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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  December 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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down. >> i don't know how safe it is any more. nature in action. a pod of orcas sharing a meal, a great white shark. winter is a week away, but you wouldn't know, a storm has given the bay area a super soaking. welcome to 4 on 2. >> our top story the wet weather and the mess it's causing out there. king tides and heavy rain. >> let's look outside over the port of oakland. gray skies and low hanging clouds. >> the storm is caused issues on the roads, here's interstate 80, you see traffic backed up. low visibility. >> wet weather not only affecting the roads but the
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60s. officials have reported 87 flight cancellations due to the rain. >> we have team coverage on the storm, top is in walnut creek. jesse is following developments in the south bay. mark has been tracking the storm all day long. >> it's been a busy day and the focus has been in the north bay, the storm targeting the north bay. with all the rainfall, the river levels have gone up quite a bit, we have a flood warning, 14.3 feet, it's edged up to 15 feet. it will crest just above flood stage. russian river, takes time for the water to get there, it will crest just below flood stage. yesterday at this time the
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river was 8 feet, it will crest close to 30 feet. here's all the moisture streaming into the bay area. northern and central california. a number of warnings to talk about. this is flashflood warnings. you can see with the excessive rainfall. southern sonoma to marin county and napa county. we'll show you the green areas, these are flashflood warnings and the north bay, that could expire at 6:00 this evening. this reflects the minor flooding possible for a good portion of the region in the north bay. look at the coverage right now on the radar, covered in greens and yellows, up toward son
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houma count -- sonoma county. you can see san francisco. pushing into portions of the east bay. it's taken time. some of the rates are getting up there, quarter inch an hour, one cell to the east of lafayette. now the mountains picked up signify couldn't rainfall -- signify couldn't rainfall. that should be changing as we head into the evening hours. we'll look at the rainfall totals. they are impressive and talk about the timing when the system moves out.
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we had rain in morning and went away and now it's increasing. as mark said we're expected to see heavier rain as the commute moves along. were at the 101 southbound, where you see all the traffic, people trying to get home. traffic is moving very slowly. because it hasn't been ranking that hard, there's no ponding of water on the sides of the roadway. the road is slick but not large pools of water on the roadway, as the rains that falling starts to pick up, you can expect more ponding or pooling on the roadway. there were crews out trying to clear storm drains in the south bay to prevent flooding,
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localized flooding. we'll see how well that holds up. it's raining in san jose, although not that hard. it's a steady light rain. it's picked up. it wasn't raining 20 minutes ago, it started to come down heavier. first a drizzle. then a steady light rain. live in san jose. jesse gary. just enough rain to slow it down. santa is not a fan of foul weather and shoppers don't like it either. >> that's true and it could be bad news for area businesses. did all the rain scare the shoppers away? >> you know this is a shopping town, for the last hour and a half we've experienced the rain your seeing, nothing torrential but enough to keep people from thinking about going shopping. many people are.
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look over here, you can see that water is running but there's nothing or the earn going on -- torrential going on here. it is rain, earlier the weather was better for shoppers. >> at noon walnut creek upscale shopping district was damp. shoppers were aware of the coming change that might or might not put them off. >> i came out at this time the storm is supposed to come in later. >> if it's downpour i r the car i'm going to try to get my shopping done. >> it has to be storming more than this to keep me away and get it over with. >> with internet shopping up this year, brick and mortar stores are having a tough time. add in bad weather that makes
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it worse. the weather ahead looks like it will be fine. >> it's nice to get out, decorations and everything. can't do that online. >> i like to order online, it comes into the store and i go in and try it on in the store. it's more efficient to do it that way. >> i have a small baby at home, i internet shop but i like getting out. >> six of the 10 largest shopping days lay ahead of us, this saturday is known as super saturday, why? because a lot of people will go shopping because even though next saturday will have some stores open, that's christmas eve, a slow day for purchases anyhow. things are looking up because the weather will be very good for all of the shopping days.
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>> i hope you did a little bit of shopping. a little work, a little shopping. >> keep a close watch on the weather by downloading the free weather app. coming up, rare footage of a pod of killer males feasting on a predator, why a great white didn't have a chance. all the rain too much for a apartment building on an erroding cliff. zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select
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volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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. with all the rain with the crumbling cliff led city leaders to make a tough decision. owners of a apartment building got the word it has to come down. >> the power of mother nature, dangerous if too many damage is done, that's what happened along this bluff. the city manager announced this apartment complex must go. the cliff is crumbling away and the buildingmay fall on the beach. >> this week he notified us that the bluff had suffered significant deterioration, the apartment building needs to be
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demolished. >> earlier this week a sink hole opened below it, people who rent apartments are concerned. >> i think about it. i thought i was paranoid. my building is a little bit off. i don't know how safe it is here any more. even walking along the cliff. >> engineers and building officials said the building has asbestos and if it's left alone there will be a impact on the beach. >> a part of the building could fall on the beach and we'd have a lot of hazardous materials and construction debris from the building on the beach to clean up, which would be a difficult proposition. >> the property owner is responsible for the building but has chosen to neglect it. he's filed for bankruptcy. a time has not been set for when to have it demolished but
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they want it done as soon as possible. a benefit concert for the families of the victims of the ghost ship warehouse fire was a sellout. last night's show featured 20 artist and headlined by prime us. that would normally take months to put together. all the fire victims were remembered and shout outs for musicians as well. we have cash askew's partner in the band performing an song for him. >> you know someone who lost someone in the fire. a good friend. mine jumped out of the window and that's how he survived and he's playing with us tonight. >> $700,000 has been plunged to the oakland fire relief fund.
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it pulled together the community. oakland police are looking for suspects in a gas station shooting that left two people dead. police were called about shots fired around 9:00 last night. two people were shot, one died at the scene and another died at the hospital. no arrests have been made. >> three teenagers and a 32- year-old man were arrested in santa rosa. it happened just after 1:00. the victim said three masked suspects demanded money. shots were fired but no one was hit. a woman told the suspects to leave. investigators tracked the car to a hotel. they arrested a 14-year-old, 16- year-old and a 19-year-old woman who was to get away driver.
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a 33-year-old man was arrested. the get away car was stolen from the man's parents i'm a jury reaching a verdict in the murder of the man accused of killing 19 people at an african- american church. dylann roof was found guilty for the racially motivated killings. the jury deliberated lace than -- less than two hours. roof calls himself a white supremacist. he chose the church to target black people without security. flashy suits and a sharp tongue, craig seager never stepped down. it's all next on-like brunch. brunch? but it's 8pm-and it's tuesday- huh, i wonder if my mother would like to stay with us...
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. trump said if russia or others were hacking why did the white house wait to complain. the first government claims of russian hacking happened a month before the election. >> on capitol hill retiring
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senate minority leader taking a swing at comey. with reed pinning the procrastination on comey political affiliation. >> he should resign, he became such a partisan, he should be the chair of the rnc. this comes after assessments suggesting russia was behind the attacks with some hinting putin was personally involved in trying to sway the elections. the chair of the house homeland committee remains skeptical after the fbi, cia all said they refuse to brief the house intelligent committee on the matter. >> certain elements of the media, and certain politicians are doing the work of the
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russians, creating uncertainty over the election. >> as for mr. trump's cabinets positions two are open. the other job vacanty is secretary of the department of agriculture. mr.trump and pence are holding a rally for supporters in herbie -- hershey, pennsylvania. >> it could cost more to cross the bridges in the bay area. transportation leaders are considering a ballot measure that would go before the voters and increase tolls on the bay bridge by as much as three bucks, the money would go on the road improvements and
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transportation projects. we talked about the toll and the current conditions of the local highways. >> it needs a lot of work, there's potholes that are mind altering and bohn jarring -- bone jarring, if it goes to the roads we need it. >> i guess it affect me. that's 3-dollars, a 50% increase. i would hope that it would make it work way better. >> the chronicle reports the ballot measure could be a discount for the driver who's pay with a fastrak. the post office will be busy with people trying to get gifts out in time for the holidays. they will deliver 750 million packages this year. today is the deadline for standard mail rates. here's the deadlines you need
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for standard delivery rates. the post office is today. tomorrow is fedex and monday is amazon and u.p. s. you have december 19 for 3 day select. we're waiting to hear from uber after the state offenderred -- orders uber to stop using self-driving cars. a safety driver and engineer were in the car. hours after the first car hit the road they were ordered to stop. they did not get a special testing per mitt. >> -- permit. >> there's a need to balance that. for the law to provide protections. >> a dashboard camera reported a car running a red light.
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a pedestrian had to pause. uber said "the incident was due to human error. or. . >> the driver has been suspended. along the peninsula the nature released the predator and prey square off. the eerie glowing eyes in the dark surveillance video is proof that nature will tack the course no matter the season. >> the resident said wednesday morning he and his wife heard noes outside their front door. next the door started barking. >> we heard a snapping sound. we thought it may be a tree, it was raining and breezy. my wife looked through the peep hole and thought she saw a
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coyote. it was a mountain lion peering around before dragging off the prey. a deer was attacked and killed. >> carried him over the rail and brought him on the front porch. >> why on the front porch. >> maybe it felt it was safer to working on the carcass of the keir. >> fish and wild life said the concussion is rarely caught on camera but not a surprise. >> not unusual to kill where the deer are feeding. it's just their natural behavior, they are attracted on the door. >> fish and wildlife said hillsborough it is in the habitat of mountain lions, don't plant habitat that attracts deer.
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>> the sight of a mountain lion stalking and killing prey is not scary. >> i want to protect the kids and the dogs, we'll be cautious. >> especially when nature comes calling. we're going from mountain lions to orca whales, was this a teachable moment or nature at its core. a pod of orcas eating a great white.
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. a rare sight, killer whale sharing their prey. got this footage on tuesday with a drone, one of the orcas with a shark in its jaws, the whale let's loose and another grabs it. they may be teaching the carves -- cavs -- calves how the hunt. mary ann is a shark and whale expert. i thought great whites were unmatched in the sea. killer whales get the name for a reason. >> the killer whales have a reputation that me seeds -- me
4:29 pm
seeds -- proceeds them. we saw a squaring off of killer whales and white sharks. >> was this a teachable moment? >> we have seen in the past, a number of times where killer whales had very young calves in tow, it was clear there were very young calves next to the adult killer whale, who was killing and consuming that seven gill shark. you can see the calve stuck by mom's side. it was a young calve because -- calf because of the yellow differencing, this is how they learn how to survive. >> is it unusual to catch footage of this going on?
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>> that's legally what's extraordinary about this. in 97 in the far longs we had rough footage from a boat. we didn't see a great deal in terms of the detail when the killer whale reached the white shark and killed it. we surmised what happened. in this case you could see the behaviors. we had an intimate look of a couple things. pled torrey relationship -- predatory relationships and nuturing relationships. >> and outside the killer whales can double the side have a great white. what are other advantages? >> killer whales are known to hunt in packs and they are ambush pled or thes, -- pled or
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thes -- pleder toes. they share this information. some of it is intent. there's a great deal of learning and passing on of learning. the whales tend to 00 in larger packs and -- hunt in larger packs. the fact that we were able to see in detail how the hunting happened, how they were passing it from 1 to the next, what's behind that behavior, there's sharing ongoing on, and killer whales are known to have a
4:32 pm
tight and highly organized social system. they are extended family to each other. >> it's nature at its core, it's graphic but fascinating. >> it has a primal beauty to it. >> it does. thanks for your insight. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. he was a beloved figure in the nba. professional basketball players are honoring the life of craig seager. >> tracking heavy rain. the update on radar and a new flashflood warning for marin county.
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. . craig satisfactory seager died at the age of 65. he was known for wardrobe, battled a rare form of leukemia. he missed the playoffs and the following season before making a return. his rounds of chemotherapy were detailed and in march he revealed the leukemia was no longer in remission. adam silver released a
4:36 pm
statement saying, craig was as vital to the nba as players and coaches, a true original and a central voice. silver was one of many honoring sagger. sagger. . the warriors paid trouble
4:37 pm
to sager this year. the warriors are gearing up for the knicks later tonight. >> it was cool hearing the tweets about a guy that was be loved throughout the sports community. craig sager's first impression was the wardrobe. but the lasting impression is the grace and dignity. and you leaded to it -- alluded to it. opening night, they gave out fans for everyone. they had a me game -- pregame ceremony, in a day and age so many athletes and broadcasters were polarizing, nobody had a bad thing to say about craig.
4:38 pm
the warriors are planning a pregame ceremony. steve kerr will address the crowd, and instead of the moment of silence, they will do a moment of applause. a thundering tribute, a football hurrah for one of the most beloved commentators. >> i was in sports a long time. never met him. did you ever meet him? >> you know what, i did not have a chance to work with him, a lot of my friends did. i spoke with a buddy of mine, and i asked him, what's the first thing that comes to mind, he said work ethic, when he was at his sickest, he would sneak out of the house and come to work a game. he was that dedicated to his craft and in love with all
4:39 pm
things nba and his job. craig sager did everything to extend his life every possible moment. he took measures beyond what the whys prescribed to extend his life. that's how he lived. >> a man that loved his work. did he work this year or shut it down after last season. >> he came back, you mentioned it was 2014 when he was diagnosed, and he was off the radar for a while and briefly in remission, he came back and he was here during the opening night game for the warriors and spurs. not far from the public consciousness. it will be emotional tonight. >> the warriors and how they do things, it will be done with
4:40 pm
great grace. warrior fans will have rain to deal with. it will be a challenge, the north bay excessive rainfall, right now we have in time r the afternoon and evening commute significant downpour. you see the green, see the cold air, that will be working into the bay area this weekend. that will be the next change in the overall weather pattern. talk about the flashflood warnings. have that in place for the bay. napa to include in napa river, this as we come closer. you can see closer to portions of marin county. this is for the corridora creek
4:41 pm
-- door dear -- corridora creek. that's a flashflood warning for marin county. we'll continue to keep an eye on the future updates in terms of warnings and watches. that's the latest right now. expanding the rainfall covering the bay area. the change right now, approaching the south bay with the more organized rainfall. you can see the coverage in the north bay. this is the back edge moving into northern sonoma county. the rainfall should be decreasing, but a different story, san francisco, oakland, heyward as well. the cell covered in the east bay. we are showing the same thing, covered out there.
4:42 pm
the santa cruz mountain a morsteady rainfall. in san jose things are getting steady. an active radar and the winds are up, especially coast side and around the bay. here are the wind speeds. look at the sfo 1, that's a gust of 35 miles an hour out of the south, winds 13 miles an hour. here's the golden gate bridge, lots of slick roads, and careful crossing the bay area bridges, the wind, will make it hazardous. target area has been the north bay and the numbers going up, not a few 10s of an inch. santa rosa 3 inches of rain.
4:43 pm
2.92 in calistoga. ben low men 3 inches. san jose .02. at 7:00 rainfall. moderate to heavy, focused across the southern half of the region. 10:00 this forecast trying the stall things out. the heaviest between now and 7:00. breaks in the action in the north bay. friday there is a chance of a shower but the main event is happening right now. temperature tomorrow, we're cooling things off. the weather story is the rainfall, the wind, the flashflood warnings, very cold temperature, overnight lows, sub freezing. get ready for that change. right now we have to deal with
4:44 pm
this guy. >> if you're a skier you will love it. >> most of the storm's energy is rain right now. we're not the only part of the country seeing storms. problems for many across the country. matt is in chicago. >> cold and snowy conditions continuing to grip parts of the country, single digit temperature in chicago leaving residents battling the cold. in milwaukee, cyclist have advice. >> it not too terrible at long as you are prepared. >> the key is three for the main area, under layer, wool and windbreaker. >> out west a storm caused slippery conditions in portland, oregon. dozens of crashes reported. heavy lake effect snow in ohio
4:45 pm
and new york. driverred in cleveland were blinded. with windchill and snow advisories through friday. in buffalo, drivers help each other get unstuck as the inches pile up. >> i work late, i'm a judge in here, we knew it would be terrible weather, we worked on tomorrow's calendar. i got stuck. these guys are saints. >> the extreme cold and snow is expected to continue into the weekend as the winter weather advisories remain in effect across the country. a warning for people who use a certain chemical to make up their hair. the chemical could cause breathing difficulities and nose leads. -- bleeds.
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. a body shop handed over the keys to 5 cars. >> pretty cool. the holiday tradition that's an inspiration because it aims to improve the lives of those in need. >> it's as if santa and his elves made a pit stop in antioch. mike's donated five cars to needy families. the cars had been totals but they were put back together again and went to those who legally need them. >> i never in my wilest dreams would think i would get a beautiful car. >> ruth got the car to a honda
4:49 pm
civic. she was selected. >> at my age and being a grandmother i think of safety 1st. >> she's raising a 9-year-old boy by herself. >> i can go places with my grandmother. >> the trunk was filled with presents and car insurance is paid for the first year. >> mike's auto body has done this for 16 years, they've given out more than 60 cars. >> it's a great feeling giving back to the community and give back to the people that we have become friends with now. >> an organization that helps struggling veterans. >> we have a 2007 that's biting the dust, i was praying this was our year in this mother of three can't believe her luck. >> i was so excited. her last car was totaled.
4:50 pm
her youngest son was a him feel yak. -- him feel yak. >> federal health officials are warning of the mumps. california is among the 46 states affected so far. nationwide there's 4300 infections reported. officials say arkansas appears to be the epicenter. with half of the total. the majority is school age children. unfounded concerns about the danger of vaccines is driving the spread. >> what everyone around the state can do is be up-to-date. >> mumps is transmitted through saliva. symptoms are fatigue, fever and
4:51 pm
swelling of the cheeks. a lawsuit over the use of formaldehyde. it causes breathing difficults to nose bleeds. >> clients love it. makes their life easier. >> at salon dna, stylist say 60% of the clients come here to get their hair straightened. they use brazilian. >> if you do it the proper way you're fine. i have never had any problems. >> two environmental groups, women's voices for the earth and the environmental working group have filed a lawsuit saying that beauty salon worker reported burning eyes,
4:52 pm
breathing problems, headaches and dizziness. >> there's been an ongoing investigation since 2011 and they haven't come back to us to say whether or not they think brazilian blowout should stay on the shelves. >> straightening products work by being applied to the hair and blown out. it causes the release of formaldehyde released. >> we have a right to know what's in the products and look into the health hazards of these straightening products. >> the fda says a dozen commends and limited power of issuing littles to manufacturers. >> he knows the potential
4:53 pm
hazards. he uses gloves, works near a window and a vacuum to absorb the fumes. everything has formaldehyde. a lot of things we use day by day. >> i asked why not use straighter ins without formaldehyde. >> they don't work. >> other countries including canada, france and ireland removed products with high levels of formaldehyde from the sevens. this is -- shelves, this is about getting the fda to take action if necessary. >> i had no idea the process of getting your hair straightened. >> coming up next, the battle in aleppo has ended but the war is not over. the effect to flee the city.
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4:56 pm
. defense secretary around carter is taking over aleppo. in a time meeting the counter isis coalition. >> among my recommendations will be the need for the united
4:57 pm
states to remain actively engaged as the leader of the coalition. carter said several countries have promised more troops and equipment. the fight is over in east aleppo the last of the remaining rebels and civilians being evacuation. it comes after intense fighting from the counter forces. >> the buses are rolling, thousands of civilians and a handful of rebels are being evacuated. once a rebel hold now rubble. >> this is nonintrusive evacuation. >> the cease-fire includes the
4:58 pm
evacuation of towns under siege by the rebels. it comes after days of bombardment. the international community accusing the government of torture and killing civilians. ahappeno -- alapo mayor asking america to step up. the international community is silent. >> most european leaders agree on the need forayed but -- forked a but disagreement on how to get it there. how to punish russia. >> the responsibility for the tragedy in aleppo. we must assure those responsibility are held to account.
4:59 pm
>> russia guaranteed the safety of those evacuating aleppo. ting aleppo. . be careful, a pounding rain created dangerous conditions. the storm led to flashflood warnings in napa, sonoma and marin county. heavy rain spread across the bay area and in places it is overwhelming the storm drains. several drivers were stranded when they drove into standing water. fire crews helped rescue the people and the flood waters affected a few homes in the area. >> in san francisco is heavy rain combined with the high tides led to flooding on parts of the embarcadero.
5:00 pm
in pacific can the -- pacifica the waves were kicking up when our crew shot this video. >> rob malcolm is in the east bay, jesse gary is in the south bay. let's start with bill martin in the weather center. >> it's raining hard, just in time for the afternoon commute. the rainfall rates with this system, rainfall rates in some of the cells are a half inch an hour. heavy, heavy rain. the winds have been up too, gusts to 55 miles an hour, we have flashflood warnings that are in frequent. 1-- effect. we're talking about small river, small streams, flashflood warning, it's going to drop. the main


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