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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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-- good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm mike mibach. >> the president obama just announced that the united states is posing sanctions against russia. they are kicking 35 russian diplomats out of the country, including some out of the russian consulate in san francisco. the diplomats and their families have 72 hours to leave the united states. the obama administration says this in response to russia's interference in the presidential election. president obama making it clear that he would take action against russia on his hawaiian vacation. >> our goal continues to be to send a clear message to russia or others not to do this to us because we can do stuff to you. >> president-elect trump has said that he is skeptical of the idea that russia should be
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sanctioned for a hijacking or hacking. he says that all americans should, quote, get on with our lives. we will have updates for you on in other news this afternoon, in san jose, police are looking for whoever shot two help. >> ktvu's janine de la vega reports it happened during a home invasion just last night. >> reporter: police don't have much to go on in the case. the suspect descriptions were pretty vague and the victims didn't recognize them. police say that the robbers forced their way into a home on peach court near 4th street around 10:00 last night. a group of young adults was home at the time. the thieves confronted them and shot two men in the legs. they were both rushed to the hospital and expected to survive. police say the suspects took electronics and valuables. police canvassed the area. the robbers are still at large. they say the victims are lucky
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to have survived. janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2 news. two men who stabbed a man inside of a target on christmas eve are due back in court today. he fatally stabbed the victim while shopping in the toy section with his 4-year-old son. family members say it happened after tyrone griffin confronted the two brothers about playing loud music with offensive lyrics on their cell phone. the suspects' father says that video surveillance will show that they were acting in self defense. >> hoping that it comes out where they were defending themselves like they're stating. >> i don't want my husband's death to be in vain. he did a heroic thing for being there and trying to protect his son. >> family members say that griffin had gone to target on christmas eve to buy last- minute gifts for his children. we now the identity of a
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teenage boy who died in a head- on crash on christmas day. he was 14-year-old andrew nguyen. a fund has been set up to help with funeral and medical expenses. their car collided with a caring driven by zamora. she died in the crash. she already had a dui warrant out for her arrest and alcohol may have been a factor in this crash. nguyen's parents are expected to recover. he was a freshman in high school and the only child of his parents. an investigation continues this noon time after a deadly freeway crash in the east bay. this happened just about 8:00 last night in concord on westbound highway 4. the highway patrol says the car clipped another vehicle and then flipped and ended up in the center divide. the driver of the car that flipped was pronounced dead at the scene. the other driver did not suffer serious injuries. the chp looking into a crash in mountain view that
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killed a motorcyclist. a man on motorcycle was darting through traffic when he ran into a volkswagen on 101 yesterday afternoon. the victim was identified as 28- year-old from campbell. it took about 90 minutes before chp reopened all lanes of 101. the entertainment world continues to mourn the death of debbie reynolds. >> she died yesterday just one day after her daughter carrie fisher passed away. last night people gathered at her star on the walk of fame, leaving flowers and candles. >> it's like she wanted to be with her daughter, carrie fisher. it's really sad. >> just know it was a broken heart. it clearly was a broken heart. >> the joy in the matter is she is with her daughter now. so hopefully there is no more pain or sorrow owe and they can hang out and stalk about their -- talk about their movies. >> her son says she was planning the funeral for her
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daughter when she suffered a stroke. we have a look back at her incredible life and career. ♪ good morning ♪ debbie reynolds has died at 84 years old, one day after her daughter carrie fisher passed away. >> i want to be loved by you. >> reporter: the acclaimed singer, dancer and actress starred in more than 40 films and countless tv shows. she was also a business woman, humanitarian, and avid collector of film memorabilia. born on april 1st, 1932 in el paso, texas she had her breakout role in three little words. but danced her way into film history two years later when she costarred with gene kelly and o'connor in singing in the rain. ♪ singing in the rain ♪ >> reporter: her success in the
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'50s continued with the affairs, suzanne slept here and tammy and the bachelor. >> i might give out but i won't give in. >> reporter: the title role in 1964 the unsinkable molly brown garnered her a best actress nomination. in between movies and stage shows, she headlined the sitcom the debbie reynolds show. she was married and divorced three times. most famously to carrie fisher's singer father eddie who left her for her good friend elizabeth taylor. over the years, reynolds amassed a huge collection of movie memorabilia that she had to sell off in bankruptcy. she told us why people find these items endearing. >> we would all like to have our favorite movie star live with us, let's say, and be quiet. it is nostolgic and for our
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hearts. >> reporter: she remained active well into her 80s and was recognized for with a humanitarian oscar this year and a lifetime achievement award. she is survived by her son todd. trace gallagher, fox news. r, fox news. and people in austin, texas held a lightsaber vigil for carry ferber last night. celebrating her life and mourn her death. in los angeles, other fans created a special memorial on the hollywood walk of fame. she did not have a star to people personalized a blank star with the words may the force be with you always. still to come, could there soon be an end to the fighting in syria? a ceasefire deal announced between russia and turkey. it is clear and cool outside right now. we're in for a change. meteorologist rosemary orozco is tracking what is on our way. she will be here with the bay
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area forecast. the mysterious odor continues to linger in san francisco. the search for answers and the new complaint about a foul smell.
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>> russian president putin says a syrian ceasefire agreement has been reached with turkey. it is set to begin at midnight. turkey supports the opposition. putin also says peace talks
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will begin between syrian president's government and the opposition. right now it sounds like the talks will be held but no specific date has been set. more after shocks being felt after three sizable earth quakes yesterday. bodhi state historic park is closed due to the quakes. there is reports of damage to facades and rooftops of buildings. it is a ghost town that has been convert today a tourist site. two quakes of 2.7 and 5.5 hit yesterday morning. crabbers say they had agreed with wholesale buyers on a price of $3 a pound. now they say the wholesalers are offering $2.75 a pound. fisher men have been getting $3 south of bodega bay but the season hadn't started farther north. it could affect prices and availability for crab during the new year's holiday. blizzard conditions were
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blamed for two crashes in colorado. they involved two dozen vehicles. part of interstate 70 was blocked for hours and several people treated for minor injuries. colorado just one part of the country dealing with snowstorms and frigid air. >> right. 2016 was a year of record breaking temperatures. >> reporter: from powerful storms to record high temperatures, 2016 was marked by some extreme weather. january started mild but later saw a record-breaking snowstorm in the northeast. winter storm that blanketed new york city. the heaviest snowstorm on record in the big apple, bringing nearly 28 inches of snow and a travel ban to the city that never sleeps. february was mostly mild. but not valentine's day. some of the coldest temperatures in decades, including boston dipping to minus 9 degrees. the coldest in some 60 years.
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meantime in march, quite a sight south of the border. snow in parts of mexico. unusually cold conditions there. tions there. that same low served up heavy rain and flooding in parts of the southern u.s., while out west march delivered more than ten feet of snow to the sierra nevada mountains in one ten-day stretch. by april, parts of texas were pelted with softball sized hail. multiple hail storms resulted in billions of dollars of insurance losses statewide. the lone star state saw deadly flooding in april. parts of the houston area seen 20 inches of rain and flooding that left eight people dead. in may, unseasonably hot dry weather in canada was fueling massive wildfires in the oil producing region. the fires ultimately affected global oil prices. in the u.s. powerful tornadoes hit kansas including one near chapman that stayed on the
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ground for miles. june brought heavy rains and deadly flooding to west virginia. more than 20 people died as ten inches of rain fell in just 12 hours. july marked the earth's warmest month on record. in the u.s. warm water temperatures caused an algae bloom in florida. severe flooding in the south with louisiana hard hit. flooding submerged thousands of homes and businesses there as many rivered reached record levels. august kicked off a string of hurricanes starting with hurricane earl with 80 miles per hour winds made fall in belize and flooding in new mexico. hurricane her main hit making landfall south of tallahassee, florida as a category 1. it knocked out power from florida to the mid-atlantic. then hurricane matthew, the year's deadliest storm, hit haiti as a category 4
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hurricane. it eventually scraped the coast of florida and came ashore in south carolina causing flooding in the carolinas. by november, the u.s. was seeing a major snowstorm before thanksgiving. moving across the country, bringing blizzard conditions to some areas. by the end of the month, drought conditions in the southeast fueled forest fires, in tennessee killed more than a dozen people. around the same time tennessee and alabama saw a series of deadly tornadoes. but in the end the biggest weather headline, 2016 will go down as the hottest year ever recorded on planet earth since weather data first started being kept back in the 19th century. well, so far this winter season in the bay area, we've had a couple of big storms. rosemary, it is dry out there right now. >> yes, indeed. we will be with the possibility of dry weather for the next couple of days. a chance of scattered showers
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on new year's eve. isn't that a gorgeous shot looking towards alameda. lots of sunshine. temperatures are warming. another cold start for many. with the wind out there this morning, temperatures were up around the bay and for neighborhoods that had the breeze. still feels a little blustery with the wind in place. 52 in present wood. 54 in concord. 56 in san francisco. take a look at half moon bay, 64 degrees outside your door. as we head to the north bay, 51 in santa rosa. and the south bay location, 55. still cool for the inland community that's sank all the way into the upper 20s, low 30s. but the afternoon looking pretty good. we do have the wind coming in from the east. 10 miles per hour fairfield. 17 in napa. the southerly breeze at in --
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know vader -- novado at 12 miles per hour. it will work its way into southern california early tomorrow morning and then into the central coast before it pushes off to the east. we thought it may bring us sprinkles much won't be the case according to the futurecast model. thursday afternoon, rolling into friday morning, and it's hard to even pick up on the cloud cover. it's well south of monterey. yesterday, the models brought it all the way to san jose. no longer the case. if this remains on track, perhaps a few clouds, perhaps a dip in the temperatures coming on friday. that's it. here is saturday's storm. it actually drops from the north. it will be a colder storm. could wake up with scattered showers on saturday morning, new year's eve morning. then as we get into the afternoon if you have afternoon plans, evening plans, we're looking good. could be breezy and definitely cool but it will be dry for your outdoor festivities into the evening hours. if you plan on seeing the fireworks in san francisco, you're in good shape as well. with that said, into the afternoon for san francisco, low 50s expected for the
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afternoon. and then 40s expected as we get into the evening hours. so bring along the jacket. you will probably need it. 60 for san francisco. 60 in concord. of warmer spots are san jose, 63. the extended forecast, clouding increases on friday. temperatures begin to cool. even cooler for your bay area weekend. low 50s for the afternoon highs. leave in just a slight chance for a few scattered showers early saturday. that's it. next chance comes in on monday with colder air pulling in. upper 40s in the forecast for the afternoon. so january is going to be quite the chilly start. start. >> thank you, rosemary. >> sure. >> to just take it without any regard for, you know, our feelings, it's heart breaking. a heartless crime against a family of a fallen soldier. when we return, the pain of a gold star mom and the search for whoever stole a family ring from where her son was laid to rest.
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>> all right. taking a look at the big board. major stock indexes pretty flat in what has been a quiet holiday week on wall street. banks moving lower this afternoon and oil prices also slightly down. as you can see the dow jones just down three points. there's new trouble for samsung in what has been a difficult year for the company. some owners of the galaxy 7
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smart phones are reporting a problem with the camera lenses. they are apparently shattering for no apparent reason. a law firm is investigating complaints from customers that the company is not covering the problem under its warranty. earlier this year, samsung recalled many of the smart phones due to battery explosions. a gold star mom from the east bay is making a plea for the return of a ring that was stolen from her son. >> as rob malcolm reports, she is on a mission to found the family ring that means so much to her. >> the bags under my eyes is because i have been crying since christmas day. >> reporter: the holiday season for the family is always a somber celebration. and this year, heart break rings in the new year. >> to take something that obviously is there for a reason. it's of significant value to us. and it's important to us.
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and to just take it without any regard for, you know, our feelings, it's heart breaking. rt breaking. >> reporter: roxanne doesn't know when the gold ring with the family crest was removed from her son's niche at the queen of heaven cemetery. but on christmas day, it wasn't there. >> when sean came home from afghanistan, his wedding ring didn't come with him. so it was missing. this was really the only ring that we have from sean. and this ring is the ring that my husband had made for all of the boys. >> reporter: her husband drew died a day before sean's birthday last year, 2015. corporal sean of the 173rd airborne was killed in afghanistan in an ambush attack. six others lost their lives november 9th, 2007. roxanne a gold star mom has faced her own battles in life. >> i've been through breast cancer and chemo and all of that. i didn't even cry when i heard
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the news about breast cancer. but this, i think it was -- it's just -- it -- it hit me really hard because i can't understand how someone can violate someone, number one, who has protected our country, who is a war hero. >> reporter: a special tool would have been needed to open the niche. the contra costa sheriff's department is investigating and the cemetery couldn't comment before getting permission from the oakland diocese. >> unfortunately there were no prints. it was clean on the inside. >> reporter: her late son received two bronze stars. with valor. he served proudly. now it is left to whoever is responsible to return the ring to its rightful place. >> regardless how much it cost, the most value about it is -- is the meaning behind it. >> and roxanne is hoping that the ring has not been melted down or sold already. right now they would like it to be returned no questions asked
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so that the family of this war hero can have the peace they deserve this holiday season. from lafayette, rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. well, a mystery in san francisco. dozens of people reporting the smell of sulfur in the city. we look into what may have caused it. >> also, tragedy at a bay area homeless shelter. a young man shot and killed while visiting family for the holidays.
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>> there are new reports of a mysterious odor in parts of san francisco. >> ktvu's christien kafton went to the tenderloin district, one of the areas where people reported a foul smell. >> reporter: pg&e received more than a dozen calls about the mysterious odors. they sent out crews and there are no signs of a gas leak. fire department also reporting calls about a mysterious odor. the odors coming here in the 800 block of farrell. it was not difficult for us to find people who say they definitely smelled it. >> it was really startling. it was a stinch. it was startling. it definitely weirded me out. i started looking around. i didn't know what it was. it was -- it could have been gas. >> reporter: the fire department also responding to
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the 900 block of mason near the fairmont hotel for a similar complaint. in all, more than 50 calls came from around the city yesterday. a lot of the calls coming from the marina district, south of market and the outer richmond and sunset district. so far what we are hearing is there is no apparent threat to anyone's health from this mysterious odor. >> we checked the monitoring data. we have not seen anything that would indicate to us that there is a concern. however, we're still trying to determine what the source of this is and what it might have been. >> reporter: now a multi agency task force is at work trying to nail down exactly what is causing this mysterious odor. pg&e saying it does not appear to be a gas leak so the mystery continues. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. a new report shows dangerous levels of lead in the freightvale district in oakland. they examined lead levels nationwide and found elevated
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lead levels in 7 and a half percent of children tested in the neighborhood. that's more than flint, michigan where 5% of children registered dangerous levels of lead during the crisis that began in 2014. the national lead average is 2 and a half percent. researchers blamed the high levels on old paint and exposure to plumbing and industrial waste. well, the home wood mountain resort in lake tahoe is back open after a fire shut it down yesterday. these are images from the fire protection district. the fire damaged a building that houses resort offices and two dining areas. no one was inside or hurt. but the damaged building will stay closed until repairs can be made. law enforcement officials in the east bay are investigating the shooting of a young man at a homeless recovery shelter. the 18-year-old was visiting family for the holidays. amber lee spoke with his parents who say the shooting may have been an accident. >> reporter: decorative lights adorn the homes of those in
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need. but the cheer is now gone from this home. >> i don't really -- i can't comprehend what happened. i'm so confused. there was just a scream. i heard my son's voice. immediately i knew something was wrong. >> reporter: jamie biggs was attending a prayer meeting at a nearby building. she found her 18-year-old son joshua lopez in the bedroom suffering from a gunshot wound. >> i ran to the house and i -- my other boys were on top of him, trying to bring him back. >> reporter: she says joshua lives with his father. he was here visiting the mother and siblings for the holidays. the mom suspects that the gun was in joshua's backpack. she believes it was an accident, that joshua and his 15 and 16-year-old brothers with him had a great relationship and that there wasn't any trouble between them. she says she doesn't know how joshua got the gun. >> the police officer said that they were trying to put it together with something and it
12:32 pm
went off. . >> it's okay. >> you know, he cares about papa. about mama. >> reporter: joshua's father jesus lopez says his son didn't like school but was following had his footsteps working as a concrete finisher. lopez hopes what happened to his family will be a lesson to other parents. >> we can give them a lot of stuff. but we need to pay more attention to what they do. >> reporter: amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. oakland police are investigating two deadly shootings that happened within four hours of each other. at 5:45 last night, police say one person was killed at 21st and market street. then at 9:30, another person was shot examine killed on 62nd street near baker. police say they have not made any arrests. not far from the first deadly shooting, two women were shot yesterday afternoon. according to the east bay times, they were in a minivan on lyndon street when someone
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in a car that was going in the opposite direction opened fire, despite being shot the driver was able to get to highland hospital. the women's conditions have not been released yet. police in arkansas are demanding data from an amazon echo device. it may hold clues in a homicide case. amazon is reluctant to turn that data over without a warrant. >> reporter: amazon's high tech personal assistant alexa taking center stage in a first degree murder investigation. cops are now asking the online retailer to unlock audio sent to its cloud servers after a man was killed in arkansas. >> they believe that it's possible that some of the events that took place in the night and into the early morning hours of this murder could be -- could have been recorded in this amazon echo. >> reporter: according to court documents, a man had some friends over to watch a football game. and in the morning, one of
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those friends was found dead in a hot tub in the backyard. as police were investigating the crime, an echo device was found at the scene. >> it's good at isolating the person who is speaking. but it still does manage to pick up everything else. >> reporter: the man who lived in the house, 31-year-old james bates was later charged with murder. >> it's not going to say colonel mustard did it with the candlestick. maybe a snippet. >> reporter: realizing that alexis is always listening for a trigger word, investigators want to determine if it recorded any pertinent information. the company has not commented on the specific case but issued this statement: amazon will not release customer information without a valid and binding legal demand properly served on us. amazon objects to overbroad or otherwise inappropriate demands as a matter of course.
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a discovery hearing in this case scheduled for march. jane metzler, fox news. a popular restaurant is closing its door. lori's diner opened 30 years. known for its tasty, inexpensive food. it has become a popular dining spot for locals and tourists but it will close for good on monday. >> this is the first lori's diner. it is more cozy, smaller. i love it. we know the customers. it is sad for us to have to go. >> i wish i could have stayed longer years. but landlord made potential investment. and they had to, you know, make building improvements. and we understand. >> and those improvements include a brand-new upscale restaurant. in the meantime the owner of lori's diner is scouting out another location that he hopes to have open by the summer. it could be a recipe for
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disaster for those who enjoy fine dining. there's a shortage of chefs in the united states. finding people to take the restaurant jobs could be tough. the cost of going to culinary school is going up. and wages for chefs are going down. at the same time, many restaurant owners have been forced to reduce their kitchen staff due to rising health care costs and other factors. a tunnel near sausalito will reopen this noon hour after being closed in preparation for a longer shutdown this month. it is one of the primary routes. it was closed to prepare for a four-month shutdown that begins january 9th. the one-lane tunnel will be getting major repair work done and the lighting system will be replaced with led lights. the owner of a popular san francisco restaurant opened his doors for an east bay high school football team recognized for overcoming adversity. >> it was paul chambers who
12:37 pm
brought us the story last month. he attended the banquet after the best season in 30 years. >> reporter: two total strangers brought together with a common goal. >> i felt what you're all about. what you did for the kids, it hit me in a way that i haven't been moved in a long time. >> reporter: they're here to celebrate these young men, all cleaned up for their awards banquet. >> i couldn't wait to see them. we've been on break from school. these are my brothers. >> ready to begin. >> reporter: we first caught up with kennedy high school football team last month as they attempted to win a state title. >> we just wanted to win a game. change the lives of the young people. >> reporter: the struggles that they have seen are most that most cannot imagin at such a young age. >> i was in jail twice. >> my second oldest brother was riding a go cart and somebody pulled up on him and shot him. my brother went to my auntie's house to be with the family. when he went to the store, he
12:38 pm
got killed too. >> reporter: but they're able to draw from those negative experiences to propel themselves to height that's the school hasn't seen since 1988. since the original story aired, they say they feel the love from the community. >> everywhere i go, to events and stuff, people walk up and say i seen you on the news. you're doing your thing. >> a lot of letters coming into the school. a lot of donations coming into the school. just congratulating not only myself but con grate lating the young men on the job this season. >> my reason for giving back to these kids is i recognize when you put that story together, the challenges they face are so much higher than so many other kids that have to go through those challenges. i felt like i had to do something. >> reporter: i asked him why would a man with no ties to a team be so generous? at first he said it was the love and compassion that he saw in the original story. but then he opened up about a tragic event in his own life. >> i had a daughter who i lost her in 2013. she was 13 years old. she would have been 16 this
12:39 pm
year. i lost her to cancer. >> reporter: out of that loss came his willingness to give back and make an effort to change others' lives. something these young men are very grateful for. >> it's not even a restaurant in richmond and they opened their doors and let us eat for free. that is big. >> i was just shocked. i'm still in shock. this is a nice establishment. for them to invite us here, pick up the tab and all of that, that means a lot. >> reporter: the team received certificates and their league championship patches. but more importantly, they received something that no one will ever take away from them, love for one another and the knowledge that education is most important. >> you got a lot more than that. you told me about your gpa. you got good grades this time. >> 3.0 and higher. i try to keep my grades up to show people that you can do it. no matter the circumstances, you can still make it. >> reporter: the owner of jillian's was so impressed with the team he says next year they can have the banquet here
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again. well, warriors got off to a hot start and put on a show out on the court. including this one, andre iguodala through the legs. i could watch it all afternoon. i probably will actually. more highlights and who is up next for golden state. there's a chill in the air. we are in for a wet change to our weather. rosemary orozco is back with another look at our bay area forecast.
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>> the warriors got off to a and start last night at oracle and held off the raptors. they scored 42 points in the first quarter. check out this deep three from steph curry. he finished with 28 points. the warriors led by as many as 25. nine turnovers in the 2nd quarter allowed the raptors to trim the lead. kevin durrant apartment had a big game at both ends of the floor. finished with 22 points. 17 rebounds. 7 assists and five blocks. the warriors won 121-111. the home stand continues tomorrow night when the dallas mavericks come to town. the utah utes won over the hoosiers last night in the foster farms bowl. indiana took a one-point lead in the 4th but missed a field goal with less than two minutes left in the game. utah had a 27-yard field goal to take the lead. they win 26-24. tens of thousands of college football fans went to levi's stadium.
12:44 pm
>> a little thin there. >> for the foster farms bowl. >> azenith smith talked to some of the excited fans. >> reporter: fireworks lit up the night sky. levi's stadium shined in prime time as the university of utah took on indiana university for the coveted foster farms bowl trophy. it was nothing by a sea of red. an estimated 35,000 fans in the stands. among them, this indiana alum and his family, driving 22 hours from denver. >> indiana doesn't go to bowl games very often. we want to support the hoosiers and be here for the game. >> reporter: they were not alone. tailgaters fired up this contingent of hoosiers fans from the east bay. family and friends of jennifer beetle a current indiana student. >> i'm excited because i've never been to levi's stadium. it should be fun. >> reporter: these fans from australia decked out in yellow
12:45 pm
and green wanting to take in the college football experience. the family driving 12 hours from utah. the santa rosa son garrett is utah's left defensive tackle. >> i'm a proud dad. very cool. it's been a good season. >> i'm really excited. it is awesome to see my brother make it this far. >> reporter: beaming with pride, a first for these young players in the national spotlight under the bright lights of a professional stadium. >> we usually have a pregame prep talk. today he was happy and said dad, no technical stuff. go out and have fun and have a great game. >> reporter: this proud mother now lives in monterey. >> today i wake not in the morning and i cry. >> reporter: bitter sit wearing number 50 to support her son the defensive end for utah. the last game of the season hoping that he will play cost the college level. azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. back to our bay area weather.
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there's a chill in the air no doubt. but rosemary, will we see anything wet in the air as well. >> we have a slight chance of just a few scattered showers. today is the one to enjoy because we're dry and it will be the warmest day of the next several. talking about chilly weather, we have colder weather to come. giving you a live look from san francisco across the bay. a little bit of haze there. air quality moderate for today. and temperatures reaching into the low 60s. here is a look at what we can expect as we get through today. ridge of high pressure remains in control of the weather pattern. you see that over california. that is going to be pushed along just a bit by this system coming from the south. going to bring southern california rain. we're not lakely to see much if any. partly cloudy skies. but temperatures will begin to fall off with this system on friday. another one drops in for the weekend. a third to follow. and eventually we will be in the low 50s, upper 40s for the afternoon highs. so, again, getting back to today, let's enjoy it. high clouds in the forecast for friday. looks like we may see a little
12:47 pm
bit of rain pull into monterey and perhaps to santa cruz. but not the case any longer. the futurecast model has pulled that out of the way. the second system will bring us a few scattered showers or at least the opportunity. on new year's eve morning. in the afternoon and evening hours, it will push out and we are left with dry conditions for outdoor festivities. by the second part of the weekend and into monday, snow levels dropping down to 2,000 feet. the systems seem to be moisture starved. meaning they don't have a lot of rain with them. into friday, the cloud cover stays well to the south. at least for now. these have been changing with each passing day. so we could see clouds roll our way. again, partly cloudy ask cooler on friday. saturday, here is the next system dropping in from the north. this will bring the possibility of a few scattered showers early saturday morning. by dinner time, if you're out for new year's eve, you are dry. we are looking at dry weather, cool weather but dry for new
12:48 pm
year's eve festivities. this includes if you're seeing the fireworks in san francisco. bring a jacket though. it will be cool. low 50s expected in the afternoon. by 11:00, low 40s expected and continuing to drop in the overnight hours. if you're going to the sierra, be prepared for a little bit of snow. it doesn't look like a lot will be produced. but it will about i in the cold and the snow levels will be dropping on sunday. meanwhile if you are out and about in tahoe, low 20s in the overnight hours. upper 20s, low 30s for the afternoon. it is going to be chilly there. giving you a look at the afternoon highs or the current numbers right now. in the 50s. 53 livermore. 56 san francisco. 51 santa rosa. for the afternoon today, upper 50s, low 60s in the forecast. warmest day will be today. 63 in san jose. there's a look at your extended forecast. then it shows you exactly what i mean. overnight lows will remain quite cold, freezing for the inland communities. low 40s around the bay. and temperatures into the
12:49 pm
afternoon. upper 50s tomorrow. low 50s by saturday. upper 40s by monday. back to you. >> all right. thanks, rosemary. sure. a judge in texas has handed down an unusual sentence to a young person. caught smoking marijuana. the teenager won't be doing any jail time but he will be doing a lot of push-ups. >> he decided that he wanted to be smoking weed on the property. instead of going to jail, this is what they're making him do. >> reporter: arlington officer ball was working as security for the cinemark when someone told him that a teen was smoking marijuana near the entrance. >> you're in front of the door smoking weed. what are you thinking? that was dumb. you're going to go to jail for something dumb today. >> reporter: officer ball tells me that the teen was facing a misdemeanor citation and fines for having drugs.
12:50 pm
but second chances are something officer ball knows about firsthand. inspired by his own high school mentor who was also a police officer. >> you know, officer, my mentor, he looked out for m i just want today do it as a learning tool. >> reporter: so he made the teen an offer. >> i said, i'm like, yeah, you can do 200 pushups or go to jail. >> reporter: which led to this moment captured on cell phone video by another mom who wanted to inspire her own son. >> while we think the police is so bad, they're not all bad. >> reporter: letting the young man walk away with a life lesson and maybe some sore arms. >> and how were his pushups? >> not too great. he was struggling. >> reporter: instead of a citation. >> when he got done, he got up and he actually shook my hand and gave me a hug and told me that he appreciated what i did and told me that he was sorry. it is easy to arrest folks. but it's hard to change someone.
12:51 pm
it was the only thing that she really wanted this christmas. for some, the hottest toy this holiday season turned out to be a dud. up next, a number of complaints from children and their parents about hatchimals.
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>> security will be as tight as ever this weekend in times square. one million people expected to pack into times square to watch the countdown. officers will close off the surrounding streets and watch the proceedings from on the ground and up in the air. >> we have extraordinary capacity here to protect our own people. and we are vigilant against such attacks. attacks. >> new york police are working with other law enforcement agencies, including the fbi, homeland security to try to make sure that the event goes off without any problems. >> security will be tighter than usual at the rose parade on monday. the city will have officers on duty along with backup from county and federal officials. organizers say there will be 1500 officers along the parade route and as well at the rose bowl game. patrol cars and barricades will be placed along the parade route to prevent cars or trucks from driving into the crowd and
12:55 pm
several items are banned for the first time along the route including drones, selfie sticks and bell as. the chp's mounted patrol unit is not included in the number of officers on duty but they will be at the parade. seven riders and their horses as well as six draft horses will make the five and a half mile trip down colorado and orange grove boulevards. hundreds of entry apply to be in the parade every year. the chp earned one of the 20 equestrian entries in the celebration. we will look at stocks here. stocks were trading in the narrow range throughout the day. it appears that the dow jones will be finishing flat today. a similar story on the nasdaq and s&p. so many angry parents and upset children are complaining about what was supposed to be the hottest christmas toy. the hatchimal. they led to long lines and scalpers charging $1,000 each. hatchimals are interactive bird toys that hatch from a plastic
12:56 pm
egg. many children discovered on christmas morning that the hatchimal did not hatch due to battery problems. there's been no comment from the toy maker. we have heard some people say they will be glad when this year is over. >> hundreds of people in new york city found a special way to say good-bye to the bad member radios of the old year. it is called good riddance day. new yorkers can destroy anything that brings up memories they would rather for get. there was a huge crowd on hand yesterday for good riddance day 2016. in fact the turnout was so large that the organizers warned people in line they might not get a chance to feed their items into the shredder. come up on the 4, russian president putin is now responding in the past several minutes to president obama's new sanctions on russia we brought you at the beginning of the newscast. we will be hearing from the russian consulate in san francisco as dozen of diplomats are being ordered to leave the country within the next 72
12:57 pm
hours. again, what the russian president is said to be considering. these stories and more coming up for you on the 4 on 2. thanks so much for joining us today. we will see you back here this afternoon.
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>> donald trump is here. donald: i view that as, in a way, going to see my dro. -- dr. >> a no holds barred conversation. dr. oz: talking about the candidate's medical records. donald: when you're running for president you have an obligation to be president. >> is he fit to be president? dr. oz: at 70 you'll be the oldest person to ever enter the oval office. >> the moment no one expected. dr. oz: why not share your medical records. donald: i have it right here. should i do it? i don't care. >> coming up next. ♪dr. oz: we'll save lives today. you guys ready to get healthy? [cheers]


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