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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  December 8, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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with. -- accidents that chp is dealing with. how the community remembers the victim and the public memorial on the uc berkeley campus. 7 am welcome to mornings onto. -- on two. it is great, justly, -- drizzling and it is what. you may have felt it, minutes ago, in earthquake auk dust off of the coast. >> it was a magnitude 6.8 earthquake people in san francisco say that they felt it. we are looking at the map. steep, you told me about it. >> yes, -- steve, you told me about it. >> yes. a tsunami was not issued. >> what determines that crack
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>> they have no synonymy's >> it's a magnitude 6.8. >> that's what it does. >> go north on that map. there it is. straight west. >> yes. and, if he felt that in san francisco, it isn't just feeling, we have rain. >> and a lot of rain for some. it is cold, foggy, and damp. it is an as cold as yesterday. the rate looks to be letting up for some. the epr says it's raining nonstop in dublin. as a look here, it is 4.2 so far. other areas around san mateo and sfo. in san the best san mateo it's stacking up -- in san mateo it
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is stacking up. i have seen between an inch and a half to 2 inches of rain. bonnie doon i had to sneak that in. san anselmo, 1.9. and there have been heavier announce intemperance -- amounts in san francisco. it does look like it is letting up. i do think -- there's so much moisture in place even light drizzle could continue for a long time. but marin county down to the santa cruz mountains that looks to be study and now 2 inches for some letting up doesn't mean it's going to be nice there's still a lot of fog and drizzle. 40s and 50s so they have come up look at this moisture it's making a beeline. it's probably all ready into the saturday. it's tough to time all of this. highs will be in the 50s. i have been busy. >> yes, we're going to the east
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shore freeway because we have had a lot of slow traffic and it's taking about an hour not quite 48 minutes. 48 minute to the macarthur maze. but you do get to the bay bridge toll plaza and the timer starts all over and we are up to a half hour it's going to be a long one and there have been a lot offender vendors. -- fender bender's. it is slow all over, 680 is slow into the stone valley road in the area of dando and in san ramon. 680 is slow from the dublin interchange 880 is slow at 238. it's very slow all the way into fremont the silicon valley has been slow. just a lot of slow traffic getting into the west valley. 7:03 am let's go back to alex
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savage who has been driving in that wet weather and that wet weather is affecting the morning commute. where are you now? >> reporter: hello. we are driving to right now heading north on the one-on-one. -- 101. we know that this is widespread throughout the bay area. as you go out the door, china chile below the early let me popular outside -- it is chilly let me show you outside. this is the northbound 101. most folks are taking it pretty easy. they are wet this morning. let me take you to some video to show you what it looked like very early this morning. we shot very heavy rain along 880 coming into the oakland area this morning. the rain was very study and we had pretty good downpours in that area so that is some of
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what you could encounter as you go out of the door. the chp is morning everyone to take it a little bit slower the roadways are wet there will be a lot of standing water. i spoke with a chp officer about what you should do if you come on -- upon some of that's sending water. >> anyone who has ever hit standing water it can be pretty terrifying. your vehicle will decelerate fairly quickly. you may pole on one side or the other. so, if you hit a large puddle of water what we tell people is to not hit your brakes don't hit your gas it is just foot off of the gas and then just be easy with your steering. >> reporter: and, talking with the chp they told me about an accident that happened overnight in novato a car apparently hit standing water on the roadway or loss control because of those wet roads and flew off of
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the freeway into a rental car parking lot. a 17-year-old girl was behind the wheel. thankfully, she walked away from the accident she did have injuries but she will be okay. that's just an example of what they are dealing with. there are a lot of cars losing control on these wet roads. so it's a good idea to take it easy.>> it is so hard not to panic when you hit that water. >> it really is. >> he careful out there. federal investigators telling us that it could be weeks before they know the cause of the ghost ship fire. they are looking at a number of possible sources including electrical circuits but the lead investigator says that there is no evidence of arson. >> they say that the fire started on the first floor. the victims on the second floor probably didn't know that there was a fire until it was too late. they say that the warehouse did not have a fire alarm or sprinklers. the oakland mayor is putting
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together a task force, fire safety experts. >> my immediate priorities, for this task force are enhanced building safety, even safety, and complaint procedures. >> she also says that she will clarify the responsibility of the workers to report dangerous living conditions. they said the records show that no planning or code inspector had been inside of that warehouse for 30 years because no one had applied for a permit. >> there was one complaint in 2014 about illegal construction at the inspector closed the case because there is no evidence of construction outside of the warehouse. this morning that is still a memorial were those 36 people died. >> local art and music communities have been that if harry -- have been hit very hard. we are live with the beautiful tributes there. and, there is a visual
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happening today. >> reporter: yes, vigil is scheduled for noon. it should last about an hour it is open to the public five of these 36 victims who died in the fire had connection to berkeley vanessa, jennifer morris, they were students at the school griffin, david, where graduates. chelsea, was a volunteer dj with a radio station. she was performing inside of the warehouse when the fire broke out ready night. and there is an informal memorial to all of those victims and the 31 others who died at the ghost ship warehouse fire. there are pictures, cards, placed along the barricades that continue to block the fire site. even though, those streets have opened up, those items are still in place. and, we did a check, the candles are no longer burning because of the rain and the flowers are wilting.
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some of the people who knew the victims personally have come to the memorial comes to the fire site throughout the week to say goodbye to friends and loved ones that we have also met throughout the course of the week many people who didn't know the victims personally felt compelled to come by. >> we just wanted to show support for our neighbors oakland is a tightknit community and it is the least we could do. >> reporter: we haven't seen anyone coming by this morning probably because of the rain. we are six days after this tragedy that has happened the city of oakland is trying to figure out what they could do with all of the moment is left to the bit -- victims. some have brought up the question of what will happen to the building after all of the investigators leave. this is a live look at the front of the warehouse behind us you can see there is a small law enforcement presence. they are starting to see atf agents in investigators are on
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the scene. they gave no timeline as to how long they will be here but i checked with the city of oakland representative about what is in store for this building. she pointed out that is privately -- it is private partner -- private property. so it will be up to the city and the building owner to figure out what needs to happen eventually, decide whether or not the building needs to be torn down. but there is no timeline about when that could happen we are still possibly many weeks away from figuring that out. >> before you go, checking on something that you said earlier, the streets surrounding it are open again? >> reporter: yes, for most of the week there was a six block area that closed off the traffic. you can see cars moving, traffic moving smoothly and there is -- this is
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international boulevard. it is completely open. the only street that is blocked off is the area right in front of the warehouse. that portion of 31st avenue. from -- over by the opposite side. that is still close off because of the agents in some of the law enforcement officers who are still out there at the scene. >> all right. thank you sheriffs department has identified two more fire victims wolfgang renner be remembered as a talented musician. he was 61 is the oldest victim identified so far. the other is the 35-year-old jason mccarty who is known for his art and had attended the san francisco art institute the sheriff's department is trying to contact the families of three other victims. they have not been able to identify one victim. if you would like to contribute to a memorial fund, we have a link for you on it is 7:11 am.
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three sexual assault on a san jose's date campus. this -- state campus. the surveillance photos, and who they are searching for this morning. another twitter battle involving donald trump. why he is lashing out at a union leader. we have had a lot offender vendors, it is a rainy commute -- of offender vendors, because of the rainy commute foggy, chisel, rain, it looks like it will be a -- drizzle, and rain it looks like it will be a pattern of holidays event... ...including the new world of color season of light show... now at the disneyland resort. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always believed the holidays should be about joy.
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breaking news, and earthquake hit right off the coast of eureka by 100 miles. it hit just before 7 pm.
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the good news is, is that there is no tsunami watch or warning. this map shows you in the left- hand corner that is where the earthquake was centered as we pull closer to the bay area, people as far as san francisco, the northbay, had reported feeling it. these blue boxes are covering the areas where people reported feeling shaking. i just got word, that it has been downgraded to a 6.5. still, a large earthquake. you know, when they hear it in the bay area, when it was so our way. i will read a quick quote, that he felt that down in the bay, and the whole house was swaying in a rolling motion for about one minute. crazy. so if that is what you felt, san francisco northbay 10 minutes before 7 am it was far north but we are feeling it
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here. 7:16 am. in other news, it looks like election workers in santa clara county will not be finished recounting ballots. today is the deadline to certify the election results that the santa clara county register of voters told them that they are behind in the count more than expected. the county has to recount by hand more than 900,000 ballots. because of the new pilot program that requires recounts of tight races in the county. the county now estimates that they will be finished by december. -- 12. donald trump will meet with the victims of last week's attack at ohio state university. a student ran his car into a crowd and began stabbing other students before he shot to death. he will meet with victims as well as first responders. the attacker was inspired by isis.
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he said that the attack shows security problems by what he calls week immigration policies . donald trump wash another twitter attack this time going after a labor union official who questioned his claims about saving jobs. chuck jones headed the united steelworkers says that trump is a -- is exaggerating by saying that i thousand jobs were saved. he said 550 jobs are still heading to mexico and that plant and 700 more jobs from another carrier facility. >> donald trump and governor. pence are taking credit for 350 jobs the research development jobs that were staying here from the start. >> in one of his tweets and responses, the union should have spent more time working and less time talking and lower then -- and lowered dues.
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donald trump cabinet is still taking shape he has selected the former a beating the beauty -- wd -- wwe executive. they say that the retired marine general kelly will be the head of homeland security. in oklahoma atty. general. scott pruitt will be heading the environment of protection agency. he has been an outspoken critic of the epa. trump says that he plans to name is secretary of state next week. it can be a task to leave the house five or 10 minutes early, if you can manage, today is a good day. >> you still have the same thing to do and most like your alarm clock is set at the time you're going to set it to, but if you can leave early you need that extra time. yesterday, the richmond bridge was busy, and today it's a routine slowdown. the wet weather has slowed you down trying to get you to san rafael out of richmond.
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the bay bridge is also slower. 25 to 30 minute delay and 580 is the slowest. it is backed up between 980. it blends in with the bay bridge black -- backup. the south bay commute has been slow on the 101 northbound in, it is going -- and, it is going to be slow. a lot of people drive slow from san leandro most of that is really going to be slower because of the wet weather. 7:19 am, let's bring in steve. nothing going on at all. it's unbelievable how this is stacking up. sfo, in the santa cruz mountains, we had snow yesterday . it is very foggy now. some of the rain has let up. still some snow flurries around clearlake. i would think that this is about to end.
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there's just not a lot. you can see the mixed precipitation. in these last few images things are calming down. there's a tremendous amount of moisture that has to come through. some of these outlooks, putting a lot of rain on us. not continuous there will be brakes that even when the rain stops there will be low clouds, drizzle, missed, and it's in place -- missed -- mist. we have san francisco .79 inches today, although i have seen more than that. san jose, is at .06. and, sevastopol is 1.3, san francisco observer is .97. and then carlos -- and, san carlos is .83.
7:21 am
the moisture is still there. it is still streaming and although it does look like it is letting up. not completely, but there are pockets lighter than it was four or five hours ago and also towards san mateo bridge. but those mountains, it's still going and going. and when this kind of pattern -- when it's this kind of pattern, it is deceiving. to the north, it looks a little bit more quiet. 40s, 50s, on your temperatures. 37 in truckee, this is a warm system. mammoths had some snow reports, but this is all coming out of the pacific. and, look at all of this moisture. it is streaming towards us. not very many breaks. if you get if you it will fill in pretty fast. off and on rain taking us into saturday. it looks like a break sunday and monday. wednesday there will be impressive totals.
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and today -- friday, it looks like pretty good rain. a break sunday and monday. there are systems all the way out until christmas eve. >> you know, back to the earthquake, way up north, in off the coast of ferndale i got a note saying that her daughter in her felted in daly city. >> a guy in pacifica said that he felt it. >> well, 6.5. well, will it be an ideal weekend? -- to hit the slopes? will have a live report coming up. i have lived in a hotel, and a car. >> teenagers without a home, the problem with youth homelessness.
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7:25 am. police are looking for in a state inmate who is wanted for questioning in connection with the stabbing of a police officer. they say that michael williamson escaped last night. he is believed to have trouble -- travel to columbia. that is where a police officer responding to a shoplifting call was taken -- call with stabbed. he was serving a life sentence.
7:26 am
7:25 am back here at home we are revisiting the sf homeless project an effort launched by bay area media organizations examining how to solve homelessness. this morning we are looking at homelessness in youth. there about 1300 living in shelters on the streets, or they live without a parent or guardian. we talked to two teenagers who grew up without a stable home and they described to us how hard it is to endure. >> it was pretty hard because there's a lot on your mind. you have to worry about doing good and if you don't want people to know then you have to worry about them not knowing certain things. >> it's unpleasant it just makes me feel bad and it makes me feel not confident. when i go to school i see these kids with good lives and it makes me feel bad.
7:27 am
>> both austin and michael are student at life learning academy. it is a charter school for at risk youth. they are now raising money to build a dormitory for teens who do not have a place to stay. typically young people between 16 and 24 are among the most vulnerable groups when it comes to homelessness cassettes when they transition out of foster care or other support systems and end up homeless. on our website you will see our continuing coverage about homelessness as well as resources for those who need it . 7:27 am, they worked together, high school sweetheart, the final moments of a couple killed in the ghost ship warehouse fire. it is wet, but the accidents aren't coming in as quickly as they were. it doesn't look good. we will tell you what is going on here.
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for most of us the rain is letting up, but it is very foggy and cold.. ♪ think of your fellow man.
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welcome back.>> good morning. it is a busy day and we are following raking news.
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magnitudes x .5 earthquake -- we are following breaking news. magnitude 6.5 earthquake happened 100 miles off of the coast. we just found out that there is a 10 minute sister wide -- systemwide delay. >> and that is standard. >> let's take a look at this map. these blue squares, where people have reported feeling shaking people also taking to the facebook page. one person wrote, we felt it up here in north eureka. it was swaying read about -- for about a minute. they wrote, we felt a big jolt here near 10th in market. horrible to be woken up like this. kim says yes, shook us awake in hillsboro. listen to this, stacy wrote,
7:32 am
all the way down from santa cruz felted down here in santa cruz. >> pathway farce -- felt all it down -- it down here in santa cruz. >> it is raining, cold. >> yes, happens in all kinds of weather. a lot of reports coming in, people felt it all over. rain is the big story. george, i do believe that this is your first 39 degrees for the season. this one, 1.07, is good rain there. it is cold. and, san jose didn't get in on this pattern. our observer, tom smith had very small amounts. and, san mateo, santa cruz
7:33 am
mountains, it just keeps going. and, it was nonstop for about six hours from mill valley down to sfo. and into the santa cruz mountains just between an inch and a half and 2 inches of rain. but it does look like there is a slight back edge. and, things are a lot quieter even though there is light rain. it's not as continuous as it was. downright windy for some. north at sfo, southeast. and, it's all over the map. temperatures are not going to be as cold as yesterday. and, coming up. from the hawaiian islands. and, we have more next week. 50s on those temperatures. off and on rain, and it's very foggy.
7:34 am
i took your advice last night, i went to bed early got plenty of sleep because i knew that today would be a day. fortunately, the warriors have backing handled by halftime and i went to bed. >> that makes a difference. >> a big difference. so i'm ready to go. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza the traffic is going to be backing up a little bit, but things have settled down from the early morning, it helps you can see better now, 25 to 30 minute delay. that's about normal. 580 is a little bit worse going out to the lakeshore area. we do have slow traffic on the san mateo bridge, that has come to a standstill. there is a whole bunch of slow traffic on 880, southbound. that is backed up from 238 solid, down to fremont. in the south bay, there is a lot of slow traffic. and, there is an injury accident
7:35 am
which is unusual because most traffic is going the other way, but you're driving to the silicon valley will be slow. i want to take a quick peek at 580, livermore area. it's not that bad, but it is a little slow. are to -- our continuing coverage of the oakland warehouse fire. we are waiting for the atf to explain its investigations. the agents say that the fire began on the ground floor of that building and the heavy smoke and flames traveled up those two stairwells trapping everyone who was on the second floor. they had no chance to get out. investigators have been looking at old appliances including a refrigerator as possible sources of that fire. they have emphasized, no determination has been made. meanwhile, the mayor says she will do -- develop a task force to improve building fire safety. told you earlier about two
7:36 am
young victims whose bodies were found apparently hugging each other. they have been identified as michela gregory and alex vega. friends called them soulmates. they worked the night shift together at the mortuary in daly city. coworkers are struggling to deal with her death -- with their deaths. the owner is helping the families plan funerals. >> they are both really, sincerely, kind compassionate. >> i am old enough to be better grandparent south gushes so, they did get close to me. >> -- so, they did get close to me. >> they said that they are taking solace that they were together at the end of their lives. players and coaches are pledging money to the relief fund for those oakland warehouse fire victims. >> we are all devastated by that fire.
7:37 am
>> on behalf of the entire organization, our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their loved ones. >> that money will go to a fund online. the warrior organization has donated $50,000 along with the raiders. in other news, there have been several reported sexual assaults in san jose state university in the last two weeks. students and staff are worried about the string of attacks. janine, you are at that campus right now. what are the students saying? >> one student said -- >> reporter: one student said it was frightening. they say what strikes them is that the incidents are happening in the daytime and in public places. the latest incident happened at duncan hall which is a science building. they say after 1 pm, a woman was battered on the second floor landing.
7:38 am
after the attack, he ran up the stairs he is described as being in his 20s with black spiky hair. he was wearing a dark sweatshirt and had a navy blue backpack. this past monday, at 4:30 pm another woman reported that these -- that this man sexually assaulted her. he followed her, and he is described as being an asian male, a hooded sweatshirt, and was last seen riding a skateboard. and lastly, another woman was attacked in sweeney hall when she was walking down the stairs. that suspect was in his 20s with a mustache wearing dark clothing. >> i am scared, actually to come on campus you get all the alerts and i'm like -- the other day one happened in one of the buildings that i have a class in. so it was just kind of scary
7:39 am
knowing that i could have been there when it happened. >> reporter: campus police tell us that they do not believe that the suspects are the same person. they are working several leaves and are following up on tips. they have also increased patrols. they are also looking at surveillance video to see if that will help them get more detailed descriptions or put them in the right direction. they are asking anyone who might have any information to give them a call. back to you. >> all right. janine, thank you. the rain that we are getting right here, is snowing in the sierra. we are joined live, where there is snow on the ground. >> yes, it's actually raining. the snow level is just above seven after things warmed up. it wasn't after about 2 to 3 inches south, and yesterday -- fell, and yesterday.
7:40 am
so in the storm rolled and we saw some snow by blue canyon but it wasn't long that those levels continue to climb. here this morning, you can see the big rigs and cars coming by. this is starting to missed again. -- it is starting to sprinkle again. it is pretty miserable at 36. but that's the condition right now. they say, do not become complacent with these conditions. we have unsettled weather for the next two days and it can change on a dime. if you're heading to the sierra, i can hear both avalanche charges going off, so they fared better than the past. you want four-wheel-drive, good snow tires, and if you don't have to put them on, it's $30 to have them install been. winter is here, you have a nice cycle bringing in some deep snow. you just have to be ready for it
7:41 am
. it is 7:41 am. showing support for the victims of the recent violent attack at ohio state university. how donald trump plans to meet with victims and first responders. but first, a world war ii veteran and his harmonica. the moving performance at the basketball tournament. we have a wet and rainy commute. we will take you where those worst parts are coming up. so it begins, it looks to be a wet pattern. san jose kind of missed out. but other locations didn't.
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the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you.
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welcome back 7:43 am. following breaking news. a magnitude 6.5 earthquake off the coast of eureka. to show you how many people have felt the earthquake, this is the usgs map right after the earthquake. it hit about 6:45 am. less than 30 minutes later, this is what it looks like, almost 800 responses. we checked again, there have been more than 1200 responses. it was felt from portland oregon, all the way down to salinas. that's 350 miles away. congress is trying to help those people who are frustrated because they can't buy tickets to popular shows or events online. there was a rating list of more than 50,000 people long the minute that tickets for
7:45 am
hamilton went on sale. would be to get high is logged on but they just couldn't get through. critics say that ticket brokers are using software that allows them to snatch up tickets. they rapidly purchase as many tickets as possible and resell them at significant markups. that's one of the reasons why they buy those tickets and they sell out in literally two minutes. they have sent a bill that would ban that practice. the oakland raiders are getting ready for their biggest game of the season. it could decide the afc west. the regulars are at the top and the chiefs are right behind them . and, the raiders are five and oh on the road but this time they are playing on short rest and the gametime temperatures at 525 are expected to be in the teens for kickoff. the warriors started out with a big victory.
7:46 am
>> we thought about the reload, and they have the right hand. >> and conquering had a season- high 22 points. and, they still one. it is 7:46 am. sal you aren't playing around. you have been busy since you walked in. >> yes. i'm telling you i don't talk in between the hits. >> let's cut his mic for a second. >> sorry. those 10 minute delays that we talked about last time seem to be dissipating they checked the tracks and they didn't find any issues but there was a systemwide delay but we are looking at this accident northbound 101 in central san rafael. however, you can see the accident from the other side of
7:47 am
the freeway and that means southbound 101 traffic will be very slow. and i can tell by looking at this computer, the deep red the speeds are down to six miles per hour. someone is having a really bad commute. if you're driving from novato to central san rafael and you are wondering what is going on, that is what is going on. if you're driving on the richmond bridge we also sees the traffic for you coming up to the toll plaza pretty much everywhere is slow. the bay bridge toll plaza will be backed up 580 seems to be the worst. a 80 is going to be okay. this is san jose it does look different it looks like it has stopped raining. and, there have been no major problems. getting into the west valley remains slow. there are a lot of sender vendors -- fender benders .
7:48 am
stop me if you've heard this before but san jose hardly any rain, santa cruz about 2 inches. >> yes. >> they are getting there. we do have this kind of a pattern it's just a rain shadow. isn't that a song? >> moon shadow. >> that's right. so hardly any rain and san jose. warren county, san mateo, sfo, and the santa cruz mountains had some rain. 1.92, still lightly raining. some of those rain totals have been impressive. sfo 1.64, bonnie doon 2 inches, salmo more than that, santa rosa point .93, there has been a lot
7:49 am
more not far away. there is san jose, it is point -- .07. san mateo has gone bonkers. it is at 1.89 there. fairfax is 1.29, mill valley is .87. and they have been lockstep all morning long. then build is .62. -- and, danville is at .62. this pattern is going to be a light mist or drizzle. and, there's a lot of fog. it looks like that things are letting up. and, there is still some in the mix so it's not done yet as that continues down to redwood city and this is a really wet pattern.
7:50 am
it does look like there are some lighter amounts to the west. and there is still some napa county towards angling. it looks like things are quiet. these breeze north breeze take your pick san jose has gusts at 23 and temperatures in the 40s for many. temperatures are about 10 degrees warmer than they were at this time yesterday. wanda creek, lafayette, livermore, 46. there's so much moisture that's coming up in our direction. there will be some breaks. but we will start to see a little bit of a decrease. and it looks to be okay. this is a. that the forecast models are in sync.
7:51 am
more rain and tuesday -- on tuesday and wednesday. >> that's alaska air. >> san jose heading to fairbanks. 7:51 am. the men's basketball team played in hawaii. now, before yesterday's game a world war ii veteran performed the national anthem on his harmonica. >> [music] >> beautiful, that is 97-year- old peter dupree. he was a medic in the war. he has been playing the harmonica for 80 years. by the way, -- by the way, cal lost the game. and, what we are finding out about a man who got into a
7:52 am
restricted area after jumping over a fence. cars that received top safety ratings are dramatically found -- down.
7:53 am
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welcome back. 7:54 am. is your car on the list? is a big drop in the number of cars with high rankings from the insurance and to from highway safety. pam cook has more on that.
7:55 am
we are also checking the stock market. >> a lot of people are disappointed about that news. stocks for the car companies that did do well in the safety reports her up, namely toyota and honda. checking in on the opening about, a lot of them started the day with a new record levels active european central bank decided to hold interest rates daddy. the doubt hit a new high -- the dow hit a new high during the day. today, the number is up, not a lot. you can see, there is a live look it is up about 10 points. and, the nasdaq is also up, a quarter of a percent right now. and, the s&p 500 is up a bit as well. it's too early to judge the success of the holiday season but analysts say that online sales are stronger than in- store sales. shoppers spend nearly $3.5
7:56 am
billion on cyber monday, the monday after thanksgiving. and it is $110 million more than shoppers spent in stores and malls on black friday. the four-day thanksgiving weekend, online sales went up from last year in-store sales went down. despite high-tech safety advances, fewer cars earned top safety ratings. the insurance -- only 38 of them got a top rating. the reason for the drop is tighter regulations on headlights. they say that carmakers need to focus more attention on lighting. toyota, lexus, all got top ratings. ford, the only carmaker that did not have any top rated cars. is your christmas tree up? well, the price of trees are. it is caused by environmental
7:57 am
problems. in some parts of california tree lots have raised prices as much as $30. that price hike has led them to get out of the business or sell fewer trees. my advice, christmas trees are expensive, try to support the organizations that raise money for certain causes. in the east bay, there are a lot of dependent arms. >> feis there are a lot of farms -- there are a lot of farms. thank you. it was felt in the bay area, we will have the latest on that big earthquake off the coast of eureka. the search for the victims and the oakland warehouse fire has ended, but the search for answers continues. have a lot a slow traffic, not only there in the east bay, you can see that the weather
7:58 am
and the traffic are going to be a factor. rain rate are letting up a little bit but there are a lot of impressive totals. we will show you that coming up.
7:59 am
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at your local mercedes-benz dealer. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fa and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. rain is falling across the bay area that means wet roads. coming up, it will tell you about this accident what caused the driver to lose control. and we're live at the scene of the deadly oakland warehouse fire with a look at the memorial around the site and
8:01 am
also a public memorial scheduled at the uc berkeley campus. good morning everyone. welcome back it is thursday, december 8. >> and we will keep reporting on breaking news story that we have been following. a magnitude 6.2 earthquake struck off the coast of eureka. >> it was at 6:50 am, and it was felt throughout northern california. so far, reports significant damage and there were no sue nami warnings issued. -- tsunami warnings. >> yes, they tweeted a system delay due to seismic activity. >> and people chiming in here, they broke and saying, woke up and the bed was shaking. >> shook us awake in hillsboro. kept rattling for 45 seconds.
8:02 am
>> felt it in pebble beach, like a soft jolt and a hearty shake. i was at my just -- i was at my desk. >> folks closer to the ocean felt it will bit more. are other big story, we are all feeling and experiencing the weather. rain is falling and snow is happening in the sierra. we have team coverage washing those roadways. first, we're going to start with steve. >> thank you. it looks like we're starting to see some tailing off. but not before overnight told is really impressive. so far, 1.04 and chilly in middletown. and, there was some snow in lake county. most of that is pretty quiet now. but it doesn't mean that it is over. a lot of moisture coming across in the rainfall rates are starting to lighten up.
8:03 am
and around sfo to san mateo has been nonstop although it does look a little bit better santa cruz mountains getting their fair share at 2 inches of rain. and, sfo in san mateo have had an inch and a half. 40s on those temperatures, not as cold as yesterday the peninsula temperatures, 40s and 50s. and, hillsboro is at 48. in they have had really good rain. we do get a break but there's a lot of moisture that will continue to filter up. and maybe even into the middle of next week. off and on rain, decreasing a little bit. 50s, on the temperatures. you have been busy since 4:01 am . yes, unfortunately you know how it is. when there is rain it is correlated with people getting it's accidents.
8:04 am
chp always says, it's because people drive too fast. >> i would believe that. >> all right, let's go to marin county. as you are driving to san rafael, there is an accident near north san pedro. and, the traffic is going to be busy. it looks like they may have clear that to the side. the damage is done, that there are other problems. we are also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza if you're trying to get into san francisco, it isn't raining right now but it is what and the back -- it is wet and the backup is getting slower. it is drier here in san jose but still a lot of slow traffic getting into that west valley. alex has been on the highway watching how this weather is affecting the commute. he's joining us live to tell us about a serious accident. >> reporter: yes, sal, good morning.
8:05 am
when the roads are wet they tend to do -- they tend to deal with more accidents. they tell me that the rain overnight lead to a serious accident. a teenage driver, 17, was driving north on the 101 when she lost control. you can see the path that she took she crashed through this fence on the side of the road and came to rest right here in this enterprise rental car parking lot. the accident happened along highway 101. this is n. atherton avenue. think fleet, her car didn't hit any other parked cars in the lot and she was not seriously hurt in the accident. they tell me that they do not believe that drugs or alcohol were involved. instead, they suspect that she was just going a bit too fast in may have hit standing water. >> the car was going in a different direction here. she was lucky to not be
8:06 am
seriously injured. it's a perfect example of why, especially when there is no other traffic, people increase their speed. it's not something we do with during the commute hour but when there is no one on the road people increase their speed. you will not see that standing water until you run on top of it.>> reporter: and, of course when the road is wet, they say that drivers need to have their headlights on, and keep their speeds slower than you would normally go on the freeway and give yourself plenty of room between your car and the car in front of you of course, be patient as you go out of the door. you are going to encounter a lot of slowdowns and backups. there will be spin outs and center vendors trying to make sure that you are not involved in one of these accident. -- accidents. thankfully, this teenage girl who spun out and crashed into a parking lot, was not seriously hurt.
8:07 am
that's the good news here. >> thank you. federal investigators say it's going to take time, maybe weeks before they will know what caused the deadly warehouse fire in oakland. they say that they are focusing on several possible sources including electrical connections, as well as appliances. they did not have the sprinkler system or a fire alarm the city says that it's records show no planning or code inspector had been inside the warehouse for 30 years, because no one applied for a permit. there was one complaint in 2014 about illegal construction but in inspector closed the case because there was no evidence outside of the warehouse. tributes continues to come in for those 36 people. berkeley will hold a vigil today. in the meantime, there is a memorial set up near the ghost ship warehouse. we are joined live with a closer look at these tributes. >> reporter: well, first off i want to give you a look here.
8:08 am
this intersection, for most of the week at the south end, it is completely shut off to traffic and pedestrians because of that fire recovery effort. it is now back (the first time since last friday. i want to show you where it is in relation to have a fire happened. that is where the fire happened. you can see a portion of this street is still blocked off. this is between international and e. 13th st. investigators are still on site. that is there are the. dachshund that is their vehicle there. it will take several weeks -- that is their vehicle there. it will take them several vehicles -- several weeks to investigate. the area here across the fire site, this morning candles have burned out and cards and photos are what. -- are soaked. they're trying
8:09 am
to figure out what to do with these mementos. throughout the week people who knew the victims personally have come by to leave offerings that say their farewells. >> i have performed here and you know some of the people who passed away our people that i know. >> it's hard to take it in. >> reporter: also, we have met many people who are coming to reflect at the memorial along the perimeter who didn't know them at all but were so moved by the magnitude of what happened they wanted to come pay their respects. there is a noontime memorial service scheduled happening today at uc berkeley. five of them were connected to the school including the nass and jennifer, who were students. griffin, j js david, and chelsea was a volunteer dj. that is scheduled to happen at noon today on the berkeley campus.
8:10 am
it is supposed to last for an hour and it is open to the public. back to you. the sheriffs department has identified two more fire victims. wolfgang renner is be remembered as a talented musician. at 61 he is the oldest identified so far. the others, 35-year-old jason who lived in oakland. he had attended the san francisco art institute. they're still trying to contact the families of three other victims. they have not been able to identify one victim. the reported sexual assaults in two weeks. investigation underway on the campus of san jose state university. and a big game tonight for the oakland raiders against the kansas city chiefs. good morning. we are looking at a commute that is impacted by another accident unfortunately. and, this is a look at 280.
8:11 am
and, it's going to be busy but it is better. it will tell you revenue accident is, coming up. besides for san jose, most locations had very good rain. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always believed the holidays should be about joy. where days are filled with magic, not madness. it's why we have amazing prices on thoughtful gifts, everyday. let's bring back the holidays.
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8:14 am
you can see live radar. it is moving from the pacific into the bay area. and, taking a look at the right picture, the golden gate bridge, our camera lens has rain. it is a cold drive as you make your way around the bay. we will talk more about driving to work. yes, sal , it could make a difference with five or 10 minutes. >> yes. i want to go first to this picture i know that steve is watching because this picture has almost gone away. and, it's taking more than an hour to drive from the quirkiness bridge to the macarthur -- to the car key nass bridge -- from the bridge to the macarthur maze. this is slow, even if you can't see it. let's get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see the rain -- the traffic is backed up.
8:15 am
traffic will be slow. we have a new accident southbound 17. it is said to be blocking both lanes and northbound will be slow as you drive through the area and the regular south bay commute is also going to be slow even though it isn't raining. it is a weird phenomenon it's not raining in the main part of the south bay but it's raining in the mountains. nevertheless, it is very slow. you can see traffic on 880 southbound, traffic will be slow. from 238 all the way down to fremont, it is slow. the east bay commute is slow. one more thing that i want to mention, it will be 880 n. and basically you have to give
8:16 am
yourself plenty of extra time is a perfectly by the way, that it was not raining so much in san jose but it is in the mountains. i had a couple of tweets to that effect. >> was going to ask if you did. it looks like 17 would be awful. but gaddis isn't that bad. so far, there might be an area near san mateo that might be close to the highest amount. 2 inches plus and bonnie dune. sfo, and campfield are neck and neck at 1.73. santa rosa is at .93, san francisco .84, oakland two thirds, san jose .07, it is a rain shadow taking all their moisture. the san mateo area had 1.89. and another, san francisco site
8:17 am
has over an inch of rain. and, denville has .62. it is not too bad, except for san jose. things are kind of lightning up. but there's a lot of fog. it's cool, damp, cold, but there will be some off and on rain. there's plenty of moisture upstream that had to go through and when you get this kind of a pattern it's easy to get light drizzle and light rain. and highway 17 it does look a little bit better and that can be deceiving. this has come up on the temperatures south bay temperatures even 50s, and morgan hill's at 50. 40s throughout the santa cruz mountains. you can see, there are breaks to the last and there is a ton of moisture that is streaming up. and, most of saturday it looks
8:18 am
like. it does look like it will get a break. rainfall, you can probably go seven, 10 to 15 and there will be some impressive totals. we are in a pattern that shows the temperatures are getting a little bit warmer. and rain is back on the way for friday into saturday it looks cooler but a break sunday and monday. and, showing support for the victims of the attack. the plans by president-elect donald trump to meet with victims and first responders. ♪ think of your fellow man.
8:19 am
8:20 am
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one of the biggest games of the season happens tonight the raiders take on the chiefs. the victory could improve their chances of making the playoffs. >> rob collins joins us live with more on the anticipation it's building. you are inside. and outside is 19 and it will be colder come game time. >> reporter: yes, it will be colder than. folks are all ready out getting ready for this big game. we just heard the weather forecast, it's not too bad. it is winter all over the place. freezing cold temperatures, wind shill are in the teens. a lot of folks are getting ready all ready tailgating.
8:22 am
that's at local time, it's hyped up for the big primetime matchup. and a couple of statistics for you. we like to brag about it a little bit during this rivalry with your readers. and costs all-time 18 to 3 touchdown interception. pretty good for our guys. andy reid has a good track record. and, he is six and one ursus oakland. three and oh at arrowhead. i know that sometimes folks in california get a bad rap. but, we did some checking from cbs for and it appears -- from cbs4. and, i don't know about this, the cold may be a big factor. >> come on. when the ball snaps, i know that the raiders in them are looking or some revenge.
8:23 am
you have to think that they are shaking because oakland has attitude especially when they are out there on the road. >> -- >> reporter: yes, undefeated on the road. and, crabtree, in murray, the rest of the game, could be a factor. but i think a little bit of kansas city mojo is in order. proximity wise, arrowhead stadium is right next to kauffman stadium. and, if you go back to 2014, i believe that our royals did some damage where they were pretty close together. and, the chiefs guys, ringing some of that mojo. >> yes, and any time that we can do that it's an honor. >> i didn't think that you're going to bring that up. >> i will ask you quickly before we let you go, to expect
8:24 am
to see a lot of silver and black because we hope your a lot of people are traveling for that game. >> most definitely there are plenty of fans here in the area you see them all year long waving their flags. and, most kansas city fans give them a little bit of a wave. sometimes a honk. and it's all good. especially after tonight when the chiefs take back the division lead. >> he misses being a 49 back >> right now, maybe. but when the season is over not so much. you know how the coldest. you are in colorado. >> i did. >> that's right. >> it will be a great game and we do appreciate you taking the time. >> you have a good day. >> 8:24 am. donald trump will meet with the victims of last week's attack. he will remember a student who rammed his car into a crowd of people and began stabbing
8:25 am
students. he will meet with victims as well as first responders. authorities say that the attacker was inspired by isis. he has blamed what he called week immigration policies/weak immigration policies -- weak immigration policies . he has chosen linda mcmahon to head the small business administration. john kelly will have the department of homeland security and an oklahoma atty. general. will be nominated to head the environmental protection agency who has been an outspoken critic. he said he plans to name secretary of state next week. hope francis held a special prayer for the victims of the earthquake in indonesia. more than 100 people were killed early yesterday morning hundreds of people have been injured and thousands are without homes.
8:26 am
the pope said, i wish to assure you of my prayers for the victims and their families for the injured and for those who have lost their homes. the safety agency has launched a formal investigation into a deadly plane accident it went on yesterday about 45 miles northwest. and, all 20 were killed. they say that the pilot mayday mayday call shortly before the plane went down. but it's not clear why the plane crashed. there is a security scare, they say that a man breached a secure area and, they jumped the fence. these are from the twitter user, police took him into custody after a brief foot chase. he was then taken to the hospital for a psychiatric observation. >> they were high school sweethearts up next, what we are learning about the final moments of a young couple killed in oakland.
8:27 am
police are looking into a string of sexual assaults that happened on the san jose state university. a result of this morning's rain, we have some traffic issues. it is still raining for others. there is still some rain on the golden gate bridge and temperatures are trying to warm up.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:29 am, and it is a stormy thursday commute on bay area highways. the highway patrol says heavy
8:30 am
rain coupled with poor visibility has played a role in a number of serious accidents and countless standard vendors. we took this video of a pretty bad accident. officers have an important safety tip for everyone on those bay area roads. >> if you hit a large puddle of water, don't hit your breaks, don't hit the gas, it's foot off of the gas and be very easy with your steering >> officers are urging drivers to slow down and leave plenty of room between your car in the one right in front of you. welcome back. >> good morning everyone. checking in with sal on that commute on this thursday morning. first, let's get you to steve. >> yes, there are some areas where it has let up and for some, it keeps rain with the golden gate bridge. and, other parts of the bay, over to san francisco parts of oakland still going there and
8:31 am
it look -- it let up a little bit but still very foggy. and, san jose is dealing with cloudy skies. my good friend, 42 in danville. received shy of three quarters of an inch of rain and that's about a half-inch of three quarters. other locations and the santa cruz mountains seem to be the leaders of the pack here and bonnie dunes had over 2 inches of rain. and, oakland was two thirds but i have seen over an inch of rain just shy of an inch of rain. you can see the area here, it just keeps going and light steady rain and this looks like it's letting up slightly. but for some, it would just keep on glowing dust going. but that study rain can stack up. 40s and 50s under temperatures
8:32 am
northbay temperatures even though it's let up you are in the 40s and a few 30s. and, there should be any less, i don't think it will be too much longer. there is so much more that's coming upstream that has to pay a visit and it will over the next few days. it looks like friday night, it will be the next heavier event, 50s on the temperatures. filer can take a little bit of a breath, because those first ones, there are still accidents but things have settled down, 39 years ago today the eagles released hotel california -- i'm sorry four years ago today for hotel california and boy do i feel old. >> in, let's see here, i'm going to take whatever the controller gives me i was a bad boy i didn't put my lineup in. >> northbound 101, it is going to be improving.
8:33 am
we had an accident near trimble road in the accident is going to be heavy. -- and the accident is going to be heavy. westbound 80 we couldn't see this last time, it was really foggy. it's getting a little bit better and believe it or not we are taking a little bit of a breath. i just got off the phone with bart they are doing better they had to check the tracks after that earthquake but everything is fine. northbound 280 is getting a little bit better up to highway 17 and the golden gate bridge before he toss it back is going to be okay but is foggy. are you going to keep giving me stuff? you can't make me laugh. northbound 880 at 238, as you try to downtown oakland. westbound highway 4 is slow. at 8:33 am, let's go back to the desk. we continue to follow that
8:34 am
6.5 earthquake that happened off the coast of northern california. it woke people of all across northern california when a hit at 6:50 am. you are seeing our twitter heat map, it is trending in san francisco that's the red dot. specifically, you'll see a lot of activity in the far north bay. the closest cities to the epicenter, not a lot of activity to the east bay area. let's take some of those responses we have been finding on social media. felted in gush felt it -- felt it and pebbles beach. my bed was shaking a little bit, my first earthquake. more responses felted down here in santa cruz further away, still along the coast, he writes, it started rattling on mosaic. and thought it was unusual so the time of the event matched,
8:35 am
it is in the east bay and he felt that there. to show you how many be -- how many felt that air quite, pass that earthquake that hit the 47 ãthat earthquake, before 7 am. we checked it a few minutes ago, this shows you the 1500+ responses. people as far north as portland oregon and as far south as salinas. again, that earthquake did not prompt any tsunami watches. we definitely felt that here in the bay. we are waiting for a team from the atf to investigate their investigation in the warehouse fire. they say it again on the ground floor that building and heavy smoke and flames went up the stairs trapping people. they said they had no chance to get out. investigators have been looking at old appliances stored in the
8:36 am
building including a refrigerator. they emphasized no determination has been made yet. agents will be at the scene for the next couple of days, data analysis in completing all interviews could take a few more weeks. we now know that 20-year-old michela gregory and alex vega victims were holding onto each other. they had been a couple for five years and they call them soulmates. they worked the night shift together. coworkers are struggling with their loss and the owner, is helping their families plan the funerals. >> they are just both really, sincerely, kind, compassionate individuals. >> i'm old enough to be their grandparent, so they get close. >> family and friends say that there is comfort knowing that alex and michaela were together
8:37 am
during the last moments that they were alive. warriors players and coaches are pledging $75,000 of their own money to the oakland warehouse or victims. -- warehouse victims. >> it has affected so many. on behalf of the entire organization, our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their loved ones. >> the money will go to the fund on -- and the organization has donated $50,000 along with the raiders. there's been a report of a woman being sexually battered in san jose state. >> janine is joining us live with that story. >> reporter: police have increased the patrols. they are also reviewing surveillance video and the locations of where the incident happened. the latest one happened here in the science building. a san jose state officials sent out a campus alert letting
8:38 am
students and staff know that a woman was attacked on the second floor landing. it was just after 1 pm. the suspect is described as being in his 20s, with black spiky hair. he was wearing a dark gray hooded sweatshirt and was carrying a navy blue backpack. on monday, at 4:30 pm, the man in these surveillance photos sexually battered a woman after falling her into the student union. the suspect was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and was last seen near san fernando st. lastly, another woman was groped for she was going down the stairs of sweeney hall at 2:30 pm. that suspect was in his 20s and had a mustache. >> i always walk this way, i'm never alone. >> does that surprise you? >> it does. they are almost sexual battery
8:39 am
some surprise that they happened during the day. >> reporter: police say they don't think that the same suspect is involved in all three incidents. they are following up on leads. and, again, just spoke with one from the university and she said that she wanted to let everyone know that different sexual assault is rape. whereas these were sexual battery were they were groping. we're trying to find out more details about what happened and we are hoping to hear back. they will give an update if we do hear back. >> it's a pretty clear picture. do they think that that man is a student? >> they are not saying right now. they are just reviewing. we do not know that yet. i mean, in all of these incidents, they are saying, that the person had a backpack. so, it seems like it would be a
8:40 am
student but they haven't come out and said that. a winter wonderland in the sierra. >>, how much snow is falling and how much more is on the way. we have a rainy commute and we are getting even more reports of problems. this is the wet weather or the raindrops on our camera at the golden gate bridge it's raining pretty hard. just got a tweet raining pretty hard. we will let you know about all of that coming up. for some, north and southbound, for others, as you just saw it is still going. pretty foggy as well. and we are looking out somewhere there.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
all week long we have been telling you there would be rain and this picture of the live storm tracker shows that. the windshield wipers are going. and, this was a rough drive. >> yes, you can see here on the right, the small picture is the golden gate bridge. traffic is moving slowly as folks make their way into san francisco. he will have that will forecast
8:44 am
coming up. the rain in the -- we will have that forecast coming up. >> skiers and snowboarders are hoping from more fresh powder. they're reminding all of us that they should be -- that we should be prepared for these changing conditions. >> it is probably around 36 and it's just cold enough to be called for us but not cold enough to be snow. and, good news for the drivers coming over. you do not need the chains. when we first came up around 3 am, we are at king bail. and, they are out here digging up the rest area. clearing the way for what we hope will be more snow coming into the sierra. for the meantime, clear sailing for the california highway patrol reminding them if you are complacent, make sure that you have the snow tires and a four- wheel-drive, or change that fit
8:45 am
your car. if you don't have to put them on make sure that they have those $40. -- that you have $30. for now, breezy, cold, and misty. clear sailing at donner pass, but not clear sailing for a lot of folks down here in the bay area once highways -- on certain highways. >> yes, we have a new accident at todd road, said to be blocking several lanes. the northbound 101 is going to be slow. so is southbound 101. and, we are looking at the marin county commute. and, that has messed things up to san rafael, and over on the east bayside, all the way down to the berkeley area of course, and we go to the 580 interchange. this whole area has bogged down as you drive through.
8:46 am
i got a text from my body, you may know him. he works here at ktvu channel 2 and he says, it is a parking lot and it is raining hard. thank you. and, that is what is going on there. it's go to live pictures at the golden gate bridge. so traffic is okay as you drive down to san francisco. the bay bridge toll plaza is going to be slow getting into the city. you will receive slow traffic waiting for about 25 minutes. and this morning on 280, it looks okay but there was a lot of slow traffic southbound getting into the san jose state exit. there's a bunch of traffic everywhere. let's bring in steve with the forecast. >> yes, nonstop and it is still going. >> we do have some areas, san jose, not much yet. we will get you some rain.
8:47 am
all the way from christmas eve. plenty of opportunities to pick up rain. very foggy for some, rainfall we have to admit, marin county, san mateo, santa cruz mountains went out on this one. frank is up in the oakland hills, and we seem to consistently get more rain. that's really simple. we are taking this very warm moist air you left" and condense and you are in the same ballpark as the santa cruz mountains. that's just the way that it works. not much in san jose, .07. oakland, downtown is that .60. santa rosa is at .93, kentfield is 1.73, sf three is 1.73, the boulder creek country club is about there as well. foster city, really heavy rain there.
8:48 am
fairfax, we have almost an inch and a third. mill valley is 87, and danville is higher than that. it just depends on your location. and, over the golden gate bridge in fact out to parts of berkeley, just doesn't look that ominous but it keeps going. same in the santa cruz mountains. he said it seems to be lightning up that from southern county, to san pablo bay, that is what is continuing. this is near the radar site. and you can see that there seems to be a decrease in rain. 40s and 50s on your temperatures. very foggy, middle 40s for others. everyone is pretty close. wanda creek 44, there are some breaks to the -- walnut creek, 44, there are some breaks. look at this train of moisture
8:49 am
and there are very wet patterns and maybe again next tuesday, wednesday, thursday there are hints of that. the rainfall, you'll be in the mix the next time there will be a lot going forward. 50s on the temperatures, and temperatures will start to slowly warm up until sunday and monday, then it will cool down. the long-range outlooks, rainy rainy. >> we haven't had that in a long time. >> the sky looks colder to that week before christmas. >> because last year this time, it was wet but warmer. for the first time, san francisco is looking at how thousands of its young students get to school and it turns out that they rely on cars to commute even more than adults. a new study shows more than 56% of all students are driven to school by a parent or caregiver.
8:50 am
14% take public transit. and, that adds up to a lot of cars in one location at the same time everyone who has done pickup or drop-off, we know it to be true it can create traffic hazards. the school transportation that he says trying out a shuttle system is a possible situation that it could require another study because it often requires parents to pay for them. still to come, changes to pokimon go. the new references to gender that are expected to be implemented.
8:51 am
8:52 am
were you one of the many who tried to get hamilton tickets online? >> pam kuck is with us now. best cook is with us now -- cook is with us now.
8:53 am
>> i have had this experience with congress -- concerts. congress is getting involved, it will talk about that in just a second. i want to talk about the stock markets. a lot of them started the day at new record levels after central bank decided to hold interest rates ready -- study. right now, we want to check the latest numbers, a lot of people on wall street are talking about doubt 20,000, will we see it backs -- the dow at 20,000, will we see it? today it is 19,000 577, and the nasdaq is about 5400. the s&p 500 is also up. the salvation army is looking for help with a long- standing -- standing holiday tradition. there collecting money.
8:54 am
that money collected helps to support the many programs throughout the year volunteers are especially needed in san francisco, and north san mateo county monday through saturday through december 24. it's too early to judge the success of the holiday shopping season but retail analysts say that online sales are stronger than in-store sales. shoppers spent nearly $3.5 billion on cyber monday. that is a new record, and it's 110 early in dollars more than shoppers spend in stores, in malls. for the four-day thanksgiving weekend, online sales went up last year in store sales went down. and back to that ticket story, congress is trying to help people who get frustrated because they can't buy tickets through popular sites. there was a huge waiting list of 50,000 people for tickets to the
8:55 am
broadway smash hamilton. critics say that they are using software that allows them to take those tickets. it allows them to rapidly purchase as many as possible for resale at significant markups and that is why if you try to get online those tickets for popular events sell out in minutes. they sent a bill to president. obama asking to ban the practice . pokimon go, you can hardly wait to find out what the creator plans to unleash, that's the big news. business insider reports that there are references to male and female versions and separate baby references for the buddy system could be new creatures and since about -- and hence best and new -- and new special pokimon. have scheduled a big announcement for monday. i was
8:56 am
doing a little bit of research. it's interesting, some of the popularity of the game. >> yes, i haven't heard it in a while. >> yes, but the stores are selling everything the cards are back in style, the games. the sweatshirts. >> merchandising. >> yes. new information surrounding the devastating fire. what we are learning about the cause of the fire and the two teenagers behind bars.
8:57 am
8:58 am
two teenagers are in jail in tennessee accused of starting last months deadly wildfires. they face charges of aggravated arson for the fires that killed 14 people injured 150 others and destroyed hundreds of homes. that fire started at the great smoky mountains national park and quickly spread to other areas.
8:59 am
authorities are not releasing details on what led to the arrest. but that those two teenagers could be charged as adults. in south carolina, and escaped inmate has been -- captured. they -- they say he escaped last night and he may be linked to the stabbing of a police officer at a walmart in columbia when the officer responded to a shoplifting call. the officer was transported to the hospital and is in stable condition. escaped inmate was captured about an hour ago. he had been serving a life -- life sentence. it looks like los angeles is still in the running to host the 2024 olympics. the international olympic committee cleared all three cities to advance to the next stage. each city will have until february to submit a plan -- it's plan. the warriors started their road trip on a winning note. >> the shot blocker waiting.
9:00 am
>> they beat the clippers, 115 to 98. they now had out to utah. -- they are now heading to utah. the challenge of finding affordable housing. putting a younger face on homelessness. >> i would like to have a stable home. edges never happened. and, sports anchor jason appelbaum joins us. rain, snow, even an earthquake. we have it all this morning. sitting at my desk, i didn't feel it. >> me neither >> but there are folks -- >> daly city, i got a couple of tweaks from them. -- tweets from them. >>


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