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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  January 2, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning. thank you for joining us if if you are up. >> i just ducked out. it is cold and damp outside our doors, right now, deceive. >> that is true. pretty low snow levels for some. could have decent snow here in the next 24 hours up in the sierra, and a light dusting to the north. you're getting down to around 1800 feet on the snow level. if you're traveling up 50 and 80, it will be far sooner than that, keep that in mind. some of the rain is moving across, but mainly from about solano county, back over to oakland. also san francisco and also in the santa rosa mountains -- santa cruz upon cans. could be a dusting of snow. looks like more of a cold rain than anything else.
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a lot of 40s here. 40s for many on the peninsula, so they're held up there. very warm sector coming in. today is kind of hit and miss rain. tomorrow looks more widespread, and lot of moisture looks to be on the way. 40s to the north, 50 those the south. back to pam. >> thank you, be steve. sal is off today for the holiday, but we're going to keep an eye on track for you this morning, and there's not a lot to say. there's a look at the bay bridge. by now, it's usually pretty crowded, but you can see smooth sailing there, and stunt look like the roads are very wet by the bay bridge. 101 san francisco, he, looks a little wetter over there, but still nobody out there.
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taking a look at highway 24 in la fay it. s pretty good, as well. a little more traffic, though, heading for the tunnel, and looks like it's a bit wet out there. >> in a couple of hours, we'll hear from the ceo of the 49ers who fired head coach chip kelly and general manager trent baltimore after a horrible season. >> a lot of people are talking about this. jed york will talk about the decisions during a news conference later today, alex. >> reporter: yeah, we are expected to learn more later on this morning. jed york said the niners simply need new leadership after an incredibly disappointed season, york is going to hold a news conference at 10:00 this morning at levi's stadium in santa clara. we learn had the 49ers let go.
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the 49ers lost to the secaucus. after are the game, the players talked about the decision to let go of the head coach and the general manager, and they praised theout going coach chip kelly. >> i had a great relationship with chip. the resilience he's shown with the circumstances that have gone on this year, i appreciate that. >> nobody gave up on chip. we all -- that's the respect that we all gave them, and over the season, everybody started believing in him and everything, and, you know, we just never quit. he's a helluva coach. i respect him as a coach and as a man. >> in a statement, 49ers ceo jed york said the performance of this team has not lived up
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to my expectations or those of our fans: >> we expect to learn more about what weren't into these decisions when jed york holds that news conference at 10:00 this morning here at levi's stadium. well, 49ers fans we talked to were not happy, but also they were not totally surprised by the news. >> both the coach and the gm are going. >> good riddance. good riddance. because, i mean, how are you going to be a super bowl contender when you let all of your players go? >> baalke hit on some, but he's
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missed on bunch here in the last two years and so i think that's where you start. >> there's so much that needs to be changed, but i think it does have to start at the top. >> try to get harbaugh back and get our team back to victory where it was before. >> i'm going to give it over to eddie d so he can come back and take charge. >> the 49ers led early in the game, and late in the second quarter, the seahawks started to bounce back. right there. the 49est end the season weight 2-14 record, the worst ever for the 49ers. the seahawks, meantime, clinch the nfc west. they'll play the detroit lions on saturday in signal a wildcard game. >> for the raiders, the news isn't great personality the broncos beat him 24-6 yesterday, and they lost the
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afc west title. the bad news started 8 days ago when derek carr was injured. and then yesterday, in the second quarter, backup quarterback was hurt, and his backup, conner cook, came in. the raiders still in the play- offs. they have to play the houston texans on saturday. the broncos won the game, but they lost their head coach. fairy cube eiac told his players -- gary kub about iac -- kubiak told his players he is stepping down for health reasons. new from overnight, police in santa rosa are investigating a deadly car crash. it was first reported about
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11:00 last night on mountain hawk drive, not far from the sonoma highway. a silver chevy cav leash veered off the road and slammed into a tree. one person was killed, atth was critically hurt. alcohol may have been involved in this deadly crash. we're now less than three weeks away from inauguration day in washington. >> yeah. president-elect donald trump is preparing to take over the white house, of course. president obama now in his final stretch, and as doug reports from washington this morning, president obama is using these final weeks to secure his legacy. >> well, we prepare here in washington for january 20th, and the inauguration and the arrival of president-elect trump. we're getting a better idea of how president obama is going to deal with his departure. >> reporter: president obama bidding fair well to hawaii this morning, most like isly for the last time as president
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-- most likely for the last time as president. just this morning, the white house released a statement from the president, who is now going to travel to chicago next week to deliver a farewell address. it's a chance, he said, to say thank you for this amazing jumpy, to celebrate the ways you've changed this country for the better these past 8 years, and to off and her thoughts on where we all go from here. but his key concern this week is where we go from owe obamacare. sign sued spew law almost 7 years ago, it is now in serious jeopardy. the president heads to the hill later this week to meet with nervous democrats, unsure what president-elect trump plans to do. trump meets with u.s. intelligence officials this week to get more information about allegations of rush
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meddling if in the november election. and while president obama has issued a number of sanctions against russia in response, trump has remained skeptical. >> i think it's unfair if they don't know. and i know a lot about hacking, and it is a very hard thing to prove. so it could be somebody else. and i also know things that other people tonight know, and so they cannot be sure of the situation. >> meanwhile, back here in washington, white house officials say to prepare for more kind of last-minute pardons from the president before he leaves office. iches now claims responsibility for that new year's i've shooting too at nightclub in turkey where at least 39 people were killed. 70 others were hurt. a gunman shot a security guard and a police officer at the entrance of a nightclub in istanbul, and then went inside and started shooting randomly. most of those who were shot and wounded ever foreigners. one american was among those
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injured. the gunman got away, and right now there's a manhunt underway in turkey. this morning, people started arriving at the morgue to claim the bodies of their loved ones. >> right now, it's 10 minutes after 6:00. as the temperatures drop, there's certainly growing concern about people who are living on the streets. up next, the giveaway in the south bay to protect the homeless. >> reporter: and parking at b.a.r.t. can be hard to find during peak hours, so the system, the transit agency is cracking down on people who park illegally. how much more they will have to pay coming up. >> and a cold air mass to the north. not a lot of moisture, but there is a little bit of snow. we'll see what is in store for the rest of the week.
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welcome back. b.a.r.t. is cracking down on driver who park illegally in b.a.r.t. parks lots.. >> reporter: we are at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station this morning. there are still a number of parking spots available, but surely those spots will be filling up as the morning goes on, and in people park in those spots ill legally without paying, or paying the proper amount, they have have to pay more in fines. if you're caught parks in one of the daily spots without paying. you'll face a $55 fine, that's
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an increase of $20. we heat offenders who rack up 5 to 9 citations face an additional $100 penalty, and if you get 10 or more tickets, it's an extra $150. b.a.r.t. riders we spoke with this morning are split about whether these stiffer fines are the right way to go. >> maybe they don't have time to pay for the parking, and they have to run to their train. there's different excuse or events that occur, that maybe you don't have time to pay for your parking, or, you know, whatever the reason is to charge people extra, it's just kind of stupid, in my opinion. >> now, this is the first time since 2008, the fines for parking ill likely have gone up. b.a.r.t. has parking available at 33 of hits 45 stations systemwide. definitely something you want to pay attention to if you park
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at b.a.r.t. regularly, and if you don't have time to pay before you head in to catch your train, you will face a stiffer fine. back to you guys. >> they're serious about that, aren't they? >> reporter: yeah. they are. they want to make these spaces available to people who need them, and people who can pay for them. >> right. right. thank you. time is now 6:15. well, if you drive, here is a reminder, it's now illegal to hold your cellphone while you drive. under a new law that took effect yesterday, all cellphones have to be mounted to either your windshield or dashboard. it's designed to present distracted driveling. >> if we see it in your hand at all, it's all illegal now. if your phone is in your hand, you're in violation of the law. >> got that? >> please don't play pokemon go while you're driving. >> the bill closes a big loophole with the old law, which band talking and texting
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while driving, but didn't address the use of other apps. now, first time violaters could get a $20 vie face. a second offense will costed 50. here is another new law affecting drivers. children under the age of 2 are now required to ride in a rear- facing car seat. now, the old law required rear- facing seats for children one year and under. the state law already requires all children under the age of 8 to ride in the back seat in a child safety seat, or in a booster seat. >> yeah. that's a good one to remind people of that. some of these things will he catch people off guard. the new laws in in the new year, and the weather might catch offguard as well. it was nothing, and then the hit just a huge cell that was pouring through oakland. >> also, if you see a dog in a car, you can break the window. that's a new law. >> that's another new law. >> if the windows are rolled
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up. >> yeah, you can break that window. >> and not be prosecuted. >> and not be prosecuted. >> we have snow up in lake county. not a lot, but there's a little there. very low snow levels. a little snow overnight in the valley area. not enough to clog the satellite fish. your mug is still visible. well, that's good to know. thank you, david. know how that can be a little bit sometimes. we do have a little bit of snow there. not a lot, but there's a little bit. over to sellcyville, had a little dusting of some snow. more than a dusting in the sierra. the snow is around 1800 feet, could if get down to around cameron park. some rain moving through, looks like it's hit or miss here. back over towards east pay, as well, and there's not a lot, just light rain, things look to
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be lightning up a little bit -- lightening up a little bit. 35n santa rosa, 45 in hayward. so some areas on the mild side, and others that are pretty cold, but you see some 30s here. two reports of 38 and 39. 40 in cooper tino. that's some pretty cold air. one cold system dropping down, and and a lot of moisture coming up from the west- southwest. we do have advisories from low snow levels as well. 21 in truckee. that system coming down from the northwest, will start to tap into a lot of this moisture and give us what looks to be steady rain as we go tuesday into wednesday. not a lot here, but then things pick up tuesday night into wednesday, and if if everything continues to march in as advertised, the weekend could be very wet. we'll see.
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they are painting a wet pattern here for is saturday and sunday, but still four days to see how they tackle that. chilly to the north, and temperatures will stay on the cool side for another day, and then they'll warm up after wednesday, looks like some very warm air come physician here, and that could give us some pretty heavy rain totals, as we head toward it is the weekend. >> all right, thank, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> it's been 8 years since oscar grant was shot and killed bay b.a.r.t. police officer in oakland. in 15 minutes, how the community honored his life, and what they're saying about the impact of his death. >> plus still talking about mariah carey. was it an act of sabotage? the aim she is now making after a new year's eve perform app performance that went terribly wrong.
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will come back to mornings on 2. after the ball drops in new york times square, cleaning crews got right to work. quite a mess, but it looks clean this morning. we've seen some live shots. almost 2 million people ring in the new year in times square. that left behind a lot of crash. last year they collected 44 tons of confetti and other debris. of course the other part of that big celebration people are talking about, mariah carey, who is responding to criticism about her new year's eve performance in times square.
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>> happy new year! >> she's say wig can't hear. she stumbled through her performance during the yew year's rocking eve special. her staff said her ear piece wasn't working, so she couldn't hear, and they also say she was intentionally abba talked by the production company, and dick clark productions called the the accusation absurd. in just a couple of hours, the 128th annual tournament of roses parade will start in pasadena, and security will be very tight. >> as lauren shows us, plenty of people have already been securing their spot along the
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route. >> before the famous flower flight, there's the car show. showing off your wheels to campers along the parade right is just one unofficial tradition before the rose parade. >> we see it every year in the tv since we were little kids, and it's a dream. she said she spent the night here the year before last, and loved it so much, she's back again. at 80 years old. >> the rose veiled ways busy. >> freebies and board games keep campers warm and busy until the floats arrive. but for folks who camp out year after year, it's more than just a parade. >> what it is is the people.
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this is the time of year we can just turn around and talk to strangers and just connect. and 0 you just have a pleasant conversation with different people. it doesn't happen any other time of the year. >> well, that was lauren reporting. >> time is 6:5. the famous hollywood sign in los angeles got a whole new look for the new year. look at this. early yesterday, a prankster climbed up mount three there. got over a fence, and changed the world famous sign to holly weed. someone did that same prank back in 1976, but this change to holly weed may be tied to a decision by california voters in november to legalize the recreational use of marijuana that. >> so i bus they have to fix that and get back to the
6:26 am
traditional hollywood sign. hey, it's okay with me. >> the video of the vandal appears to be a man, but they are having a hard time identifying him, because it was dark and raining at the time. >> we are meet something of the first new babies of knee year. coming up in 15 minutes, the story of these twins in arizona. they were born minutes apart, but there's a very big surprise. >> reporter: temperatures prompted a crow vow cats to take action to help the homeless during these times. we'll explain coming up. >> well, a very active pattern here. some snow to the north. low snow level it is in the sierras, and it looks like rain will be camping up here today and tomorrow, and maybe by the end of the week.
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monday, tuesday, into wednesday, a break thursday, and friday, and then fit all comes together, very heavy rain on the weekend. >> and warmer. >> and warmer. >> all right. we do have some low snow levels here. around the 1800 foot level heading up 15800,. thankfully the wind has died down, in the last hour, and there could be 14 to 16 inches
6:30 am
of snow in? of the higher elevations. but around placerville, maybe even canyon park, so that's pretty low. also, a little bit around maybe willettes, parts of mendez county -- mendecino county. a little bit of over san pablo bay. the heaviest is in the santa cruz mountains. 17 will be very tough. 45 in hayward. 44 in san jose. and north bay temperatures quite cold be, 30s for many, including glen allen, 34. heels burg 33. and overall, the pat are everyone shows winter weather advisories to lake county, and also up in the mountains, as you might expect. the system is going to tap into some moisture, and that will give us a pretty good rain day tuesday. today is just off and on rain. cold for some to the north.
6:31 am
over to pam and dave again. >> all right, steve, thank you. sal off today, but we're still checking traffic for you throughout the morning. let's check the south pay. live pictures. 280 in san jose move. no problems to report right now. health check the freeways. there's nobody out there. that it the bed toen gate bridge. i'm sorry, i should have known that. very little traffic. one, two. i can count the cars on the golden gate bridge. but the -- the traffic is getting a little heavier out there, but it's still moving. we'll continue to check it for you throughout the morning. >> steve said there is going to somebody cold weather -- cold wet weather this week, that is particularly hard for people living on the street, and advocates are taking action. >> reporter: it rained overnight. it's still in the low 40s, and a lot of homeless people are
6:32 am
getting sick. so this ask just not -- dial weather to be exposed to. a group of holesless advocates began passing out coats and blankets for those living on the streets last night. rain is in the forecast. there were a reported 125 homeless deaths last year, and that's double more than the year before. now, while 9 of those deaths were homicides, advocates say many of the rest were likely due to exposure. >> this is the reality of homelessness. it's just a real tragic situation at night when it gets really cold, you sometimes think that you're warm, but as the night goes on, you get colder and colder. >> reporter: the counties office of supportive housing is ready to expand its shelter capacity, offering more beds in bill roy and san jose, as temperatures drop below 38 degrees. home first, the agency that
6:33 am
runs shelters, is looking for donation offerings blankets, towels, t-shirts, white socks and toiletries. back to you guys in the studio. >> all right, thank you. san francisco police are already investigating two deadly shootings this year. the most recent one happened near third and oak daily streets in the bay view neighborhood. police say at about 11:30 a.m. yesterday, police found a man who had been shot in the face. he was taken to a hospital where police say he died a short time later. at about 2:5 yesterday morning in the mission district, another man was found shot in the chest. he died at the hospital. police say they do not believe the shootings are connected. no word yet on a mote inor suspect, and the identities of the victims have not. released. >> well, new year's day mashed 8 years since the death in
6:34 am
oakland of oscar grant who was an unarmed african-american man shot and kill bed awhite b.a.r.t. police officer. it sparked riots and a national discussion on race and policing. we talked with oscar's mother at a vigil about he lessons learn $since he died. haven't the cellphone video taken at the b.a.r.t. station 8 years ago, replayed on multiple news outlets across the country. 28-year-old oscar grant was laying on his stomach, handcuffed behind this back, and shot by a b.a.r.t. police officer who said he accidentally pulled out his gun instead of his taser. 8 years since his death, his family, friends, and community not only remember his life, but also discuss the impact of his death. >> i want people to know that oscar loved people, and that he would want to see justice
6:35 am
equally, people treated equally and fairly. >> reporter: this performer was only 7 years old when grant was shot and killed. >> everybody is performing, you can just hear them, commit gives us encouragement to do better. >> reporter: his mother, wendy, said she credits the community actty vim for getting the district attorney to file charges. the officer was later charged with involunteery man slaughter in his death. >> it takes -- you -- you know, we say it takes a village to raise a child, so it takes a community to come together to ensure that equal rights are passed from one generation to the next generation. >> reporter: for a younger generation here today, they have both fear and hope for 2017. >> i kind of am afraid it's
6:36 am
going to be more of the same, but i hope it can change. i hope we can get rid of race inch. i know that won't happen in one year, burst i hope we can bring it down. >> reporter: his and on ovennal and run a foundation that works to bridge the gap of distrust between the community and the police officer. time is now 6:36. some democrats in congress want president obama to help the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who were brought here to the u.s. as children, but may now be deport under the trump administration. they want the president to grant pardons to the young immigrants known as dreams here came forward to identify themselves in exchange for a promise that they would not be deported. it's not clear what is going to happen to the more than 700,000 young immigrants after donald trump takes office. the white house said the idea of issues a pardon for the dreamers would not protect them
6:37 am
from being deported. >> the minimum wage went none three bay area city. in san jose, it went to $10:5037. if it will be bumped up to $12 an hour in jill, and then eventually be raised to $15 by $2019. oakland's minimum wage went up to $12.86 an hour, a 31 cent increase. increase. it's a sports story serve talking about. it's official. the 49ers quart, back, which kelly, and the general -- chip kelly, the general manager, trent baalke have been fired. that story is coming up. but first. >> that sign could have fallen. they could have fallen. >> and the dangerous protest during yesterday's vikings game, that raising some questions about stadium security. >> some reports up in the sierra about 6 to 12 inches of snow, but there could be a lot of rain coming over the old weather highway this week.
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ohio, the coast guard will he keep searching lake ear arey after a plane carrying six people last week disappeared from radar. it was piloted by the ceo of a beverage.who was flying with his wife, his children, and two neighbors. the group had just left the cleveland cavaliers basketball game. there had been reports of
6:41 am
debris washing ashore near that airport. police in gill roy now have released a picture of a man they've been looking for since before christmas. he broke into a home and stole presents from under the tree. now it happened on december 5th around 1:00 in the morning at the home on spencer court, while them family was june stairs sleeping. at one point, the burglar pulled a surveillance camera from the ceiling, but not before that camera had uploaded that video, and a picture of him to the server. gill roy police hope someone who recognize this he man will give them a call. >> a daredevil demonstration at the home of the minnesota vikings took a look loft attention away from the game yesterday. two protesters, one wearing a brett favre vikings jersey, climbed the rafter at u.s. bank stadium, high above tens of thousands of fans and unfurled a bannerrer, protesting the bank's involvement in the controversial dakota pipeline. many fans wondering how those
6:42 am
protesters pulled off this dangerous stunt. >> i talked to a people of fans who were sitting right there, and the lady said that the lady carried the sign in in her back pack, into the stadium, and then they climbed trip stairs. i don't know how they got past the security at that point. >> me either minneapolis police waited until after the vikings 38-10 win over the bears to arrest those protesters. they were charged with trespassing. all right. right now, it is 6:42. time to check in in our newsroom with a look at what's coming up on mornings on 2. >> when i join you in a few minutes here, we're working on a christmas day mystery that has followed into the year after a couple -- the search for a couple that didn't return from a trip to big sur is still ongoing. the search efforts for this north hollywood couple, and why their loved ones say it is very
6:43 am
unusual for these two to be out of contact. contact. also, i don't know if you guys do new year's resolutions, but we're bringing in a doctor from ucff, and a life coach to help you keep what you have promised there are certain ones not make, and i think i've made 4 out of the 10. so we'll talk more about this. it is a fresh start for so many this is the year we're going to do it, dave! >> all right, thank you. well, twins born minutes apart in different years. i'm not kidding. this happened at bener thunderbird medical center in glendale, arizona. marcy jones reports. >> we were shocked. shocked, and surprised, and
6:44 am
very excited. >> reporter: for holly and brandon, expecting twins was a surprise. going into labor on new year's eve was shocking. but what makes the birth of their two boys even more unbelievable, is the fact that they were born in different years. sawyer, born at 11:51 p.m. new year's eve, and just 10 minutes later, everett, born 12:01 a.m. new year's's day. >> sawyer was born in 2016, and everett was born in 2017, so sawyer will be lording it over everett his whole life, that he was born a year earlier. >> the doctor said he couldn't pick a wetter way to end -- a better way to end his obgyn career. >> it's like they're all playing poker, and they're holding their poker cards tight to their chest, and saying, so, did you have a baby yet? and nobody wants to divulge
6:45 am
what time their baby was born. >> reporter: mom and dad are doing just fine. a little tired, so in love. they have a lot of personality already, the twins. >> oh, yeah, they're loud. they like to snore, and he squeaks. and although they'll be leaving the hospital soon with a little more baggage, this isn't good- bye for dr. saw interthe twin. >> we became facebook friends really after midnight, i think, and so i'll get to seesawier and everett grow up that way. >> and for the second year in a row, in san deaguy, twins were born a few minutes apart, also in different years. now, the first baby girl arrived at 11:56 p.m. new year's eve. her twin sister was born right at midnight new year's day. last year, a mother gave birth to a baby girl and boy one minute before and two minutes after the new year. and a southern california
6:46 am
family welcomed the first baby born in the bay area in 2017, just seconds into the new year. her name is grace emily moreno. she was born 12 seconds after midnight in san jose. grace is six pounds 11 ounces, 20 inofs long. the family lives in camp pendleton in san diego county where dad is a marine. they were visiting family in the south bay when grace decided she was ready to make her debut. >> and there's no stopping it. >> no, there is not. >> speaking of stopping, now, you came through a lot of rain early this morning. >> came through a lot of rain. a definite pounding storm, the cell passing through don't know where it is right now. let's check in with steve. >> here and there. hittinger and yon. there's some out there. >> you could hit it. >> yeah. some snow, as well, in lake county, plenty up in the sierra. we'll show you some totals
6:47 am
coming up in a second. there's a lot going on, but if  it all comes together, and there ares that it will, and wednesday could be a very rainy day here, and so could the weekend, but don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves. cold air to the north, drawing in moisture from the west, southwest, and national weather service, sacramento just tweeted this out. ut. lake county, a couple 0 reports of snow around will eithers, also into kellyville, light dusting. the colder temperaturessen up there, look ands like they'll stay locked in up there. back over to san pablo bay. a little bit around livermore. double listen, pleasanton, and then the heaviest rain looks to be in the santa cruz mountains.
6:48 am
over to santa cruz, scotts valley. some of that could be turning to snow. santa rosa, 35, 40s for many. if it wasn't for the moisture, we would ed would be a lot colder than this. blackhawk is 39. it's a cold pattern, but probably not cold enough to get some snow, except for some areas to the north, where the dolder areas have filtered in. up in the sierras, 34, to 44 in sacramento. this cold system will pinwheel if here and draw up some of this to moisture, and if it does, that could start a pretty rainy period, certainly going into tuesday night and wednesday. looks like some moderate to heavy rain. nothing too heavy today. kind of hit and miss, but thin we really pick it up tuesday night into wednesday. does look like a break, thursday, and friday, but thin all signs point to some really heavy rain coming in on the weekend. so stay tuned. it appears that's in the mix. upper 40s, mid-40s, and it's going to be a cold day to the north. and rain, breezy, and then rain
6:49 am
really picks up on wednesday. does look like we'll get a little bit positive a break thursday and friday, and if everything, again, shows up as it says it's going to, a rainy, windy weekend. >> we need the rain. i will move the new trash can -- my rain bucket. >> rain bucket. >> rain bucket, yes, in place. >> might be a good idea. >> okay. thank you, steve. 6:49 is the time. the government of bolivia has declared a state of emergency. very intense weather there. torrential rains, be heavy understood fling and mudslides have forced hundreds out of their homes. rushing water poured through a dam and ran through the streets of a mountainous mining community about 150 miles north of the capital city. so far, that fast-moving floodwaters, they've destroyed at least 75 homes. >> well, a man is recovering this morning after a dramatic
6:50 am
rescue from a southern california water tunnel. it happened saturday in burbank. neighbors called 911. they heard someone screaming for help. when firefighters got there, it took them a while to find the man, but they managed to hoist him to safety. still not clear how he became trapped in that water tunnel, or how long he was down there. he was checked at the scene. you can see he was taketon the hospital, treated for possible hypothermia. >> 39 people were killed, dozens of others injured, including an american man. coming up at 7:00, the arrest made overnight in the deadly new year's eve massacre at a nightclub in turkey. >> and queen elizabeth noticeably missing from two family outings. up next, the recent events she missed that has some people concerned about her health. i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans...
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welcome back. it was a violent ending of the year, 2016 in antioch. police say a 56-year-old man was killed, and 20-year-old man was hurt in a shooting at an apartment complex on sycamore drive saturday night. neighbors who were celebrating new year's eve called the police. we have no information right now about a suspect. a two alarm fire damaged a medical clinic in south san francisco. it was first reported just after 7:00 yesterday morning.
6:54 am
an near chestnut avenue. no one was inside, but the building was heavily damaged. it took crews about an hour to control that fire, and investigators still looking into what caused it. some new fire safety rules take effect this month in san francisco. they require building owners across the city to provide tenants with updated information on fire safety and smoke alarm requirements. the new ordinance also calls for more fire alarm test. >> chicago hopes to get a fresh fresh start in 2017 after one of it's deadliest years on record. with 762 homicides. an and of two murders a day. the most killings in chicago since 1996, and big increase from 2015, when 468 people were killed. price say they'll employ an advanced crime fighting strategy to reduce the violence. >> i'll be outlining a more enhanced crime strategy going
6:55 am
into 2017. the violence we experienced in 2016 is just totally unacceptable. you know, we just cannot afford to have another year like that. so we'll be talking more in detail about that. >> police say moist of the homicides occurred in just five of the city's poorest neighbors, where gangs are most active. the victims are usually tarted because of gang convictions. >> queen elizabeth is reportedly feeling better after coming down with a bad cold. the british monarch missed the new year's day church service yesterday. this was the second weekend that the clean has not felt well enough to go to church. in her absence, it has been raise something concerns about hire health. people who came to see the queen were disappointed to miss her once again, but they did wish her well. >> it's understandable, really, you know, given her age and the conditions, probably made more sense to stay at home. >> yeah, queen elizabeth is 90 years old, and the palace said
6:56 am
she is suffering from bad cold, but nothing more serious to her illness. >> millions around the country closely watching a live stream of two baby american bald eagles. cameras are focused right on their nest. we're peeking in there. their eagle eggs started hatching. this popular live stream has been dubbed eagle cam. it's looking right at you. one of the two baby eagles broke out of its shell saturday morning. the other one, still inside the shell. the number of eagle cam viewers is ofs is growing by the hour -- viewers is growing by the hour. >> last work getting out of that shell. s. >>s it is. >> coming up, chip kelly and trent baalke both fired. what is next for the 49ers after a major staffing shake- up. >> place horrifying crash in santa rosa. a woman was killed. up next, what there's no say that driver may have been doing that led up to the crash.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
less than three weeks ago president-elect donald trump takes office. the effort is underway by president obama to preserve his legacy. take a look at your screen. it is somewhat of an ominous picture for all of us who made of those promises. i'm gonna work out i'm gonna run 5 miles a day i'm going to get outside more. i don't know if today is the day to start the outdoor fitness resolutions. >> it is a cold damp morning. quite chilly. >> low snow levels.
7:00 am
>> this is kids playing in the snow and willis. there is a lot of snow in the sierra. so there are also winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings. it is sticking at colfax. the 2400-foot level dealt 800 feet. cold air mass to the north warm air to the south but you can see how your near auburn last valley pretty low snow levels there and also some light snow in mendocino county. some light rain and san


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