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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  January 3, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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. welcome back it mornings on 2. live picturesw. he are at sfo right now. it's one of the busiest days to get back to work for a lot of travelers. for this new year. a lot of people getting back and hoping to start work again today. there were airport problems during the night. we will see what happens but this is what sfo looks like right now. good morning. thank you for joining us. tuesday, january 3rd. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pack cook. thank you for waking up with us. weather out there. rain. it was very cold. we are talking about local snow. >> yesterday was snow. >> yeah. >> today is more rain. >> more rain and a little bit warmer. >> yes. >> okay. >> correct. >> all right. >> yes. you are listening. nice job. thank you. we have rain increasing
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here. area of low pressure off the oregon coast tapping in and bringing in moisture from the west southwest. good set up toker some to get good rain, steady rain most of the day. it's beginning to enhance off the coast. some of that is moderate to heavy going through. there are pocket around marin. also over san pablo. in the santa cruz mountains. the snow level looks like it's going up a bit. probably more around 2,000 or 2200 feett. could get down to 1800 feet. up for is some area around sunnyvale. there is a band of moderate to heavy rain. also in the santa cruz mountains on the coast. that's of monthing through. moderate, heavy rain from morgan hill to gilroy. there is still a couple in the mix. these are many wear than yesterday for most by about a good five to seven degrees. that's the moisture source. there is the low. as it brings the moisture in the rain rate also pick up. it'll carry in for tonight and tomorrow. 50s on most of the
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temperatures. alex is here for sal. >> yeah. sal taking a couple more days. >> the nerve. >> get rested up. >> i know. how dare he. he will be back in a couple days. for now we are keeping an eye on the roadways and we know rain is falling around the bay area already. its going to impact the morning drive. also something else that we will impact your drive especially if you are coming in to the city from marin. issue on the golden gate bridge and it's an issue that has to do with the movable barrier. there is some sort of damage to it. there is three southbound lanes coming in to the city instead of the usual four. usually they have that zipper truck move through and they -- reverse -- another one of those lanes to help the flow of traffic. they won't be able to do that this morning. keep that in mind as you head out. we will go to the north bay now and i will tell you about the solano super drive and that's looking good.
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westbound thoroughfare field and vallejo. no problems at all so far. finally here is a live look at the east shore freeway. everything move agriculture long nicely coming through berkeley, heading toward the maze and getting in to san francisco at 4:33 in the morning. time now 4:33. will the 49ers this week will start interviewing people for gm and head coach. yesterday the ceo who fired the gm and the head coach opened his news conference by saying he is as frustrated as fans about the down fall of the 49ers. >> i apologize for the 2-is 14 season, for being back here again and making say change but i think it's very important that we reestablish a championship culture. >> he spoke for about a half hour. he hint that the former gm and former head coach may not have been on the same page when it came to players.
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he stressed the need that the next 49ers gm and head coach share similar descriptions on building the team. reporters asked him if he is the right person to be making these key hires. >> we are going to be judged on what we do and what we accomplish. we haven't accomplished enough. i own this football team. you don't dismiss owners. i'm sorry that that's the fact and the case. that's the fact. i will do everything that i can to get this right. >> he said that the team has to be flexible so he wouldn't say which position he would fill first. head coach or gm. while he didn't give specific names he indicated he is talking to former 49ers super bowl players and coaches about the search and the hiring process. as the losses piled up this season so did the anger from fans. >> we need a change. we definitely need a change. belkie has to go.
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i'm sorry. coach, he has nice to the players, seemed like the players liked him but we need a new one. >> he has the york backing. his uncle will -- hopefully -- they will oversee some of the changes going on. >> fans gathered at the 49ers complex yesterday collecting players autographs this he say the team has never recovered since letting jim harbaugh go in 2014. these are some of the names the 49ers are reportedly interested in talking too for the head coach position. they include josh mcdaniel, he has the support of patriots quarterback tom brady. two others have 49er ties. interim bills head coach anthony lynn was a running back with the 49ers in the mid-90s and kyle shanahan, his father mike was the offensive accord neater that won super bowl xxix. here is a partial list for gm. candidates reportedly include
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patriots direct director of -- louis riddick, they will also interview two gm candidates the green bay packers. one is elliot wolf. his father won super bowl was the raiders and the pack s as gm. if you missed the news conference you want to see it, we have posted it on the website. it's on the home page. a cell phone camera captured an ugly incident on a flight from sydney australia bound for san francisco. it shows an angry passenger going on a racist rant. >> you know how cool it would be to have the airplane turn add round? you do that. >> someone on the flight took this video you are looking at. they posted on twitter. the passenger was apparently angry that he was seated between two people of indian or
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pakistan heritage. the flight had to land in new zealand where the passenger was let off the plane by police and was arrested. the crew and all the other passengers had to spend that night in new zealand. the flight landed yesterday. a day later than scheduled. happening today opening statements will start in the long awaited trial of a man charged with the murder of sierra lamar who disappeared on her way to school in march of 2012. this case has gone through several delays. some of of which were based on the prosecution's decision to seek the death penalty against torres and because the body has never been found. the defense is expected to argue that she ran away. starting today all office also have shorter hours because of a five million dollar budget deficit. to save money the court clerk's will close two hours earlier
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this will be open from 8:30 to 2:30 monday through friday. traffic clerk office also close 90 minutes early and will remain open from 8:30 to 2:30 in the afternoon. its been one month since the devastating ghost ship warehouse fire that killed 36. >> the fire not only changed the oakland neighborhood but also raised serious safety concerns for those who live in illegal housing. rob malcolm talked to one who has deep roots about plans to prevent another tragedy. >> it's a public safety issue but it's also an environmental justice issue. we are trying to address properties like this one so we do not loose any lives. >> reporter: a lifelong resident noah grew newspaper the fruitvale neighborhoods. he believes the city needs to do more for the artist community. >> those of us that continue to live in environments like this one that we offer not only the rent controlled protection but the same time i don't want
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to shy away and state it the fact that it's the responsibility of the property owner. >> reporter: lawsuits have been filed against the building owner. employees of various city and county departments. he admits the is warehouse may have fallen through the cracks. . >> not just about one facility where we may have dropped the ball. it's a result -- there are a number of facility its or residential unit that are housing our residents that are in question right now. >> reporter: inspectors have been worked to inspect questionable buildings leaving artists requesting stop on evictions. code enforcement will be much different in the new year. >> we are trying to bring about change in oakland to make sure that our families protected. especially our children. >> reporter: the fire claimed 36 lives and also the lively hood of nearby businesses, many had to move. the empty sidewalks have taken their toll on this small business. kick city. >> it's affecting foot
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traffic. we would get people coming like that would go pay a phone bill or walk across on this side. it's just -- because basically if you are not even crossing over to our side of international anymore. >> reporter: across international boulevard people continue to visit the site of the fire. >> it's a tragedy that -- certainly we will not forget. we will take the action necessary. not only to protect the young artists but to protect all our families. that's the goal. >> reporter: wednesday night city hall councilman will host a jobs and housing forum this is from five to eight and many from the artist community are expected to attend. in oakland. ktvu fox 2news. oakland investigators also searching for the cause of a fire inside a trailer in east oakland. it started late yesterday afternoon on 93rd avenue. it was put out. no injuries were reported. the fire also caused minor damage to a home next door. today we may find out more
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about the car built to beat a tesla in a race. the start up is revealing it's first car at the consumer like i can show in las vegas. here is the promotion video it released of the car. beating tesla's fastest car in a race. right now we don't know what the car will look like or it's features but industry experts say it's expected to cost about $200,000. only a few photographs have pop up online showing a lighted grill and some picturesw. he know that the car will be all electric and built in the united states with a plant under construction in nevada. a second plant possibly being built in vallejo. television stations in turkey are airing what investigators are calling a video of the suspected gunman in the nightclub shootingt. shows the terrorist suspect filming himself with a cell phone in downtown. take a look.
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not clear if the video was taken before or after the attack that killed 39 people. isis has claimed responsibility saying the mass shooting was in response to turkey's military operations against its soldiers in syria. police believe that the gunman who is still at large is a  professional assassin. isis is also claiming responsibility for an attack in iraq. 36 people were killed when a suicide bomber blew up a pickup truck loaded explosives at a busy market. the attack took place hours after the president of france arrived. he later pledged the presence military will continue to play a major role in the easts to drive isis out of iraq. major delays at airports all over the country. 20 minutes the system outage that caused long lines for travelers, especially international ones. >> also severe weather across the south. up next a look at the damage
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and when more bad weather is set to come. >> and things starting to get busier on the roadway around the bay area as people head back to work and back to school after the holiday vacation. the drive in the east bay and a couple of slow spots we are tracking as well, coming up,. >> yesterday was more of a snow event. there still may be more but temperatures have warmed up and we will focus on rain. there will be good rain the next couple of days. here's your receipt. have a nice day! thank you. start the car! start the car! start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale.
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. time is 4:45. experts is studying a swarm of earthquakes. since saturday more than 250 small quakes have struck near the town of braleigh. the biggest was a 3.7. no injuries or damage reported
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but experts closely watching that area. they say that the area connects to possibly damaging san andreas and imperial faults there. was a chance the swarm could have triggered a bigger quake but by sunday the possibility had gone down. authorities in oklahoma are reportedly close to making an arrest in the shooting of a police officer on new year's day. the valley brook police officer was walking back to his car during a traffic start stop when the driver of the car he stopped shot him in the upper leg. he had surgery. he is now listed in serious condition. the suspect's vehicle has been found but the suspect is still at large. >> he had made contact already with the -- with the person he pulled over and then he turn add round to walk back to the vehicle. it's -- it's dangerous in any time you pull someone over. >> one other vehicle was hit by the gun fire but nobody else
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was hurt. more power of storms expected across many parts of the south today. last night several strong storm systems swept across many southern states causing at least five deaths. four of those people died when a tree fell on their mobile home in southern alabama. the storms also caused a lot of flooding in alabama, georgia and florida. a pig became trapped in the flood waters in georgia. look. this is the scene in jackson county yesterday after hours and hours of powerful, heavy rain. it's just stuck there. >> hopefully they are able to get him out. >> yeah. the at least someone saw it and took the pictures. we want to check back over, traffic center. alex in for sal. how does it look? >> so far, so good. it leukemia things starting to pick up early here. people anxious to get back to work pantly? >> i don't know about that.
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>> i don't know if they are anxious. maybe they want to hit the road early. they know this is the big day that folks done with vacation here. the new year holiday is over and everybody seems to be hitting the road early. i want to take you out and show you the tracy super drive here and it's already starting to pick up. you can see significantly in fact westbound 580 right as you come through tracy and down in to the livermore valley. already starting to see some mildly slow traffic in that area. i will keep an eye on it for you. that could be an area where things bog down early this morning. let's show you what things lack like at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see a reminder that the roadways are slick this morning. the toll plaza not looking to bad but certainly bound to get busier busier here in the next hour or so. finally a live look at highway 4 and folks a lot of them you can see all the headlights. folks westbound over from antioch and pittsburgh.
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westbound on highway 4 and it's busy but i'm not showing any major slow downs as of yet. stand by. 4:49 is the time. steve, standing by with that forecast. off and on yes. looks like it. thank you. we have a lot cloud cover over us if you aren't getting rain attempt will start to show up quick. still good area of moisture from the west southwest. that will give us off and on rain. steady rain for some. light rain for others. there is a lot more on the way. some of the rain -- most found in scotts valley. that's at 1200 feet. just shy of an inch. santa cruz mountains, mill valley. three quarters of an inch. val johan to fairfield. two thirds, gunville a half inch. there are plenty of winter weather advisories. including parts of lake and winter storm warnings in the white this is a flash flood watch for the mother load. just a lot of rain.
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something to watch. remember watching -- it may happen, warning -- it is happening that's what is going on with the sierra winter storm warning. 10:00 a.m. tuesday to 4:00 a.m. thursday. snow level will go back up here over the next couple days. i think it'll get back up to 2200, 2500 feet and over the weekend start to group higher. some rain moving through parts of marin. solano. out to eastern contra costa. you can see the rain, snow line on 50 and 80. it looks like its lifting a little bit there. probably around 2200 feet and for areas to the south around bay area. sunnyvale a little bit of rain popping through. moving quick. also in the santa cruz mountains and valley. that's where the most rain is. it makes sense. that stretch as long the coast. then back over toward the santa clara valley. these are running warmer than yesterday. east bay temperatures a lot more mid40s. brentwood at 45. concord. walnut creek. not much of a davis.
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low up here tapping in to this moisturet. will continue to increase the rainfall and looks like today and wednesday we will get good rain and then we get a break thursday into friday. watch here but saturday we really start to kick it in big time and looks like a really wet pattern as we go in to the weekend. maybe a few upper 40s and little warmer here than it had yesterday. yesterday was cold. snow up in the the higher peaks. rain into wednesday. break thursday and friday and then rain, maybe heavy at times in on the weekend. >> and does it still look like rain in the -- in lake tahoe? >> it'll go up above 5,000 probably. if will be about 5,000. >> blue canyon. >> verses 2,000 now. >> the resort also get. >> they will get feet. >> feet of snow this weekend. >> between now and then. >> okay. >> all right. the new republican controlled congress meets for the first time today.
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the controversial votes they have taken against a watch dog group whose job is to investigate corruption by congress. >> and a geyser near businesss in sacramento. up next what caused this big mess. why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance..., and my sweethearts gone sayonara. this scarf, all that's left to remember. what! she washed this like a month ago! how's a guy supposed to move on! the long lasting scent of gain flings.
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. with a deadly shooting on new year's. antioch had it's highest the number of homicides since 2010. frederick ferguson was killed sunday night. a 20-year-old was shot and injured. ferguson was the 13th homicide victim in antioch in 2016 and that's the most since 2010 when there were 13 homicides. there were seven in 2015. nobody has been arrested in the new year's eve shooting anyone with information is asked to call antioch police. south sacramento a fire hydrant turned in to a geyser shooting water high in to the air. that is a lot. a car crashed in to that hydrant on stockton and this is what happened. the crews worked the water department to try to cut off that flow and keep nearby businesses from being flooded. one person inside the car that hit the hydrant was taken to the hospital, treated for minor
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injuries. after several false starts george lucas will died late their month if he will build his museum in san francisco or los angeles. for almost a decade he has tried to build a museum to house his personal collection that includes 40,000 paintings, illustrations and film related items. he is paying for it himself. he plans to spend more than a billion dollars building his museum. and provide art work valued at over $400 million. in october he revealed similar but competing designs for sites in los angeles and san francisco. the cribbed industry set to release its sales tally tomorrow. industry independent siders expecting to report the sale of at least 17.5 million cars. that would -- say how many were sold in 2015 -- would tie the amount but some are predicting that number will go higher.
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2016 was a block busker year at the box office. united states theaters beat out the previous years record with more than $11 billion in sales. finding dory was the biggest money maker. it brought in $486 million. the latest star wars movie is number two on the 2016 list with $450 million. did you fall asleep during finding dory? >> different but only because i had to go to bed early. i did like it you told me i would. >> immaterial it's hard to watch sitting at home on these hours. >> yeah. coming up, the tunnel that brings water to the san francisco area and other bay area cities, it's shutting down for two months. still ahead where people will get their water from during that water closure. >> and it's the first day back to work after the long holiday week but it may be rough for people on the golden gate
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bridge. the damage that is creating or could create some traffic back up. >> and the other thing that could brett traffic issues is the wet weather wal-mart rekeeping an eye on it. so far no imagine issues but some areas where we are seeing slow downs already. >> and our focus will shift from not only just snow but now more rain starts to kick in today and wednesday. here you go, the spare!
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the spare, no, i don't want to put anybody out. nonsense! we lend it to everybody. some people we hardly know.
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. drivers trying to get out to mount hall ill ton turn away after rare snow fall. look at those pictures. we will tell you how some braved the cold and made it up the mountain to capture the winter weather. >> also an 18-year-old is dead. killed in a suspected drunk driving accident. her 19-year-old friend was driving. how the santa rosa community is reacting to this tragedy. mornings on 2 continues. . >> good morning. we want to take you out to the bay bridge this morning. it's expected to be more crowded as a lot of people get back to work. right now you can see traffic moving just fine but you can see it's very wet out there.
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