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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  December 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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store under fire. using a secret code when a black person walked in the store. >> gunfire in a mall. police are looking for the gunmen and the victim. the four on two starts now. a forker vercacci employee is suing the company for you unfair businesses in the east bay and one allegation is that the luxury label discriminates against black customers. the employee has filed a lawsuit that includes allegations that employees have a code when a black customer walks in the store. glad to be back with you and welcome to the four on two. hope you had a nice holiday. >> glad you had a great holiday and traveling and blood to have you back. it feels like awhile. >> it was quite a while but glad to be back. >> we begin with the oakland raiders and the injury to quarterback derrick carr. he had surgery to repair the
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broken fibula that he suffered sunday against the colts. his mother posted this update. derrick is out and doing excellent. we are very pleased. as a family thank you all for your prayers. as you may remember carr suffered that season ending injury saturday at at the coliseum. 6 to 8 weeks for recovery but coach del rio says the raiders will carry on. >> we will do what we always do. feeling of stepping up. feeling about it being the quarterback. it is about us as a team. >> matt mcgoin is now the starting quarterback and if the raiders beat denver on sunday
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they get a buy and if the raiders lose and kansas city wins, the chiefs get the afc west title and the raiders would be a wild card team. the good news, derrick carr recovering. now to the violence that happened at malls across the country and suspicion that social media played a role and then encouraging the brawl and disorder and injuries during the post christmas shopping. we have a look at what happened and the chaos that broke out in 9 states. really hard to believe that this was a coincidence. hard to believe and when you think about it, the day after christmas and other nations is known as boxing day. in the u.s. it was like a prize fight. >> in 9 states chaos rang at malls and shopping centers. some of the mostly young troublemakers summoned over social media such as facebook or twitter. the town center mall in the denver suburb of aurora was one such site. >> we had multiple skirmishes
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altercations in the mall that we needed to close down the mall for public safety. >> at the upscale beach wood mall in suburban cleveland shoppers were freaked out. >> i saw a girl get trump belled or. it was scary. >> i am not quite processing it. but yes, scared is a good thing. i have been calling everyone and just trying to get home safe. social media such as facebook and twitter are commercial enterprises that make money from ads used to users drawn to those sites. >> the 20 year-old federal communication decency act protects facebook and twitter from any liability for home done by those that use the media to create that harm but that law is now being tested in a federal appeals court. >> we asked folks at walnut creek district should social media be liable for harmful activities set up.
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>> i would think it is in interference. >> as far as the responsibility for the damage, i don't think they would have that but they have responsibility for policing their sites. >> this is territory that is unknown to us and we have to figure out how to solve the problem in alike way that everyone at the society can deal. >> brazil, russia, india and thailand have laws establish consequences for social media companies. operating within their jurisdictions and important to note that trend is growing. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. all right, tom, thanks a lot an. well the world is mourning the loss of star wars actress carrie fisher known for princess layla. we take a look at your career.
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>> carrie fisher known for princess layla in star wars had a massive heart attack on a plane returning from los angeles to london. she had been overseas promoting her 8th book. a revealing recollection what happened behind the scenes when star wars was filmed. as if 2016 could not get any worse sending our love to fisher. born in to hollywood royalty in 1956. the daughter of eddy fisher and debbie reynolds was destined for stardom. starred aspirin sessions lawmakers layla. she had postcards from the edge published and adapted it into a screen play and a movie starring meryl streep and sherly mcclain and she revised crepts and took a supporting
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roles. she recently talked about the princess layla role and finished starring episode 8, the second of three new films in the franchise. she spoke about bipolar disorder and drug abuse. in hollywood irony. she was featured in this rolling stone magazine and she asked do you fear death and said the fear of dying and then said i seen death and it didn't look like fun but if i was going to do it i would like someone me around. carrie fisher was 60 years old. in los angeles, wil carr. fox news. meanwhile tributes pour in for british pop icon george michael that died on christmas day. he died in his sleep from heart failure at his home in england. his death comes in a year of other music greats passing away such as david bowie and prince
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and leonard cohen. he soldier field more than one hundred million albums and winning countless awards. he was 53. a forme employee at vercacci has filed a discrimination and harassment lawsuit against the company in the bay. lawyers for chris samp per opposing filed the suit in alameda court. of mixed race looked at the vercacci store in livermore and sued the company after he had to use a secret code to tell employees when an african- american customer was entering the store. he was told about the cold during his employee training. our client was trained to announce this verbal code if an african-american customer comes in to the store. there is also a nonverbal code where the employee would tug on a black article of clothing. it turns out the employee says he was fired after he told the store he was african- american. he is suing for unpaid wages
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and damages. vercacci has denied the allegations and called for a dismissal of the suit. we have breaking news in beltinggame, a pedestrian has been struck and killed by a cal train. a northbound train hit that person on the tracks north of the belting game station. this happened at 2:30 this afternoon. trains were stopped in that area. the trains of single tracking through the scene of the accident. this is the third fatality involving a cal train in more than a week. we have new information to tell you be regarding a shooting. a man was injured and that several bullets hit nearby businesses. in fact you can see the bullet holes in this starbucks. there is a blown out window at the crossroads shopping center on monument boulevard. most of the businesses were open and customers were in and
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around the area when the customers rang out. >> i heard 7 shots. >> and do you think somebody was hit? >> i didn't know. i just knew it was close and very like it seemed like all gun, you know. like a semiautomatic. it didn't sound good. >> witnesses told investigators that one man was hit and bleed bleeding when he ran to starbucks and took off in a car. investigators say they have been checking emergency room and hospitals but so far no one has shown up with a gunshot wound. oakland police are searching for a gunman that shot and killed a former marine in the east oakland park. officers shotting to a spotter alert found 23 year-old chris killian on humbold street at 7:30 last night. pronounced dead at the scene. killian lived in oakland and attended hayward high school before joining the marines. according to a go fund me page he dropped out of college and joined the military when his father was diagnosed with cancer. turning now to controversy
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following a christmas car accident that kill a teenager as well as suspected drunk driver in san jose. friends and family of 25 year- old jessica samora created a memorial to the crash site on capital expressway on snell avenue. crossed the median and slammed in to an oncoming car and killing the boy. candles and flowers and beer cans were put on the mem as a sign of love but criticized on social media as investigators believe she was drunk when she took the wheel. by the time the crew arrived the alcohol was removed. she was a wonderful mom and friend. a wonderful person. she was loving. yes. she did drink that night but no one is perfect. samorera went to a bar just a few hours before that crash. the manager there tells ktvu that samorera had two drinks in ninety minutes. a go fund me page has been set
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up for their 5 year-old daughter. don't know much about the 14- year-old boy that was killed and his parents are expected to recover from the crash. santa clara deputies say a man is under arrest for killing his mother with a baseball bat. 39-year-old matthew salousky was arrested christmas morning. deputies responded near gilroy to find claudia with head trauma. the son was booked on suspicion of murder. talk of a new design for a floating fire staying to house the department's fire boat. the chronicle reports the city is looking at the idea of building a bar featuring a two story fire station on top. the city is looking to he replace the cramped fire station along the waterfront. officials say it would be critical in the case of a major earthquake. the project would be 180-foot
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pier with 32-foot high fire station. even for the haters, they won't have the opportunity. >> coming up at 4:30. the 6-foot tall menorah stolen in san francisco. a new year means new laws of course. what california drivers no longer be allowed to do come sunday. it will warm up a little bit at least in the overnight. got some clouds out there. you can see them and i will let you know how they factor into the forecast the next couple of
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days. 2017 brings in new law including the minimum wage. it goes up from $10 an hour to 10.50 on sunday and then gradually goes up each year until it reaches $15 in the year 2022. the new law affects businesses with more than 25 employees. also in 2017. beauty salons and barbershops in california will legally be allowed to serve alcohol to customers as long as it is free and before ten at night. some beauty shops were doing this offering champagne to customers that was technically against the law without a license. the highly publicized sexual assault case involving brock turner prompted a new law that makes anyone bill guilty
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of sexual assault makes them noneligible for parole. another law targets drivers that may be distracted by cell phones. janine de la vega tells us come january 1st it will be against the law to hold your phone at all while driving. >> a lot of people will use their phone to scroll through social media when they are at a stop light or they will punch in a direction. you can do that anymore. everything needs to be hands free. this new law prohibits drivers from operating the devices while driving and no more looking down while using google maps or your play list to change the music you are listening to. it will be illegal to take picks while driving. there were 12 deadly classes from distracted drivers. 500 injuries and 700 property damage collisions. >> i will do what i can to like get them out and do what i can to prevent that. because i mean there has been been times if you are in
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traffic you can pick up your phone and the car stopping. >> the new law allows for exception. a driver is allowed to use the has been on electronic device if it on a single device when it is melted to the dashboard or windshield. what if you are using a navigation app and listening to directions, is it okay to use it in a cup holler or passenger seat and not touch it. >> the best practice will be to have it mounted because we take the considerations or questions out of the equation. so to say do you have to have amount, that is what the law is saying. so we will say that you need to have it mounted. >> if you are caught holding your phone the fine for the first violation is $20 and for the second one it is $50. reporting from san jose, janine de la vega, fox 2 news. new gun control regulations take effect to require brown
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checks on ammunition purchases. and bands the bullet buttons and lim the guns to family members. republicans are planning an overhaul of the nation's tax system to simplify a complicated tax code that rewards the wealthy and corporations. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and paul ryan vowed to pass a package to not add to the budget deficit. for every tax cut there has to be a tax increase. police across the bay stepping up the efforts to curb drunk driving. saturation patrols will be checking for drivers under the influence. there was a saturation parole in san rafael where several people were cited. police will have another dui checkpoint this week for new year's eve week. let's check in with meteorologist bill martin and i just returned from texas where
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on christmas day people were wearing shorts. >> 20 degrees above college from texas to florida. for us it was nice but in the northern plains and around the great lakes, blizzard conditions. much better travel today for much of the country. still blizzard like continues in wyoming but not a bad travel senator. saturday and sunday were miserable for folks traveling across the country. that is not the case today. everybody is out traveling. know some people are traveling and not as bad today or tomorrow. clouds for us, you see rain around seattle up around trying to get to portland as well. we are getting a few clouds in those clouds will set us up with a little bit warmer night instead of in the 20s, the coal spots and mid-30s and low 30s. still will be frosty and includes enclose come in and warm up and that's the way it works. holds in the heat from the day. like a blanket.
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55 in santa rosa. 52 in livermore. the temperatures are running a little bit warmer, four degrees warmer than yesterday. four degrees warmer than -- in fairfield than yesterday. i love this shot. not so good on the golden gate bridge going southbound. that has stopped pretty much. i hate to do traffic there. golden gate bridge beautiful shot from the twin peaks camera. you can see the lighting going down. that's because of the cloud cover out there. temperatures tomorrow morning partly cloudy and warmer and the frost so get ready for that. frosty conditions with most inland spots at 32 degrees and around the bay 36 to 42. i was putting 20s in this slot last night. as we head to the oakland forecast and there's the clouds, that is the warming
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function, the sky cover for wednesday. not bad. it would be be much different than today. a holding pattern here. even that rain that was in the forecast and when i come back i will show it to you. even that rain in the forecast is dwindling away. we will moderate temperatures and warming up in the overnight and seeing mild, daytime high of 60s in oakland. when i come back we will give you the long-range forecast and look at the rest. talking about the temperatures here. not so across other parts of country. a big winter storm moved across the great plain states and left a lot of snow behind. the storm has caused many power outages across the dakotas and nebraska and michigan. it has been making travel dangerous as you might expect. many highways and even in an airport in north dakota was forced to shut down because of white outs. in sioux falls the winds blew a roof off of a building. emergency crews were trying to battle a fast moving fire
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there. we can have extreme weather conditions with wind driven fires. which can create fire behavior that we are not used to seeing. that winter storm system is moving east through the great lakes and on to new england. history in the making. the visit between president obama and the prime minister of japan what was said about pearl harbor. back after the break.
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president obama joined the
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prime minister of japan for historic joint mission to pearl harbor. the japanese attacked december 7. the prime minister offered japan's sincere condolences for the deaths of 2300 service members. he is the first japanese leader to visit pearl harbor. 75 years later the proud ranks of pearl harbor survivors have bent with time. the bravery. we were called here as forever etched in our national heart. the two leaders toured the uss arizona for a wreath laying ceremony. his visit comes six months after president obama became the first sitting american president to visit hiroshima to pay tribute to victims of the atomic bombing. officials are searching for one of those six inmates that escaped from a jail on christmas day.
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investigators now know how the escape happened. they say the inmates managed to remove a toilet and get through the narrow passage where the plumbing was. the inmates were probably aware of previous maintenance problems. we have had multiple issues with this facility concerning water breaks and sewage breaks and deterioration of the facility and it's a never ending task to try to keep this place in the facility operational. the county officials say there have been other jail breaks but never this many escaped at once. the one inmate on the loose is the most dangerous. possession of robbery and a weapon. i think i could have mobilized the majority of the american people. tensions between the president and president elect continue to grow. the response from donald trump after obama claims he would
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have won a 3rd team. investigating a shoot that injured an uber driver. why the driver is lucky coming
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up. president obama is sparring with president-elect donald trump over twitter. a match-up and how to handle foreign affairs. lauren has the latest.
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>> despite smiling for the cameras. tensions between the president and president-elect donald trump are growing. from mr. obama's band earlier on offshore oil drilling to the release of prisoners from guantanamo bay and at times it appears as if there are dueling administrations. made even more evident in the last few days after israel claimed they had evidence that president obama himself ordered the u.s. ambassador to the united administrations to abstain from a vote condemning the israel settlements in palestine controlled territories. >> thank god in 25 days we will see a change in the american administration and policy. >> adding fuel to the fire. president obama told a radio show monday that he believes he could have beat donald trump had he been able to run for a 3rd term. that remark raising the ire of the president-elect donald trump. president obama thinks he would have won against me. he should say that but i say no
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way. jobs leaving. isis, et cetera. the president is attempting to separate himself from the legacy's devastating losses in november. >> at the end of the day, they wanted change and in a conservative direction on the supreme court and the economy and so i think obama needs to look in the mirror and realizes that he bears responsibility. >> mr. trump continues to spend the holiday at his estate in florida and we are told he will continue with high level meeting as he still needs to fill two cabinet positions. lauren blandard fox news. trump tower in new york was evacuated this afternoon because of a suspicious package that turned out to be a backpack full of toys. video on twitter showed people running through the lobby. the backpack was found near the entrance to a nike town store inside the building. the all clear was given at 2:00
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p.m. our time. president-elect donald trump lives in the tower but he is in florida for the holidays. rescue teams have found a flight recorder from the russian military plane that crashed in the black sea killing all 92 people onboard an. the data recorder was discovered a mile from the shore and crews placed the so call black box that was in the sea water. russian officials believe the crash was an accident but have not ruled out terrorism. the victims were members of a choir headed to syria to perform on new year's eve for russian groups. there was a shooting last night that left a man hurt. it happened at 5:00 near the courthouse. when police and paramedics arrived, they found a 28-year- old man from vallejo that had been shot. the witnesses provided medical care and transported the
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patients to a hospital with life-threatening injuries. >> the man is said to be in stable condition. he says that he did not know who shot him. authorities say they don't have a motive for the shooting and do not have a suspect description yet. san francisco police are investigating a scary incident involving an uber driver that is lucky to be alive. the driver that lives in sacramento was sitting in a car in hayes valley saturday morning waiting for a passenger when a man came up to the car and started to fire shots at him. he wasn't hit but was cut by shattered glass. he shoot me and fortunately the bullet passed from my face. >> the respond responded to a shot alert and found the victim a few blocks away. taken toot hospital and no arrests made. people in the north bay neighborhood came together to show solidarity after a thief stole a large menorah from washington square park. when people gathered on sunday delighted on the second night
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of hanukah it was gone in a display of faith neighbors continued the tradition bringing their own individual menorahs to light instead. this ceremony send a message that we are still together. we are strong. we come together no matter what and celebrate anyway. people that live in north beach say the stolen menorah is not the only problem. he say the christmas tree was vandalized three different times in the days leading up to christmas. people that live in an upscale neighborhood says they captain believe that someone stole all of the mailboxes. it happened on christmas eve. 20 people that live at the ranch say the thieves left nothing behind except the concrete and metal. neighbors have had them stolen before by identity thieves but they say this make them feel
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more vulnerable. i feel victimized. this is the 4th time it happened. this time they decided to unscrew the hinges and take the whole mailbox. >> they saw two men in their 30s driving off in a white pickup truck. broken sleds and crash. the concerns about visitors in the sierra after holiday weekend. and we are tracking the cool overnight lows. now we will press in the weekend and talk about what you can expect in terms of raindrops. this portion of fox 2 news sponsored by your bay area
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chevrolet dealer. more breaking news for the ktvu newsroom. oakland police searching for a suspect near 39th street and martin luther king. we don't know a lot about what this suspect is wanted for except he has an active warrant. again around the area of 39th street and mlk a large police presence by oakland police as they search for a suspect. after a holiday weekend full of fresh powder in the sierra there are concerns about what visitors left behind. >> as kevin oliver shows the broken sleds were abandoned and trash littered along the side of the highway. >> getting into the snow park was a mess this monday with holiday travelers looking for a place to park to go sledding but the traffic was not the only mess. here the pile of broken sleds and crash filled the dumpster and was overflowing.
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at least though here it was near the garbage can. at other sledding locations along the interstate we found that was not the case. >> it looks better without garbage. >> guadalupe has been coming here for years. this year she noticed someone has built heaps of garbage. >> we don't do that. >> the chars of bright plastic and broken sleds are hard to miss. so is the giant inflatable raft left here. one man brought his family out and recognized the impact. >> the plastic takes years and years and there should be social responsibility which is pick up after your self. >> highway and park workers will clean up some sites that get trashed some of the plastic could litter the scenery for decade glass if you don't take care of it today. i won't have the place for
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tomorrow. such a shame. for now much of the sierra looks like a winter wonderland. take a look at squaw valley. squaw received 25-inches of snow over the weekend. the new snow allowed the resort to open new runs for skeet and partly cloudy to clear before another winter storm is expected to hit the upcoming weekend. playing the role of a meteorologist there. although we got the information from you. what is nice if that snow had not fallen, you were in texas last week but they got that dump before the holiday that is huge because ski resorts make 50% of their total income for the entire ski season in that two-week period and prior to that it wasn't looking good because of the rain events. things have worked out well. the ski resorts talking to folks and they got snow and if you get a chance to go there,
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the roads, they are clear. and we are not expecting snow or problems on the roads. so what we have out there right now are the clouds. here is what you can pick up from the picture. see the arc. that's a ridge of high pressure. that's flowing this way. and when you get bad weather you get something more like this trough and the air floats around it like that. the dominant pressure pattern the ridge row indicating this way and that sets us up with dry weather and cool overnight lows and allowing a dirty ridge when clouds come over the top of it. the clouds come in now and they blanket the atmosphere and they try to keep in that warmth from today and that will allow temperatures to stay slightly warmer than last night. it will be cold and frosty and no freeze warnings and froze advisories and some areas at freezing especially in the
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north bay. temperatures in napa about 3 degrees cooler and everything else a wash. mountain view the same as yesterday. the clouds coming in. you got to tweet this out. you are going for it right now. >> every time a good weather picture she will hit it hard. >> i missed that shot in texas. that's gorgeous. >> so beautiful and the cloud cover. and that is what i was referring to. that is stunning. and that has gotten better because we got the cameras now and so the cameras in the old day, not ten years the roof camera, they weren't hd and not that good. the pick is stunning. the overnight lows and slightly warmer than today. the high pressure ridge stays with us and clouds. from this system on the south on saturday. but for the most part we are dry this week. maybe a few sprinkles and here
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is tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. and here is tomorrow afternoon. that's the whole day. thursday morning. thursday afternoon. and the clouds from the south. friday morning and clouds from the south and rain. remember the slight chance of a sprinkle. it is not a game-changer and friday afternoon as far as i can go. see sprinkles working their way in. a nice friday and even on the bay area week it looks nice. and the forecast unsettled for saturday and sunday. overall a nice weather pattern and it is a beautiful shot. the prettiest city. i shouldn't say that. >> you are partial. >> i am. it is stunning. on a night like this you look out there and everybody else is puffies and gloves and snowmobiles and people are golfing today and biking. >> nothing like the california
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weather. >> that's right. >> well coffee lovers get ready for something new to ring in the new year. starbucks is unveiling three drinks as 2016 winds down the tuxedo collection because the white and chocolate appearance. you can choose between the tuxedo mocha and hot chocolate and if you wap something cold the tuxedo frappuccino but you have to move fast. the collection is on sale at select stores through new year's day. holiday return season is under way at malls across the country and especially in the bay area. according to the national retail federation. 10% of holiday purchases are returned. and before you head out to the mall you should know the store's return policy. some items can't be returned like open dvds and video gains and damaged items. you should have your receipt with you. for some it is a good time to exchange and take advantage of
4:45 pm
the after christmas sales. this is extra stuff that we don't need but it is fun to have and it is great sales. trying to get through all of the crowd. you know and get in and out. >> i brought one of the gift card in case we do see sales. according to the national retail federation, 10% of holiday purchases are returned. julie joins us with a look at the stories we are working on for fox 2 news at five. the group has been around for years but support for california independence appears to be gaining ground ever since the election of donald trump. coming up at five. why a political expert says even though support may be growing it is likely not enough for the state to become an independent nation. julie a long time business there in the city closing. >> owners of a bar that has been in san francisco for decades are fighting a proposed apartment complex saying not in my backyard. new people moving in and why they believe a new building could steal away their customers. working on these stories and
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more at five. looking forward to it. glad to see you, julie. happy holidays. still ahead. beating the buzzer in minutes on the four on two. the biggest sports play of the
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year. lebron james named the associated press male athlete of the year. the cleveland cavaliers star in ends 52 years by delivering a championship. collected 24 first place votes beating out michael phelps and the fastest men in water and on land respectively and not
4:49 pm
accustomed to finishing behind anyone. and gymnast simone biles received 39 out of 59 votes. 19-year-old biles won four gold medals and a bronze. kathy ledecky was the runner- up. both incredible athletes. the bills looking for a new head coach. today the team fired coach rex ryan. he has been with the bills for two seasons now. but ryan's firing comes after the bills were eliminated from the post soap on saturday. they have won 7 games this season and lost 8. offensive coordinator anthony lynn will replace him for the final game on sunday against the new york jets. the nba admits its referees missed two foul calls, two major calls in the final moments of the cavaliers win over the warriors on christmas day. lebron james should receive the technical foul for deliberatelyhaing on the rim after this dunk you see there. hanging. it should have been called.
4:50 pm
if it had been called it would have given the warriors a shot in the free-throw line. but that happened. and this foul on kevin durant in the final play. would have sent him for two shots with his team down by one, instead the cavs won 109- 108. new equipment here thanks to the sharks. the team donated $30,000 to the hockey team at sequoia high school in redwood city that serves students with special needs. the sharks invited the high school players to watch a practice and then presented them with new hockey equipment including skates and jerseys and gloves and hockey bags for each member. the group will be able to register with the usa hockey program making them eligible to participate in the disabled hockey festival there in san jose in april. a huge sharks fan. awesome gesture.
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check this out. from south china. want to show you newborn giant panda twins are making the public debut. they look like stuffed animals. the two male cubs born in october. and under the care zoo keepers, no name but an effort is under way to get them the perfect names. they are cute. >> a serious problem for neighbors in volusia county. the yards being torn to shred and the culprits of wild hogs. several yards near 35th street have been ripped apart by huge wild hogs. they resided in the yard and he walked around the corner of the yard and said he saw a big old hog. it scared him. this week four or five hogs with piglets spotted eating acorns and digging in this yard. if you look along the road you can see more damage. ron wheeler rides his bikes 20
4:52 pm
to 30 miles air temperatures day in this area. he has seen a lot of damage. >> they just tear the sod up. they are after the little animals underneath there. and everything. that is what they can do. >> there is a large wooded area behind the homes and where people think the hogs are coming from. a private trapper has set a trap and caught ten while hogs. and they think the mass amounts of acorns from oak trees are attracting them. now some are worried about their safety and pets. >> something has to be done about it. >> coming up, one of the music's biggest pop stars dropped in on one of her biggest fans that happens to be 96 years old. he's shaking it off. the big surprise for this world war ii veteran on the four on two will be right back.
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dealers. preparations are under way for the 128th annual tournament of roses parade in pasadena. hundreds of volunteers working overtime to build dozens of floats. they are pouring over every detail making sure the flowers and the leaves and the seeds are just right. this year's theme is echoes of success and traditionally it is held on new year's day unless it falls on a sunday. that is the case this year so the rose parade and game are
4:56 pm
set for monday, january 2nd. one of music's biggest stars paid us a surprise visit. check it out. taylor swift surprised this 9 6th-year-old world war ii veteran. cyprus porter. this what happened yesterday and that's him. they are dancing in the baseball hat. she gave him and his family a private concert there at his home in missouri. having a great time with it. >> those things don't normally go together. that's right. look at that smile. he loves shaking it off with taylor swift. heard about porter and traveled from nashville to missouri. porter has been to two taylor swift concerts and wanted to see her perform at least one more time. got some moves. that's sweet. >> this year in sports was
4:57 pm
unforgettable with the world's best athletes making amazing catches or amazing buzzer beaters. here is a look at the sports highlights from 2016. unbelievable. >> he has done it. he has climbed the mountain.
4:58 pm
record breaking goal. >> they do have a time out.
4:59 pm
a one point save. taking the lead. >> this is going to be a tough play. makes a play. it is over. ktvu fox 2 news at five starts now. carrie fisher the actress known for her role as princess layla is dead at the age of 60. hollywood is mourning the loss of another icon. carrie fisher known for her portrayal of princess layla suffered a massive heart attack. 60 years old. wil carr takes a look at her story career. carrie fisher known as her role aspirin sessions lawmakers layla star wars had a massive
5:00 pm
heart attack on a plane from los angeles to london. overseas promoting princess diarist about what happened behind the scene when star wars was filmed hollywood reacted after fisher was marked to the hospital mark hammel tweeted as if 2016 could not get worse sending all of our love to carrie fisher. she was born in to hollywood royalty in 1956. the daughter of eddy fisher and debbie reynolds was destined for stardom launching as a act treat with princess layla. she adapted a book into a screen play and a movie starring meryl streep and sherly mcclain and became a successful screen writer revising hollywood scripts and taking on supporting roles. recently air temperatures prized her role as


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