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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  December 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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junkyard fire triggers an order to shelter in place. 10 people hop iced -- hospitalized, two are fighting for their life. an investigation into what caused the crash is underway, the driver of the car in question remained on scene. >> tara is on the scene. >> investigators believe that the driver who set off the
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chain-reaction accidently put her foot to gas instead of the brake. that's what's behind the accident. it happened at 12:45 this afternoon on stockton before clay. they say the driver was in a gray colored car when she slammed into a car. her car plowed into a group of people standing at a bus stop. witnesses described the scene as chaotic. >> middle of the day, a lot of people were shopping. the auto collided into the bus shelter. i am assuming people were waiting for the bus. it's densely populated down here. >> a lot of individuals were on the ground, many bleeding, blood all over the sidewalk.
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it was kind of a horrific scene. >> stockton is shut down. avoid the area if you can. 10 people injured in the accident. they were taken to the hospital of the two are in critical condition. the driver who caused the accident is cooperating with investigators and we traced the license plate. she's sherry lee, that's all the information we have. we don't know if the car that was registered to is the person driving it. we'll have more at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. >> we have continuing coverage of this crash. you'll get up to the date information on and more coming up on the news at 5:00. fire crews in lynchmond --
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richmond put out a fire. the thick black smoke prompted officialth to issue a shelter in place. this wrecking yard exploded in flames this morning with car after car torched. the fire was driven by strong winds and thick toxic smoke was in the heart of richmond, people were told to stay indoors. the soong was unreal -- the scene was unreal. >> it was scary. >> sandra living a block from the fire and she woke up to allowed bloom and black smoke. there were a number of explosions heard. >> i pulled my car out of the garage and got ready to go. it was that scary.
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>> firefighters were called in from richmond, contra coste county and the refinery. >> it smothers the fire, it separates the fuel from the oxygen so it doesn't ignited. >> that's as smoke drifted into nearby neighborhoods people living and working nearby were told to shelter in place. student -- students were ordered to stay indoors. >> we don't want the gas to affect our families and neighbors. >> coming up at 5:00 what caused the fire and if there's been issues at this salvage yard in the past. john burris held a meeting
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aimed at protecting oakland's art community. christian was at the meeting and has more on what they hope to accomplish. >> organizers are looking at what can be done for the artist living in the warehouses. they are doing what they can to see that the ghost ship fire is not used for mass evictions. organization looking to go artist about their rights and present alternatives to conviction. john burr -- eviction. >> from my point of view i want to make sure that people are not evicted and this is not used as an opportunity to run people out of town, the artistic community and change to make up of the community. >> the meeting was an
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opportunity to brick together all the involved people in the community. i'm a fundraiser for one of the many warehouses, the salt lick was the subject of a public fight. the artist felt they were trying to get her evicted. the fundraiser is at 8:00. stores near the fire soong are trying to -- fire scene are trying to get back. >> we came here because my dad and my mom come to this store. seems like it's closed today. >> some have to relocate and shut down their businesses. in many cases they didn't have
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insurance. the neighbors and the merchants is a challenge we are trying to meet. >> the city did declare a state of emergency but that does not help businesses impacted by the fire. the city is trying to get private donors to contribute. wet weather moving a long. now it's cold. >> the wet weather moved out. there's a little bit rain off the coastline but the cold is the headliner. giving you a view, mostly clear skies, if we look at storm tracker two you can see the rain cells continuing to push along the coastline. they will continue parallel to the coast. we are going to remain with dry weather, the winds continue to blow, novato 26 miles an hour.
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concord at 12. brisk and blustery at this hour. temperature on the chilly side. 51 in santa rosa, 51 in berkeley, low 50s in san jose. in the east bay the same. temperature down over what we had yesterday. down by 10 in sfo. and only going colder, look at the map. it indicates where we have advisories in place. starting at midnight a freeze warning and going to early tomorrow morning. temperature in the 20s expected and as you look toward the bayside communities the frost advisory starting at midnight. going to 8:00 in the morning. when i come back i'll have a detailed look at the overnight lows, and we'll look around the
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country and show you where the flight delays are popping up. the coast guard was over the bay after report of an overturned boat. there were several boats that have capsized. it was because of the weather. they later got confirmation that no one was on board at the time. a rescue, a firefighters pulled a man to safety that was dangling off the cliff. it was in the sea cliff area. the man was about 100 feet down the cliff. a neighbor heard the man calling for help and called firefighters. they were able to haul him to safety. >> i was told that he might have been down there for a couple hours. he's cold and exhausted, i think he was happy to see us. >> the man had minor injury,
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it's not clear how he got there. he may have walked from china beacher baker beach and got stuck when the tide came in. workers threat being to go on strike. what they had asking and when they will walk off the job. >> since i signed obamacare into job there's been 15 million new jobs. >> president obama with his final news conference of the year addressing many issues includes russia's influence on the election. zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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. today president obama held his last news conference of the year before the christmas break. allegations of russian hacking was front and center. the president discussed his legacy. >> president obama holding his traditional end of the year press conference before heading to hawaii for christmas. >> based on uniform intelligence assessments the russians were responsible for hacking the dnc. that shouldn't be a partisan issue. >> the president touting obamacare, something mr. trump has threatened to repeal and
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replace. >> since i signed obamacare into law our businesses have added 15 million new jobs. >> last year the poverty rate fell at the fastest rate in 50 years and the household rate grew. >> mr. obama applauding what he considers his achievements. >> iran cannot get a nuclear weapon, we opened up a new chapter with the peep of cuba. >> the president reflecting on the ongoing crisis in syria. >> for years we've worked to stop the civil war in syria, it been one of the hardest issues i faced as president. >> he has 34 days left in
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office beforehanding the reins over to donald trump. the pen gone is -- pentagon is demanding that china hand over a drone. it was conducting scientific research near fill peep. there -- philippines. >> there should be no need for further reclamation. there should be no need for the manmade features. they are trying to determine if the seizure of the drones was retribution on the comments made by donald trump. trump took a phone call from the president of taiwan
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upsetting the chinese government. santa clara sheriff office arrested six people. they released these pictures of the items investigators recovered. they are seeing an increase in package thefts. they are accused of stealing thousands of dollars of packages. james maybin was one of those arrested. he and accomplish broke into a storage facility to steal panels. the packages were recovered and returned to the u.p. s store to be delivered. amanda and marcus cruz were arrested, they had various stolen packages with items including women's clothing and construction equipment. clerical workers will go on
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strike next month. they've had several rallies saying their wages leave them juggling how to pay for food and rent. the system wide strike is in support of a five day strike at ucla. the elects and -- electricians and plumbers starts january 6. >> hillary clinton speaking out oning aced -- willing alleged russian hacking. free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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president obama is vowing that the u.s. will retaliate against russia but he's at odds with donald trump who refuses to believe that russia carried out a cyber attack against the u.s. >> president obama urging mr. trump to accept the intelligence. >> my hope is that the president-elect will be concerned with making sure we don't have potential foreign influence in our elections. >> hillary clinton said the interference was ordered by
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putin as retribution by her work as secretary of state. >> i could do view it as a threat from a foreign power and i believe that putin and the team around him certainly believe that there is some benefit to them for doing this. >> congressional leaders will conduct a review in the new year, the members of the electrical college will cast their votes on monday and they are demanding a briefing before then. >> we'd like to see the evidence before the media reports and find out where the manipulation is and determine if there's a connection between that and the trump cap pain. >> even -- campaign. >> it's unlikely hillary clinton could take away the presidency from donald trump
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who's spent the week mocking the at thes -- democrats for taking issue only after they lost the election. a federal judge denies that the electrical college vote for the winner of the statewide person who won.  he wants to vote for a compromise republican such as romney or casic, it's part of an effort to deny trump the white house. the members of the elector rahl -- electoral college will vote on monday. new restrictions on drivers until they are 20-year-old. they prohibit driving between 11:00 p.m.
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and 5:00 a.m. entrance porting passenger -- transporting passengers under 20. they cannot use a cell phone while driving. the bill's author says the legislation would help decrease accidents among newly licensed drivers. dea agents are in a race against drug dealers. we'll speak with a legal analyst about what legal action a city can take protecting artists. (mhero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment
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on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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. the race is on to find the next killer street drug. drugs are being restructures to get around the laws. . >> this warehouse somewhere in south florida, we're the southeast laboratory and cover the southeast region of the united states and caribbean. >> you can have methamphetamine, oxycodone, you can have hurricane matthew, heroin.
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>> and -- kilos of cocaine. in that corner is the candy,. >> we're inside the federal krug enforcement agency the dea lab keels with ex--- deals with compounds so dangerous the location is not publicized. bringing samples here means suiting up. >> we go into number 8. >> and taking me cautions. it's very dangerous. >> before chemist can analyze them. gloves and going wills. >> the reason, a rise in synthetic opioids, one that blows morphine away. >> it's 100 times more potent
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than o'yesterdays. >> fentanyl it has legitimate use others like pain relief delivered in a patch. on the street it can kill. >> i'm grinding it. >> you have your sample. >> i have my sample. it's cleaned up. we're going to run it. >> i'm going to run the sample. >> this is clear of fentanyl, that doesn't mean we're in the clear. this can be just as if not more dangerous. >> this is the hot side. >> this is the side we have all the potential danger. this is what you have on your glasses as well. >> things are changing. >> changing the structure of compounds trying to stay ahead of the law. >> how often do you find
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something new? >> the amount of new compounds we're seeing is increasing within the last two years with the synthetic drugs. >> bath salts to elephant tranquilizers to pink involved in an increasing number of overdoses. the dea has a secret weapon. >> instruments that put them back together. >> this machine is a nuclear residence spectrometer. >> we'll say to our agents and dea and say this is a new compound in the streets. >> this is only a small fraction of the street drugs they have on hand. >> it is truly playing russian
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roulette. you don't know what you will get. >> it's a constant race to stay ahead of the next deadly compound. facebook is facing scrutiny in germany for handling hate speech. the government is considering holding facebook libel for hate speech posted by users, such posts are against the law and officials say they could fine facebook up to a half million dollars for each post containing hate speech if it's not removed within 24 hours of appearing. facebook is working with officials to address the issue. the warriors recognized a local war, veteran. he rushed from his second back- to-back duty.
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he surprised his family. >> it was one of the things you plan and organize well, just as the organization helped me do. the fans and their reaction was just countless thousands of fans. one in a lifetime event. >> i don't know how to describe it. i haven't seen him in so long. it great. >> what a sweet reunion. he arrived in oakland yesterday afternoon. it was hard to wait to see his family but the surprise was worth it. people are getting into the holiday spirit. the festive happening around the bay area in the weekend watch. >> the weekend is upon us. here's a few events the large -- boat parade on friday 6 to
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8. boats with lights and holiday presentation. it starts at pier 39 and turn around at chrissy field. step pack in time as the dickens christmas fair continues. transfers exhibit halls into victorian london. you will be treated to performances on sames and in the streets. in the east bay the crafts fair will show kate two -- showcase 200 exhibits, a great place to get holiday gifts. flee parking and a free shuttle. in the south bay, winter fest
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great america continues. snow, ice skating, decorating cookies and rides and shows. >> warriors are at home, raters, niners and sharks are on the road. i hid out for a long time. i would go to coffee shops, hadn't showered in five days. >> he was living the dream and lost it all. the chance encounter that helped him reclaim his life. the wet weather has moved out the cold weather is moving in. i'll have what you can expect for the weekend.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. . time for the verdict, joining me is michael cardoza. john burris had a group meeting. bringing together interested parties to save artist in the artist community in oakland. the fear is landlords will reevaluate who's listing in their property. good idea, what's your thoughts. >> is it's a good idea, certainly, it's an idea that
4:37 pm
needs funding. i know john and i like john a lot, wants to keep the artist here, if you own a piece of property and you have people on your property that aren't supposed to live there you could be liable for any deaths or injuries. >> especially in the wake of the fire, it's a wake-up call, you can't say i wasn't aware this was happening, because if you weren't aware, you should go make sure you know what's happening in the warehouse. >> it's all truistic to --al truistic to john. how are you going to implement the idea. you cannot say don't kick them out. a fire might start and they may die. families of the deceased will turn around ensue.
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we have -- and sue. i understand you want to save artist. what about staving -- starving students. who do we help, how do we help. we have to clear up the wear houses. if we want to make them residential we can do so. once that happens as john will know too, rents will group. >> another subject is judge ruled today that electoral ledge members must vote with the way state voters want it to two. clear message. >> there's a clear message from the judge, democrats, you lost, republicans, won this election. are the democrats now going to do what the republicans did
4:39 pm
when barack obama got into the presidency, are they going to block everyone or are we going to act like a democracy, i may not like the election results, but he the win more electrical votes than anyone has. he is the next president. i may not like it, you may not like it. we have to work together. if he makes mistakes as he goes along, have at him. but this way i'm glad the judge can that -- did that. you don't get to vote the way you wanted. you as individual on that panel don't get to change things. this year ktvu are a media
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partner with other organizations for the season of sharing fund. the fund has raised more than 113-00-0000 to help people in need -- 113-00-0000 to help people. >> on the 6th34 of the apartment building, larry williams takes in the view. he has just the essentials but it's a 358 as. >> -- palace. >> it was indread, heat. i forgot what that was like. >> his journey home started five years ago. he was a mechanical engineer, but a series of auto accidents left him with spinal and head
4:41 pm
injuries, divorced and nowhere to turn he recovered at shelters and ended up on the street. >> i ended up in a tent, cast on both legs and immobile. this was my lowest, i had no choice but to lay there. >> homeless and suffering from a heart allment he found a home under a semitruck. he lanquished for years. >> i hid out for a long time, i would hide, i would go to coffee shops, hadn't showered in three, four, five days, kind of mask the fact that what i was living, who i was, i knew this was and me. >> and the giants have won it all. >> while watching the giants win the world series in 2012,
4:42 pm
he had a chance encounter with gavin newsom. he snapped a photo. that was a motivator to reclaim his life. he began to reach out and thanks to his faith, numerous social agencies and the season of sharing he walked into his own home in october for the first time in more than five years. >> i hit the floor. i really hit the floor. it was overwhelming. it shook me for hours. and then they left and i was lost in space. >> larry is recovering, but for the first time in years his heart and head are whole again. he hopes to return the favor to those who saved him and those who need saving. >> when you see a homeless do
4:43 pm
you reach out. >> i've left with $20 and come back with three. you can join the season of sharing and donate online, we've posted information in the web link section of it's chilly here, around the country deep freezing and weather issues for travelers. >> the majority of the country in the cold. rain, rain snow mix, let's start with the national forecast for the weekend. snow and ice expected from the plains across the great lakes into the northeast, in the southeast widespread rain and a mix of rain and snow over portions of the west. this is causing delays. i've circled some that are experiencing delays. we go to the southeast, miami
4:44 pm
and fort lauderdale reporting delays. 30s at salt lake , delays at salt lake city. the weather is expected to continue as we get into the weekend. let's talk about tahoe, we have clearing for the weekend, there's an advisory in place but good weather saturday and sunday. temperature will be cold in the overnight hours dipping into the teens. for the afternoon, sunny, dry and in the 30s. if you're headed to tahoe the winds will be light and dry. the frost freeze advisories for our area, we're looking at cold temperature and a freeze watch. we'll focus at home, expect a saturday and sunday morning for the valleys and mornings, we're expected to dip into the 20s
4:45 pm
from midnight to 8:00 a.m., we'll have the freeze warning in place. and the lighter shade is for the bayside communities, san francisco and the coast. midnight the 8:00 in the morning. we'll wake up with freezing temps around the bay and 20 for the inland communities. bring in the pets. cover the pets. it will have an impact. temperature on the cool side and breezy. we talked about that. 51 in santa rosa. low 50s in livermore and 52 at this hour in the south bay. upper 20s to low 30s for the inland communities. danville 28 to start the morning. get closer to the water not as bad but cold. we'll go 40 for berkeley and
4:46 pm
alameda. in the south bay a lot of 30s. freezing in saratoga, 34 in millipedea. 32 at redwood city. 43 in strapp. -- san francisco. mostly sunny skies and lighter breeze tomorrow will remain cool. low 40s in the forecast for most of us. 51 for san jose and 50 degrees for san francisco. little change in the forecast for the back end of the weekend. cool morning and cool afternoon. temperature moderate as we get back to work on monday. chilly but not as bad as the weekend. one of the warmer days is wednesday. all in all the forecast looks
4:47 pm
dry, looks cool, no rain for the next several days. the north bay nonprofit gym home to gymnast damaged by the rain. >> this is home to the kids, i don't know what to do. >> the of the to salvage the equipment. an increase in package theft, we speak with a victim who had her family's disney tickets stolen. coming up next, the future of medicine may lie in the hands of robots.
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. the family of a restaurant owner has been issued a $45 million reward in a wrongful death suit. his family filed the lawsuit seeking compensation for the men convicted in the conspiracy to kill him. the motive was garcias jealousy. the family attorney don't expect to recover anything close to the award, all. the defendants are in prison and only garcia has known assets. if you're celebrating, have a designated driver. beginning today officers will conduct dui checkpoints. they will be in place where collision and frequency of dui
4:51 pm
arrests put them in california. there were 1500 deaths and 24,000 serious injuries in 2014. the checkpoints will be in operation until new year's day. the day of invasive heart procedures may be over. more on how robot arms may be the way of surgeries in the future. >> any problem with the incisions. have you turn around here. listen to your lungs. take a deep breath. >> when jason found out earlier this year that he needed heart surgery, he never thought that a few weeks after the procedure he would be almost back to normal. >> i got freaked out because it's your heart, until i knew the doctor was going to select me as a candidate i expected to crack my chest and loose six
4:52 pm
months of activity. >> he felt blessed to meet the doctor. one of a small number of doctors that perform robotic heart surgery. the common heart surgery breaks open the breastbone. both procedures are sect i -- effective. robotic is less invasive. >> it allows miniature hands, where it will go into the patient through small incisions and allows me to have the same dexterity but i don't have to make a big incision. >> traditionally there would be a incision from here to here opposed to the little incisions. >> three weeks after his surgery he was skiing through
4:53 pm
the mountains of colorado. >> i wanted to be positive. he told me he would get me back, made my ski flip. >> -- ski trip. he does 100 surgeries a year and his goal is to double the number. not enough patients know that this type of surgery exists. next spring he will conduct training for doctors across the country. a fine farewell to astronaut john glenn. his body is in state. he died at the age of 95. he was the first american to orbit the earth. there's a series of events honoring his life. in san francisco is holidays include a trip to the fairmont or macy's. >> around the world there's a
4:54 pm
lot of events. we'll look at celebrations around the world, next.
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4:56 pm
. santa was in san francisco. he visited sick children. santa gave his reindeer a rest. he arrived at the hospital on a
4:57 pm
fire truck. he gave the kids gifts and took pictures with them. >> here we help children with the spirit and help them heal with the important life experiences. even if they are in the hospital during the holidays we want santa to be part of the experience. >> they visited the rooms of children in the hospital that were too sick to leave the room. the united states has christmas trees, around the world there's other ways people usher in the holiday season. benjamin has more. >> here in the british capital the decorations may look familiar but the horse race is unique. it mixes two british
4:58 pm
trademarks, british pant mine and pubs. >> it showcases grinnish and london. in germany a group of bikers wear santa costumes. it raises money for charity with this year's ride benefitting a local soup kitchen. the mulled wine is a christmas market staple for germans, they drink and dine with the big man, for four days santa hosts guests for a meal with a table above brussels. >> you can discover your city itch in guatemala cardboard devils are burned and australians see santa climb sydney harbor bridge. it's chilly in finland, people
4:59 pm
visit old st. nick near the arctic circle. >> he receives half a million letters from all-around the world. >> he has to head back to the north pole to deliver gifts. children can follow the progress with the norad santa tracker. tracker. . 10 people are hurt after a car drove into a bus stop in chinatown in san francisco. good evening. two people are fighting for their lives after a car crashes into a bus stop in chinatown. an investigation into what caused the crash is underway. >> the driver of the car is cooperating with investigators, it took place this afternoon. rob is on the soong with what
5:00 pm
he's been able to learn tonight. >> good evening, i want to step out of the way and point your correction to the bus -- direction to the bus stop. there's a tow truck on scene. we know stockton street remains closed. this is still an active investigation as police investigate this accident. >> first responders tried to calm and tend to the injured. the scene playing out on stockton street in the heart of chinatown. >> it's a major collision scene we have to bring out the special investigators. we have the san francisco police department traffic collision unit on scene. >> the police report 12:45 this car rear-ended the


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