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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  December 29, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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day to come and are excited about all of the technology and the quick trip. ♪good morning to you ♪ >> and we're live with the star of a new fox comedy. >> don't you have a babysitter? get one of those guys outside of the hardware store. plus, out with the old and in with the new as we get ready to usher in a new year. ♪[music] i don't know if you saw it, but my goodness gracious, andre iggy, probably one of the best plays of the year. he went behind the back. >> uh-huh. >> after going under the legs.
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>> okay. >> to shaun livingston for the jam. >> the problem is there are so many good highlights. >> it is just show time at oracle every, every night. welcome to 9, everyone. i promise you one of my resolutions this year is only to show you the best highlights from the warriors. do you do resolutions. >> i do not. >> i do not. >> i have hopes and goals but i don't like to formalize it with a resolution because they are easily broken. i try to make small steps. >> why are they so easily broken. >> i've been wishing for the same thing for the past ten years. >> what is your reason for not doing them? >> i think it's because it sets unrealistic expectations for a lot of people. i like to set them throughout the year. so i like to give myself short term goals, long-term goals. >> do you. >> i said i will bring only highlights of the warriors for the year. many people are glad that 2016 is going to be over.
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hundreds of people in new york city found a good way to say good-bye to the bad feelings of the year. good riddance day. new yorkers can destroy anything that brings up memories they want to forget. there was a huge crowd yesterday for good riddance day 2016. >> getting rid of memories of david bowie's death. still hurt by it a year later. >> part of the cycle of getting ready for the new year is not only saying what is my resolution for the next year but what do i want to let go of from the last year. 2016 has been a tough year. >> this year's turnout was so large that organizers warned some people in line that they might not get a chance to feed their items right into the shredder. >> that seems cleansing to me. >> as it like burning pictures of your ex when you're no longer together. >> wow. i guess somebody did that. >> i actually have. that leads us to our question of the day which is what memories of 2016 are you happy to leave behind? is there an ex that you never
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want to see again? perhaps a political outcome you're not happy about. the election people done what they shouldn't have, syria, and the sudden death of hollywood icons. >> game 7 of the cavs. >> that still hurts to hear you say that. >> on facebook, what seems to be a popular answer, the memory that i have let go is the presidential election because in my opinion it was full of toxic energy. >> okay. >> so getting a lot of election responses already. >> as did i. we appreciate your responses and we will take them throughout the day and share some of them at 9:30. we appreciate the use of the hashtag #ktvuthe9. two bay area brothers accused of a deadly stabbing on christmas eve are in court this morning. they were formally charged yesterday in the killing of
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tyrone griffin at the target store. police are not commenting on what led up to the killing but there are reports griffin wanted one of the men to turn down the rap music on his phone and that led to a fight. one of the brothers says video will show griffin hit them with a wine bottle and they were defending themselves. bail has not been set for them. two men are recovering after being shot in a home invasion in san jose last night. police are still looking for who did it. janine de la vega is covering this morning from police headquarters after talking with investigators. janine. >> reporter: police say at least two men, gasia, broke into the home and during the confrontation, those gunmen opened fire. police say this happened at 10:00 last night at a home on peach court which is near east san antonio and 24th street. there was a group of young
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adults in the home at the time. suddenly the suspects barged in. words were exchanged and two men were shot in the legs. both were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injury. the victims did not recognize the suspects. the thieves stole electronics and other valuables. investigators are working to get suspect descriptions. it is unknown if that home was targeted but so far no arrests have been made. and the suspect descriptions that police have right now are pretty vague. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, janine. the world has lost another hollywood legend. debbie reynolds. she died one day after her daughter carrie fisher died. many gathered on her star on the walk of fame. she was discussing funeral plans for carrie when she suffered a fatal stroke. trace gallagher has a look back at her incredible life and career. ♪ good morning to you ♪ >> reporter: legendary actress debbie reynolds has died at 84
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years old, one day after her daughter carrie fisher passed away. ♪ i want to be loved by you. >> reporter: the acclaimed singer, dancer and actress starred in more than 40 shows and countless tv shows. she was also a humanitarian and avid collector of film memorabilia. ♪[music] >> reporter: born mary francis reynolds in el paso, texas she had her breakout role in three little words. but danced her what i into film's history two years late we are she costarred with gene kelly in singing in the rain. ♪ singing in the rain ♪ >> reporter: her success in the '50s continued with the affairs of dobey gillis, suzanne slept here and tammy and the bachelor. >> i might give out but i won't give in. >> reporter: the title role in the unsinkable molly brown
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garnered her a best actress oscar nomination. in between movies and stage shows she headlined the sitcom the debbie reynolds show. debbie was married and divorced three times, most famously to carrie fisher's father eddie who left her for elizabeth taylor. over the years, reynolds amassed a huge collection of movie memorabilia that she later was forced to auction off due to bankruptcy. in 2011 she told us why so many people find these items so endearing. >> well, we all would like to have our favorite movie star live with us, let's say, and be quiet. [laughter] >> it's just nostolgic. >> reporter: she was recognized for her humanitarian work and a lifetime achievement award from the screen actors guild. she is survived by her son
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todd. in hollywood, trace gallagher, fox news. >> last night people in austin, texas healed a lightsaber vigil for carrie fisher. fans young and old gathered outside of the movie theater to celebrate her life and mourn her death. in los angeles, fans created a memorial on the walk of fame. she did not have a star so they personalized a blank star. may the force be with you always. >> one day after her daughter dies. >> i know. >> broken heart. we heard that phrase being put out there. i believe it. and i believe that it is possible. we see it with older couples married 50, 60 years. maybe not the day after but six months after. >> they said she was ill a little beforehand. she was fighting something. but you can imagine the overwhelming grief. they were talking about her funeral. >> right. >> her brother todd was there, carrie fisher's brother todd was there. i feel for the family left
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behind. the caught and todd fisher. the grief seems to be -- how do you deal. it is so -- i was crushed when i heard that. >> you can imagine -- we sort of imagined how would i feel. there is actual science behind it. when you get shocking or devastating news about say the death of your daughter, there are stress hormones that can affect you physically. if she was not 100% to begin with, very, very sad. >> as a parent, we're all parents, you never want to see a child go before you. >> yeah. >> coming up next on mornings on 2 the 9, the story of a football team continues. the honor given to them by a complete stranger touched by their story. retaliation against russia for allegedly interfering with the u.s. election. the actions that the obama administration are now considering. stay with us. the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th.
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start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea >> trading has been light this
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morning ahead of the new year's day holiday. the dow jones is down by 43 points. the s&p and nasdaq are also in the red. not by much. we're watching the dow 2,000, ma. it won't get there today but i have hope. we will see. the syria army has issued a ceasefire. >> it paved the way for renewing negotiations to end the six-year long bloody conflict. opposition groups say they too have signed a ceasefire agreement. >> putin says that russia and turkey will guarantee that truce. russia is a key ally of the syrian government and turkey supports the opposition. we could learn how the white house plans to retaliate against russia for meddling in the election. u.s. intelligence agencies say there is evidence indicating that russia was behind the hacks that hurt hillary clinton's presidential campaign. president obama before leaving on his christmas vacation in hawaii propsed there would be
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retaliation. it is not clear if the president was refers to sanctions or some other kind of cyber attack. even some republicans support some response but say it should be left to the new congress and the new administration. >> the new congress and the new president deal with russia, pass new sanctions much tougher than the ones we already have. >> but president-elect donald trump has said he doesn't believe the intelligence reports that russia is behind the hacking. last night when asked what his response would be, he said, quote, i think we ought to get on with our lives. president-elect trump has made dealers to bring some 8,000 jobs last night. he weighed in on president obama, israel and other topics. >> at one point mr. trump was joined by his friend boxing promoter don king. >> i'm very, very strong with israel. i think israel has been treated up fairly by a lot of people.
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>> reporter: donald trump taking part with his longest exchange with reporters since the election on wednesday. >> when do you see the united nations solving problems? they don't. they cause problems. >> reporter: he plans to bring 8,000 jobs to the united states. >> taking them from other countries, bringing them back to the united states. >> reporter: trump says he talked with the head of japan's tech firm that owns sprint. >> sprint will -- i just spoke with the head person. he said because of me, they are bringing jobs to this country. >> reporter: he says that one web will also be hiring 3,000 workers. the president-elect said he spoke with president obama wednesday. >> he called me. we had a very, very good talk about -- generally about things. he was in hawaii. it was a very, very nice call. and i actually thought we covered a lot of territory. >> reporter: this after trump recently accused mr. obama on twitter of creating, quote, inflammatory roadblocks in the
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midst of the u.s. transition of power. but late wednesday, trump saying this. >> well, our staffs are getting along very well. and i'm getting very well with him. other than a couple of statements. and i responded to them. >> reporter: mr. trump also met with a number of business and medical leaders wednesday, including the heads of johns hopkins and partners health care. in new york, jackie ibanez, fox news. ail former member of the california assembly and senate could be part of donald trump's cabinet. the president-elect met with maldonado. he is interesting for the head of the u.s. department of agriculture. he also served as california's lieutenant governor before newsome. only secretaries of agriculture and veterans affairs are left to be nominated and a cabinet level position of u.s. trade representative. the chp's mounted patrol unit is head today pasadena but not part of the security efforts in pasadena. 7 riders and horses, six draft
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horses will make the trip down colorado and orange grove boulevards. hundreds of entries apply every year to be in the parade. the chp earned one of the 20 equestrian entries in the celebration. this is the 30th anniversary of the mounted patrol that is frequently seen on seen at the state capitol. can you see what is wrong with this picture? it has gone viral. we will solve the case of the girl who appears not to have legs in that photo. this stole 12 minutes of my life last night. up next, we talk live with the star of the mix. the warriors stole three hours of my life last night. that's okay when you have plays like this. now we will give you the appropriate under the leg, around the back to shaun
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livingston. unbelievable play by andre. under the legs, behind the back. no doubt about it. we will be right back after the break. ♪[music] with the $3.50 sub
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the $3.50 sub of the day. only at subway. >> new york authorities say security will be as tight as ever in times square for the new year's eve ball drop. one million people will be there to watch the countdown. nypd has strict security measures around the surrounding streets and will be watching from on the ground and high up in the air. new york police are also working with the fbi and homeland security to try to make sure that the event goes off without any problems. last month ktvu's reporter paul chambers brought us the story of the kennedy high school team. they ended with a record of 10- >> that is despite many of the students having to overcome hardships that many of us will never have to face, including
9:20 am
losing parents at a young age, going to jail and other problems. >> he hosted the team award banquet and did it for free. paul chambers has that part of the story. >> reporter: two total strangers brought together with a common goal. >> i felt what you're all about, what you did for these kids. it hit me. this planet needs people like you. >> reporter: they're here to celebrate these young men. look at them now, all cleaned up for the awards banquet. >> i couldn't wait to get here to see them. we have been on break from school. these are my brothers. >> reporter: we first caught up with kennedy high school football team last month as they attempted to win a state title. >> we just wanted to win a game and change lives of the young female we work with every day. >> reporter: the struggles they have seen are ones that some people can't even imagine at a young age. >> i was in and out of jail two times. the first time i did a month. the second time i did ten months. >> my second oldest brother was
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riding in a go cart and somebody pulled up on him and shot him. my brother went to be with the family. when he went to the store, he got killed too. >> reporter: but they're able to draw from the negative experiences to propel themselves to heights that the school hasn't seen since 1988. since the original story aired, these young men have felt the love from the community. >> everywhere i go, events and stuff, people say i seen you on the news. you're doing your thing. >> a lot of letters coming into the school. a lot of donations coming into the school. just congratulating not only myself but congratulating the young men. >> i recognize when you put that story together, the challenges that they face are so much higher than so many other kids that have to go through the challenges. i just felt like i this to do something. >> reporter: i asked him why would a man who has no ties to a team be so generous. first he said it was the love and compassion in the original
9:22 am
story. then he opened up about a tragic event in his own life. >> i had a daughter who i lost in 2013. she was 13 years old. she would have been 16 this year. i lost her to cancer. >> reporter: out of that loss came his willingness to give back and change other lives, soming that these young men are very grateful. >> not even a restaurant in richmond and they opened their doors and allowed us to eat for free. >> i was shocked. i'm still in shock. this is a nice establishment. for them to invite us here, pick up the tab and all of that, it means a lot. >> reporter: the team received certificates and their league championship patches. more importantly they received something that no one will ever take away from them, love for one another and the knowledge that education is most important. >> you got more on that. you told me earlier about your gpa. you got a good grade. >> 3.0 and higher. i try to keep my grades up and show people you can do it. no matter the circumstances or whatever it is, you can make it. >> reporter: the owner of jillian's was so impressed with the team that he said next year
9:23 am
they can have the banquet here again. >> that's a great story. we had the coach on the 9 not too long ago. he is an amazing young man too. >> what is interesting is the owner of the restaurant, you look for a connection that one may have. he said his connection was the loss of his daughter and he also felt that, you know, as a parent he understands the loss somewhat there and he wanted to reach out. and he did. i and understand the importance of the award banquets. it is the icing on the cake for a fantastic season. >> i think also understanding that sometimes when they're kind of going through the challenges of life, they don't realize how many people care and how many strangers and different people in the community are inspired by them and that gives them the courage and the fortitude to keep going and, you know, really work hard. we wish them all great success. >> i asked the coach, i donned need the preaching i just need
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the football. they all say that. they're going to get the father figure, big brother figure and come out better young men on the other end. good work. a brand-new comedy is premiering on ktvu this sunday at 8:00. >> that's right. it stars caitlyn olsen as an auntie to her brother and sister-in-law who are really, really rich and have fled the country. >> we're equal. we're eating breakfast together. >> okay. >> whoa, whoa. you have to cook the food first. >> caitlyn injudges us live this morning for more on the new show. thank you for joining us. >> hi, guys. >> an interesting character. tell us about the character you're playing on the mick. it has a lot of humor and grittiness to it, right? >> yeah. she is very independent. and she does not want to be tied down. she ends up being in charge of these kids and she is not excited about it. neither are they to have her
9:25 am
there. >> does that sound like the correct description. >> sure. very abrasive. there's a lot more that i could say about it. >> you're also a mom in real life. you have two little boys. i can't imagine that you have said anything to them in real life that you said to your tv children. there is an unvarnished quality to you on screen that makes all of us realize parents say if only i could say that in real life. >> i don't speak to my kids that way. i respect them. they're great. they're great. i think that this is going to be a really cool show for moms because it's like this woman is thrust into a situation and these kids are awful and she is just trying to get control of the situation in the best way that she can. i certainly can relate to that part of it. i deal with it better than micky does. >> you're a fantastic comedic
9:26 am
actress. in this show, you're diving into a new role as executive producer. why the push to gets your hands a little more involved here? >> because, you know, i have been on it's always sunny in philadelphia for 12 years. it is so wonderful being there. it works because we have great chemistry and we love and respect and appreciate each other and enjoy playing together. and we have a sense of humor. it was important to me to be able to cast this show. because i think that a show only works if you have actors who have good chemistry. a lot of improvising. and, you know, i needed to be aible to -- especially if i was going to headline it, it was going to be my show. i wanted to be able to give notes on scripts and things like that. >> you mentioned it's always sunny in philadelphia. it has been on for 12 years.
9:27 am
being able to do both shows it he same time, that has to be something that is exciting because you can switch it up as well as sticking to what you love. >> it's a huge, huge honor. i don't ever take it for granted. i'm so incredibly grateful. it was a big decision because like we talked about, i do have two little kids. they're both in school now, preschool and kindergarten. and i have more time. when i shoot sunny, i'm original shooting two months out of the year. i was able to have a lot of time off to take care of my kids. now that they're in school, i have more, you know, time to do some more stuff. so, yeah, it's pretty great. and i get to switch between characters. when i'm doing sunny, i have much less responsibility. it's a much easier thing. but it's wonderful. creatively fulfilling for sure. >> i have a 6 and 3-year-old too. when i take off the tie and i go home, i'm a goof ball with them. growing up for you, did your parents play a huge role in
9:28 am
being the comedic actress that you are or maybe certain television show. >> yeah. absolutely. my dad is a crazy goof ball. he is the funniest person i know. and, yeah, we were just always silly. also they really respected me and thought i was funny. and it was the best thing in the world to make them laugh. we had a very joyful childhood for sure. and yeah, as far as tv shows, it is one of the reasons that i wanted to do a show on fox. i was nervous because my comedic sensibility is very cable. i remember -- my favorite memories is watching tv with my family. golden girls and, you know, family ties, cosby show, cheers. we could all watch it together. everything that was supposed to go over my head went over my head. >> isn't that amazing how we watched the same shows as parents and go i totally -- i
9:29 am
totally missed that. caitlyn olson, we wish you the best. we appreciate you taking the time out to talk to us. >> happy new year. >> same to you. >> and that show comes up on january 1st, 8:00 p.m. i'm there. coming up, bad news for food lovers. up next, the severe shortage across the country that could impact who is cooking the meal on your next night out. also a mysterious odor continues to linger in parts of san francisco. the search for answers and the new complaints received just overnight.
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♪so long, farewell ♪ >> we are about to say farewell to the year 2016. i could stop talking, gasia, if you want to keep going. >> you have to sing along when you hear that song. >> keep going. >> twitter question of the day,
9:32 am
what memories of this year are you happy to leave behind? >> what are you seeing out there. >> a ton of responses. >> a lot. >> anthony tweeted my car was stolen three days before christmas. 2016 equals good-bye to my car sadlyand all toxic people. new car in 2017. while 2016 was a year to forget, i'm worried about 2017 to arrive. it has been stressful financially. plus i'm turning 50 on january 16th. >> happy early birthday. >> i have gotten a lot of election responses. i think i've gotten a lot what has personally affected them. i would like to leave behind a stroke. hi a stroke at the age of 47. i recovered quickly. ready to say good-bye to 2016 due to husband and son getting into car accidents and having
9:33 am
two cars totaled. sad year, both my parents passed away, in addition to the athletes and celebrities we have lost. we hope the new year brings something new for everyone out there. >> people talking will losing loved ones. it puts it into perspective. people talked about the loss of the warriors. >> yeah. >> a rough stanley cup finals. both of those teams look to be headed back that direction and hopefully will come home with the trophies. you can always reach us on twitter. use the hashtag #ktvu. with that let's bring in our meteorologist rosemary orozco with a look at the forecast. >> yeah. i was outside just a moment ago. still chilly. a breeze out there as well. as we get into the afternoon. low 60s in the forecast. a very nice finish with mostly sunny skies and a live look there at all of the blue sky. as we get into friday, temperatures begin to drop off. as we get into the weekend, just a slight chance of showers. today likely the warmest day.
9:34 am
ridge of high pressure in control of the weather pattern. you see over southern california off of the coast, that will cool us back a little bit friday. then a second system drops in from the north on new year's eve. thursday, mostly sunny skies. no problems much today will be a nice day. now into friday. there is the cloud cover coming up from the south. doesn't look like it will actually reach us. but partly cloudy skies. dry conditions and temperatures slightly cooler on friday. now into saturday. the system dropping from the north. not a lot of moisture involved here but a few sprinkles. we are dry by new year's eve night. if you're seeing the fireworks or being outdoors, we are in good shape. it will be dry but cool. 32 in santa rosa right now. 39 in livermore. around the bay, upper 40s to low 50s. 57 half moon bay. temperature-wise much improved over recent mornings. with the breeze out there, it feels a little brisk and
9:35 am
blustery. low 60s for oakland, redwood city. 63 for san jose. to the north bay, 62 for santa rosa. temperatures begin to fall off as early as tomorrow. perhaps a few sprinkles early saturday. then we're dry. temperatures don't ever rebound. we're talking low 50s in the afternoon for saturday, sunday. and farther down we go monday. a chance for showers and 49 degrees expected to be the afternoon high. don't put away the winter jacket. we will be in the thick of it as we get into the end of the weekend and first part of next weeks. >> thanks, rosemary. now let's go to frank mallicoat in the news room for our headlines. >> here are some of the top stories we're following this morning. new report shows dangerous levels of lead in the fruitvale neighborhood of oakland. lead levels were examined nationwide. elevated lead in more than 7 and a half percent of children tested in the neighborhood that is more than flint michigan
9:36 am
during a water contamination crisis that began back in 2014. national lead average is 2 and a half percent. researchers blame it on old paint and exposure to plumbing and industrial waste. we now know the identity of the teenage boy who died in the head-on crash in san jose on christmas day. it was 14-year-old andrew nguyen. a page has been set up to help the family cover funeral and medical expenses. he was killed after the car he and his parents were riding in collided with a car driven by 25-year-old jessica zamora. zamora also died in the crash. police say zamora already had a dui warrant out for her arrest and alcohol may have been a factor in this crash. both parents are expected to recover. a family friend telling the mercury news that andrew was a freshman in high school and the only child of his parents. an autopsy scheduled for today for a young man
9:37 am
apparently shot and killed accidentally at a contra costa homeless shelter and rehab facility. joshua lopez died yesterday morning in the bay point. he lives with his father but went to the facility to visit mother and younger siblings for the holidays. his mother said that joshua was shot while handling the gun with his brothers. those are just some of the morning headlines from the news room. i'll send it back upstairs to you, mike. a diner near union square is closing its doors to make way for an upscale eatery. many regulars are not happy about it. sky rocketed represents forcing mom and pops out. tara moriarty has more on how the lease is up.
9:38 am
>> this is the very first lori's diner. it is could sey and smaller. i love it. we know the customers. it is sad to have to go. >> reporter: now, the building's owner wants to remodel and put in a brand-new upscale restaurant. many customer regulars say it feels like mom and pops are a dying breed. san francisco's high rents and scarce land have forced many out while new condos and other businesses keep cropping up. despite the closing, lori's diner's owner says there are no hard feelings. he hopes to have another location open by the summer. he wouldn't tell me the exact location. it is top see c he seemed to be
9:39 am
in good spirits. he has done well financially over the decades and he wants to give back to the community give 2017. he will be donating 10% of all of his restaurant's profits to charity. back to you. >> thank you, tara moriarty. live in san francisco. thank you. well, the abrupt closure of a bay area restaurant chain has left employees high and dry without a paycheck and an explanation. >> reporter: on the day after chris mace, the signs went up. a text message went out to employees. all 15 pasta pomodoro locations in the bay area would be closing for good. >> i'm like merry christmas, self. you're broke. that's the way i look at it. you don't have any money. you don't know when you're getting paid. >> reporter: employees who didn't want to be identified felt blindsided by the news and angered it came via text. >> it is a sense of betrayal come the new year with no job or anywhere to go. >> i understand there are
9:40 am
financial difficulties with companies. my main thing is we want to get paid. it's not right the way it was gone about. >> reporter: the owner declined to comment to ktvu about the shutdown. employees say they would like answers. >> and they have yet to explain why. we have rumors and we can assume what is going on. but ultimately there's no straight answer from anybody. >> reporter: customers are out of luck too. those with reservations and gift cards will be met with locked doors. >> shocking. very shocking. >> reporter: and employees will face the new year looking for new jobs. >> back of the house, front of the house, we're all in it together. >> we all go looking for another job. and basically you have to start over. >> reporter: employees were initially told they were on furlough and that they would get a final paycheck and official termination on friday. they're now waiting to see if that's the case. in san jose, ann ruben, ktvu fox 2 news. well, it could be a recipe for disaster for people who
9:41 am
enjoy fine dining. there is a serious shortage of chefs in the united states. government statistics estimate at least 200,000 more chefs will be needed in the next eight years. but finding people to take the restaurant jobs could be very difficult. the cost of going through culinary school is going up, while wages for chefs are going down. at the same time, many restaurant owners say they have been forced to reduce their kitchen staff due to rising health care costs and other factors. san francisco fire department and pg&e received a dozen reports of a foul odor in the city. they don't know the source of the smell. firefighters responded to complaints about the smell near the fairmont hotel. neighbors describe it as a sulfur smell. it has been going on for a second straight day. a multi agency task force is looking into the cause of the smell. the group includes pg&e, the fire, the department of public help and usg s and, coming up
9:42 am
on mornings on 2 the 9, for some people the hottest toy of the holiday season turned out to be a big dud. the number of complaints from children and parents about the hatchimals. it a night for celebration. up next, we have a few suggestions of the best beverages for your new year's eve toast. >> sit down, mike. >> i'm sitting.
9:43 am
9:44 am
>> well, bay area transit agencies once again offering extra service on new year's eve. caltrans, ac transit, money eall offering free rides. those start at 8:00 saturday night. if you are riding bart, you will still have to pay but the trains will be running until
9:45 am
3:00 a.m. cal train is extending its southbound service until 2:15 in the morning. four extra trains will run from the san francisco station at 4th and king and they will stop at all stations. if you still haven't locked in your new year's eve plans, this may help. the most expensive place in california to spend new year's eve is south lake tahoe with an average of $345 for the night. napa comes in at number two. almost $100 less expensive than tahoe. los angeles is third most expensive. of course san francisco ranks sixth at $211 for the night. oakland comes in at number 13. san jose is number 18. san jose's average fries for new year's eve is $115, a third the price of one night up at lay tahoe. there are new year's eve events happening all over the bay area. we have a long list for you on just click on web links.
9:46 am
>> speaking of new year's as people are finalizing party plans, we want to remind you to be responsible. >> a lot of people like a bottle of bubbly. to help you find that, we head over to mike. >> thank you very much. i'm here with mike lee from bevmo headquarters. promoted. no longer a store manager. you're telling whoas is hot and what is not -- what is hot and what is not. champagne. >> yeah. we're starting off with a phrase we use at bevmo, no one ever launched a ship with a bottle of milk. you go for the bubbly. that is my tag line. pamry started it. a woman ran the chateau after her husband passed away.
9:47 am
cool story. excellent, dry. really affordable. >> what is the price point. >> around $30, $40. >> uh-huh. >> the next thing is a rosea. >> my wife is a big rosea fan. >> this is from new mexico of all places. >> okay. >> different off of the beaten path. you go to bevmo and get something unique. dry, 90.1. >> new mexico tell me about that. i was in arizona and there were vineyards in tucson and the soil was equivalent to those in spain. >> yes. spanish soil. some bordeau. unique small production. >> okay. >> we are going to do the fun stuff. >> this is fun. >> it has purple and magic with it. >> purple magic or purple and magic. >> look how fun that is. you have friends who are not
9:48 am
bubbly drinkers. this is for everybody. >> it is not sparkling. >> it is vodka. >> it is from france. >> okay. >> a little different. >> a little different. >> a nice thing when you have people coming over, you don't want to make a bunch of drinks and cocktails. ready to drink, you don't have to think. the first is a gin and tonic. >> i know ballast point. >> they actually make their own gin and rum in house. this is called old grove. >> what is the price point. >> these are about $14 to $17 for a four-pack. >> this could be dangerous. you have to watch yourself. >> pace yourself through the night. these come in lower than your average ipa. >> it is a four-can and you're use today a six-pack that can last me through the night and the next day. some people say if you do all four, you could get in trouble. >> part of new year's is to
9:49 am
forget 2016. that's what we're trying to do. we're going to go to something local. thanksgivings right in my backyard, walnut creek. very local. the owner started in berkeley. worked for honest tea company. then he moved out and started brewing beer. he used champagne yeast and blended it with beer to get the sparkly sensation for the new year. >> nothing like a good beer on new year's eve. >> do you go big. >> no. i don't. i have a 16-month-old. the moment she goes to bed, i'm out. >> my wife will be working. i'll have both children. we will celebrate. probably do the east coast feed and try to make midnight. probably not. but back in the day when they allowed people in union square, i went to bed at 12:01. >> when i lived in chicago, you could go to bed at 4:00 a.m. >> this is all for her.
9:50 am
>> gasia. >> happy new year. >> last time i was hear she said i
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
>> well, it was the utah utes that won the foster farms bowl. joel williams ran for 222 yards and one touchdown for utah. indiana took a one-point lead in the 4th but missed a field goal. with less than two minutes left to go, utah hit a 27-yard field goal to take the 2-point lead. they would win by that final of 26-24. fireworks lit up the night sky at levi's stadium shining in people are time on the bowl that aired on fox 2. organizers sold tens of thousands of
9:54 am
tickets. it looked like there were empty seats. one family had a special reason to drive 12 hours from utah to santa clara. >> i'm really excited. it is awesome to see my brother make it this far. >> we have a prep talk. he was just happy. no technical stuff. keep it simple. go out and have fun and have a great game. >> the game even attracted young people from down under. fans from australia wanted to take in the college bowl experience. i trust that they did. >> good game there. the what warriors beat the raptors last night. steph curry with a deep three. he finished with a team high 28 points. the warriors led by as many as 25. nine turnovers in the 2nd allowed the raptors to trim the lead. kevin durant had a big game. 22 points. 17 rebounds. 7 assists and five blocks.
9:55 am
the warriors won 121-111. let's talk about the hatchimals because there are many angry parents and very sad children out there that are complaining about this year's hottest christmas toys. hatchimals flew off the shelves. that led to long lines. scalpers were charging $1,000 a piece for parents who had to have it. hatchimals are interactive bird toys that are supposed to hatch from a plastic egg. many children found on christmas morning they stared and waited and stared and waited and the hatchimals did not hatch due to battery problems. no comment from the toy maker so far. >> my buddy matt and his wife posted a picture of him holding it and waiting. waiting. stacy thompson is watching and says mike, i agree, disappointment on hatchimal. i sat in the cold one morning to get it. both of my daughters have not played with their hatchimals since chris may day. i think the excitement was the
9:56 am
hatching. when that is not happening, see you later. >> it is just an egg. >> move on to the skate bores. the case of the missing legs has been solved. i spent like i said 12, 15 minutes trying to solve it last night. it went viral that confounded me. you see a group of girls in wisconsin posing on the couch. young women. take a good look it appears the girl in the middle doesn't have any legs. you know, we counted the heads and the legs. it turns out it was only a tricky camera angle. >> so our legs blend together right here. these are mine. >> yes. >> oh. secret is revealed. the girls posted the picture on facebook and the allison commented where are my legs and the mystery was born. now with that video, i can say case closed. >> there you go he. >> i'm glad that they did it on purpose so they could review it instead of everyone trying to
9:57 am
figure it out. >> this is how we did it. >> so you don't lose sleep. >> join us tomorrow on the 9. tomorrow we're talking about repercussions. the signs of a hangover and what that celebrating is doing to your body. plus we're live in pasadena to check out the floats for the rose parade. it will be a good one. >> thank you for joining us. >> good to have you here. >> i love being here. >> we love having you. >> have a great morning, everyone. we will see you back here for the noon broadcast. with the $3.50 sub
9:58 am
of the day at subway, there's never been a better time to try something deliciously different... ...because every day of the week, you can now get a featured six-inch subway sub for just $3.50. so mix up your lunchtime routine, and treat yourself to the endless flavor combinations at subway. the $3.50 sub of the day. we took an already great lineup and made it even better... ...a better price, great taste, and no artificial flavors. the $3.50 sub of the day.
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only at subway.
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live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? we do not judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: thank you so much for watching our show.


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