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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  December 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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preparations across the bay area underway to ring in the new year. >> this is along. bark caro. 200,000 revelers are expected to pack the waterfront.
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all available san francisco police officers will be working this weekend. they will check bars to make sure she have their licenses. >> if you're figuring on your plans and how to get around officials suggest public transportation. transit agencies are offering extra services on this new year's eve. they are all 079ing free -- operating free rides. if you're riding bart you have to pay. four extra trains will run from san francisco at fourth and king and stop at all stations. >> california highway patrol officially begin their crack down on drunk drivers.
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the chp maximum enforcement period begins at 6:00. >> officers expect drunk drivers on the road, they expect more since new year's eve falls on a saturday. >> everywhere i've gone, and we are wusies out here in the west coast. when will it get warmer, mark is here for the latest on the weather. >> we have been warming up nicely, compared to what we have been dealing with. we'll be cooling off as we head into the weekend. as far as rainfall, a chance of a shower for portions of december 31, here you can see rain in southern california, that system is developing to our north, that will be a
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factor for tomorrow morning, a beautiful look toward san francisco, some clouds working back into the bay area for this evening, that trend will continue for tonight. here's the forecast model. tomorrow morning showing you the clouds, green showing up offshore, there's a chance of showers, saturday morning at 6:00 a.m., the good news for the outdoor festivities, by saturday night as we approach 2017, it will be dry. here's the forecast as we wrap- up december 2016. partly cloudy skies, temperature around 48 to 53 degrees. by 11:00 p.m. temperature in the mid-to-low 40s. san francisco will be 45 degrees as we say hello to 2017. that's a change for tomorrow,
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big time changes for next week. new year's eve has become profitable in the bay area for businesses here, since new year's eve is a saturday, more restaurants are planning for bigger celebrations. a glass of wine and two oysters for $20 and 17-cents. the lucky strike bowl in san francisco, the general manager believes the new year's eve celebration will cap a wonderful year. >> we've had a great year, this will be the cherry on top. we're busy on new year's eve, we think it will be extra special. >> events taking place across the bay area, the biggest gathering along the embarcadero to watch the fireworks. they will be loaded on barges before they are towed into the
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bay, hoping for clear skies. >> for a list of the festivities going on go to turning to politics a day after the obama administration sanctioned russia, russian have invited american children in russia to parties. >> putin will not kick diplomats out of russia. including the expels of russian operatives and children. >> putin taking a wait and see approach with trump and donald trump wrote great move on the
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delay by v putin, i knew he was very smart. despite saying it was time to move on, trump plans to sit down with the intelligence. >> what this last burst of activity is hard. i think it's boxing the trump administration in. >> if the next administration wants to lift sanctions against russia to make it easier to interfere he can do that. we don't think it makes sense. >> it's one thing for the president to take action, it's another for the congressional branch of government to say that we're going to give additional tools to make clear we will take action against russia. >> the senator wants an
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independent commission time to look into the hacking and senator mccain announced january hearings. staffers at the russian consulate are rushing to pack up and leave by sunday. >> jesse following developments and joins us live. >> we've learned 11 people, including three children have to be out of the country by the latest sunday. moving on short notice is difficult, for this particular group, they are doing it at a difficult time of the year, for many russians new year's is a special time. >> i'm very sorry for my employees and for our friends,. >> this morning the russian
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consulate general took the step of inviting the media into his consulate. some staffers are scrambling after learning obama told people they have 48 hours to leave. this is for trying to influence the election last month. they are forced to leave by new year's. >> they have to pack and leave within hours. they will not given enough time to pack all their things and to prep it, to finish their financial matter in the united states and to leave in order way. >> ordered way they are headed to the airport tonight or
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tomorrow. putin will not expel an equal number of diplomats living in russia. i cannot over stress how big of a time of the year this is for russians, they had a party today and tomorrow a big affair for new year's and there will be one person that's absent, we'll talk more about that coming up in the next hour. a cease-fire is in effect in syria and could mean an end to 5 years of civil war in that country. the truce is fragile, there's been minor violations but they hope the cease-fire will hold and lead to a return of peace talks. >> we need um unimpeded access. we need all the permits they
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require. >> the civil war has led to a quarter million people dead and a refugee crisis. peace talks could be held next month. closer to home, police looking for four men who stole $400,000 of jewelry from a jewelry dealer. this is video of the victim getting treated. the men walked up to the dealer as he was removing a briefcase from his car. they punched him, stole the briefcase and took off. all we know they were seen driving away in a dark colored vehicle. police are searching for a man suspect of grabbing a woman this morning. she was leaving a restaurant when a man in a honda accord drove past her, made a you turn and parked.
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the woman continued walking but was grabbed from behind. she broke free and called 911. the suspect was clean shaven between 35 and 40-year-old. this is new at 4:00, the oakland raiders suspended alden smith will not return soon. it has deferred the petition for reinstatement and will begin the decision is again in march. he was eligible to be reinstated last month and met with goodell willer to make his case to return, the league has decided to wait. obviously that's disappointing for raider fans who wanted him back for the playoff push. good news for the 49ers who aren't making a chance in the
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playoff. capper mick's -- kaepernick's decision not to stand for the anthem was not controversy for the players, he was given the award. award. . he saw me and yelled help me please. i got on and belly crawled do him. >> a man came to the rescue of a boy that fell into the ice at tahoe. coming up, if you're ringing in the new year from the sierra, we'll look at the conditions at heavenly and the festivities for the celebration. celebration. . >> the new year's resolution
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for the country peace and harmony transparency, to have everyone come together. it's more about us as a people taking care of us first and helping others next.
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. a bay area man is a hero. he comes to the rescue of a teenager near south lake tahoe. he rushed into action after
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spotting the 13-year-old boy who fell 30 thin ice. >> complete trackers were brought together at the right moment. >> i was walking across the lake, i wanted to see what was on the other side. i don't usually go that way. >> my sister-in-law was very scared. she's from here. she said he shouldn't be out there. >> walking along fragile ice when it gave in. >> i tried to get up and it kept breaking, i wasn't able to get up. >> he saw me and yelled help me please. i got on my belly and belly crawled to him. >> he decided to risk his own life. >> i never felt this was going fine until we were fully off the ice. even when i started going out there i felt fear.
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>> my legs starting to freeze up. i couldn't feel my toes. >> lake valley fire allowing us to experience the dangerous condition in a safe environment. suiting up to hear the ice cackling to the spot where the teenager fell in. wednesday's close call now a sobering reminder. >> if you look at the lake it looks frozen ore -- over. but it fluctuates every day. >> strangers bonded by a lifesaving memory. >> i would like to give you a hug. >> i'm glad you're all right. we have more good news, stanford the bowl game bar able underway and college hoops and football. the sun bowl, stanford closing out the season with a victory.
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people were concerned about this because they were doing it without mccaffrey, they didn't need him to win. david shaw and company had things well in hand. mccaffrey didn't make the trip. they faced north carolina. but picked up by lloyd who took it back for the touchdown. 34 seconds left, 25-17 stanford, finds howard in the end zone. touchdown, and they are within two points. they need the conversion, but the ball was dropped by thomas, the sack and stanford, it's been a disappointing season but they close it out with an exciting 25-20 victory over the university of north carolina.
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they are known for basketball, the football team didn't have it today. christian mccaffrey made the decision to prep for the nfl draft. he will be a high pick. a lot of fans expected him to make the trip. a little surprise. >> important decision to stay out. >> they didn't need him. anticipation for monday's rose parade. this is the 128th year of the event. 40 floats features companies. each float is decorated with thousands of flowers, seeds and beans and designers, crafters and volunteers have one more weekend. >> we're coming down the home stretch, this is heck week for
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phoenix decorates. between christmas and new year's is when the floral decorations are apried. it, ark pride -- applied. the grand marshals are janet evans, lou greg lou gannis and allison felix. >> it's memorable to say the least. as we get ready the close out 2016, there's a long list of events around the area celebrating the new year's and rosemary has the details in the weekend watch. >> into the time weekend of the year and here's a fewer vents happening -- events. ring in the year with the fireworks, it will kick off at the stroke of mitt midnight. the best viewing will be south
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of the ferry building. you can find a list of events at, we've posted the list underwent links. if you're interested in new year's celebrations for the whole family check with your local museum. a party will be held on saturday from 10 to 4. on the east bay the science center will celebrate three new year's eve countdowns. in berkeley a balloon drop. in the north bay happy new year's charlie brown. and at san francisco union square the final candle for the last night of hanukkah. the grand finale of the lighting of the menorah. in sports the warriors and niners play at home. sharks on friday and raiders
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are away. >> i know where you'd like to be, the oracle. harrison barns will be out there. that will be interesting. warriors heavy favorites. on the serious side, taking care of business, after the break, stephen curry raising thousands of dollars for the ghost ship fire relief fund, we'll tell you how much was raised from the auction.
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curry acted off two pairs of shoes and raises $45,000. he wore one pair of shoes during a me game ceremony that went for $15,000, another pair he wore during a game went for $31,000. all the money is going to a relief fund to help victims of the ghost ship warehouse family. sometimes money being donated never makes it to a charity. >> william has more on the problems with using a third party to make donations. you want to make sure your donations are going where you intend them to. >> american households donate
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$3,000 a year to charity. about half doesn't go to charity but the professional fund raise ires they hire. >> there's cases where there's a fund-raising contract, 85 to 95% of the money goes to the professional fund-raising. >> we look at the list of most national campaigns. charities raise thousands but got little pack. two campaigns for the coven vent house raised -- cough meant house raised -- >> in 2015 the environmental defense fund raised seven campaigns, two made nothing and two lost money and the campaigns were designed to
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attract new supporters, not raise funds. in 201524% of charities took homeless than 20-cents on the dollar and 21% lost money. >> we think it should be it should continue mo than 35 to raise $100. >> over the last three years 80% of u.s. charities failed to keep 65% of the donations, but it's legal. state cannot regulate how much money a charity keep. >> don't give to charities you don't know, don't be pressured, don't give cash and don't give money over the phone and give to a charity you do know. we've told you about several of the new laws going into effect this sunday, and one new proposal may close a
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loophole. that story is coming up. >> city officials in san jose are trying to figure out how to deal with the city's homicide rate.
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. police are investigating a shooting that sent one man to
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the hospital. police say a man was sitting in his car when he was shot in the neck. the gunman ran away and the victim was rushed to the hospital. police are trying to determine if the shooting was gang- related. >> today's shooting as the biggest city ends the year with one of the highest homicide rates in the district. >> more on what city leaders plan to do including the focus on gang revenges and police staffing. >> it's hard to miss the blue balloons, candles on the streetlight. a picture of the victim, 18- year-old, gunned down in a suspected gang related shooting. catching the attention of chuck
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stevens. it's not the only tragedy, 47 homicides this year, the most since 1991. >> domestic violence was up, homeless on homeless violence was up. >> many killings involving relatives. a 22-year-old son charged with killing his parents. on christmas eve a 38-year-old man arrested for stabbing his wife to debt. henderson is with next door solutions. >> i'm not surprised, our homicide rates around domestic violence has been increasing, she says the increase calls attention for the need for more resources. >> we have 60 beds, other counties surrounding us have
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over 100. >> johnny says in comparison to other big cities san jose is a safe city, the focus is on gang prevention, adding 100-0000 to a dedicated task force, when it comes to staffing. >> we think this is an anomaly, we hope next year we won't go down this math. we hope we'll get kids interested in more than gangs. stanford university disciplinary process is being questioned after allegations that a female was raped by a somebody of the football team. she went to the school, she says in two school hearings the player was found to have
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sexually assaulted her. despite the results of the hearing, the school did not punish the player. investigators in palo alto are searching for the cause of a fire, first reported around 5:00 a.m. at the home on lewis road not far from highway 101. neighbors say the flames created tense moments. >> sleeping and then i heard explosions and the sliding door rattled. at first i thought it was fireworks then i saw flames shooting 20, 30 feet in the air. >> firefighters got the fire under control and one man was able to escape. there were no reports of injuries. >> a group of paramedics say they are being victimized by
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thees -- thieves. many of their cars have been broken into while parked. the spike in auto break ins coincides with the decision to force field employees to park outside of a secure lot. >> we should be treated better. we sudden have a designated parking place or security. >> workers have been physically threatened by car thieves and while amr offers insent tiffs to take mass transit those are not options. this may be a glance into the future and in the crowded bay area, apartment complexes around the country and in the bay area are getting rid of the parking structures and offering incentives for people to live car free. one of the plates is the merced
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apartment complex in san francisco. they offer a $100 monthly credit to use uber. some say it saves time and money. over the next 30 years parking needs will be cut in half. >> there's a real opportunity here for real estate developers and operators to get in front of what we view is a trend that will be the biggest game changer for real estate. >> a representative from the complex said 1000 people have participated in the program since it started which is a 95% participation rate. live car free, but never carefree in the city. in case you didn't know, many do, the minimum wage in california is going up. the 10-dollar minimum wage is
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going up 50-cents. it will be increased to $15 an hour by 2022. right now the minimum wage in strapp is $13 an hour, it increases to $15 an hour in 2018. san francisco groundbreaking parental leave law takes affect on sunday. it makes san francisco the first city in the country to allow new parents to take time off without receiving a pay cut. we're going see more babies born in the new year. two lawmakers trying to
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make sure california drivers don't think about smoking marijuana behind the wheel. jerry heal and ean lowe introduced the measure. they want to close a loophole in proposition 64. the law says it's illegal to drive with an open container of weed in the car. but they want to make sure the law bans smoking and driving, right now there's no method of testing the level of intookcation, it's up to an officer to determine that. >> i wonder how they will test that. >> the smell and the eyes. glazed over eyes. he's known as mr. worldwide, he will be hosting his third annual new year's eve revolution. we'll hear from pit bull about the show.
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>> heading into the last day of the year, a chance of a few scattered showers, but a big change for next week, we'll update the forecast coming up. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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wrap . preparations are underway in miami. you can see crews are setting up the stage for the big event. >> that's the place to be on the east coast. anita vogual caught up with mr. worldwide on more on what he's looking forward to in 2017. >> pit bull's new year's revolution is returning to fox for a party filled with music, celebrities and unpredictability. >> it's been two years we missed the count down. that makes it special for me. there's been chaos, but i love it. that goes to show you how legal the show is and how much fun we're having. it's not those on the stage, people behind the camera, this
4:43 pm
is a party. >> this year queen latifah and snoop dogg will help ring in the new year. >> you're going to see people bringing in 2017 with a bang. >> all this music allows me to understand the true meaning of party. and party is get loose, have fun, escape, enjoy. >> he's keeping the new year's resolution simple. improve, get better, there's what makes life exciting. >> he's learned a lot from his success. >> when you do what you lovitz not work -- love, it's not work. >> if you think he's worried about being punctual with the countdown, keep track. >> i'm on cuban time, i think it's cool. learning from it, we haven't got a chance to get a shot of
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the ball going up. there's so many going on stage. >> i'm sure it will be warmer in miami. i was saying, we're lightweights in california. mark joins us, more of the same coming up? >> cooler. maybe a couple times a year you get a big drop off in temperature. it's not going to be what we're normally used to. going to bring it down as we head into next week. key headline, new year eve will be dry. southern california had rainfall, as they will be coming closer, we can show you the satellite right now. we have cool air moving in from
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the north, it will be moving in over the weekend, the coldest air will arrive next week. 50s and lower 60s, fairfield 56, santa rosa 57. the coolest in the mid- to upper 30s. tomorrow morning not as cold as it has been. 40s across the rest of the bay area. clouds and sun 48 degrees, by lunchtime 53, partly cloudy skies and fair skies. lake tahoe a popular destination, isolated snow showers and chance into sunday as well. temperature in the sierra's in the upper thursdays, southern california had the rainfall, the cold air from the north and saturday we'll have clouds in the morning, the chance of a
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shower, skies partly cloudy and into next week, monday, tuesday, wednesday, afternoon highs in the 40s and the coldest air that could mean a drop off in snow levels possibly close to 1000 feet. tuesday they come up with a surge of warmer air, on wednesday maybe a few flakes, maybe a rain-snow mix. here's that chance of a shower tomorrow morning, saturday, 6:00 a.m., clearing out it will be dry, 2017 it will be dry, and then by sunday 4:00 p.m. tracking showers to the north of the bay area, here we go, the cold surge of air moving into the region, temperature for tomorrow, mainly in the 50s for afternoon highs, you can see for san francisco, livermore and santa rosa, the five-day forecast, thicken up the cloud cover on sunday, cold
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showers on tuesday and a chance on wednesday as well. i remember seeing a picture of the golden gate bridge covered in snow in the 70s. and the pattern that's developing similarities to that pattern from the 70s. >> so you're saying there's a chance. >> there's a pretty food chance -- good chance. if you like snow covered hills get your camera ready. >> if you don't want to wait for a chance, we'll check in on the sierra after the break. my name is phillip and i'm from ghana, i'm an exchange student and i have an awesome resolution, i'm going to graduate and get into college and volunteer, it took all
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these wonderful people for me to be here now and i'm grateful.
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. skiing continues should be wonderful this weekend. resorts are planning special celebrations. >> the spokes dude, kevin cooper is live at heavenly mountain. tell us about the conditions you have planned. i have your number, i've been watching you all day. >> that's the start to a great new year's, we have a lot of people in the village, it's loud and getting ready to happen. tomorrow night 6:30 to 9:00.
4:51 pm
it's not a ball drop. we drop a gondola. a lot of live music. what's nice there's a ton of families up here and joying the sierra, the skiing is fantastic, we're getting a refresh, it will be amazing. and new year's eve it will be clear. get up here, it will happen tomorrow and tomorrow night. >> we were curious, now that we're heeding into the new year, is there a lot of space. a lot of people making last minute trips? >> i believe so. there's accommodations, you can go to any of the web sites. there's places to get up here. the big thing is, if you're traveling through the holidays slow up on highway 50, there's a lot of travelers, if we get a
4:52 pm
hit of snow carry chains, with that refresh going into january, the skiing is fantastic, kirkwood is open. north star is opening up new terrain every day. >> it will be a slow roll if you like it or not to get up there. once you're there, what are you most looking forward to and those battling traffic to make it to the snow. >> you know, i would say bringing your family to the village or taking them up. go to the top of the gondola, the ridge rider coaster is open or the tubing lanes. the skiing and riding fantastic, tomorrow night it's the village, that gondola drop
4:53 pm
is fantastic, ice carving and all kinds of stuff for the family. >> nice checking in with you at heavenly. we're going to take a quick look at the conditions on the rods closer to the bay. this is a live look at 80 in berkeley, i travel this every day. it never a breeze but it looks good heading out of town and traffic backed up going into the city as usual. >> and of course this is the soong in oak -- scene in oakland. not busy at all. >> if you're going to the warriors game, there you go. >> a new life and a new home to ring in the new year, a homeless man for 20 years
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changes his life.
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. after 20 years on the street a bay area man getting a fresh new start. christopher miller just signed the lease to his first ever parliment how he was able to turn his live around. >> it's exciting hoping i would
4:57 pm
get it. >> this is christopher miller's first home in two decades. a studio. >> it's pretty much overwhelming. i can't believe it's happening. here's the kitchen. >> he showed me his new apartment. >> what have you cooked? >> a big steak. >> he's 49-year-old, he became homeless in his tries. he grad -- 20s, he graduated in 1986, he trained as an electrician, but an addiction caused a downward spiral. >> i started sleeping underneath overpasses and picked up cans and bottles. >> he became a fixture along union city, panhandling. holding a card board sign asking for donations, a year
4:58 pm
and a month ago he reached a turning point. >> i didn't want to guy out there, i saw a couple friends die in front of me. >> he asked a trend for help and that led to drug rehab and a stay at a homeless shelter and he got a job. samaritan house helped with temporary and permanent housing. finding him this apartment. his case manager posted the photo of miller signing the lease on social media. >> it -- media. it was a human moment. i was moved by it. >> she described the change at remarkable. it difficult to find permanent housing for the chronicley homeless. >> you have to want the change. >> you did.
4:59 pm
>> it takes hard work. >> miller has a long-term plan, he hopes to use his own experience to help others by becoming a counselor. ng a counselor. . 11 staffers and families have two days to get out of the country following president obamaorder. >> dozens of russian diplomats must leave the country by sunday. 11 live in san francisco. the obama administration is accusing them of being covert agents. >> the end of the year, a time when you try to wind down, for
5:00 pm
11 russian diplomats moving day is a scramble to get out of the country by sunday, all while they would be celebrating a sacred holiday, new years. >> usually we would not comment on such matters, but today we decided to make an exception. >> this morning the russian consulate general brought the media in and let his emotions out. he called the expulsion inhumane. >> they will meet the new year while in the air on board of aircraft that will take them to russia. >> there were lines outside the building in pacific heights as people came to handle passport and visa issues. >> she immigrated in her


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