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tv   KTVU News at 6p  FOX  December 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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a look at the massive celebrations and how people to ring in 2017 in the bay area. and the new laws taking effect tomorrow that may have you buying a new device. happy saturday. thank you for joining us. preparations are underway for the new year's eve fireworks celebration at the embarcadero. more on what you can expect on the waterfront. >> reporter: there's no spectators out here right now,
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but there are a lot of preppings and vendors. the glowstick guy is out here. we start the seeing some barricades go up about two hours ago, and they're still putting them up along the embarcadero. san francisco police say they are keeping the road open for now. but they are expecting some 200,000 people to come out here to look at the fireworks! so they said if the cloud starts spilling into the streets, they'll have to shut down the embarcadero to traffic. we are seeing a lot of men in black, police, law enforcement, private security. some of the glowstick vendors have come out, a cotton candy vendor, and whatever that woman has on her head! so cool, i really want one. every year they get more and more elaborate. all the people seem excited for 2017. talking about the good and the
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bad of 2016 really depends on who you talk to. >> the worst thing for me, honestly, probably trump getting elected. >> best thing was trump got elected in 2016. hooray! >> and back out here live, you see some more crowds, quite a few walking around, saying happy new year, and waving. most are in a very good mood and anxious to see what 2017 helds. there are lot of porta-potties if you come out here. [ laughter ] >> i'm sure a lot of people are thanking you for that tid bit. i see you all bundled up, it's probably gonna be -- i know it's gonna be very cold tonight, and probably colder where you are.
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are you seeing a lot of people out there bundling up, making sure they're dressed appropriately? >> reporter: it's about 51 degrees the last time i checked. we're seeing some people in heavy coasts. some of them aren't as bad as myself. i am just so weak when it comes to cold weather, i'm from the east coast but living in california for the last couple of years, i can't handle it! someone told me that my hat looks like smurfe, te's hat. so i thought it was cute. life >> and it's keeping me warm. i'm keeping it on. i might add a crown later. but i'm washwith gloves and everything -- warm with gloves and everything. >> you're working it, girl. keep the hat. [ laughter ] >> thank you so much . there are several public transit options for revellers tonight. muni is offering free rides throughout the city starting at 8:00 tonight until
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5:00 am tomorrow. bart will have extra trains and extend service until 3:00 tomorrow morning. regular fairs apply. cal train scheduling extra southbound trains after midnight, and all rides are free starting at 8:00 tonight. ac transit is running free buses tonight as well. and mark, amayo is here to tell us what to expect tent. >> bring the thick coat, the jacket, the sweater. dress in layers. the umbrella you can leave at hem. there is the countdown clock! heading to midnight. it will be cool tonight, relatively clear skies across the bay area. and this evening, 8:00, 43-48 degrees. and by midnight to the upper 30s to the mid-40s. san francisco, temperature around 45, 46
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degrees. and the big fireworks going off. i remember over the past few years, we had some pretty significant storms. not the case this year. a live look outside right now, you can see looking live toward the bay bridge, i'm sure that'll be busy in the short-term, everybody heading toward san francisco, the embarcadero. the clouds we had this morning have been clearing out. on the satellite, the northerly flow setting up in the cool direction. with the temperature, talking about the cooling trend, it's not gonna be frigid, no advisories or freeze warnings in place. the current numbers, santa rosa, 45 degrees. oakland 50. one sensor in san francisco showing 48. and san jose at 50 degrees. a few clouds from recall early today are moving out of town. midnight to 1:00 am, mostly clear skies.
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a significant change gone sunday night into monday, cold showers, and significant rainfall in our 5-day. we'll have more on that in a few minutes. people in the sierra will be ringing in the new year with plenty of fresh snow. 2 feet or more is expected over the weekend. and the snow level could drop as low as 1,000 feet. a winter weather advisory was issued for large parts of the sierra. right now there are no restrictions on interstate 80 or highway 50. and you can download the free ktvu weather app for the latest on the conditions in the soorsz or at home. for the -- sierra or at home. our entire team is posting updates on facebook, twitter and instagram. it's already 2017 in many parts of the world, including china. [ crowd noise ] [ cheering and applause ] >> beijing 's olympic park was decked out for a new year's eve
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extravaganza saturday night as china counted down to 2017. thousands gathered to watch the lights and fireworks show. in dubai, the tallest building in the world served as a scaffold for a spectacular show there. fortunately it didn't see a repeat of last year's excitement. faulty wiring sparked a fire several hours before midnight last year at a 63-story skyscraper nearby. security is very tight in cities around the gloen. more on the plans to keep -- globe. more on the plans to keep the crowds safe >> reporter: outdoor new year's eve events around the uk, security has been increased following the attacks in berlin and niese this this year. there are more places around the city where vehicles are banned. >> >> reporter: in berlin the mood
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was more somber than celebratory. the chancellor telling citizens their country is stronger than terrorism. >> cohesion, openness, our democracy, and the strong economy that serves the well being of all makes me confident for our future in germany >> reporter: new york is deploying 65 trucks to serve as barriers around times square with at least two security checkpoints to enter the viewing zone. around one million people are expected to attend the world-famous countdown in new york city's times square. new state laws take effect in the new year starting tomorrow. one will allow terminally il'll patients to take experimental drugs that don't have full regulatory approval. it prevents the state's medical board from taking action against doctors who administer the treatments. single-toilet bathrooms in california will be gender-neutral in businesses and public buildings.
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the law takes effect in march to give businesses time to change restroom signs. another new law bans the use of the name redskins for sports teams in public schools. it also applies to mascots as well. the legislation was trochlted by concerns that the that -- prompted by concerns that the name was offensive to native americans. one new law that hits the books tomorrow focuses on hands-free driving. it will be illegal to hold your phone while driving starting tomorrow. drivers will vato stop using their phone or invest in a new device to mount it on your dashboard. >> they have these signs that you can write on and hold it up, i would like it to just say hang up and drive! >> reporter: it's a message the chp has been touting for years. now the new law makes it easier for police to ticket drivers for illegal cellphone use. >> if we see it in your hand at all, playing pokimon, using your iphone for maps or trying to text your friend, it's all illegal now. if your phone is in your hand, you're in violation
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of the law. >> reporter: under the new law, drivers can use the cell fens if they do it hands-free inform postcases, voiks -- hands-free. in most cases, voice-operated. >> you really should just drive! you're good but your mind is somewhere else. >> reporter: the bill fixes a loophole with the hands-free cellphone law, which banned talking and texting while driving but didn't address shooting or scanning video using snapchat. if you want to use that phone now, be prepare forward serious limit eggs. >> if needs to be mounted, you're allowed to push one button or swipe. >> i'm on the phone all the time. how do you regulate? i think it's just a matter of -- as long as you just touch and go, i guess that's really what it's about. >> reporter: and if it is about safety -- >> i think it's gonna be tough to enforce. most times i think people are gonna have it on their lap
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>> reporter: keeping pace with the new law, this store was already running low on mounting devices. >> we have a product, match and mountain, that's picked up in sale. it's more of an attachment to your car vent. >> we have the magnetic vent, put it on the case, and it holds it up. it's much easier. and beth my phones have it. >> reporter: phones will also be mustn'ted to the lower left or right of the windshield without obstructing the airbag. the bottom line is the devices cost anywhere from $5 to $40. there may be a grace period with the new law, but don't depend on that. muni riders can expect to pay more for the transit service
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next year. passes will go from $86 to $91 a month. discount passes for seniors and people with disabilities will go from $25 to $26. discount payer will go from $1 to $125. goodwill in san francisco held its annual donateathon. both dropping offs -- folks drpg off items today were greeted with live music. it was a chance to say thank you to all the people who donate to the nonprofit. last year they filled 55 trucks full of items. they hope to top that this year. >> by the end of the day, we should be at about 800,000 donations for the year. and each of those donations creates a job. >> this year the first 400 donors received free theater
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tickets and an end of the year tax receipt. pe bills are going up slightly -- pg&e bills are going up slightly in the new year. it will increase by $1.36 a month starting new year's day. gas bills are expected to go up $0.29 a month. they say one of the reasons for the increase is because more people are choosing alternative energy sources. following developing news out of turkey where a terrorist attack has killed dozens. and malware found at a vermont power utility, and the links to russia. and details on the southern california couple who vanished last week.
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developing news out of turkey where at least 35 new year's eve party goers have been killed in a terrorist attack inside an istanbul nightclub. 40 were injured. at least one attacker was wearing a santa claus costume. after the shooting, the killer shouted the attack was in revenge for russian involvement in the conflict in the syrian city of aleppo. a vermont electric utility has confirmed it found malware linked to russian hackers on one of its computers. the company says u.s. utilities were alerted about the malicious code thursday by the department of homeland security. the malware was found in a laptop not connected to a system. it is evidence of what he called predatory steps taken by russia against the u.s. proep francis led a new year -- pope francis led a new
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year's eve mass at the basilica and said leaders must open more doors for youth so they may find dignified and genuine work that would allow them to take part in society. he walked through st. peter's square and greeted the thousands who gathered for the last service of 2016. san francisco 's asian art museum set the theme for a japanese new year tradition. [ bells ringing ] >> an ancient buddhist costume, striking a temple bell to welcome in the new year. the end of the year bell dates back to 1532. the bronze bell weighs 2100 pounds and will be struck 108 times before midnight. the idea is to welcome in the new year, and curb the 108 vices we all posses. >> we start the doing this tradition in this san francisco museum, i think it was more than ten years ago. it has been a san francisco staple. >> some of those 108 vices
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include greed, anger, and ignorance. buddhists believe the telling of the bells enable a joyous and prosperous start to the new year. uber is again offering its tipsy tow service. the from triple -- the number to call is 800-222 -4357. the monterey county sheriff's office is asking for the public's help to loc couple who went missing on a trip to big sur. they left north hollywood on december 23rd for a road trip. they were supposed to return on christmas day but never did. they were driving a 4-door tan-colored honda civic with california -- license plate
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number 5 du 925. rain was heavy in the big surarea and caused boulders to -- sur area and caused boulders to fall in many places. a dry forecast for tonight, and as we start out 2017, then the next few day, we're talking about multiple rain chances. the significant rainfall developing by midweek. some clouds across the bay area earlier today. even a few scattered showers. all that action is moving out to the south, leaving us with mostly clear skies right now across northern california and the bay area. current numberses -- numbers, time to bundle up. san jose, 50 degrees, san francisco in the upper 40s. a look outside, we can show you this, looking toward the embarcadero lights toward the bay bridge. a very popular destination for tent. and just bundle up. no umbrella needed in the
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short-term. overnight lows, the coolest locations backed down into the lower 30s toward santa rosa and napa, san francisco 46, san jose 39. livermore in the upper 30s, 38 degrees. tonight as we mentioned, fair skies, cool numbers out there. the main cloud area has moved out to the south. and here's what's happening. we have a very cold pattern setting up into next week. initially we thought this would actually be a lot colder. so it's not going to be as cold but still cold. we're gonna bring temperatures down quite a bit sunday, monday, tuesday. the persistent heavy rainfall swings into the area on wednesday. into monday, snow levels down around 2,000, 2,500 feet. a cutting across the bay area hills with the moisture moving in. the real snow toward the sierra. winter weather advisory tomorrow, 10:00 am. 6-18 inches, snow levels
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collapsing at 2,000 feet. that's a key hell. you could be driving -- key headline, you could be driving in snow for a very long time. snow levels around 5,000 to 6,000 feet usually, but a long duration in the snow over the next few days. at least for tomorrow, for your sunday, partly cloudy skies, we could have some snow showers developing in the sierra. and then as you can see, into monday some scattered showers out there. and if it's cold enough, we could have snow levels down around 3,000 feet. not a lot to show nusouth bay. and we'll take this into tuesday. the possibility of some showers working back into the region, and wednesday warms up. that's the main storm track directed for us, and we're expecting more rainfall by midweek. temperatures for tomorrow, january 1st, lots of 50s out there. lots of talk about the 5-day forecast. cold, scattered showers into monday. then once again into tuesday. rainfall likely for wednesday.
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maybe some shower chances into thursday. 2017 coming in with a bang with some storm series approaching the bay area. >> thanks so much. steve kerr curry
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back with sport, jason is here, and we have had a lot of big games today. half of the national championship is set. >> finally some bowl games that mean something. and alabama is just too darn good, frankly. they're back in the championship game for the second straight year. fifth time in eight years under nick saban. and washington 14-point underdog coming into this one. nobody expected big things for them. they hung tough for about a half. but alabama, the pick knocks them down, and ryan anderson goes the other way, 26 yards for the touchdown. 11 defensive touchdowns on the
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season for alabama. just an outstanding defense. scarborough breaks a couple tackles, makes a cut here, and he is off to the races. 68 yards for scarborough. a bamma bowl record. think back of all their great running backs. he had 180 yards rushing, no alabama running back in history has had more in a bowl game. 2 touchdowns. and they win 24-7. and they are heading to the national championship game. they'll face the winner of clemson and ohio state. clemson is up 17-0 in the 3rd. the warriors will enter 2017 with the best record in the nba at 29 and 5. the past year, nearly perfect. >> it was an amazing year for the warriors. we didn't finish it off like we wanted to, obviously. but we accomplished some things that nobody's ever
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done before. a 73-win season. and steph winning mvp. this is a great era for the warriors. disappointing in a couple ways as well. but that's life. >> the highlight of my year was the bad shoe. [ laughter ] >> i'm bringing it back. most talked about shoe of all time. that was it. [ laughter ] >> stephan curry , 2-time mvp, and dad shoe creator. a cute moment at the warriors game, after the game with his son pj. >> there you go, man! look! [ laughter ] >> you all right? >> yeah. >> who's that? >> who's that? [ laughter ]
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>> loss for words. he was star truck. steph curry right next to you. dad is a pro football player, but when you're income to steph, that's a big -- next to steph, that's a big deal. [ laughter ] >> adorable . thanks so much. coming up at 10:00, keeping an eye on what's happening with the terror attack in istanbul. the latest on that and the search for the attackers who killed at least 35 people. see you tent. you tent. -- tent.
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jay? have you seen the grapes? yeah, i ate them. why would you eat the grapes? they were in a bowl, they were washed, i paid for them. they were for the new year's. oh, right. what's that goofy thing again? it's not goofy. it's a tradition. at midnight, you eat 12 grapes, you make 12 wishes, 1 for each month of the year. and you really think that works? five years ago, i was a single mother living in a slum. today, i'm driving to palm springs in my new car with my rich husband. you do what you want. i'm eating the grapes. for new year's eve, we're taking phil and claire and mitch and cam to this amazing hotel i used to go to in palm springs. they got a whole package-- dinner, dancing, toast at midnight. i mean, what more do you need? grapes. (lowered voice) i said we'd stop on the way. haley, it's new year's eve. are you sure you don't wanna go to a party or something? and listen to all my friends talk about how awesome college is? i know how awesome college is. that's what got me kicked out. well, i'm sure uncle mitchell will feel much better leaving lily here


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