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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 13, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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ime is it? it's go time. come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!! i feel like i went to bed an hour ago. i'll make the cocoa. get a great offer on the car of your grown-up dreams at the mercedes-benz winter event. it's the look on their faces that make it all worthwhile. thank you santa!!! now lease the 2017 c300 for $389 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. raider fans at oakland city hall tonight where right now there was a key vote on a plan to build a new stadium for the raiders. to try to convince owner mark davis to stay put. >> but we are here fighting for oakland. >> yeah. >> we are here fighting for this community because there's no place like this community. >> a proposal to build a new stadium complex for the raiders
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cleared one hurdle today with one more to go. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. the alameda county board of supervisors voted yes. now to the city council who is meeting right now to decide whether to enter their negotiations with ronnie lott's investment team on a deal to replace the coliseum with a new stadium. jana katsuyama joins us live at oakland city hall. jana what is the latest? >> i just sat down at city council chambers where the members are expected to vote at any minute now. ronnie lott thinks this is a good deal and the timing of this vote, the message they are sending is critical. owners are expected to meet tomorrow in also and they could vote as early as january. as to whether or not to let the raiders go to las vegas. >> and raider fans are in black and white showing up at the oakland city council meeting. so did former nfl receiver ronnie lott and his investment
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team. >> it's not just about us, but everybody doing something bigger than himself. >> reporter: lot knows something about winning, this time leading an investment team to help beat a las vegas stadium offer to win over raiders winner mark davis with a proposal to keep the team in oakland. the plan to build a new $1.3 billion raiders stadium complex with a possible a's ballpark too. >> we want to make it clear that we're in this sport for a long haul. it's about the community, it's about the people, it's about the jobs. we need to get the raiders on board and hear their input. we also want to hear if we have room for the a's, we would love to find a way for the a's to stay with a lot of work to be done. >> reporter: tuesday morning they would take their case to the alameda county board of supervisors voting 3-1. sources tell ktvu that the lot investment team met on monday.
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raiders representatives were in a closed meeting that also included the city and county representatives. >> i feel confident about where we are at. yeah that is really the ticker. that super bowl will have them in january. >> reporter: oakland city officials say that the deal limits risks to public funds. >> the city has pledged $200 million. $100 million would be coming from new stadium revenues that would be structured as a part of the deal. the other $100 million would be coming from an enhanced infrastructure financing district, which the city is allowed to do via state law, which they would focus on revenue that are from the site from the redevelopment of the site to pay for structures and improvements. >> we're not putting at risk any of their existing funds or any potential funds if there are any cost overruns or expenses or unexpected shortfalls. the city is not at a risk, a big difference compared to the deal from 25 plus years ago.
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>> reporter: and that old plan to renovate the coliseum is still costing the city and the county $20 million every year through the year 2025. now the nfl vp told us today that he thinks this ronnie lott proposal is a carbon copy of past oakland proposals that have failed. he says, "there are problems that are likely to ensue." ronnie lott's response when i asked him. he says he feels that this is -- he feels this is something oakland can do and he's prepared to fight for it. we are still here to bring it to you within the next hour. >> did it seem like they are getting close to a vote to come out tonight? >> reporter: definitely a vote coming tonight julie from everything i have heard from the city council members. right now they're just going through letting each council member have their turn. of course i'm going to pop back in there to see what the final
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vote might be. >> all right, of course when we would get that vote we'll bring it to our viewers. jana, thank you. new at 10:00 bay area freeways were littered with trash. now a member of the san jose city council is accusing caltrans of not doing enough to keep the freeways cleaned. he's fed up and frustrated and he wants caltrans to pay. ktvu azenith smith is in san jose city hall where he would propose to finding the contracts tonight. azenith? >> reporter: within the last hour the san jose city council voted unanimously to refer this issue to the city manager to negotiate with caltrans. many residents say the freeways in san jose are a mess. the mayor even remarking that people have seen tidier war zones. driving along interstate 280 or any of the other freeways in san jose that it is a part of this litter and graffiti. ralph roberts drives a semitruck for a living seeing
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it all the time. >> i see debris all over. i see tire casings all over the place. people feel it's taking us down. it's just dirty, filthy, blighted with no improvement. >> reporter: after competing for years, city council members want to hold caltrans accountable, saying the freeways are so filthy he's now proposing potential litigations, climbing or building the state agency to clean up san jose. >> the city of oakland and their litigation of caltrans and then caltrans that they would get real interested in making sure that the area is clean. i don't know a single city that would have successly sued the state of california. >> sam ricardo agrees that the highways are in horrible shape, yet focused on real solutions. >> following the lawsuits and waiting four years for legal process isn't the answer for me. i want to get caltrans out there today cleaning it out. >> reporter: he points towards approving a $3 million contract with caltrans and the county of
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santa clara. now the conservation core and an alternative work program fitted with the clean up. in response they're calling that a peaceful approach. >> it's not enough. clearly it's not enough. they need to do more. >> reporter: i reached out to caltrans for a response, but i did not hear back. the mayor telling us that caltrans is dealing with a perfect storm with the crew vacancies as well as homeless encampments along their freeways. i'm told that the city attorney will likely meet with the city council to discuss their legal options in a closed session. back to you. >> caltrans was hit with a lawsuit today there their supporters following suit, accusing caltrans of illegally seizing property from homeless camps. caltrans violated the constitutional rights to due
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process. they were never able to reach anyone at a telephone number hosted by caltrans. the spokesperson says they couldn't comment on the specifics of the lawsuit. and now to developing news in the east bay where the detective said that someone was killed and the house was set on fire in what is being called a brutal murder. alameda county sheriff's office said that the victim was a 59- year-old woman who would live alone in castro valley. the fire crews found her body in the garage. deputies say that they believe she was killed, the fire was started to kill the tracks. so far there's no description of the suspect. >> it could have been a burglary gone wrong or someone watching her, maybe knew she was a widow who lived there alone targeting her for that. >> reporter: authorities did not say how she was killed, except to say that she was not shy. deputies say they are looking
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for signs of forced entries, asking neighbors for any surveillance footage of the area. and now to the oakland warehouse fire, federal investigators did not reveal the cause of the fire at a briefing today as some had expected. instead they said they still haven't been able to pinpoint the exact cause of that fire. ktvu's henry lee has our report. >> reporter: authorities say that the on-site investigation is is over. but the atf is still analyzing the evidence from the warehouse fire that killed 36 people. although that there are reports that investigators have pinpointed an electrical problem and a cause that they say the cause is still enknown. >> the electrical system is a part of their analysis that atf experts are looking at in determining the cause of the fire. the investigation is still ongoing though. and that at this time no final determination has been made as to the exact cause of the fire. >> investigators have spoken to witnesses who say that the converted warehouse was a death
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trap where no one was suppose to be living or having a party. at the news conference the oakland fire chief said that the fire department was not required to and never inspected that warehouse. she said that fire officials never received any formal complaints at that address. complaints were made to police and city building inspectors. the fire chief also said that the owner never applied for any permits such as the change of use or occupancy, which would have lead to a fire inspection. >> all of these things would trigger us going out to the facility to do an inspection. in this case we would have no record of any of those things that they have conducted. >> reporter: she says that her department doesn't have the staff or resources to regulate their underground parties like the one at the ghostship. >> you'll have a situation at what some are calling on a pop- up party, an underground party where folks are coming together and they are not applying for a special permit. >> officials say that they are working to close any gaps to
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prevent a tragedy like this from happening againment meanwhile the criminal investigation is continuing. alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley could ultimately pursue charges that could include manslaughter or murder. >> we will work as efficiently as we can. we will move it along as quickly as we can. but we will not sacrifice the integrity of the investigation or any of the analysis to try to get to an end result before we are ready. >> once the atf complete their investigation they will be forwarding their information to the da to determine if anyone will face any criminal charges. in oakland henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. coming up in 12 minutes a firsthand account from a woman who works at the alameda county coroner's office. she talks to us about what it was like in the days following the fire and how they would try very hard to help the families who needed some answers. friends and fans are remembering actor alan thicke who died today in los angeles.
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according to tmz, thicke suffered a heart attack this afternoon while playing hockey with one of his sons in los angeles. thicke is best known as the star of the 1980s sitcom growing pain. he's also a song writer who wrote the show's theme song and the facts of life among others. alan thicke was 69 years old. an oil executive with ties to russia tapped for secretary of state. how donald trump's allies are brushing aside criticism. i'm tracking the rain that's coming your way. we've got sprinkles out there right now with some significant rain coming in the next 24 hours. from the ashes of the lake county fire. a way to help this holiday season. how you can buy your christmas tree now and donate it later.
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new at 10:00 two sisters from the north bay found a way to help people in lake county where their homes and yards were burned in recent wildfires. their idea is to make a christmas tree that you buy one now one you could donate later. debora villalon in santa rosa tonight where the project is taking hold, debora? >> yeah, frank, the trees sold out last year. this season they were ready. like most good ideas it'll come from one friend wanting to help another. linda price heads home with her christmas tree. a fir just a foot tall, but with a big impact.
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>> i think it's a great service and a project and i am really honored by the lady who put it together. >> reporter: it started with chris and her sister kathy who lives in lake county and wanted to encourage her friend to rebuild. >> i could buy a christmas tree to give it to my friend to plant it in their yard. >> reporter: participating nurseries sell the tree. head on up. >> reporter: next month the buyer brings it back bringing the caravan to the burn zones. fire victims get to pick two to three trees to bring some greenery to their yard. >> it gave people hope that, you know, some place to start with a lot of them for their rebuilding. >> reporter: the first year they would go to around middletown. this year they will include the most recent clayton fire
10:16 pm
destroying homes in the lower lake. >> having almost 900 trees. >> yeah, absolutely. >> absolutely. >> reporter: almost a dozen nurseries and tree farms take part. >> so any bit of green to get back will be somebody's ray of sunshine. somebody's shade on a sunny day. >> reporter: not everyone has the space or the strength for a big potted tree. some people buy one and donate it on the spot leaving it at the nursery. this couple brought a small tree to donate and a larger cut christmas tree for themselves. >> you feel so help lesseing what they have gone through with how much they have suffered. whatever you could do to try to reach them to the natural beauty and to bring that back. >> which one is the most aromatic? >> reporter: it is fun to imagine the tree in its permanent spot after fostering it. >> we're going to keep it alive, i promise. >> good. >> good-bye, merry christmas. >> reporter: once home linda price had her ceiling decorated in no time. a tree that made less stature
10:17 pm
now, but holds so much patrols for the future. >> hopefully it will grow and thrive and bring joy to somebody else too. >> reporter: on their facebook page you can find out more about the gift tree project, how you can help green, lake county household, even if you can't get up to one of the nurseries here in the north bay. in fact this really is is a win/win situation all around. >> i keep thinking that sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ideas. >> yeah, exactly. they do want you to know that it doesn't have to be a christmas tree. any kind of tree you want to donate is absolutely welcomed. they hope to top at a thousand tree this weekend. >> thank you, deb. all right now to chief meteorologist bill martin with a few sprinkles outside there tonight. with a much stronger system behind it, bill? >> yeah, real light weather coming our way. there will be one again tomorrow and those light sprinkles will slow you down in the morning with the afternoon commute. but it's not a game changer in terms of your plants for
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tomorrow. but thursday's event, it will be down here by the hawaiian islands down here by the equator with the subtropical moisture in tap working their way all the way up to the bay area and that's what we're looking at with system number one sliding in now. system number two fazes in with system number one for your bay area thursday. tomorrow is that sort of build up time. there's system number one dropping light sprinkles. enough to glaze your roadways. tomorrow's forecast will look similar to that with scattered green and light showers throughout their bay area and some moderate to light rain north of santa rosa tomorrow. but then on thursday morning they will get going pretty good as you can see those things out there. you see that darkness and that gray and that represents a little bit of moisture in the air certainly. here we are tomorrow morning as you'll see 7:00 a.m. and their deal and then we've got a few light sprinkles for the morning commute. there is your afternoon.
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and a few sprinkles there and then we will go in closer. on wednesday night here we go boom. thursday morning. this area will start to move in and then this area will start to come in. that is tomorrow transition day. when i come back we will set you up with thursday's computer models. see you back here. >> you can get the weather conditions any time including a live radar look from the free ktvu weather app. also you'll find ktvu's meteorologists on facebook, twitter, and instagram. today president elect donald trump confirmed his choice for secretary of state is exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson. a fox news reporter john roberts tells us that mr. trump's allies are pushing back now against syria's criticism of tillerson's ties to russia. >> reporter: a surprise appearance by donald trump in the lobby of trump tower today after a meeting with his old friend kanye west. >> he's a good man. >> reporter: later a visit from gill beats ahead of tomorrow's
10:20 pm
big tech summit. but the headline today is outside the box pick for secretary of state. exxonmobil's ceo rex tillerson. >> as long as we couldn't be more grateful that someone of rex tillerson's proven leadership and accomplishment has been willing to step forward to serve our nation. >> reporter: while some members of congress had concerns about tillerson's deep ties to russia. but mitch mcconnell offered their full support. robert gase who served as secretary of defense both said that tillerson would bring to the position vast knowledge, experience, and support in dealing with dozens of governments and leaderships in every corner of the world. condoleezza rice added that tillerson will represent the interests and the values of the united states with resolve and commitment. trump's chief of staff defended tillerson's relationship with vladimir putin. >> the truth is having relationships with people is not a bad thing.
10:21 pm
we have a real problem in this world and we won't sell them by making sure people don't believe it exists. >> reporter: fox news has learned that they decided on the form texas governor rick perry to be the former secretary where it will be one of the three departments they would pledge to eliminate. when he couldn't remember that it will be a debate towards their candy. waiting a little longer to see how they would separate themselves. the press conference is set for thursday and now pushing back to early january. >> by splitting the press conference, donald trump will have two benefits to get his affairs in order and avoids answering any difficult conditions about their finances, their businesses, they would claim that russian hammers tried to get them elected after the election vote on december 19. john roberts fox news. we have breaking news right
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now that we want to tell you about as we mentioned earlier that the oakland city council was voting on whether to negotiate ronnie lott's investment team about a new stadium for the oakland raiders. they just voted after hours of debate. the vote was 7-0 with one extension coming after the board of supervisors earlier also approved entering into the negotiations with ronnie lott's improvement group. but the headline for the board of supervisors will be approv -- will be approving that deal. imagine being a stanford undergrad at age 35. the former basketball player who went pro and now back on campus as a student 14 years later. also the warriors are in a tough road trip. it was a fight to the finish with the highlights later in sports. up next a firsthand account at the difficult work in the
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coroner's office following the oakland warehouse fire. >> i had a lot of parents tell me stories about, you know, their sons and daughters. thi♪ ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these.
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back now to the coverage of the oakland warehouse fire. some of the work being done behind the scenes to provide answers for families. >> tonight we hear from the technician from the alameda county coroner's bureau reaching out to us what it was like in the days following -- like in the days following the fire. >> reporter: i spoke to victoria gabalon who has been with the sheriff's department for ten years. she's giving us a work at the coroner's work and how they helped investigators. >> i wanted people to know how fast the people at this office worked to help the victims. she was called into work on the morning after the ghost ship
10:26 pm
fire. for her and others at the coroner's bureau it was the start of several 15-hour days. her job talking to families who wanted answers. hardest one is where mothers and fathers are asking if they would be able to see their sons and daughters. at a memorial. >> reporter: a question that she couldn't answer, but there was something that she could do. >> we didn't know what to do except get your arm on the phone. a lot of parents told me stories about their son and daughters. >> reporter: a morgue and a team of doctors with the help of assistance and volunteers would perform autopsy. but they would work with the upmost care and precision. >> the way that everybody would work together, that it was amazing. >> reporter: the cause of death for most was smoke inhalation. and most were identified through fingerprint. >> i was heartbroken every time they would read off and i would go, you know, my gosh. that i spoke with that family.
10:27 pm
and my heart broke. >> reporter: she said that manyvictims had ids on them and family members gathered information to help identify the victims such as tattoo and piercings. >> we didn't want anyone to have to worry than what they should have. >> reporter: normally they do four to six autopsies on the day following the fire as they did 20 autopsies. gabaline who is 31 years old. the use of the victims roughly her own age hit close to home. >> i just think that it was unfair. the way that it happened. they're all so young with family members, friends who loved them. >> she also had the grim
10:28 pm
responsibility for issuing the 36 death certificates. the coroner's bureau is now working on turning over the belongings to their families. >> i cannot imagine what it is like being on the phone with the families and talking to them in that situation. how is she doing? >> she seems a bit shaken up, but recovering with the help of her co-workers and the difficulty now is when the families will come to pick up the belongings as they will be going face to face. >> are there still, it is such an awkward question to ask, is there still some bodies? >> i was told three bodies are still left to be turned over to the porch ware. >> so hard. thank you. the san francisco board of supervisors ordered accommodations to five members of members of the fire department who would help save the live of a 14-year-old boy suffering cardiac arrest, collapsing at a bus shop in north beach on december 1. first responders would arrive
10:29 pm
to start their life-saving treatment. but they concerns didn't end there. >> we have members who on their days off would drive from san francisco to san jose hospital to visit with the child or the family over the last couple of days to make sure that everyone was offering all these sports in our department to keep it for them and just one more. >> the combination was issued to the firefighters and paramedics. the fire department says that the boy is back at home and he is expected to lead a full and normal life. still to come here a former stanford basketball player who left school to go pro is now back. >> i'm an old guy coming back to school to finish something. >> why he says finishing his degree 14 years later is so important. >> edward snowden exiled in russia. he talked to twitter today and
10:30 pm
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you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gla250 for $329 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. breaking news that we are following to enter negotiations with a private investment group of a new raiders stadium. ktvu jana katsuyama is inside oakland city hall where that vote just happened. jana? >> reporter: it did just happen julie. will this clear tonight? there were some council members who really had son conflicts with everything that's been going on in the city and with the housing and the ghostship fire and all of those things that will be weighing in the balance against those deals for the stadium that would make it a difficult decision for some. here is the moment when we were inside that the vote took
10:33 pm
place. [ applause ] >> reporter: you can see that relief there and the cheers after voting 7-0 in favor of moving forward with their investment group. the one person was gullen. that he could not bring himself to vote for this as he wanted to see more details. when you would look at this overall view, that he would give them the poignant moving speech that he would hear their concerns of oakland people and he wanted to work with them, something that the city could be proud of, bringing jobs and their stimulus to the city. that is one thing that they were trying to drive through tonight as you can see the city council meeting that is still
10:34 pm
going on. this would take up two to three dozen of people who would speak. i just heard from the council member larry reid who is behind me. apparently tomorrow at their owners meeting that there will be an off-site presentation of the oakland proposal. that is something that will go before those owners according to the council member as they will have a chance to hear the details for themselves as to what oakland is planning to try to keep them here. >> it is kind of an odd position that i'm sure you're talking about building a new stadium. at the same time we're talking about the warehouse fire that killed 36 people and how so many people cannot afford housing. was that discussed? a big topic of discussion during the debate at all? >> reporter: frank, there were some people who would get up during the public hearing to talk about that and they also
10:35 pm
had council members receiving phone calls from their constituents who were concerned about it. on the ronnie lott investment side they're saying is that it could help by bringing in the dollars and revenue and adding, you know possibly more jobs for the area. but you could expect that it will be a big sticking point going forward, especially with the city and the county still on the line for the development 20 years ago that they will be paying off until 2025. it is not a done deal and it will not be easy, but ronnie lott spoke from the heart tonight saying he wants to listen to oakland and their citizens and work with them. >> all right, still a lot more to go. thank you. for more on today's votes and the details on the stadium proposal go to our website it is not uncommon for college athletes to leave school before earning their degree. the problem is that many never return. >> reporter: he played basketball at stanford
10:36 pm
university and then he went pro. now he is 35 and back in the classroom. >> it is almost full. jacob will drive it. >> reporter: casey jacobson's resume includes two-time all american. first round nba draft pick and the finals. and the pac-12 network's analyst. what the resume does not include, college graduates. but that's about to change. >> i'm 35 years old and an undergrad. >> reporter: yup 14 years after leaving them early to turn pro, the guy with the stroke of the basketball is working on the pen earning his degree in communication. i've never started something that has been significant. it's an opportunity to take their game to the next level to be able to come back to get
10:37 pm
your degree. it's very special for all the student athletes here in stanford. >> i always agree with the learning. there are books that i wanted to read that i thought were interesting. you are told the books to read. that's the big difference there. >> that's not the only difference. >> the first day for them and the coach. they had not shown up there yet and they knew about those questions and the structures of the tennis court to enter them there to say that i'm not the coach and they would say oh i'm so sorry. a nice reminder of where i am in my life and i'm an old guy coming back to school to finish something. >> reporter: since casey is back on campus learning he figured why not do a little teaching, spending some time to help them at practice. >> this is the best way to describe myself when i'm a student athlete here as i want to share my passion for
10:38 pm
basketball and my passion for winning with these guys to still play no doubt that you could still play. >> he is absolutely great. i'm the old guy. he's out there playing, running up and down as much as we are. >> what is life like after stanford? he could share that. >> the shots still look pretty good too. it is not bad. as pure as it has ever been. >> reporter: as is his passion for affirmation on track to graduate this month. assuming he could survive their finals this week. >> i'm trying not to think about the end, that it is just like a basketball tournament. you donate enjoy the journey. >> i try to take those lessons that they taught me here to my life, which will be going too far ahead. the results will take care of itself. at stanford ktvu fox 2 news. welcoming up next the city's sanctioned memorial in memory of a man shot and killed
10:39 pm
by san francisco police. a decision tonight angering the officer's association. and now the latest computer model depicting what we've got coming for thursday. you can time out the rain and try to dodge the drops. i like to know what's happening as soon as it happens.
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new at 10:00 the san francisco board of supervisors would approve your resolution today for the creation of the memorial. it's for alex nieto who was shot and killed by police in 2014. he was carrying a stun gun and police say he pointed it at them. the shooting sparked angry protest and a federal lawsuit over police use of force. the jury found the officer not guilty of any wrong doing. the design will be determined
10:42 pm
through a community consultation process. the police officer association is not happy about this as they say that the board of supervisors should be honoring "real heros." edward snowden offered some advice tonight about a chat on privacy. this is snowden speaking on a big screen. in addition to his thoughts on government surveillance and the need for new encryption techniques, snowden offered advice on how to improve twitter. one suggestion that users should be able to edit tweets after they are sent. edward made headlines after leaking information about surveillance programs seeking refuge in russia. a campaign seeking the pardon broadcasted the event on twitter. on wall street setting new records today. jumping 114 points on the strong showing of the energy companies now near 20,000. nasdaq added 51 and s&p gained 14. the markets are taking it into
10:43 pm
account and the expected interest rate hikes by tomorrow. still to come here, bill martin is tracking some serious rain on the way, showing us the timing for this storm, his complete forecast is coming up momentarily.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. let's go back to chief meteorologist bill martin and the significant rain that you're talking about, bill? >> yes, not for tomorrow, but thursday. what we have outside right now are the light scattered showers, will -- which will take us into the morning commute hours with a little commute on it. the use of the current radar loop as you can see the satellite radar. but the real rain is to the north. right here it's raining out there where it will stay. tomorrow they will drift down just a little bit more.
10:46 pm
but they will realize what it will be there right now, slick tomorrow morning and slick tomorrow afternoon. the real rain comes tomorrow, thursday. the santa cruz mountains. heck i wouldn't be surprised to see it actually, it will all pan out as it isn't over for the next three to four days, but it will be boom over in 24 hours. so the light sprinkles will continue -- continue tonight into today and tomorrow and into tomorrow and then this thursday, the system will be the punch. that thing, it kicks in here. catching up with this guy here. we are going to get a storm when they merge. here we are tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon what we
10:47 pm
talked about. now watch what happens for you there and tomorrow afternoon then watch this tomorrow night. so you've got this you say oh yeah there's some rain here it comes, it's not that wide. when they merge, poof. that's a significant rain event for you. thursday by noon where it will rain and their commute will be wet. but thursday at noon it will be going off and it will go off through 3:00, 4:00, 5:00. we'll have the advisories and all sorts of stuff with a big river flowing there because it will be one and done and look at that thing there where it is just gone we dry out. but in the foothills because the snow levels are so high that there will be a lot of snow melt there. the river and upper sacramento. we still have 24 hours before
10:48 pm
getting into it. let's get through tomorrow and we'll dial this better. tomorrow is pretty good of what will be happening. it'll be 24 hours of winter, just sounding like it will come in, pow. the winds will be there too and strong winds. >> it will be steady rain all day. >> yes, maybe for six hours you could see the consistent rain and their rainfall rates, that we could see some more rain. >> thank you, bill. >> all right, coming up next we've got the warriors, raiders, sharks. mark has it all for us in a moment.
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
draymond with the steal and curry over in thcorner with the fly by, just pop it. he would have it going there on
10:52 pm
the other side. no look draymond is open. the warriors are winning by 30 points. jeff, you trail by most of the way. looking to move it around, that is the question right there. then kevin durant will get into the mix. watch some of the passing here as they will need to get them down the lane ending up with 27 points tonight. but that probably wasn't their biggest highlight. but look at them move that ball around in that back there. i mean they're the most entertaining team that i have ever seen. and that they need to continue on to get them out of the corner to hit that three and they thought they were fouled. the refs didn't call it, but they would take it any way to go to the final moments now. taking over. now look at them get up and block anthony davis right there and that replay will show you
10:53 pm
that it is just clean, they got it all. he is doing everything for them and the player of the game. just picked it up, anthony davis claiming to save that two- point lead right there. just look at it no matter what they would say that they would prove them out and no basket for the final four minutes, 46 seconds. the warriors will win it 113- 109. by the way they are 23-4 and rolling. you've been watching the sharks lately as they have not been wearing out the back of the net. when they get down on the road the first game of the trip 2-0. they would figure this thing is over and in fact they were trailing 2-0 going to the third. 7:17 left justin brock. the first time he scores a goal and the first of the year. cutting the deficit to 2-1 toronto. later on the power play situation, they'll get that evened up with a shot on goal.
10:54 pm
it is redirected by joe 5:10 left. they play in overtime nobody scores. shootout. nobody, but logan couture, the only goal of the shatt outright -- the only goal of the shoot outright there to start a road trip and they are in business. 3-2 over the maple leafs. in the meantime it seems like the rangers haven't played in a long time, but they will this weekend. down in san diego most notable for the fact if they win it they are going to the playoffs. when is the last time you could say that with phillip rivers giving them all they want. now remember back in october the 9th, in fact the raiders barely pull out a 34-31 win over the chargers. that's one of the biggest differences for them the raiders were without an injured murray player in that game as he will be back and healthy with crabtree and that beautiful break to make it happen as they will be ready
10:55 pm
for the challenge in san diego against the chargers. >> you know, we want to be playing both seasons to give ourselves a chance. to play for the big ones. we will start on sunday so that we are excited for that opportunity. that is the goal. you want to be in the playoffs. but at the same time that it is not easy to do, it is not an easy chance as you said the challenge will be to go out and try to clinch that by any means. >> all right the raiders are spending a lot of time prepping for that game. however they do have a little time off. they were out and about in the community. a little event they call shop with a jock. i think it was making at least one little girl extremely happy. how about this. >> i really love my family and my mom. i'm getting her a lot of stuff because she is very pretty and i love her a lot and i need her to look good. >> it is shop with a jock
10:56 pm
donald and some of his teammates were hosting 25 underprivileged kids today at wal-mart in oakland for the east oakland youth developmental center. they will get a $200 shopping spree for all of them. in the meantime a story to close things out as some might call it a political correctness to run a muck and the others might say it will be about time. but whatever the case or your belief, here is the deal. you're not going to see major league baseball players get involved in the antics like this as baseball has outlawed hazing. man has times changed. the oakland a's used to play for tampa bays as they were deemed offensive by some. so no more hazing in baseball. lots to be said about that. you won't hear it here. [ laughter ] >> a smart idea. >> a smart thing. see you later everyone. >> thanks for joining us. good night.
10:57 pm
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