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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  December 14, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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we know so far about the victim. >> reporter: silicon valley tech leaders are in new york today said to meet with donald trump. who is on the guest list and what will be discussed. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 7:00. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> welcome back. >> i'm feeling better. >> good. i'm glad. i'm dave clark. we will see if our weather is going to get any better. >> i have been watching. >> she is going to get us all sick. >> back when i was sick two months ago, it made it around. i'm glad you're back. it was a tough one. thank you, dave and gasia. a lot of fog out there and mist, drizzle, whatever you want to call it. light rain. heavier as you go north. so much on the way. by the way, the early morning solutions, computer models have come in. there will be intense rain tomorrow. just be advised. maybe late in the afternoon and
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evening for some. in the morning for others. the system has moved way to the north. the warm sector is moving in here. under that we could get fog and drills. the farther north you go, the better opportunity for a light, steady rain. for some, a drizzle, mist. it made it down to the santa cruz mountains and san jose. some is hard to pick up. it is in there. it will be mild east. southeast, southeast, southeast. high wind watch starts tomorrow and goes to monterey late wednesday and into thursday. mountain view to san jose, 57. 57 for hayward and also oakland. there are mild conditions here. if you can get sun breaks, mid- 60s. look at all of this moisture streaming up. the bulk of that looks like it will stay in southern california. our system has tapped into tremendous moisture here. a few 50s, a lot of 60s. tomorrow looks like a wind and rain event. that's not something that i say
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very much, sal. you know that. >> i know. i'm going to get a good night's sleep tonight. i think you as a viewer at home should take steve and i's advice and get a good night's rest and get on the road with extra time tomorrow. >> we may get a break in the morning. but the evening commute will be awful tomorrow. >> good attitude helps. all right. all right. >> it does help. i'm just giving you a heads up. >> thank you, steve. thank you. let's go to the east shore freeway. we do not have a good commute. an early stalled vehicle on the upper deck of the bay bridge. and a couple of other incidents throughout this commute that have really made it slow. and when something happens on a very crowded commute, there is simply no time for it to catch up. 75 minutes now. it looks like it is climbing. the drive between the carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze. remember, when there's no traffic or traffic is flowing at the speed limit, that is a 20-minute drive. we're at three times the normal amount of traffic, time to
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drive this stretch. and we're talking about almost two hours to drive from vallejo into san francisco if you count the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, which is another 30 or 35 minutes. would you drive two hours to work? some people have no choice, i guess. they have to do it no matter what. let me show you more of contra costa county here. 680 is backed up from the bridge to walnut creek. and 24 is a mess. as you move over to livermore, traffic in livermore is okay. the pass slow traffic there. in the south bay, 101, 280 are all slow. 280 northbound right there through downtown, that's what you're dealing with. be patient, have a good attitude and give yourself extra time. 7:03. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we're starting with breaking news. a house fire in oakland. here is the scene. firefighters had to rescue one person. this was first reported 40 minutes ago.
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the fire crews were told that someone might have been trapped inside of a burning two story victorian home on east 19th street near lake merritt and the 19th street bart station. oakland firefighters tweeted they quickly put the fire out. they were able to rescue the person from the second floor of that building. one neighbor described the first moments of the fire. >> when i first saw the fire, i thought it was a chimney being burnt. it obviously wasn't a chimney being burnt. it was obviously a fire. >> firefighters rescued that person by bringing the person down a fire ladder. no word of any injuries. the cause of the fire is under investigation. what began as a one alarm fire at a castro valley home 24 hours ago this morning is the scene of a homicide and arson investigation. ktvu's allie rasmus is live there, just about to bring us an update from investigators.
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allie. >> reporter: that's right. investigators tell me they are in the process of reviewing surveillance video from several sources. neighbors who live in the area have provided that evidence to investigators. and the sergeant out here on the scene says some of that video evidence has been very helpful in the investigation. however, they are not ready to release any information on a suspect in this homicide and arson case. this is the home right here behind us where the fire happened. it happened around 3:00 on tuesday morning. this is on tanglewood and grove way in castro valley. the sheriff's office has roped it off as a crime scene. firefighters came to put out a one alarm fire. they found the body of a woman who lives in the home alone in the garage. it wasn't until several hours that investigators discovered she had been killed before the fire and the house and fire were set on fire afterwards in an attempt to destroy evidence in the crime. what do we know about the
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victim in this case, the 5 #- year-old woman who lived here? was this a random crime or do you think she may have known her attacker. >> that's what we're trying to find out. there is no indication that she lived her life in such a way that anything like this would happen. she seems to investigators like she is a very sweet person by all accounts, by neighbors, by family. so this is -- this is a tough one to try to figure out. >> interviewing some of the neighbors and some of her family members, have they given any indication that there was someone who may have want today harm her in any way. >> no. there's nobody that we have been able to find that would lead us to have anything like this happen to her. again, she seems to me from what i have talked to just a very wonderful person. that's why we're putting all of these resources in to try to find who did this. >> investigators are still processing the scene. can you talk about the work that is ahead for you today? >> as you can see, we've had our people here all night. we will not leave until we are
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100% certain that we have everything out of the house that we need to do to make the case against the people who did this terrible crime. >> the coroner's office has not released the victim's identity yet. >> not yet. >> thank you, jd nelson with the alameda county sheriff's office. as you heard, they will be on scene at the house on grove way for the next several hours trying to piece together what happened exactly and why it happened to this 59-year-old woman who lived alone here. back to you guys. >> thank you, allie. to the north bay. firefighters in santa rosa battled a warehouse fire for an hour and a half starting at 2:00 this morning. they were called to 8th and wilson street. the large warehouse contained a number of businesses, building a copperfield bookstore and storage units. officials had to call in additional help from nearby fire agencies to cover the city. the time is 7:08.
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it became official a couple minutes ago. donald trump nominated rick perry as secretary of energy. the former candidate who once said if he was president, woe get rid of the energy department all together. now, democrats have questioned whether perry is qualified for the job, saying the energy department is, among other things, in charge of securing nuclear weapons. president-elect trump says perry created a business climate that produced millions of jobs and lower energy prices in texas and he will bring that same approach to the entire nation. well, today donald trump will meet with some of the biggest names in high technology. apple ceo tim cook is among the silicon valley executives who will go to trump tower today in new york. janine de la vega joining us live from facebook headquarters in menlo park. now, a question, is mark zuckerberg going? do you know? >> reporter: dave, i do know. dave, he is not attending.
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instead he is sending his coo cheryl sandberg. she will be there. of course facebook a major player with lots of influence. someone who is not on the guest list is another high profile company, twitter. jack dorsey, the ceo, was not invited. some are saying that is odd because our future president, incoming president, he likes to tweet. now, on the list to meet mr. trump is also apple's ceo tim cook, larry page from alphabet which is google's parent's company and cisco and ibm. the word is that he will be speaking about jobs. and it will likely be an interesting conversation because many in the industry who were critical of trump during the election. shortly after his win, the ceo of amazon said that he would give trump an open mind. going into the summit, the chief executive from oracle is saying we are with him to help
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in any way that we can. just yesterday microsoft founder bill gates met with mr. trump. here is what he shared. >> we had a good conversation about innovation, how it can help in health, education, impact foreign aid and energy and a wide range of conversation about the power of innovation. >> reporter: tech leaders have feared that the president-elect would stall innovation and impact the digital privacy of consumers. there is also concern about his stance on immigration because many tech companies recruit top talent from other countries. this could sing national a truce. it gives them the opportunity to do the same and really explore what is possible. >> are there any companies who turned down the invitation from
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trump. >> reporter: well, actually uber. >> uber. >> reporter: the ride sharing company as well as airbnb. they were invited but we see multiple reports out there saying that both of the chief executives are traveling overseas. and that's why they're not attending. >> all right. janine de la vega in menlo park. no doubt two key issues on the table at the meeting between president-elect donald trump and tech leaders are bringing high tech manufacturing jobs back to the united states. >> donald trump campaigned on the promise to investigate what he called abuses of the visa program that let's high skilled workers work in the u.s. temporarily. some tech companies say they can't find enough skilled american workers to fill the jobs. trump says he will punish companies who manufacture products overseas as many high tech companies do. what do you think are the most important issues for tech
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leaders to talk to with the president-elect. the time is 7:12. for now it looks like a big win for bay area raiders fans. it is not a done deal yet. coming up at 7:30, the challenge still ahead. instead of a gun, he was carrying a crucifixion. the anger in bakersfield after police hot and killed a man with dementia. the traffic on the bay bridge has improved a little bit. but the back up at the toll plaza certain has not. foggy out there. breaks in the cloud will allow for a moderate day. drizzle. but all eyes are on tomorrow's system which does look impressive.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 715c new information now about the fatal police shooting in bakersfield an unarmed 73-year-old man on monday. a police officer fired several shots at francisco cerna near his home on monday. family members say he was in the early stages of dementia and the police did not have to use deadly force. however, bakersfield police say a neighbor had called 911 and erroneously reported that he had a gun. they say that cerna repeatedly ignored police commands to show his hands. >> the fact that we thought we were dealing with an armed subject, 20 to 30 seconds past the rp saying that's him to the first shot fired. >> they need to be held accountable because this is just happening too often to too many people. ny people. >> last night hundreds of people gathered for this vigil outside of the home of where
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mr. cerna was killed, showing their anger about his death. that anger got higher after the l.a. times reported that serna was holding a crucifixion at the time that he was shot. 67-year-old bill hing is an immigration attorney and professor at the university of san francisco. he was appointed to the commission by the board of supervisors in an 8-2 vote. cohen brought up the fact that hing has never attended a police commission meeting. he replaces victor wong who resigned after winning a spot for superior court judge last month. uber will launch self- driving cars in san francisco. the ride sharing company is expanding its pilot program that began in pittsburgh, pennsylvania in september. uber won't say how many of the
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self-driving suvs will be on the roads. an uber employee will be behind the wheel, ready to take over if technology fails. if you ask for an uber, you might be matched with a self- driving car. but you can opt out if you would rather have a human being driving that car. >> i don't know. >> you don't know. >> sal castaneda, it is the future and it is here. >> well, they have already been trying it. >> yeah. >> they tried it in other cities. this is not the first city. i think it has gone well. i think i might want a remember driver. >> in the beginning, yes. >> who am i going to listen to bad music from in that car if there's no driver. right. >> you've got a point. >> do you see where i'm going with this. good morning. bring your music, bring your books on tape. you will have a tough commute on the bay bridge approach. it looks normal here. they slowed the metering lights down because of an earlier stolon the bridge. things are getting a little better and it stopped raining
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at the toll plaza so you have a little bit of improvement. nevertheless, you can see slow traffic as you drive through. let's talk about the actual bring. and just a little while ago, we saw how bad it was. but things have improved. so the slowing the metering lights down helps once you get on the freeway. but the backup is gig. in contra costa county, we have a lot of slow traffic. it has improved a little bit. highway 4 and 680 are looking like a normal morning community i noticed something here. like at 680 between walnut creek and dan develop. it is pretty slow all the way through alamo. that is becoming the new normal. 7:18. let's go to steve with today's weather. >> with our hours, a self- driving car sounds like a good idea. >> i could be -- on the way here. >> you're here. thank you, sir. let's get to it. sal is right. the drizzle has let up for some. not for all. the fog is dancing around for sure. it is around the bay and over san pablo bay, out to the
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carquinez bridge. and all over the place. be careful. the breeze is picking up. a lot of reports of drizzle or steady drizzle overnight. that can stack up. kevin in sausalito .28. jim at the san rafael yacht harbor picked up .29. i have to admit, when it rains, marin be county represents very, very well. i could use though info -- i get sleepy hollow and san rafael, inverness. i could use ross. that would be nice. if you know anybody who takes rainfall there, that would be good. i know they get good rain. speaking of, we will have good rain tomorrow. you know, you weather people sometimes you get up there on your soapbox and say this and that and this and that. well, tomorrow is going to be this and that. it will be wind and rain. already high wind watch has been posted. it looks like an inch and a half to two. some areas near the north bay,
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four, maybe five. the breeze and gusts will be up to 55 for some. high wind warning for the high sierra winter watch. it won't be like the pattern that we had coming out of the zone al southeast. this is coming down from north and isn't. the rain rates could be intense as the actual front, when this begins to move through, i've seen one inch of rain in six hours over sfo between 6:00 p.m. and midnight tomorrow. ahead of that, it will be a wind event. it will start in the north and make its way to the south. it will make it to san jose. underneath all of the cloud cover, you can get the drizzle and light rain. look at all of this tapping in here. i'll give you a better look at that in a minute. some of that drizzle you can see the radar -- radar. not raider. radar. you know the raider there. raider has a hard time picking that up because it is such a low level.
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southeast, southeast, southeast. your wind chimes will be howling tonight and tomorrow. almost 60 for mountain view. more 40sand 50s up to kelseyville. mid-50s at mill valley. northwest napa at 49. in truckee, this will be a wind event first and then the rain. the moisture is lifting but it keeps strapping in. i draw your attention right there. look at that feeding into that. our system is still in the development stage. it is on its way. heaviest rain north for today. and then starts tomorrow. okay. here is later tomorrow. it may take a while to get down, say, south of san francisco. and also into san jose. but by late thursday and friday, it will. then the cold air spills in. by friday night, we're done completely, if not friday morning. i think you will notice the temperatures take a plunge as we head into saturday and sunday morning looks very cold. 60s on the temps. upper 50s for some. wind and rain on the way.
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then it decreases rapidly by friday. not the cold air. it will be dry. but some of the lows sunday morning. >> gasia. >> no. i'm ready. i'm thinking of all of the people in the midwest and back east. >> that is brutally cold. >> it is. >> about 40 degrees below average on some of the lows. >> wow. >> we're talking about it right now. it is so cold in chicago -- >> how cold is it? >> it is so cold, look at this, transit workers are setting small fires on the commuter train rails to keep the metal tracks from freezing and the trains can keep running when temperatures drop below 0. the commuters are bundling up in several layers to walk from the bus stop to the train station. now the medical experts are reminding everybody about the dangers of frost bite and hypothermia. exercising outside right now, not a good idea. >> don't worry. >> it will actually hurt you when you breath in freezing
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air. crews are trying to keep the roads clear in upstate new york. they were doing that and pushed a mound of snow on to two boys playing in the snow. those boys were completely covered in snow. everybody in the area jumped in, trying to help pull them out. >> it was probably a dozen and a half men with shovels and bare hands digging. and i think they moved with no exaggeration about 7 tons of hard packed snow in about ten minutes time. >> unbelievable. both boys were pulled out. one was unconscious and later died. the second child was unconscious when he was pulled out of the snow bank. he actually told police he heard what sounded like machinery and then everything went dark. worries about the future of stem cell research. the reason that money could be taken away under the trump administration.
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>> pet owners in san francisco should be aware, police are reporting a spike in dog napping. a thief took a dog from a whole foods store back in september. the leash was wrapped around the pole. you see the thief in action. he unties the leash and walks away with the dog. police at this point are advising pet owners not to leave their dogs tied up anywhere, even for a moment. in addition to the possibility that the dog could be stolen,
7:27 am
doing so is also illegal. the time is 7:27. donald trump's presidency raising questions about the future of stem cell research. one of the people being helped by the science is jake, he was paralyzed from the chest down after jumping into a friend's swimming pool. right now he is undergoing stem cell treatment and hopes it will bring more of his body back. >> what we hope it does, it will give me use of my triceps and hands back. >> federal government right now contribute below zero $180 million for stem cell research. some scientists are worried that money could be threatened by the incoming trump administration because of its anti-abortion position. vice president-elect mike pence is a fierce opponent of abortion and says it is morally wrong to destroy human life for research and take tax dollars from american who's are pro
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life. the time is 7:27. a firsthand account from a woman who works at the alameda county coroner's office. >> the hardest ones were mothers and fathers asking if they would be able to see their sons and daughters. >> the heart breaking work she did in the days following the oakland warehouse fire. incredible video to show you. a posts al truck on fire in north carolina. how one worker went above and beyond making sure her customers still get their packages before the holidays.
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>> light rain all night. current rainfall since yesterday, an inch and two one hundredths. more is on the way. it will be cloudy to mostly cloudy. farther north you go, the better opportunity. we have had drizzle all morning long. it is too high. this low level high. look at all of this moisture screaming up here. a lot of this will continue to be painted right over the area. tomorrow it's all about the front. southeast beginning to pick up
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the breeze. 50s to almost 60 on the temperatures. if you can get sun breaks, you will get mid-60s. the key is this system. the train of moisture screaming up here. 60s on the temps. the wind will be the bigger factor tonight and tomorrow morning. then rain. intense amounts coming in tomorrow, sal. >> people are already asking, friends, should i drive, should i not drive? when in doubt, use public transportation is my general answer. >> you wouldn't believe the requests that i get. >> from your friends. >> no. i'm driving tomorrow to oregon. am i going to be okay. no. not really. >> you're here to serve, steve. let me show you the east shore freeway. you probably won't like what you see but you have to see it anywhere. more than an hour to go from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. part of it because of earlier issues and part it was because
7:34 am
of the wet roads correlated always with slow traffic. since i've been doing this job for a long time, every time that it is wet, in the very least it gets slower. when you get to the bay bridge, we had a big backup this morning. we had a stalled vehicle up on the bridge for a while. it messed things up. traffic is about normal. 30, 35 minutes waiting on the toll plaza before you make it on to the bridge. i want to mention that traffic will be easy. there is a sig alert northbound. that is an unusual backup there as you drive through. i also want to let you know that if we can -- i think i skipped over 880 in oakland. 880 in oakland northbound we have a crash northbound 880 at hydy street. if we have a lot of slow traffic blocking a lane, the traffic that is normally slow here is going to be even slower. 7:34. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. ronnie lott used to winning. the four time super bowl champ
7:35 am
is trying to keep the raiders in oakland. >> city and county leaders have approved his plan to build a new stadium for the raiders. alex savidge is back in the studio with more of ronnie's off the field victory. this is a biggie. >> yes. it is important to point out that raiders owner mark davis not involved in the dealings. he of course is still eyeing a move to las vegas where a stadium has already been approved for the raiders. ronnie lott's investment team is trying to keep the team in oakland. last night was a real big win for them. >> all in favor. any opposed. [applause] >> there were tears from the crowd on hand at oakland city hall last night as the council voted in favor of a proposal to work with ronnie lott's investment group to build a new radars stadium. a lot of nfl greats on hand.
7:36 am
marcus allen and rodney pete and a lot of the fans of the silver and black. it will allow the city to negotiate with the investment team on a stadium complex at the current coliseum site. earlier in the day the alameda county board of supervisors also green lighted lott's proposal with a 3-1 vote. they would supply the land and $200 million worth of infrastructure bonds. >> it is not just about us. it's about everybody doing something bigger than themselves. we are in this for the long haul. it is about the community and the people and the jobs. >> the city has pledged 200 million. 100million would be coming from new stadium revenue that's would -- revenues that would be structured as part of the deal. the other 100 million would come have a financing district which the city is allowed to do via state law which they would focus revenues that are from
7:37 am
the site and from the redevelopment of the site to pay for infrastructure improvements. >> mark davis still pushing to move the team to vegas where funding has been approved for a 1.9 stadium there. it needs league approval. the owners will vote on that next month. they also as a matter of fact are meeting today in dallas. and the raiders will be one of the topics on the agenda there. ronnie lott and his group trying to convince the team that there is a viable option here in oakland. they're trying to execute a game winning drive. last night was maybe just getting a 1st down let's just say. a lot of work left to do here. >> there is still hope that some super rich person from silicon valley with a lot of money will dumb continue. >> or here in oakland. pandora, kaiser. >> yeah. there's a lot of money floating around in the bay area. now that you have some of the
7:38 am
big names like ronnie lott on board and he has marcus allen and other nfl greats here, star power behind it. who knows who they might be able to convince to jump on board. >> thank you, alex. the time is 7:38. in other news, federal investigators still looking for the exact cause of that deadly oakland warehouse fire where 36 people were killed. the lead investigator says they are focusing on the electrical system of the warehouse. oakland fire chief reid says her department never inspected the warehouse because no one was supposed to living there or holding parties there. nobody ever filed a complaint with the fire department about people living there. the fire chief says the oakland fire department doesn't have the staff to look for or regulate underground parties. >> you have a situation of what some is deeming a pop-up party, underground party, where folks are coming together and they're
7:39 am
not applying for special permits. >> the alameda county district attorney says she will wait until the investigation is over to decide if any criminal charges will be filed and says if charges are filed, they may include manslaughter or even murder. the alameda county coroner's bureau had a team trying to help the families of the 36 fire victims. normally the coroner's office performs five autopsies a day. the monday after the fire, the staff conducted 20. other county workers spent long hours on the phone with parents wanting to know if their sons and daughters were among the victims. victoria is a technician at the sheriff's office. she says many times she couldn't answer questions from parents and loved ones so she did the only thing she could do. >> we didn't know what to do except sit on the phone and listen to them. i had a lot of parents tell me stories about their sons and daughters. >> she says as the victims were identified, it was heart breaking to hear the name and realize she had spoken with
7:40 am
that person's family. she also had the difficult task of issuing all 36 death certificates. she says the work has been hard but she and her coworkers are gratified that they could provide answers for the victims' family as quickly as possible. tonight there is an alternate rock concert to benefit the families of the fire victims. it is being held at the fox theater in oakland. the event starts at 7:00. there are still tickets available. the time is 7:40. today also marks the fourth anniversary of the santee dehook school shooting massacre in connecticut. the set eheld a moment of silence at 6:30, honoring those who died and marking the moments when the attacks occurred december 14th, 2012. they are lowering flags to half- staff in memory of the 20 children and six educators shot and killed. the newtown center is extending their hours today for counseling because of this
7:41 am
anniversary. new this morning, reports that fighting has resumed in aleppo, syria despite a ceasefire deal. bus that's were suppose today take sick and wounded people out of aleppo situating. the rebels had agreed to evacuate, effectively surrendering the city to government control. this morning, both sides are blaming each other for breaking the ceasefire. the evacuation is on hold. all right. the time is 7:41. a major meeting with donald trump. coming up at 8:00, the big announcement by abm ahead of a meeting today with silicon valley tech leaders. he made a jersey out of a plastic bag. he will be sure to warm your heart. sweet moments when a boy from afghanistan got to meet his soccer hero. highway 24 is an adventure this morning. traffic is improving a little bit. it stopped raining temporarily
7:42 am
in lafayette. that is making a difference. i was born to have adventure. those steps will lead to a rainy pattern certainly tonight and into tomorrow.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 7:44. a member of the san jose city council accuses caltrans of not doing enough to keep freeways clean. driving along interstate 280 or any of san jose's other main freeways, council member says that you can't miss all of the trash and litter and graffiti. after complaining for years, he wants to hold caltrans accountable and is now proposing a possible lawsuit to force the state agency to clean up san jose.
7:45 am
san jose mayor agrees the highways are in bad shape but says a lawsuit is not the way to go. the mayor says one option is a $3 million contract with caltrans and the county of santa clara that would have san jose conservation groups and other alternative work programs help with that clean-up. a u.s. postal worker became santa's helper during a holiday emergency in north carolina. she took action after her mail truck filled with holiday packages went up in flames in wake forest yesterday. firefighters put it out in minutes but the real credit goes to the mail carrier. she pulled several christmas packages out of the burning mail truck. >> kudos to her. she really went above and beyond. her first thought was it is christmas. people are waiting on the packages and that was her priority. >> many of the packages she saved were amazon deliveries. the company released a
7:46 am
statement expressing gratitude to the mail carrier. new this morning, google has revealed the search teams that dominated -- term that's dominated the year 2016. number one was powerball. all the way back in january it was one and a half billion dollars. number two is prince who as you know died in april. hurricane matthew, pokemon go and another name rounded out the top five. a dream come true for a little boy from afghanistan. you see him wearing a jersey he made out of a plastic bag of his favorite soccer player of argentina. he saw the photo and sent the little boy a real jersey that he signed. yesterday the little boy actually got to meet him at a match in the middle east. he took photos with the team and was given the chance to set the game ball. after that he was supposed to leave the field but instead
7:47 am
would not let go. he ran back to messy's side one more time before he was carried off the field. >> holding on to him too. all right. 7:47. we're going to get you to where you need to go. sal, have you fixed things at the toll plaza. >> i'm afraid i haven't, dave and gasia. you need to give yourself patience and know it will take you longer to get across the bay bridge. there's a big backup at the toll plaza. instead of 20, 25 minutes, it is more like 30, 40 minutes. that's because of earlier issues. the bridge never is able to catch up after something happens. it just stays that way for the rest of the morning. san mateo bridge could be an alternate. but we have slow traffic there. right now it is at a stand still. i'm not aware of any issues on the bridge. i think it's a lot of people trying to get over to the other side at this time and may be avoiding the bay bridge. 880 at dakota road, a sig alert. they are clearing it. i also want to talk about northbound 280 at steven's
7:48 am
creek. a brand-new crash report aid few moments ago -- reported a few moments ago. it looks like it has injuries. we're at a stand still on 280 northbound. chp is not there yet. they are arriving on the scene right now. 7:48. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. a lot of cloud cover and fog and light drizzle and light mist. some of it had added up to a half inch of rain. san rafael is still getting rina. a quarter to a third of an inch to half an inch around sausalito, tiburon. give me another one, pam. san rafael. that's right. even though we're getting some rain right now, tomorrow, i know what you folks are saying. you say this all time. it looks like everything is coming together. intense rainfall from sfo to san jose from about noon to #
7:49 am
p.m. and then 6:00 p.m. and later. it will start tomorrow morning. it could happen. gusts 55 in the higher elevations. high wind warnings out for the sierra we have a wind advisory out as well. high wind watch posted. look at all of the moisture. this might stay saving us. but it bears watching. it is taking aim at l.a. a system off of the oregon coast. in advance of that, wind advisories, snow advisories, all sorts of advisories. what looks to be pretty good rainfall. anywhere from one to five inches of rain. the moisture will continue to stream up here. if you can get a break in the cloud cover, you may get into the mid-60s in san jose south and in the peninsula. with so much cloud cover and fog in there, it doesn't look that bad. we're getting half inch to one inch amounts, especially to the north from russian river north. some of that rain continues for a few.
7:50 am
hard to pick out here. imbeded in that you can see southeast southeast southeast. that will really pick up. mid 50s, upper 50s. a few 40s. we're in -- 49 concord. 49 brentwood. fairfield 46. you go east and that is cold. it comes over berkeley 56, 57. big differences in the temperatures here. the southeast breeze coming up from the santa clara valley makes for the difference. 48 walnut creek. you come through and it is about 57, 58 degrees. you travel from one distance to the other, it's not bad. and then it's like oh it is freezing. look at this moisture. i think it will stay south of us but bears watching. rainfall will be really good until about friday morning. and then it just shuts off. then the cold air comes in, the breeze will pick up. even san jose will pick up good rain out of this. not until thursday night. be patient.
7:51 am
it will get there. it will be starting big time tonight and tomorrow and sweeping through the area tomorrow. 60s on the temperatures. i'm banking on a few sun breaks. there is fog underneath that. it will equal wind and rain friday morning. then the weekend is okay. visibility will be good. >> yeah. >> it won't be warm. >> it's going to be cold. >> it's going to be cold. >> thank you, steve. >> you're welcome. 7:51 is the time. people are still shocked hearing that actor alan thicke best known as the father on the 1980's sitcom growing pains died yesterday in los angeles. he had a heart attack while playing hockey with his 19-year- old son. robin thicke called his dad the greatest man i ever met. he recently appeared on fuller house. alan thicke dead at the age of 69. the time is 7:51. it's been more than a year
7:52 am
since nba star lamar odem almost died. why he is checking himself back into rehab. for the second time in ten years, interest rates could go up. what this could mean for you and your investments.
7:53 am
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. a possible hike in interest rates. and apple releases its long awaited air pods. pam cook has your money business report.
7:55 am
>> yes. a lot of people will be disappointed. not everyone will be able to get their hands on the air pods. we are talking about interest rates. first i want to show you the opening bell this morning. the group called new york cares drawing attention to its annual holiday coat drive there this morning. we of course have our one warm coat drive here in the bay area. perfect time to go to your closet. you and your kids might be getting a new coat for christmas. the weather is getting cold. someone could use your old coat. i want to show you the markets. looks pretty quiet ahead of the opening bell this morning. and of course we have the federal reserve. that is what will direct how the markets close today though. they will most likely have a lot to do with what janet and the federal reserve does today. most economists think they will announce an interest rate hike later today when they wrap up the monthly meeting. if you have an adjustable mortgage or credit cards, your
7:56 am
rate will be higher when rates go up. it also makes savings accounts, bonds and cds more attract i have. they will be looking at donald trump's policies, including proposed tax cuts for the direction of rates next year. more bad news for san francisco based wells fargo. federal regulators have not convinced they have planned for bankruptcy. they are setting up new restrictions. they can not set up new banking businesses or buy nonbank subsidiaries before it fixes the problem. this is completely separate from the recent scandal of workers setting up new and unauthorized accounts for customers. back to the air pods. apple says they will be available to buy online after the release was pushed back by two months. they were initially listed for availability on december 21st. however now the first available delivery date is four weeks
7:57 am
away. apple sent out a press release saying a limited amount will be shipped for the holiday season. a limited amount will be available at the apple stores starting next week. but expect a lot of company if you go into the store. and just coming in this morning, dave. >> yeah. >> i want today mention because a lot of business leaders, three that we know. muss being of tesla and uber ceo joining the advisory counsel of trump. >> thank you, pam. the time is 7:57. time to check in with mike and gasia. >> thank you, dave. some of the big tech leaders are in new york city. the meeting they're expect today have today with president- elect donald trump. at 8:00, it is being called a victory for raiders fans. the stadium plan that could keep the team in oakland despite the owner wanting to move to vegas.
7:58 am
did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back?
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say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business.
8:00 am
>> jobs, jobs, jobs. >> the economy will be a hot topic of discussion at trump tower this morning. more on the meeting between president-elect donald trump and some of the top execs in silicon valley and the jobs already being added by one of the tech companies. mornings on 2 continues now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> and good morning, everyone. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is wednesday, december 14th. i'm mike mibach. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. let's talk about weather and traffic. today, steve, could be sort of a practice for the changing weather to come tomorrow. >> the minor league system if you will. >> right. >> it is going to be breezy to windy later on today. areas of fog and light rain, drizzle moving through. especially north. we had some all the way to the
8:01 am
santa cruz area and santa cruz mountains and san jose. a cloudy, mostly cloudy day. unless you're in points east then you get the cold air from the valley. wind and rain look to be on the menu for thursday. could be very windy at times. look at the moisture streaming up here. it will continue to work its way in. most of this, the heavier bands have lifted northward. they will start sliding south late tonight and thursday night and friday. up in the sierra, the snow level has gone way up. we get the mist and drizzle underneath for us because of a warm air mass. that means a lot of upper 50s for some. embedded underneath that, i have tweaked it enough to you can pick it up a little bit. southeast southeast southeast, that's the direction it will crank up. a few 40s. but a lot of upper 50s to almost 60. hayward, oakland, mountain view and even san jose only a degree or two shy of 60 degrees. it will stay that mild to warm. look at all of the moisture
8:02 am
streaming up there. the combination will keep us cloudy to mostly cloudy. more 50s to the north. heavier rain arrives late tomorrow. 8:02. what do you see there, sal. >> traffic on 280 this morning is a mess. crash northbound 280 coming up on the commute here. and steven's creek, every time that we look at 280 it looks like we do the train. cal train is not doing poorly as you drive through. i will let the control room know that my maps have gone down. we're going to go to live pictures. i'm going to show you the san mateo bridge westbound 92. slow traffic. although things are improving a little bit. earlier this morning, between 5:00 and 6:00, we had a heck of a commute across the bridges. also an accident clearing nearby 880 at dakota. westbound bay bridge still a 25 to 30 minute delay just from the macarthur maze getting on to that spawn. it is 8:03. back to the desk.
8:03 am
>> a couple hours ago, it became official, donald trump has nominated rick perry to head the energy department. a former presidential candidate once said if he was president he would get rid of the energy department. democrat have questioned perry's qualifications and the department of energy is responsible foresee curing nuclear weapons. perry created a business climate that produced jobs and will bring the same approach to the entire country. some of the biggest names in tech are heading to trump tower today. in a few hours, president-elect trump will meet with some of the top execs of silicon valley. janine de la vega is joining us outside of facebook headquarters in menlo park. janine. >> reporter: mike, a lot of what they will be talking about is jobs and job creation. a lot of that is happening in the silicon valley and here at facebook. we're in front of the headquarters. they have expanded recently. and they are sending their coo,
8:04 am
cheryl sandberg, to attend this meeting. now president-elect donald trump is going to be meeting with a group of big name tech companies at trump tower in manhattan about issues affecting the tech industry. on the invite list, tim cook from apple, muss being from tesla, larry page from google. and chief executives from microsoft, amazon, intel, ibm, oracle and cisco systems. the president-elect has been touting the need to hire american workers and bolster business in the u.s. now, just ahead of meeting with mr. trump, the ceo of ibm laid out a plan to do that in "usa today." he will add 25,000 u.s. based jobs over the next four years. now mr. trump also met with microsoft founder bill gates yesterday. here is what he shared. >> a quick comment. we had a good conversation about innovation. how it can help in health,
8:05 am
education, impact of foreign aid and energy. and a wide range of conversation about the power of innovation. thank you. >> reporter: tech leaders and venture capitalists have worried that a trump administration would have a negative impact on business that's thrive on innovation. he talked about deporting thousands of immigrants and wonder if they will dismantle programs that help tech companies hire foreign leaders. i want to mention that someone who will not be attending this tech summit is twitter ceo jack dorsey. he was not invited. some say it is odd considering that it is a high profile company and that trump is a heavy user of twitter. mike. >> thank you, janine. two key issues expected to be on the table are advice as for foreign workers and bringing high tech manufacturing jobs back to the
8:06 am
u.s. donald trump campaigned on a promise to investigate uses of the visa program. many tech companies can't find enough skilled american workers to fill the positions. the president-elect has also said he will come down hard on u.s. company that's choose to manufacture products overseas as many high tech companies do rather than making them here in the u.s. the question is this, what issues do you think are the most important to discuss with the president-elect. let us know what you think. post a comment on facebook or tweet us. the former cia director is concerned about views of donald trump regarding intelligence briefings. he said, quote, in order to protect our country, the president needs to understand the threats and needs to understands the intelligence that provides that information. president-elect trump has said he is not interested in daily
8:07 am
intelligence briefings unless there are significant new developments to report. quick thinking neighbors and a fast response from firefighters helped rescue a person from a burning home in oakland. firefighters were told that someone was possibly trapped on the top floor of a two story victorian home near the 19th street bart station. before firefighters got there, people in the neighbor had spotted flames and jumped in to help. >> it is across the street. i seen the flames and sparks coming out of the inside of the house. sparks going up. i knocked on the door and told people to get up. it is a fire. it is a fire. >> this neighbor says when banging on the door didn't work, he kicked on the door to get the attention of everyone inside. when firefighters reached the scene, they were able to rush into the home and found a resident on the second floor and took the person out using a fire ladder.
8:08 am
firefighters scrambled to put out a warehouse fire at 2:00 a.m. on 8th and wilson street. it took fire crews an hour and a half to get the flames out in the three alarm fire. the large warehouse contained several businesses, including a bookstore and storage units. officials had to call in additional help from nearby fire agencies to cover the rest of the city. investigators are looking for the person or person who's killed a castro valley woman yesterday and then set her home on fire. allie rasmus is joining us live from the house where it happened. do investigators know why this person was targeted? >> reporter: no. that is a puzzle to them and a motive in the case. they don't know if this was a random crime, a burglary that went wrong or if the victim knew the person or people who did this to her. this is on grove way in castro val i you can see alameda
8:09 am
county sheriffs investigators have secured the area as a crime scene. this is a homicide and arson investigation. this started out as an investigation into a house fire. 3:00, tuesday morning. when firefighters arrived earlier in the morning yesterday, they found the body of the 59-year-old woman who lived here alone in the garage of the home. but it wasn't until after the woman's body was taken to the coroner's office that investigators discovered she had been killed before the fire and the house and body set on fire afterwards in an attempt to destroy evidence of the crime. neighbors and friends and families are not only sad eastbounded by what happened but they're stumped why anyone would want to harm the victim. she has lived in the home and the neighborhood for the past 30 years. >> she was a real caring person that -- you know, she had recently lost her husband. and the neighbors surrounding her were quite concerned for her. and kept an eye out for her. >> all indications -- we spoke to neighbors and family
8:10 am
yesterday. by all indications, you know, she is a wonderful lady that we can't find anybody that can say anything bad about her. so this really makes it concerning. >> reporter: now, investigators are reviewing surveillance video that several neighbors have provided and that some of that video investigators say has been helpful so far. still they're not ready to release any information on the suspect. they're looking for any vehicles that may be connected to the homicide and arson case. as for the woman's identity, investigators believe -- investigators know who she is because she spent the last 24 hours talking to neighbors, friends and family members. but her official identity has not yet been released because the coroner's office is waiting for dental records. back to you. >> do deputies consider this a busy part of town or is it quiet on that street. >> reporter: it is very residential. but grove way is a well traveled road in castro valley because it connects 238 and 580. this morning, it is closed.
8:11 am
that's why you don't see any cars behind us. we have seen several cars turning around, having to turn around in the area because the road is closed off as part of the investigation. it is a well traveled road. that may be why so many neighbors in the area have surveillance video. that surveillance video has been helpful so far in the investigation. >> sure. allie rasmus, castro valley. thank you. across the bay, pet owners in san francisco need to pay close attention to their dogs. police are reporting a spike in the number of dog nappings. one abduction was caught on video. watch as you see a thief take a dog from outside of a whole foods store in department. the dog's leash was wrapped around a pole. but the dog napper unties the leash. once it is free, he walks away with the dog. police are advising pet owners not to leave their dogs tied up anywhere. it is illegal and increases the chances of your dog being stolen. a victory for raiders fans. coming up at 8:30, how the city is one step closer to keeping the team in oakland and the
8:12 am
would, that needs to be done. it is a system to track the wishes. how it could benefit doctors. some people may be using that san mateo bridge today instead of the bay bridge since the bay bridge has had its troubles. san mateo bridge doesn't look too bad heading over to the pence large a lot of cloud cover. low clouds. fog. drizzle. light rain moving through under cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. quiet day compared to what we expect tomorrow.
8:13 am
8:14 am
♪ ♪ all the care your family needs. all connected for you.
8:15 am
>> the time is 8:15. it is so cold in chicago that transit workers are setting small fires on the commuter train rails. that keeps the metal tracks from freezing so trains can keep running in subzero temperatures. commuters are bundling up in layers to walk from the bus stop to the train station. health experts are reminding people that the dangers of frost bite and hypothermia. and exercising outside right now is not a good idea since it will actually hurt when people breath in the freezing air. just checked and right now it is 16 degrees in chicago. we're now learning a skier died in an avalanche near lake tahoe is from the santa cruz area. the body was found buried under ten feet of snow near the tahoe resort. the skier has been identified
8:16 am
as thomas barker, a 64-year-old man. they found his body one day after he got trapped in an avalanche while skiing in an area that was closed to the public. contra costa county will be one of two counties in the state to test a new electronic registry for end of life care. the document called the physician orders for life sustaining treatment gives the people the choice of how much medical care they want in an emergency. california is working to bring those documents online after a new state law took effect this year. the online registry will allow medical professionals to access the patient's wishes. >> this really is about allowing people to control the care that they -- the medical treatment that they receive very late in their lives. >> the electronic registry is being tested in a three-year pilot program in contra costa county and san diego county. they hope it will serve as a statewide model. donald trump's presidency
8:17 am
is raising questions about cell stem research. jake is the former athlete who was paralyzed after diving into a swimming pool. he is currently idea going stem cell treatment and hope it's will bring more movement back to his body. >> what we hope it does, it will give me use of my triceps and hands back. >> the federal government currently contributes $180 million for research. but scientists are worried that funding could be jute knee under the incoming administration because of the anti-abortion stance. mike pence is a fierce opponent of abortion. says it is morally wrong to destroy life for research and take money from taxpayers who are pro life. sal, we should be preparing for our best behavior while driving in the rain. >> as a matter of fact, tomorrow steve has been saying it will be worse and windier.
8:18 am
let's go out to the bay bridge toll plaza. we started out this morning with just a bad commute. there was a stalled vehicle up on the deck. it took a while to get rid of it. the way things go, it wasn't there that long but the traffic never recovered. backed up for 35 to 40 minutes just to get on the span. 880 northbound an earlier accident at hyde street. and in san jose, northbound 280, it is going to be slow getting up to highway 17. so is 101 and all the way up to -- 85 all the way from the area up into saratoga. and here is 280. it has improved now that they got the crash out of the way. these things keep happening a lot faster than we can keep up. i haven't mentioned every single crash because we don't have time. there are a lot of them. 8:18. let's bring steve in. >> sal, if i had to break it down, tomorrow morning for the commute it would be more of a
8:19 am
wind event. >> got it. >> in the evening, it will be an intense rain event. >> they might want o plan on using public transportation tomorrow. >> i definitely would. or make plans to work from home if you can. that is a good way to do it. a lot of clouds over us. very mild. almost muggy out there. this is coming up from the south/southwest. a southeast breeze. there will be impressive totals. it looks like an intense front. coming in late morning from the north and then late afternoon, evening and even night by the time it gets down towards san jose and the santa cruz mountains in. russian river area, i think in marin county and also santa cruz mountains four to five would not be out of the question. very windy at times. high wind watch posted for us. a warning out for the sierra. over the crest it could be 100 miles per hour gusts. plus reno is talking about 130 on the crests. that is at the crest. suffice it to say, it will be really windy.
8:20 am
look at the moisture barreling towards california. the main bulk of the system is up north. we have a lot streaming in from the south/southwest. it will make it feel tropical. underneath you can get steady drizzle and light rain. then you're picking up rain. about a quarter to half an inch in parts of marin county already and points north. that is a steady rain even though it doesn't look like it. farther north, better opportunity. farther south, more hit and miss. there is some moving through. the band moving through marin county. that has been persistent for a while. southeast southeast southeast. the breeze will kick up tonight and tomorrow morning. 40s for some. 47 in fairfield. 60 in mountain view. if it feels muggy to you, it is. especially in parts on the east bay and the south bay. it will be cold out to eastern contra costa county. 45 up in truckee. that's the southeast wind beginning to crank up.
8:21 am
52 in ukiah. a mild air mass establishing itself. look at all of the moisture streaming up here. that is playing into the equation as well as the front that will start to dive towards us this morning. i could do an hour show honestly. 60s on the temperatures. any sun breaks i would think mid-60s. a few 50s inform the north. but light rain today. then picking up to a steady rain. we have to focus on the winds tonight and tomorrow morning. then there will be intense rain from noon and midnight tomorrow. into friday morning. and then get read fear the cold as it works its way in. >> thank you, steve. >> you're welcome. it's been more than a year that lamar odom almost died by overdosing on drugs. the reap that he is checking himself back into rehab.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> former nba star lamar odom checked him into rehab. he was worried that he would relapse. his son died from sudden infant death syndrome a decade ago. he would have celebrated a birthday tomorrow. also his divorce from khloe kardashian will be final on saturday. he is hoping to check out of rehab in two months. if you're planning a trip to disneyland, get ready for more security. people will be screened earlier than before the gate. many will be checked before boarding the trams or exiting a hotel. if you're not planning to go to the park and just want to visit
8:25 am
downtown disney, he will be screened as well. it keeps visitors from having to go through bag checks and metal detectors multiple times. the latest star wars movie rogue one is expected to be a big hit at the box office this weekend. >> they are requesting a call time. >> it is rogue. rogue one. >> box office analysts expect rogue one that starts the rollout today to do smaller business overall. bringing in about $300 million this weekend. rogue one comes a year after the main cast of the original 1977 film reunited for the force awaken which took in more than $2 billion. fans have started to line up at the chinese theater for opening premiere. they have been lining up for more than a week now. some in the star wars costumes. the costume contest is tomorrow just hours before the rogue one screening starts at 7:00. people in line are also raising
8:26 am
money for the star light children's foundation. happening today, tickets go on sale tore the bottle rock festival. a limited number of three day passes will be made available to the public at 10:00 this morning. 80 band are expected to take the stage. at this point we don't know who is performing. that will be announced on january 3rd. the event will be held next year may 26th through the 28th at the napa valley expo center. last year organizers say 120,000 people attended the three-day event. the time is 8:26. the cause of the deadly oakland warehouse fire is still unnope. where the investigation goes now and when possible criminal charges could be filed. >> we want to make it clear, we are in this for the long haul. it is about the community and the people and the jobs. it is being called a victory for raiders fans. the stadium plan that could keep the team in oakland despite the owner wanting to move to vegas. some improvement out there
8:27 am
finally. but still kind of a chore driving into san francisco. if you're using the bay bridge. well, mostly cloudy skies. drizzle and light rain off and on. fog in the mix too. we're all waiting for the system tomorrow. it's on its way. the wind is already beginning to pick up. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
8:28 am
zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. at ikea, we believe everyone should be able to afford
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a welcoming home for the holidays. and that nothing should get in the way of a good conversation. we believe that room for one more shouldn't cost more. and that you can make a place for everyone. spend your holiday overjoyed and under budget with ikea. >> 8:29. welcome back to mornings on 2 on this wednesday, december 14th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm mike mibach. off to steve paulson we go. had a little bit of rain on the san rafael bridge. >> say that again. >> a little bit of rain on the san rafael bridge. >> a little up there. >> just light rain. >> how about overnight same thing. >> yeah. >> i think you're picking up good rain tomorrow for sure. there is still rain going on parts of marin county and points north. had drizzle all the way down to
8:30 am
santa cruz and soquel. if it feels muggy to you, is it muggy in san francisco or am i just having a personal summer? it is muggy. temperatures and dew points are very close and the humidity is 90% or higher for many. so you're not alone. feels like a tropical feel coming up from the south/southeast. we're getting a south/southeast breeze. the humidity factor, so much moisture in there. a steady light rain or drizzle for some. especially north of the golden gate. and south of that is hit and miss. a few sun breaks and i think you will pop into the mid-60s here. it is hard to see the rain but it is there. the wind direct has turned southeasterly. 58 san jose. 58 in oakland. 59 mountainview. 40s towards contra costa county. for some, it's kind of cold. for others, very warm and muggy. look at the moisture streaming up. more likely tomorrow evening
8:31 am
and night rain. muggy kind of a tropical feel, sal. >> all right. it looks like traffic is going to be busy out there still, steve. we're looking at the commute in marin county and also on the east shore freeway. and southbound 101 is going to be busy this morning from novato down to san rafael and on 80 from hercules down to the bay bridge toll plaza. when you do get to the toll plaza, you will see the traffic is still backed up for 25 to 30 minutes. there have been no major problems in on the bridge. earlier this morning, there were. but nothing right now. but still recovering from an earlier stalled vehicle. 280 has recovered a little bit. northbound is getting a little better. still slow on 58 and 101. low traffic on the nimitz freeway both southbound from fremont and northbound getting up to dakota road. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. nfl owners meeting in dallas today. on the agenda, the future home of the oakland raiders.
8:32 am
>> fans want the team to stay in oakland. lots at play. >> this may be the last best shot to keep the raiders here in oakland with the owner pushing for the move to vegas. last night ronnie lott and his team, they put their proposal on the line and they scored a huge victory. >> all in favor. aye. any opposed. [applause] >> tears from the crowd last night at oakland city hall as the council voted in favor of a proposal to work with ronnie lott's investment group to build a new raiders stadium. ocelot with -- ocelot on hand with marcus allen. this will allow the investment term to work with the city and county on a stadium complex at
8:33 am
the current coliseum site. earlier in the day, other good news. the board of supervisors green lighted the same proposal from ronnie lott with a 3-1 vote. now, under this deal, the city would supply the land at about $200 million in infrastructure bonds. but according to a report from "usa today," one nfl executive has called lott's proposal reminiscent of other failed stadium plans in oakland. here is how lott responded last night. >> this deal is not a carbon copy. more importantly, i've been part of the nfl for a long time. for any executive to put me in that category, i find it a little offensive. we worked hard to protect the shield for a lot of reasons. >> we're not putting at risk our existing funds or potential funds if there are any cost overruns or unexpected shortfalls. the city is not at risk. that's a big difference
8:34 am
compared to the deal from 20- plus years ago. >> the clock now ticking to try to get a deal done in oakland. mark davis wants to move the team to vegas where a stadium has already been approved. that move though needs league approval. nfl owners will vote on the relocation bid next month. although we should point out that the owners are meeting today in dallas. they have a meeting scheduled. likely radars relocation will be one of the topics on the agenda there. ronnie lott and his group trying to prove there is a viable option in oakland. still a lot of work to be done. >> it seems like they're on parallel tracks and not much in the way of communication or saying i like your plan but i'm still -- it's like owe. >> ronly lot admits that he doesn't have mark davis on board or involved in the negotiations for the oakland stadium plan. but he is hoping that he can
8:35 am
get the nfl owners convinced there is a viable option in oakland and that will be what gets the deal through. >> i wonder if the chatter will be about vegas. you would think this would have to come up, last night in oakland and alameda county, this is what happened. >> sure. maybe it will give the owners pause. they just need to -- at least -- two, basically three quarters of the owners need to vote in favor of relocation. they have to con advice basically the lott folks have to convince nine nfl owners that a move to vegas is not the right way to go. >> ronnie lott looked like he was ready to convince some people. >> protecting the shield. here is a look at the top stories this morning. president-elect donald trump is meeting with silicon valley leaders in new york city today. top execs from am, facebook and tesla are among those invited. topics expected to be discussed at the high tech summit includes visas for foreign workers and the call to bring
8:36 am
manufacturing jobs back to the united states. back home here in the bay area, one alarm fire in castro valley yesterday has turned into a homicide investigation. firefighters found a body in the garage of a home on tanglewood drive and grove way. they found that the woman had been killed before she and her home were set on fire. investigators are now going over video from neighbors' surveillance cameras which they say has already been quite helpful. they are not row leasing any information about a possible suspect or motive. neighbors and firefighters teamed up to help residents caught in a burning home in oakland this morning. a neighbor doing laundry spotted flames coming from the home near the bart station. he banged and kicked the door to get everyone out. somebody was still inside on the second floor. from firefighters arrived, they rescued the person by using one of the ladders. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the exact cause of the oakland warehouse fire is under
8:37 am
investigation this morning. the main focus is still the electrical system inside of the ghost ship warehouse. oakland's fire chief is defending her department that had not inspected the warehouse. the fire department doesn't have the staffing to inspect every building in the city and says the department never received any complaints about the building. and that the owner never applied for permits to have people live there or hold events inside. >> all of these things would trigger us going out to the facility to do an inspection. in this case, we have no record of any of those things being conducted. >> the fire chief says the event at the warehouse is what she called a pop-up party and there was no permit requested for that so they wouldn't know that people were inside. technician from the alameda county coroner's bureau says she and her coworkers have been working 15 hours a day to help victims' families.
8:38 am
normally they perform five autopsies a day. that day after the fire the staff conducted 20. they listened to stories about the sons and daughters. she felt she got to know some of them which is why it was extremely difficult for the staff when each victim was identified. identified. >> we didn't know what to do except sit on the phone and just listen to them t i had a lot of parents tell me stories about their sons and daughters. >> she also had the difficult task of issuing all 36 death certificates. it has been gratifying to know that she and other county workers provided answers for victims' family as quickly as possible. they're in the process of returning personal items to loved ones. a small town in mendocino county are mourning the loss of two young sisters who died in a house fire. a family in man charges enter woke up to the sound of smoke alarms just before 2:00 yesterday morning. some of the family members were able to get to the roof of the house and jump to safety. firefighters say by then the home was fully engulfed in
8:39 am
flames. two children were unable to get out. the cause of the fire is under investigation. today marks the fourth anniversary of the sandy hook school massacre in newtown, connecticut. they observed a moment of silence at 6:30 this morning to honor the victims. that's when the attacks took place on december 14th, 2012. it is lowering flags to half- staff in honor of the 20 children and six educators shot to death. counseling is extending hours today because of the anniversary. rsary. more information is coming out regarding last month's cyber attack against muni. the transit agency's chief technology officer says she received a ransom note in the form of an e-mail the day after thanksgiving. it requested $373,000 in cash. muni contacted the fbi and homeland sexpert worked on the agency's computer system.
8:40 am
muni shut down the train fare system. the agency says it lost $50,000 in fares over those two days. what the man was holding when he was killed by police in bakersfield. good morning. we have a crash northbound 680 coming up into walnut creek. and you can see that they are move willing the car -- moving the cars now. one car moved to the side. all traffic being held here. this is the 680-24 interchange. the traffic is slow in both directions. we will tell you about this straight ahead. cloudy to mostly cloudy. rain drizzle mainly north. a few sun breaks. it will be a muggy feel today. all eyes are on thursday's cold front which is on its way.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
>> there is new information about fatal police shooting of an unarmed 73-year-old man in bakersfield. police say an officer fired several rounds at francisco serna near his home monday morning. he was in the early stages of dementia and family says police did not need to use deadly force. a neighbor had called 911 and erroneously reported that he
8:44 am
was carrying a gun. they say serna repeatedly ignored commands to show his hands. >> the fact that we thought we were dealing with an armed subject, approximately 20 to 30 seconds passed from the rp saying that's him to the first shot fired. >> they need to be held accountable. this is happening too often to too many people. >> last night hundreds of people gathered for a vigil outside of the home where serna was killed to express their anger over the death. the l.a. times reported that he was holding a crucifixion at the time of the shooting. the san francisco board of supervisors approved the resolution for the creation of a memorial for alex nieto. he was killed in 2014. at the time, people in the area reported he was waving a gun and acting erratically. officers arrived and he pointed what looked like a gun at them. it turned out to be a stun gun. and the shooting sparked
8:45 am
protests as well al a federal lawsuit about police use of force. a jury found the officers not guilty of wrong doing. police officers association released a statement saying that the city should be honoring real rehoes instead. family and friends are remembering alan thicke. the actor best known as the father on growing pains died in los angeles. he toughed a heart attack while playing hockey with his 19-year- old carter. robin thicke called his father the greatest man i ever met. he recently appeared on fuller house. he was 69 years old. the time is 8:45. let's check in with salon the wednesday morning commute. >> we have a crash in walnut creek northbound 680 approaching the 24 interchange. they just held up traffic to get the vehicles to the side. you can see there is a scene here. this is northbound. and this is southbound. and both directions are going to be slow as you can see here.
8:46 am
you can tell that traffic is getting a good long look. you can see the traffic picks up. and, again, so northbound 680 coming up here, that is northbound. and that is -- pardon me. this is southbound. both directions are going to be slow as you drive through on 680 because of this crash. all right. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge. it has been jam packed since word one this morning because of earlier problems now gone. but the traffic has never recovered. it will stay that way for a while. we are thinking. and we are also looking at the commute in the south bay. let's take a look at all of the slow traffic getting into that silicon valley. 280, 101 are slow partly due to earlier problems now clear. at 8:46, let's bring steve in. >> a earthquake by the geysers. 4.7 is what i'm seeing.
8:47 am
four or five miles. that is preliminary. we have a lot of cloud cover. muggy humid pattern. everything coming up from the west/southwest. the wind direction has turned southerly. the combination of that, oakland airport is 58 degrees. humidity 97%. there is light rain embedded in all of this and a lot of cloud cover and fog in that and off and on mist and drizzle. the better opportunity the farther north you go. a tropical feel. north, it is rain. some of that simply doesn't show up but can add up to over an inch of rain for some. the wind direction will be southeast. that will be cranking up here. 50s to almost 60s for some. more of an easterly breeze. it is cold for a few. concord is only 50. yet oakland is 58 and san jose 58. warm readings and chilly readings. a lot of cloud cover will give us a mostly cloudy day. marin county north is the focus
8:48 am
of the light rain or drizzle and everything is being pumped up until the the front works its way down which is tomorrow. it may be tomorrow late morning, early afternoon to the north. and it may not make it to san jose until tomorrow night. it doesn't mean that it won't start. the main front won't go through until probably thursday evening. by friday, we will be done. the cold air will be working its way in. i think you will really feel that. we will go from one pattern to another in about 48 hours here. 60s on the temps. mid 60s with the sun breaks in there. temperatures tomorrow will probably be a moot point. the wind and the rain will be the big story. turning colder on friday. dry on the weekend but cold as well. especially sunday morning. >> thank you, steve. >> you're welcome. uber brings its self- driving cars to its hometown. the pilot program happening today in san francisco.
8:49 am
at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always believed the holidays should be about joy. where days are filled with magic, not madness. it's why we have amazing prices on thoughtful gifts, everyday. let's bring back the holidays.
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zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. >> all right. welcome back. if you felt shaking up there in
8:51 am
the north bay, it was an earthquake. by the geysers there. magnitude 5.0 at this moment here. >> it was felt throughout lake county, napa county, sonoma county, mainly the north bay. we have received a number of calls saying they felt it into our news room. especially in the north bay you felt shaking. that's what it was. >> not uncommon. but that is a strong jolt. usually they're 2s, 3s. 5 is a strong one. uber is accused of spying on its customers and google is out with the top search results of the year. >> the number one item on the list is going to surprise you as it did me. we will get to that in a second. first pam cook is here with more focus on the fed. >> the fed is the top focus today in money business. the federal reserve meets today. the consensus is they will raise interest rates. the federal reserve wrap up the monthly policy meeting today. they will make the announcement at 11:00 our time.
8:52 am
if you have an adjustable mortgage or credit card, the interest rates will go up. it also makes savings accounts and bonds more attractive. they will be looking at donald trump's tax cuts for direction of rates this coming year. again, we will get that announcement at 11:00. ringing the bell morning, new york care. drawing attention to the holiday coat drive. we have our one warm coat drive in the bay area as well. perfect time to go to your closets. it is getting cold. somebody could use your extra coat. the numbers are down. not a lot. here is a look at the dow jones. down about 35 points. we were making a good run for 20,000. we will see what happens when the fed makes its announcement. the nasdaq and s&p 500 down as well. certainly by the close later today, we will get more direction from the fed. also today uber will launch some of the self-driving cars in san francisco.
8:53 am
the san francisco based ride share company is expanding its pilot program that started in pittsburgh, pennsylvania in september. uber won't say how many of the self-driving luxury suvs will be on the road. but an uber employee will be behind the wheel ready to take over if the technology fails. if you request an uber, you can opt out if you prefer a human driver. a former employee of uber says he was fired for blowing a whistle on a serious privacy issue. he claims uber employees were using the app to track celebrities. uber was reportedly ordered to pay $20,000 this year. passengers have raised concerns this month when an update to the uber app allowed customer locations to be tracked even after they had been dropped off. the company says it has
8:54 am
security experts working around the clock to protect data. well, mountain view based google has the top searches of 2016. here is the number one. powerball. number two, prince who died in april. hurricane matthew, pokemon go. and another game slither round out the top five. my daughters play that game. in sports, warriors forward durant and green were the number one and number three most searched for nba players. the san jose sharks the second most searched for nhl team. and the giants were the fifth most searched mlb team. colin kaepernick was number two among all nfl players. this is exciting. super mario fans, you can play the iconic game starting today
8:55 am
on your iphone. it costs $10. so i think a lot of people will be downloading that. i have heard from a lot of people that one of the hard item that's is up in price is the nes. that nintendo classic. >> right. i thought you were going to say hatchimals. >> they have moved on from there. are your kids asking for hatchimals. >> no. we're not a hatchimals family. my parents might have the original nintendo in this are house. i don't know if it works. >> that is pretty cool. >> i'll check. i'll check. >> that is cool. >> thank you, pam. >> legal action one san jose city councilman is proposing to force caltrans to clean up the freeways.
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> a member of the san jose city council is accusing caltrans of not doing enough to
8:58 am
keep freeways clean. the council member says it is not hard to miss the constant litter and graffiti. after complaining for years, he wants to hold caltrans accountable. he is proposing a lawsuit that would force the state agency to clean up san jose. the mayor agrees that the highways are in terrible shape but says a lawsuit isn't the way to go. the city of sausalito will buy three license surveillance systems and place them around the city. they report that the city will spend $107,000 on cameras to take pictures of the license plates entering and leaving sausalito. when a crime is committed they can check information from the cameras to create a list of cars possibly linked to the crime. the cameras will be able to notify police if a vehicle on a wanted list come into town. the warriors ended their five-game road trip on a winning note thanks to a big
8:59 am
name from green. >> steph throwing it backwards. now he does. green. perfect. what a nifty play there. >> first triple double for green of the season. the pelicans put up a fight. thanks to good defensive plays down the stretch from green and durant, the warriors won. they are back home tomorrow to host the new york knicks. it was a dream come true for a 6-year-old boy from afghanistan. you may remember this particular photo of the little boy that went viral back in january. showing him wearing a jersey that he made out of a plastic bag of his favorite soccer player. he saw the photo and sent the little boy a real jersey signed by him. and then yesterday the boy actually got to meet him at a match in the middle east. he hung out with the team before the match started and was given the chance to set the game ball. after that, he was supposed to leave the field but instead ran back to his side one more time.
9:00 am
people in the stands cheered. he finally had to be carried off the field like the little champion he is. >> the leaders of the tech industry head to trump tower. >> my administration will be focused on three very important words. jobs, jobs, jobs. and a christmas gift from the ashes of the lake county fire. >> you feel so helpless seeing what they have gone through and suffered. plus, we're dreaming of a white christmas with stage star. ♪[music] >> 39 years ago this week. saturday night -- were you the only one who saw it? back when it was still young. >> i knew you were back because of this song. my bad music choices. >> that's what it was about. >> do you remember this? >> i do because i made a point to sit down and watch the


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