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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  January 3, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PST

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to the tragedy. mornings on 2 starts now. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. tuesday january 3rd. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. a cold winter storm is leaving snow in the bay area. look at these pictures. snow could reach as low as a thousand feet. the storm also brought bone chilling temperatures to mount diablo. all this ahead of two back to back storms already bringing us rain here in the bay area. >> felt it yesterday. it was cold, cold, cold. checking in with steve. how is it going to be today? >> more rain. warming up a bit. thank you. yesterday was a winter wonderland for some. today it's the starting off to it be moderate to heavy. especially once you get toward oakland. you can see rain picking up and an area of low pressure off the pacific northwest. tapped into this moisture.
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it's just funneling in. from ma rino the east bay moderate to heavy rain. up in the sierra this will be measured in feet. it looks like snow level should go up a little bit. especially up toward shasta. now more rain than snow. there still could be some in higher elevations. 40s, 50s on the temperatures. we are warm than yesterday. santa rosa up by eight degrees. look at the moisture. that's the low tapping in to that. as it fun elm there will be heavy rain. 40s, 50s on your temperatures. a steady rain. i believe alex is now manning the post on traffic. i am. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> its going to be a busy morning because of all that rain. we also are tracking another possible problem for your morning drive. if your drive takes you across the golden gate bridge for a lot of people today the first day back to work after the holidays and traffic on the bridge could get backed up as
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we move throughout the morning. here is a live look. the movable median barrier is damaged. there is going to be three southbound lanes instead of the usual four for people coming in to the the city from marin. now officials haven't said what caused the damage but they are hoping to have it fixed by the afternoon. bear that in mind as you head out the door. let's talk about your tracy super drive and there you can see that early here on this tuesday morning it's looking good. westbound along 580 out of the tracy area. finally we will take a live look at the bay bridge. you can see the roadways are wet this morning. give yourself plenty of time. as you make this drive from the east bay into san francisco across the bridge things looking nice at 4:02 in the morning. three bay area warming shelters are busy because of the cold and rainy conditions.
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last night in san jose one of four centers opened. we have more on the snow that fell in mount hamilton and the effort to help people who have no heat. >> reporter: as the sunset drivers heading up mount hamilton road were turned away at grant ranch county park. cal trans closing the road to visitors since 3:30 this morning. a safety hazard after snow. >> the snow was surprising. i never heard of snow in the bay area, like in this area. >> reporter: these men tried to hike up but it was to cold. >> probably in the 30s as far as temperature. interpret they cold. >> lot of cold cows up there. >> yeah. cold cow ands birds. >> reporter: albert went up before the road closed. >> i was checking radar on the ktvu app and i saw snow was up there. i just kind of waited, timed it out, hoping i would get lucky. >> reporter: he did. snapping these photographs of
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the first snow the season. >> snow falling off the trees. it was beautiful. so quiet. it was beautiful. >> reporter: down in the valley families bundled up to go skating. >> toasty in my warm clothes. >> hot chocolate helped. >> yeah. it helped. >> reporter: the family is enjoying the cold temperatures, county officials are concerned about the homeless. declaring a weather episode. >> living on the street social security dangerous in the best of weather conditions. in conditions like this it's a lot of peril with your health. >> reporter: 100 beds available at the reception center. >> it's scary and cold out there. i don't know what to say. just really hard and rough. >> reporter: on this night mar la is grateful to is have shelter for her and her service dogs. >> you don't turn anyone down when it's raining to their ability. >> reporter: ktvu. each of the warming centers can hold 30 people.
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they will stay open until tomorrow morning but then that could be extended depending on the weather. later today the first snow survey the season will happen in lake tahoe. that will test california's water supply after five-years of drought. polls will be plunged down in to the snow pack where a third california water comes from. they hope the water crisis may end soon especially since the state has been getting a lost rain over the past three months. water experts say it's still to early to answer that question. skiers and snow boarders head into the sierra this morning should expect and prepare for heavy snow and dangerous driving conditions. chains required on both interstate 80 and highway 50. those are the main highways linking the bay area to the lake tahoe area. chp warns drivers give yourself plenty of extra time while driving up in the mountains because of that snowstorm. its been snowing in some of the lower elevations of the sierra
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that have not had snow in more than three years. and you can track the snow and the rain any time with the free ktvu weather app. it's in the app store for phones and for tablets. happening today the tunnel that brings water from the reservoir to the bay area will be shut down for a two month inspection. san francisco and other cities will get their water from local reservoirs while crews determine if the aging tunnel can be repaired or replaced. water officials say it's at risk of a collapse. 2.6million depend on water from there. a teenager is dead, her friend is behind bars after a deadly crash in the north bay. a memorial is growing at the crash site where the 18-year- old was killed when her friend who police say was under the influence lost control and crashed into a tree. police say the 19-year-old driver was going 10 miles an
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hour in a 25-mile an hour zone. police say this is not the first time she has been arrested for driving under the influence.. >> my heartbroken. this is a tight community. >> reporter: all day people in the sky hawk neighborhood paused at the place where a teenager died. >> my heart goes out to the whole family this is just a tragedy. >> reporter: the 18-year-old was a passenger in a chevy sedan that went off the road without a skid mark and hit a tree and then spun and hit another. neighbors heard the impact and ran to help but it was to late for her. >> girl that pass away. her door was peeled back. it was wide open. she was looking for -- trying to --. >> tried to get a pulse. >> reporter: the driver of the car was pinned in but awake and asking questions like what happened? where was she? who was he should with? >> the driver actually asked me who was driving. >> reporter: this neighbor tried to keep her attention so she wouldn't notice her friend
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was dead. he could smell and see marijuana and alcohol. >> someone that looses a friend is going to have to live with that for the rest of her life. you know -- i don't -- my personal opinion is i think that's punishment enough. >> reporter: the 19-year-old is jailed on suspicious of dui and manslaughter while intoxicated. her driver's license was already suspended from a previous dui art last year. if doesn't appear they were at a party. they were staying at a home nearby. >> reporter: police say she had been house sitting in the area and the pair left to run a few errands. >> it's a tragedy for both families and it's a terrible way to start the new year. there are -- she will be held responsible for her -- for the actions. >> reporter: the mother said that her daughter was a social butterfly who had just turned
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18 in november and was working on getting her high school ged. >> it's always someone's child. it was something that could have been prevented. >> reporter: what witnesses saw and the helplessness they felt will linger. along with new respect for first responders. >> for those people that have to deal with that day in and day out as their job my heart goes out to them. life is precious and it can change in a second. >> a go fund me page has been set up to help the teenager's family with the the burial expenses. more than $1,500 has been raised. we have posted a link to the page on our website. our time is now 4:09. holiday traveler was stuck in long airport lines at customs after acies temperature outage caused major delays around the country. take a look at video from sfo
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last night. look at all the people. the problem started around 2:00 p.m. customs and border proofficers used back up is systems. it took at least an hour and a half for some people to get through at sfo. in miami some people waited for hours. >> we found long lines. very he long lines and they weren't letting the kids -- family was kids go through . none of that. >> this is what it looked like in miami. just incredible. some travelers said people passed out because of heat and fatigue. all of the airport was back online by 7:30 last night. officials said there is no indication that the disruption was caused by terrorism or that it was malicious. 49ers owner is dismissing questions about if he should step aside after the firing of trent and chip. >> this isn't about a business and running an operation to make money.
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we are making sure that we are doing all we can to reestablish this culture. >> coming up, the frustration he is expresses and the possible candidates to lead a team. >> and in less than three weeks trump will be he sworn in as president. up next the local group that will travel to washington to protest his policies. >> and we are keeping an eye on the roadway this is morning opponent what will likely be a wet morning for most people around the bay area. you can see a live look there at the bridge. we will tell you about any other problem areas we are tracking morning. >> yesterday was more about snow than rain but the rain has picked up this morning and will pick up here for a while. more on your tuesday forecast.
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. the president elect adamanced his nominee for trade representative. he served under regan as deputy united states trade representative. he said that he will fight for good trade deals to put the american work efirst. the president elect set to be be sworn in two weeks. today the new republican controlled congress convenes. republicans have taken action to weaken the office of congressional ethics. that is the office created in 2008 in response to corruption
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scandals that ended with three members of concussiving jail time. republicans voted to effectively kill the independent congressional ethics office. instead the ethics committee would handle complaints meaning congress would be in charge of policing itself. the full house is expected to pass the measure today. with majorities in both houses of congress republican leaders already outlining their priorities. for the first 100 days. they include clearing a path to repeal at fordable care act, undoing a number of environmental and labor regulations, holding confirmation hearings on trump's cabinet picks and helping the president elect fill the empty spot on the supreme court. as congress returns to work today republicans are eager to start take agriculture part obama's policies while-s talked about making life difficult for trump. >> doug has more from capitol hill where both parties braying
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for what could be hard year. >> reporter: you can judge it just based on the high profile visitors this week alone. the president will be here on capitol hill tomorrow to meet with democrats to try to save obama care. the vice president elect will also be here to meet with republicans. dome of congress has been redone after a massive construction and restoration project. inside it's all about deconstructing the presidents's agenda and especially for new republicans it's a heady time. >> it's time to get our game face on and get working here. >> reporter: for the gop the number one target is obama care. that's the reason the president will head to the hill tomorrow. to try to figure out a way to save it. for republicans the real challenge may be get around a plan that saves some of the more popular aspects of the program while getting rid of
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the individual mandate to obtain or buy insurance. >> the hard part is the replace. republicans have had a lot of plans for a number of years. this time they have to pick one. as a party unite behind it and pass it. that will take hard work. >> reporter: and democrats are going to mount aggressive plays as well. planning to make it as hard as possible for the president elect to win confirmations for his cabinet picks. specifically targeting eight of them for long, dragged out battle that could continue for weeks beyond the inauguration. already raising the ire of trump's team. >> there is a difference between opposing people on policy and not letting them have the constitutional -- the president he have the copingsal right to pick his cabinet. each one of these people is qualified to serve and bring real change to the the departments on the government. >> reporter: and the other real fault line here on capitol hill involve its the office of optional ethics. republicans have vetted to
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dismantle it. democrats are howling. in washington. coalition of bay area environmental group social security traveling to washington to take part in protests on trump's inauguration day. last night hundreds of people showed up in oakland to launch a 16 city national protest tour ahead of the inauguration. they are calling their tour hash tag earth 2 trump. they are asking people to put their messages for the president into a giant globe. they are worried about trump's environmental policies. >> in his first 100 days he has promised to withdraw us from the paris clue mate agreement. he has promised to fast track fossil fuel projects like keystone. >> one of the biggest protests in washington could be the women's march. that is scheduled for january 21st. the day after the inauguration. as many as 200,000 people are expected to take part. we posted a link to awful the details on that and the
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protests at just look for the web link section. right now it's 4:19. alex is in for sal covering traffic. a rain for me on the way in. >> me too many. >> marin. >> absolutely. its going to be a rainy morning for everybody throughout the morning. this is the big day when everybody is of course like lie heading back from vacation. heading back to work. heading back to school. so the rain is going to really bog things down possibly as we head in to the heart of the morning. let's take you first here to the south bay. the gilroy super commute is a good ride. headingnorth on 101 up from the gilroy rare into san jose. you won't see any accidents in that particular area. also staying in the south bay we will show you a live look at 280 in san jose. you can see the roadways slick. slow it down just a bit this morning as you head out the door. we are starting to see a couple of minor crashes.
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we don't want anything serious as we move through the drive. here is -- a look at the golden gate bridge. that is looks good. a nice look ride at this hour. we should point out though there is the possibility for some slow downs later this morning because there is some damage to that golden gate bridge median. the movable median barry certify damaged so there will only be three southbound lanes open during the drive and obviously that is in the drive direction. only three southbound lanes instead of the usual four coming in to san francisco from marin. if that is your drive give yourself plenty of extra time. steve is here with the rest of the forecast. that is correct. >> all right. >> we have yesterday was all about the snow. some very low snow levels. it'll continue to stack newspaper the sierra. above about blow canyon or 5200 feett. will be in feet after everything is said and done here. certainly on the passes.
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there are still winter weather advisories. lake county, winter storm warning is out for the sierra and for shasta. hard to see there but outlined in the green is a flash flood watch for the mother load for just heavy duty rain that. will continue all the way probably until about late wednesday. for us there is a low off the oregon coast that's tapping in to moisture. the rain is picking up. steady rain for some. heavier for others. parts of marin out to the east bay and up in the sierra. it leukemia the snow level is going up a little bit. yesterday around 1700, 1800 feet. it's starting to move up. more around 2200 feet but -- again still pretty low for everybody there. occasionly some light snow or maybe moderate snow but it does look warmer. lake county. some areas getting good rain already around sunnyvale. in to the santa cruz mountains you can see as well. 40s on the temperatures to near
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50. we are running much warmer than yesterday. there is still a few 30s in the mix. that would be kelseyville. glenallen. a lot more 40s. yesterday about 32 to 35. bit of a breeze out of the south-southeast. 45 sacramento. that's the low. it's not doing anything for a couple of days but it's tapping in to the moisture. you can get a good look at it there. that will give us heavy rain. it does look like tuesday, wednesday, probably a break by thursday. that's the way it's looking now into friday. friday does appear to be one dry day but watch what happens in to saturday. that's just really picking up really heavy moisture coming in. it could be rainy saturday, sunday into monday. 40s on a few temperatures but more 50s todayt. will warm up a little bit. we are looking for rain today, tomorrow, should be a break. most of thursday and into friday. then more rain in on saturday and sunday. i would have a plan b if you have outdoor plans for the weekend. >> wow.
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got it. plan b. okay. no i have -- planned to stay in and relax after all the holiday craze. >> yeah . right. >> thank you. exciting night for the rose bowl game in pasadena. usc won. beating penn state. up next on the highlights its highest scoring rose bowl ever.
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franchise in nba history to win 30 of their first 35 games in three straight seasons. they got that mark by beating the nugget he is last night. clay thompson scored a team high 25 points. churchy, durant each scored more than 20 points and three other teammates also finished with double digits including green with a triple double. the warriors won by a final of 127-119. they continue their home stand tomorrow night against portland. time to talk football. it was a rose bowl game for the ages in pasadena. usc led penn state at half time. the lions scored 21 unanswered points in less than three minutes in the third including this 79-yard touchdown run by barkley. he broke six tackles. wow. usc wasn't giving up. down by 14 going in to the 4th. they came back tied, tied with less than a minute and a half left. couple of 27-yard touchdown passes and then after the
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interception the trojans got into field goal range and the attempt was good. usc wins 52-49. the highest scoring rose bowl game ever. >> wow. very exciting. >> that is a wow. >> all right. san francisco bound flight diverted to new zealand. the racist rant that prompted a united flight crew to take action. >> first a massive manhunt is underway for the gunman who killed 39 people at a nightclub in turkey. the video that just surfaced. it could lead to his arrest. . >> and rainfall around the bay area. that will make the roadways wet he as you head out the door. heading back to work. heading back to school. we will tell you about the east drive in the east bay. the golden gate bridge as well. >> and rain, more rain than snow has returned. it looked like the start of a wet pattern today and tomorrow. what's in store by the weekend.
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. welcome back it mornings on 2. live picturesw. he are at sfo right now. it's one of the busiest days to get back to work for a lot of travelers. for this new year. a lot of people getting back and hoping to start work again today. there were airport problems during the night. we will see what happens but this is what sfo looks like right now. good morning. thank you for joining us. tuesday, january 3rd. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pack cook. thank you for waking up with us. weather out there. rain. it was very cold. we are talking about local snow. >> yesterday was snow. >> yeah. >> today is more rain. >> more rain and a little bit warmer. >> yes. >> okay. >> correct. >> all right. >> yes. you are listening. nice job. thank you. we


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