it looks good coming from 580. it looks good on the toll plaza coming in from san francisco. oakland has declared the go ship warehouse fire a local state of emergency. that clears the way for financial help from the state and financial government to pay for the fire. it will also allow neighbors to gain money off of closures. the death toll remains at 36 this morning. authorities are close to finishing their search of the warehouse. there is a 10 percent part of the building left to be searched. we report that now investigators are trying to determine how the fire started.
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>> investigators are focusing on a back wall of the building where appliances, specifically a refrigerator was located. authority say one person that escaped the building saw flames coming from that area. >> the fire burned at a 45 degree angle. you can definitely see a distinctive 45 degree angle on the back wall right in the area where the refrigerator was being stored. >> reporter: investigators say neighbors said refrigerator have been blowing out and blowing fuses. part of one warehouse wall is being torn down so it doesn't collapse on investigators. cadaver dogs were brought through the area to make sure they are nobodies in the past the fallen debris. >> we not -- we have not only run visually people through there but we have run cadaver dogs and other search dogs and we have declared that this area is searched.
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>> reporter: it is a scene that even the most hardened and experience firefighters and federal agents are struggling with. >> i have not and in the scene from speaking with our certified firefighters that have been in there, this is one of the worst scenes we have seen in regards to the amount of victims. >> reporter: one scene has been particularly disturbing, a man and woman huddled together found on top of an rv after plunging from the collapsing floor above. >> it does look like the male is trying to protect the female from the fire and the smoke. the mail had his arm underneath the female as if they were hugging. for people to see that , it is very emotional for them . >> reporter: the sheriff says there were just 2 exits and one of them was a narrow one. of the 36 people that died, 9 of them were found grouped together in the middle of the building. >> i am guessing they were trying to find different avenues of escape and were overtaken by the smoke and
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collapsed due to smoke inhalation and the building structure and started to collapse because of the heat. they were crushed in together. >> reporter: authorities assured family members of the victims to the site so they could see the area firsthand. for crews are doing what they can -- fire crews are doing what they can to offer support . >> there is a desire to do their job so that there is resolution to the anguish that the families are facing right now. happening today: the owner of an oakland barbecue restaurant will hold a news conference to complain about a warehouse near her restaurant that she calls the public safety hazard. the space is right near advert and jones -- everett and jones barbecue. they have been told that the building is used as a living space and an entertainment venue. the restaurant owner worries it is a fire hazard and is demanding
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the city do something about it. city officials say they believe there are many similar illegal living situations in oakland but it is hard to find them and inspect them. >> we need to elevate the number of staffing for enforcing building codes, fire codes, planning holds -- codes because right now there are a lot of were houses that are being turned into housing. >> oakland has only about a 3rd to half as many fire inspectors than in cities of the same size. the names of 9 more victims were released late last night. 34-year-old johnny of oakland. 29-year-old -- of oakland. 34-year-old amanda kershaw from san francisco. 2 of the newly named as it dems had connections to uc berkeley. 23- year-old griffin madding graduated from the school. 21-
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year-old vanessa plotkin was a student. another person identified was 22-year-old alex vega. he had gone to the party with his girlfriend michaela gregory. here are the other names released: 35-year-old billy dixon of oakland. 32- year-old hannah relax of finland and 29-year-old nicole secrest of oakland. this tragedy has deeply affected the local transgender community. 3 of those who died last friday were transgender artist. some friends and artists gathered downtown last night to remember their lives. the 33-year-old went to the go ship warehouse. rylie fritz loved playing bass and electronic music.
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22-year-old cash ask you was a transgender artist. >> the artistic community here especially is very connected. we don't have a lot of spaces. >> another artist was a 35- year-old alex he was a filmmaker and the father 2 girls. another victim was jennifer morris who went to the warehouse with a friend to enjoy the music and the dancing. as we mentioned chelsea dolan had a weekly program on the campus radio station kalx. she was performing at the warehouse party. doling grew up in marin county. mourners placed flowers in front of the job to remember
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her. donald trump continues to thought his cabinet this morning . he has made his pick for secretary of defense and as we were -- and as we introduce -- as we have reported, he has introduced jane matus. >> i am here for run reason, to thank you the people of north carolina. >> donald trump continues his thank you tour with the south and north carolina tuesday. he reiterated his plan to punish stone who -- those who earn the american flag which even some republicans say goes against free speech. >> we love our flag and we don't like it will we see people ripping up the flag and burning the flag. >> he says they will immediately put a ban on immigration from certain regions in order to prevent terrorists from entering the country. >> right now thousands and thousands and thousands of
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people are pouring into our country. we have no idea who they are, where they come from, do they love us, and in a lot of cases know they don't love us. >> democrat say his plan to deport illegal immigrants will not be feasible. >> most of the people here now are not leaving so unless donald trump wants to deport 11 million - 20 million immigrants were not here legally -- >> meanwhile, donald trump introduces secretary of defense pick and plans to make more nominations in the coming days. >> we have gray people going to be named over the next several days. >> he plans to hold events in michigan and i will later this week. president-elect trump is threatening to cancel a contract with boeing to build new air force one jets because he says boeing is charging too much.
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he tweeted that the cost are out of control more than 4 billion, cancel order. it is not clear what prompted the attack on boeing. boeing released a statement saying the company is currently under contract for $170 million to help determine the capabilities of these complex military aircraft. a federal judge in detroit will hold a hearing on whether michigan's presidential vote recount should continue. the recount started monday. yesterday michigan appeals court ordered the state election board to reject green party presidential candidate jill stein's petition for the recount. the court says she does not qualify as an agreed candidate under michigan law since she has no chance of winning in michigan. jill stein has asked for recounts in pennsylvania and wisconsin along with michigan. she says her attention -- intention is to
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verify the accuracy of the vote . it is december 7 and it has been 75 years since japan attacked pearl harbor. how the somber anniversaries they remembered in hawaii and here in the bay area. coming up: finding solutions to homelessness. the newer approach one bay area city is using. it is a pretty good commute out there so far. the shore freeway looks pretty good. it is cold out there, 30s for many and now here comes the cloud cover. highs will struggle. we will take a look at those and also look at what looks to be some steady rain on the way.
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developing news: a big earthquake this morning in indonesia. at least 97 people were killed hours ago. it was a magnitude 6.5 quake. look at the cell phone video, a building toppled down onto a car crushing the car. the death toll may rise. more people may be buried in the rubble of collapsed buildings. many people went to higher ground for precaution to get away. back in 2000 for more than 80,000 people were killed in a quake and tsunami in that reason -- region . today marks the 25th anniversary of the japanese attack on pearl harbor. more
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than 350 japanese planes dropped bombs on the us fleet. the surprise attack lasted more than 7 hours and ended with all us battleships damaged. for sink -- 4 of them think -- sank. 2400 americans died at pearl harbor and later this month the prime minister will become the first japanese leader to visit that memorial. >> i will visit pearl harbor. never again should we repeat that action award. >> president obama visited hiroshima with us dropped the first of 2 nuclear bombs that
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led to the end of the world japan. tonight pearl harbor survivors and their families will relate the beacon that sits on top of mt. diablo. it is a tribute to those who lost their lives as well as to the people who live to tell what happened. originally that beacon was installed to help with cross country aviation. after the bombing of pearl harbor official said it could lead to an attack on the west coast. 3 lighting ceremony will take place in the library at the cousy campus in concord. that will be a 5:00 tonight. the beacon will stay on throughout the night. glenn -- we want to go in and check in on traffic . >> monday was very foggy.
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, in fact i had these fog lights that i secretly like. let me just tell you it is not foggy after. from gilroy to san jose, the drive is looking pretty well. no major problems as you drive into morgan hill get up in the san jose area. we're off to a very nice start. if you are on the road early it does pay off for you in the way of traffic. moving along in taking a look at interstate 880 it also looks good here in front of the coliseum with no major issues. let's take a look at the commute here when it comes to the bay bridge. it is light getting into san francisco. 4:18 and as you notice, no fog. >> not here but out in the valley. a lot of cold air is
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already in place. there are advisories out for fog and also winter weather up in the mountains. cloud cover will continue streaming there is nothing organized here. it is going to be a lot of cloud cover and steady rain. a lot of winter weather advisories for low snow levels than the snow level will go up 4:00 this afternoon to 10 am tomorrow. it could be around 1500 feet from 3000 4000 in the sierra. they will have highs only in the 40s for parts of the north bay. we're in between right now. we start off mostly clear. 30s and 40s happening.
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east bay temperatures are in the low 30s. increasing clouds, echoes just offshore from the radar. that will moisten things up and started driving rain later in the afternoon tonight. we have really impressive dynamics but there is a lot of moisture that is streaming across. it will take us all the way through about friday maybe again early next week. rainfall looks pretty good. where the plume sets up is the key. it may be raining heavy in the north bay but not so much south. rain is on the way for everyone . 44 will be the high-end santa rosa. clouds are on the
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way and it will stay that way. each day temperatures will start to warm up here tomorrow we will 10 -- continue to go up right through friday and looks at we have rate -- break for the weekend . >> so more rain -- more today and then it will start to go up , up up. >> especially for the weekend if you're headed out. a long time san francisco gay bar facing a hike of 150 percent. the new lease negotiated as new owners get ready to take over. hundreds of people protested a speech by white nationalists unaccomplished -- on a college campus . what the leaders had to say.
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welcome back. it is 4:24. in louisiana man is now facing manslaughter charges after the road rage shooting that killed 24-year-old running back. both men were driving erratically in the suspect says he was angry because mcknight cut him off. mcknight left his car and approached the suspect's car and that is when he said he felt threatened and shot mcknight. he was released after the incident but was charged yesterday. an american tourist was killed in australia after being
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hit by lightning while camping. the victim is a 24-year-old from new york. he was traveling across australia with his girlfriend in a camper van when he was killed yesterday. a group of hikers tried to revive him but was unsuccessful. his girlfriend was also injured but was taken to the local hospital . a speech last night in texas by white nationalists at texas a&m university was met by protest. >> [ video playback ] >> richard spencer, white nationalists was invited by a former student who rented space on the campus. university publicly rejected his views but said they could not ban the event because it is a public university. >> i think it is important to show that hate speeches are not tolerated.
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>> it is his right to say what he wants but it is our right to reject that message. >> spencer made headlines when he held a meeting of the so- called alts right celebrating donald trump nomination. legislators have taken the first steps to protect eminent domain. it was open to a public trying to the public but in 2008 a billionaire bought the property and close the gate to the beach. lawsuits followed. the commission said the easement was work $60,000. there was an explosion and fire in nevada. up next the illegal activity that investigators say may have caused it. plus an outpouring of
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financial support for those affected by the go ship fire, the online fundraiser and how it is different from other similar websites.
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good morning, welcome back to mornings on 2. it is wednesday, december 7. >> good morning, thank you for waking up with us. it is chilly once again this morning and some rain is on the way. >> that is right. it is actually cold for some, 20s is really cold. there are a few 20s in there not the roaring 20s just the brrrrr 20s. highs will be in the 40s for some today. in north bay and some of the higher elevations, santa cruz mountains, not really well organized but just a big plume of moisture is starting to paint
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itself across this winter weather advisory. most of the start at 4:00 today. the snow could be around 1500ã 2000 feet until this warmer sector begins to move in that will gradually go up. today could be a little dicey especially areas up around lake county. be advised. 30s for many, low 30s for the valley. the cloud cover on the way it is going to be a chilly day. 30s for many and only down to the peninsula you can see it is going to be a crowd -- cloudy day. rain will develop as our system begins to move in . 40s and 50s that is it. >> 40s and 50s right now and highs today will be in the -- 40s -- it is 20s and 30s now . highs will be in the 40s. >> that is cold


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