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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  December 29, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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a little guitar to get you going. a little eric clapton to get you going. if you are commuter you are going -- golden because all the major highways from the area and green for go. that could change but my guess is this will be a pretty sleepy week. good morning everyone. welcome back to mornings on 2. pam and dave has the
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morning off. it is not so bad out there. people are giving up. in some areas it is still pretty chilly. >> when we talk about a gradual warming trend it is really hard to feel it day-to- day over a three-day period we are like it feels a little better finally. i saw christian yesterday morning and he said my fingers hold -- hurt it is so cold out there and it is cold for many of us again this morning. let's get a few -- view from the bay bridge where it is beautiful. we have mostly clear skies with the wind generally like in most areas but i do want to talk about the wind just a moment. 59 degrees and half moon bay. there is definitely wind steering that number . when we had the wind keeps the cold air from settling in. for 3 days half moon bay hasn't -- has
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been in the 50s . not so bad here in oakland at 45. 38 san jose in the inner east bay it is a chilly one. livermore 34 here, or 35. as we go to the north bay we are below freezing in santa rosa. napa 33 which is a whole lot than where we were yesterday morning by 10 degrees. it may not feel a whole lot better and it has to do with the wind . we talk about the wind helping to keep the temperatures up, but if you have a 12 miles-per-hour wind and it is 33 degrees it will feel more like 25 degrees. if you are getting out and have a bit of a breeze be prepared. have the wind chill factor to consider. visibility over the north bay, 3 miles in santa rosa which is an improvement. that watching a little bit of patchy fog, a little bit of wind out there and cool temperatures to start your morning. in the afternoon a mild warm-up coming our way.
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unsettled weather for the weekend. i will have a look at that coming up. here's another look at traffic is starting to build up . some people are coming to work today and that may get a little worse before it gets better. how about bay bridge toll plaza . right now we are nice and easy. a free ride on to the bridge into san francisco. the golden gate bridge coming in, we have one commuter and he is at work no. nice and easy. the five-minute tunnel near south toledo will close down for 5 minutes and prep ration for >> reporter: will shut down which happens next month. it is the baker berry tunnel -- in preparation for a four-month shut down which happens next month. it is the baker berry tunnel. the lighting system is going to be replaced with energy-saving led lights.
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investigation continues after a deadly freeway crash in the east bay. it happened at around 8:00 last night just east of the port chicago highway . a car clipped another vehicle then flipped and ended up on the center divide. the driver of the car that flipped was pronounced dead at the scene. the other driver did not suffer serious injuries. we now know the identity of the teenage boy who died in a head- on crash on christmas day. he was 14-year-old andrew. you carrying page has been set up to help the family cover the funeral and medical expenses for the teenager. he was killed after the car he and his parents were writing in collided with a car driven by 25-year-old jessica. jessica also died in the crash. she already had a dui warrant out for her arrest and alcohol may have been a factor in this rest. his parents suffered minor injuries but both are expected
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to recover. a friend tells us he was a freshman at everett valley high and was the only child of his parents. a woman was killed and 2 others hurt and 2 separate shootings. the first shooting happened last night. the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. no suspect information has been released but there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of her killer. 4 hours earlier 2 women were shot. the women were in a minivan when a car going in the opposite direction started shooting. despite being shot the driver was able to get to the hospital. lisa investigating a secondary crash involving a pedestrian in less than 24 hours -- police are investigating a secondary crash involving a pedestrian in less than 24 hours . a man who lives in the neighborhood was walking on the sidewalk when a woman turned into the entrance of the business park where she works. she hit the man. you later
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died at the hospital. that woman is cooperating -- he later died at the hospital . that woman is cooperating with police. a new report shows danger -- dangerous levels of lead in the from fellow area -- fruitville area. the national lead average is 2 1/2 percent. researchers are dreaming lead levels on old plaint -- paint and old sewage and waste systems. the day after christmas signs went up on the remaining restaurants in the bay area saying they were closed until further notice. employees received text messages saying the restaurant had ceased operation and the
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employees were on unpaid furlough pick the former workers said they had no idea this was happening and they feel betrayed. >> my main thing is we obviously want to get paid and it is just not right the way it was gone about. >> we have rumors and we can assume what is going on, but ultimately there is no straight answers from anyone. >> a text to employees said they will receive their final playtex -- paychecks and any vacation time owed tomorrow. so far there has been no official explanation from management. of gold star mother is pleading for the return of the family rain that was stolen -- ring that was stolen from east bay cemetery where her son was laid to rest. her son sean was an army hospital killed in an ambush in afghanistan 9 years ago.
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around christmas someone broke into her son's niche and took the ring which had the family crest on the front. >> it is important to us. to just take it without any regard for our feelings, it is heartbreaking. >> a special tool was used to crack open the niche. the thief did not leave fingerprints. the sheriff office has investigated and the cemetery says they cannot complement without receiving permission from the diocese. her husband died last year and is laid to rest near her son.
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more aftershocks are being felt on the california nevada border following 3 size mix earthquakes yesterday -- size mix -- 3 -- 36 yesterday. 2 quakes measuring magnitude 5.7 and one at magnitude 5 and one at magnitude 5.5 rock the sierra nevada early yesterday morning. crab fisherman are all on
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strike. agreed with wholesale buyers and now the wholesalers are offering less than agreed-upon. fisherman say they have been getting $3 but the season hadn't started yet are the north . the strike could affect prices and availability for crabs during the new year holiday. time to head on over to get a check of our temperatures and how much it will warm up today. >> low 60s under mostly sunny skies. enjoy it. it will probably be the warmest day we get. temperatures will begin to cool off as early as tomorrow and then colder weather coming our way by sunday and monday. how about a live look outside our doors into san jose where it is a chilly start for you. temperatures will be in the low 60s by the afternoon. it is going to feel pretty good although it will take a while for us to get there.
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are tracking 2 systems with one coming from the south -- we are tracking 2 systems with one coming from the south. this colder front will bring us the chance for sprinkles later this week. let's talk about friday, we will go into the weekend and talk about your holiday. we have rain over 7 cal. it looks like he wants to go -- southern california . and looks like he wants to go on way to mother ray -- monterey and then police . the next system will drop in and bring us colder weather. chance for showers on saturday during the day. and looks like a few sprinkles and then it clears out for time -- just in time for new year's eve . it will be cool and mainly dry for saturday night. sunday and monday the cold air behind it will lower our snow levels and we will have a chilly temperatures. as we go into thursday we're looking good
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. by friday morning have cloud cover coming in from the south. yesterday we had a few scattered showers embedded in there but not so much at this time. getting a look at this saturday system dropping in. overland we're not likely to see much of anything. then we will dry out. here is new year's eve right around 11:00 by before we see bishop of midnight and the fireworks go off into cisco. -- before we see the fireworks go off in san francisco. temperatures begin to fall off as early as tomorrow than the chance for new year's eve sprinkles drying out by tuesday night. as we go into the numbers we're talking low 50s by saturday and sunday. 49 degrees the afternoon high on monday so like i said enjoy
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today. this morning a cold start. i will have your temperatures coming up. a growing number of american retirees are up to live outside and leave the united states according to the social security administration just under 400,000 retirees are living abroad. the top destinations are canada , japan, mexico, germany and the uk. they most often cite the cost-of-living as the main reason for leaving the us. it has been a busy year and many want to have a do over for 2016. we take a look back at the role the election played in business. >> reporter: 2017 kicks off with high expect patients the promise of more and better jobs, tax cuts and a simplified code, lest regulations and ordered security all of this
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because 2016 -- the less regulations and ordered security all of this because 2016 was the year of trump. the election was all about the economy and jobs. >> we have serious problem and we can the stupid country anymore. >> the calls for change were on both sides of the aisle. bernie sanders and his message of economic socialism resonating with disenfranchised millennials. >> it really does sicken me to see in this country billionaires buying elections. the signs of discontent were not subject to just us borders.
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shortly after a vote for independence in the uk the stock market soared. an actual deals were setting records. companies leveraged low interest rates and looks to acquire growth. at&t trying to acquire time warner is still in limbo. candidate trump put the deal in doubt. the technology world said firmly against donald trump throughout the election as well but it had its shares of controversy in 2016. apple and ceo refusing to request to unlock the phone used by the san bernardino terrorist and samsung rocked when their galaxy note phone had to be recalled because it was catching fire. even the airline stopped allowing it on board. the experts not only got the election wrong the completely botched up the market predictions in donald trump were tooling. minutes after his victory --
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were to win . minutes after his victory the market. cat members promised -- cabinet members promised economic growth. >> we think that hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars will come back and that will create infrastructure and jobs. >> 2016 ends with a businessman entering the white house. a threat to pull a government deal for boeing is their costed not come down. a japanese man pouring $50 billion of investments into the us because donald trump one -- won. stock markets are ending near all-time highs. business was big in 2016 and should be even bigger and 20 --
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in the new year .
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4 boaters spent nearly an hour in the water after their
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boat capsized. they were rescued by the us coast guard. full gathered to mark the 5th night -- people gathered to mark the 5th night of the hanukkah holiday. various transit agencies are offering extra service on new year's eve. they are offering free rides starting at 8:00 saturday night new year's eve. muni will be free until 5 am on sunday morning. trains are running until 3 in the morning. caltrans is extending southbound service until 2:2 am . the -- 2: team -- 2:15 a.m.
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a.m. there are several events happening across the bay area. there is a list at our website. click on the web links and you can check them out. a san francisco restaurant owner opened his doors to high school football team from richmond recognize for overcoming adversity. first brought you the story about kennedy high school last month. the owner was so moved that he hosted the awards banquet of the team for free. >> reporter: 2 total strangers brought together with a common goal. >> i felt what you are all about and what you do for these kids. it hit me in a way that i haven't been moved for a long time. this planet needs more like you. >> they are here to celebrate the judgment. look at them now all dressed up. >> i couldn't get back -- wait
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to get back to work these are my brothers. >> reporter: we first caught up with the team last month as they intended to win a title. >> reporter: the struggles they have seen are ones that most people cannot imagine. >> i was in and out of jail like 2 times. >> my 2nd oldest brother was writing a go kart and someone pulled up on him and shot him. my brother went to my aunts house to be with the family and when they went to the store they were killed as well. >> reporter: they were able to draw from those negative experiences to propel themselves to heights the school has not since 1988. since the story aired these gentlemen say they feel the love from the community. >> everywhere i go people walk up to me and say they have seen me on the news. >> a lot of letters coming into the school. a lot of donations come into the school congratulating myself
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but also the young men on the job they have done for the season. >> my reason for giving back as i recognize when you put that story together the challenges they face are so much higher than so many other kids and i felt like i had to do something. >> reporter: i asked him why would a man who has no ties to a team be so generous and efforts he said it was a love and compassion he saw in the original story but then he opened up about a tragic event in his own life. >> i lost a daughter in 2013. i lost her to cancer. >> out of that lost came his willingness to give back and make an effort to change others lives something these young men are so grateful for. >> they are not even a restaurant in richmond and the open their doors to tell us to come eat for free. >> i was shocked. this is a nice establishment and that means a lot. >> this team received
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something no one will ever take away from them, love from one another and the knowledge meant that education -- acknowledgment that education is more important than ever. >> you were telling me about your grades. >> 3.0 and higher. i try to keep my grades up and try to show people that no matter what is going on they could do it. >> reporter: the owner was so impressed he said next year they could have their banquet here as well. >> that is great stuff. well done. and emotional scene in court as 2 brothers are charged with the motor -- murder of a father on christmas eve. ro zero by lem)
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2 men are recovering in hospital after robberies break into their home shooting them. we will have a live report coming up. i hope it comes out to where my sons were really defending themselves. >> development on the stabbing death of the man at it is bay target store. the father says his sons were acting in self-defense. good morning to you. let's take a look at some of the major roads across the bay area . we're keeping an eye on your key mute. so far lots of green across -- commute . so far lots of green across the area. it has gotten busy but still rings are moving freely across the area -- things are moving freely across the area.
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santa rosa is one of those places that same 28, 29 yesterday morning although we still have time. temperatures tend to drop off as we get closer to sunrise. napa is above freezing but again it has to do with the wind. it will not feel all that great if it is breezy for you. winds are anywhere from 10ã12 miles-per-hour . the wind chill will make it feel like 29 degrees in napa. 31 fairfield. around the bay temperatures are better. 47 oakland. 43 fremont. half moon bay in the 5th having -- 50s. they are having to deal with wind there .


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