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wednesday morning, december 28. good morning. we have an update for that story we have been following, wrong way crash in san jose. it was a mess. we are near interstate 280. it just reopened within the last 20 minutes. >> yes, it was about the last 20 minutes that it opened. everything is all clear. traffic is moving smoothly. it happened in the southbound lanes of 280. the was a pretty bad crash could officer say one of the drivers is lucky to be alive. this happened at 3:30 this morning. a driver of one of the vehicles was traveling the wrong way on southbound 280 when it collided with the 2nd vehicle. the force of the crash was so powerful it through the engine out of rent- a-car that was overturned.
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>> when they got here in heard the lady in the red car screaming they took it is a good sign. when you see the injury on that car we didn't expect her to be a life. that is a good thing -- a live . that is a good thing. the other 2 drivers had minor injuries. chp does not know if alcohol or drugs were a factor. all lanes were closed for about an hour but now everything is clear all lanes are open and things are -- opened and things are cruising smoothly. the short freeway is heavy but it is moving. that is encouraging. for the bay bridge toll plaza we have no problems at all. highway 4
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in bay point looks like this right now. a lot of cars out there but it is moving. no problems to report on highway 4. breanna turn for an update on whether. -- we are going to turn for another up date on your weather. let's take a look at what is happening outside of our doors. we are still off to a dark start waiting on that sunrise. it is a gorgeous view of the golden gate bridge. never get tired of gazing at that beauty. we will have mostly clear skies for today. we are quite chilly for our ant-man sillies -- cities -- our inland cities.
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the cold air has settled into our right inland locations. 32 degrees right now in napa. 32 livermore, 32 walnut creek. 39 fairfield. around the bay upper 30s, oakland mid-40s, san francisco san jose you are a few degrees within freezing. along the peninsula 35 san mateo. woodside, are you stepping out. visibility was an issue early on not a case now. we are looking at 7 miles visibility at the sonoma county airport. as we get into the afternoon temperatures are coming up slightly. will have a look at the afternoon highs plus the extended forecast for your holiday weekend coming up.
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where following developing news where search is underway for someone who tried to ram a police car in hayward. police chased the suspect into oakland. we are live where this whole thing started early this morning. >> we have been backtracking those suspects. an hour ago we were in west oakland but now we are here at hayward. this is where it started. the broken out window. one of the managers told us there were 4 suspects who backed the u- haul up to the area. they were bashing at the window with one sledgehammer. they were bashing of the window for as long as 10 minutes when they were finally spotted by a witness and the alarm went off in the building that alerted police to the attempted burglary . we do have video of the other seen in oakland where those officers chased the suspect. the officer says those suspects tried to ram
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them in the u-haul. fortunately none of the officers were hurt but that did lead to a chase that wound up all the way in west oakland. we were out there at around 3:45 this morning. we saw dozens of police officers with their wet is drawn searching for those suspects. we're hearing there were 4 suspects involved in. no word on any arrest having been made. there was a police officer who was here just a couple of minutes ago. the manager tells us police are using and looking at the surveillance video that was taken here at east bay motorsports. we also believe some other surveillance cameras captured images of the suspects . the suspects took off after trying to ram programming officer here in hayward. we were told -- a police officer
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here in hayward. we were told to stay back from this team -- seen because they were concerned -- we were told to stay away from the scene because police were concerned of the danger the suspects post. -- posed. >> they clearly did some damage to the store. did they get away from with anything -- away with anything? >> it seems like they did not . you can see they bashed out the window but it looks like there were 3 or 4 more recycled lined up so it appears they were not able to get anything out. again they were here for as long as 10 minutes trying to bash in the glass to take some
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of the motorcycles here. the manager says it is not the first time it has happened. there have been other times where they have caught burglars in the process of trying to rip off the bay motorsports -- east abbi motorsports -- east bay motorsports. there have been 30 earthquakes your hawthorn, nevada. that is about 30 miles east of --. they felt the effects of the quake all men san francisco. the first hit at 12:18 this morning and the 2nd one hit or minutes later -- 4 minutes later . take a look at some video from snapchat. a woman says it shows light shaking during one of the earthquakes. brenda in modesto posted this video. thank you.
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several people in san francisco have reported a strange natural gas order. pg&e -- older -- odor. e.g. any says -- pg&e says calls came in early this morning. cruiser checking it out but at this point they have not found crews-- are checking it out but at this point they say they have not found any leaks. one of the man accused of murdering a man on christmas eve in front of his son is due in court today. he and another man are accused of stabbing the man to death. griffin and his 4-year-old son came across 2 men playing loud music on their phone. he asked them to turn it down because he thought it was inappropriate. the 3 men got into an argument and one pulled out a knife and stabbed griffin as his young
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son was watching. >> daddy died trying to protect you. daddy died trying to be a hero. i don't want his death to be in vain. it is unfortunate that that will be the last time he will be ever -- he will ever averill -- it is unfortunate that that will be the last time he will ever be able to try to protect his son. a judge rejected the police union request for a temporary injunction blocking new guidelines approved by the commission. it will ban officers from applying a net cold and it also will ban them from pursuit in a vehicle -- neck hold and it will also ban them from pursuit in the vehicle.
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the us transportation department awarded a $75 million grant to an improvement project. nancy pelosi says it will mean better in the structure and bigger paychecks for san francisco. it will help to upgrade san francisco transportation, replace water and sewer lines that date back to the 1800s. construction is expected to take 3 years. san francisco is taking off the annual christmas tree recycling program. there will be a big wood chipper in front of the civic center plaza encouraging people to recycle christmas trees. this year they have begun collecting christmas cheese from genuine -- trees from january 2 through the 29th. derek carr he is doing well after surgery. he said surgery has gone very good. he received good news.
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already starting the recovery process. thank you for all of your prayers. the raiders have one more regular-season game against denver. that is sunday. if they win they clinch the afc west title.
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german prosecutors say they have detained a man they think may have been involved in the truck attack on a christmas market in berlin pictures phone number was saved in the cell phone of the suspect. police believe he drove a truck into a crowded market. 12 people died. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. family -- families and friends are remembering carrie fisher . >> she died yesterday morning days after having a heart attack on a flight from london to los angeles. she is known as princess leia in the star
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wars trilogy. we have more on how she touched many bay area live. under the cascading water fans left flowers and wrote messages to princess leia. >> the force was always with you and it will always be. >> the 17-year-old says she is home college from massachusetts. she said the trip was preplanned but timely with the passing of fisher.>> carrie fisher was a very strong person. >> fisher played princess leia as a 19-year-old, a career defining role yet she was able to transcend that character. she even helps to write her own dialogue in the empire strikes back. she went on to become an author and screenwriter writing about her own battles with
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mental illness, drug and alcohol addiction, with an honesty that showed her great. >> someone -- great -- grit. >> someone that is willing to go out, face the people in every way. that was carrie fisher. >>[ video playback ] >> the pop-culture critic describes her talent as multidimensional, relevant, irreverent, and refreshing. she worked as a script doctor making other people's script more realistic and funny. >> i will remember her as a true original and a person who did things her way. at alameda theater rogue one was playing. one fan said he came to see the movie as a
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tribute to fisher. >> she wore white in the midst of darkness. >> she was a girl and she was in a movie where they were kicking butt. that was my most favorite part about her. >> may the force be with carrie fisher. >> the queen of the galaxy has passed on to the stars. it is kind of really emotional. >> i also spoke with the man who directed carrie fisher at the berkeley repertory theater. he said she had a benign rashness with a hint of -- . for more on the life of carrie fisher go to the channel 2 website, the warriors are back on the court hoping to start a new winning streak after losing to the cleveland cavaliers on christmas day. >>
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steph curry helps needy families . we wanna keep pushing the envelope in pushing this forward . it has been successful so far. >> stephen curry foundation help to finance the event here they host the raptors at oral -- at the oracle arena tonight. now let's get a check of your weather. >> we do have temperatures sinking back into the 30s, even below freezing for some of our inland communities. around the bay it is a little more mild areas like an cisco -- in
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areas like san francisco. in the inland areas we are seeing below freezing in santa rosa. redwood city below freezing. 35 degrees san jose. upper 30s for the space shoreline. low 30s for the injuries they -- internees pay -- inner east bay. >> as we get into the afternoon temperatures are coming up slightly with the white -- minor warm-up in store but it is cold at this hour. 18 degrees in truck he and 33 reported in fresno. the rich remains in place. have a few clouds spilling in overhead. a few mid-high-level clouds in store for today. continue to watch the system
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off the southern california coastline. this will make tracks toward areas like southern california by friday. scattered showers perhaps in the forecast. if you are going away for your weekend in southern california is your place to be you may start out the weekend a little bit wet. in the sierra wet weather expected. it will be windy but dry on friday. no showers expected on saturday . temperatures drop off quite a bit. we start off in the upper 30s by friday afternoon. saturday we're freezing sunday below freezing into the afternoon with overnight lows in the upper teens to low 20s. celebrating in tahoe will be very cold. take it easy, be careful. here at home, afternoon highs for today and dry conditions. 58 degrees in nevada. upper 50s for any off. 58 san francisco. the degrees san jose -- 50
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degrees san jose . for the extended forecast not a lot of change as we get into the back end of the weekend in the final days of december 2016 will be dry. we have slight possibility, maybe a few sprinkles on friday . we will not put it on the extended forecast at this point. we remain cool and dry for your new year's festivities. we will to remain drive for at least most of sunday.
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strike that some try our -- the trump tower in new york city was evacuated yesterday afternoon. officials verified that it was filled with children's toys. donald trump is not at the building at the time. he is in florida for the winter holiday. donald trump's is almost fill -- full . nominations are
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only half the battle. there is also the confirmation process. officials say he will not run into too many problems because republicans control the majority. >> all non--- all in all he will get basically everyone he nominates. jeff session has a two-day confirmation hearing set the end of january. levi stadium will host another ulster farm bowl. thousand fans will watch the indiana hoosiers play the utah utes. both of these teams are very finish -- physical . we spoke to fans buying into the san jose airport yesterday. >> let's just say when we moved back to utah we have
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football season tickets for our we had a house. you can see the family i am married into. they are very red-blooded. >> we'll go to too many bowl games in indiana. we are basketball school so this is a big treat. >> the teams will play for this beautiful trophy. you can wash -- watch the foster from -- farm bowl tonight here on channel 2. the san jose sharks extended their lead in this specific -- pacific division . they have now won 7 of the last -- their last 8 games . less than 4 minutes into overtime it was burned with the game-winner. the sharks or 3 points ahead of edmonton. to have back-to-back games coming up. the philadelphia flyers at home on friday in the la kings on the road on saturday.
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business owners say a 3- month-old project to reduce panhandling seems to be working . last september they installed bright purple meters for people to use to drop their spare change. the program has raised $30,000 in corporate sponsorship. the money will go to help the homeless will help to keep the streets clean. business owners say they are seeing fewer people asking for money on the streets. st
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thank you for joining us. it is the middle of the week. is wednesday, december 28 -- it is wednesday, december 28 . >> for our weather we're going to turn to rosemary. it is steady as she goes. >> very quiet, cool pattern in place. temperatures are coming up very shortly. this morning temperatures are freezing once again especially for our inland cities. let's get to the numbers where in areas right around santa rosa we are below freezing. 32 napa. san francisco not so bad. 38 redwood city. upper
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30s for the space shoreline. low 30s for areas right around concord, walnut creek and livermore. 29 degrees in fairfield. along the polenta we have -- peninsula we have a few more numbers . 31 degrees for woodside. south bay 7 degrees for morgan hill. 33 -- 37 degrees for morgan hill. 33 for you --. areas in the hills the readings are up at 49 degrees. visibility was an issue over portions of the north bay early on but has not been since. we
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are under partly cloudy skies. temperatures in the term will begin to rebound shortly -- temperatures will begin to rebound shortly. all lanes on the southbound interstate all lanes on the southbound interstate 280 back open following a 3 car crash. the driver one car suffered serious to critical injuries. another person was hurt as well. can see the roadway is wide open, no emergency roadwork is happening in traffic is not
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suffering form it -- from it. traffic is heavier on 80 than we have seen always long but better than it would be on a typical wednesday. at the bay bridge toll plaza let's take a look at what is happening. don't you wish it looked like this every week? families in gilroy are in mourning because of a tragic christmas day loss. the issue is more difficult because a relative has been arrested in connection with a woman's death. >> reporter: this happened on christmas day. there was some sort of conflict between the 70- year-old and her son and he ended up hitting her with a baseball bat. she died from severe head injuries. neighbors say they are shocked to hear about her death but they also say they are not shocked to find out her son was
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involved. one neighbor says hurst and suffered from mental illness, possible schizophrenia and neighbors had been worried about his activities for quite some time. >> trust yourself. get to know your neighbors. if something doesn't feel right than it probably isn't. i knew that there was something very wrong going on. >> claudia was a well-known person in the neighborhood and in the community. she has written 2 books on gilroy history is also a teacher i gilroy high school and san jose state. university said she was a valued colleague and friend to many at san jose state. she is being remembered as an act of member of the gilroy methodist church. her son has been arrested. you could face homicide charges. we're still waiting to hear when he is expected in court. police are searching for a person that killed a former marine from hayward. family of
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the 23-year-old has set up a gofund me page to pay for funeral expenses police have not told us about a possible motive. the shooting was the 83rd homicide of the year. this time last year oh and had 92 homicides. the mayor says the number of crimes have gone down. oakland police have 748 total officers. they praised operation cease-fire as well which is a game reduction program. we are waiting for open police to give us an update this morning about yesterday has shaq search for suspect. -- yesterday 's search for suspect. they were looking for a suspect with an active arrest warrant linked to a crime, but they did not tell us what the crime was. several streets were blocked off
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. helicopters joined the search and people were told to stay inside. open police said they did not want to give out too much information because it is an open investigation. a woman crossing the street in pittsburgh last night was hit and killed by a truck. police say the woman was crossing stone harbor drive about 6:00 last night when a truck hit her. she was taken to the hospital and that is where she was pronounced dead. the driver of the truck did stop and is cooperating with police. police say alcohol does not appear to be a factor in the crash. so far we do not know the woman's name. today israel is expected to approve new settlements to be built in east jerusalem. that is after the un condemned the resolution after the palestinian said it is on their land. don carey is expected to explain why the us abstained from the vote. failure to reject the
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resolution is creating hard feelings between the longtime allies. >> we know there was a deep collusion between the obama administration and the palestinians in order to push the security council resolution or were. that is deeply disappointing because historically america has protected israel at this very biased body. >> we reject the notion that united dates with the driving force behind this resolution. that is just not true. this follows donald trump's growing criticism of the human and he is not the only one. some republicans in congress -- of the un and he is not the only one. some republicans in congress threatened to cut off funding to the body. a reminder that even the deepest wounds of war can give way to friendship and lasting
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peace. >> the japanese prime minister laid a wreath and drop flowers into the water to honor the service members who lost their lives in the japanese attack december 7 19 or you want. the prime minister did not apologize for the surprise attack but he did say japan must never repeat the horrors of war again. >> i offer my sincere and everlasting condone his of those lost their lives here. >> the leaders say today the alliance with japan has never been stronger. a new menorah is on its way to send us go to replace the one stolen from washington square park in north peak -- beach . police are still investigating the theft. on monday night dozen showing up with their own menorah to mark the 3rd night of hanukkah.
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massachusetts man is donating a wooden menorah that holdup. there is a happy ending to a story we told you last week about search of the owner for a purple heart found earlier this week. the medal was awarded to army infantry man mug all perez --. he was killed by a grenade in the korean war 64 years ago. his daughter often carries the metal with her. she flew into the airport 2 weeks ago but the metal apparently fell out of her bag at the luggage carousel. the group purple hearts united which works to return lost medals gave the purple heart back to the daughter yesterday. preparations are underway for 4 month-long shutdown. tomorrow morning this will be closed from 9 am until noon so workers can prepare for the four-month shutdown of the
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tunnel that will begin january night. the tunnel will undergo major prepare work in the lighting system will be replaced with energy-saving led lights. in our reports this morning of a popular restaurant change -- chain being close without warning . what we found want to 2 locations in the east bay.
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the owners of a popular bar are worried about a condo towers to be built nearby. the owners of the bar say the building would cast a shadow over their outdoor bill gargan -- beer garden which could decrease their business. >> the shadow would cast across our beer garden during happy hour. >> it does get pretty cold in the winter so i think not having any sunlight would affect that. >> they have not commented on the new -- issue . they have applied for discretionary hearing which will be held on january 12. we are remembering the big moments of 2016 to late-night comedy and major disappointments on-screen. our reporter takes a look back.
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>>[ video playback ] >> reporter: the year and entertainment was dominated by a celebrity named donald trump now the next president of the united states. the election brought with it many saturday night live spoofs and lots of celebrities voicing their opinions but it wasn't all politics, there were plenty of other stories stealing the spotlight. >> [ video playback ] >> will only a matter of dicaprio finally win his first statue. it was a diverse group of movies making it into the top of moneymakers with disney's long awaiting sequel finding
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dory sitting at number one. >> [ video playback ] >> speaking of superheroes, in addition to that pool, many other movies suited up, fans. >> [ video playback ] >> shocking deaths this year when david bowie passing at 69, prince died of an accidental overdose, and glenn frey losing his battle with cancer. >> ♪ >> in music adele broke records with her 3rd album. other big drops included beyonci lemonade, justin bieber purpose , bob dylan won a nobel prize for literature and the rolling stones played a historic concert in havana and released
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their 25th album. >> ♪ . top grammy winners included taylor swift, uptown funk featuring bruno mars as well. game of thrones became the top journal -- fictional program in any series. >> hamilton 111 tony's and broke box office records. the songwriter wrote some of the music for the animated hit moana . there was a lot of time spent playing pokimon go in hulk hogan force gawker to declare bankruptcy. >> became to celebrity breakups the biggest a listers were angelina jolie and brad pit
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followed by johnny depp and amber heard both causing huge media attention for weeks. kanye west and kim kardashian were very much in the news. him was robbed at gunpoint with the rapper hospitalized -- kim was robbed at gunpoint while the rapper was hospitalized and he had a much anticipated meeting with donald trump. dutch -- just another year in the life of the rich and famous certainly to be outdone in 2017. as we saw the last frame, the star wars home, fans and loved ones of carrie fisher morning her passing that happened yesterday. today throughout the day we will talk more about what carrie fisher meant to all of us . we have san francisco chronicle pop culture editor joining us again at 9 so i hope
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you stick around for that. if you need to know about your weather this morning, rosemary is the person to tell you. >> it is another cold one. we are looking at freezing temperatures for our inland communities. below freezing for some of our colder spots. santa rosa checking in at 30 degrees. we have half hour until the official sunrise and temperatures typically bottom out right about now. san francisco 44 degrees. open in the upper authorities -- oak glen in the -- oakland in the upper 30s. 33 lafayette. we have little bit of a breeze over half moon bay. here's a look at the ridge in place.
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the storm is well to the north have no rain tonight --. we have no rain tonight we will have scattered showers by about friday but at this point it doesn't look like it will be more than that. thursday look wideband -- quiet day but friday we will have chance of rain in the morning. we are looking at partly cloudy, mostly cloudy dry air for the bay area. we are now into saturday morning. we are drive -- drive -- dry.
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for today the big story, the not so big warm-up. we are looking at temperatures in the lower 60s. our extended forecast, not a lot of change going on. overnight lows will remain on the cold side. afternoon highs relatively mild but not too bad. you may need a jacket for most if not the entire day. 2016 looks to end on a dryer note it. there is an apology from cinnabon after the tweet about the death of actor carrie fisher where some are calling it insensitive.
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taking of peek at stocks we are keeping our eye on the dow. at a time earlier this morning we were within 30 points of the tao 2000 mark. as we watch the tao we will keep an eye on the broader -- tao -- the down --
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as we watch the dow we will keep our eye on the -- the midwest states have been pummeled with a cold weather system bringing snow. there are weather watches and parts of new york and massachusetts. people are dealing with heavy snow and 50 mile-per-hour wind gust. >> i looked out the window my wife said, did a branch fall and there was a bit more than a branch. >> it has been warmer than normal in new york city. crews are getting ready for new year's day. they are doing it without wearing gloves. that is expected to change tomorrow. those midwestern storms are still moving further east.
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water officials say they are not ready to say the drought is over here in california despite the rain we have had. october 1 marked the start of the water year. water officials say they don't know what the rest of the water year will look like and they also say snowfall is 72 percent of average. >> almost 3 months into what could be the 6th year of drought but it is too early to call. there are 2 many factors -- too many factors involved as to whether the drought is coming to a close. a former employee at the versace outlet in livermore accuses the store of discriminating against african- americans. christopher started working at the outlet in september. in a lawsuit against versace he claims he was trained to use a special code when african-american shoppers came into the store. he says the code was d410, the
6:56 am
tag brandon on their all black clothing. he was fired after less than a month on the job. he happens to be of mixed race in says he began to be treated differently at the store once he told others he was african- american. when he asked why he was let go he was told, he doesn't understand luxury. his lawyer says that seems to be another example of racial discrimination. >> our client was trained to announced this -- announced this verbal code if an african- american came into the store. >> we tried to contact her sake and the company's lawyers that they have not responded. they told tmz that the allegations are false and that the company is an equal opportunity employer. as we told you, the new
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year's eve ball in times square is just about ready to go. crews just finished installing 288 of the famous waterford pistol triangles onto the famous ball. it is 12 feet in diameter. it weighs more than 11,000 pounds. the ball that will drop saturday night will be lit up by thousands of led lights. an estimated 1 million people are expected together in times square new york to watch the ball drop. there are several events right here in the bay area elevating the new year. have a list on our website. just check it out under web links. the hayward police car rammed by people running away for him police, next the attempted burglary that happened at a motorsports store that led to it. also crash so powerful the engine was ripped out of the car . the big crash that called in and -- cause an interstate mess on 280.
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>> the series of earthquakes felt by many people overnight. it is all ahead on mornings on 2. ktvu mornings on 2. >> 7:00. welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm dave clark. you need a coat this morning. it is cold. steve is off but rosemary is back with our forecast. >> temperatures below freezing for the incompetent land communities. no freeze warnings in place for today. the east and north bay woke up with those warnings yesterday. not today. we're looking at a beautiful sunrise. 20 minutes before the official sunrise. we will have mostly clear skies, partly cloudy for today. and temperatures are coming up slightly. upper 50s, low 60s expected by the second half. if you're stepping out this morning, you've got a cold one to deal with in areas like santa


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