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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 31, 2016 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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the new year is almost here on the west coast. right now thousands are gathering a wrong san francisco's waterfront to bring in 2017. good evening. i'm alyana gomez. in two hours we say goodbye to 2016. and ring in the new year. many are embracing a fresh start with 2017 after a tumultuous year with a lot of news that took people by
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surprise whether it be the presidential race, the cubs world series win, or the numerous celebrity deaths. ktvu's leigh martinez his life from the embarcadero with a fireworks display. i see you have got the crown on your head. looking good. >> reporter: you know i wasn't going to pass this up. for those who don't know, we are from the same county in new jersey. we are automatically attracted to bright shiny sometimes gaudy things. i had to have it. but yes. not the only one. several people have them too so there's the huge crowd out here now. much bigger than it was before. we are still two hours out from the festivities. you can see the people milling about. she's been waiting. she wanted to get on tv so bad. but you can see a lot of people here just about ready to have a good time. everyone is wishing each other happy new year. it has been a roller coaster up
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and down year. we've had some highs and lows. some people really are just ready to start celebrating. with 2017 has to offer. >> ♪ >> reporter: for some the downward spiral of the year 2016 started with the death of david bowie on january 10th. from there, the world lost several talented artists and icons and for many, that made 2016 a bad year. >> oh, yeah. david bowie. leonard cohen. carrie fisher. that was a bummer. >> the chicago cubs finally won a world series. their first since 1908. and in the bay the oakland raiders are having a great season. first in the afc west. but fans are still cautious. >> i know. got his leg broke. we don't know what's going to happen. >> reporter: then there was the historic and shocking presidential race. >> the worst thing for me,
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honestly, probably trump getting elected as president. >> the best thing was trump got elected in 2016. >> all right. >> reporter: both agree the long campaigns were not at america's best. >> how horrible the process was. for the election to take place. was really, really ugly. >> reporter: for this child the best 2016 had to offer was the deb dance. many people are looking to 2017 for more positivity. >> looking forward to yoga. looking forward to ping-pong, backgammon and dancing like crazy. >> reporter: and overall improvement over 2016. >> to have a better life. >> reporter: don't we all? and we are waiting for that time to happen. two more hours. we're watching the clock here at the ferry building in san francisco. people are in generally a very
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good mood. everyone is wishing each other a very happy new year. talked to san francisco police earlier. they said so far no problems. no arrests they know if. everyone celebrating. everyone has been on their best behavior. so far. police say if the crowds end up getting pretty big and spilling into the streets they will be shutting down the embarcadero. so far they have not done that. >> what has been your most memorable experience of 2016? >> reporter: 2016? i started at ktvu and of course you and i met and we found out we are from new jersey. the same county with rival high schools. >> oh, yeah. >> so it's been like i said, up and down kind of year. we've lost a lot of really great celebrities. i've been a david bowie fan for a long time. so that was pretty rough. but looking forward to seeing what 2017 has in store for us. >> all right.
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live at the embarcadero in san francisco, waiting for the stroke of midnight to celebrate the new year. thank you so much. all right. meteorologist mark tamayo is monitoring the forecast. might have some fireworks here. >> 10:05 right now. less than two hours away. hello to 2017. had some clouds this morning. even a few showers across portions of the bay area for tonight. we are expecting clear to partly cloudy skies. so here is the forecast. partly cloudy skies for tonight. temperatures have been cooling off quite a bit. closer look right now and bring in the forecast. mid-30s to mid-40s. a place like san francisco one of the warmer spots. for the fireworks shows, let's make the fireworks even bigger for you. midnight and we do have a relatively clear sky except some fog trying to regroup near parts of the coastline. live look outside. we are looking live out toward
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the embarcadero. holiday lights up and of course the bay bridge lights as well. no umbrellas needed. you just need a thick coat or a sweater with temperatures dropping off to the upper 30s. for a place like santa rosa. san francisco on the warmer side. had some rain showers this morning. a few like showers across the bay area. right now some patchy fog trying to regroup. loss of clear skies being reported there. and current numbers for the 10:00 hour santa rosa called off to 37. san francisco 49 right now. san jose 44 and livermore 36. new year's eve across portions of the bay area, we even have a colder air mass moving to northern california as we begin 2017. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. >> thanks so much. if you're driving into the city you can expect some company on the road. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. looking pretty good. a little bit of traffic into the toll.
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but of course out tonight and you don't want to drive into the city, there are several public transit options available. muni is offering free rides. cable car is included until 5:00 a.m. bart will have extra trains and extend service until 3:00 tomorrow morning. regular fares do apply. extra southbound trains after midnight and all rides with them are free. sam trains and the vta are also running free tonight. chp officers are cracking down on drunk drivers. chp's maximum enforcement period began yesterday and continues until midnight monday morning. crackdown includes more officers patrolling california highways as well as increase in drunk driving checkpoints. triple-a is once again offering its tipsy tow service. so that people won't drink and drive. the service is free to anyone between 6:00 and 6:00 tomorrow morning. you don't have to be a triple-a member to take advantage.
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triple-a will tow your car and drive you back home as long as it's within 10 miles. the number to call is on your screen. 82224357. we've got time left before the stroke of midnight. but in other parts of the world the start to 2017 has already begun. >> four, three, two, one, happy new year! >> there it goes. folks crammed into times square to watch the traditional dropping of the ball. a tradition that dates back to 1907. the crowds waited patiently in the cold of course for a chance to be at the largest celebration of its kind in the u.s. while across the world, in dubai the tallest building in the world served as a scaffold for a spectacular fireworks show as you see there. the burj khalifa is more than 2700 feet tall. fortunately the spectacle did not see a repeat of last year's excitement.
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faulty wiring sparked a fire several hours before midnight last year. at a 63 story skyscraper nearby. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> and in berlin a crowd estimated at 1 million people gathered to welcome the new year. in addition to the fireworks that you see, the annual spectacular features multiple stages and lots of food. and laser productions. the partying continues into the early morning hours in germany. pope francis led a new year's eve mass at st. peter's basilica. >> ♪ >> the pontiff urged young people to find a purpose and said leaders must help open more doors for youth so they can find dignified and genuine work that would allow them to take part in society. after the mask pope francis walked through st. peter's square and greeted thousands of people who gathered. for the last service of 2016.
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following developing news out of turkey tonight where at least 35 new year's eve party goers have been killed in a terrorist attack inside and a stumble nightclub. 40 people were injured. bbc news is reporting at least one attacker was wearing a santa claus costume. there were five to 600 revelers inside the nightclub at the time. after the shooting the killer reportedly shouted the attack was revenge for russia's involvement in the conflict of the syrian city of aleppo. president barack obama is expressing condolences to the attack at the nightclub. spokesman eric schultz said in a statement, the president expressed condolences for the innocent lives lost, directed his team to offer appropriate assistance to the turkish authorities as necessary, and keep him updated as warranted. obama is currently vacationing in hawaii with his family. several new state laws will go into effect in 2017.
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it will be illegal for gun buyers to possess magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. gun owners can sell the magazines to a licensed dealer or turn them over to police. gun buyers will have to undergo a background check before buying ammunition and will be barred from buying the weapons that have a so-called bullet button. that button allows the shooter to quickly dislodge the magazine using the tip of a bullet. law enforcement officers will be required to follow the same rules as civilians when it comes to how they store their handguns. they will have to be kept in a lockbox and it's out of plain sight. if weapons are left in an unattended vehicle they must be kept in the truck. the law was created after several guns were stolen from officers and then used in crimes throughout the state. outrage over the brock turner sexual assault case prompted change for a new law. anyone convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious or severely intoxicated person will now be ineligible for probation and will face mandatory prison time.
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the former sanford swimmer convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman during a party on campus. rather than prison time turner served three months in jail. the new law broadens the definition of rape to include all forms of nonconsensual sexual assault. one new law that hits the books tomorrow focuses on hands- free driving. starting tomorrow it will be illegal to hold your phone while driving. as ktvu's rob malcolm reports drivers will have to stop or invest in a new device to mount it on to the dashboard. >> they have the signs you could write on and hold them up to people. i would like it to say hang up and drive. >> reporter: a message chp has been touting for years. now the law authored by a hayward assemblyman makes it easier for police to ticket drivers. >> if we see it in your hand at all whether you are playing pokemon or using your iphone for maps or trying to text your friend, it is all illegal now. if your phone is in your hand you are in violation of the
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law. >> reporter: drivers can use cell phones if they do it hands- free. in most cases voice activated and operated. some drivers wanted to put the brakes on that idea as well. >> you should just drive. you can -- your mind is somewhere else. >> reporter: a 1785 also fixes a loophole with the hands-free cell phone law which banned talking and texting while driving. but didn't address shooting or scanning video using snapchat. another app. if you want to use the phone now be prepared for serious limitations. >> need to be mounted. push one button or swipe to answer or decline a call. >> the problem is i'm on the phone all the time. how do you know the difference between that? it's a matter of as long as you touch and go. i guess that's what it's about. >> reporter: if it is about safety, -- >> i think it's going to be tough to enforce. people are going to have it on their laps. >> reporter: this verizon store in alameda was already running
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low on mounting devices. >> we do have this product that is picking up in sales. more of an attachment you attach to your car event. >> pretty simple. we have the magnetic back. so i put it on the back of my case and it holds it. hold it up for the bumps and the whole nine yards. much easier and both my phones have it. >> reporter: phones must be mounted to the lower left or right of the windshield. without obstructing the area back. welcome to the new normal. on california highways. the bottom line is the device that costs from 25 to 40 bucks can save you hundreds of dollars in fines. chp says there may be a grace period with the new law that date but don't depend on that. rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. also following another developing story out of santa clara. the 49ers are expected to fire both head coach chip kelly and general manager trent baalke after the season which ends tomorrow.
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kelly is just 2-13 in his first year with the niners which included a franchise worst 13 game losing streak. if the 49ers let kelly go they will be on the hook for the remaining three years of his contract. which pays him $6 million annually. it would also mean the last two head coaches last just one season with the team. jim tomsula was also one done in 2015 and trent baalke has been the gm the last six years. and under fire ever since letting jim harbaugh go. since then the niners have gone 7-24. we'll have much more on this developing story later on in sports with jason appelbaum. still to come new details on malware found at a vermont power utility. and the lynx to russia. the national championship matchup is set. jason appelbaum will have more later in "sports wrap." the tight security
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measures. what steps are being taken before the floats move and marching begins. begins.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. the followed continues from russia's alleged interference in our presidential election.
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carolyn shively has more. >> a vermont utility company is confirming it discovered linked to russian hackers. the burlington electric company discovered the breach friday after the department of homeland security shared the malware code with utility financial and transportation companies all critical infrastructure. fortunately the infected laptop was not connected to the power grid system. patrick leahy says the russians were trying to access utilities to potentially manipulate the grid and shut it down in the middle of winter. also called it a direct threat. as punishment for the larger scandal russian diplomats and families have until sunday to leave the country before they have been ordered to leave. as of noon yesterday the diplomats were kicked out of two compounds. this one in the long island and another in maryland. they look like beautiful vacation homes with tennis courts and sailing but the obama administration says there were used for much more than that. including intelligence gathering against the u.s. diplomats in
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san francisco are also getting kicked out of the consulate where u.s. officials say the russians had a robust spy network. the consul general wishes vladimir putin would do what president obama has done and kick out our diplomats. >> we consider these sanctions completely understands -- unsubstantiated, unreasonable, and very detrimental to the bilateral relations between two neighbors. between united states of america and the russian federation. >> 96 russians have been told to leave. 35 diplomats and their dependents. in washington, carolyn shively, fox news. word that william christopher the actor best known for playing father mulcahy on the tv series mash has died. christopher performed in gomer pyle and had recurring roles in hogan's heroes and that girl. but it was as the patient reverend francis john patrick mulcahy that he found pain. according to multiple news sources christopher died of
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cancer today. at his home in pasadena. he was 84. a midair collision has claimed the lives of three people in texas. federal aviation administration says two small planes crashed into each other shortly after 5:30 p.m. near mckinney, texas. it happened near 35 miles north of downtown dallas near a private airport and faa spokesman said both aircraft were flying under visual rules and were not in contact with air traffic control at the time of the collision. crews are in recovery mode after a small plane carrying six people disappeared over lake erie thursday night. the coast guard called off its search for survivors. the twin engine plane was being piloted by the chief executive of a beverage distribution company. john fleming's wife their two sons and two neighbors were also on board that plane. u.n. security council has voted to endorse the cease-fire agreement in syria brokered by russia and turkey. as john heidi reports the
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council is reiterating its support for a roadmap to peace that starts with a transitional government. >> the u.n. security council approved a resolution supporting russia and turkey's efforts to broker peace in syria as a cease-fire continues to hold despite some reports of fighting in a rebel held area just northwest of damascus. the free syrian army rebel alliance threatened to abandon the truce tonight if attacked on rebel held areas continued. so far that has not happened. and it remains relatively calm in other parts of the country such as war-ravaged aleppo where people were out at the market today shopping and the roads were fairly busy. russia and turkey crafted the latest truce to countries that have been on opposite sides of the fighting in syria's nearly six-year civil war. u.n. security council resolution supports the cease-fire and also talks between syria's government and opposition groups in kazakhstan next
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month. the resolution also calls for unhindered and rapid humanitarian access throughout syria. while other cease-fires have failed in the past, the difference this time around is that it comes after the carnage in aleppo. that city has become a symbol of the inhumanity and brutality of syria's civil war. so after that fight, both sides may be more receptive to peace and the un's greenlight helps jumpstart more negotiations. the question now, will 2017 finally bring peace or more bloodshed in syria? that said, russian president vladimir putin and iran's president both allies of syrian president bashar al-assad totally spoke by phone today agreeing to continue coordinating peace efforts in syria excluding the united states. in jerusalem, john huddy, fox news. just about to wrap up 2016.
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we do have a few clouds over portion of the bay area. even some snowfall focused down toward southern california. out toward the grapevine right now. they have chp escorts. they do have issues escorting drivers over interstate five on the grapevine for this evening. as far as outside right now you can see we do have partly cloudy skies near the shoreline. mostly clear skies the rest of the bay area. right now temperatures cooling off. livermore 36. same for santa rosa. san francisco 49. half moon bay checking in 45 degrees. here we go. san francisco looking out toward the bay bridge likes. and the embarcadero as well. looks fairly nice. don't have to worry about the overcast or even rainfall. no umbrellas needed. just definitely need a sweater or a coat or the jacket for this evening. and once again tomorrow morning coolest locations starting at january 1st. lower 30s out towards santa rosa and napa. san francisco 46. san jose upper 30s.
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39 degrees. here is the forecast model. we could have more clouds increasing and there's a chance of a sprinkle in the north bay. and then some snow showers out in the sierra. monday morning starting out a few scattered showers especially up in the north bay. not too much happening in the south bay but cold air continues to move in. most snow levels coming up in a few minutes and then tuesday we could be talking about more rain showers approaching and once again into wednesday next week. looks like a pretty active weather pattern setting up as we head into 2017. that includes the sierra. winter weather advisory in place 10:00 a.m. sunday until 10:00 p.m. tuesday for the west slopes. snowfall could be around six to 18 inches and snow levels will be collapsing into monday possibly down to 1500 feet and that will be the same in the bay area potentially in portions of the north bay. we'll talk more about that and also show you the rain clouds in the five-day forecast.
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update coming up in a few minutes. missing for over a week. details on the search for a southern california couple who vanished on a trip to big sur. a harrowing rescue after a snowshoe or gets lost in whiteout conditions. hear his story about how he survived.
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the monterey county sheriff's office is asking for the public's help to locate a couple who disappeared. 20-year-old olivia gonzales and 21-year-old ryan fernandez left north hollywood on december 23rd for a road trip. they were supposed to return on christmas day but never did. de pere was driving a four-door tan honda civic with california license plate 5vud-925. boulders fell on roads in several places. anyone with information about the couple is asked to contact
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authorities. search and rescue volunteer saved in a harrowing rescue is now talking about his ordeal. after spending a night in the frigid wilderness after getting lost while snowshoeing last week. in washington state. annie andrews has the story. >> that was the general scenery up on the ridge. >> reporter: wally took out out his phone to capture the beauty on saturday afternoon. when everything changed in an instant. >> it's like walking into the inside of a pillowcase. just white. >> reporter: he was at the top of the mountain in the heart of a snow squall. instincts told him his descent was coming up. he had snow shoot for 25 years. but never like this. >> all that was lighting up was the snow. >> reporter: his headlamp was useless. he pulled out a cell phone and called his son. the last phone call he would make before losing service that night. >> that is missing. i need his apple i.d. and password so we can locate his phone. >> reporter: his wife remembers every minute.
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>> i knew he was spending the night. and i knew his life was in danger. >> i had in this bag my 10 essentials. >> reporter: his training as a scout leader and god's grace that would save him. >> huddle in prayer and wait. >> reporter: when he got down the mountain where the cabin and his son should be waiting, he knew he had missed the mark. he looked for shelter and found a textbook been too it would be his job to stay awake and warm. >> i put this in the middle and i started feeding twigs onto it. finding that spot and finding the fuel and getting fire built made the difference. to whether i was alive in the morning. >> reporter: next day a search helicopter spotted wally. still had hours of treading waist deep snow. a grueling task before he could be saved. >> even though he had his wits and he was making good decisions, he had to continue to make one good decision after the next in order to stay alive. >> reporter: just before the
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rescue mission would be suspended crews spotted wally walking up the ridge. his lesson is one he has taught for many years. >> be prepared for the worst thing that can happen. and have what you need. >> wow. what an amazing story. glad he was able to make it out alive. still to come tonight, ancient japanese tradition welcome to the new year and says goodbye to 2016. how bay area buddhists are getting ready for the year to come.
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the rose parade on monday in pasadena will come in new forms and additional safety measures. ricks -- rick lozano tells us about the safety measures. >> all is quiet on the western front but soon the rose parade
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will come marching and floating down colorado boulevard. a festive atmosphere that will come with a heavy layer of security. >> it is good for people to feel secure and like they don't have anything to worry about. that's more important so they can focus on the event itself. >> reporter: security will come in many forms. so will security measures. including some new ones like water barriers to create a barrier so a vehicle cannot generate a lot of speed. >> reporter: given the assaults we've seen worldwide the truck assault in berlin that killed 12 recently to name just one, people seem resigned to a world where heavy security for large events is a must. >> not going to pretend i know as much as they do about what the parameters of the event are and what the weak spots are. if they think it's important and necessary then i'm inclined to agree with him. >> the new year's weekend will bring visitors from near and far. priority one? >> have fun. have fun. enjoy the game.
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and the festivities. >> reporter: many of those festivities come with a price tag these days. a heavy dose of preventive measures. >> i don't know if it's going to affect us watching the parade. it is set we have to do something like that. but probably necessary in today's day and age. >> that was rick lozano reporting. san francisco's art museum set the scene for a japanese new year tradition. it is an ancient buddhist custom to strike a temple bell to welcome in the new year. the end of the year bell dates back to 1532. the bronze bell weighs 2100 pounds. it will be struck 108 times. the idea is to welcome in the new year and curb the 100 a devices we all possess. >> we started doing this tradition in san francisco museum. i think it was more than 10 years ago. it has been a san francisco
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staple. >> some of the 108 div -- greed anger and ignorance. the tolling of the bells enables the joyous and prosperous start to the new year. we're getting getting closer to the end of 2016. when we come back, we'll go back out to san francisco at the embarcadero where the biggest new year's eve party in northern california is taking place. place. coming up, we'll update the forecast for sunday and also talk about major changes as we head into 2017.
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time now 10:37.
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we're going to go back out to san francisco where leigh martinez is life from the embarcadero with a new year welcomed with a big fireworks display and of course a huge party out there. lead? >> reporter: we are seeing a lot more people. this is becoming a much bigger crowd. from all directions here to watch the fireworks that are going to be him -- at the embarcadero. i got kissed by a puppy. that's why my makeup is smeared. it was a dog kiss. again everyone is being pretty well behaved. san francisco police say they have not heard of any incidents. they have not had incidents of their own. also talking to bart police. so far everyone has been on their best behavior. so again we are out here by the ferry building. this is some of the hordes of people coming in right now. you can see them with party hats. people of all ages. everyone seems to be pretty excited. and again everyone seems to be
10:39 pm
complementary of each other and looking out for each other. we've seen a couple people accidentally bump into each other. of course there's a lot of excuse me and pardon me. hope you are okay. everyone is being good to each other. that's all we can hope for. the big challenge is staying awake until midnight. this is past my bedtime. i never stay up this late. and am i go to make it? i don't know. but everyone is being really courteous which is really nice. we're getting lots of happy new year's which we all appreciate. thank you, guys. >> i can see a lot of the traffic starting to back up. what is the scene really like when it comes to trying to get out there for the last-minute people trying to rush out to the embarcadero tonight? >> you're not going to have any problems. at least from where we are you can see embarcadero is still open. sfpd told us yesterday and this
10:40 pm
morning if there were a lot of people coming onto the streets that they were going to stop traffic on the embarcadero but as you can see that has not happened. we talked to a spokesperson a few minutes ago and they have not had any problems which is unusual for crowds this big. i'm surprised and very impressed with how well people are behaving out here. >> oftentimes you get a lot of people who have had too much to drink and like to say some crazy things on camera. glad to see everything is clean. looks like you are bundled up out there having a good time. is it pretty cold? what is the weather like? how is it feeling? >> i'm always cold and i'm a terrible person to ask about this because i'm always cold no matter what. it's about i would say 51 degrees. and we are seeing a lot of other people that look as bundled up as i am. very comfortable with my scarf and hat. but we've seen other people with jackets and sweatshirts walking by. it is a nice night and with other people around you they are going to keep you warm.
10:41 pm
>> you look nice and warm out there. i love the decoration on your head and you look great. thank you so much. leigh martinez live out there at the embarcadero with all the partygoers. now we go to meteorologist mark tamayo. to see what's going on out there. >> looks like it is the typical new year's eve in san francisco. right around 49, 50 degrees. not extreme chilled but still cool out there. at least it is dry. that's a different story down towards the southern california. the rainfall showing up there and even some snow. cold enough that we have some snow issues up towards the grapevine. keep that in mind if you have friends or family or even yourself if you are traveling the grapevine or into tomorrow morning. here we go right now. some patchy fog trying to regroup some lower clouds near the immediate coastline here but a few patches can work their way back into the bay. still as you can see right now we do have a nice saturday evening across a good portion of the bay area. as we ring in 2017.
10:42 pm
first thing tomorrow morning january 1st it will be chilly out there. lower 30s towards the santa rosa and napa. san francisco 46. san jose upper 30s checking in 39 degrees. in san francisco 7:00 a.m., 47 degrees and as you can see we'll have a son and cloud mix. probably more clouds into the afternoon hours by 4:00 increasing clouds. temperatures only in the lower 50s. at least tonight for a good portion fair skies with the exception of patchy fog trying to regroup. and parts of the bay, we are talking about this cold weather system moving in from the north. so tomorrow we continue to cool things off. monday, tuesday will be pretty cold days as well. cold enough that we could have snow levels locally down to 2000 feet and maybe up in the north bay. could be a little bit lower than that into monday morning. some of the cold air trapped in the surface. so in general right around 2000 feet but lower especially in portions of the north bay. that could be for monday and
10:43 pm
possibly into tuesday. but what is developing by wednesday, thursday, friday the forecast model suggesting a very active and wet weather pattern with multiple days rainfall developing. still a few days out but something we'll be watching for. for tomorrow afternoon partly cloudy skies in the bay area. some snow out toward the sierra with winter weather advisory in place. and this is monday. possibility scattered showers especially the north bay. keep an eye on low snow levels. 7:00 monday the chance of a few showers with mostly cloudy conditions. here we go tuesday rainfall could be favoring portions of the north bay. but then this will ramp up in coverage by wednesday, thursday, friday and possibly longer than that. that could be the next developing weather story. could be a big deal later in the week. as far as temperatures tomorrow lots of 50s out there for afternoon highs. locked in this cool weather pattern and temperatures continue to cool off with your five-day forecast. so we say hello to 2017 in a
10:44 pm
little bit. off and on cold showers and monday on the light side. and a chance at tuesday looks like rainfall becoming likely to wednesday and a fairly good chance of rain fall into thursday and some heavy rainfall long-range forecast. so keep that in mind. at least for tonight and january 1st looking pretty good. >> looking mighty cold. >> exactly. and wet. >> thanks so much. reports breaking late on this new year's eve about a possible shakeup with the 49ers. jason appelbaum up next in sports. sports.
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