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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  December 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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first the deadly crash in the south bay. police now saying alcohol may have caused a head-on collision killing two people. good evening everyone merry christmas everybody i'm milana gomez. news 6 says alcohol may have been a factor in a tragic accident that killed two people happening at 6:30 this morning on capital expressway on snell avenue. a malibu hit a lexus head on. the 25-year-old woman driving the malibu and a 14-year-old boy in the lexus were pronounced dead at the hospital a short time later.
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officers say the man and woman in the lexus suffered non-life threatening injuries. police haven't released the identities of the victims. in san francisco a man is behind bars after police say he stole a butcher knife from a sports bar and attacked two people. officers were called to market and turn at 11:00 this morning. when they got there they found a woman suffering non-life threatening cuts locating the suspect and recovered that stolen knife. the 25-year-old man will be charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, theft of the knife, and a probation violation. new details tonight on an early morning shooting at a singles party in san francisco happening at the grand nightclub near at&t park rather. someone called 911 just after 2:30 this morning to report two people were shot there. when police responded they found two men on the sidewalk both suffering from gunshot wounds. both victims were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. investigators aren't saying if they have any leads, but they have not made any arrests.
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san jose police say a suspect is in custody for a deadly christmas eve attack. investigators say a woman was stabbed to death during a domestic dispute at an apartment on north 10th street last night. authorities say the suspect was the same person who called 911 for help. this is san jose's 47th homicide of the year and their highest annual total in 25 years. well this christmas there will be hundreds of bikes under bay area christmas trees all thanks to some do gooders in the south bay. we'll introduce you to a few good people doing secret santa work where the outcome is quite a sight. >> if you could get a sneak peek we could only imagine it would look a little like this. >> it is viral and addictive, i love it. >> inside the convention center hall earlier this month 1,000
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volunteers spent their saturday assembling christmas presents for people they will never meet. >> just doing something nice for a charity. building bikes, letting kids have a pretty fun christmas. it is something we really love to do. >> you see there's not a lot of room for the crabbiness here. instead the bay area elfs are all lit up carrying on a 12- year long tradition to build bikes in santa clara county. >> to get a bike and a helmet, this would be a pretty good christmas for them. >> i remember getting my first bike, it was independence day for me. i could not ride up on my own. >> behind each bike a personal touch, kindness shown through the craft works of these hands. >> hi mom. >> and smiles behind every folks. >> you'll need to raise that even more. okay. >> and this employee who volunteered alone last year brought some new recruits this
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year. >> last year we were doing it by myself and it was hard to do it. you are going to get the team ahead of time. so this year i would get my kids to help out. >> the man behind the pink basket is also a father. >> this is my daughter. they just love to do this every year, doing it for the last five to six years. we love the view back from the community. >> reporter: and this santa who prefers a bike to the sleigh advises the giving by no means limited to this. >> if you can't come out for this event, then try another event to participate. >> take a look at the result. in the end 2,500 bikes were built in one day. it is as if these elfs are holding onto something special, the hope of anything being possible in christmas. in san jose ktvu fox 2 news. well crowds of people were out today for the annual celebration known as christmas
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for everyone. organizers say the event is in its 30th year. they say they help provide holiday cheer for those that are not feeling the holiday spirit. people lonely or needy, senior citizens or people down on the streets. the crew of volunteers would look forward to helping. >> what else would i do? open up a present and say now what? it's helping someone else, it's giving. that's what we should be doing, not getting, but giving. >> turkey was on the menu with christmas presents as well and clothing for all as well as a get together for plenty of support and kindness. well this christmas day the list is long for many people who had the duty of working like us here. for the man an fire house 13 and fruitvale this chris has has a special meaning for the community they serve very proudly. rob malcolm has more on how they are spreading the christmas cheer. >> when it comes to spreading christmas cheer, the guys at
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fire house 13 on derby avenue comes through. >> people will see me now. and they will see you. >> as always they delivered. >> hello. we've got gifts from santa for you. >> santa is very busy calling us to drop the presents off is that okay? what is your name? i don't blame you. >> the smiles on their faces said it all. >> we will team up with what they were doing, they might not get a gift because of economic reasons that this country will go through in many countries where it will be nice they will be out here getting the distance. >> it is an annual christmas eve tradition. on christmas day some of these guys will be working and they don't seem to mind. >> i've been with the department 18 going on 19 and i worked a lot of christmases. >> enough to say i have worked
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at a lot of christmases and sometimes you need to work christmas eve or christmas day and rarely do we need to work both as that does happen and they understand that. >> well, i'm a new kid and we would call it a new kid, which means i'm working, i get to work thanksgiving, which is really fun. >> so we had to ask. >> is it a good christmas? >> it's for the wife and kids and they will be opening presents, doing their own thing. they are ready to go to gap ma and maybe that will not happen to the in-laws this year, which will be nice too with some benefits. always a benefit to working. >> he was joking, of course. >> personally for myself, it's a great experience because i actually have a real small family. and the oakland fire department is just the extension of my family, being able to come to work and, you know, have a couple of great meals as well as see a lot of happiness in the community, it is really
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rewarding. >> and this christmas day shared their special message. >> my christmas wish for the citizens of oakland a little bit of peace since we had this disaster for the last couple of weeks. maybe we could take a couple of moments to take a second to give each other some good cheer and a good hug. the citizens will need that. >> from the fruitvale neighborhood rob nelson ktvu fox 2 news. >> it is very heartwarming as they would help spread the holiday cheer today in san francisco, bright and early this morning. volunteers would help prepare and pack some 2,500 meals for the needy. they delivered to folks that could not get outside about 30 volunteers would help prepare and deliver the meals today. >> throughout the week we would have volunteers that would come in to help us put it all together. >> organizers say many of the people receiving the christmas meals would otherwise go hungry. the service is made possible
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with the red kettle donation. an oakland woman is marking a milestone today turning 100 years old. her husband just turned 103. ktvu amber lee talked to the couple about their secret of longevity and a lasting relationship. >> reporter: emanating from this corner home is music from another era during the youthful years of ruth and henry fong. >> i didn't know what to do with myself. >> but she is doing plenty, they enjoy listening to music from pandora and place candy crush on her ipad and e-mails. exuberance that belies her age, 99 years old turning 100 on christmas. >> let me hold your hand. give me your hand. >> reporter: ruth's romance and patience are -- ruth says romance and patience are key to a successful marriage. henry turning 103 last month.
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>> what kind of things do you like to do with ruth? >> i like to sit down and talk. that's it. >> sounds simple, but it works. henry is a man of few words, but he has what it takes to make ruth happy. >> he is very sweet. he is sweet and gentle. and loving. [ laughter ] >> reporter: ruth says they met in their 20s in los angeles and were married in 1940. they raised their family in the same oakland home for 67 years. >> i thank the lord. it is nice to have a person giving us six children and three boys and three girls. >> to raise their family, henry worked as a waiter then a chef. ruth a stay-at-home mom and later an elementary school cafeteria worker. >> to live a simple life.
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♪ [ music ] >> ruth attributes her longevity and great health to not drinking or smoking. henry is a former smoker. an interest they share is playing slot machine. in their decades in oakland they see a lot of change. day they will get the paper and carry it over. anything that happens is happening. >> reporter: she says she has never had any trouble except for a burglary at her home a few years ago. still she says life in oakland has been good. >> i still thank the lord for what we have, all the loving, tender loving children and friends. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: ruth turns 100 on christmas day. she says she and henry are grateful for the many blessings they have, but most importantly they have each other. in oakland amber lee ktvu fox 2 news.
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>> well the fong's are in good health today looking forward to spending the holidays with their six children, seven grandchildren, and 14 great grandchildren. welcoming up the christmas day tragedy in russia, a military plane crashes into the black sea all 92 people feared dead as rescue crews attempt to recover the body. a pop-star icon dead at the age of 53. the details police are releasing about the death of george michael. and in weather just some scattered high clouds today across parts of the bay area, but no rain drops to talk about in the short term. coming up a few changes though in your monday forecast to let you know if we have anymore storms to talk about as you wrap up 2016. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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tissue news this christmas night. george michael is dead. he was 53 dying peacefully at a home in britain over the holidays. some said it was heart failure, not suspicious launching his career in the 1980s going on to a solo career. police say there are no suspicious circumstances, best known for his songs including faith and careless whisper. controversy on the campaign trail, but now president elect trump is vowing his election. they're applauding the move, but still questions on how the change will be made. closing the foundation is under investigation by the state of new york since september for the way they collect and dispurse their funds. he has not given a timeline of
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when they would be dissolved, but said he will be pursuing the strong interest in other ways. well the rescue crews are recovering the bodies of military planes with 92 people on board crashed into the black sea. the plane took off from the resort city of sochi after taking off in good weather. rob schmidt has the latest on the investigation. a christmas day tragedy in russia after a military plane carrying members of the choir crashed into the black sea near the city of sochi. the aircraft carrying 92 people and eight crew members disappeared on sunday morning just minutes after taking off departing from sochi headed to syria where russia has a large military presence for a concert ahead of new year's eve. all in all over 3,000 people are taking part. >> vladimir putin expressed his condolences declaring monday a national day of mourning. a thorough investigation of the
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causes of the crash will be carried out and everything will be done for the family of those killed. flowers and candles were brought to honor those lost. dr. liza had a charity fund and was on the plane to a humanitarian cargo ship. also on the flight nine journalists from the tv station in russia remembering their lives holding a vigil outside their office on sunday night with no major weather problems. investigators have not ruled out any possible causes including terrorism. they say it could take days or weeks to figure out what brought that plane down. in new york rob schmidt fox news. a powerful earthquake struck off the coast of -- chile just about noon was centered in the southern part of the southwest. now so far no deaths have been reported, only minor damage. the tsunami warning was issued,
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canceled 90 minutes later for an 8.2 earthquake in february of 2010 killing 525 people in chile. a powerful typhoon hit thephilippines this christmas day, expecting the destructive wind and heavy rainfall and battering waves, moving to evacuate some people who did not want to leave their homes because of the christmas holiday. the official philippine government says this is the 7th typhoon to hit the nation in the past 65 years. a dry christmas day here in the bay area just a few scattered high clouds out there expecting a dry weather pattern as we head into monday and alts rest of the year as -- and also the rest of the year as well. the high clouds are paying us a visit to the west holding on to the high cloud cover. tomorrow a cold start between partly cloudy and the extended forecast once again with a dry weather pattern in place as you
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can see the big picture with the globe and that wind pattern with some cold air moving in from the north sticking around. you'll feel it, with the temperatures in the 20s and the 30s and the coolest location will be back down tomorrow in the upper 20s in the north bay. the same place for san francisco and they are starting out the day not extremely cold, but pretty chilly out there to showout temperature timeline on track to reach the 50s starting out the day in the upper 30s on track and as you can see approaching the 50s. outside right now we do have this live camera looking towards san francisco and union square and some nice holiday lights here with the temperatures already dropping off quite a bit. so you probably felt that chill in the air and take a look at some of the current numbers right now. one location showing you 45 and already some lower 40s towards concord, walnut creek and livermore. here is the the satellite perspective, the bigger picture as you can see the rainfall to the south of the bay area.
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this weather system this circulation we are thinking earlier in the week this could bring some rainfall for us. for tonight and into tomorrow morning, but as you can see the main impacts for us those high clouds are moving through the region throughout the afternoon hours. they will hold on to the forecast tomorrow morning. you can see the surface winds here and some more of the southeasterly wind. there we go with some of the rainfall and some rainfall to the south and the west of the bay. as far as overnight lows, we have temperatures in the coolest location reaching the upper 20s. fairfield 29 with some areas of frost. it's kind of been the reoccurring theme with the weather pattern over the past week. the freeze warnings and frost will be out there with a better chance of a freeze warning first thing tuesday morning. here is the forecast model showing you this into tomorrow morning, showing you the clouds out there mainly to the west. you'll see the rainfall
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potential still offshore on monday afternoon. we will call it partly to mostly sunny skies and take it into your tuesday, pretty quiet out there and the main storm track up to the north of the bay area and that it should remain that way as we do wrap up the air, thinking right now. but as far as temperatures tomorrow afternoon and the warmest locations will be on track to reach you to the 50s in san rafael and san jose at 54 degrees with a look ahead to your five-day forecast wrapping up the 2016 and some pretty cold numbers for you first thing tuesday morning and fair skies for wednesday. we are picking up the clouds. there will be a slight chance for the shower on friday afternoon and friday night. but right now just a few extra clouds and into the weekend already talking about the new year. you can see just a few clouds on out there and temperatures mainly in the 50s. i have to admit when i click that 2017 there i type it out. that's my first attempt. i put 2016 and 2017 approaching
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rapidly. >> everybody always does that, they start writing out the date taking just half a year to write out 2017. >> it feels strange to write out, but it's coming our way. >> thank you so much. >> well san francisco is glad memorial hosted their annual christmas breakfast every year to the church on ellis street serving up the holiday meals for the thieves hosting 4,000 christmas dinners. this year the church had volunteers from the university of utah's football team. players are in the bay area for the foster farms bowl formally known as the hunger bowl. they are set to face off against the hoosiers at levi stadium on wednesday at 5:30. coming up for the first time since the nba finals the warriors and the cavs face off in a nail biter that goes down to the wire. sports with scott reiss is coming up next.
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all right, back now with scott reiss in sports. i said the utah utz and i want to correct myself because it's the youth and i apologize. >> we will let it slide. >> in other news and other sports news the warriors and
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the cavs crazy nail biter. i was sitting there glued to the tv any time i had to walk by because it was so good. >> it was. >> and then it wasn't. >> yeah. >> we've been waiting for this for a long time. >> exactly. not exactly the nba finals, but they did have that playoff feeling best in the east and the west. and a rivalry that really becomes more heated every time these two teams jump it up with a festive atmosphere in cleveland. building up the game of the year for the regular season. santa and other santa. they loved it. and this one will live up to the hype. early on you can see lebron james and the steal and the lay in and the warriors heads up to clay thompson quickly back the other way for k.d. the baseline jam. okay that's good. and then they don't get back on defense. you go full court back to lebron. he'll have 41 points in the game. warriors are up 3 at the half for the third quarter with
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durant jamming. he had 36 they would lead by as many as 14 in the fourth quarter, but the cavs will come back. stop me if you have heard this before. richard jefferson. how about a christmas facial, clay? they are still up by two and the final two minutes, we're all tied. kyrie irving gives it up to lebron just hanging it around for a long time. seriously no technical foul called. >> yeah. >> i'm thinking maybe it should have been, but it wasn't, still up a couple there and they are tied up when curry goes three ball with 15. warriors are up by three and the final ten seconds, one- point game crunch time. kyrie put it on the deck. you tip your cap for that guy. he had 25 points, ten assists, one evil stare with the warriors still up on top. you're down one, get it to durant with a huge game and he fell. >> he fell.
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>> now was he helped to the floor? yeah, he was stumbling a little bit. jefferson must have nudged him with no foul called. they win 109-108. the niners finally win a game, but they will lose their star in the process reporting carlos tied for the -- tore his ncl. that'll keep him out of next season finishing 2016 just 12 rushing yards shy. it was a bummer, but for the niners a great course. >> yes, that is just my thing. all right. have a great day everybody, we'll see you at 10:00.
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