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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  December 28, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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to take part in the bay area to celebrate the new year. a full list is waiting for you on >> remembering a pop culture icon. >> i don't know what you're talking about. i am a member of the senate. >> you are part of the alliance and a traitor. >> and we take a look at the scandal that's rocked the headlines in 2016. plus, a bay area music group performs in this year's rose parade. se parade. ♪[music] [star wars theme] >> you know you picked a good song when the studio is singing along. the anthem of our youth and for so many more. thank you for joining us on the 9. allie rasmus is here in for sal castaneda. happy to have you back, mike mibach. >> i know it is wednesday. i keep saying thursday. >> first day back from vacation
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is always rough. >> i saw rogue one yesterday, speaking of that music. >> i asked carrie fisher if she was in the movie. >> in one of the last scenes, my son and i looked when we saw the air from behind and we both smiled and got excited. it was like oh my god. >> had you heard the news about carrie fisher at that point. >> yeah. we had planned to see it yesterday. but i kept the tickets. i figured it is something to give my son. hope is used in the star wars movies so often. she offered hope. give me that lightsaber. it gives you the confidence that princess leia instilled in my daughter. >> it is remember to her as not just princess leia but people remembering how outspoken and candid she was talking about bipolar disorder and addiction issues. we are certainly talking and remembering and thinking about carrie fisher. we brought the news yesterday
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at 9:00 that she passed away at the age of 60 already having a heart attack on board a flight from london to los angeles. >> help me. >> reporter: carrie fisher best known for her role as princess leia in the blockbuster franchise star wars passed away four days after suffering a heart attack on a plane coming from london on friday. in a statement from her daughter, her mother passed at 8:55 tuesday morning at a los angeles hospital. saying, quote, she was loved by the world and she will be missed profoundly. hollywood has been quick to react to her death with tweets being posted by many celebrities. including her star wars costar mark hamill two feeted, quote, no words. #devastated. another from billy d williams saying, quote, she was a great friend who i treatly respected and admired. the force is dark today.
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harrison ford told people magazine, carrie was one of a kind. brilliant, original, funny and emotionally fearless. she lived her life bravely. the actress and writer was born into hollywood royalty on october 21st, 1956 in los angeles, california. she was destined for stardom. her parents were singer eddie fisher and actress debbie reynoldsed. she became a pop culture icon after starring as princess leia in star wars and its sequels. >> carrie fisher has so much more to be remembered for. she was witty and funny. she wrote like a dream. she was a fantastic actress. tic actress. >> reporter: fisher published her first novel in 1987 called postcards from the edge that she later adapted into a screen play and was made into a film starring meryl streep and shirley mcclain.
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she went on to be a successful screen writer revising many hollywood scripts and taking on supporting roles in movies like when harry met sally. >> he has been married for over a year. >> really? married. >> reporter: she long battled drug addiction and mental illness but recently reprized her famous role as princess leia in last year's "star wars: the force awakens." and finished filming star wars episode 8, the third film in the franchise due out in december 2017. carrie fisher was 60 years old. in hollywood, anita vogel, fox news. >> and fans in the bay area are also remembering carrie fisher. >> there's a lot of princesses who are not very powerful or strong. carrie fisher, princess leia was that person. she was a very strong woman. >> she wore white in the midst
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of darkness. she was really a bright light in the midst of a dark time and a hope. >> fisher had already finished filming star wars episode 8 that hits theaters in december of next year. episode 9 is another story. it is not scheduled to begin filming until 2018. >> joining us this morning is pop culture critic peter. thank you for joining us. i mentioned that carrie fisher symbolized hope for a lot of generations. in your eyes what does carrie fisher symbolize. >> i was struck looking at her history yesterday. at how much she refused to be type cast. i mean she could have been -- she was a teen when she was cast for star wars. she could have ended up being on a convention circuit, signing autographs. she wrote movies. she was a script doctor, punched up scripts. a mental health advocate. on that last star wars tour last year, she was a comedian. she was the life of the party. >> some of the great moments
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with her are her one or two word responses. >> hilarious. she did things her way. a press tour usually people are giving very clicheed answers. she was incapable of cliches. >> what does that say about her. >> i think she was an original. she made a choice early on. i looked at a chronicle article where we interviewed her before star wars. she had great one liners. she wasn't going to be a cliche. she wouldn't be remembered just as princess leia. she would be remembered as carrie fisher. >> i think about jennifer aniston hates to get the question about rachel on friends. carrie fisher never shied away that's how you know me. julie andrews doesn't want to talk about sound of music. that's why i love her. did you get that sense. >> yes. early on she was the daughter of these two huge celebrities who had this horrible break-up. elizabeth taylor broke up her
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parents' marriage. when asked about it, she would make a joke about it. these days you ask a celebrity about something like that and the publicity will come in and stop the interview. she was willing to confront anything. >> and online i have seen trending online the hashtag in honor of carrie. speaking out about mental health issues. she was outspoken, taking away the stigma of mental health. a lot of people posting about that this morning and thanking them. >> a one woman show. wishful drinking. she would use her art, writing and theater to express that and help people. she was funny. i mean -- >> i love the line that you have at the end of your article where she says if my life weren't funny, it would be true and that would be unbearable, i think it was. >> yeah. i don't know what that means. carrie fisher, you're sitting there and thinking about it. >> it's like a mark twain quote, wit and humor. >> people are thinking about carrie fisher and many that we
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have lost during 2016. it's been a lost in arts and sports. we have lost a number of people over the past year. we have been asking you throughout the morning which celebrity death shocked or affected you the most this year. karen tweets as a huge baseball fan i was upset over hose fernandez's death. >> david bowie was the hardest for me. a close second was prince's death. >> also on facebook, arnold palmer's passing was the most significant for me. what a great man he was. i just want to show john glenn in there as well. >> right. >> the first american tokerrity earth. >> in the news room, in the chronicle news room, when prince died, that was a shock to everyone. he had just been here. there was something mystical about him. for me personally, nate
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thurman, the warriors center. i do a lot of archiving. historically they were the through line from the beginning of the warriors to now. he had a barbecue place in san francisco and dressed great. he seemed like a great guy. i got to meet him. >> i saw the archive pictures of him on twitter. it seems like we have lost more than the number of celebrities. has 2016 been rough in that aspect or the whole year has been rough for many. >> i think it's actually the age. there are people who -- carl reiner, people you that expect any minute. george michael, just -- >> 53 years old. >> carry fisher and certainly prince. it is unexpected. it hits you a little harder because you're not preparing for it. that's what is different about thissaer. >> okay. always a pleasure having you. i love you on twitter. i love you on the chronicle as
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well. if you want to read peter's coverage head to the full article is under web links. thanks again for joining us. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, the moment we have been talking about for a while making california its own nation is gaining more momentum. why it is still a long shot for california to become its own country. the search is on for suspects who tried to break into a business and rammed police patrol cars.
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>> this morning, prosecutors in germany say they detained a 40- year-old man who may have been involved in the truck attack on a christmas market in berlin. the man's phone number was saved in the cell phone of the suspect. police believe that suspect amri drove a truck into a busy market, killing 12 people. investigators want to determine whether he had help in planning and carrying out the attack. isis has claimed responsibility for it.
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president-elect donald trump's cabinet is almost full. only the secretaries of agriculture and veterans affairs remain to be filled as well as the cabinet level position of u.s. trade representative. nominations are only half the battle though. there's also the confirmation process. but political analysts say trump will likely not run into too many problems in that area because republicans you will recall have majorities in both the house and the senate. >> all in all, trump is going to get virtually everyone that he nominates. it is possible that he will have to withdraw one or two because of problems that emerge. >> first up for confirmation is alabama center jeff sessions for attorney general. it is set for the second week of january. donald trump had something to say about president obama. doing my best to disregard the inflammatory president o statements and roadblocks. thought it would be a smooth
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transition. not. the jerusalem city council wanted to make a statement against the united nations which last week condemned israeli settlements. but israel's prime minister asked for a delay. some israeli government leaders pro of that the obama administration was taking the side of palestinians over israel. the state department denies that charge and in the last hour, secretary of state john kerri said the u.s. remains a strong ally of israel and is dedicated to israel's security. >> because the two state solution is the only way to achieve a just and losing peace. it is the only way to ensure israel's future as a jewish and democratic state. >> president-elect donald trump has criticized the united nations. this morning he tweeted, stay
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strong israel, january 20th is fast approaching. he also added we cannot continue to let israel be treated with disdain and disrespect. hayward police chased suspects to oakland where they took one of them into custody. ktvu's christien kafton is live to tell us they are still searching for others involved in the crime. >> reporter: yeah, gasia. still looking for at least two other suspects. you can see the crews still working on replacing that glass window that was broken out earlier in the attempted burglar. one of the store managers has surveillance video of the burglars bashing at the window with sledge hammers. it took them about ten minutes to bash open the window trying to get access to motorcycles. as they were bashing away, cars would passion by. you can see the men ducking into a u-haul to avoid detection. they were spotted by a witness and police were alerted by an
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alarm. the first officers on scene say the suspects tried to ram them in the u-haul when they arrived here. the suspects took off after the ramming and police chased them on to the freeway and into oakland. now, we were on scene this morning as officers searched through the west oakland neighborhood looking for the two suspects. police say the one person they have in custody was the driver of that stole especially u-haul -- stolen u-haul. >> the remaining suspect, the driver, was arrested and booked here at hayward. he is a 20-year-old male from oakland and his charges include assault of a deadly weapon on an officer, leading officers on a high-speed chase. the box truck was stolen. >> reporter: now, police tell me that they are looking for two suspects. but there could be as many as three suspects. the manager we spoke with says he looked at the surveillance video and he thought he saw four men trying to break in here. there could be two or three suspects still on the loose.
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again, hayward police looking for any information with any information to contact them if they have any information about the investigation. >> were you able to clarify whether or not they got away with anything? >> reporter: at this point in appears that they were not able to get away with anything. they tried to break their way in. they were interrupted by police. if you remember what it looked like earlier, gasia, you can see what the windows look like. they managed to break this upper window a little bit, bash out this aluminum piece and this piece here. it would make it hard for them to try to get one of the motorcycles out. it seems that they didn't get away with anything. of course the owner here is still out these expensive security protected windows. >> right. thank you. one of the men accused in a deadly stabbing inside a target store in hayward christmas eve is due in court this morning. frank eis set to be arraigned today. he and 25-year-old jessie were arrested shortly after the stabbing of tyrone griffin at
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that target. officers say griffin and his 4- year-old son came across two men playing loud music on their phone and griffin asked them to turn it down because he thought the lyrics were inappropriate for his young son to hear. the three men got into an argument and one of the men pulled out a knife and stabbed the griffin in front of his son. >> daddy died trying to protect you. daddy died trying to be a hero. i don't want his death to be in vain. it is unfortunate that is the last time that he will be able to protect his son. >> today prosecutors are expected to decide if the suspect will be charged with murder. a popular restaurant chain closing without warning. coming up, what we found when we went to two locations in the east bay. an update on derek carr as he went through surgery for his broken fibula.
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>> welcome back to the 9. we have been looking at the dow throughout the morning. and we thought it would get close to the dow 2,000 mark. we are now about 60 points. the dow below 19,900 even. i just checked nasdaq and s&p. they're also down. so let's switch gears and tackle the news of the day as we have been throughout the morning. for that we go to our own dave clark in the news room. >> thank you, gasia. here are the top stories. part of 280 in san jose is open again after being shut down following a horrible crash involving a wrong way driver. the volkswagen appeared to be northbound on 280 in the southbound lanes. it slammed head on into a red chevy and ended up in the middle of the freeway. and then a bmw hit it as well.
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the driver of the chevy suffered serious injuries. the chp says when you see the damage, you realize it could have been a lot worse. >> when they got here and heard the lady in the red car screaming, they took that as a good sign. >> the bmw driver did not want treatment. however, the driver of the volkswagen is expected to face charges of dui. it took the crews out there more than two hours to clear the wreckage and reopen the southbound lanes. well, we are still waiting for a chance from pasta the bay area based italian restaurant chain about reports that its restaurants may be shutting down. last night we went to the locations in oakland and emryville. both restaurants were closed. there were signs that read, we are closed until further notice. several workers told ktvu they received a text message from the company saying they are on
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unpaid furlough. they will get a final paycheck by friday. one staffer says the text message came in the midful the night with no warning, no explanation. that staffer told us that hundreds of employees are out of work just before the new year. now, we did try to contact the restaurant officials but they have not yet responded. and for now at least san francisco police officers have to follow the department's new use of force policy. a judge rejected the police union's request for a temporary injunction to block the new guidelines approved by the police commission. the new rules ban officers from applying a specific neck hold on suspects. it also bans them from shooting at moving vehicles except under extreme circumstances. and both rules took effect yesterday. the police officers association says these new guidelines jeopardize the safety of police officers. those are just some of your morning headlines from our news room. mike, allie, gasia, i'll send
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if back to you. >> thank you, dave. the idea of california becoming its own country, cal exit is gaining support since the election of donald trump. california's is the world's sixth largest economy. the grass roots group called yes california is trying to select half a million signatures to qualify for a ballot initiative in 2018. the head of the bay area chapter says cal exit is a real possibility but political analysts are not so sure. >> california is a huge economic engine for the united states. and the idea that other states in the union would say, yeah, you can leave and go off on your own is not only unlikely but incredibly improbable. >> i hit it fact that we're saying so out loud and this is going to get louder that we would rather be independent, i think it gives people pause to thought on both sides. >> the group plans to collect
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signatures next month. there are several big hurdles in front of the idea. one getting the majority of californiaons to support the measure. if it passes, two-thirds of congress would need to go along with it. >> seem unlikely. quarterback derek carr is doing well after undergoing surgery for his broken fibula. he said surgery couldn't have gone better. received great news. already started the recovery process. thank you for all of your prayers as i heal up. after a great season he will be out for the raiders first playoff appearance in 14 years. it's up to backup quarterback matt. the raiders have one more regular season game against denver on sunday. if they win, they will clench the afc west title. a fire shut down the popular north lake tahoe resort. the fire was reported about 3:00 this morning at the home wood mountain resort. take a look at the flames here. the pictures come from the fire protection district. they say the fire was contained
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to one building and there were no injuries. but it's a huge blow for home wood. the resort says it will be closed until further notice. at this point the cause of the fire is not yet known. coming up next on mornings on 2 the 9, 2016 was the year of a number of scandals. coming up, we will take a look at the headlines that shocked the country. and carrie fisher and zsa zsa gabor both suffered fatal heart attacks. we're with doctors explaining the symptoms that women in particular should watch out for. with the $3.50 sub
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here's your receipt. have a nice day! thank you. start the car! start the car! start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea >> ♪[music] >> 9:28. we're back on a wednesday morning. and ktvu the 9 has been asking you a question as we reflect on the loss of carrie fisher. this camera is getting creepily close to us. we talked about carrie fisher
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and a lot of people say she was my princess. a number of losses this year. i will read one that i had to look up to remind myself. i remember being shocked when dave died of bmx phenomena and sad about pat summitt. a lot of people citing george michael and prince. >> seeing prince as well. for me prince was the shock of the year based on his abling. i mentioned john glenn earlier in the newscast. still a loss of america. musician dan hicks death affected me the most. he was my musical hero and was an underappreciated national treasure. >> other musicians you can't forget about leonard cohen and mohammed ali. john glenn. i had someone mention that to me as well. sean davis wrote prince was hard for me because i saw him in oakland earlier this year
9:30 am
right before he died. you recall he had a performance at the fox theater. >> he went to the warriors game. >> thank you for responding to our question of the day and using the hashtag #ktvu. carrie fisher died after suffering a massive heart attack on board a flight. she never recovered. >> zsa zsa gabor died december 10th as a result of a heart attack as well. >> heart disease is the number one killer of women in the united states. for more on these stories we're joined by dr. misra. thank you for joining us. with we talk about heart attacks and heart disease, i think of people like my dad. older, male, not me. these stories remind us that it could be house. >> yes. it is as you cited in the cdc, the number one killer across the board of mortality. it gets overlooked as we tend to identify gender with a particular disorder. you're right to say that. we just need to be more
9:31 am
informed. and these are good resources to that end. >> one of the statistics that stood out to me from the cdc, almost two thirds of women who die from heart disease had no previous symptoms. that seems to be keeping in with what carrie fisher's family said. this was unexpected. >> often the first sign of disease in the vascular bed is that of a heart attack or stroke perhaps. yes, there isn't a lot of clues or hints or warnings. it is a fast-moving condition. unfortunately on her case she was on a flight. it is a time sensitive matter. >> what should you do about it. >> you have to get immediately in touch with a medical professional to assess the situation. it may not be that. those are where factors go into the evaluation. vital signs, critical exam and labs and things like that which support or disprove the diagnosis. >> can you explain the
9:32 am
difference between sudden cardiac arrest and a heart attack. >> uh-huh. >> because i know we keep talking about heart attack. for some reason i always think they're the same but they're not. >> the heart attack is when the coronary artery gets secluded. many of which many people survive. heart tacks are not always fatal. sudden cardiac death, in sports, for example, if a person takes a shot right to the chest, it can put the heart into a bad rhythm, which can result in sudden cardiac death. and if that -- if it hits at the right part of the ekg, the electrical impulses, that's where the heart automatically -- that's it. that is a bit different than a vascular problem. >> what about the importance of having a good night's sleep. not living a stressful life. a lot of us live stressful lives. a lot of women in the bay area are working parents. >> yeah. we're all burning the candle at
9:33 am
both ends, men and women. i would reference the great work from the blue zone. it cites six qualities for the sentence he wills. those who cross the age of 100 center around that. moderate activity, having a good social family life, plant based diet help to take the sting out of stress to some degree. we're all different and respond to stress differently. >> we were talking earlier in the break room. one of the best ways to prevent having the heart health problems, common sense, exercise. >> sure. >> the american college of sports medicine, my sub special, sports medicine, recently came out with this and it got corroborated by the evidence that 150 minutes of exercise a week, two and a half hours, is what you need for
9:34 am
preventative measures for strokes and heart attacks. >> in both men and women. >> it can be achieved all at once or divided up over two days. i do it two days back to back. this is very important. it has been corroborated by other international sports medicine organizations as to the best prevents towards bad outcomes from strokes and heart attacks. stroke is the number one reason that people get admitted to nursing homes. >> thank you. you certainly brought it to life. thank you for joining us, doctor, and a happy new year. we will get the 150 minutes of exercise every week. rosemary, i have noticed a couple of people walking or jogging along the pathway that some of us can use more often. >> they are probably bundled up. it is cold out there. temperatures are creeping up finally. our inland areas still quite
9:35 am
cold. we are with sunny skies. that helps to offset how it feels out there. if it was cloudy, it would feel worse. ai live look at san francisco across the bay where the skies are blue. 47 degrees in san francisco. half moon bay at 50 degrees. that has been for most of the morning. 46 berkeley. up every 40s in hayward. let's go to the inner east bay where we have 44 brentwood. 36 in livermore. and to the north bay, just above freezing in santa rosa. 34 degrees. to the north bay, looking at numbers. 35 windsor. 5 in petaluma. still just above freezing. earlier on we were below freezing. a little bit of improvement here. alamo 40 degrees. alamo in the low 30s a little while ago. as we get into the next couple of days, this ridge will strengthen. we will have our temperatures come up slightly. a minor warm-up. not a big one. at least temperatures going in the right direction. let's look at the system working its way into california by friday. wednesday, thursday, mostly
9:36 am
sunny, partly cloudy. temperatures relatively mild. upper 50s to low 60s. 60 in hayward. 58 in concord. as we get into the weekend, for us we're looking at mainly dry weather. it seems to be a bit unsettled. the model not really lining up just yet. so we will continue to track this for you. where you're likely to see snow showers in the tahoe area. for saturday and sunday, if you're going to be celebrating in tahoe, be prepared. it will be very cold and snow showers are in the forecast. here is your extended forecast. temperatures won't change a lot as we get into the next several days. and the final days of 2016. cold overnight lows followed by relatively mild afternoon highs. friday and saturday, we do have a chance at maybe a few sprinkles coming our way. i don't think you should cancel any outdoor plans. we're still looking good. we will continue to track it of course as we get closer. we will fine-tune it a little bit more. mike. >> thank you, rosemary. the owners of a landmark bar in san francisco say the construction of proposed
9:37 am
apartment complex in their neighborhood would scare customers away. patrons of the 40-year-old bar on the corner of dubois and have a lenses is a says the new building would steal away their sunshine. tara moriarty is joining us us live to explain how it would threaten business. >> reporter: that should be the name of a country song or something, don't steal my sunshine. >> yes. snooze what is happening to this bar in the mission district. it has been around for 40 years. it is receiving its status as a legacy business. all of that is threatened we a proposed five story condo building supposed to be built across the street. it would literally cast a shadow over the bar, affecting its bottom line. it is supposed to be built on the corner and it has been in the works since 2013. but it was only a week ago, a couple of weeks ago that the owners learned about a shadow
9:38 am
analysis. that's a san francisco law where shadows are cast on places such as parks. >> the shadow would cast across our beer garden during our happy hour. we would not receive the same amount of sun between march and october which is the peak season. >> reporter: the owners say a sunless beer garden means that customers may sip brew elsewhere, cutting sales by 30%. the owners don't want to stop the development but they would like a compromise. perhaps a fewer levels in the building. we reached out to the developer and the city planning department but have not heard back. they filed for a discretionary review of the project which will be held on january 12th. >> real quick, tara, before we let you go, the vaness improvement project. that is getting a boost from the federal government.
9:39 am
>> reporter: that's right. that's the improvement project that has been so talked about and a lot of folks who live along that stretch are not very happy about the project. which was pushed by a former supervisor scott weiner. a lot of folks are excited about it because they say it is great for public transportation. basically the u.s. transportation awarded a $75 million grant for it. it means better infrastructure and bigger paychecks for san francisco. it will help sidewalks and crosswalks safer and replace water and sewer line dating back to the 1800s. if you have been on the street, you probably have noticed the construction going on. it is contributing to the traffic. in the long run, the people who came up with the project say it will be good for everyone. >> rough right now but not down the road. tara moriarty live in san francisco. thanks. a man who worked at the
9:40 am
versace outlet in livermore has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the store. the employee claims he was taught to use a special code when african-american shoppers entered the store. >> reporter: this certificate satch estore is where a 23-year- old man named christopher worked. he filed a 30-page complaint against the store saying while undergrowing training he was taught to discriminate against african-americans. >> our client was trained to announce this verbal code if an african-american customer comes into the store. there's also a nonverbal code where the employee would tug on a black article of clothing. >> reporter: he claims the verbal code was d410. he was told to use it when an african-american entered the store. he is mixed race, a quarter african-american and claims he was terminated after working there less than a month. when asked why he was being terminated the complaint states he was not let go because of performance reasons but for,
9:41 am
quote, because he doesn't understand luxury and because he doesn't know the luxury life which his lawyers believe is also code for racial discrimination lawsuit. >> given the code they have for a black customer coming into the store, it doesn't take much of a logical leap to assume that you haven't lived the luxury life is code for we don't want an african-american employee. and so our client was terminated. >> reporter: when asked if this was a corporate policy or just a store one, the lawyer says it is too soon to tell where the command came from. but as part of their investigation, tell find out. >> typically we can connect it at least one level up the hierarchy, up to the regional level. oftentimes we can connect it all the way to the top. >> reporter: unfortunately this type of behavior by stores isn't new. it has been commonplace for many establishments over the years. >> it doesn't surprise me that an upscale store like versace would do that. >> people like us need to take
9:42 am
a stand against discrimination and it needs to be made known publicly. >> i think they treated us good, kindly. i didn't get a bad vibe. i would go back again. >> reporter: we reached out versace and a lawyer representing the company. we haven't heard back. but they told tmz that the always are false and they are requesting a dismissal. a new tribute to a beloved sports caster. special pins going on to honor craig seager. we are live in gilroy where an elite music and dance group is rehearsing to perform in the rose parade. we will be interviewing one of the teams who is performing. that story is coming up.
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>> i cannot wait to see janine's report. the group was one of 21 musical organizations around the world invited to march in the rose parade on monday. >> they are going through the final practice at home right now. janine de la vega is joining us live from gilroy with the story. hey, janine. >> reporter: hi, mike. we are here on the field of christopher high school here in gilroy where the santa clara vanguard is rehearsing right now. first they were inside stretching. now they are on the field. the color guard with their flags. there is also the musical, the
9:46 am
drum and bugle core with all of the instruments there going offer what they will be doing in pasadena. they leave at 1:00 this afternoon. for those who don't know what the santa clara vanguard is, this is an elite group of people. 15 years old to 25 years old. and you have to audition to be part of this. so it is a huge honor for them. they're right about to start rehearsing. there they go. we're joined now by megan smith. you are the color guard captain of this team. what is it like to be going to the rose parade? this is the only the second time in the group's history, right. >> yes. it is a huge deal to us. not only is this our second time performing, we're performing in the opening and closing ceremony. it's a huge honor to us. 50 years of excellence and tradition. it is the biggest -- we're putting all of our heart and soul into all of this, rehearsing and everything. >> tell us, how are rehearsals going? a lot of people don't know what
9:47 am
the vanguard is. tell us about the rehearsal. what are people going to be seeing on tv? >> we have been rehearsing for 12 hours a day. this is our third day rehearsing. we have put together four different songs. we have the opening and closing. so they will be seeing a lot of different movement and a lot of different quality in all of this. >> yeah. and back out here live, what do you have in your hand? >> this is a sabre. >> okay. >> so we have sabres, rifles and flags. we also dance along with it. it is a lot of thinking while we're moving. >> thank you so much, megan smith. good luck out there. i'm sure you will do fabulous. and you can see they're running through all of their routines and practicing. they have i believe four different numbers that they have going to be performing. they will be leaving at 1:30 this afternoon, getting on buses and going out there to
9:48 am
pasadena for the performance at the rose parade. so a lot of excitement felt in gilroy. back to you guys in the studio. >> it will be a party in pasadena indeed. levi's stadium is getting ready to host another foster farms bowl. thousands of college football fans will be watching the indiana hoosiers take on the utah utes. both known for a physical style of play. indiana finished the season off 6-6. utah, 8-4. watch that right here on ktvu fox 2 it begins at 5:00. kickoff is just after 5:30. coming up, her fiance dumps her via text message no less just before christmas. however the joke is on him. the gift that he missed out on and how she took advantage of it. >> karma. >> yes. >> never by text. >> never by text. >> that is a double whammy. >> right.
9:49 am
9:50 am
at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that.
9:51 am
we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. >> we will cop back. this morning we are looking at some of the year of scandals from another sexting scandal tore anthony weiner to a big story at the summer olympics. >> reporter: 2016 was a year filled with scandals and unbelievable headlines from former congressman anthony weiner it was unforgettable. call it watergate. ryan lochte claimed he was
9:52 am
robbed at gun point. it turns out he urinated outside of a gustation bathroom and vandalized a poster with friends. he lost many sponsorships. donald trump went through a whirlwind of controversies, including a dozen sexual harassment always and got caught saying lewd things about woman on an access hollywood hot mic. he denied them all and apologized for the comments on tape. feeling the burn, debbie wasserman schultz resigned after leaked e-mails showing sabotage against the campaign of bernie sanders of vermont. this as wiki leaks released e- mails related to hillary clinton that many say cost her the election. team usa goalie hope solo ried into the swedish team after they eliminated the usa from the olympics. she was suspended from the team for six months. a few days later she also parted ways with her national
9:53 am
women's soccer league team. a sex scandal rocking baylor university. several female students reported sexual or domestic assault charges against members of the football team, including at least four alleged gang rapes. the largest baptist university in the country has been plagued by allegation that's it failed to handle cases of sexual assault committed by its students. ken star, the former baylor president and the football coach lost their jobs. the saga of justin bieber. instagram accusing his believers of attack being his girlfriend. selena gomez took to the comments to retorte if you can't handle the hate, stop posting pictures of your new girlfriend lol. gomez relented posting a snapchat that read what i said was selfless and pointless.
9:54 am
anthony weiner in trouble again this year. it started when his wife said she was leaving after he was caught sexting another woman. he sent a picture of himself to a woman with his son in the picture. wells fargo ceo john stump stepped down after the bank came under fire for its sales practices. in september of 2016. the company agreed to pay $185 million to settle allegations that accounts were open without customers' permission to reach aggressive sales targets. and the maker of epipen agreeing to pay $465 million to settle allegations that it overbilled medicaid for the life-saving drug. the ceo was grilled about the
9:55 am
controversial price hike after she allegedly received a raise of 670% over nine years. years. so that's 2016. with 2017 right around the corner, no doubt there will be more of these scandals in the news. we will be here to cover all of it for you. i'm martha mccallum, fox news. the warriors are back on the court hoping to start a winning streak after they lost to the cavaliers on christmas day. steph curry and his family handed out food boxes in oakland. they partnered up with feed the children. they gave out boxes filled with food and other essentials. warriors will host the raptors at oracle tonight. congratulations to the san jose sharks. a nice win in overtime last night against anaheim. fans will have a chance to show their support for the late sports caster craig seager. foot locker will start selling
9:56 am
these pins. proceeds benefit the seager strong foundation. the popular side line reporter died after a long battle with leukemia two weeks ago. he and his wife partnered with the foot locker on the pins before his death. stacy seager thought the project should still move forward. now to a picture we have been talking about all morning long. you may have seen it on instagram. it is a photo of a woman at a dallas cowboys game. her fiance dumped her via text message just before christmas. she is getting the final word. she went to the game without him. took a picture loading this sign which reads my fee san a dumped me in a text message. he should have waited until after christmas. he she bought him tickets to game as a present. she was blindsided by the breakup but never considered skipping the game. she took her best friend instead. >> good for her. >> that's a double whammy. >> on christmas and by text.
9:57 am
>> i wonder what the text said. >> i don't think it matters. >> whatever he said, you should be a gentleman or a lady and say it in person. if you're across the country, you say it by telephone. >> the answering machines, a friend of mine did it once a long time ago. >> no. i'm so glad -- >> i was dating before the land of this. i'm so glad. >> good for her for going to the game with her best friend. thanks for joining us this morning. we will be back here tomorrow at 9:00. have a great rest of your day. >> if the cowboys go to the super bowl, she should bring that sign. >> yes.
9:58 am
9:59 am
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live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> wendy: it's going to be juicy. >> now you here's wendy. [ screaming ] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> wendy: i'm glad that you're watching. my co-host


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