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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  January 3, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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. good morning. thank you for joining us. trying to get to the bottom of that movable barrier problem. >> yeah. >> on the golden gate bridge. taking a look out sued. you can see oakland estuary. the live picture. wet. around the bay area. marin and the tunnel and the east bay. it's tuesday. >> steve is right there. in -- you are busy today. if will be busy week i think. >> a busy week. >> yes. yes. thank you. we have rain moving through. looks like on the back edge of it for now. there is still -- little steady rain for some. it'll pick up later on. the wind is really going to turn up as well later on this afternoon and tonight, into tomorrow. there is two systems.
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one to the north. that's a cold one. that's drawing up moisture from the west southwest. now weather station for christmas. thank you for that. leapings on your new weather system. it'll be working overtime in the next week or so. snow level looks like its inching up a little bit. still around the 2,000, maybe 2200-foot level and it'll continue to stay there for a while. it's almost all snow on the go especially if you get up toward north of redding. if are you heading up five, shasta is talking about feet of snow. some of that is still in lake. probably not as much as yesterday. there is still some so that's why we have a winter weather advisory. like a back edge on some of this rain now. still on the peninsula as well. some of this is winding down. there is still plenty of moisture that has to stream across. 40 toe to 50s. we are warmer but there is still enough moisture on the way. i don't see how we can get
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around it. 40s but 50e on the temperatures. you know we are getting busier. starting to see some of the spin outs because of the slick roads we have out there. make sure you take it easy. the roadways wet and rain is falling in these spots here. here is one of the busier spot was he are seeing this is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the moisture on the lens and the back of it extends all the way to the maze right now. it's only going to get worse here during the 6:00 hour. the san mateo bridge. that drive move agriculture long okay. folks headed west toward the peninsula are doing good once you get past the toll plaza. few slow down across that span. to the maps we are take you here. show you a live look at the south bay. you can see that in san jose we are doing pretty well. bit of a slow down on 101 northbound. just north of the 680 junction.
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things looking good across the south bay. now we give you a live look at the golden gate bridge and this morning is the first drive for a lot of people after the long holiday break and possibly it could be a rough one for drivers heading mar in into san francisco. we are live at the golden gate bridge to explain and an issue with the median that could impact traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we had a chance to test drive that golden gate bridge drive this morning to see how it is. it was okay for us. let's show people what we are talking about as we zoom in through the number two lane. you can see that movable barrier. that's where the problem is. that was damaged yesterday and cannot be is shifted back and forth as it usually is. we had a chance to drive the bridge north and south. we didn't see any obvious signs of damage to that ware barrier. we saw the signs on the bridge that it's locked ford now into the three lanes north and three lanes south.
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we talked to the bridge district spokesperson who said the dredge workers found the damage early yesterday afternoon and didn't have time to fix it. she said that one the links in the barry certify damaged and moving could damage the machine that move itself back and forth or could damage the block itself. today is the first big day we expect a lot of people to return to work. we are monitoring the traffic to see if photograph sick backing up. that one lane taken out of the formula. we drove it back and forth and didn't see any slowing on traffic as we drove it back and forth. engineers due out here later on this morning to see what the problem is and try to diagnosis that problem. start affecting a repair. we are hear that could mean go lanes shut down at some point in time. the bridge district -- said that the movable barriers have been in place for about two years this is the first significant problem that they have had with them. they say they have a good track
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record. >> and i'm glad they drove across the bridge. we will watch that. we are also learning more about a deadly crash that killed a young woman from santa rose a. a memorial is growing at the crash scene where the 18-year- old was killed late sunday night. investigators say she was riding in a car that skidded off mount hawk drive and hit in a tree. her friend was driving and suffered minor injuries. she is in jail facing charges. >> someone that loos a friend is going to have to live with that for the rest of her life. my personal opinion is i think that's punishment enough. >> police say that her driver's license was already suspended after i had previous dui arrest last year. a go fund me page has been set
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up to help the family pay for her funeral. so far more than $1,600 has been raised. we have post aid link to the page on the website. bay area crab fishermen are still not taking their boats out. showing support for crabbers farther north. crab fishermen went on strike last wednesday after a whole sell offered to pay $2.75 a pound instead of $3 a pound which is what was negotiated when the season started in november. fishermen in oregon, canada and parts of northern california have all joined the protest. some holiday travel writer stuck in long airport line at customs after acies temperature outage last night caused major delay around the country. take a look at video from sfo last night. the problem started around 2:00 p.m. customs and border protection officers used back up systems
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to process international travelers. it took at least an hour and a half for some people to get through. in miami some of the people waited for hours. >> we found long lines. huge, long lines and they weren't letting the kids, family was kids go through . none of that. >> take a look at what it was like in miami. people everywhere. some of the travelers said people pass out because of the heat and fatigue. all of the airports were back online by 7:30 last night. officials say there is no indication that the disruption was caused by terrorism or that it was malicious. the board that oversees muni is meetinged to and one item on the agenda is rueing a report looking at the agency's safety record and on time performancet. was com piled for the fiscal year. crime dropped the lowest level since 2013.
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on time performance increased by 3% to nearly 10%. our it is far short of the voter approved standard of at least 85%. the number of collisions, ticked up slightly but muni said rider sack has been increasing. it stands at 70%. that's up from 48% in 2001. time now 6:08. happening today the city of san jose makes another effort to clean up city streets and the highways. today san jose mayor will join a clean up crew from the group downtown streets team and they will pick up debris, trash and litter. they will plant flowers near interstate 280. today is a major freeway gateway into san jose. a compliants about a lot of trash on south bay freeways today. another effort to clean it out. >> and the mayor will be out of here. way. will be out there? >> the mayor will be out there. >> yes. a bag handler locked in a
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cargo hold. crazy story. coming up, the investigation underway now to find out how he got stuck in there during a 90 minute flight. >> first it's back to work for congress. a live lotter from capitol hill on the start of what could be an eventfull year. >> good rain foughtals. they will only pick up here. we will talk more about that. we're told to live large, but with princess cruises
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. welcome back. our time is 6:12. the president elect announced his nomination for united states trade representative this morning. according to a press release from his transition team robert lighthiser is the nominee. he served under president regan as deputy united states trade representative. in a statement trump said that he will fight for good trade deals that put the american worker first. congress gets back to work today in washington. >> yeah. republicans are anxious to start dismantling the president's policies. democrats are talking about making difficult for the president elect. live now on capitol hill. members of both party bracing for what looked like a hard year. >> reporter: yeah. they. this may be the calm before the storm what you see here. republicans are anxious to get started here because they will control the is senate, house and after january 20th the
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white house. the gleaming dome of congress has been redone after a massive construction and restoration project. inside it's all about deconstructing the presidente agenda and especially for new republicans, it's a heady time. >> it's time to get our game face on and get working here. >> reporter: for the gop the number one target is obama care and that's the reason that the president will head to the hill tomorrow. to try to figure out a way to save his health care law. for republicans the real challenge may be getting behind a plan that save some of the more popular aspects of the program while getting rid of things like the individual mandate to obtain or purchase insurance. immaterial the hard part is the replace. republicans have had a lot of plans for a number of years now. this time they have to pick one and as a party get behind it and pass it. that's going to take hard work. >> reporter: and democrats are going to mount aggressive plays as well. planning to make it as hard as
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possible for the president elect to win confirmation for his cabinet picks. specifically targeting eight of them for long, dragged out battles that could continue for weeks beyond the inauguration. already raising the ire of his team. >> there is a difference between opposing people on policy and allowing people to have the constitutional right to pick a cabinet as long as they are qualified and each of these people is qualified to serve and bring real change to the various departments. >> reporter: it would be extraordinary to fight tooth and nail over eight nominees. it's possible but it's possible that this is an opening gambit. democrats may settle on fighting against two or three of them. >> all right. thank you. back here in the bay area a coalition of environmental groups is traveling to washington dc to take part in protests on trump's inauguration day.
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last night hundreds of people showed up in oakland to launch a 16 city national protest toura heaved the inauguration. they are calling their tour hash tag earth to trump. they are asking people to put their messages for the president into a giant globe. the group is concerned about his environmental policies. >> in his first 100 days he promised to withdraw us from the paris clue mate agreement, a fast track fossil fuel projects like key stole. >> one of the bingest protests in washington dc could be the women's march. scheduled for january 21st which is the day -- day after the inauguration. as many as 200,000 are expected to take part in that. we have posted a link to the details on all the protests on our website. just look for that under our web links is section. sal is off. we have alex watching traffic. its going to be a busy day and it's wet out there too.
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>> it is. this is the big day. everybody heading back to work or back to school after the holiday break here. we have wet roads to complicate things. i'm watching the chp log and seeing a lot of these single car spinning outs and crashes. nothing to serious so far. that's the good news. you can see the roadways wet. you have to give yourself extra time and you have to slow it down just a bit. here say live look at 280 in san jose. that's a bit slow. no major crashes to report in the south bay this morning. if you are coming out of the antioch area, westbound on highway 4 things very slow and you can see the back up there as you come up and over the hill through bay point and into concord. no crashes though in that area because that would really complicate things in a big way. family we will show you here on the maps the drive through the livermore valley and that one is quite slow as you come up and over the pass. it lets up just a bit.
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coming through livermore proper. you can see the 680 southbound coming -- heading down toward the grade. that's pretty slow here this morning at 6:17. steve is here and we have -- we have rain for the future. >> that is correct. thank you. we see a little bit of a let up in some of the rain but it's not going away. it'll be back later on along with the wind that will pick up later today. two systems a i cold low off the oregon coast is funneling in moisture and feeding in to that and there is available moisture that's almost off the court here. that's funneling in. rainfall, inch and a third in scotts valley. one and a quarter. redwood estates, almost an inch of rain. vallejo, .68 and fairfield .68. roo -- half inch of rain. other rain totals include mount tam. kemp field 82.
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boulder creek .79. over a half inch of rain. tenth of an inch. there is a ton of snow up in the sierra. it's still very low on 50 and 80 and finally looks like some of that has turned more to rain in redding. shasta coming down in feet up there as well. there is no change in that pattern for sure. does look a little warmer form. maybe not as much snow. parts of -- this goes there tuesday into thursday. looks like we are on the back side of this precipitation. contra costa. you can see a little bit of a back edge. also in the santa cruz mountains this he are getting the most so far. there are a few breaks starting to show up. we have a long way to go here. 40s on the temperatures. even east bay temperatures as
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cleo as i have seen them. only in a three degree spread. brentwood 44. blackhawk 45. dublin in with san ramone. it'll turn up tonight. that's the cold low. it's funneling in this moisture. look at this system starting to enhance all this moisture. that will pick up the rain. there is so much going on. this low isn't going away for a couple days and it's tapping in to a lot of moisture that will take news to late wednesday, early thursday and then a break thursday afternoon into friday. some good amounts but then we will get a break thursday, also friday. watch what happens saturday. things just go crazy here. there could be heavy rain as we go in to the weekend and into monday. 40s, 50s on the temperatures. they are warming up but cloudy, rain, more rain on wednesday then mostly cloudy thursday, could be few lingering showers and then a break friday. rain and wind warm eras well into the weekend. >> a lot of rain it sounded like. >> correct.
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>> all right. thank you. 19 minutes off from six. lot of snow in the sierra as well. yes. couple of feet expected by the weekend. coming up, we will tell you what is happening today that will give us an case of california's water supply. >> first, tragedy in texas. the illegal chemicals reportedly to blame for the death of four children.
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moo. welcome back. four children have died in the suspected pesticide poisoning in texas. the tragic incident happened early yesterday morning inside a home in amarillo. investigators say that the children died from a poisonous gas that came from pesticide that had been placed under the house. they say that someone who lives in the home had purchased the chemicals illegally to kill mice. >> he didn't know enough about it. the chemical is sold to people that have a license to apply it. he got this black market. >> six other people live agent the home got sick and are in the hospital. it's not clear if the man who bought it'll face charges. united airlines investigating after a bag handler was locked in the cargo hold during a flight. the 459-year-old somehow got
6:24 am
locked in the belly of the plane before the flight from charlotte north carolina to washington dc. workers in charlotte realized he may be is stuck and alerted officials. emergency respond ewas wait agent the gate and the man refused medical treatment. the tunnel that brings water here to the bay area from the reservoir will be is shut down for two months for an inspection. during that time san francisco and other cities will get their water from local reservoirs while the crews figure out if the aging tunnel can be repaired or be replaced. water officials say that it's at a risk of a collapse. 2.6million america customers depend on that water from the reservoir. there has been a show of support for a homeless mother and her 10-year-old son. she has a full time job but she and her son have been living in a car. they couldn't pay the sky high rents.
6:25 am
on the night of december 13th the is sheriff's office showed up on a welfare check. she thought they were coming to take her son away but instead the deputy is sheriff's association and a homeless group set up a site. the goal to raise ten thousand dollars to get the mother and son into an apartment and fix her car. at last check more than $19,000 have been raised. the warriors the first franchise in nba history to win 30 of their thirst 35 games in three straight seasons. they got to that by beating the nuggets last night. clay thompson scored a team high 25 points curry and durant each scored. green had a triple double. the warriors won by a final of 127-119 and they continue their home stand tomorrow night against portland. it was a great rose bowl
6:26 am
game. you won't forget that game. usc beat penn state. penn state had 21 unanswered points in less than three minutes in the third. including this 79-yard touchdown run by barkley. six tacklels and sored. urn sv wasn't giving up. down by 14234 to the 4th them came back. tied the game. less than a minute and a half left. that was a 27-yard touchdown. then after the interception the trojans had a chance for a field goal and they made it. a 46-yard field goal with no time left. it was a highest scoring rose ball game ever. immaterial wow. crazy. >> yeah. >> very exciting. the search on for a new gm and head coach to lead the 49ers. >> i think it's very important that we reestablish a championship culture. >> what the team owner has to
6:27 am
stay about looking -- what we is look for as he prepares to make the new hires. >> we have a busy morning drive. we will tell you about some of the slow spots we are tracking and how the wet weather may impact your ride to work. >> and there is going to be a lot of weather weather over the next five to seven days. what is in store for later today.
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beyond assuming the source is safe... to knowing it is. beyond asking for trust... to earning it. because, honestly, our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food. . good morning. welcome back. thank you for joining us. mornings on two. it's tuesday. already january 3rd. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. it's almost 6:30. wondering about the rain. how long it'll last. let's check in with steve. >> for a while it looks like. >> week. two weeks. >> week.
6:30 am
not every day. thank you. we are seeing a little bit of this rain. it'll pick up later on today. there will be -- rather windy pattern. not much in the way of clearing. that's toker sure aim lot of moisture from a low off the or or coast. it's going to be the start of a wet pattern into about monday. looks like it's gone up a bit on 50 and 80 but still low. there is still a lot of snow on five north of redding. still some in the mix though it's more rain than snow. also into lake county. a back edge again. some out toward napa. concord and walnut creek. after that looks like its calming down. same on the peninsula. still some on the way. you can see wood side. then to saratoga and the santa cruz mountains. a lot off shore. 40s on the temperatures.
6:31 am
they are warmer by five to serve degrees. the breeze is picking up and look for this moisture to continue to ramp up as that low draws all that moisture in here. there could be impressive totals over the next few days especially if we head toward wednesday night. a break thursday, friday. ed could be heavy over the weekend. 40 owe an the temperatures. as the result of the rain around the bay area we have wet roads. drivers losing control of their cars and crashing. nothing to serious. here is a live look at the drive.
6:32 am
now a live look at the golden gate bridge. may back up more than usual today. there will only be he three southbound lanes coming in from marin county. before the afternoon drive. finally here. let's take to you the maps. we will tell you that you can see a good ride westbound on 80. a crash 101 northbound. 101 northbound just south of holy. that crash looks to be blocking the number three and four lanes. if you are on the peninsula. 101 northbound. just south of holy. a crash that just came in a
6:33 am
short time ago. blocking a couple of the right hand lanes. 6:32 is the time. also happening today, five- years after her disappearance. sierra lamar's accused killer will be put on trial. the attorneys prepared to make their opening statements. what we can expect from the first day of the trial. >> reporter: she disappeared on her way to her school bus stop in 2012. two months after she disappeared authorities arrested the then 21-year-old. they called it stranger abduction and later charged him with her murder. now is he heading to trial. investigators pointed to his dna on her clothing and bag. her dn was found in his car. her father said the hartest part was saying that her hair
6:34 am
was found on rope in the trunk of the man's car. her body has never been found. >> it's never -- full closure. it'll only be helpful answers. >> the defense said that back in october that they plan to include her fatherra criminal record during the trial. not to paint him as her killer but to support their idea that she ran away. he is a convicted sex offender. in 2009 he was charged with ten counts of lewd act was a child under 14 for allegedly molesting his daughter's friends during sleep overs. detectives have stressed that he was not a suspect in the disappearance. prosecutors say that torres had six hours to commit the crimes. torres pleaded not guilty. his trial start this is morning at quarter to nine.
6:35 am
>> thank you. we have been following the story for a long time. we will update this today. 6:35 is the time with a deadly shooting on new year's eve. the city of antioch recorded it's highest number of homicides since 2010. 56-year-old frederick ferguson was shot and killed. a 20-year-old man was shot and injured. ferguson was the 13th homicide victim in antioch in 2016. that's the most since 2010. there were seven in 2015. nobody has been arrested in the new year's eve shooting and anyone with information is asked to call antioch police. time now 6:35. the 49ers this week will start interviewing candidates for general manager head coach. yesterday the ceo who fired the gm and the head coach opened his news conference by telling fans he is as frustrated as they are about the dawn fall of the team. >> i apologize for a 2-14
6:36 am
season. i apologize for being back here again and making a change but i think it's very important that we reestablish a championship culture. he indicated that the former gm and coach may not have been on the same page when it came to players. york stress that the next 49ers gm and head coach have to have a similar vision on building the team. reporters asked york if he is the right person to be making these key hires. >> we will be judged on what we do what we accomplish. we haven't accomplished enough. i own this team. you don't dismiss owners. i'm sorry that's -- that's the facts and that's the case. that's the facts. i will do everything that i can to get this right. >> york said the team has to be flexible. he refused to say what position he would fill first. the head coach or the gm. while he didn't reveal any
6:37 am
specific names he indicated that he is talking to former 49ers super bowl players as well as coaches about the search and the hiring process. here are some of the names that the 49ers reportedly are interested in talking too about head coach. they include josh mcdaniels, he has the support of tom brady. the patriots quarterback. go others have 49ers ties. the issue rim coach, anthony lynn was a running back with the 49 nets mid-90s and falcons offensive coordinator kyle shanahan. his father mike shanahan was the 49ers offensive coordinator that won super bowl xxix. here is a partial list for gm. the candidates reportedly include patriots director of player personnel. e is spn analyst luis r, ddick.
6:38 am
they will also interview two gm candidates, one of whom is elliot wolf. his father won super bowl was the raiders and packers as gm. while fans angry about the season players optimistic that the team will return to their glory days. >> keep the faith. keep the faith. the tides will turn. >> sometimes you just -- have to start over and rebuild. i'm glad he is doing it. >> fans gathered at the santa clara complex yesterday to collect player autographs and talk about changes. while in the news conference york refused to say that he should have kept jim harbaugh as coach but fans say the team has never recovered since letting him go. after the 2014 season. if you missed york's news conference or want to see it we have posted it on our website right on the home
6:39 am
page. our time is now 6:38. a to you story. a high school freshman killed in a suspected drunk driving crash in san jose on christmas day. coming up at seven the really hard day ahead. >> and more on that suspected gunman in the turkey nightclub attack. the videoed investigators looking at. >> and folks hitting the road today, heading back to work and back back to school after the long holiday. we will tell you how the rain is impacting the drive and one crash we are tracking on the peninsula. . >> for some the rain is receipting up. for others it's steady. don't get used to it any time soon. looks like good rain.
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. welcome back. television stations in turkey are airing what investigators calling a disturbing selfie video of the suspected gunman in the nightclub shooting. >> it shows the suspect filming himself with a cell phone in downtown istanbul. it's not clear if the video was taken before or after the attack. isis has said it was in response to the turkey military operations against its soldiers in syria. police believe the gun pan who is still at alarming is a
6:43 am
professional killer. today people took part if what they called a peace march in honor the victims of the nightclub shooting. they carry aid banner that said we will not yield for the sake of our future. as they made their way to the nightclub. they laid flowers at the memorial for the 39 people killed there. isis is claiming responsibility for a deadly attack in iraq. 36 people were killed when a suicide bomber blew up a truck loaded explosives. it happened just hours after french president arrived in the iraq capitol. he later pledged the french military will continue to play a role in the international effort to drive isis out of iraq. parts of the south expecting even more power of storms today. last night several hit southern states killing at least five people. four of them died when a tree fell on their mobile home in
6:44 am
southern alabama. those storms also cause aid lot of damage and flooding in woman, georgia and florida. right now we want to check in with our welcome at what's coming up. >> good morning. coming up in the next hour video that's hard to watch. still sending important message. take a look at what's happening on your screen. the aftermath here of a terrible accident in utah. that white driver fell on a 2- year-old twins in her body room. the boy was doing what they do. climbing on this dresser when it tipped over. you can see the one trying to save his brother. the other boy is okay but there is a strong warning the parents about what they want all parents to do. if a resolution is to be he better about saving money you should know some have questions about the future of the 401k.
6:45 am
we will look at that and the two big draw backs, exposures to big swings in the stock market and the fees we pay to money managers. that these and more. >> thank you. as we have been saying its raining in many parts of the bay area. we have seent. this is i picture of mount hamilton and san jose last night. that's real snow. drivers heading up mount hamilton were turn ada way at grant ranch county park. the snow was seen at several other mountain tops including big -- during this big chill. skiers and snow boarders heading to the sierra this morning, expect and prepare yourself for heavy snow and dangerous driving conditions. chains are required on both interstate 80 and highway 50. the main highways linking the bay area to the lake tahoe area. the chp is warning you drivers, give yourself plenty of time as you go through the mountains.
6:46 am
its been snowing at lower elevations that haven't had snow in more than three years. and later today the first snow survey of the season will take place in the lake tahoe area that. will test the california water supply after five-years of drought. poles will be put down in to the snow pack there. are hopes the water crisis may end soon. especially since we have been getting a lot of rain over the past three months but the water experts say that it's still to early to we are that question. and you can always track the snow and rain any time with the free ktvu weather app. it's in the app store for both phones and tablets. we want to check in on traffic because we are talking about snow and rain and -- barriers broken. >> no snow. at least not here in the immediate bay area. we had it on the peaks.
6:47 am
that would really hurt traffic. >> yeah. that would be -- i don't think we could handle that. we have wet roads out there and -- i have seen. on the chp log a fair number of spin outs and single car crashes meaning folks may drive to fast for the slick conditions. you need to slow it down. one crash on the peninsula that could slow you down -- northbound 101 south of holy. the chp is trying to deal with this crash between a car and big rig there. were two right lanes. the two were blocked for a time. they may have them cleared by now. you can see there is a back up in that area. if are you going through the redwood is city area keep an eye out for this. northbound 101 south of holy. they are working to clear a crash. now let's show you a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can tell the roads are wet and the back up is significant. trying to get from the east bay
6:48 am
into san francisco. are you backed up well through the maze right now trying to make that ride in to the city. finally let's give you a live look at the ride out of the antioch pittsburgh area and up and over the hill through bay point. it is going to be a slow one but we aren't suing any significant crashes in that area that are going to slow things down. reason will just keep oncoming. . we have some snow snow elevation. this photograph september to us from marley said the parking lot at bernie falls. pretty good snow. everything is going to be all
6:49 am
right. we will feel better. >> its going to be a ton of snow. lake shasta. they are releasing twice the amount of water. they can't hold enough thankful. they are releasing 10,000cubic feet a second. they are had so much rain and snow. rainfall have been fike. rid wood estates almost an inch of rain. we did see the same around santa rosa. kempfield. montero.58 and san mateo an inch and a third. a tenth but -- every -- update
6:50 am
these. snow level made it to placerv arks lle. rain looks like its moving in to redding. shasta. snow, already feet being measured there. there is a lot more on the way. a lot more green than white that we had yesterday. win interest storm warning is out. in the green here it's hard to see. that's a flash flood watch out for the mother lode for what could be excessive rain as we head toward the weekend. winter storm warning 10:00 a.m. tuesday until 4:00 a.m. thursday. that snow level down to around 2,000 feet. i expect that to start going back up. there is a dryer side for at least snow. back toward parts of oakland. also san francisco. also letting up considerablely on the peninsula.
6:51 am
40s on the temperatures. inland temperatures in the midland 40s. it'll get windy tonight. in the next couple of days and there is a series of system that will give us impressive rain. the weekend looks extremely wet. maybe into monday. rain and wind. menlo park man attacked by burglar was a hammer. coming up, who police arrested and how his neighbors had a
6:52 am
similar experience just a few months earlier. >> and a controversial mcdonalds. the restaurant that just opened up right outside vatican city. the one cardinal calls a disgrace. it's just a date. i can stay. i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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. welcome back. it's 6:54. its been a month from now since that devastating oakland warehouse fire where 36 people
6:55 am
were killed. several lawsuits have been filed against the building's own exercise employees of various oakland city and county departments. the warehouse may have fallen through the cracks. the city will deal issues. >> not just about one facility where we may have dropped the ball. result -- that -- the number of facilities are residential units. that are in question right now. >> city inspectors have been working to inspect questionable buildings. >> we have been learning more about the two deadly shootings in san francisco. 21-year-old ernest o rosales was shot about 2:15 sunday morning. 35-year-old mitchell smith was
6:56 am
killed in the bayview area. ed gunman shot him in the head. >> he was a good do. you can't doing in about it. >> the victim's cousin said he has lost many loved ones to street violence near the intersection there. police say there is no evidence that the killings gang related bone do not have a motive for either shooting. cell phone camera caught an ugly incident on a flight from sydney australia bound for san francisco. it showed an angry passenger going on a racist rant. >> you know how cool it would be to have the airplane turned around? >> some took this video. they posted on twitter. the passenger was apparently angry that he had to sit between two people of indian or
6:57 am
pakistan desyent. the flight will to land in new zealand. the passenger was arrested. the crew and rest of the passengers had to spend the night. the flight finally land idea a day later than scheduled. there are some controversial issues over the newest mcdonalds. it just opened but it's in a building that is owned by the vatican. it's located right near saint peters square just outside vatican city. one cardinal called it a disgrace. our time is can 57. it's the first day back to work after the long holiday week for a lot of people. it may be a rough drive if you have to go across the golden gate bridge. damage that could create traffic jams. >> and in less than three weeks trump will be sworn in as president but up next the local group that will travel to washington dc to protest his
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> the movable barrier on the golden gate bridge isn't moving this morning. we will tell you how it could affect your commute. the republican congress returns back to work today. the first order of business, dismantling obamacare. why that may be easier said than done. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> the time is 7:00. as we take a look outside, a gorgeous downtown oakland, you can see there is rain falling. the lens is wet. there's a line in one of my christmas songs say mom and dad can hardly wait for school to start again. school is starting again in oakland. many other children going back to school. many of you going back to work. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. it is january 3rd. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. did you bring the cold weather and the rain. >> it was just existing. i slept to the sound of rain overnight. >> it is happening. steve has a lot to tell you about in your


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