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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  December 22, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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-- statement calling for russia personal. the police are operating under new use of force guidelines today, the offers officers union already working to try to get the job to judge to block those will. a union wants to petition a judge does happen tomorrow. the police commission's new use of -- for schools are not -- of force rules are not a day will and already -- an already facing a court challenge. officer union it files papers on tuesday said saying -- over the use of force and they -- aiming a rewarding those guidelines. get them back to the table have a judge ordered them back and if they refuse i am willing to let the superior court judge decided and willing to let an arbitrator decide. they approved it just last night prohibiting officers from firing into vehicle and using a carotid mac cold. joe marshall said the -- negotiated in good faith.
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we ended up the agreeing on everything, but one thing, so using exercising is right. but i know the commission feels it's making -- its negation reading in good. the officers union said tomorrow they will ask a judge to block the rules until they can black out language allowing officers to ship into cars in emergency situation. we will seek a judge's approval to force the department not to implement the policy until we either get back to the negotiation table where we let the judge decide. commissioner marshall said for now the rule stands. we have adopted without the use of force policy and we did that last night at the commission meeting and is now police law. the union is doing what it says is necessary to do so we'll see.
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the police officers union is still pushing for the use of stun guns now in the past the police commission has opposed the use of stun guns, but it's --'s commissioners has hinted that with the new use of force restrictions in place they may have to be somewhat go row -- compromised comes to stun gun. the state attorney general has won sure -- washer civil rights investigation into the kern county department and daycares pull feel police department the group policy a deadly shooting of an unarmed 73-year-old man with dementia in bakersfield early this month, it has received other complaints from the community about excessive force. and -- the nine criminal investigations will look into the two departments have shown a quilt -- quote pattern or pack of violated state or federal law " no indication how long the state investigation will take complete . when it comes to public works project high cost overrun seems to be the world not the exception, we -- the
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third-seeded with the bay bridge, transparent terminal and now the golden bridge the gate bridge suicide barrier. how much is expected to cost. last year alone the official -- officials said one -- the official said 186 people will came to the golden gate bridge to end their lives, it is we could not be restrained -- restrainer talk down most of them jumping to the west for -- toward the ocean. since the bridge was sold in 1937 this belief 1600 people have come to their deaths, the golden gate is a suicide magnet like no other with the disturbing recent trend. we have seen is a 2005 fold increase for young people coming to -- come into the bridge to kill themselves. the mesh barrier net is estimated at $70 million as risen to 200 million of number contractor to finally agree on. the bids came in high and we put together a spending plan. >> experts say most will quit
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jumping here and those who do will be saved by the net and a quarter century after its built its projected that 750 lives will be saved and that comes out to over $25,000 per life. investment is worth every penny based on the livestock is a. resistance to the barrier senator -- believe that suicide people will seek out another place to kill themselves and concerns about cost and worries about changing the bridges iconic look. back when he was built, they were telling people put something here. 18-year-old son kyle died in the jump from the bridge in 2013 with firm contract no now in place he has no no worry about cost overruns of suicide barrier. >> is is a six step forward in building the barrier to prevent people from going there. >> public thinking can change. >> this is the best way to spend the money to save lives.
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will it work? this is the first barrier in the us, a dozen bridge barriers worldwide has been set up for two decades. >> it's been one death. >> many study shows most bridge suicides -- bridge suicides are impulsive survivor say they regretted it the same as they jumped. the majority never tried it again. once people don't have a net surety that suicide will be successful they don't -- they don't seek another bridge or another location the golden gate is really the magnet, the suicide barrier should be complete sometime in 2021 . coming up here a controversial shirt pulled off the shut shirts -- else from walmart to. santa comes to one east bay city, but he may not look like the santa on christmas cards. you see the joy on people's face in -- and the kids faces to see a santa claus that reflect something that is closer to who they are.
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walmart says it has pulled a t- shirt from its online store have to come lanes from police. here's a picture of the sure from fox news. it the reads bullet proof, black lives matter. they will no longer sell the shirts on the website after the fraternal order of police calls for sure -- sure offensive . it originally came from connecticut -based old glory merchandise. santa has plenty of help
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her since some of the busiest work for amazon. inside the cap amazon how the warehouse in sacramento today is the last day amazon prime members can get last-minute gifts with free shipping in time for christmas. for charge you can wait a little longer to pick a gift and amazon spokesperson said there's plenty to choose from. we understand it's a a busy time of the year, family and friends we got you covered whether it's banana -- whether it's banana, tylenol, eggs, maybe cookies. amazon said some of the highest items in this year are electronics and board games the crowd turned out today in the east a 12, special the setter, the black -- center, the black santa. at the -- on broadway. marshawn lynch was on hand along with the man who helped create the black santa briand nba all-star darren davis, he
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says oakland has been through a lot this year and having black santa. -- pay a visit might help with people's spirits. we want to come out and do something positive and bringing the black santa mascot it's fun to see the joy in kid -- kids face is in to see a santa claus that reflects something that's closer to who they are. people who donated the toy at the event today had a chance to get their picture taken to see marshawn lynch or darren davis. help for a bay area woman who lost so much in a fire. such a great feeling i love it. up next how an entire community pitched in to keep first. bright. tracking the rainfall for your bay area tomorrow i have the comment computer model and we will take you through -- it through the day you can time on your commute and your getaway. >>
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a woman from the east a -- east able lost all hope -- east a who lost all hope her furniture in the virus several months ago got a holiday for price of -- holiday surprise of her life today this is a fantastic story while she -- while she was some work group of volunteers secretly furnished and decorated a -- her new apartment. while broth was there when the woman and her son walked through the door these large santa elves brought a team of volunteers. the completely furnished two- bedroom apartment and sunday san leandro was a struggling mother.
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is such a great feeling i love it -- i did not sleep last night, the volunteers are part of the group called christmas in richmond, they help the family in need. sometimes it's easy to be overloaded as a single and people don't always unders and that is even hard for a single mom to say they need help . >> a woman who lost her furniture where she was living and recently moved into this one. she works two jobs and raising a ten -- tenure will boy. we've had our own struggles in life. we clearly know what it feels like to be -- to be without. bedroom set, dinette set she has dishes, we even got closing and give cards, she's in for a real surprise. to most of the day to get the apartment ready than it was time to quietly wait for the tenant to come through the door. >>
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hi merry christmas. >> my gosh. merry christmas. >> merry christmas oh, my god. oh, my god. merry christmas. i don't -- you don't know is. >> she did not know most of the people who did this for her. we celebrate the 11th thursday on christmas day. it is beyond amazing. this is the weakest blessing i've ever had in my life. i've never had nobody actually do this much. >> next to the day the sun her son was born this is the happiest day of her life. >> be on surprise i don't know what to -- i don't know what to say i'm shocked. >> they enjoy helping people in need and so -- and so they expect to find someone else
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next year to do something special for. thank you. and san leandro, fox two news -- box two new. that is so outstanding. in san francisco center thought santa -- they received a big losing donation today, ktvu crew was in the donation drop-off event in the tenderloin that's where organizers expressed concern that they did not have enough turkey and ham those in need on christmas. as of this morning they collected 220 -- they collected 226 there turkeys and ham far short of the goal of 500, at last check organizers tell us now at 40024. many of the people who donated today said they show -- show a morning show coverage and wanted to help we prepared worth of 2400 meals every single day for our guests that are in need so -- so the hammond a tricky -- turkey don't donated are essential to delivering hot
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meals for the people in need. organizers said the highlight of today's collection effort was when the member of the police department showed up to donate 20 turkeys, saint anthony's accept the donation of toiletries and clothing the collection drive will continue right on christmas eve. got some weather to talk about rain at the end of work as. it's a wet one all day the heaviest we will be -- the heaviest rain will be friday morning friday morning rain could definitely -- drop an inch and a half 2 inches of rain in the coastal hills maybe have inch of rain a inch an inch like santa rosa and water insurance -- porter inch and san jose, it's a wet day all day starts in the morning heaviest rain you can get a feel for the temperatures out there it's -- is already a drop down quickly 47 santa rosa 40 -- 47 santa rosa 47 napa it's cool out there. overnight low tonight
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that is cool no frost tomorrow by -- by the time you put frost down the rain was started clouds will thicken up and it will warm up area it warms up -- it warms up a little bit because you see condensation condenses it's leases fled in heat and when water evaporates the -- it cools and condenses turns into liquid water releases heat in the atmosphere and you get a warmer environment. it's interesting. the next storm system gets here tomorrow shows up tomorrow morning that's when we see the most rain and wind that means -- saturday will be the winter storm warning it will linger in the mountains. the winter storm warning stays in effect putting much right into -- putting much right into saturday afternoon and you're looking at maybe one to 3 feet of snow, 3 feet possible more forces southlake tahoe area and yosemite bear back valley and southlake in the
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side of lake [ overlapping speakers ] chest on that -- still a significant storm. at 4:00 a.m. there it is the model fixed ahead. maybe a little sooner than we thought but by 4:00 a.m. it's heavy rain across the bay area heavy rain will to -- through santa rosa friday morning and then 6:00 a.m. morning commute is wet. 7:00 a.m. the latest model's that up, this is before we had heavy rain show up right in here they are low -- is a yellow at 7:00 a.m. we got it all the way up to monterey, it's what they heading to friday afternoon scattered shower and ending for the most part in the mountains the winter storm stays in effect. five -- friday forecast looking at rain for the much all -- pretty much all day tomorrow heaviest late late overnight hours in the early morning and the morning commute, saturday clearing conditions and probably dry
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through the holiday weekend, but nice-looking -- but nice- looking weather system for the most part. thank you. rapper e- 40 return to vallejo today to get back to those in need. he stopped by the branch of the salvation army to drop off a check for $20,000. that donation will be used to buy food and clothing or people in the community. the warriors are in brooklyn battling the nets, a short schools to trip. coming up next in sports. (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing,
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mark is here to tell us about the warriors. for a while it's scary, and you have the addition of dream on ran new baby son and that's a traction of him not being there for the game, a little wore some is the warriors started the road trip that will be difficult anyway tonight starts in brooklyn it did not start well for the warriors. take a look at baby dream on jamal win -- 3:55 a.m. today. he will miss tonight probably
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and saturday night in detroit and christmas day against cleveland and dream on was never experienced such a feeling. as far as the -- far as the game goes, they were missing him early, stanford man lopez it's a 30 and get this the warriors was were down by 16 points at halftime. there was a beautiful symmetry to the game as we will explain the warriors, rolling in the third quarter kd will take it to the bucket that's slammed -- slam dot slamdunk, power and finesse, grace and beauty, with 26, terry chimes in you will see them pop the three at 15 points tonight 130 run for the warriors, you have not seen the last of kevin durrant. watch and gold color -- watching gold color to post coast-to-coast i will do it -- i will do it myself and muscle at home and the third. the warriors completely taking
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command they outscored the net 39-19 and a quarter david west will start to break -- the break here and get it to clay thompson for -- play thompson for the flyby he pops three of the 23 and the workers down by 16 and a half win the game by 16. they are off tomorrow post tonight to dream ongoing, congratulations to him. believe the only recent washoe -- washoe 49ers against the rams on christmas eve -- eve day the local kids, -- the quarterback of the rams in this game against the 49ers good news for him despite getting clocked right here by richard stroman in the game last week he was taken off -- he was taken off the field of course that's a nasty head. jared and today he was feeling all right just a normal hit -- just a normal hit on the ball field he would -- he was has passed all aspects of oral cold with regard to concussion and coach said he looks good in
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part just all week and will start against the rams again right here on channel two christmas eve day at 1:00. also some kind of programming the readers will be in the action against in the colts in the ring a very familiar name oh two back to the bay area that's will be andrew luck the quarterback not to forget frank for the former running back, seven and seven, they have to win out the -- a chance at the playoffs and the readers well aware even though they have clinched the playoffs spot much work yet to be done they know how bad the courts need to game -- the game. went frank -- clerk frank lloyd doing a good job. getting the ball out on time the offense a -- of line doing good things. protect team look, -- -- -- protecting walk.
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that's reggie nelson do newly anointed safety for the readers, a little football going on right now in a defensive back he did himself proud early in the game for the eagles already up on the giants seven nothing in the first quarter of the -- new line manning steps up in the pocket probably ticked off land malcolm jenkins who will bring it all the way back 34 yards touchdown and it was 14-zero. that ballgame is at halftime in -- and the eagles are leading the giant not -- that handily at this .21-13 giants favorite in that game. that's the -- congrats to trim on greene. >> they day to dad asked. >> thanks for joining us our -- our coverage continues 72 -- have a great night.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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