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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  January 2, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning. welcome back to mornings on two. going to take a live look this morning. some wet roads out there. so be careful. here is a live be look at the golden gate bridge. not very many cars, but definitely wet out there. this is january 2nd. it is the observance of new year's day for a lot of people, since it fell on a sunday. so we do expect traffic to be pretty light. thank you for joining us. i'm pam cook. >> welcome back from vacation. >> you, too. you've had some is days off. >> how do you say wet roads early in the morning? >> let's take talk about your weather. for some people, rain is already a part of their lives. >> for some it's cold, for others, there's rain. there's not a lot out there, you i don't guys, but there's a bit of it. temperatures are in the 30s to 40s. so even mid-40s. there that is line you can see stretching from about san
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rafael, but over oakland and concord, how out to highway 4. it' to get modified. there is some decent rain moving onshore. 30s to the north. 40s to the south. the coldest air is really kind of yet to arrive. that will he continue to filter in here. there are advisories for snow. lake county, look for a mix of sun and clouds, but all eyes will be on the west-southwest over the next couple of days, as this could set up to be a wet pattern. 40s and 50s on your temperatures. >> sal off today, but we're still checking traffic for you. if first, the bay bridge toll plaza absolutely a breeze. no problems out there at all. very few cars. let's check highway 24 in lafayette. i'm seeing the lights out there
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of cars, so there is some traffic, but very little traffic, and no problems to report right now. and let's check highway 280, in san jose. no problems at all. in fact, almost no traffic out there. though the roads may be a little bit wet. >> later this morning, we are expecting to hear more from the 49ers about the firings of head coach chip kelly and general manager trent baalke. >> tell us more about this story. good morning. >> good morning to you guys. not entirely unexpected here. we thought the team likely would do this after such a dismal season, and at 10:00 this morning, we expect that ceo jed york is going to hold a news conference, and york will be discussing the decision to fire the two. the team had a horrible 2:14 losing season. they ended that season yesterday, losing to the
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seattle seahawks 25-23 in the final game. it was -- chip kelly was only with the teen for one season. after the game, the players talked about the exchanges that are likely coming, and we also heard from the outgoing coach chip kelly. >> just a year ago, we were saying hello, and welcome to san francisco, and here we are maybe saying,. >> yeah. >> how did that happen? >> well, i think our record wasn't -- you know, it's a bottom line business, so we probably didn't win enough games, so -- >> are you going to make a case for yourself with jed, or is it maybe past that point? >> i don't think i'm going to the people's court. i mean, he wants have have to have a conversation, so i'll have a conversation with him. >> he's a good dude. ty think he's a good coach. i think he's a better person. but plenty of good people in tough spots. when we lose, like we did, and had a season like we had, changes are made.
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>> and general manager trent baalke released this statement after being let go. it says: thank you, alex. time is now 5:04. 49ers fans we talked to were not happy, but also not totally surprised by the news. >> both the coach and the gm are going. >> good riddance. good riddance. because, i mean, how are you going to be a super bowl contender when you let all of your players go. >> baalke hit on some, but he's miss add on bunch here in the
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last two years, so think that's where you start. >> there's so much that needs to be changed, but i think it does have to start at the top. >> try to get hash tag back and get -- harbaugh back, and get our team back to victory where we were. >> i would give it over to eddie d so he can come back and take charge. in the meantime, yesterday's 49ers loss to the seahawks was secondary news for the team and the fan. then is a hawks beat them 25- 23. the 49ers led early in the game, but late in the second quarter, the seahawks started to bounce back. the 49ers end the season with a 2-14 record, the worst ever for the 49ers. the seahawks, in the meantime, clinched the n fc west. >> for the raiders, the news isn't great either. the denver broncos beat them 24- 67, and they lost the afc west title yesterday.
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the bad news started 9 days ago when derek carr was injured. yesterday, then, the backup quarterback was hurt, and his backup conner cooke had to come in. the raiders still in the play- offs. they worn this pro the broncos won their game, but lost their head coach. gary kubiak said he is stepping down for health reasons. there were some tense moments on the field. denver quarterback too leave did not like michael crabtrees -- talib did not like michael crabtree's jewelry, evidently, he ripped off he necklace. he said he had told him if he wears that in front of me, i'm going to rip it off of him. >> and he did. president-elect donald trump is preparing to take over the white house. president obama is now in the
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final stretch, and as doug reports from washington, he's using these final weeks to secure his legacy. >> well, we prepare here in washington for january 20th, and the inauguration, and the arrival of president-elect trump. we're getting a better idea of how president obama is going to deal with his departure. president obama bidding farewell to haw haw early this morning, most likesly for the last time as president. air force one departed for washington, just hours after trumps for one arrived in new york with the president-elect returning from his vacation. with considerable work ahead for both of them. and just this morning, the white house release heed a statement from the president, who is now going to travel to chicago next week to deliver a farewell address. it's a chance, he says, to say thank you for this amazing journey, to celebrate the ways you've changed this country for the better these past 8 years, and to off summer thoughts on where we all go from here. but his key concern this week is where we go from oh bah ma
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care, signed into -- obamacare. it is now in serious gypky. the president heads tony hill to meet with nervous democrats. >> will he just repeal it, are will he continue to, you know -- or will he he continue to just, you know, say i'm going to get rid of it. >> reporter: trump meets with u.s. intelligent officials to get more information on the russian hacking. trump has remained skeptical. >> i think it's unfair, if they don't know. and i know a lot about hacking, and hacking is a very hard thing to prove. so it could be somebody else. and i also know things that other people don't know, and so they cannot be sure of the situation. >> reporter: mean while, back here in washington, white house officials say to prepare for more kind of last-minute
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commutatioss and pardons from the president before he leaves office. >> time is now 5:09. isis now claiming responsibility for the unusual eve shooting a at nightclub in turkey where at least 39 people were killed. 70 others were hurt. a gunman shot a security guard and a police officer at the entrance of that nightclub inis tan bull, and then went inside started shooting randomly. an american was among those wounded. the gunman escaped. right now, there's a manhunt under way in turkey. this morning, people start aid riving that the morgue, claiming the bodies of their loved one. >> muni riders are paying more in the new year. passes have gone up from $86 to $915 month. discounts, monthly passes for youth, seniors, and people with disabilitied also increased. discount cash fares are also seeing a carter increase from
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$1 to $1.25. >> the concern growing right now over the safety of the homeless over the next couple of day. >> within the last year, actually, there's been $125 deaths in santa clara county, and that's out of more than 5,000 people who live on the street. that's a very alarming statistic. >> coming up, what is being done to keep the homeless safe and dry in the south bay. >> plus a lot of people were talking about this. mariah carey said it wasn't her fault when the audio went out during her performance. who she said was to blame for the nickel difficulties. >> and i promise not to lynn sync this weather forecast. it could be very rainy by the end of the week. more on that coming up.
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welcome back. yes, the new year, and hundreds of thousands of people jam the waterfront, celebrating the new year. this is what it liked like from some of our bay area traffic cameras. all three different shots. beautiful shots. fireworks lit up the sky just after mid-night. an estimated crowd of 200,000 people gather aid long the san francisco embarcadero for the new year's festivities. the police were out all over the place, as well, and no major problems were reported. >> well, mariah carey responding to criticism about
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her new year's eve performance in times square. >> happy new year! we can't hear! >> she said we scant hear. their staff said her ear piece wasn't working, and that she was intentionally sabotaged by the production company, but dick clark productions calls the claim absurd. now, people had a lot to say about that performance on twitter. sportscaster dan patrick tweeted: he she shrugged off the criticism, tweeting:
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well, the iconic and famous hollywood sign in los angeles got a whole new look for the new year. look at this. early yesterday morning, a prankster climbed mount lee in hollywood, got all the way up to over a fence and changed the world famous hollywood sign to holly weed. someone pulled that exact same prank back in 1976, but this change to holly weed could be tied by the decision by california voters in november to legalize the recreational use of marin. >> so i guess -- marijuana. >> so i guess they have to fix that and get back to the hollywood sign. i halt we came to see the hollywood sign, not the holly weed sign, but, hey, it's fine with me. >> investigators say they're having a hard time identifying who the vandal is, because it was dark outside where and and
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it was -- outside, and it was also raining. people come from all over to take their pictures with that. people come from all over to ski at tahoe, as well, because i was up there. i met people from all over the world. tons of viewers. they were saying can i take selfie with you? >> sure you weren't the hills of hollywood? >> we did smell some of that in colorado. yes, we did. >> we have a week system over us, but he's going to be a series of symptoms over the next few cases. w, and then all eyes and signs point to what should be a wet
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pattern. lake tahoe, between today and tuesday, could be some isolated areas around 4 inches of snow. this is moving over oh richmond, to the east pay, then back over to san ramon. coming in from the west- southwest, that's a little bit warmer. 30s to the north. mid-40s to the south. so there are two forecasts here. one of them does have some upper 30s, certainly in the santa cruz mountains, as well as two observations in then los gatis at 37. the system, though, that's
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tapping into some moisture will probably impack areas with the higher snow levels. you combine these two, and you can get some pretty good rain out of that. so cloudy, cool. 40s to the north. looks like winding down on wednesday, a break thursday, friday, and if everything marchs in as advertised, intend rain on the weekend. could be heavy. >> interesting start to the new year. >> no kidding. it's better than sunny and warm. i'm take it. >> firefighters in burbank rushed if to rescue a man who became trapped in a water tunnel. look at this. up next, the reason it was so hard to get him out. and ass we go to the break, another live look at highway 4 traffic and bay point. it's getting heavier, but it's still moving. we'll keep an eye on traffic for you throughout the morning.
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a man is recovering in southern california after a dramatic rescue from a southern california water tunnel. it happened here saturday in burbank. look at this. neighbors called 911. they heard someone yelling for help. when firefighters arrived, it took them a while to locate the man, but they managed to find him and hoist him to safety. still not clear how he became
5:22 am
trapped in that water tunnel, or how long he was down there. he was checked out at the scene, and you can see he was rushed to the hospital for treatment of hypothermia. >> in ohio, the coast guard will keep searching lake erie for a plane carrying six people that disappeared from the radar, shortly after taking off from a lake front airport last thursday. the plane was piloted by the ceo of a beverage company, who was flying with his wife, children, and two neighbors. they had just left a cleveland cavaliers game. there have been reports of debris washing ashore near that airport. >> for the past year has seen no shortage of high-profile crime stories here in the bay area. ktvu crime reporter herny lee takes a look back at some of those cases in today's crime files. >> reporter: 2016, another year of crime headlines. some horrific, others bizarre, and they'll all happened in the bay area. the dismembered body washed assure in fremont.
5:23 am
police say hire husband had initially planned to kill himself after he killed his wife, but then changed his mind. but after his wife's remains were found, he did commit suicide by jump on the bay bridge. you might remember this guy, spray painted in gold. in march, the chp arrested him for dui after he hit three vehicles why driving on i-he 80 in berkeley. he told officers he was covered in gold because he was coming from a photo shoot, and may have been high on inhalants from the spray paint. the bay area police sex scandal broke wide open in may. several officers were charged with misconduct with the daughter of an oakland police department dispatcher. also pearl pin son was
5:24 am
kidnapped near her have a layio home. pearl has not been found. there in june, 94-year-old betty was beaten in her richmond home by an intruder who stole a rare coin presented to her by president obama. she worked at rosie the riveter national historic park, and is the nation's oldest park ranger. in september, 49ers tight end bruce miller was accused of using a cain to attack a 70- year-old man and his son at a hotel in san francisco's fisherman's wharf. police said miller went to the wrong room. the 49ers released miller hours after the incident. in november, alameda county sheriff's explorer was stashed to death and set on fire in an oakland park. her friend, laura rogers, and rogers boyfriend, were arrested. sources say the boyfriend became jealous after the two women developed a closer relationship. also, a transgender woman was
5:25 am
arrested in a triple homicide in oakland. dana rivers was charged with the murders and then setting the house on peer. two inmates cut through steel bars to escape from the santa rosa jail. they were both later captured. a lot of these cases are still pending in the courts. i'll be monitoring these cases in the new year. back to you. >> time is 5:25. the boyfriend of the late george michael said the grammy award winning singer tried to kill himself many times.
5:26 am
an autopsy was inclusion inas to how george michael died. michael had struggled with drug addiction and depression for many years. >> time is now 5:26. we're getting word now, major b.a.r.t. delays this morning because of power problems. halle is on the story. she'll bring us a live report from what happened. >> cold wet weather is in the forecast. we'll tell you how county officials and homeless advocates are taking steps to help those living on the streets. >> well, if between two air masses, one to the north is cold, one to the south, a little warmer, and low and behold, we have some rain here. not a lot today, but maybe more so by the end of the week. we're told to live large, but with princess cruises your most extraordinary moments happen
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use in it's a national holiday for a lot of people celebrating the new year. because of early morning rain, heavy out times, some parts of the bay area are a little soggy, so just be ready for that, if if you're heading out. welcome back to mornings on two. it's monday, january 2nd. >> it is now 5:30. we did a lot of sleeping in and
5:30 am
staying under the covers. >> last week we were supposed to be brutely cold. >> yeah, we were expecting a a big storm in tahoe he on saturday, but no. >> they're wrestling with it. they're wrestling. it does look like there could be a lot of rain maybe towards the owned of the week. right now some snow up in the sierra, with low snow levels to the north, as well. stretching over the east bay. maybe a little dusting of storm, some of the higher peeks around here. you can see a little mix on. so kind of hit and miss rain here. 30s to the north. 40s to the south, so have some pretty chilly temperatures. hence maybe some low snow levels. all the way to nevado. we have advisories for low snow
5:31 am
levels to the north, also northeast california and the sierra. a lot of moisture coming up from the west-southwest. a pretty cold system, but not a lot of moisture to the north. you get a look at it there, but all eyes really will be to the west-southwest by the end of the week. >> sal is off. he's relaxing, but we're still watching traffic for you through drought the morning. let's check the east shore freeway. traffic is moving on the east shore. >> we are some for some cold wet weather this week. hard to before predict, but it is especially hard this time of year for people living on the
5:32 am
street. >> reporter: we are hear in a parking lot. this is a parking lot known for where homeless people park rvs. they're living in their cars. they were shielded last night from the rain. the pave system still wet, but it's just not going to be easy for those who don't have any shelter. >> it's freezing out here, and i'm border line diabetic, and i'm frozen. i was just given this jacket, so i'm very grateful, it keeps me warm, warmer. >> reporter: last year, there were reportedly 125 homeless
5:33 am
deaths in santa clara county, and homeless advocates say it's like lay good portion of them died from exposure. they're definitely monitoring that to see whether or not theory going to hopen up some more shelter space.
5:34 am
our time is now 5:33. his name had faded from the headline, but 8 years since the death in oakland of oscar grant. oscar grant was an unarmed african-american man who was shot and killed pay white b.a.r.t. police officer. that sparked riots. also a national discussion on race and policing. >> the cellphone video taken at the b.a.r.t. station 8 years ago. 22-year-old oscar grant was laying on his stomach, and handcuffed behind this back, and shot by a b.a.r.t. police officers who said he accidentally pulled out his gun instead of his taser. his family, friends, and community not only remember his life, but also discuss the
5:35 am
impact of his death. >> i want people to know that oscar loved people, and he would want to see justice actually, people treated equally and fairly. >> reporter: this performer was only 7 years old when grant was shot and killed. >> feels really good. >> the officer was later found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in grant's death. >> that's why it's so important for us to have the vigil every year to remind the community to come together and unify. we say it takes a village to raise a child, so it takes a community to come together to
5:36 am
ensure equal right passed front -- from one generation toth population >> i hope we can get rid of racism. know that won't happen in one year, but i hope we can bring it down. >> reporter: the foundation said it works to bridge the gap of distrust between the community and the police force. >> time is 5:36. in oklahoma, a police officer was shot last night during a traffic stop. it happened in valley brook just outside of oklahoma city. the officer pulled over a car, and had mate contact with the driver. as the officer walked back to his patrol car, that driver pulled out a gun and shot the officer in the leg. then the driver took off, but later abandoned the car. that officer has had surgery. the suspect's car was found,
5:37 am
but now police are out there searching for that driver. >> well, some democrats in congress want president obama to do something to help the hundreds of thousands of immigrants brought to you u.s. as children make may face being deport under the trump administration. at leastth 50 congressional democrats are asking the president to grant pardons to the young immigrants known as dreamers, who stepped forward to identify themselves in exchange for a promise they would be safe from being deported. it's not clear what will happen to the more than 700,000 young immigrants once donald trump takes office. the white house said the idea of issues pardons for the dreamers would not protect them from being deported. well, california desperately is seeking bilingual educational teachers. a ballot measure calls for bringing back bilingual education the state. schools are adding bilingual
5:38 am
classes now, but there's a severe shortage of teachers who have the credentials to teach those classes. many schools are bringing in teachers on visas from overseas to meet that need. >> well, the minimum wage went up in three bay area cities yew year's day. the san jose, the minimum wage went from $10.pan hour to $10.50. it will be raised to $15 an hour by 2019. oakland's minimum wage went up 31 cents. let's check in with ally, because b.a.r.t. is recovering from delays this morning because of a power problem. you're at the west b.a.r.t. station. what happened? >> reporter: well, these delays were affecting three lines. we're at the west oakland part
5:39 am
station, because both of those lines pass through this year. it is the nontraditional route, but the impact was about 30 to 40-minute delays. however, b.a.r.t. said the system is now recovering. we have just heard back from pg & e about what caused these delays if the first lace. turns out there was a power outage reported around 3:50 this morning. about an hour ago, the prior was reconnected to the b.a.r.t. system in daily city. that's where the power -- this problem original nateed, the daily city b.a.r.t. because of that power outage. there's only 300 customers in this area that are still without power this morning. according to b.a.r.t., the system is recovering after those 30 to 40-minute delays caused by that power outage. this delay was affecting the dublin, pressenton, and bay
5:40 am
port lines. we have see no evidence app evidence of it causing any lingering problems out here at the bars stays, but, again, all caused by a power outage that has since been fixed for most customers out there, but definitely been fixed for b.a.r.t. back to you guy. >> time is 5:40. well, b.a.r.t. is cracking down on people who park illegally at its lot. starting today, if you're call parking in spots without paying, you'll face a $535 fine. that's -- $55 fine. that's an increase of $20. repeat offends here rack up 5 to 9 citations, you face an extra $100 penalty. ten or more tickets, and it's an extra $150. >> it's now 5:40. we've been talking about this for weeks now. coming up at 6:00, the new
5:41 am
cellphone law you need to keep in mind before you hit the road this morning. >> plus, the search for a man who stole christmas presents from a home in gill roy is as the family was sleeping. look at the video. the one piece of i have had that could lead to an arrest. >> well, we have some rain here, and some low elevation snow up in the sierra. maybe town to around 1800 feet. so looks to be an interesting week here for the next couple of days. we'll iron it out for you. i will never wash my hair again.
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welcome back. police released a photo of a man they've been looking for since before christmas, a man who stole presents from under ashe christmas tree at a home on expenseer court while the family was asleep upstairs. at one point, the burglar pulled a surveillance camera out of the ceiling, but not
5:44 am
before that camera had uploaded video to a server. gotcha. police hope that someone will recognize the man and give police in gill roy a call. >> a daredevil show at the home game of the minnesota vikes took attention away from the game. two protests scaled the stadium. and then unfurled a banner, protesting the bank's involvement in the controversial dakota access pipeline. many fans were wondering how they managed to get past security. >> i talked to a couple of fans sitting right there, and the person said that the lady carried the sign in in her back pack, and the they climbed up the stairs. i tonight know how they got past the security at that point.
5:45 am
>> they now face trespassing and some other charges. . 5 : 45 is the time. an important question, because you don't want to be be that person who has their christmas lights up all year. right? >> i know i don't. >> i don't. but you want to to get them down before they're soaking wet. >> if you haven't done it yesterday, you should do it
5:46 am
today. snow level is 1500 feet. not a lot of rain, but a quarter inch wouldn't surprise. the sierra, though, currently snowing. looks like i'll show you coming inspect a second here, but that snow level is going down, so winter weather advisory is out. around grass valley to north auburn to placerville. not to cameron park yet. so you're around 1800 feet here for some, as that be continues to work it's way into the sierra. there's not a lot to the north. kind of hit and miss. maybe a mix of some rain and snow in the higher elevations.
5:47 am
hayward is at 45, and 45sfo. or is some, it's on the mild side. dublin at 41. two systems, one to the north. a lot of moisture coming up from the west-southwest. 21 in truckie, to 43 in sacramento. if everything continues to come in as advertised, maybe some very heavy rain by the time we get to the weekend. this sue just one forecast model.
5:48 am
doesn't mean it's going to be right, but does paint the picture here. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. if i don't have to update this at all, intend rain on the weekend. some warmer. >> and warmer. so we're still looking for maybe rain up in tahoe. >> yes. >> it's 5:48. counts down to the start of the big rose parade in pasadena. it will start in a couple of hours at 8:00. >> from surfing dogs to beach volleyball, a huge collection of floats. we take a look. >> surfing on all fours. a motorized surf machine with
5:49 am
real waves. this float is of only a crowd pleaser, it's within for the record books. >> 125 feet long. 140,000 pounds. won the guinness book of word records for the lodge it's float ever in a parade. >> reporter: it is one of a dozen create bed fiesta parade floats. each flower placed by hand by volunteers. victor baez is one of three survivors riding in this year's
5:50 am
parade. >> bittersweet. i file i'm doing my part by being here, bit, at the same time, it's directly linked to what happened. so it's hard to separate and keep yourself from going to that dark space. >> reporter: after the judging, the floats will be slowly taken over to colorado boulevard, and must be in place by midnight. winners will be announced at the start of the parade route at 6:00 a.m. >> always so great to see that. the winners will be be announced right at the start of the parade. >> well, queen elizabeth noticeably missing from two family outings. up next, the recent event she missed that has some people concerned about her health. also, as we go break, we want to take you live to the bay bridge toll plaza. if you do have to go to work or
5:51 am
get somewhere, smooth sailing opinion not a lot of traffic out there for you, because a lot of observed hole days for the new year's day. have a great day. we'll be right back.
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5:53 am
welcome back. the monterey county sheriff's office is still searching for a
5:54 am
young couple from southern california who didn't come back from a weekend christmas trip to big sur. the two left north hollywood december 23rd. they were supposed to come back home from big sur on christmas day, but never did. investigators say the couple had a four-door tan colored honda civic. >> chicago hopes to get a fresh start in 2017, after one of its deadliest years on record. chicago ended 2016 with 762 homicides. an average of two murders a day. the most killings in chicago since 1996, and a big increase from 2015, when 468 people were killed. chicago police say they'll employ an advance crime fighting strategy to reduce the violence. >> i'll be outlining a strategy
5:55 am
going into 2017. the violence we experienced in 2016 is just totally unacceptable. we just cannot afford to have another year like that. so we'll be talking more in detail about that. >> police say moist of the homicides occurred in just five of the cities poorest neighbors, where gangs are most active. the victims are lush usually targeted because of gang ties. >> queen elizabeth ii is reportedly feeling better after coming down with a bad cold. she missed the new year's day church service yesterday. it's the second time in a week she has not felt well enough to attend church, raise something concerns about her health. >> it's understandable, really, given her age and her condition, probably made more sense to stay at home. >> queen elizabeth is 90 years old, and buckingham palace said she is simply suffering from a
5:56 am
bad cold. >> a live stream of two american baby american bald eagles. this is a popular live stream that's been dubbed eagle cam. there they are. one of the two eagles broke out saturday morning, and the other remained instead of its egg. the number of eagle cam viewers is growing by the hour. and a southern california family welcomed the first baby born in the bay area in 2017, just second was so the new year. her name is grace, emily moreno, and she was born 12 seconds after midnight in san jose. grace is six pounds, 11 ounces, 20 inches long.
5:57 am
coming up, 49ers head coach chip kelly and general manager trent baalke are both fired. plus a horrifying crash in santa rosa. a woman was killed. look at the pictures. up next, what police say that driver may have been doing that led to the crash. >> some rain over us. not a lot of moisture tow the north, but there has been a little bit of snow, light dusting. we'll take a closer look and see what's going on the sierra.
5:58 am
heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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good morning. it's official, chip kelly and trent baalke have been fired. and it is less than three weeks until president-elect donald trump takes office. the efforts now underway by president obama to save his legacy. mournings on 2 continues.
6:00 am
good morning. thank you for joining us if if you are up. >> i just ducked out. it is cold and damp outside our doors, right now, deceive. >> that is true. pretty low snow levels for some. could have decent snow here in the next 24 hours up in the sierra, and a light dusting to the north. you're getting down to around 1800 feet on the snow level. if you're traveling up 50 and 80, it will be far sooner than that, keep that in mind. some of the rain is moving across, but mainly from about solano county, back over to oakland. also san francisco and also in the santa rosa mountains -- santa cruz upon cans. could be a dusting of snow. looks like more of a cold rain than an


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