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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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freezing conditions whiten the bay area. this as the first spare alert is issued for the season. a sewage spill in the oakland reservoir as residents wait for answers from east bay mud. the investigation now underway in the east bay. headed to the playoffs, oakland raiders meet the chargers to lock both season plays.
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good evening i'm ken wayne, we're following breaking news out of san francisco where police are investigating a double shooting that has claimed the life of one person. police were called to 16th and shotwell streets in the mission district. investigators found a man and woman both between 20 to 30 years old suffering from gunshot wounds. the man died on the way to the hospital. the condition of the woman is not known at this time. we will bring you the latest information as soon as it becomes available. breaking news out of redwood city tonight. caltrans is reporting that a southbound train hit and killed a person on the tracks at chestnut street. in a tweet it happened at 9:15 tonight and trains were completely stopped in both directions. but in about ten minutes they began single tracking through the area at 10 miles an hour. a bus has now been canceled. now to tonight's weather alert. the first major winter storm is
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causing problems in many parts of the country. heavy rain and snow is causing dangerous creations especially for drivers hundreds of flights were canceled in the midst of the holiday season. an icy runway cause add scare in chicago -- caused a scare in chicago. police say the incident happened while the area was under a winter weather advisory. the national weather service warns blowing snow could cause visibility issues. back here in the bay area temperatures seem to be dropping by the minute many people are bundling up tonight as fridged temperatures take over. frost is expected all the way to the coastline this morning and more is expected through tomorrow. air quality officials have declared tomorrow the first spare the air alert of the winter season. that means burning wood, manufactured fire logs or any other solid fuel is banned. >> we called the first winter the spare the air of the season, expecting this weather tomorrow and for the next couple of days certainly, maybe
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even later into the week. we may see several right in a row. >> winter spare the air alert would occur when staggering air acts like a lid trapping cold air and wood smoked pollution closer to the ground. let's check in with meteorologist mark tamayo on the latest for the conditions. >> reporter: temperatures are dropping rapidly once again. get ready we're talking about another round of frost. first thing tomorrow morning across parts of the bay area and another freeze warning to talk about for the inland areas. this also includes the santa clara valley and san jose midnight until 8:00 a.m. monday. overnight temperatures are back down easily into the 20s to the lower 30s. outside right now we are in the clear. here's a live camera look out towards san francisco. take a look we still have that cool northerly wind in place. with that tennessee transporting that cold air from the north. you definitely feel it out there with those current temperatures. right now it's already 32 degrees in santa rosa.
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31 in fairfield. they're destined to reach the 20s overnight. san jose 40 and san francisco 45 degrees. another very cold night in the forecast for you tonight. then possibly into your tuesday morning as well we will take a look at the changing weather patterns setting up for your five-day forecast in a little bit. >> thank you, mark. take a live look at san francisco airport as officials say flights are on schedule for the most part. there are some minor delays as of 8:15 tonight. there had been 17 cancellations. that's a very different story from how it was yesterday when 124 arrive rivals and 126 departures were canceled because of bad weather across the country. a reminder you can track weather conditions any time with a free ktvu weather app. you'll find live radar and plus active watches and warnings. you can also find updates on facebook, twitter, and instagram. residents living near alice street in oakland have been warned to stay out of the oakland reservoir because of raw sewage. it's the second warning in the last few days. east bay mud is monitoring the
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problem, but says they won't have answers on all of this until tomorrow. ktvu's rob malcolm has been talking to frustrated residents joining us live with the very latest. rob? >> reporter: well good evening, ken. these signs certainly caught some residents by surprise. the pipe in question is just below me to my right here. you can't see the raw sewage, but if you turn your body in the right direction, you can certainly smell it. it's a problem residents say they are tired of dealing with. >> reporter: after powerful storms in the the rain, another sign of trouble on the shores of the oakland area. >> this isn't the first time they needed to post signs about the sewage spill. >> reporter: that message is true. for the second time this week the waters have been contaminated by raw sewage. >> it's the crown jewel, one of the crown jewels of oakland. we should be very concerned with keeping it pristine. >> reporter: the crown jewel
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has now been blemished not only by trash, but by raw sewage. the area of concern this pipe located at the alice street outfall just east of jack london square. >> well it's a shame. i brought my children down here to the water front to get fresh air and see the water. sometimes we go out on the water. that's a little bit disconcerning. >> reporter: east bay mud blames the latest problems on thursday's storm. allowing the untreated sewage to escape the outfall as the sewage treatment plant was overwhelmed. electronic monitors showed polluted water had escaped. >> i know also a lot of east bay cities have a lot of work they are suppose to be doing to prevent that. >> reporter: in 2014 a clean water agreement was reached to fix the aging sewer system. for now people were advised to stay out of the water. officials won't have an estimate until monday on how much raw sewage escaped. all sandy martin wanted was a little face time with representatives from east bay mud. >> i've not seen the signs.
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they've been up, but that's it. but i haven't own anybody here. >> reporter: back here live east bay mud tells us these signs will be removed once the bacteria has reached acceptable levels. ken? >> rob, we just saw in the pictures a lot of people walk their dogs down there, kayakers, boaters are in the water. if somebody had gotten in the water any advice on what they should do? >> reporter: yeah that was a concern we heard from many residents in the area not only by their pets. if they got into the water these signs really mean there's a no contact advisory. so people are advised not even to dip into the water here on alice street. if you go into the water you're asked to scrub down and just scrub down any exposed skin just to be safe. ken. >> wash the dog when they get home. rob, live in oakland thank you very much. alameda county fire investigators are trying to determine what lead to a deadly fire. the two-alarm fire on san miguel avenue happened around
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6:15 this morning. the two-story townhouse was about 100 feet from alameda county fire department's station. when crews arrived on scene quickly. >> we had to rescue 24 on scene approximately three minutes from the time of the call. they went to the second floor and conducted a search, found a patient brought her out and did cpr. but unfortunately the patient was deceased. >> crews managed to contain the fire to just one unit. firefighters were able to get control of the fire by 6:30 this morning. one thing for sure we are on our way. we punched our ticket to the playoffs. >> reporter: it is good to be a raider fans right now. joe fonzi joining us right now with the return to the playoffs for the first time in more than a decade. >> since 2002, the phrase of
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the greatness of the raiders was coined by al davis. something raider fans have been saying for a long type. this season is accurate. the formula is simple for oakland today, win in san diego and oakland would be in the playoffs. wall come stadium felt more -- qualcomm stadium felt more like the place to be. crabtree comes down with the ball. the question was did he get both feet in bounds? the play was reviewed, ruled he did. the game tied at 10 at the half. raiders took the lead on this tight game. the second one by sebastian was a 34 yarder. then just to make it inside to wrap it up, the chargers were trying to go from one last drive interceptioned by the raiders. the support he felt them in enemy territory. >> look around the stadium to see our fans, just going crazy,
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you know? it was like a home game. everybody snows that when we come back here. they made us feel so good, you know, walking off the field. but i'm just happy, you know, for those of you in there. i mean you saw the equipment guys. that's the stuff that makes my day and feels real good. but all that means is there's two games left. we have to take care of business. it's on our shoulders, it's on us. going forward that's all that matters. >> derek carr said it still two games throat be played, but the raiders can assure themselves after the first -- games -- the games to be played, but the raiders can assure themselves after the first few games. >> yes, more on that as well? >> absolutely. joe fonzi, thank you, joe. donald trump took to twitter tonight ahead of tomorrow's vote by the electoral college. he said, "if my be many supporters acted and threatened people like those who lost the
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election are doing they would be scorned and called terrible names. mr. trump is also accused of threatening people including immigrants, reporters, and his critics. tomorrow's vote will take place in state capitals across the country, but there's pressure to flip some of the electors to hillary clinton. if 37 of them flip, then mr. trump won't have the 270 electoral votes he needs. he needs rather, but very rare for the electors to change their vote and the trump camp remains confidence. >> we're very defendant that tomorrow will be smooth and this harassment could stop. that's what the american people demand. >> it's much different. protesters are expected across the country tomorrow. if trump comes up short it would be up to the house of representatives to pick a president. the house is controlled by republicans, so there is not much chance for a clinton win.
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legendary hollywood star and social lite zsa zsa gabor has died in los angeles. tmz reports she suffered a heart attack. she has appeared in more than 70 films. perhaps more famous for her celebrity lifestyle. she was 99. coming up a little later on, a look at her life in the spotlight. remembering those lost in the ghost ship fire. at 10:30 the musical tribute the artist says these lives were cut short. but first a 3-year-old boy is caught with a road rage incident because this grandmother apparently wasn't driving fast enough. 10:00 news returns after the break.
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an unsettling story out of arkansas. police in little rock are offering a $20,000 reward for information on the man who shot and killed a 3-year-old boy in what they are call -- calling it a road rage incident. it happened yesterday when the boy was shopping with his grandmother. when they stopped at a stop sign, a grandmother behind them got angry they weren't moving fast enough. so he got out and shot into the woman's car. at least one bullet hit the little boy. he later died at the hospital. >> this is the second time in less that a -- in less than a
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month that an infant child -- an infant child has been shot in our city. it is very frustrating to the police ajen say as it should be and to -- agency as it should be to our community. >> no arrests made. in san diego an 11-year-old boy was shot while riding a skate board. he was shot in the hand by a man cleaning his rifle when the firearm accidentally went off. officers searched until they found a man who admitted discharging that round. l.a. times says the police detained the gun owner for questioning. now to los angeles county where one person is dead and at least five others injured in the freak accident. a large tree fell on the wetting -- fell on the wedding goers. a large tree came crashing down. among the injured is a 4-year- old girl who police say is in critical condition due to head trauma. new at 10:00 reports of a
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teen suicide bomber for isis has revealed details about a secret terror training camp for children. rocky authorities say the 15- year-old suicide bomber was caught with an explosive belt at a soccer stadium in august. the boy said he knew immediately it wasn't the right thing to do and had initially returned to his trainer, but was ordered back to the stadium. the trainers would scare them by showing them gruesome video. the u.n. security council agreed to draft resolution on the crisis over syria allowing monitors to observe the evacuations of aleppo. but as they rolled to do little, still stuck in the war- torn city. >> efforts to evacuate the civilians have been underway for a while in syria. about 5,000 people have left aleppo in recent days, but many
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more are desperately trying to flee the violence. thousands of civilians including young children and the elderly who have braved those long lines, waiting in sub-freezing temperatures have come under fire. convoys have been attacked. they began their assault on the rubble stronghold of aleppo. a u.n. plan would send aides and observers to syria, but they would do little to help end the fighting. the bloodshed raised for almost six years. with the one-time stronghold with aleppo firmly in control of pro-government forces, the syrian government along with their backers iran and russia, they now appeared set to expand their operations outside aleppo in an effort to crush the opposition. connor powell fox news.
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close to a thousand highly sophisticated metal detector is being installed in prisons. the hope is the machines will detect illegal cell phones and keep them from being smuggled behind bars. the cell phones could be used to coordinate attacks in prison to crimes on the streets. officials say they were unable to prevent even high-security inmates like charles manson from getting a hold of those devices. checking in on those freezing, literally freezing temperatures around the bay area. >> yeah, sub-freezing temperatures. in fact it will be scraping the ice off the windshield or the cars tomorrow morning. temperatures are dropping off rapidly. and still they will do it again once again for your monday morning. around the bay in the low to mid-30s. down to the 20s right around 25 to 30 degrees. a cool north wind in place as
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you can feel it out there and see those cold numbers right now. freezing in santa rosa at 32 degrees for the most recent observation. san jose under a freeze warning that would begin for midnight and san francisco currently checking in at 34 degrees. it is actually clear and beautiful as you can see it's crisp with a live look at our camera towards the san francisco em embarcadero out there. a lot of 20s to talk about. 25 degrees, sonoma in the 20s as well and fairfield down to 26. some more neighborhoods right around the rim of the bay. we don't have any warnings here, but the temperatures close to freezing. you'll find those readings around 26, 27, 28 degrees. san jose a forecast low of 30. gilroy in the upper 20s. for san francisco back down into the upper 30s. we will go 39. mountainview right around 32 degrees. we will be waking up to the chill in the air.
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tomorrow the first spare the air alert for the winter season, of course, winter will begin on wednesday, but at least this will be a variety of the spare the air alerts. the main reason as they would need to know more about their haze for the atmosphere and to have that little version setting up. trapping on their haze closer to the surface. it will stick around. there's a chance we might have more spare the air alerts for you this week and as they would go up it indicates at least the air quality not so great here in the bay area. so i will be concerned over the next few days until they will have a stable weather pattern setting up. eventually we could be talking about rain chances, especially as we approach christmas. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. as if electric cars and space travel isn't enough. elon musk is taking on a new challenge, traffic. the founder of tesla and spacex tweet -- tweeted traffic is treating me nuts. an hour later he updated that with shall we call the boring
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company and the possible slogan boring, it's what we do. musk is known for having a good sense of humor, hard to tell if he is joking or serious. so he hit twitter again to say i'm actually going to do this. we'll wait and see. this isn't the first time musk has suggested this also mentioning it last january saying tunnels are great. that was during the news conference about their hyper loop project. coming up the 49ers continue their downward spiral. this time against the falcons. we'll have more on the raiders as they head to the playoffs for the first time in years. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. joe fonzi is back with us. >> it did feel that way as things would break for them, not just what happened in san francisco, but in kansas city with plenty of possibilities. but the oakland raiders know tonight right after a 14-year absence they're a playoff team. raiders are in san diego where what's left of charger fans
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were very much outnumbered leading 10-3 just before half time where michael crabtree will make a fine effort to come down with the ball. the question is did he get those feet down. it was ruled he did, a 10-10 game at the half. raiders kicked the third quarter field goal, but the chargers would go upfront threatening the needle. san diego missed the extra point, 16-13. raiders then kicked a couple of fourth quarter field goal with the game winner. he just slides them through the upright with the raiders in front 19-16. san diego with two minutes to get into their field goal range and that didn't happen as he is picked off by reggie nelson running out the clock of the 19- 16 win. raiders are 11-3 and back in first place in the afc west. watching the 49ers try to end their franchise record losing streak.
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stafford and the bay area product will make a nice grab running to the 21-0 fourth quarter lead showing very little offense for them just before half time. colin kaepernick will squeeze their touchdown. 28-13 at the half. but you have heard this before and no 49er will be scoring in the second half. not touched on the 34-yard run to the end zone. but san francisco goes down 31- 13. 49ers are 1-13 after their 13th straight loss. they're threatening to record the worse record in history. san jose sharks are trying for a perfect finish finishing tonight in chicago after three games in canada. leading the division by two points. joe got the sharks on the board early in the second. brent burns will take the big shot from the blue line redirected by the past. charging them up 1-0. but towards the end of the period they would get even.
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duncan keith turns back to get the second. they were tied 1-1 headed for the 3rd period taking the lead seven minutes off the faceoff. firing it up past martin jones and 2-1 then they would put it away late in the period. leading the break away to find the san jose mets, adding the empty nether. still 4-1 going 3-1 on the road trip. but stanford, they would have a traditional side of college basketball, tennessee. carly samuelson hits a long three. 13 points and the two teams went to the locker room tied audiotape at 29. but stanford held them to just nine points in the third quarter. diamond deshields dumps it off to mercedes russell for the easy 59-51 win. handing stanford their second loss in ten games. more on the raiders and the afl -- nfl playoff pictures later. we'll see you then. >> the playoffs, no.
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sports wrap will. we'll try to dissect it further. >> thank you. >> if at's possible. coming up the water main break. flood streets in the south bay. when to expect the repairs to get done there. >> paying tributes to the victims of the oakland ghost ship fire.
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lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile.
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now back to the breaking news out of san francisco. police are at 16th and shotwell streets in the city's mission district. they're investigating what is now being called a double fatal shooting. police were called to the area after shots were heard around 8:45 tonight. this video just in to ktvu. police found a man and a woman both between 20 to 30 years old
10:30 pm
suffering from gunshot wounds. the man died on the way to the hospital. we have just learned that the woman died a short time later. we'll continue to follow this story and bring you the latest information when it becomes available. warming centers have opened in sacramento so people can find some relief from the fridged temperatures between 10:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. people can come to the union gospel mission. that's just north of downtown sacramento. not only escape the cold, but also the rising sacramento and american rivers. that's where many of the people live in homeless encampments. both those camps have been flood out. >> first thing i notice was cold frost bit among us. >> reporter: it cost about $25,000 a year to keep the warming center going. that's for security, staff, power, and heat. paid for entire libido nations to the church. the center has within open for more than a month now and more people are starting to seek its
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services. all that cold weather is exactly what skiers and snowboarders want. just perfect for the trip up to the slopes. at kirkwood it was packed powder, just about as far as the ice could see over the last couple of days. winter storm has dumped 6-8 inches of snow in the sierra. we have a freeze warning in effect for much of the bay area tonight. meteorologist mark tamayo is here. it's already freezing in parts of the bay area. >> yes, closer to 36 degrees. it will be the third morning in a row we're talking about freeze warnings, you know the drill keep your plans warm and as we get into monday morning. take a look at it right now for the freeze warning. to scale back a little bit over the past few mornings. no frost advisories in place. but still freeze warnings for the north bay. the east bay towards wall that creek down to san jose. he told us he was not happy about this in san francisco and right near their bay shoreline. just to put it in perspective
10:32 pm
as you cannot see it across the country, take a look at these current numbers towards minneapolis right now. you could see the upper level winds that are backed where you have the frontal boundary and the warm air and the south and the relatively warm air from the south. then we have the mild conditions to the north of that as well. a look at the current numbers here in the bay area showing you lots of clear skies over good portions of northern california, coming closer. we'll show you the bay area temperatures right now. it is 32 degrees in santa rosa and fremont 31. san jose checking in 40. san francisco in the 40s as well. our live camera in san jose, we are in the clear, but temperatures as i mentioned are dropping rapidly. this will set the stage for another frosty morning first thing as we talk a lot about the bay area chill for your monday morning. eventually we'll be talking about a minor warm up and some rain chances for your five-day forecast. we'll have more on that in a
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few minutes. musicians and artists will continue to the ghost ship fire in oakland taking a part of their free musical event tonight. >> reporter: some escaped the fire while others lost dear friends. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: the last time caletta sang it was for an audience of 3,000. sunday she sang for a small crowd here to listen in her personal memorial for the friend cash askew. >> he was lovely, a lovely human being. beautiful. just very quiet. super super talented, really talented. if you have not heard of it, around 2:30 i would be recommended to it.
10:34 pm
listening to it non-stop and crying non-stop. >> reporter: for four hours giving contribute to the 36 people who died in the ghost ship warehouse fire. ask this is meant to happen because what happens is usually we don't have a winter event. so we pulled this together within two weeks. >> reporter: several artists lost friends. >> it would be the ghost ship fire. seeing them during the events. >> reporter: while the performances are emotional. many say they are also therapeutic. >> it is good. and i think they would get a little more emotional throughout the day.
10:35 pm
>> they have accepted that fashion of -- of fascism, marking 2016. their performances were about those grief and hope. >> the question of the responsibility that an artist has to voice a concern is a significant one. i'm not completely sure what an artist should do, but if the artist has an ability to articulate something it would mean intellect yule they must do it. >> they share their future through bay -- base set up. last week this week, some people have been addicted already. there are just a few people whose addictions are already on the docket, trying to speed up. this is the morning, not only those people who have died, but the spaces and the
10:36 pm
possibilities that are in great danger. >> reporter: the ethan kochis vent curator says two survivors did perform here, but they also restart seven other artists associated with the gauche ship that it will be too soon to set it up for them. the water main break that flood streets in san jose won't be repaired until tomorrow. the 150-year-old pipe burst sending water clearing the streets sending out a mud siameses near 7th and alm -- a muddy mess near 7th and alma. still ahead, muni fares on the rise. minutes when riders could expect to see them go up. but first looking for a break in the homicide case. the 18th anniversary of the hit- and-run accident. what police know so far about tonight's crime files.
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keeping the power lines clear,my job to protect public safety, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place
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for our children to live. together, we're building a better california. this weekend is the 18th anniversary of a hit-and-run incident that killed a man. rick was outside his family's trucking business when a driver sped up and hit him. avecky suffered a severe head injury dying three days later. police say his brother a photographer here at ktvu are still hoping for a break in the case. in tonight's crime files, we'll hear from henry lee about what police know so far. >> reporter: i'm joined by the berkeley police department and their investigation. we are talking about a cold case that is striking very close to home here on ktvu with the unsolved 1998 car crash that killed rick. the brother of one of our
10:40 pm
photojournalist. >> peace and closure is a big thing of what we're looking for. why did this guy decide to do this and hit my brother? >> thank you for joining us today. tell us what happened back in 1998? >> on december 17, 1998 about 7:15 a.m., one of the employees of the trucking company was on the second core landing of their business there. they looked out across the roadway and saw the boss' truck and a fellow reaching into the camper shell of his boss' truck. so he called his boss and said hey, did you give anybody permission to go into your truck? he said no, so they both walked out on second street and toured where the truck was parked. we saw a cadillac coming down where the truck was parked and turned onto second street towards them.
10:41 pm
and approximately 5 miles per hour just going slow. and as it came close to rick, the vehicle accelerated and struck the rural area and in the legs, he flew over the top of the car. he landed head first on the pavement. suffering severe injuries, which became fatal. it's a cold case and homicide cases that never close. you know a case that will be available all the time. but people, they have not come in and they have nothing forthcoming, right? talk about how many tips you have received in the past. >> we've had initially one of the witnesses get a partial license plate of cus as we would say. and the description was in the
10:42 pm
early 80s, the cadillac with a vinyl top and the dark black or possibly maroon. and so we had a lot of tips in terms of similar vehicles. we ran out every possible cadillac with the license plate of the partial plate. and you check the wrecking yards and body shops with a lot of press releases, a $50,000 reward. there's been a lot of tips over the years, but the short story is, you know, the case has gone cold and we don't have anything further to discuss. >> if there is any of you who have information for this case to help berkeley police, give them a call. well the temperatures will be dropping off rapidly. another day we will be talking about the cooler spots back down to the mid-20s. get ready for the freeze warning in place first thing monday morning as you can see right now for all the areas shaded in purple. up in the north bay and for the inland sections and the portions of the south bay here as well. all these areas will be the
10:43 pm
same deal for saturday morning and this morning and into monday morning. we would have that freeze warning in place for parts of the bay area. clear and cold for tomorrow morning and patchy frost and a big temperature range. 25 to 40 degrees into the afternoon hours for your monday. we are expecting this with more sunshine. temperatures on track to reach the 50s. a lot of sunshine for you out there and maybe a bit of some haze as air quality will continue to change up a little bit over the next few days. outside right now we do have this a live camera, just beautiful looking out towards the bay bridge and their lights. a mostly clear sky with temperatures cooling off rapidly. as you can see right now in the satellite a few high clouds are moving through northern california. that's just about it. we still see that cool north wind in place. current numbers, we've been watching them all evening long, dropping off rapidly, still freezing in santa rosa reaching the 20s overnight. san francisco 24. san jose 40 degrees once again with a freeze warning posted for the santa clara valley
10:44 pm
including san jose. liver moore 34 checking in at 33 degrees with the big picture out here in the pacific. the upper level winds. you can see the active jet stream and most of the energy over the next few days, they will remain up to the north of the bay area as we are locked in with the dry weather pattern. another cold night for tonight as the cold air mass remains in place and possibly into tuesday morning as well. we're going to bump up and down those numbers a little bit. but sub-freezing temperatures across portions of the bay area. a dry weather pattern for right now. then later on in the week for friday and the latest forecast models will bring in a chance for some showers. that may continue into the upcoming weekend as well. there is still a lot of uncertainty between now and then. what could be happening in a few days? but right now we'll be showing you this into monday and still mostly clear skies after the fridged start. then on tuesday you'll see a few high clouds dive into the bay area throughout the afternoon hours. especially up in parts of the north bay for the south bay. and just mostly clear skies. in fact we will take this
10:45 pm
forecast model on tuesday right now and then we'll show you into wednesday. that is mostly clear conditions into your wednesday as well. beyond wednesday we'll be picking up the clouds bringing in those shower chances beginning for you on friday. temperatures for tomorrow, they're in the 50s. so not a big change here in the low to mid-50s for the afternoon highs. mostly sunny and school out there. san jose 55. san rafael 53 degrees. here is a look ahead to your five-day forecast. we will call tuesday partly cloudy. wednesday the beginning of winter. i believe i have the time at 2:00. great. it's one of the times specifically, 2:44 wednesday morning. not 2:43? >> no, no. some high clouds on thursday with the chances for showers on thursday and friday and a lot of uncertainty for the forecast models. they've been going back and forth. right now watch them put that chance up for friday and the weekend where we will fine tune that. that's the detail for you then. >> sounds good. it will be the north poll? >> yes, absolutely.
10:46 pm
definitely cold. double check the temperature map i showed earlier. miami is 80 degrees right now. we'll be talking about cold parts of the temperatures at 80 degrees. minus 7 in chicago. yeah. thank you, mark. a lot to talk about in tonight's sports wrap. >> the raiders are back in the playoffs for the first time since the 2002 season. we'll hear what the players are saying after their big win in san diego. a much different story for san diego. we will show you what went down in atlanta and we will hear from kaepernick and the boys straight ahead on sports wrap, yes, we will. but first zsa zsa gabor has passed away. remember her? we're taking a look at the hollywood legend's lasting mark on the entertainment industry. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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legendary hollywood social lite zsa zsa gabor died in los angeles appearing in more than 70 films. she was more famous for her celebrity lifestyle and many husbands. adam housely has the life of the iconic american actress social lite who passed away at the age of 99. >> reporter: she was famous for being famous. zsa zsa gabor was born in budapest on january 6, 1917. her family grew up here. her mother pushed zsa zsa and her sisters to become the celebrities they could not be. zsa zsa and her family immigrated to america around the time of world war ii. gabor had limited success as an actress, but able to hit all three mediums of stage, tv, and film. the most memorable roles were in moulin rouge and queen of outer space. her one big award was a golden
10:50 pm
globe for most glamorous performance of 1957. she kept herself in the public eye by appearing on tv talk shows like the jack parr show. gabor was known for evolving doors when it came to marriages. >> it's time to get married and divorce. >> reporter: most noticeably conrad hilton an oscar-winning actor george sanders. 1986 she married her 9th groom. their marriage was her longest. in 1989 gabor's name once again made headlines for the now infamous slapping of a beverly hills police officer ordered to perform community service. when she didn't comply she was sentenced to 72 hours in jail gaining her persona not from any career in accomplishments, but simply be zsa zsa. where she played up with cameos and films including "naked gun
10:51 pm
2½." in her later years, gabor stepped out of the spotlight. her health impacted by a 2002 car accident, a 2005 stroke, and hip surgery in 2010. gabor spent the following months in and out of the hospitals including undergoing a partial leg am mutation in early 2011. she will always be known as a blonde fatale. zsa zsa gabor lived just how she wanted to in the spotlight. >> again zsa zsa gabor was 99 years old. i like to know what's happening as soon as it happens.
10:52 pm
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a new kind of workout will help you and the environment stay in shape. sacramento eco fitness celebrated a grand opening today claiming to be the first sustainable gym in california. with upright cycles that
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generate electricity. the gym hopes to produce enough power to provide electricity to the building and surrounding businesses. >> every time our members come to work out, not only are they improving their body and health, but they're improving the environment as we go. they're basically doing the exact same thing they do in every other gym. but the difference with our technology account. you can reach that it. >> stationary bart, bikes rather are made by sports art. continue september is simple. you're creating energy when you work out. why not put it to good use? starting next month, muni riders will need to pay more to get around. on new year's day the single- adult ride share will go up to $250. people using clipper cards and those who pay with a muni app will continue to pay $2.25. the monthly passes for adults that includes bart payers within france are also going up by $-- san francisco are also going up by $5.
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authorize take a look at this pickture that it is snapped evil years ago, of a bob cat high on a remote camera set up by steve winters hoping to catch a shot of the mountain lion. instead he got this. which is not too bad. it almost looks like it's not real, but it is a real bob cat. >> yeah. >> the only time i've ever seen that bob cat is on highway 1 outside mill valley. >> okay. >> wasn't too far away from that shop. >> yes, we have all driven there too and the view of golden gate. but that's a bit of a surprise view for you. >> the wildcat was a little surprise too. that'll do it for us tonight. thanks for watching. sports wrap is coming up next and the morning news at 4:00 a.m. have a good night.
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at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california.
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we will take a look at some of the things that were happening the last time the raiders were in the post season. and the woes continue for this once proud franchise. facing a possibility of the worse season in 70 years of existence. the sharks grueling road trip leaves canada back on u.s. soil. the results on the court weren't so good, but the bay area is happy to have one of their own this weeke


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