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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 2, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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the owner said about the major shakeup. the actions being taken by parrots and what you could face. >> president obama is in his final days in office and how he is using the next few weeks to protect his legacy. ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts right now. >> good afternoon, everyone. i am mike milbach . >> i am gasia mikaelian. they are dismissing head coach chip kelly and general manager steve paulson after a terrible season -- steve paulson -- trent baalke. >> alex is joining us from levi's stadium. >> york is helping to start fresh with a new head coach and a new general manager and he said today he is embarrassed by this team's performance entering a news conference a short time ago the ceo stepped
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to the podium and he told fans he is sorry. >> i apologize for the season. i apologize for being back here again and making a change. >> today jed york promised he would reestablish a championship culture with the san francisco 49ers. yesterday the team wrapped up another dismal losing season in new york announced he was dismissing head coach chip kelly and also getting rid of general manager trent baalke . and things of course have gone downhill ever since the team got rid of jim harbaugh with many calls for york to step down. today he stood his ground. >> i own this football team. you do not dismiss owners. i am sorry that that is the facts in the case.
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but that is the facts. and i'm going to do everything that i to get this right. this is about a business and running an operation to make money. we are making sure that we are doing everything we can to reestablish the culture. >> reporter: when he was asked today whether it was a mistake to get rid of jim harbaugh york said he did not want to look at the past but he said he is looking to the future with this team. outside levi's stadium this morning the 49ers faithful gathered at the gates trying to say hello to some of the players and many fans we spoke with elite it is a good idea to clean house. >> we definitely need a change. trent baalke has got to go. i am sorry. coach was nice to the players but we need a new start. we need someone who will really give us a good jumpstart. >> sometimes you just have to start over and rebuild. i am glad he is doing it.
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>> reporter: and during this news conference today, jed york did not speak specifics about the surgeon candidates he might interview. he did say he would like a coach and a general manager who are familiar with one another and of similar vision when it comes to football. it is unclear exactly how long this search may take but york was honest today about how long it may take to turn this team around. he admitted it could be a very slow process. >> alex, thank you. >> the raiders have rough road to get to the super bowl. they did not win the afc west and they did not get a by. quarterback derek carr was injured and then yesterday the second quarter backup quarterback matt mcgloin got hurt and his backup connor cook came in for the rest of the game. the raiders will play houston texas on the road saturday. the broncos lost gary kubiak as
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he told his players he is stepping away for health reasons. it was an interesting moment during the game yesterday with the denver quarterback not liking michael crabtree's drollery. erupted right off of his neck and he was later seen laughing on the bench referring to the chain in a postgame interview saying he told crabtree if you weren't in front of him he would risk it off. we are less than three weeks away from inauguration day. donald trump is preparing to take over the white house and present obama is in his final stretch. doug luzader reports he is securing his legacy. >> reporter: with her for january 20 and the inauguration and the arrival of president- elect trump. we are getting a better idea of how present obama will deal with his departure. president obama bidding farewell to hawaii early this morning. air force one departed
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from washington hours after trump force one arrived in new york. with considerable work ahead for both of them. just this morning the white house released a statement from the president will now travel to chicago to deliver a farewell address. it is a chance to say thank you for this amazing journey to celebrate the ways you have changed this country for the better and to offer some thoughts on where we all go from here. but his key concern this week is where we go from obamacare. signed into law almost 7 years ago, it is now in serious jeopardy. he will meet with nervous democrats unsure what president- elect trump will do. >> will he just repeal it without putting up on alternative? or will he continue to just say i am going to just get rid of it? >> reporter: in the meantime trump will meet with officials
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to get more information about allegations of russia meddling in the november election. trump has remained skeptical. >> i think it is unfair if they do not know. and i know a lot about hacking. it is a very hard thing to prove. it could be somebody else. i also know things that other people do not. so they cannot be sure of the situation. >> reporter: in washington white house officials say to prepare for more last-minute commutations and pardons from the president before he leaves office. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> some democrats want president obama to help the immigrants who were brought here to the u.s. as children to not be departed. they want him to grant pardons to the young immigrants who stepped forward to identify themselves in exchange for a promise they would not be deported.
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it is unclear what will happen to the 700,000 young immigrants. the white house says the idea of issuing pardons for the dreamers was not protect them. california is in need of bilingual education teachers. a call for bringing back bilingual education interstate with schools adding classes for students whose parents would like to learn spanish, mandarin , and other languages to compete globally for jobs. there is a shortage of credentials to teach those classes. many are bringing in teachers with the pieces from overseas to meet the need. isis claims responsibility and turkish authorities also have obtained eight people but the gunman remains at large. fox news correspondent benjamin hall is in london with more. >> reporter: isis claims responsibility for the new year's day attack at a turkish nightclub. a statement says the shooting was carried out by a soldier of the caliphate and they were
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chosen because it is were christians were celebrating a pagan feast. >> it was planned as a hit and run mission. >> reporter: surveillance video capturing images of the gunman opened fire outside the nightclub before targeting the hundreds of people inside. the shooter was described as wearing a santa hat. authorities say the attack may be from is pakistan and investigators are looking into links at it stumble in june. >> right now he is on the run. he plants his exit strategy shortly. he managed to escape from us. >> reporter: american william is among the dachshunds injured in the shooting. the businessman from telework celebrating his 35th birthday at the club when the shooting broke out. he was shot in the leg, but the
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bullet hit his phone first was likely saving his life. >> this is a massive tragedy. this is very unfortunate. i was with nine people. seven of us were shot. >> reporter: turkey is a nato ally. there have been more than 30 violent acts in the country in the last year alone. in london, benjamin hall, fox news. >> we have new details on the first homicide of the year in san francisco. authorities have released the names of men killed in separate shootings new year's day. michael smith was shot and killed on 3rd street near oakdale around 11:00 yesterday morning. another man was shot on 26 and shotwell avenue. the victim has now been identified as a 21-year-old ernesto rosales.
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they are still looking for the suspects in both of these shootings. they are not believed to be related. police in san francisco have arrested a 55-year-old man for exposing himself to two in girls early yesterday morning. the subject is a registered sex offender on parole. the monterey county sheriff's office can use a search for a couple from southern california who did not return from a weekend trip to big sur. they left north hollywood december 23 and they were supposed to return home from big sur on christmas day but they never did. concerned family members handed out flyers hoping someone has seen them. >> she is never without her phone. it has me worried they are not letting anyone know how they are doing or where they are located. i am just hoping that they are two young adults that wanted to be off the map for a little bit. >> investigators say the couple is traveling in a four-door
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honda civic with a california license plate on your screen 5vu d925. they were at a -- driving a honda civic. >> police in santa rosa are investigating a deadly car crash report around 11:00 last night on mountain hawk drive. a silver chevy cavalier slammed into a treat with one person inside. another person was injured. alcohol may have played a role in the crash. there are a number of voter driven initiatives that will be taking effect in the coming days and weeks. we will explain the new laws in a new year. also scattered showers around the bay area with meteorologist rosemary orozco tracking the weather. >> there is concerned about people who live on the streets.
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welcome back. snowboarders and skiers are planning to try to lake tahoe and you should be prepared for heavy snow. chains are required on i-80 linking the bay area to the crs. some unprepared drivers and their home lasting longer than planned. >> i don't even have chains. i am just going to wait it out,
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i guess. full tank of gas so i will just chill. >> the national weather service warning drivers snow could fall as low as 1000 foot level. drivers should be prepared for dangerous conditions. the rain and cold in the bay area profit leaders to take action. >> there is concern for the homeless living on the street. >> it rained last night and this morning with more rain in the forecast for this week. it is not going to be easy for those without shelter. last night homeless advocates pass out blankets and comforters. they know that it may be a tough week for those living on the street. they anticipate it will last through wednesday morning. >> it is freezing out here. i am a borderline diabetic. i was just given this jacket, so i am very grateful.
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it keeps me warm. >> reporter: last year there was 125 homeless in santa clara county, which was up compared to 2015. homeless advocates say a good portion of them likely died of exposure. they will make more available in san jose is the forecasted overnight low is either 38 degrees or 42 degrees with the 50% chance of rain. janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2 news. >> rosemary, but an actively. and industry and start to january looking at the cold and the wet today. temperatures will be coming up toward the end of the week, but the weather will increase. so for the headlines today, it is definitely a chilly one with upper 50s to the upper 40s and low 50s for your afternoon. showers are in the forecast,
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and we have been talking about snow down to 1500 feet. let's take a look outside. not a lot of rain with these systems. you can see the sky across the golden gate bridge with partly cloudy skies and a few scattered showers that remain over portions of the bay area. let's look at storm tracker 2. we are going to get more into the second part of the week, especially into the weekend. this is what is happening right now. take a look again at the partly cloudy skies and the hit and miss showers going on around the bay area. let's go to the south bay first. rain and snow over areas of the diablo range in san jose may have a few scattered showers overhead in the santa cruz mountains with a little bit of pink. inside the bay area crossing over the san mateo bridge you may find some crossing over.
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we go further to the north over santa rosa and st. helena is reporting snow with lake county as well. we head to the sierra with a little bit of rain and snow all of the way down to about 14 or 1500 feet or so in areas near placerville which happens to be 1800 feet. the advisories last until 8:00 tomorrow night and includes lake county. the scattered showers will continue into tonight and perhaps tomorrow morning. you can see cameras along highway 50 and auburn is included here. again widespread over the lake county area. here is a look at your futurecast models. we will continue to see the same with a mix of sun and clouds. tomorrow we get going and it turns out it will be a wet start. here is 1:00 in the afternoon
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and here is the drive home tomorrow night. temperatures will be coming up but at the same time, the system moving in will pack a whole lot more moisture. here is what we can expect i tomorrow night. anywhere from 1 inch up to 1.5 inch expected. outside our doors it is 44 in santa rosa and 47 in san jose. the afternoon highs is upper 40s and low 50s. here is a look at your extended forecast. notice first the temperatures coming up with each passing day. wednesday thursday and friday into the payer area weekend we have temperatures hovering into the upper 50s. we are looking at a rainy day on tuesday and we may get a break on thursday or friday with more rain pulling in for your weekend. thank you, rosemary. hundred of thousands of people
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lined the streets of pasadena this morning for the rose parade . security along the 5.5 mile route was everywhere. there was hundreds of law enforcement officers and a no drone zone to protect the crowd. many people spent the night along the parade route to get a good spot despite the chilly temperatures. >> it was really nice. it is cold and frigid, but it is exciting. this is our second time coming here. we have watched it before, but camping out this is our second time. >> one of the floats honored the victims of the pulse nightclub victims. >> for the third weekend in a row "rogue one: a star wars story" was the most popular film with moviegoers. >> it is "rogue one". >> the spinoff earned $15 million for the three day
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period. is projected sales for the holiday is $64 million. the studio became the first two top $7 billion in a single year rocking up the best domestic releases of 2016. check coming up from hollywood to hollyweed and how the iconic sign was changed.
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in the state of ohio a plane carrying six people disappeared last thursday from radar shortly after taking off from the lakefront airport. it was piloted by the ceo of a beverage company traveling with his neighbors. the group had just left a cleveland cavaliers game with reports of debris washing ashore. chicago had one of its deadliest years on record. they ended 2016 with many homicides. it is an average of two murders a day. the most killings in chicago since 1996 and a big increase. police say the will employee and advanced crime-fighting strategy to reduce the violence. >> i will be outlining a strategy going into 2017. the violence we experienced in 2016 is just totally unacceptable.
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we just cannot afford to have another year like that. we will be talking more in detail about that. >> police say most of the homicides occurred in five other neighborhoods where the gangs are most active. they see the victims are usually targeted because of gang ties. in oklahoma city they are searching for a government. yesterday during a traffic stop investigators say a driver opened fire on the officer walking back to his patrol car. sheriff's deputies say it is a sad reminder there is no such thing as a routine traffic stop. >> anytime you pull somebody over he had already made contact with the person he had pulled over, and then he turned around and walked back to the vehicle. so it is inherently dangerous anytime you pull somebody over. >> the officer remains in the hospital being treated for a critical gunshot wound. there is a statewide manhunt
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for the gunman. the iconic hollywood sign in los angeles got a new look following a prank. someone made it over the fence and changed the sign to read hollyweed. someone pulled the same prank in 9076 but this could be tied to a decision by california voters to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. >> so i guess they have to fix that and get back to the traditional hollywood sign. we came to see the hollywood sign, not the hollyweed sign. >> the capture -- the camera captured footage of the vandal who appears to be a male. it has been eight years since oscar grant was shot and killed by a police officer and the efforts taken by the community to honor his life and what they are saying about the impact of his death. plus, this is starting to have a familiar feel for the third straight january in santa
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clara talking about the firing of the 49er head coach. i have some reaction from some players in just a little bit.
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now that san francisco 49ers are cleaning house frying head coach chip kelly and general manager trent baalke after a horrific season.
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jed york held a news conference on the team's feature and we had joe fonzi joining us from levi's stadium with all of the reaction. >> reporter: i guess what we are all trying to do right now is figure out why this is not groundhog day for the 3rd street january we are here talking about a 49er head coach being fired and not included trent baalke. that means for the fourth year in a row the 49ers will have a new head coach as they begin the 2017 season. jed york talked about a couple key elements. he spoke about the reason by -- why chip kelly after one year and the general manager were fired. he did not feel like they were on the same page. maybe trent baalke was more defensive minded in the players he selected. he also spoke about a return to the chairmanship culture which he discussed in great length but also the fact that he will be doing the job search once again. that is the same scenario
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we have seen in the past. he was asked pointedly by reporters why this will be different this time around. >> nothing that i will say is going to be a satisfactory answer. we need to make sure that our success speaks for itself. our actions have to speak for itself. i have done it before. we have put together a team that has had three chairmanship runs in the past. i cannot live on the past. i need to make sure that anything i do is backed up by the results on the field. >> reporter: an interesting footnote was jed york talked about the chairmanship teams one of which went to the super bowl. those teams were coached by jim harbaugh who was fired after his fourth year. it is an interesting footnote. jed york also made apologies to the fans for this season. i talked to some of the players afterward. they said it is not all about
12:32 pm
apologies and some of it has to like with them. >> we let the fans down. he does not have to apologize to us. we are all in the same boat. >> continuity is a big deal. it is easier to win all games when you know you're in the same system for a while and you know what the expectations are. it is a big deal. >> reporter: so the players in a state of limbo right now. they do not know who the head coach will be or who their new general manager will be. we are waiting to see how this job search goes once again. that i think the key point was given by zane. successful football teams if you look at the playoffs right now it is about continuity and having the same management teams in place and the same coach and system in place with players who know what the expectations are. the 49ers have had anything but that for four years in a row.
12:33 pm
>> and joe, derek other nfl teams right now looking for head coaches. i feel like after this off- season the 49ers are a step behind. did jed york address why he waited again until the final game and not give a couple weeks ago they be to pull the trigger? >> reporter: yeah. it is pretty curious how the 49ers do things. this is three straight years when a head coach who had coached his last game. i think jim harbaught knew that was his last game. jim tomsula look did not know and jim kelly did not know. they still go into a final press conference not knowing what the status is. i think that is a good point you make. there are several teams looking for head coaches during this off-season. i think it is always a good plan that if you are going to fire somebody, you might want to have an idea who the successor is going to be.
12:34 pm
the job search begins. i think if you also want to question something, jed york was asked are you going to look for a general manager who hires the coach for the other way around, and he did not have said answer for that. we are in many ways back to the square one system or process that we have seen for three years now in a row. >> we will see how long it takes to get a new head coach and also in a general manager. joe fonzi, thank you. b.a.r.t. is cracking down on drivers who parked illegally. >> allie rasmus has details about the stiffer fines. >> it is the most expensive station in the system to park in. b.a.r.t. officials want to make sure the people who spend the money get what they pay for. that means cracking down on people who parked illegally or park without paying in the station parking lots. starting today, the fees will go after people who parked
12:35 pm
illegally. if you are caught parking in one of the daily spots without paying, will face a $55 fine. also going up is the fine for people who parking spaces that require special permits. that is now $75 up from $40. repeat offenders who have nine citations face an additional $100 penalty. with 10 or more tickets, it is an extra 150 it is an extra $150. we spoke with one rider who thinks these extra fees are a good idea because it is getting tougher and tougher to find a parking spot here. >> i would probably be here at 6:00 to get parking and i have to go to work at 8:00. so that is pretty much what it is. >> this is the first time since 2008 defines has gone up. officials raised the amount because they said many people were doing the math and figuring out that paying a $35 fee was cheaper than driving to san francisco and parking in the city.
12:36 pm
so the hope is this new $55 fee as well as the increased fees for repeat offenders will change that behavior and mindset and last year b.a.r.t. issued more than 98,000 parking citations only 13% which were dismissed. allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. >> it is now illegal to hold your cell phone and you are driving. >> a new law took effect yesterday also plans have to be mounted your windshield or dashboard to prevent distracted driving. >> if we see it in your hand at all whether you are using your phone for a map or texting, it is all illegal now. if your phone is in your hand, you are in violation of the law. >> the build close a loophole with the old law which did not address the use of other apps. first-time violators could get a $20 citation and a second
12:37 pm
offense will cost you $50. >> a new law affects drivers in that children under the age of 2 required to rider in a rear facing car seat. state law already requires all children under the age of 8 to rider in a backseat only. the november election was about more than who would lead the country. a number of initiatives were on the ballot in many states and those that passed will be taking effect. >> fox news correspondent lorin blanchard has more from washington. >> reporter: as americans ring in the new year new laws will take effect from minimum wage until gun-control voters in at least 35 states decided 162 ballot initiatives of which 71 were citizen driven. the highest in more than a decade. >> i think it is how frustrated people have gotten with the lack of accountability they are seeing from government. >> reporter: the glycine
12:38 pm
medicinal marijuana has been a trend over the past few years with recreational use still somewhat new. pot smokers in havana could celebrate the new year with a joint as pot use took effect on january 1. in california and massachusetts, recreational use became legal almost immediately after the november vote with adults 21 and older able to process up to 10 ounces inside their homes and 1 ounce outside pick >> a lot of details to be worked out. we will just continue to monitor this. >> reporter: while some states are loosening restrictions, many are tightening gun- control. and california people will no longer be able to buy semiautomatic rifles with features like pistol grips and both buttons which make it easier to remove and replace ammunition clips. >> they took the toys away from
12:39 pm
responsible adults are you responsible adults. >> reporter: another interesting law in portland, oregon involves taxes with the city law imposing a 10% tax  increase on ceos who make more than the median income of the average worker. in washington, lorin blanchard, fox news. >> it was a violent end of the year in antioch. a 56-year-old man was killed in a shooting in a complex on sycamore drive saturday night. neighbors celebrating new year's eve called police. at this point, investigators are not saying what led up to the shootings. new year's day marked eight years since the death of oscar grant. he was shot and killed by a white b.a.r.t. police officer sparking a national discussion on race and policing. ktuv's leigh martinez spoke about the lessons learned at
12:40 pm
his death. >> reporter: the cell phone video taken eight years ago replayed on multiple outlets across the country. 22-year-old oscar grant was laying on his stomach. he was shot by a b.a.r.t. police officer who said he accidentally pulled out his gun instead of his taser. eight years since his death, grant's family, friends, and community that only member of his life but discussed the impact of his death. >> i want people to know that oscar left people and that he would want to see justice equally. >> reporter: the performer was only seven years old when grant was shot and killed. >> it feels really great. we are performing and all of that kind of stuff. it gives us encouragement to do better. >> his mother credits the
12:41 pm
community advocate. johannes mazzilli was later found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. >> that is why is is so important for us to have the visual every year and remind the community to come together and unify. we say it takes a village to raise a child. so it takes a community to come together to ensure equal rights are passed from one generation to the next. >> reporter: for a younger generation today, they have both fear and hope for 2017. >> i'm afraid it really more of the same, but i hope it can change. i hope we can get rid of racism and bring it down. >> reporter: since 2010 oscar grant's mother and uncle have run the oscar grant foundation that works to bridge the gap of distrust between the community and the police force.
12:42 pm
leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. mariah carey's news turning into a war of words. up next what has her team singing a different tune and what is being said on social media coming up. >> taking a look outside as we zoom out from san francisco with the wet weather coming over the bay area. meteorologist rosemary orozco is tracking your forecast.
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mariah carey is responding to performance in times square. [ music ] >> happy new year. >> she is trying to keep things together and she kind of stumbled for that performance. her staff setter earpiece is not working and she was sabotaged by the production company. dick clark productions, which produces the special calls that claim absurd. queen elizabeth ii is feeling better after coming down with a bad cold missing new year's day church service yesterday. this was the second weekend the queen haven't felt well enough to attend a church. people who came to see the queen were disappointed but they wished her well.
12:46 pm
>> it is understandable, really. given her age and condition. it made sense to stay at home. >> queen elizabeth is 90 years old. buckingham palace said it is simply a bad cold. >> the daredevil demonstration took a lot of attention away from the game against the bears. two protesters climbed the rafters at the u.s. bank stadium . they unfurled a banner protesting the involvement in the dakota access pipeline. many wondered how they managed to pull off this dangerous stunt. >> i spoke with a couple of fans and the lady carried the sign in in her backpack into the stadium and then they climbed up the stairs. i do not know how they got past security at that point. >> police waited until after the victory to take them into custody.
12:47 pm
they were charged with trespassing. the golden state warriors face the nuggets in oakland. during the final months of 2016 golden state rebounded to the san antonio spurs to win 14 of 15 home games in the month of november and december. the warriors currently have the best record in the nba. >> go ahead and take another look at the weather because rosemary, for those of us who are vowing to take an extra job this week it is not the best weather for that. >> and was like doing it in the rain, gasia. as we get into next couple days, the storms moving into the bay area will bring us more rain. giving you a look here at the golden gate bridge where we are enjoying some sunshine today. as we been talking about, these storms moving in are not packing a whole lot of moisture. just packing a little bit of
12:48 pm
cold weather. we were in the low 60s early last week. as we got into the second part of the week, we have low 50s yesterday and 40s today. here is a look at what is going on with cloud cover towards san francisco and santa rosa is 44 degrees at this time with 51 in oakland and upper 40s in san jose. we are not going to go farther into the second part of the afternoon. here is a look at the latest system. you can see all of the cold air with rain and snow and we are seeing rain and snow. areas like st. helena amount all seeing a mix of snow. also in their heels as well giving you a view of moisture. we will start in the east where we continue to watch a little bit of the pink mixture above
12:49 pm
the d-up low range and above mount hamilton. it is mixed with rain in the santa cruz mountains. into the central bay we have scattered shower activity along the peninsula and maybe even to san francisco. santa rosa may have a couple sprinkles and st. helena as well. wake county is where we have a advisory in place. we have into dancing around with a snow mix early on this morning. we saw more snow and here is what we are seeing in the sierra with a little but of rain in placerville. the advisory for the sierra foothills going until tomorrow night. we will continue to track this into the next 24 hours or so. we may see more snowfall onto highway 50 and over a long i had get 80 giving you a view here over lake county as well.
12:50 pm
over the next few days we will talk about what we are going to see. here we are this afternoon into tuesday morning with the next system already beginning to move in. into the evening it will be dry tomorrow remaining with tuesday looking like a fairly wet day. wednesday morning is still scattered showers in the forecast. wednesday night is still the possibility of scattered showers in the forecast. we may get a break on thursday with more rain coming in for your weekend. take a look at this system first. i will stop it for you here at tuesday night looking up to 1 inch for the next system and by late wednesday night we are looking at anywhere from 1 inch up to 2 inches of rainfall. that is what we will see over the next 48 hours. 46 in santa rosa with 52 in redwood city. it is chilly into tuesday and temperatures not much better. we will continue to see those numbers climbing wednesday,
12:51 pm
thursday, and friday with warmer storms moving into the bay area looking at some pretty wet weather tracking for you. it looks pretty good into next weekend with a whole lot of rain creating flooding issues. the government of libya has declared a state of emergency due to a powerful storm forcing bolivians out of their home. it was a dam running north of the capital city. so far the fast-moving waters have damaged or destroyed at least 75 homes. stock still ahead, a new year's surprise for the mother who gave birth to twins born in different years.
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classes start january 23rd. we have so many ways for you to get ahead. financial aid, thousands of classes to choose from, tutoring and so much more. college today. career tomorrow. sign up for classes right now at peralta dot edu. like your future at the peralta colleges. the first week of the new year has a county encouraging customers to recycle christmas trees during a special post holiday programs where customers can recycle the trees on regular days this week. >> it is really easy. all you have to do is place your tree curbside on compost collection day, and we will pick it up for free.
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>> the trees are turned into compost. they must be free of mental stands -- metal stands. bay the american bald eagles in florida after the eagle eggs began hatching. it is called the eagle cam. one broke out of its shell on saturday morning and the other remains inside its egg. in arizona twins were born just minutes apart. >> holly shay went into labor on new year's eve giving birth to her son sawyer at 11:51 in glendale. at 12:01 baby average was born. >> we were shocked and surprised and very excited. >> sawyer was born in 2016 an average was born in 2017. he
12:56 pm
will be holding it over everett his whole life. >> the doctor has now earned the bragging rights to have the first and last baby born of the year. mom and dad are doing just fine. for the second year in a row twins were born just a few minutes support. the first baby was a little girl and her twin sister was born right after midnight on new year's day. >> last year a mother gave birth to a baby boy and girl one of it before and two minutes after the new year. i would be asking the doctor to bring them both for the tax break. >> but then they wouldn't make the news. as we keep an eye on the update of the forecast, we are taking a look at our week-long forecast. >> that is right.
12:57 pm
fallout continues in santa clara. we will speak with the 49er insider about the search for a new head coach and general manager coming up today on the four on 2. >> have a great 2017. we are back for you with more on fox 2.
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