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tv   KTVU Mornings Weekend Edition  FOX  December 18, 2016 7:00am-8:31am PST

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fox news sunday airs at 10:00 a.m. on ktvu. >> we are just getting started on this frigid sunday morning. muni riders get ready to pay more for public transportation around the bay in the new year. coming up in the next half hour, why some riders won't see a change in fares and others will see an increase. >> raiders are taking on the chargers in san diego. there is a lot at stake for the silver and black. we will tell you about the after the break. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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the oakland raiders are
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playing for big stakes when they face the chargers. a victory would put the raiders in the play-offs for the first time in 14 years. that would be a huge accomplishment considering the recent history of the team. >> reporter: just two years ago the raiders started out with ten losses. this season they are sitting on ten wins and counting. and can clinch a play-off spot sunday which has some excited. starting 0-10 was not fun. these moments are awesome. these moments are really cool. >> our record is 10-3. we got what we earned so far. >> reporter: others less so. >> no, i don't really talk about it. i talk about us playing good football, continuing to grow as a football team. we dig into the preparations and recover from the last game and compete. >> reporter: they will compete against the rival chargers. quarterback philip rivers torched the oakland secondary
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for 351 yards in early october then piled on after the game saying he knew the raiders couldn't keep up with his receivers on the outside. >> they got a couple behind us. we will see if we can run faster this week. >> they studied like we studied. if that's what he saw on film, that's what he felt like. >> proud of ourselves, not passing the ball over the top. we gave up a few here and there. it's all about getting better. a lot of fun. >> reporter: to be successful against philip rivers you have to get pressure on him. to that end kaleel mack is working on three straight games with a sacked forced fumble. a raider win would not only put them in the play-offs but their own naming of san diego and give them back to back season sweeps of the chargers. scott reese, ktvu sports. the warriors coasted to a
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win. they pounded portland. three ball from the wing and he got it. five three-pointers. how about clay. going in the paint. k.g. up top. he had 34 points and 11 boards. they are up 25 at the break. we got more durant. a soft touch from downtown with the big man. he will stop and pop. that is the alley-oop actually. we will take that. portland loses the sixth in a row. golden state wins it 135-90. a weekend full of state football championship games, too. >> the division game between lasalle and st. john bosco are out. the folks barely settled in
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their seats when a 59-yard run broke loose. 7-0 spartans. >> braves had offense in their arsenal. ray allen mitchell with a score. bynum finds his man for a score. 56-33. earlier in the day, sac state going for a good luck charm. that is the coach's sun. the padres go up 20-14. then this guy gets loose. see you later on the kick off. that would be j.j. hernandez. he will go all the way for the touchdown and this thing is
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over. but it was close. the final 42-20 in that two-way title game. not a good weekend for most of the northern california schools but some bay area schools were winners in 3-a play, menlo lost. campolindo won. >> it's like you are on espn. >> a low tide of high school sports. >> kids are thrilled. big weekend for them. they played in chilly weather, too. i know sac state it was in the 30s. let's send it over to rosemary. when will we thaw out. >> baby steps.
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it won't happen soon. this morning just as cold as yesterday morning. a frosty start. if you are getting outdoors early, be prepared. in the 20s and 30s with advisories in place for the next 40 minutes or so. here is a beautiful look, a pretty view as we watch the sun come up. we are looking at clear skies today. winds will be on the light side. temperatures are on the cool side. here is storm tracker 2. you can see the winds if you take a close enough look, even a bit offshore. generally light. in fact, if i check in on the winds, calm for most of us this morning. livermore, hayward, san jose, mountain view and sfo reporting very calm winds and variable wind in some spots from the east in livermore. temperatures right now, 28 in livermore. 28 in walnut creek. below freezing in concord. 35 in fairfield. so, is i guess you are a little better off than some of your neighbors. 30 in napa. we have 26 degrees in santa rosa. one of the colder spots for sure. you get close to the water, not
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as bad but still very, very cold, 38 in oakland. we have 35 in san francisco. 37 degrees in redwood city. freezing in san jose. the inner east bay where the colder temperatures read, 28 in danville. 29 in lafayette. some, bone chilling weather to start the morning. santa rosa, down by 2. this morning colder than yesterday morning. take a look at the bar. we got numbers below the bar here to start the day. as we get into noontime, 50 degrees. topping out in the low 50s. then as we settle into the evening hours, quickly back into the 40s. by 5:00, santa rosa upper 40s. afternoon highs today will go 53 for santa rosa. 53 san rafael. east bay 54 for oakland, one of the warmer locations. 50 antioch and san francisco 52. shifting into the south bay, mountain view 52 for you.
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53 morgan hill. santa cruz a balmy 58. here is the extended forecast. so, as i mentioned a moment ago, temperatures will be on the up and up. but it will take a while and we will see numbers warm a little bit more with each passing day. monday low to mid-50s in the forecast for the afternoon highs. tuesday upper 50s. 60 by wednesday before temperatures fall off a bit. thursday dry weather in the forecast. on thursday we may get a slight chance calling for partly cloudy skies. the system will stay to the north of us. >> i had a cup of water in my car. it had ice in it this morning. >> not surprised. >> cold. >> does it look like it will be dry through christmas or too far ahead. >> too far ahead. >> thanks, rosemary. coming up, a rare species known as the ghost shark has been seen alive on video for the very first time. take a look.
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the video was taken in 2009 but it was just released by the mon -- by the moneterey bay institute. they sent a remote vehicle into the waters of central california and hawaii and captured cool video. before it was taken, ghost sharks were only seen in the southern hemisphere. >> that name is appropriate. it looks like it has a sheet on it. >> interesting eyes, too. wow. all right. coming up on "mornings on 2", residents in new york city called police after seeing a woman stuck in a car. turns out it was false alarm. the reaction when they saw this mannequin trapped during freezing temperatures. realistic looking. realistic looking.
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welcome back. activists in syria say rebels attacked and burned several buses sent to evacuate people. evacuations were expected to resume today. a new agreement was reportedly reached between the syrian forces and rebels. syria's government halted evacuations on friday because of renewed violence. sacramento police are looking for the driver who dropped a pipe bomb on a street near a busy shopping center. this was a hit and run crash on
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65th near broadway. it happened yesterday afternoon. a white pickup truck leaving the scene of the crash and a live pipe bomb fell out of the truck. police shut down the street near the east said sacramento target. the bomb squad was called in to detonate the bomb. police are searching for the white van. the driver left camouflage clothing and fish net stockings at the scene. kind of strange. nobody was injured. one woman is dead and five others hurt after a large tree fell on a wedding party in southern california. the group was taking photos in a park in the city of whittier. a tree fell on the crowd. the l.a. county firefighters had to use chain saws to get the tree branches off the patrons. >> they were here for a joyous occasion. then a large tree interrupted that. they are going through a lot of issues that we are trying to make sure to support. >> officials are not saying how
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any of the victims are related to the bride and groom. they do say a 4-year-old girl is in critical condition with severe head injuries. the other victims have less serious injury. city officials don't have any trees fall during the heavy rain and winds that hit southern california over the weekend. this is it. it's not clear if the storm contributed to the tree coming down. terrified neighbors in new york called police after seeing what they thought was an elderly woman frozen to death inside a car. it was a life size mannequin wearing an oxygen mask. the owner of this car is a sales manager for a company that makes medical training aids and the doll is a cpr training device. it looks very realistic. you can see how people would be concerned. >> maybe put the mannequin in the trunk overnight. former wrestler hulk hogan was the victim of a package theft. police in florida released home
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surveillance video showing a car pull in. several women walk up the steps, pick up a package and drop it. a few seconds later they come back for the package. they took out whatever was inside and ran off. the force is strong with this next couple. >> we got engaged before rogue one is incredible. "star wars" is 9 best movie of all time. we are privileged to be here and engaged here. amazing. >> these are hard core "star wars" fans. >> they both need to be hard- core fans. >> if they want the marriage to last, they better be. >> we will call them loved birds. they got engaged in front of the chinese theater in hollywood. rogue one earned over 70 million bucks in thursday and friday shows alone. people are fired up about it. >> great time of year to see
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movies. people have time off. >> it's cold. >> you want to be inside. warm popcorn sounds good. "mornings on 2", police are called to check on an elderly woman and discover she died more than a month earlier. the arrest made in connection with her suspicious death. >> word from the alameda county sheriff's office that this fire in castro valley has turned deadly. we will have a learn report in the next half hour. stay with us.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. >> a fire at an apartment complex turned deadly. the fire at the 3300 block of janine way. >> christian kafton just arrived on scene. >> reporter: we just arrived. a deputy confirmed that this is
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in fact a deadly fire. this is an active fire scene. alameda county sheriff's and fire are on scene. you can see the building that appears to have been the location where the fire broke out. it's an apartment building near castro valley boulevard and san miguel. we do understand that there is one person when has been reported to have died in the fire. so far authorities aren't offering any details on who that person is, how they died. so, we are looking to get more information on that later onment as we pan to the side, you can see the large fire presence here on scene. so far we have not seen any smoke coming from the building. we haven't seen any flames. it appears that the fire is under control. no word on how it started. we are hoping to get the details later on. we have been here about 10
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minutes. as we walked past, we got a couple of quick shots of the area where this fire broke out. again, it appears to be an apartment complex in castro valley near castro valley boulevard and san miguel and alameda county sheriff's deputies confirming for us in the last 10 minutes that this is, in fact, a deadly fire. we are hoping to have more information for you coming up as the information becomes available. we will bring the information to you. >> christian, i know you just got down there. how big of an apartment complex is it? >> it's ladder to say. we walked by. you can see for yourself it appears to be a two-sorry apartment complex, possibly town house style. we had a very quick walk through. so, there is no -- i don't know how deep it goes yet. we will be looking to find out that, how many people are displaced, whether it was one unit, multiple units were involved. we will try to gather the information. >> were any of the other
7:32 am
residents in the area, people that live nearby the apartment complex, did they have to evacuate or come out of their homes. are people standing around watching what happened? >> reporter: we are not seeing people on the streets right now. usually if they evacuated, you will see people. one individual is over there in a sweatshirt that appears to be talking to a deputy. then to the left of that person you can see a bunch of firefighters out here. we are not seeing a large scale evacuation if that is what you are asking. we are not seeing a dozen people or a lot of people out here. but, again, that could all change. that -- there may have been an evacuation earlier. the fire broke out about 6:15. there may have been more people out and maybe they went back in their homes, sheltering elsewhere. we will try to find that information. >> we know you just got on the scene. a deadly fire in castro valley.
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we are keeping an eye on the sky because it is really chilly outside. >> yes, beautiful clear skies all day yesterday, but once you stepped outside you could feel the cold. we have been feeling cold temperatures this weekend. today it should be colder. rosemary orozco is outside in the chilly weather by the oakland estuary. can she hear us? we will get back to her in a second. >> it's so cold she can't hear us. we will check back with rosemary in a couple of minutes. we will move along as it were. all right. okay. so an investigating is underway in fort bragg where police found a woman mummified in her apartment. the police department was called to do a welfare check at the duncan place apartments. once inside, officers found a body that died so long ago it was mummified. police arrested lori fiorentino, the woman's care
7:34 am
giver. police are not releasing more details why she was arrested or how the woman died. investigators believe the elderly woman died about a month ago. highway patrol investigating a deadly car crash in san mateo anding skies for your help if you know what happened here. the crash occurred at the interchange of highway 101 and 92 before noon yesterday. there was one car involved. and the chp thinks the driver was transitioning from the elevated eastbound 92 connector on to northbound 101. investigators say it looks like his car collided with a concrete barrier then dropped to the ground below. there was one person in the car. his name has not been released yet but the chp describes him as a 49-year-old man from pacifica. house fires in south san francisco is still under investigation. we brought you this story yesterday on "mornings on 2". the fire started early yesterday on bay park circle not far from a fire station.
7:35 am
actually 100 yards way. the woman that lives there drove to the station and banged on the doter saying i need help. four people inside at the time and -- door saying i need help. four people inside and one suffered minor injuries. 100 guns are off the street of san francisco. police department teamed up to collect the firearms. police everyday offered $100 for handguns and $200 for assault style weapons that people turned in with no questions asked. when it was finished, police collected a total of 113 guns. starting next month, muni riders have to pay more to get around. on new year's day the fare goes up from 2.25 to 2.50. people using cards and the muni mobile app pay 2.25. the monthly passes for adults that include bart fares are going up by $5. single ride fares for young people, seniors and disabled riders increase by 25 cents. another change is for students
7:36 am
that turn 18 while still in high school. starting in january, they can continue to receive the youth discount fare until they turn 19. all right. we will try rosemary once again. it's still cold outside. there she is. how is it out there, by the way? >> reporter: it's cold. it's cold. i don't think the producer needed to throw me out here to prove it's cold. i'm kidding. bring me a cup of coffee and it will be good. bridge the jacket. you need it most of the day if not the entire day. i pulled out this jacket out of the winter ski bucket. that's how cold it is. giving you a look behind me, calm, clear skies out here this morning. and chilly. just like yesterday morning, we start off with advisories in place. let's take a look at where we will have the advisories until 8:00 this morning. the freeze warning for the valleys and mountains where some of us are sinking -- i should say sank into the 20s bottoming out at this hour.
7:37 am
along the bayside communities as well as the coast, in san francisco, we have a frost advisory that goes until 8:00 this morning. so, perhaps a little bit late at this point but check on the plants. maybe your pets if they are outdoors early this morning -- in areas like santa rosa, the east bay, livermore, walnut creek in the 20s this morning. closer to the water, not as bad but still cold. upper 30s in the forecast at this hour for areas like oakland as well as san francisco. and in the south bay, san jose, 32 degrees. freezing for you as well. temperatures will thaw out into the next hour or so. it will remain cool for your afternoon. i will have a look at the afternoon highs and extended forecast coming up. >> okay. thanks, rosemary. looks nice with the sun on your face. >> it's warm in here by the
7:38 am
way. it's 7:37. from pg and e, customers that go solar have to pay new fees. they will charge new solar customers 145 bucks to hook up to the electric grid. it will go to maintain the grid. people that don't have solar have been paying for the maintenance. the move comes as rooftop solar panels provide 5% of pg&e total electricity. people that had solar won't have to pay the fee for more than 20 years. city leaders in san francisco are bracing themselves for the possible repeal of obama care. once donald trump takes office in january, how minority leader nancy pelosi and other officials meeting in san francisco to discuss the issue. pelosi says she will continue to fight to keep obama care intact. as a precaution, the mayor's office asked to identify the financial impact of losing the health care program. 250,000 san franciscoans are covered by obama care and medicaid. meanwhile, the deadline to
7:39 am
sign up for a plan through covered california, you have through midnight monday to enroll for that insurance plan. tens of thousands of people signed up for government insurance coverage through the well -- though it won't start until february or march for those just signing up. it has been three months since san franciscos rows pack died. pack died in september, a few months after a kid any transplant in china. her two sisters couldn't reach an agreement you who to share her estate and prevented her body from being cremated. now that it is settled, the remains will be cremated this week. health officials are seeing an increase in whooping cough. the highly contagious disease has been confirmed in 17 students. but as many as 44 suspected cases have been reported. symptoms include fever, cough,
7:40 am
shortness of breath and vomiting. the majority of confirmed whooping cough cases are middle and high school students that are vaccinated but failed to get a booster shot. we are getting word about a double fatality on interstate 580 in the livermore area. i will show you where that is happening on a map. chp said near grant line road. traffic is being redirected. you know you have the outlets not far from there. a lot of people are out and about on the road, as we get closer to christmas. we will keep an eye on that and information on the crash as well. we will pass it along later in the show. coming up in our 8:00 hour, president-elect donald trump announces his pick for white house budget director. this happening as the electoral college meets tomorrow to formally declare him president. >> we will meet a man that was living the dream life and he lost it all in a matter of months. from an executive to living in the streets. but now he is enjoying a second chance. a feel good story and it's
7:41 am
coming up next. coming up next.
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welcome back. today the audobon society is expected 250 people to help with the annual bird count. birders are just about to get started. they are going to report on how many birds they see and what species they are. this is the 76th year. it helps experts figure out what changes happened in the local bird population. a similar bird count takes place in san francisco next weekend. a special holiday party was held in san francisco at st. francis memorial hospital for burn survivors and their families. much it's an annual event that
7:44 am
gives patients and staffers a chance to see each other in better times after long periods of treatment and healing. lawrence reese was burned over most of his body in 1993 in a motorcycle accident. he comes back every year to see the staff and talk to other burn victims. >> giving back, the nurse that took care of me. >> it's therapeutic for the patients, the family and the staff to see the patients come back when they are all healed. >> the director says patients typically spend one day in the hospital for every 1% of the body that is burned. she says the mostly severely burned end up in the hospital for months. they form long lasting bonds with the people who care for them. imagine having a six figure job educated, smart, living the good life and losing it in a matter of months. >> 60 days and it's over.
7:45 am
this is the season of sharing. we introduce you to larry williams, a man who lived in the streets for years but thanks to the kindness of many others now has a second chance. >> on the sixth floor of this apartment building, larry williams takes in the view. he lives in a modest 250 square foot studio with the essentials. but to larry it may as well be a palace. >> it was incredible feeling, btus, heat, i kind of forgot what that was like. >> reporter: larry's journey home started five years ago. he was once a very successful mechanical engineer that toured the world. but a series of auto accidents left him with a severe spinal and head injury. another injured both knees. divorced and nowhere to turn, he recovered at shelters. elf he landed out -- eventually he landed out on the street.
7:46 am
>> i ended up in a tent near san bernardino mountain, cast on both legs and immobile. i knew this is probably my lowest. i just had no choice but to lay there like in my home. >> reporter: homeless and suffering from a heart ailment, he found a home under a semi- truck in san francisco. elan gushed for years forever -- he lane gushed for years -- languished for years. >> i would go to coffee shops. hadn't showered in three, four, five days. and kind of mask the fact that what i was living, who i was. i knew inside this wasn't me. >> giants won it all. >> watching the giants win the world series on the big screen at city hall in 2012, larry had a chance encounter with former mayor gavin newsom. he snapped a photo. that picture served as a motivator the next few years to
7:47 am
reclaim his life. suddenly the stubborn hoosier began to reach out and thanks to his faith, numerous social agencies and the chronicle season of sharing, he finally walked in to his own home in october for the first time in more than five years. >> i really hit the floor. i really hit the floor. it was overwhelming. it shook me for hours. then they left and i was loss in space. >> reporter: larry is still recovering but for the first time in years, his heart and head are whole again. he is forever grateful and hopes to return the favor to those who saved him and those that still need saving. >> if you see a homeless person, do you reach out? >> absolutely. i have come back -- i left with $20 and came back with three. i have done that a number of
7:48 am
times. >> reporter: frank mallicoat, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> what an incredible story. >> quite a journey. brilliant guy making good money, good life and just hit some hard times after the car accidents. he was so stubborn, i don't need help, i don't need help. eventually he said maybe i do need help and it turned his life around. now he wants to spend the rest of his life giving back thanking the agencies. it takes a village to get someone off the streets and back on the straight and narrow. now he wants to speak to corporations about helping the agencies. >> you talked about his physical injuries. was he struggling with depression. >> all that. >> prohibited him from getting the help. >> he had a spinal and head injuries, stubbornness and he suffers from posttraumatic stress syndrome because he got beat up and that kind of thing. so, recovery takes a long time but thanks to the kindness of others, just having shelter and
7:49 am
food and heat. >> that helps you prioritize what is important in life. >> i know he is watching. good man. larry, merry christmas, buddy. the season of sharing says the need for assistance is just as urgent as it was some 30 years ago. join the campaign and be a big part of the group's decade long work by donating online. we posted a link at our web site. check it out at click on the web links and help out people like larry out there. >> ing let's send it over to rosemary. we are talking about the chilly weather. the time of year for big coats and scarves. you were out in it a half hour ago. >> thing about larry, thinks of the folks without shelter. it's cold. we have advisories in place. even when it expires at 8:00, it's chilly. i was out there a little while ago and my hands are still trying to warm back up. clear skies. calm one out there. it's a cold one.
7:50 am
that will be the headline today. starting out with the and frost advisories. at 8:00 those will expire. temperatures have fallen back to the 20s and 30s. we will get to those in a moment. the clear skies from up above. here is the very light offshore breeze in some areas and very calm in others. take a look at what the graphic says here. we are calm. sto, mountain -- sfo, mountain view, livermore, a light breeze in some spots. here are the numbers. 28 in livermore. 28 in walnut creek. some of the colder airs for the inner east bay -- areas for the inner east bay, concord freezing. santa rosa, 26. around the bay, 36 san francisco. 38 oakland. as i showed you a while ago, san jose, you are freezing this morning. the peninsula, 32 in palo alto. below freezing in woodside. 29 menlo park. for many of us, a colder start. down by 4 degrees.
7:51 am
santa rosa down by 2. liver more here. oakland a tad warmer but we can't tell. in mountain view, temperatures in the 30s. about 48 degrees at lunchtime. topping out in the low 50s. then as soon as the sun goes away, temperatures fall back into the 40s. if you have outdoor plans, i would suggest at least a light jacket. you will need it for most of the day if not the entire day. afternoon highs, 53. 53 san rafael. east bay 54 in oakland. 51 concord. 50 for antioch. shift our eyes to the west. 52 san francisco. you will warm to 52 pacifica. south bay 52 morgan hill. 54 gilroy. santa cruz, 58 expected for you there with mostly clear skies. the extended forecast, temperatures will warm slightly back-to-work monday.
7:52 am
tad warmer tuesday. 60 by wednesday. temperatures cool off a little bit with an increase in cloud cover. slight possibility of maybe some showers entering the picture. i don't think so. it looks like it will stay over northern california. extended forecast is dry but cool. if you are ready to be envious, we know the president is in hawaii this week. 80 degrees. >> 80 degrees. >> it beats duluth, minnesota. minus 20 there. >> inning it's nice to have chilly weather this time of year. it doesn't feel like christmas. >> have you stepped outside? >> we will have her live in minnesota. >> we will put her outside in a moment. i'm kidding. >> thanks, rosemary. >> you're welcome. a handful of puppies caught in flood waters in southern california. the amazing helicopter rescue to save the young pups.
7:53 am
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gilroy police are looking for three people accused of stealing thousands of dollars in merchandise from an outlet store there. police released surveillance to the is of two women. they walked out with $3,700
7:56 am
worth of items last sunday. they off off in a newer black ford expedition with temporary plates. if you have any information, give the gilroy police a call. the surgeon credited with with the heimlich maneuver died. he came up with the method known as the heimlich maneuver to help people who are choking. it's estimated it has saved 100,000 lives in the u.s. alone. last may he used his own technique to save a woman's life at his retirement home. he was 96 years old. feel good story alert. six puppies among the ten dogs rescued from a river bank in southern california are up for adoption. the rescue happened friday in the city of elmonte. they were all living in a normally dry river bed but the
7:57 am
recent storm led to them being trapped on an island. they were rescued by a sheriff's helicopter. >> we were afraid if we left them there she may try to go back to get the dogs. the weather conditions were favorable. the crew was comfortable with it. we did a hoist rescue of about eight or ten dogs. >> in the cold, too. >> some of the dogs have been adopted by the way. sheriff's department said the rescue set a record for the number of dogs rescued at once. >> adorable scene seeing 8 to 10 pup list being hoisted up. glad they are okay. the coming up on mornings on two, organizers of a film screening say the event was shut down as part of the fallout from the ghost ship warehouse fire. house fire. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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sunday, december 18th. >> good morning. we will get weather in a moment. first here is what is making news this morning. >> breaking news out of castro valley. we learned one person died in an apartment fire there. >> crews arrived about two hours ago. this is on janine way near castro valley. >> one person is rushed to the hospital overnight after a shooting in east oakland. >> that happened around 1:00 this morning in the 2500 block of mason street near foothills boulevard and seminary boulevard and near a church. we are working to get more information on this crime scene and hope to have an update later this morning. >> if you thought it was cold
8:01 am
yesterday, it will be colder today. a frost advisory in effect for the next hour. >> don't let the sorn skies fool you. it will be chilly again today. good reminder to cover your plants, bring your pets inside and as rosemary told us earlier, we will be creeping toward warmer temperatures. that will take a while. >> i hope you have a big puffy jacket. we sent her outside because she is the weather person after all and you should endure the elements. >> thanks, guys staying comfortably at the desk inside. >> i remembered the coffee this time. i warmed it up. if you are getting outdoors, i suggest the gloves. i have to admit it feels better than it did a half hour ago. temperatures are on the rebound. it's a very crisp, calm, clear start to your sunday. it's very pretty out here but if you are getting out, bring
8:02 am
the jacket. make it the thicker jacket. let's get to the numbers. temperatures are starting to take off a little bit. 40 degrees reported in san francisco. there is an improvement there. 39 still here in oakland. if we go to the inner east bay, it's freezing in livermore. again, temperatures are up by a few degrees because livermore sank into the 20s this morning. 28 around walnut creek. below freezing looking to the north bay, santa rosa and napa, a cold start for you there. and san jose, just above freezing. you actually gained a degree in the last hour or so. temperatures will continue to warm as we get into the afternoon. with that said, we will remain cool for your afternoon highs. take a look, widespread upper 40s to 50s in the forecast today. 52 in san francisco. a 54 for oakland. 49 livermore. north bay locations, low 50s in the forecast for you there. san jose 52 expected this afternoon. dry weather will remain in the forecast as we get back to work
8:03 am
on monday. as allie alluded took, it will be -- to, it will be baby steps. breaking news that we are continuing to follow in astro valley. >> a fire at an apartment complex turned deadly. that fire in the 3300 block of janine way. >> christian kafton is at the scene. what do we know. anything more about the victims? >> i was speaking to a firefighter about 15 seconds as you were starting the introduction i was getting the latest information. that is, if you take a look now, still an active scene out here. firefighters and alameda county investigators from the sheriff's office confirm there is one fatality. this firefighter told me there is, in fact, an alameda county firehouse within 100 feet or so of this apartment building.
8:04 am
they could smell the smoke and were over here as quickly as they could. by the time they arrived, there were flames pouring out of the windows of the town house where the victim was located. firefighters say they were able to try to get water on that town house. they went in, pulled the victim out. the victim was a woman. they attempted to resuscitate her but were unable to resuscitate that one victim. no word at this point on exactly how many residents were evacuated. the fire at this time is extinguished, has been put out, we have not seen smoke or any steam. we are hoping to get an update from the battalion chief. as we have been telling you, there are deputies here and alameda county fire vehicles as well. for now they are treating this as if it is a fire scene because it is so new -- a crime scene. because it's new, they are
8:05 am
trying to preserve evidence in case something suspicious happened, malicious intent because it is such a new scene, that is the first thing that they do. if you remember back to the ghost ship fire a couple of weeks ago, that is the same procedure there until they know what they are dealing with, is they want to treat it as a crime scene to continue the investigation. fire investigators are due on scene shortly. we are hoping to get more information from the battalion chief in the next 5 to 10 minutes and maybe more information from the alameda county sheriff's office to find out more about the victim, find out if there was a 911 phone call or anything suspicious about the fire. we will work on this all morning long and bring the latest details. frank and allie? >> is there anyone displaced by the fire, nearby residences that people can't go back in their home because of the fire damage or water damage? >> we talked about this
8:06 am
earlier. it does not appear to be displaced residents at this time. we have seen some residents walking around. we don't know how many units are affected. it doesn't appear to be a wide scale evacuation. in other words, it's not like the whole apartment complex was evacuated and there are dozens of people out here waiting to go in. it appears that the fire may very well have been restricted or localized to one unit. there aren't a lot of people wondering out here. we have view have we are trying to turn around for you shot by a resident in the apartment complex that got video of the season as he was walking around. we hope to have that for you as soon as possible. >> all right. christian kafton live at a deadly fire in castro valley. we will check in with you in a bit. we are following developing news out of oakland. police are investigating a shooting that injured one person overnight. >> it happened at 1:00 this
8:07 am
morning on mason street near seminary avenue. it's not clear what lead up to the shooting. no arrests have been made. police are asking anyone with information about the incident to give them a call. as we have been telling you all morning, cold weather continues to grip the bay area with freezing temperatures and frost warnings just in time for the holiday week. let's show you video out of san francisco. skaters even joining the holiday. plenty of people bundled up with hats, coats and scarf is all around. our weather is nothing couple paired to what folks are dealing with in the midwest. here is video out of indianapolis, indiana. hundreds of accidents across several states because of icy roads there. at least nine deaths are being blamed on the weather. traffic was backed up. this driver had to slow down to stay safe. take a look at this video. it likely played a role in this massive pile up. that left two people dead and a
8:08 am
dozen injured. authorities say 55 cars and a tanker truck were involved in the pile up. the tanker skidded off a bridge during the freezing rain, plunged to the road below and burst into flames. winter weather advisories are in effect from denver to bangor, maine. a san francisco man has been arrested on suspicion of murdering his girlfriend. it happened just after midnight at a home on fairview avenue in daly city. police found 23-year-old with severe injuries from domestic violence. she was taken to the hospital. she died a short time later. 24-year-old frederick tran was arrested at the scene. police say the investigation is ongoing. it has been two weeks since the warehouse fire in oakland killed 36 people. the effects are felt across the bay area's artistic community. dozens of artists holding a contribute to those who died in the ghost ship warehouse fire last night. some telling stories, some read
8:09 am
poetry and some danced and played music. >> we are just here to bring together creative voices to share, express love for the city of oakland, for those creative people that passed away two weeks ago and really just to stand in unity with them. >> people attending the event say it has been a very challenging year. there will be another musical contribute for the ghost ship victims later to need. a free four-hour concert with dozens of musicians scheduled to perform. it will be held at the chapel of chimes on piedmont avenue that held a number of funerals for the victims. i mentioned tonight. it is this morning. 11:00 this morning. city officials across the bay area are cracking down on events similar to the concert that happened at the ghost ship
8:10 am
warehouse. the emeryville warehouse was asked to shut down a film screening they scheduled last night because they had no permit for the vent. warehouses turned businesses like this one hosted events without permits for years. it has never been an issue until now. the city of emeryville are telling others to get permits or stop hosting events. president-elect donald trump is telling china to keep the navy drone it took out of the water in the south china sea. it reads: president-elect is on the road thanking the millions of americans who voted for him during the election. his big stop yesterday in mobile, alabama. the last of his stops before the electoral college melts tomorrow to put the final stamp of approval as donald trump becomes our 45th president. >> this is an exciting time to
8:11 am
be alive. the script is not yet written. we do not know what the page will read tomorrow. but for the first time in a long time what we do know is that the pages will be authored by each and everyone of you. >> that rally is expected to be the president-elect's last public appearance before you heads to florida for the christmas holiday. the electoral college meets tomorrow to formally choose the next president. the 538 electors meet in state cops and washington, d.c. to make the elections. half the states require the electors to vote for the nominee of the pledged party. in california, that is hillary clinton. later today there will be a rally in palo alto to protest the election of donald trump. organizers say activists will meet at city hall at 2:00 this
8:12 am
afternoon. members of the group say they picked the day before the electoral college vote to protest in order to remind people that trump did not win the popular vote. a plan to make memories from a joyous occasion turns tragic at a wedding. what happens after a photo session at a southern california park and a tree comes down. we will have the latest. >> cold temperatures have people wondering what to do to stay warm without breaking the bank. the bank.
8:13 am
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welcome back. with the chilly weather what a better time to get a checklist and winterize your home. it's easy. we have the stuff to get you started. joining us is jim weider. he will get us started. how are you. >> good morning, happy holidays. >> nice and cold out there. >> super cold. >> coldest day of the year.
8:15 am
>> indeed. we talked about it off camera. i mean, an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure. >> the key is to prepare. not repair. and that's the point of this is to put in a few dollars now and not a lot of dollars tomorrow. and we have some items that are very inwhich pensive that are -- in expensive that are ready to go. >> this piping, wrap your pipes, really important. this is 1/2 inch. these are less than two dollars. they last forever. >> you know, you are from back east. if you don't cover the pipes and you have to call someone to fix the cracked pipes -- >> i had pipes explode where you couldn't open the garage door. a big pain in the neck. this is interesting. an emergency kit. >> correct. >> there is water, food, remember the mres from the
8:16 am
military. processed -- kind of that food that lasts five 2010 years literally, water tablets. it doesn't matter if at this time eye cold or hot. every bay area home should have an emergency kit regardless. >> with the e and all that thing, good to have. >> another good thing, most bay area homes don't have air- conditioning. in the marina and peninsula, they have heat but no air- conditioning. this thermostat is less than 30 downtown. it's a heather mow stat. these are incredibly easy to install. >> by the way, you should keep an eye on that. if you are heating your home while you are at work -- >> sure, one important point, people say i'm leaving, we will turn off the feet for two weeks. don't do that. >> leave it at 55. >> this is a cheap item. >> absolutely. >> sometimes you have to find the heater and know how to do it. changing this can be --
8:17 am
>> a dirty furnace filter will mess up the system, cause your bills to go up. it's really, really important to replace the furnace filter once a year, typically -- >> what is this, like 15 bucks. >> this is more expensive. this happens to be a speciality item. typically 10.99. typically less than that. >> we have to be quick. >> you cannot go through life without duct tape. >> caulking. >> absolutely. for your stucco, repairs for stucco. this is the way to go. this keeps cold air from coming into the home. >> a big gap filler. >> pipes down below by the toilet. >> absolutely. around windows and so forth to keep the cold air from coming in. very easy to do. the most important -- this i brought, too. because this is a personal heater. heaters, as you know, over the
8:18 am
years have caused fires, personal heaters. they are old or the wiring goes bad. the best thing is to replace the heater at least once every couple of years. look for the safety symbol. typically on the back. it will say safety right here. safety matters. tip over switch and so forth. important to have that for your personal heater. it's worth it. these are $29. >> it's in the 30s right now. >> super cold. >> we are out of time. thank you very much. let's check in with rosemary. it is mighty cold out there, rosemary. >> i was shaking in my boots when i was out there earlier. temperatures are slowly rebounding. we will check in on the current conditions and what you can expect and into the extended forecast, whether we see wet weather coming up.
8:19 am
8:20 am
welcome back. breaking news out of castro valley. one person has died, a woman in this apartment off janine way. the fire started around 6:00 this morning. christian kafton is out there giving us updates about what he learned. this is a live picture. you can see a neighbor that christian referenced the person talking to investigators, possibly may have seen what time the fire started and how it started. alameda county sheriff's deputies are at the scene because one person did die in the fire. that is customary when there is a fire fatality, the sheriff's
8:21 am
office has to investigate. firefighters are on the scene as well. christian said they were keeping an eye on hot spots. one person died. a woman, a resident of the apartment at janine way in castro valley. >> this happened after 6:00 this morning. information is just starting to come out.  we will keep you updated. let's head over to rosemary and get updated on the weather that as we have been saying, the buzz word is cold. >> definitely will be the story today. temperatures below freezing this morning. as we get into the second part of the afternoon, well below the seasonal average by 5, 10 degrees in some spots. live look into downtown oakland, clear skies. temperatures are on the chilly side. mid- to upper-30s around oakland at this hour. storm tracker 2 will show you the clear skies from up above. you see a light north and northeast breeze over portions
8:22 am
of the bay area. if you are going to the sierra, dry as well and dry for the extended forecast. that is coming up in a moment. let's check in on the winds. calm in the last half hour. livermore reporting 6 at this time. 5 to 10 out there as you get outdoors and with the cold, cold temperatures in place, it will feel all the more chillier if you have a breeze. 32 in livermore. still below freezing in concord. walnut creek, heading to the north bay, 27 for santa rosa. around the bay, 36 san francisco. 39 oakland and just a degree above freezing for san jose. the inner east bay, alamo 29. antioch 37 degrees. a look at what you can expect. in the east bay, this goes to show for hayward, oakland, berkeley, the small communities in between along the east bayshore line and alameda in
8:23 am
the upper 30s. by noontime 50 or so and topping out in the low 50s. most of us in the low 50s for the afternoon. a lot like yesterday, perhaps a tad warmer for some. 53 fairfield. 53 is a popular number, santa rosa, napa and san rafael and berkeley as well. for the inner east bay, 50 antioch, a little cooler for livermore. 49 the afternoon high expected there. 52 in san jose. 58 the afternoon high in santa cruz. that tends to be one of the warmer spots. the extended forecast, we will get into a warm up but it will be gradual with each passing day. a little better tomorrow. better tuesday. into wednesday, looks like we top out at 60 degrees. overnight lows on the cold side but not as chilly. slight chance at a few sprinkles thursday. at this point we look dry. it will be over northern california. the extended forecast looks dry
8:24 am
as well. >> i bet they are making snow in the sierra. >> in the teens there. >> also thanks, rosemary. he has taken on junkyard dog and zeus. >> we are talking about wrestler hulk hogan. who got the best of him at his home. the crime he was recently a victim of. sweetie, you know what we're craving right now? crispy chicken and fried egg with bacon-like brunch. brunch? but it's 8pm-and it's tuesday- huh, i wonder if my mother would like to stay with us... here's what i'm thinking-brunch. all day, every day. should we get started? who wants coffee?
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it's why we never have crazy sales. never make you clip coupons. and always have amazing prices on popular brands and thoughtful gifts. it's time to bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. one woman is dead and five others hurt after a large tree fell on a wedding party in southern california. they were taking wedding photos in a park in the city when a tree came tumbling down. emergency workers needed chain saws to remove the tree that was holding down several people from that wedding party. a 4-year-old girl was most seriously injured. one of the survivors there. officials are not saying how the victims are related to the groom or bride. hulk hogan was the victim of package theft.
8:27 am
police released home footage showing a car pulling into the driveway. several women walk up the steps, pick up a package then drop it. a few seconds later, the women came back for the package, took out what was inside then ran off. oakland raiders are in sunny san diego looking for a win that would seal a spot in the play-offs. that would be a big step for a team a couple of years ago. the silver and black started with 10 straight losses. a raider victory would give them four straight against san diego and put them in the play- offs for the first time since they were in the super bowl in '02. >> rosemary is with us for a quick run down of the weather this week. >> chilly. modest warm up tuesday and wednesday. >> how many different ways can you say -- >> cold. >> cliff notes version. thanks for joining us. we are off early because of sports coverage. >> a lot of football going on. fox 2 sports weekend starts at 8:30 coming up. then nfl fox sunday, 49er game
8:28 am
against the atlanta falcons and georgia 10:00 our time. afterwards of course, the point after. >> we are not going anywhere. you can catch another hour of "mornings on 2" from 9:00 to 10:00. hope you join us there. >> bundle up and get the shopping done. >> now is the time. >> no traffic. not like this for long. >> see you at 9:00 on ktvu. tvu. (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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