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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  December 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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remembering those lost in the ghost ship fire. the musical tribute to the artist whose lives were cut short. and it is technically still on them, but the bay area is getting a blast of winter cold. what you could expect for the week ahead. good evening, i'm ken wayne, musicians and artists connected to the ghost ship warehouse fire that killed 36 people, performed to honor those lives lost on december 2. leigh martinez spent moments online listening to tributes. >> reporter: it's a unique venue. they're huge. like you said 40 different artists would all have their individual different rooms, a very fitting tribute to the
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lives lost. the last time caletta sue sang was for an audience of 3,000. sunday she sang for a small crowd here to listen to her personal memorial for friend cash askew. a lovely human being. very quiet. super talented. they were listening to it non- stop, crying non-stop. >> reporter: for four hours, they gave tribute to the 36 people who died in the ghost ship warehouse fire inside the chapel of the chime.
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we will -- we will pull this together throughout the week. >> reporter: several artists lost friends. >> it will be a few performances for the ghost ship fire. the last time we would see them would be at this event. >> reporter: while the performances are emotional, many say they are therapeutic. >> they will probably get a little more emotional, but you know yeah she will be on my mind a lot the last couple of weeks. >> it's the fashion and the fashion of others. >> reporter: other artists say that they will mar most of 2016 and their performances were
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about the grief and hope. >> the question of the responsibility that an artist has to actually voice social concerns is a significant one. i'm not completely sure what the artist should do, but if the artist will have the ability to articulate something, it will mean it's emotional and electric and passionate and they must do it. >> reporter: they also fear the future of bay area art. >> we are being tested. i don't know anyone that will be facing the warehouse right now that is not being inspected last week, this week. some people have been evicted already. you would see people who were already on the docket just trying to speed up. this is the morning for those who have died for the possibility that will be angry. >> reporter: two artists that would perform here, new music bay area reached out to several artists.
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many of them said that it was too soon for them to perform music at this time. in oakland leigh martinez ktvu fox 2 news. >> lee, thank you, very diverse crew up there. a celebration of life was felt today in san francisco for amanda allen, the massachusetts native also died in the ghost ship fire after organizing today's event to celebrate the fun loving spirit. she was a night life photographer who loved to dance and was friends with everyone she met. moving to the bay area weather. there is definitely a chill in the air with a live look at a beautiful stunning shot of the san francisco skyline. mark tamayo is here with a look at the chilly temperatures. >> it's a stretch for saturday morning, this morning, once again tomorrow morning as well. we're talking about sub- freezing temperatures for parts of the bay area. take a look at some of the lows from this morning. cooler spots back down into the upper 20s to the lower 30s. santa rosa 25 degrees for the overnight lows. san rafael will be freezing at
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32, concord 30, and san jose 33 degrees as well. that was from this morning. we're doing it again with a freeze warning in place for the inland areas of the north bay and the south bay including san jose. so this reflects temperatures in the 20s and the 30s, beginning for you midnight lasting until 8:00 a.m. on monday. here is a look. this might surprise me showing you the current numbers out there as we are down to the 30s in napa i should say and towards fairfield and san jose 45 degrees. you would know it will be a cold night with those cold evening temperatures already moving up. that's what's happening with the very cold air mass in place. we do have some recovery though with temperatures in the five- day forecast. we'll have more on that in just a few minutes. >> all right, thank you, mark. air quality officials have declared tomorrow the first spare of the air day alert for the winter season, which means burning wood, manufacturerring the fire logs or any other solid fuel will be banned. the spare the air alert would occur when they act like a lid
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and traps cold air close to the ground. alameda county fire investigators are trying to figure out what lead to a deadly fire at an apartment complex this morning. christien kafton has more on what firefighters encountered when they arrive on scene. >> reporter: the fire started some time after 6:00 sunday morning in the town homes on san miguel avenue near castro valley road. the home located right next to an alameda county fire station. >> as you can see it's about 150 feet away from the fire station. we would smell the smoke. as soon as we turn the corner, we'd have heavy fire. >> crews began pouring water making a grim discovery. one woman found in the bathroom. >> they went to the second floor. they conducted a search, found a patient, brought her out. we did cpr.
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crews put it out in about 15 minutes with smoke and water damage, shutting down electricity for the complex, so some residents may have to stay elsewhere. >> reporter: at this point they're working to reconstruct the scene and try to determine exactly what caused this deadly fire. in castro valley christien kafton fox 2 news. an accident at the port of oakland left a man seriously hurt when he became trapped between shipping containers. it happened about 2:00 this afternoon on board the cargo ship. the firefighters would manage to board the ship and freeze that victim. we're told he suffered a leg injury. a vallejo man is behind bars accused of the deadly shooting of a woman last night. 37-year-old -- the 37-year-old man was arrested after he fled. he shot and killed 35-year-old melissa owens inside her home on myrtle wood court, but they
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haven't released any other details. zena was booked into the solano county jail. in oakland investigators are searching for clues in the shooting that wounded at least one person that happened at 1:00 this morning on mason street near foothill boulevards. police have not said what lead up to the shooting with no arrests made. police are asking anyone who have information about the shooting to give them a call. in san jose a water main break flooded city streets this morning. when the 150-year-old pipe burst it sent water pouring onto the streets, creating a big muddy mess near 7th and -- and alma. it's not clear if they played a role in that failure. close to a thousand highly sophisticated metal detectors are being installed in california prisons. the hope is the machines would detect illegal cell phones to keep them from being smuggled into the prisons. the cell phones could be used to coordinate attacks from prisons to the crimes on the
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streets. officials say they have been unable to prevent high-security inmates like charles manson from repeatedly getting a hold of those devices. now to the trump transition. the former head of the clinton campaign would use the strongest word yet in linking the trump campaign with russian operatives who allegedly hacked dmc e-mails, interfering with the presidential election. >> i think really not what mr. trump would do, but what he would eat. was he in touch with russia? those are open questions. the electors have the right to know what the answers are. if the u.s. government has those answers before the election. >> now a bipartisan group of senators are urging mitch mcconnell to create a new cyber attack committee to investigate the cia findings of russia interference. elizabeth fran has more from washington. >> reporter: four senators are calling for a bipartisan panel to investigate russia and other foreign countries after the fbi
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and cia claimed russian hackers intervened in the 2016 campaign. speaking out for the first time since the election loss. saying in part, "the russian intervention is clear. interim democratic chairwoman says it falls on president obama for not doing something earlier." >> when i saw the president, i was a little disappointed that, you know, we were under constant attack. we never felt comfortable. we didn't know what was coming next. this isn't about computers, this is a harassment of our candidates, individuals, about donors. >> reporter: hillary clinton telling donors at a thank you event. president putin's involvement stems from a, "personal beef." but russia continues to deny cyber intrusions. some republicans including white house chief of staff says there needs to be more of a consensus when it comes to the exact findings. he calls on democrats to stop saying republicans could have
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been coordinating. >> of course we interfaced with the russians. this whole thing is a spin job. they ought to look in the mirror and face the reality they lost the election and they lost the election because they are so and completely out of touch with the american people. they're so shell shocked and they can't believe it. >> reporter: senator john mccain saying russian-related hacks threatened to, "destroy democracy." he's one of the senators calling for a select committee to investigate the intelligence community findings. in washington elizabeth pran fox news. tomorrow 538 members of the electoral college are said to cast their votes for president. they're suppose to vote for the candidate that won their states, which would put donald trump in the white house. but they are also bound to vote their conscious. so it's possible they could affect the outcome of the election. political analysts say that's not likely. at least 80 electors have requested intelligent briefings that point to russian interference in the election,
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but that request was denied. trump opponents are planning massive protests across the country tomorrow. they want the electoral college to vote for hillary clinton who won the popular vote. legendary hollywood star and social lite zsa zsa died in -- zsa zsa gabor died in los angeles today. tmz reports she died from a heart attack. she migrated to the u.s. fromhungary appearing in more than 70 films, but more famous for her celebrity lifestyle and many husbands. in 1989 she made headlines for slapping a beverly hills police officer who gave her a speeding ticket. it's believed zsa zsa gabor was 99 years old. coming up the new way uber is making it easier for customers to see their rides. also ahead we'll have details on a new deadline for those signing up for coverage california. a holiday shopping spray for commute bay area kids. why the shop with a cop event is so important.
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the u.n. security council agreed to draft the resolution on the crisis in syria today to allow monitors to observe the evacuations from syrians from aleppo. but they would do little to help the scorers of civilians still stuck in that war-torn city. >> efforts to evacuate civilians have been underway for a week in syria. so far they've had very little success about 5,000 people that left aleppo in recent days. and thousands of civilians including young children and the elderly who would brave the long lines and waited in freezing cold temperatures, have come under fire as they waited for buses to take them to safety. evacuation convoys have been attacked and reportedly
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targeted by both pro and anti-a sad force -- anti-assad forces. beginning their assault on the rubble stronghold of aleppo. a u.n. plan with aide and observers were sent to syria, but would do little to help end the fighting. bloodshed has been raised for six years. with the one-time rebel stronghold on aleppo, the syrian government now appear to expand their operations outside aleppo in an effort to crush the opposition across the country. connor powell fox news. >> the deadline to sign up for a health insurance for cover california has been extended. the previous deadline is december 15. but now that's been put off until midnight on monday to enroll for an insurance plan. tens of thousands of people have signed up for government insurance. coverage won't start until february or march for those who
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are now signing up. uber is making it easier for passengers, drivers rather to pick up their passengers. the ride sharing company is unveiling a new device. the device goes on a driver's windshield and it glows in the same color that the writer chooses, which was designed for those to see their driver in a crowded place or at night. uber has rolled out the beacon in select cities and will be available in more places next year. the police department held their first ever shop with a cop event today. the officer took nine children on the shopping spree for christmas. they began with a breakfast at panera followed by a ride to a -- a ride to target in a police car. children were given a gift card to buy things on their wish list. officers would find those items then buy them. >> i get to finally shop with a cop. get toys and clothes and get some stuff for my sister. >> this has been such an
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amazing experience. it's so special. i feel so privileged to be able to do this today. >> a finish up the day with some gift wrapping and snacks. parents say it's a great way for cops and kids to get to know one another. let's check in with mark tamayo for more on those chilly temperatures out there, mark? >> yeah ken, another round of chilly temperatures. in fact another freeze warning to talk about. the third one in a row. so freeze warning kicks in for your monday morning. overnight lows dropping back down to the mid-20s for the coolest locations of the bay area. we'll show you the current temperatures coming up in just a second. but already we're cooling off out there. for tomorrow morning we're expecting clear skies, patchy frost out there. temperatures in the mid-20s to right around 40 degrees. and then to the afternoon hours, mostly sunny. temperatures in the low to mid- 50s. that are for your monday -- that's for your monday forecast. we'll bump up the numbers as we head through the midweek forecast. outside right now looking towards macy's union square. of course san francisco's union square is a very popular destination for this time of
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the year crowded this past weekend. right now we still have clear skies with the very cold numbers out there. storm tracker 2, showing you a few high clouds moving through northern california. that's just about it with that cold northerly wind in place. it's going to stick around for your monday. even into your tuesday morning as well. let's check in on some of those current numbers once again. already the 6:00 hour with some 30s to report for fairfield out towards napa and santa rosa at 43. san francisco 46, san jose in the mid-40s checking in 45. first thing tomorrow morning we're definitely bundling up clear and cold and areas of fog and the coolest locations back down for the mid-20s for santa rosa and napa and san francisco in the upper 30s to right around 40 degrees. san jose, they are under the freeze warning as well. the forecast low of 30. once again air quality we have a spare the air alert. the first one of the season for tomorrow. we get this area of high pressure that builds in to trap the haze. with that you'll see those numbers going up on the scale the unhealthy scale as we head into your monday and possibly
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into the tuesday forecast as well. so a spare the air alert and a winter one being issued as we would head through your monday. that means no wood burning. as far as you can't see here for the satellite and the active jet stream. the main storm track is still up to the north of the bay area. one more cold night. possibly into monday night or tuesday morning as well. but probably not as cold as tomorrow morning. it looks like a pretty quiet weather pattern with the main storm track still pushing all the rainfall to the north of the bay area. next chance for rainfall could be moving in a week from now. for christmas day as we will be watching that. still a ways out. here we go tomorrow though with a lot of sunshine. a few high clouds moving through parts of the bay area for your tuesday forecast. then once again later in the week. temperatures for tomorrow, mainly in the 50s. mostly sunny and cool. that fridged start for your morning. you'll see temperatures recover at 52, 54, 55 degrees. here is a look ahead for your five-day forecast.
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partly cloudy skies on the tuesday. now the tuesday morning temperature is still pretty chilly. now we're trending up a little bit. there's a chance we could have another freeze warning kick in. say hello to winter on wednesday, the winter solstice. we might be tracking a few rain drops. we'll keep an eye on that for day seven a week from now. >> make sure the pets are warm tonight. >> that's been the deal for the past two nights and for tonight. >> do it again. thanks, mark. coming up the tale of two football teams. 49ers go to atlanta to try to snap their historic losing streak. on the flip side the raiders are clinching a playoff spot for the first time since 2002. that's up next in sports. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. thousands of people were dressed up like santa hitting the streets of san jose for the 5th annual santa run in silicon valley. the money raised from the 5k run/walk benefits christmas in the park and downtown ice. the run first began in 2012 when the silicon valley leadership group foundation teamed up with city leaders to make sure the holiday traditions would continue. joe fonzi is here. it looks like the raiders might be getting their christmas wish? >> we have another bay area
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team in the post season. there are still plenty of possibilities as far as seating is concerned. the oakland raiders know tonight after a 14-year absence they are a playoff team. raiders in san diego were what is left of charger fans. leading 10-3 just before half time. michael crabtree makes a fine effort to come down with the ball. the play was reviewed. it was ruled that he did. 10-10 at the half. raiders kicked a third quarter field goal, but the chargers went and brought phillip rivers. raiders would kick a couple of third quarter games. here is the game winner. just gets the 44 yarder through the upright. that didn't happen on 4th and 15 from the 9. rivers is picked off by reggie nelson. oakland runs out the clock on a 19-16 win.
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raiders are 11-3 and back in first place in the afc west. the 49ers status has not changed. san francisco is still adding to a franchise record losing streak that's now reached 13 games. on the sidelines, watching the 49ers fall behind atlanta, 21-0 in the first quarter. matt ryan to stanford and bay area products. with a nice grab. the 49ers showed a little spark of offense in the second quarter. colin kaepernick just before half time squeezing a touchdown throw. 28-13 at the half, but a familiar 49ers pattern, no scoring in the second half. davonte freeman is in touch going 44 yards to the end zone. 49ers do not score the second half they go down 41-13. they're 1-13 threatening to have the worse record in 49er history. the 10th ranked women had a traditional side of college basketball excellence. tennessee, carly samuelson hits the long three for the
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cardinals with 13 points. two teams went to the locker room tied up at 29. but stanford was held to just nine points in the third quarter. driving in the 4th, dumps it off to mercedes russell for the easy win. 59-51. stanford was handed their second loss in ten games. the sharks still on the road trip playing tonight for chicago. we'll see a 10 and then an 11 osports wrap. >> seems like a lifetime ago, but 49ers play the rams next week. back on september 12 they beat the rams 28-0. that is it. that's correct. that was the opener that we've had maybe the rams were regarded as a pretty good defense back then and maybe the 49ers aren't as bad as we thought they might be, but they were. >> they have not won since then, an interesting coincidence. they last went 2-14 in 2004. both against the arizona cardinals in overtime. they actually have a chance to repeat that pattern, which is about as optimistic as they could be right now. if they were to win two games
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they'd be against two for the season. but assuming any kind of 49er win these days is a long shot. absolutely. they couldn't beat the jets. i don't know if you would beat the rams, we'll see. thanks, mark. >> thanks, joe. thanks for making ktvu your source for news tonight. we're always here online on, facebook, twitter. it will be cold out there tonight. bundle up. we'll see you tonight at 10:00. enjoy your nice evening.
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