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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 30, 2016 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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law enforcement stepping up security in san francisco. ahead of tomorrow's big new year's eve celebration. >> it's going to be a long night for everybody involved. we want to keep people safe. >> tonight hundreds of officers from several local and federal agencies are getting ready to keep revelers safe. good evening i'm julie haener. >> frank somerville is off
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tonight. hundred thousands -- hundreds of thousands of people are expected for tomorrow's fireworks show. mark tamayo is tracking tomorrow night's fireworks. ktvu leigh martinez with the plans to keep the crowds safe. leigh? >> reporter: well this fire is being set up on pier 2 near the at&t park closing down at 5:00. organizers there say no one is allowed near where the fireworks are set up. they have their own security. also along the waterfront you'll see a lot of security. we have these temporary places put up and down the embarcadero. we are also seeing visible police officers out here. if you're at home and you're thinking to yourself this reminds me of super bowl 50, well you will be correct. this couple took their nightly dog walk on the embarcadero and felt deja vu to a crazy week in the city last february. >> i literally passed six
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police. this reminds me of the old city. >> reporter: in fact bart police say new year's eve security will be exactly like that of super bowl 50 in san francisco. with 200 officers patrolling the bart system including federal agents. >> bart police officers will be joined by deputies from local sheriff agencies. in addition to that we'll have federal law enforcement agency officers out on the system. these officers are a part of what is called a viper patrol. they're from the transit administration. >> reporter: uniformed officers will be on every block, plain clothed officers in the crowd. and the bomb squad. >> i know our bomb squad will be working full force out there. they are probably going to be going from one call to another call because we tend to normally get a higher call for suspicious packages. then a lot of the times it will be a backpack left unattended. >> reporter: an estimated 200,000 people are expected to line the water front for the fireworks show. law enforcement is on high
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alert here after terrorist attacks in san francisco and germany. but admit public transportation, which lacks tsa- style screening is a challenge to keep safe. >> it's very hard to protect in terms of preventing some of these attacks that have taken place in london and madrid. >> reporter: locals realize security is a huge undertaking in a large city like san francisco. >> yeah man, i feel very safe. i don't know there are always cops around here. >> i lived in new york city and in a lot of big cities. so it's not really, security is not my main concern. i'm going to walk outside if something should happen to me. but i would say that's the biggest issue. >> talking act traffic if the crowds get too big and they start spilling out on tot estreats, they will -- spilling out onto the streets, they will expand to transit.
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bart will stay open until 3:00 a.m. >> doesn't seem like a lot of the people will let any of the threats ruin their new year's eve celebration, leigh. thank you so much. let's go to meteorologist mark tamayo for a look at how it's looking in the city for tomorrow night's fireworks. >> reporter: no rain drops are expected for tomorrow night. but tomorrow morning could be a different story as we have a weak system moving through california. we have a weather system moving in through the knot. with that we're expecting to have some clouds first thing tomorrow morning. first thing on saturday morning and possibly a shower or two as well. so for your morning hours, temperature wills start out in the upper 30s to the 40s with partly cloudy skies on track to reach the 50s, but we are focused on the forecast for tomorrow night. here is the plan for tomorrow
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night with this partly cloudy sky. bring in the jackets and the sweaters, 45 to 50 degrees. in places like san francisco, they will be on track to reach the bigger fireworks show. outside right now looking towards the bay bridge as you just heard and you know it will be very crowded tomorrow night with no rain drops to worry about. you can't see those clouds move through up along the north coast with some rain showers there. just some clouds on saturday morning clearing skies throughout the afternoon and saturday night. no umbrellas will be needed as we celebrate the new year. people will be ringing in the new year with fresh snow
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dropping as much as 1,000 feet. and matt diablo and other coastal peaks could get a dusting of snow all during the morning with a ton of rain open. >> and also in the sierra the snow globe music festival in tahoe wraps up tomorrow night. the three-day event features more than 50 musical acts. the festival is described as part music, part mountain, and all fun. a reminder now you can download the free ktvu weather app for the latest conditions on this new year's weekend. we will post the updates on face book, twitter, and instagram. solidarity strikes along the bay area coast for crab fishermen over a price dispute. crabbers on strike earlier this
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week after wholesale buyers tried to lower the wholesale price. rob malcolm with more. this comes at a bad time for restaurants. >> this is the worse time for those who want to serve crab to the customers that sort of rely on it. now, some are calling it a strike all depending on who you talk to. they came into san francisco bay for possibly the last time. it's not clear on what they will see as they are now on a strike. >> we just hope the price will be right as they go up north and all extended to friday. offering to pay $2.75 a pound
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instead of $3, a price negotiated when they opened in december. pricesweren't set because the season opened in ways of acid levels that made crab unsafe to eat. negotiations have been salty and fishermen have drawn a line in the water. >> we have to make $3 a pound. that's the best way it takes to run a boat and pay the crew and pay the insurance and the fuel and pay the bait and everything else. costs $3 a pound. we don't get that, we might as well tie up. >> reporter: with boats tied up, busy restaurants are waiting for the next wave of trouble. >> this is a very busy week for us. coming on monday we would be ordering 50 pounds. >> they make more than just $3 a pound. but they know they will be
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striking in a show of solidarity. the question now is at what price? >> they are right to strike for more money. it costs more to run the boats. back here live the prices on the entire west coast has no clear line on when this will be resolved. now to a developing story. hackers have breached the electric grit. a code was discovered in the system, not used to disrupt their operations, but intelligent officials are not sure what the russians were planning to do. they are warning the breach underscores the vulnerability of the grid and what the danger
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could have on emergency services. in the meantime the obama administration is trying to influence the u.s. president election. as a part of those sanctions, two facilities used in new york and maryland were shut down today. they believe the facilities were being used by the russians for intelligent facilities. closer to home a group of russian diplomats are being eject in the u.s. including 11 who work out of the russian consulate in san francisco. russian officials are accused of spying on the u.s. and as ktvu jesse gary reports, they have until sunday to leave the country. >> reporter: usually we will not comment on such matters, but today we decided to make an exception. >> this morning the general in san francisco took the steps
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out, calling it inhumane. >> and they will meet in the new year with some lines out of their building and the neighborhood as people would come to handle their passport and visa issues. she was in the consulate and could emphasize why missing the end of the year celebration as such a big issue. >> i would receive new year presents at the time as a kid. 11 staffers are in scramble mode after expelling a total of 35 diplomats from locations here and washington, d.c. for trying to illegally influence the presidential election.
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>> we can see the sanctions completely. and very detrimental to the relations between the united states of america. >> reporter: they made it a point to say one accused of being an agent is the consulate cook. so when they have their new year's eve party, it will taste a lot different because the cook is on a plane headed back for moscow. in the south bay bureau i'm jess see gary -- jesse gary ktvu fox 2 news. he would not retaliate against the u.s. for the new set of sanctions that were leveled by the administration. the president elect reacted with praise from putin on twitter saying, "great move by delaying vladimir putin. i always knew he was very smart." once in office trump could decide to reverse the
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sanctions. >> the next administration wants to lift sanction against senior russian intelligent units to make it easier to interfere with the election, he do that. we don't think it will make much sense. >> a bipartisan group is moving towards establishing an independent commission to look at russian roles. coming up using humor to give out a searce message. how to keep drunk drivers off the road this new year's eve. this mother and son has beenliving in the streets. >> i thought they would take my son. well, they didn't. they just helped.
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tonight we're continuing our coverage on a series of new state laws that take effect in the new year. as of sunday terminally-ill patients may be able to take a new drug. patients must have an immediate life-threatening disease or condition and prevents the state medical board to administer the experimental treatment. bathrooms will need to be
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genter neutral by those groups to take effect in march giving restaurants time to comply with restroom signage. the law requires law enforcement to treat anyone under the age of 18 involved in paid sexual activity as a victim. reporter matt resnic has the story new at 10:00. it's gone national, the column by travis allen of huntington beach with an ad that says prostitution by minors will be legal in california. yes, you read that right. >> it is one thing to disagree with the bill, but it is irresponsible for you to misrepresent the laws.
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offered by the state senator of los angeles. and this is a child welfare issue. >> children involved in the sex trade are to be considered victims. >> they should be taken to child welfare, which is where children go. it will work to immediately give these children the support they need to get out of that life. >> reporter: that's the ceo of weave, which works directly with victims of child sex trafficking in sacramento county. she says vic tip advocates will be -- victim advocates will be able to rehabilitate children in the sex trait if they are not sitting behind bars or labeled prostitutes. >> our goal is to be somebody they could trust so that when they choose to escape and move
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on with their lives they have somebody there who is their confident, somebody they could trust. >> reporter: they call this misguide saying consequences are immoral. the children who are under the age of 18 should be treated like victims of other crimes. >> and when you think of all the other rape victims of crime, it would never occur to us to arrest somebody for their own safety. in san diego matt resnik, ktvu fox 2 news. bills are on the rise kicking up beginning new year's day. the average bill will be $99.13 a month. sending the average pg&e gas
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bill to $54.33. bills will be increased each month. one of the reasons for the billing change has to do with customers and sources, remaining below for a combined electric and gas services. well weather, of course, we are watching the forecast closely as we wrap up 2016 for tomorrow and today. and as you can see some widespread rainfall to our south for tomorrow. we will have the possibility of a few scattered showers on saturday morning. in fact the more coverage on the radar right now for the 10:00 hour will focus up to the north of the region. and we will need to check in on some of the current numbers right now with the 40s out towards livermore and walnut creek. san francisco 49.
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san jose that last check 50 and a pretty good wind out there as well and look at fairfield. sustained 22 miles an hour and concord 15 miles an hour. a pretty good breeze out towards sfo with them gusting up to 21 and the same deal for half moon bay as well with a live camera looking out towards the bay bridge with a lot of clouds in play first thing tomorrow morning as we would talk about setting up a nice forecast with more rain and possibly cold air moving through. we will have more on that with your five-day forecast in a few minutes. increasing costs forced a dedicated mom into a tough and long life on the streets. tom vacar has the touching story on how this mother and her 10-year-old son are being given a new start for the new
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year. >> reporter: victoria taneyhill is a working home care support professional, who is lucky to be living in this sonoma county moe tell. she was evicted by family members who wanted to sell the house she was living in. >> oh my gosh it was awful. i mean especially with a 10- year-old. i never expected to have your family disown us pretty much. i don't know what i have done, but what the heck did he do? >> reporter: they had been living in this car for one and a half years in friends driveways, but even more so parking lots. breakfast is often a place for them to wash up for school and work. and then on december 13, someone asked the sheriff's office to check on the welfare
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of a boy late at night. i was playing video games. >> we wanted to make sure the boy was being well taken care of, but he was live investigate car with his mother. >> i thought they were going to take my son. well they didn't. they just helped. >> reporter: responding deputy ryan patrick and greg vain paid for a room and bought them groceries to tie them over for a few days. >> what we found out about victoria and her son, they are both really trying hard to get themselves out of their situation and just couldn't do it. the mom works full-time jobs and through a lot of hard times. hasn't given up on herself or her son. her son goes to school every day, she makes sure that happens.
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it has put a strain on her. we felt we needed to do a little bit more for her to get her back on her feet if at all possible. >> reporter: the sonoma county deputy sheriff and the homeless advocate set up a gofundme page to raise $10,000 to get her into an apartment or trailer and fix her car. >> she's a great mom. i wish more parents took the time to take their kids to school to do what they do. >> reporter: this is a symbolic christmas tree retrieved from a dumpster by a single homeless mom to give her son some sense of a normal christmas thanks to the kindness of o others. >> it could happen to anybody. it could happen to anybody. it's just hard. >> you can help too. tom vacar ktvu fox 2 news. coming up a rescue operation at a southern california amusement park. what it took to get more than a dozen people on this ride back on the ground. and also ahead familiar faces will come back to oracle as the warriors take on the mavericks.
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sports director mark ibanez will join us later with sports. and together until the end. new details about funeral arrangements for carrie fisher and debbie renoylds. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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new details tonight at knoxbury farm that left 18 people stranded for hours today inside an amusement park attraction. it is fully enclosed like a slowly moving room in a thrill ride with individual seats. it got stuck about 800 feet off the ground for a few hours. firefighters pain stakingly lowered the riders to the ground. still no word on what caused that ride to malfunction. the u.s. coast guard has suspended their search tonight for a small airline that
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vanished shortly after takeoff. he was flying the cessna when his family and friends disappeared. officials believe three adults and three children were on board. people are preparing to say good-bye. law enforcement officials say they are taking extra precautions. in new york city they have dozens of heavy-duty trucks. so far there are no specific threats. and new year's evepreparations are also underway in miami where the city is asking party goers to leave bottles, cans, and coolers at home. today marks the last
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trading day for 2016. wall street ended the day modestly down. dow closed at 19,762 and ended the year with a 13.4% gain. nasdaq ended trading at 5,383 today. they ended the year up 7.5%. s&p also down slightly today. debbie renoylds and her daughter carrie fisher will have a joint funeral and they will be buried together. that word came today from renoyld's son and fisher's brother todd fisher. the two would be laid to rest at forest lawn memorial park in the hollywood hills. carrie fisher died on tuesday after suffering a massive heart attack on a flight. her mother, she died the next day also from a heart attack. coming up next a warning tonight for drivers. >> you never know who is going to get a red light. coming up the new campaign to von cay a serious message.
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how -- how a puppy was able to reunite with its family after the break.
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bay area law enforcement agencies are urging people not to drink and drive this holiday weekend. ktvu ann rubin visited the mountainview police department today to see the debut of the new message to get that word out about being sober behind the wheel. mountainview police have a new public service announcement. they say they will be on the lookout for drunk drivers this new year's eve. no one is above the law not even darth vader. >> how much have you had to drink tonight? >> only two. that mind strick isn't working on me. >> reporter: they only hope using humor will help. it is never okay to drive under the influence.
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>> we started looking at how we can incorporate pop culture into our public safety announcements. obviously the public safety announcement people won't be as interested in listening to it. we thought well why not star wars? >> reporter: could their galaxy right here in the bay area figure the same message would apply with plenty of options besides getting mind the wheel. caltrain, sam tram, and muni are offering free rides starting 8:00 p.m. new year's eve. aaa is offering free tows for those drinking. >> this is the biggest time of the year. >> of course always the option of taxis, uber, or lift. they would much rather have a drunk passenger than face a drunk driver off the road. >> i have to be accepted. you never know who will skip the red light, you never know. >> reporter: the designated driver another good option. mountainview police say even darth vader could have used one. >> as displayed in the video they had a stormtrooper and
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they could easily be driven. >> still, they would step up enforcement this weekend just in case they would get swayed by the darkside. >> you know hopefully people will take the message seriously. seriously. and not drink and drive. >> reporter: expect a lot of offices on the road with plenty of dui check points around the bay area this weekend. again most public transportation with the exception of bart will be free this new year's eve. in mountainview ann rubin ktvu fox 2 news. san jose police announced the arrest of three suspects today in connection with the shooting death of a teenager in october. marcos jimenez, marco ruiz, and suzette campos are in santa clara county jail facing murder charges. they are accused of fatally shooting 17-year-old humberto salas as he was parked in a car near the ranch golf club. a man in the car suffered what police call non-life threatening injuries. investigators sate shooting was a part of a robbery attempt. a beloved member of the south bay family is back home for the holidays after a
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frightening ordeal. san jose police say this alaskan puppy was stolen during a craigslist sale last weekend. two men attacked the dog's own inside his house on lynndale after. he was beaten with brass knuckles and shot with a taser. detectives caught the robbers eventually tracking down two young men arresting them. police were able to return the puppy to a badly injured owner just in time for christmas. >> i think it was the holiday weekend that kind of got us inspired to do this. because you know this poor family had a dog violently robbed from them. the weekend of christmas. it's just kind of leaving a bad taste in our mouths and we want today fix that. you know, actually solving the case felt really good. it was our own little christmas story here. >> the 26-year-old and 19-year- old raymond gonzalez have been arrested facing multiple
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charges including robbery, kidnapping, assault. the two are being held in the santa clara county jail. sad news from the governor's office today. the first dog of california, they have passed away. governor jerry brown tweeted that heartbreaking news today saying a beautiful day on the ranch, but a very sad parting. happy trails. in a statement released this afternoon, a spokesperson for the governor said sutter passed away peacefully this afternoon with the governor and first lady by his side. the 13-year-old pembrooke man was laid to rest at family's ranch. most of your weekend will be dry. just a chance for a few scattered showers tomorrow, but major developments next week. low levels of significant rainfall.
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heading towards the end of 2016, we are talking about just a few clouds first thing tomorrow morning, but for the weekend it should be okay. if you don't mind the cooler temperatures out there, of course lake tahoe is a very popular destination this weekend. saturday a chance for snow showers. good snow showers likely as we head into sunday. temperatures for afternoon highs mainly in the 30s. here is your ski report as you can see for north star sugar bowl squaw and sierra tahoe with more of the dry snow expected into early next week.
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here you can see on the satellite. in fact the next system will be developing out here in the pacific and a little bit of the circulation right up here. generating some rainfall along the knot coast and the snowfall out there as well. maybe a rain/snow mix closer to the surface. that'll be the source of maybe some clouds and a possibility for a few showers first thing tomorrow morning. here you can see this, the bigger picture out here in the pacific with some cold air up here to the north. they will be moving in this weekend, but especially kicking in for monday of next week as we will start off 2017. for tomorrow the clouds out there with a chance for a few scattered showers. for the morning hour skies will be partly cloudy into the afternoon with a change. very cold for monday and tuesday and potentially coming down below 2,000 feet and possibly into a thousand feet. but the latest forecast model is not being brought up to the extreme chill of the bay area and watching for you next week monday and tuesday. that'll be the next stuff we'll be watching snow levels as i
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mentioned right now a thousand feet. going up just a little bit. but overnight lows in the 20s with the highs in the 40s, then beyond this we could be talking about significant rainfall into wednesday. and as a warmer system will move on shore. here is the forecast model for you tomorrow morning. so the last morning of the year, you can see the clouds on out there. most of the showers potentially with the higher chances remaining out to the west. still a chance for the showers tomorrow morning. into the afternoon hours, we will need to scale back on the clouds with midnight heading towards 2017. and it will be dry with the partly cloudy skies, definitely some cool temperatures out there. sunday, just partly cloudy, look what happened into monday. we could be talking about more showers here and possibly some pretty low snow levels for you. we will need to keep an eye on the latest forecast models to suggest how cold those temperatures will be into next week. forecast highs for tomorrow, the clouds in the morning clear in the afternoon. then in most areas in the 50s for the afternoon highs. most areas in the 50s.
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a look ahead to your five-day forecast. there it is breaking out into 2017. we do have this increasing clouds with some cold showers into monday. then the chance for a few showers and tuesday and the latest forecast model as i looked at them a few minutes ago changing their tune for a little bit for wednesday next week initially where they were suppose to be very cold and maybe snow at sea level. saying it will be warmer and maybe significant rainfall. so stay tuned. we'll be watching out for that. >> definitely need to bundle up. >> it will be dry tomorrow good news. >> mark, thank you how much. let's go to the other mark right now. that'll do it for us tonight. and all of their good news. >> where do you think you're going? [ laughter ] >> it is new year's eve. >> all right, new year's weekend. well don't feel guilty about leaving. we've got plenty to talk about in the world of sports, including the golden state warriors. i'm not telling you anything you don't know, but these guys are good with a cruise control victory tonight. the same could not be said for the cardinals at the sun bowl.
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man they had to work it into the final seconds and they would get help from an unexpected source. we will explain with our special weekend edition of the mercedes benz sports weekend coming right back at you next on sports wrap. with the xfinity tv app,
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how is it going everybody? thanks and welcome to this special new year's edition of the mercedes sports weekend. we will start with the warriors. i would call them refreshingly comfortable to watch tonight. they would head out to about 70, 75% taking care of the overmatched dallas mavericks team, but look who is there. they have not left with the raiders for denver quite yet. he would see the victory that the warriors and the the other regulars have chipped in, but i wouldn't say they were pressed. watch them go coast to coast
10:45 pm
and end up with the jam. plenty of highlights, even though they didn't need to go all out. didn't mean they didn't have their moment up top. he played about 27 minutes tonight. kevin durant, he had a triple double with the three at 19 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists up 11 at half time. in the third quarter, that is where the show will need to begin as we will be talking about the clay thompson show. testifies feel -- he was feeling it and wasn't quite done either as he will take care of things with the left- hand layup. 29 points definitely worth the replay. that is probably your shot of the game. as i said, refreshingly routine. 102-14, the warriors record in last year and this year's regular season combined. they are 29-5 this year. the stanford cardinals are going at it in the sun bowl. i'll tell you what, this is a game they would


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