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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  December 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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up when our crew shot this video. >> rob malcolm is in the east bay, jesse gary is in the south bay. let's start with bill martin in the weather center. >> it's raining hard, just in time for the afternoon commute. the rainfall rates with this system, rainfall rates in some of the cells are a half inch an hour. heavy, heavy rain. the winds have been up too, gusts to 55 miles an hour, we have flashflood warnings that are in frequent. 1-- effect. we're talking about small river, small streams, flashflood warning, it's going to drop. the main weather, the heaviest rainfall rates moved out of the
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area. this was a flashflood warning for the creek area, that will be dropped at 7:15. this is telling us the system is progressing south. one in the north way. the flashflood watch in the north bay will drop at 6:00 p.m. the next one in the santa cruz mountains will linger. the rain is leaving the north bay. it has been raining up here all day. we've had rainfall up to 6 and 7 inches. other areas, most areas 2 to 3 inches. the heaviest rain is south of the area down toward the santa cruz mountains and toward san jose, out toward hayward and mountain view, now here's the deal, it's been dry.
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the afternoon commute is getting whacked hard. we can two live outside. the rainfall rates, the rain has been coming down, you know when the freeway looks like, it is backed up out front of the station. what's your take on today. >> this morning be here in oakland light shower activity and things ramping up. it's kind of in the light to moderate range. it's not like a drizzle. borderline moderate rainfall. we were concerned with the winds ramping up. show you the trees, they are not moving much shall be careful driving the bridges, the bay bridge, you get that wind that bisects the spans and that could be hazardous.
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>> mark, we're watching this thing, i know you've been watching the radar, that line of heavy rain prompted the flood rains you can see it live, you can see the radar, the heaviest rainfall is showing up by wood side, san jose and fremont, as the north bay clears out and the flood warnings drop, we'll see the concerns with debris flows and flash flooding concerns in fremont, san jose, in the next few hours. >> always add too, the one hour rainfall rates between three and 4:00, the timing is not horrible, but ken field picked up 1.79. that is one hour, how much water is accumulating on the
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roadway just in type when everyone -- time when everyone is out there. >> we were talking in the weather, mark has been on this all day. we've seen more rain accumulate, but not in a long time. hence the flood watches and the issues on the roads. >> and it looks like as you mentioned it is moving out of the north bay and more of a problem for the central and southern portions of the bay. >> i'll have your weather in a little bit. >> some of the heaviest rain is coming in the afternoon and evening commute, here's a live look at the traffic conditions on interstate 80 through berkeley. the headlights are coming toward the mcarthur maze. it is slow growing out there at this time of night. i want to show you a live look.
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keep in mind there's a warriors game at 7:30. prepare for traffic delays in this area. it doesn't look too bad right now. cars are taking it easy. a lot of standing water on the freeway. cars moving better on 880 through oakland. a look through the traffic camera. from the toll plaza at the golden gate bridge. better here, cars are going better. the showers come at any time. take it slower, a lot of wet roads around the bay area, as we've been showing you the rain is impacting commute times and every corner of the bay area, the traffic map, all the red areas on the map and the yellow. the heaviest traffic right now. you see the traffic icons the
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flashing ones, there are traffic problems, some minor fender benders, a good idea to check out the traffic map. let's go back to you. >> everywhere you look around the bay area we've seen people dealing with localized flooding. what's the situation in alameda. >> i'm attall media -- at alameda beach. wait five minutes it will change. we've been talking about the flashflood warnings and the possibility of coastal flooding, you can see some of the water has cooled here. the bike path has flooded. they have a flood warning sign set up but traffic is getting through. it's not all that bad here. it's been raining all day and people had a hard time dealing
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with it. >> the 880 north freeway was backed off with drivers taking their time. no one was taking chances as standing water created problems. there was work to be done and that meant this crew had to weather sheets of rain as they checked this street lamp. >> there were deliveries as well and this is the type of weather he signed up for. >> we're used to this kind of weather. >> we don't mind. better raining their heat -- than heat. >> pretty rough when it rains like this. >> yes it is. you have to be careful with people, pedestrian, traffic, everything. >> what are you hearing about it going to get worse this afternoon. >> i have one more. that's it.
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i'm done. >> just the flavor of the day. later at 6:00 we'll talk to folks in berkeley, they'll share their stories of getting through the weather today. >> now to the south bay, that's where jesse gary is today. is it coming down there if. >> it is. you heard bill talking about the heavy rainfall moving south. it's hitting in san jose. we're along the 101 freeway. you see most of the brake lights or all the brake lights. it's gone from a slow go to a no go. we saw a chp officer move down that hov lane, we guess there's an accident. the rainfall just started within the last hour. when i talked to you around 4:00 it was a sprinkle or drizzle. within the past 30 minutes or
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so it started to come down. it's a steady heavy rainfall with gusting wind. the roadway, you're going to see the water pool on the sides of the roadway. i'm going time to look and see with my glasses. you are seeing pud wills form on the -- puddles form. the rain has increased. you can expect to see more as you move through the evening hours. traffic moving at a good clip. people might want to slow down a hair. the roadway is slick. you need to increase braking distance. drive slowly it is raining harder in the south bay. this has just picked up in the last hour or so. we'll have updates at 6:00, 7:00 and the 11:00 news.
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>> go slow, leave space between you and the car in front of you. the rain combined with blizzard conditions are causing dozens of flight cancelations and delays. at sfo 80 flights have been canceled. oakland international are fairs better with no reported cancellations. san jose is assisting with diverted flights. >> you can check weather conditions with the free ktvu weather app. to morgan hill a dispute to a dog led a man to attack his next door neighbor with a baseball bat. >> police say a morgan hillman was beaten with a baseball bat
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because he won't pick up after his dog. >> they were jaw jacking off their dog. >> it began friday afternoon when a woman saw this man, mark webber attacking his neighbor with a bat. officers responded but didn't find anything at first. soon a suspect called the relative. >> mark told the relative he bludgeoned the neighbor with the bat and thought he killed him. >> the officers found the victim badly injured in his house. webber attacked him and took off in the victim sustained injuries to his head, leg, food and torso, the victim has been released from the icu. mark has not been in touch. the next door the only response at the victim's house was the
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dog. the victim often walks the dog off leash and never picked up after his pet. >> this neighbor said the suspect complained about his dog's barking and argued with the victim over the parking issues. >> it's something that got out of hand. >> anytime where it reaches this level of violence, if it's road rage or a dog or maybe your neighbor has parties every weekend. we encourage people to let us mitigate and figure out a solution. >> because of the severity of the victim's injuries mark could face attempted murder. >> in morgan hill, police are looking for a bike thief. these are pictures of him taken outside the store. he broke into the bicycle
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component store on concord circle yesterday morning and took three bikes. he smashed the front glass door to get inside. home surveillance cameras capture the end to a confrontation between a mountain lion and the deer on the peninsula. we talk with the homeowner who watched it happen. an oakland neighborhood trying to adapt to a new normal. two weeks after the ghost ship fire. the heaviest rain is moving into the south way. it's been dry, but not any longer. the rain is coming down fast and furious. i'll have the latest. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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. along the peninsula a mountain lion kills a deer on a homeowners patio. today that homeowner thought the noise was the weather. >> jerry gary talked -- jesse gary talked to the homeowner, the eerie eyes are proof that nature will take its course no mat 2er season. >> in the video you can see the eyes. >> wednesday morning he and his wife heard noises outside the front door. next the dog started barking. >> we heard a snapping sound. we thought it would be a tree. it was rainy and breezy. my wife looked through the peep hole and thought it was a coyote. it was a mountain lion peering
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about before dragging off the prey. a deer was killed. >> he carried him over the rail and brought him on the front porch. >> why the front porch. >> maybe he felt it was safer to work on the carcass of the deer. >> california department of fish and wildlife game warden said the conclusion to this encounter is rarely caught on camera but not a surprise. >> it's not unusual to kill where the deer are feeding. it's their natural behavior. they are attracted to deer. >> hillsborough and the surrounding area sit in the habitat of mountain lion. don't plant vegetation that attracts deer. the sight of a mountain lion
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stalking and killing prey isn't scary but makes him think of precautions. >> especially when nature comes calling. when nature comes calling too close for comfort. the big story is the weather, it's been raining all day long. >> it is coming down, it's a rainfall rate thing. rainfall rates nearing an inch an hour in some of the stronger rainfall bands, that under minds the infrastructure. you're seeing lots of standing water. on the freeways there's standing water, especially in the east bay, parts of the peninsula, working into the south bay, we're seeing standing water on all the freeways. that flashflood water in
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effect. flashflood washing in madera creek. they will be dropped in the next couple hours, that system has moved. on the flood watches will be dropped. look at the rain band here, you can see it's moved out. this is where the heaviest rain was. 61/2, 7-inches of rain in this event. many areas three, 4 inches of rain with high rainfall rates. now it's going on south of here. the afternoon commute in san mateo, wood side, these areas are getting hammered with heavy rain. this line is working, it's all coming this way. san jose, you've been dry most of the day. now the big deal is hitting you in time. you're into the commute handily
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right now. it will impact the south bay as this system slowly moves off. san jose downtown is waiting for it. it will come. a quarter to half inch an hour. that's significant. the winds are blowing, sfo gusting to 47. we had gusts on the coast to mid-40's. as we go through the north bay and peruse of the rainfall, doesn't seem like much, we've seen more rainfall accumulation, over a longer period. this has come rapidly, so significant rainfall, ken field 3 inches. more rainfall accumulations in ben loehmann, look at river --
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livermore. so the forecast for tomorrow it will be a nicer day as we push into the 5-day forecast there's crying, a significant storm, a lot of rain fast. when flood warnings start popping, the flashflood watches that will die down in the north bay. but wouldn't be surprised to see it in the south bay. >> just coming into work on 24 and 980, there were big puddles. >> that's the scary thing, they come up so fast, you don't see it and one over blew my car. >> the way they make roads they bubble it in the middle. stay in the middle. the sides tend to have most of the water. the sporting world is mourning the death of nba reporter craig sager known for flashy outfitteds.
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he brought a fun loving spirit to his work. he was diagnosed with leukemia in 2014. in a memoir he said i believe life should be fun and so should your clots -- clothes. he was adored by many of the athletes he covered. he was 65-year-old. >> i remember being at a cal game and saw him on the field and i thought that's the most hideous jacket, why would he wear that. i didn't realize that was his thing. once you realize it's his thing it was need. >> i love the exchanges with the athletes. they really cared about him. it's been two weeks since 36 pipe were killed in the -- 36 people were killed in the
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. the fire is fresh on the mind of those who live in the district. for some of the businesses the aftermath of the fire has left them struggling to stay afloat. >> here at the fire ravaged
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warehouse people come in sympathy and quiet reflection. and for the living mobile chaplains roam international boulevard praying for a man with tears in his eyes. >> when they stop crying, so i listen to them. >> amid the new normal, the businesses are trying to get back on their feet. the stores on the same block to warehouse are off limits because of safety concerns. seems like it's closed today. >> the owner said she was worried the store her father started may not survive without financial help. she's found an attorney.
5:27 pm
>> the pressure will be like this for a long time. >> kick city had to close for three days but business is improving. >> it's strange and chilling to see the building across the street. you see the memorials and stuff. >> the oakland city council has declared a local emergency fleeing money to pay for the emergency. businesses don't have as clear as path to help. >> some will have to shut their businesses down and relocated. in many cases they didn't have insurance. the neighbors that whether impacted and the merchants that's a challenge we're trying to meet. >> there may be help coming to local businesses, the councilman is looking to private donors to step up and help out.
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heavy rain causes quick rises in bay area rivers and waterways, this is walnut creek. we'll go back to bill martin who's tracking the storm with the current radar. check this out, amazing video of a rare sight off the california coast, a drone captures a battle between a killer whale and a sharker in monterey.
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keeping the power lines clear,my job to protect public safety, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california.
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. heavy rain causes streams and rivers to rise fast. the heaviest rain is falling on the peninsula and the south bay, beware the water level can go up quickly. the slick conditions contributed to a number of crashes. there were dozens of fender benders including this one and several trees came down as a result of the storm today. highway116 was shut down this morning as crews worked to remove a large tree from the road. we saw the radar and bam, it's there on the south bay. >> the story all morning has been the north bay, the models were good on timing it out.
5:32 pm
it rained for four, five hours. it's a remolt area but half a foot of rain. more rain familiar totals in the north bay. it may not seem like a lot. rainfall rates were quick, that's where we got the flood washings -- warnings, they had getting ready to go away as this system slides south, the real story will be what's happening now just as this migrates into an area where they haven't seen a lot of showers. there's been nothing going on. let's pull rainfall rates. rainfall rates are everything in a system like this. that's half an inch in that area. that's what you find in a tropical storm. that is aggressive rain.
5:33 pm
that's windshield wipers on full. the pipes, the sewage drains can't handle that much water especially on the freeways and overpasses. if you were out there you know what i'm talking about. dying down in the north bay but shifting into the south bay. there's flood watches and concerns in the mountains and valley. when i come back we'll keep tracking it, it's happening now. >> can i ask you a quick question. when you look at the radar, what's the worst, the yellow, orange or red. >> it's the red. all these areas, you are splitting hairs. the yellows and these areas that's heavy rain, that's a quarter inch an hour, your wipers are going as quick as they can go, water is pooling.
5:34 pm
reds are up to half an inch. >> that's really coming down. bad wetter is often the enemy of -- weather is often the enemy of holiday shopping. >> i tell you what, we lit up the rain. not much is falling and less than it was half an hour ago. this has been going on since 2:30. a constant steady rain. that has been and continues to be the situation, very little wind, almost no wind that we experienced at all. having said all of that, this impacts shopping and here's that story. >> at noon, walnut creek's upscale shopping district was damp. shoppers were aware of the coming change that might or
5:35 pm
might not put them off. >> i came out at this time because the storm is supposed to come in later. >> if it's a downpour i will make a run for the caring i'm going to hustle and get the shopping done. >> it has to be storming more than this to keep me away. >> with internet shopping up 11% this year alone, brick and mortar stores are having a tough time. add in a lengthy spell of bad weather that makes its worse. the weather ahead making it fine. >> i like to order things online. then it comes into the store and i try it on in the store. it's more efficient. >> i have a small baby at home and i've done my bulk of
5:36 pm
internet shopping. the hustle and bustle is fun. >> there's no question that it did cut into the late afternoon shopping and may affect evening shopping. these are mostly outdoor stores you walk between. i will say this, the next few days will be fine. six of the top 10 shopping days happen between tomorrow and next saturday night. tomorrow will be okay, saturday will be a doozy, super saturday. the following saturday, some stores will be open, not all, christmas eve, this weekend should be hot and heavy at the malls. >> i could swear you said it wasn't coming down that hard, when we look behind you it looks like it's pouring. >> we're lighting this up with intense light. standing here i'm not feeling
5:37 pm
like i'm getting soaked. this is less than it was the last time we reported 90 minutes ago. no wind, no serious strain and much less water in the street. i know it looks like it's a lot but it isn't. folks in upstate new york dealing with temperature in the teens, it's 13 degrees, and several inches of snow. a lake effect snowstorm over rochester. high wind always making it dangerous to be outside with gusts leaching 50 miles an hour -- leaching 50 miles an hour. the temperature in chicago 7 degrees, a blast of arctic air has sent chicago into a deep freeze. earlier it was below zero and with windchill it felt -20.
5:38 pm
you can check weather conditions with the free weather app and the weather team on twitter, incenter gram and facebook. the -- inthat graham. the passenger pick up began yesterday, hours later, the dmv ordered outbounder to stop. regulate -- uber. uber said they don't need the special permit. yahoo! announcement about a data breach could impact the buy out deal with verizon. verizon agreed to buy yahoo!, but the data breach has a negative impact on the brand. there's talk that verizon may scrap the deal. yahoo! stock fell on the news.
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video of killer whales eating a shark off the coast of northern california. the pictures were taken by a drone. >> biologist said killer whale attacks on shark is rare and to get video is extraordinary. that's what the video shows off the monterey coast on tuesday. >> you flip them on their backs and they flip into immobility. turning the shark upside down paralyzes it. some animals if they are attacked, instead of fleeing or fighting they become still. playing opossum. >> it's a defense mexico mission -- mix nicks that killed the shark.
5:40 pm
>> is he eating the shark. part of a small group that witnessed the same feat nine years ago. at the time it was unprecedented. >> sharks off the new zealand coast have been documented. >> perhaps this behavior has been picked up by killer whales in this hemisphere. new zealand, california coast, how many thousands of miles separate them but flaps it involved slidly. >> a glimpse of a pled torrey relationship and a loving and nuturing one. it's possible a san francisco native could have a key role in the trump
5:41 pm
administration. a former coworker of kimberly. a crumbling cliff leaves no option. what pacifica will do about the apartment building.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. ism today a jury found dylann roof guilty of killing nine people. the jury took less than two
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hours to make a decision. roof is white, all the victims were white. he wanted to start a race war. the nine victims included the pastor, a waibel study -- bible study teacher. the jury will return in january to determine if roof will be sentenced to debted. a cease-fire in -- death. a cease-fire in aleppo. it was brokered by turkey and russia after intense bombardment. thousands of civilians have been killed. the syrian president has been accused of mass executions in aleppo and torture. john kerry calls it a massacre. aid is needed in syria. there's a dispute how to punish russia and iran for their
5:45 pm
involvement. kimberly guilt foil is a contender for a press secretary for trump. she's been meeting with members of the transition team which has denied that the 47-year-old is considered. she was raised in the mission district and daly city. she became a household name for the work to dog mauling case in 2001. those who work closely with her say they don't support trump. they support her. >> i think that kimberly is a talented, smart woman who was a prosecutor and journalist and can hold her own in any situation. from that standpoint she would be a strong choice for any president. >> trump transition spokesperson is even -- seen as
5:46 pm
the frontrunner, some in the inner circle are pushes for kimberly. it's not officially winter and water levels are straining northern california dams. water is being released and rains are impacting the drought condition. tracking the heavy rain moving out of the north bay, nineth it's moving into the south bay. specifics on the rainfall.
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pacifica announced that a apartment on the side of a cliff has to come down. >> the power of mother nature, beautiful time to look at but dangerous if too many damage is done. this apartment complex must go. the cliff is crumbling away and an engineer said the city may fall on to the beach. >> he notified us that the area suffered significant deterioration. the apartment building needs to -- demolished. people who rent apartments are certained. >> i do think about it. i thought i was paranoid. my building is off.
5:50 pm
i don't know how safe it is here any more. >> engineers and building officials say the building has asbestos and if it's left alone there will be an environmental impact on the beach. >> the building could fall on the beach, we'd have a lot of hazardous materials and construction debris from the building on the beach to clean up. >> the city manager said the property owner is responsible for the building but has chosen to neglect it. he's filed for bankruptcy. the officials have leached out to the attorney to gain access to the site. they want it demolished as soon as possible. city rain is putting a strain on a sacramento dam.
5:51 pm
it an impressive display of power. water is flowing 325,000 cubic feet a second in the american river, that's raising water levels downstream. a bridge was shut down. here's a map showing the drought conditions from last year. the drought monitor graphic shows exceptional drought and no part of california without impact. compare to the graphic released today. parts of northern california are flee of drought. sanfrancisco has yellow, tan and orange, that's moderate. >> what a difference. let's bring in our chief meteorologist. the storm slammed into the bay area. >> timed out. dry in the south bay to a few hours ago. legal extreme rainfall rates
5:52 pm
causing problems on the roadways, it not accumulation, you can get 2 inches of rain over 24 hours, but 2 inches of rain in four hours the infrastructure takes a hit. let's look at the radar, cool air is driver, you don't see the cloud. what's going to happen, it happening in the north bay, cooler, drier air is pushing in. there's flood warnings out there. these are going to expire, they extended this one. that's extended to 8:00. this drops at 6:30. the creek drops, at 7:15. they are going down quick. flood warning popped up as i mentioned would happen for the burn areas. until, until 6:15, that's to do with the rain that's coming in
5:53 pm
right now. yellow is where the heaviest rain is. hayward heavy rain right now. 580, along the bayshore there, 880, the water is pooling up, i've seen it, couple saturdays ago when you get the big rainfall rates. can't handle it. the road, when i was coming into work today. 35 years driving around here, i was noticing everywhere standing water. puddles along if side of the road. that's a function of the rainfall rate. that's the story. the afternoon commute is getting whacked. tomorrow it will be mostly dry. but cold weather. this is a big storm. we'll be lucky to get two or three of these a year. this is a top three storm of
5:54 pm
the year. >> it hit, three, 4:00 it came with a vengeance. >> had the wind and heavy rain. it's still cranking up south terrorisms concerns in to seer -- there's concerns about flooding in the sierra. with at&t fiber, the future is coming. a future where you can download a show in under 4 seconds... and you don't have to worry about sharing bandwith... (smiles) amazing.
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. along the truckee river are
5:57 pm
bracing for possible floodings. the river could hit flood stage tonight. eric spoke to people trying to protect their homes. >> people are worried, the meteorologist are worried, i'm worried. >> when she bought her home on the truckee river, the home's previous owners washed her about the -- warned her about the flood. >> the floodwaters flooded out the basement. that's the biggest thing that could happen. >> that was 1997. recently she's had close calls. to give you an idea how high and how fast it can rise, last week the water was above the bowlers covering them. this is cell phone video from her deck last week. the water below her.
5:58 pm
>> of course she's not the only one focused on the floods this storm may cause. at a truckee fire station residents are taking advantage of free sandbags. >> generally speaking we don't flood often. with the tropical nature of the weather we could have this happen, this is the second time in a week. >> if the water does not rise more than a week ago, they should be fine. >> there's no snow on the ground, i think it was that combination of snow and rain that made the flooding. with a big enough rain storm who knows. severe weather is causing havoc in the bay area as the strongest storm west seen this season pounds the region with
5:59 pm
wind and rain. flash flood warning and dangerous conditions in the bay area as the storm moves through. >> the relentless rain came down heavy. we took these pictures and it didn't end there. >> to fran the rain and the high tides known as the king tides sent water over the seawall on the embarcadero. >> this is causing localized flooding. tow truck drivers have responded to dozen of stalls and accidents all over the bay area. >> looking at the conditions outside. the bulk of the storm is moving south where the heaviest rain is expected in the santa cruz mountains. rob is in alameda with the latest there. >> first we bring in bill
6:00 pm
martin who's tracking the rain. >> we have the heaviest rain moving out of the north bay, where the flood warnings were, now it's trending south. the heaviest rain, half foot of rain in the russian river area. 3inches of rain in calistoga. but that's changing, the system is moving out of the area, as it does drawing from the north. the flood warnings you can see the areas of concern right now. the flood warnings will be dropped. we've been seeing heavy rainfall rates. a flood warning for the santa cruz mountains. the rain out of the north bay and the santa clara valley. it's been dry all day. hayward, fremont, heavy rain on the roadways,


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