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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  December 28, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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elsewhere around the bay is okay .-- good thing traffic elsewhere around the day is okay. we're still below freezing for some of our inland communities. giving you a live look at the bay bridge, fairly calm start to the day. the chill is on so let's get to the numbers. in the north bay we do have colder numbers. low 30s for the inner east bay. freezing in livermore as well as conquered in fairfield slipping to 29. around the bay we are not as bad. for half moon bay we have little air circulating keeping the cold air from settling in. mountain view
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is in the upper 30s. winds unfreezing , -- winds are freezing. we are looking at visibility down to a mile a little bit earlier. we will continue to track this. we are also tracking a bit of a warm-up for the afternoon. we will have a look at your afternoon highs and detail your weekend forecast coming up. we're still watching traffic for you today. let's take a look at your commute. the bay bridge toll plaza is a breeze with no problems out there at all.
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the san mateo bridge is pretty good right now. it is moving but traffic is building out there. no problems to report. three-car crash shut down lanes of highway 20 down in san jose. 2 people taken to the hospital already. chp says one of the cars in the crash was going the wrong way. >> yes, they are trying to figure out which vehicle was traveling the wrong way here on southbound 280 near the byrd avenue exit. there was a woman trapped inside this vehicle. she was the driver. the chp sergeant said if there was a passenger in this car they
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would have been dead. her life was saved because she was wearing a seatbelt and the airbag deployed. this car collided with a gray sedan that has been towed. the person in the other car was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the woman in the red car she has serious to critical injuries . this happened around 3:30 in the morning and it involves 3 vehicles. all lanes of 280 were shut down for about an hour . they have opened up 2 lanes of traffic in the south down -- southbound direction. the sergeant says, when they got
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here and heard the lady in the red car screaming they took that as a good sign because she was screaming and was still alive. when you see the injury on the car you don't expect that so that is a good thing. >> back out here live you can see the last vehicle on the scene is in this red car. it is being towed away. chp will stay on scene because there are still quite a bit of debris, glass, and car parts left on the freeway. that needs to be cleaned up and they still need to do one of you -- more for the investigation. we did ask if alcohol or drugs were involved and they said it is too early to tell. they are estimating at least in the next 40 minutes that southbound 280 should open back up. right now 2 lanes are open
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to traffic is a little bit slow in this area but at this time because it is a holiday commute -- week it is not too bad. left of people are still on vacation -- lots of people are still on vacation. there have been more than 2 dozen earthquakes near hawthorne nevada. some of that activity was felt as far away as san francisco. the first 2 quake with -- quakes were the strongest. the first hit at 12:18 and was followed 4 minutes later by the other 5.7 quake. 4 minutes after that it was a 5.0 magnitude quake. since then there have been at least 23 quakes including a 5.5
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quake centered in hard for that hits -- hawthorne that hit shortly after 1 am. even though the 5.7 magnitude quake can cause serious injury so far there has been no reports of any damage or injury. a woman was hit by a truck. she was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. the driver did stop and was cooperating with police. alcohol has now shown to be a factor. people have smelled the natural gas order -- odor . the smell was reported in the area of high -- pine. the smell seems to be moving around. pg&e is investigating but are not reporting any gas leaks. the search is underway for someone who tried to ram a
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police car in hayward. they chased the suspects into oakland . we are life with new information. we're here at the intersection of willow and full street -- full street -- folk street. police pursued the suspect from hayward into oakland. their attention seems to be focused on a u-haul truck. here is what we have learned so far: this started out as a burglary call at east bay motorsports in hayward. police responded to that business because of that burglary call. we're hearing the suspect rammed or attempted to ram the hayward police officers were responding to that seen. that started a pursuit and it wound up here in
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west oakland. when we showed up there was a large contended -- contingent of hayward and oakland police officers. we are hearing there is as many as 3 suspects involved. the perimeter has shunk -- shrunk and again the attention seems to be focused on this u-haul truck. you can see there are still hayward police units here. there is a tow truck on scene presumably to start hauling away that u-haul truck. we are hearing that in that incident where the suspects attempted to ram the hayward police units, no officers were injured. we had not heard of suspects taken into custody but we are working to learn more about the situation. san francisco lease officers must follow the department's
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new use of force policy. a judge denied the request for a temporary injunction to block the guideline. the new role bands officers from applying a net cold and dan's them from pursuing -- bans them from pursuing vehicles. the association says it jeopardizes officer safety. one of the men accused of a deadly stabbing on christmas eve inside of a target store in hayward is due in court this morning. 22-year-old frankie archuleta is due to be arraigned at 9:00. he and when he 5-year-old jesse archuleta were arrested shortly after the fatal stabbing of griffin. police say griffin and his 4- year-old son came across 2 men playing loud music on their phone. he asked them to turn the music down because he
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thought the lyrics were not appropriate for his young son to hear. the 3 got into an argument and one of the men pulled out a knife and stabbed him as his son was watching. >> daddy died trying to protect you, daddy died trying to be a hero. i don't want his death to be in vain. it is unfortunate that will be the last time you will ever be able to protect his son. >> today prosecutors are expected to decide the suspects will be charged with murder. controversies brewing over plans to build a new condo complex. are the owners of a popular pub say that could cost them customers -- why the owners of a popular pub save that could cost them customers here --.
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welcome back the raiders quarterback derek carr says he is doing well after surgery. he tweeted, century -- surgery couldn't have gone better .
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already starting to recovery process. thank you for all of the prayers. he will miss playoffs. the raiders have one more regular- season game against denver on sunday. if the raiders when it will clinch -- win they will clinch the afc west title. >> the ducks tied it up late in the 4th last night. they had back-to-back games coming up. the philadelphia flyers on friday in the la kings on saturday. levi stadium will host another foster farm bowl. thousands of fans will fill the stands watching the indiana accusers -- hoosiers play the utah utes. we caught some fans
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flying into the airport yesterday. >> let's just say will remove back to utah we had foot all season tickets before we had a house. the family i married into is very red-blooded the. >> we don't go to many games in indiana. we are basketball school as you know. >> the teams are playing for that trophy. you can watch the foster farm bowl. coverage begins at 5:00. kickoff is just after 5:30. we had this idea in our mind that today was going to be a little bit warmer. i am believing you but i'm not really feeling it. >> low 60s in the forecast for the afternoon. a little bit warmer today at this hour.
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temperatures are up at least 2 around the day. our inland communities, another frosty start. we're less than 2 hours until the sun rises. temperatures are likely to fall off in some areas before we hit sunrise. for half moon bay we are 50 degrees. 45 san francisco, 46 sfo if you are catching a flight. the space shoreline, it is a cold one in the upper 30s. our inland communities are sinking once again to freezing. let's go to the we had temperatures below freezing in walnut creek one of our cold areas, alamo at 30 degrees. as
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we go into the 2nd part of your morning will begin to thaw out. for the afternoon just a minor warm-up coming our way for today. the north half of the state only down to bakersfield in the 30s. trucking, 19 degrees. it is hard to complain when you see truckee at 19 degrees. the system will move closer to southern california by friday. at this point does not look like it will bring us any wet weather . here's a look at your sierra forecast. temperatures are in the upper 30s for the afternoon and then we continue to cool as we go into the weekend with snow showers in the forecast for saturday as well as sunday. overnight lows in the upper
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teens to low 20s. afternoon highs in the upper 20s to near freezing. afternoon highs under dry conditions. 57 for berkeley. 60 degrees for open today. san francisco 58. temperatures will be fairly consistent as we go into the backend of your week. we are looking at upper 50s to low 60s in your forecast. we have an increase in cloud cover on friday. yesterday looked like we were dealing with what weather but that has since been rolled out so for the time being in your new year's eve festivities where calling for drier cooler weather instead. family and friends in so many fans are remembering carrie fisher passed away
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yesterday. she was hospitalized on friday after suffering a heart attack on a flight from london to los angeles. generation -- generations of fans know her as princess leia for the star wars trilogy. she was also a screenwriter and had a number of bestseller books . >> mark hamill says it is never easy to lose such a vital , irreplaceable member of the family, but this is downright heartbreaking. kerry was one- of-a-kind who belong to us all whether she liked it or not. >> william shatner tweeted, i am saddened by the death of carrie fisher. i will miss our bench rings. a wonderful talent and light has been extinguished. a lot of fans are also remembering carrie fisher. >> she wore right -- white in the midst of darkness. she was a bright light in a
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dark time. >> i will remember her as a true original, and a person who did things her way. >> queen of the galaxy she has passed on. it is really emotional. >> carrie fisher who died tuesday at the age of 60 had already finished filming episode age -- 8 which will hit theaters in 2017. >> we have posted much more on the life of carrie fisher on our website. we hope you look for those reports on our webpage. we will have the san francisco chronicle pop editor join us today and talk to us about why she was a touchstone so many defloration -- generations and in so many different ways.
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a former worker at the riverside outlet -- versace outlet accuses the storm discriminating against african- americans. an employee claims he was trained to use a special code when african-americans entered
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the store. he said the code was d410. he said he began to be treated differently when he told people he was african-american. when he was asked why he was let go he said he was told he doesn't understand luxury. his attorney says that is another example of racial discrimination by the country -- company . >> given the code they have for a black customer and they come into the store it doesn't take a logical leap to assume that you haven't lived a luxury life is code for we don't want it african-american employee so our client was terminated. >> were reached out to versace and attorneys and they have yet to respond. they did say that the allegations are false and that the company is an equal opportunity employer. korean air is now giving flight attendants permission to use tasers on unruly passengers.
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they are loosened the policy on taser -- tasers and say flight attendants will get more training. they had a tough time with an unruly passenger and then singer richard marx jumped in to help them out. you later criticized the flight attendants saying -- he later criticized the flight attendants saying they were ill-equipped and lacked proper training for those situations. the next time you watch a disney movie you say you -- you may want to head to loop . they have acquired -- hulu. they have acquired the rights to over 50 disney movies. those movies along with others will be exclusive to hulu meaning they will not be on any other streaming services. ford has launched a more attractive version of their self driving car. the test car has more computing
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power as well is new cameras. ford has received an autonomous driving permit and says it is time to start testing on california roads sometime next year. experts say the holiday season could turn out to be one of the best in years. is expected to top $1 trillion up 4 percent from last year. there are a number of reasons in the increase including people feeling more comfortable with their of personal financing. the final numbers will get a boost because monday was a federal holiday and they gave many people an extra day, another excuse to shop for after christmas bargains. >> which you wouldn't know anything about. >> i don't think i went shopping. in fact i know i didn't. i contributed earlier in the season.
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good morning. welcome back. hours ago, an
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early morning rollover crash in san jose had that traffic you see on your screen backed up on south of 280 near downtown san jose. it was a real mess out there just 90 minutes ago. we will bring you live updates from the scene. we will tell you how traffic is as you get ready to head out the door. >> welcome back to mornings on 2 it is wednesday, december 28. we do have a new update on that developing story of what happened in san jose. it was a wrong way car crash. chp is now opening all lanes just in time for the heart of the morning commute. the 3 lanes of south 280 near the byrd avenue exit are still closed but chp plans to open up all lanes in the next 5 minutes. it looks like they
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are done with their investigation out here at the scene. they have cleaned up all of the debris. take a look at this crash. it happened at 3:30 this morning and it involved 3 cars. one vehicle was traveling the long way on cell phone 280. it crashed into a 2nd vehicle and then the 3rd vehicle crashed into another one. chp used the jaws of life to get a woman out of one of the vehicles. chp says she was fortunate to have survived. >> a head-on collision at freeway speeds that people survived is absolutely amazing. i will assume they both had their seatbelts on, airbags deployed and that was enough to
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keep them both alive. the woman trapped in the red vehicle was taken to the hospital with serious to critical injuries. the other 2 people had minor injuries. officers don't know if alcohol or drugs were a factor in the crash, but it looks like this is going to open up very soon. they just give us a warning. it will not be safe for us to be on the freeway. good news is all lanes of traffic will be opening up in just the next couple of minutes . there is no backup just because of right now it is the holiday week so right now there is not much of a commute happening here in this section of 280. in the meantime stay water officials say they are still not ready to say the drought is over despite all of the rain we had recently. october 1 marks the beginning of the water year and so far we have had 50
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percent more average rain than any other year but officials don't know what the rest of the water year will look like. they also say snowfall is 72 percent of average. >> almost 3 months into what could be the 6th year of drought , it is too early to call. there are too many factors involved as to whether the drought is coming to a close. >> it will conduct the first official snowpack measurement next week. we will talk more about the bay area weather. we will not see a lot of rain but for some people that may be a bit of a relief but i understand some may have outdoor plans on saturday night . >> yes and there's a big fireworks show in san francisco. plan for a fairly dry, cool new year's eve. were getting a look at a cold start to the day
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for our inland cities, but not everyone is freezing. let's go to half moon bay where we are at 52 degrees this morning. 45 in san francisco. 46 ssl. east bay: upper 30s hayward. fairfield 29. 32 napa. below freezing santa rosa. 36 san mateo. below freezing in woodside. saratoga 34. los gatos 52 degrees. you can see the difference in the numbers. we talk about cold air being dense thinking and settling into the valley
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floor and that is why our valleys are likely to be colder most days but you get higher up and it is warmer in the hills. we have watching patchy fog over santa rosa. this will continue to shift a little bit down to about a mile from earlier this morning. here's a look at your afternoon highs. 60 degrees in oakland. 60 degrees expected in santa rosa. 60 degrees napa. we will hold steady rain about here as we move through the rest of the week. so we're tracking traffic for you. here's a look at the shore freeway. it is moving but there are a lot of cars out there. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is flowing nicely with very little traffic. things are moving well so might
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be a nice time to use it. the golden gate bridge is absolutely empty. no problems on the golden gate bridge. the gilroy neighborhood is in mourning after the killing of a popular community member. we have details of her shocking death. >> on christmas morning when police got a 911 call from the home of the 70-year-old they arrived and found her suffering from serious head injuries. the sheriffs office says her son attacked his mother with the baseball bat. they arrested him. he faces possible homicide charges after she died at the hospital. neighbor say they are shocked by her death but they are not surprised that she -- her son was involved . one told us he suffered from mental illness. >> as soon as we saw something going on over there we knew it was her son.
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>> you don't expect something like that to happen in gilroy especially not to someone that was so well respected. >> san jose stay released a statement saying she was a valued colleague. she is also being remembered as an active member of the gilroy methodist church. besides her son she survived by her daughter and husband. president obama and the japanese prime minister say the joint visit to pearl harbor shows the power of reconciliation. >> a reminder that even the deepest wounds of war can give way to friendship and lasting peace. >> the japanese prime minister later reef and dropped -- read -- race -- wreath and flowers
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into the water. >> i offer mike sincere condolences to those that lost their life here. today israel is expected to approve new settlements to be built in east jerusalem that would defy un resolution that condemned it was really settlements on land -- is really settlement on land the pakistani and say if there's -- theirs. john kerry will explain why the us abstained from the vote. that is causing hard feelings between the 2 longtime allies. >> we know there was a deep collusion between the obama administration and the palestinians in order to push this united nations security council resolution forward. that is deeply disappointing
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because historically america has protected israel at this very by his body. >> we reject the notion that the united states was the driving force behind this resolution. that is just not true. >> all of this follows president-elect donald trump's growing criticism of the united nations, but he is not the only one. republicans in congress are talking about cutting off us funding for the united nations. the idea of california becoming its own country is gaining support since the election of donald trump. california is the 6 largest economy and pays some 70 billion -- $370 billion in taxes every year . the head of the bay area chapter says the exit is a real possibility, however political analyst are not as confident. >> california is a huge economic engine for the united states. the idea that other
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states in the union would say, you can leave and go off on your own is not only unlikely but it is incredibly improbable . >> i think the fact that we are things so out loud, and this is going to get louder, that we would rather be independent, i think he gives people pause for thought on both sides. >> they plan to start collecting signatures next month . there are a number of hurdles in front of the idea of california flicking away first getting the californians to support the measure and if it does pass two thirds of congress would need to go along with it as well as two thirds of the legislatures in each state. at nora is on its way to san francisco to replace the one stolen from washington -- a nora is on its way to san francisco to replace the one stolen from washington park. it was stolen sometime before sunday night. on monday night dozens of people showed up with
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their own small menorahs to mark the 3rd night of hanukkah. a massachusetts man is donating the 6 foot tall wooden menorah that folds up. the owners of a bar in the mission district of staff cisco is worried about a proposed condo tower. they say they would be built across the street and would cast a shadow over their outdoor beer garden and it would reduce their business by 30 percent. >> it would shadow our beer garden during happy hour and we would not receive the same amount of sun between march and october which hours -- which is our peak season . >> he does get colder in the winters of not having some might would really messed that up. >> no comment has been made as of yet. they have filed a discretionary review hearing. this will be held at city hall january 12.
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in a happy ending to a story we brought to you last week. a medal was awarded to miguel perez who was killed by a grenade at the age of 23 during the korean war 64 years ago. his daughter carries the metal with her. she flew into the airport and the metal fell out of the bag at the luggage carousel. the group, purple heart united, gave the purple heart back to the daughter yesterday.
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german prosecutors have detained a man they may have been involved in the last week truck attack on the christmas market in berlin. his phone number was saved in the cell phone of the van driver. 12 people died in that terror attack. the islamic state group has claimed responsibility. while the bay area has chilly temperatures it is nothing compared to what they are getting in the midwest and the northeast. cleanup is underway in
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minnesota, north and south dakota. south dakota's governor declared a state of emergency and asked out-of-state crews to help restore power back across the state. the weather system that dumped that snow has moved east. there are winter storm watches and parts of new york, massachusetts. people are dealing with a lot of still in 50 miles-per-hour winds gust . believe it or not it has been warmer than usual in new york city. crews are preparing the ball that drops on times square to welcome in the new year and they have been able to do it without wearing gloves. that is expected to change tomorrow as the storms from the midwest move further east.
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we're talking about the cold weather and a tiny chance of rain. >> it will be slim. any chance of rain coming our way will be happening by the end of the week. we are giving you a look outside our doors for this morning. if you are stepping up early a winter coat will do you some good. temperatures are back in the 30s for our inland cities. 30 degrees reported in san jose . we are fairly widespread. half moon bay has a northeast breeze helping to kick up the temperatures there. everyone else is falling right in between. oakland 37. 45 san francisco. 32 napa. below freezing santa rosa.
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shifting to the inner east bay where we have colder numbers, no freeze warnings in place but it is cold out there 30 degrees alamo. lafayette 34. winds generally calm coming in from the north and at times northeast. we can see that right in there with the wind bars. it is not a strong wind , at least not for most of us. we do have a breeze out there. here's a look at the rage in place that will keep the storms well to the north of us. we are not looking at any rain. we do have the system that will eventually move into southern california it looks like i friday morning. it will increase our cloud cover and bring our temperatures down just a little bit as we head into the weekend. wednesday and thursday are pretty and eventful and slightly quiet. friday we can see southern california getting some light rain all the way to
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about moderate but for us it looks really slim. we may have a few sprinkles or little drizzle. it will push off to the east. if you are going to sierra for your holiday weekend we have chances of snow showers for your holiday. for new year's eve we start off dry. yesterday we had a possibility of scattered showers in the forecast but that has since moved on. we will continue to track it for you but at the moment it looks like we will be dry for new year's eve. getting a look at the numbers for your afternoon we are partly cloudy with mostly sunny skies. the east today, 60 degrees oakland. upper 50s antioch. our south bay locations are some of the warmer spots. we will go 63 this afternoon for santa cruz. the extended forecast, temperatures will hold steady right about here as we get through thursday. increasing clouds on friday. we are
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pulling back the numbers just a little bit as we go through your holiday weekend. at the moment we look dry and cool here coakley we will get some rain back in early january -- . hopefully we will get some rain back in early january. amazon has refused to hand over possible recording citing privacy concern. they state they will not release customer information without a warrant. several fights broke out at malls across the country the day after christmas and police are blaming social media. >> running, screaming, i saw a girl get trampled over. it was really scary.
5:51 am
>> in ohio about 500 young people took part in a mall -- took part in a fight at the mall. now there is a question as to whether social media sites should bear some of the responsibility for what happens . >> they have a certain amount of responsibility for policing their sites. >> this is territory unknown to us so we have to figure out how to solve the problem in a way that everyone in society agrees with. >> social media sites are protected by the decency act which says they cannot be held liable for content posted by others, however, that law is being repealed.
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at least watch what people killed and 30s other -- 30 others injured. 14 train cars derailed. 2 of the cars fell into a dried -- dry canal bed . the cause is under investigation. dylann roof, the man
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accused of killing 9 people inside and historic church in charleston is due in court today. earlier this month the jury found him guilty of the shooting. next month the jury will decide whether he will get life in prison or the death penalty. local and federal investigators are looking into 2 separate plane crashes in tennessee. one of the crashes killed 3 people. it crashed monday in the mountains of eastern tennessee. the wreckage was discovered yesterday. among those killed was an 8- year-old boy. the other thing crash happened 130 miles southwest of the area . in this incident a man and a woman on board sustained minor injuries. the pilot tried to land in a field but the aircraft flipped over. a new study finds teenagers in washington state see fewer risks with smoking marijuana than they did before was legalized in the state. this compared the perception of
5:56 am
the risks as well as the use of the drugs before and after it was legalized in washington and colorado. in washington state 8 in 10th graders use marijuana more often and they sought as less risky after it was legalized. the professor of medicine says we marijuana is socially acceptable increased use may be inevitable. >> by legalizing marijuana in a framework that was designed to protect and promote business, you are going to create a situation where we are going to see is growing rapidly and a lot associated health impacts following. in colorado there was no change in perception of the use of the drug at any grade level. researchers say that may be because colorado already have a large system of medical marijuana dispensaries in place.
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it is always a busy wednesday morning, december 28. good morning. we have an update for that story we have been following, wrong way crash in san jose. it was a mess. we are near interstate 280. it just reopened within the last 20 minutes. >> yes, it was about the last 20 minutes that it opened. everything is all clear. traffic is moving smoothly. it happened in the southbound lanes of 280. the was a pretty bad crash could officer say one of the drivers is lucky to be alive. this happened at 3:30 this morning. a driver of one of the vehicles was traveling the wrong way on southbound 280 when it collided with the 2nd vehicle. the force of the crash was so powerful it through the engine out of rent- a-car that was overturned


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