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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  January 3, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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east bay and slow on 80 and emeryville and slow on 880 and 24 leading to walnut creek. >> want you to take a look at the peak of mount hamilton. the mountains saw live snowfall on sunday, yesterday and today. we spotted one man unsuccessfully trying to snowboard on that in this layer this morning. we have live coverage. our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the storm inmate the weather center. >> we begin with cristina rendon in morin county where the reservoirs on mount tam are filling up. reporter: there has hardly been a break and good news for the residents in morin county. the first few days of 2017 starting off with a splash. some in san rafael are soaking it in literally. >> i love it. we need it. it makes everything so lush and beautiful in northern california. >> i think it is wonderful. i love the rain.
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i am hoping the rain comes slower and more measured rather than these big downpours. >> julie with the morin county of public works says crews are prepped for a rainy week and storm drains are clean and employees on stand by for problems or flooding. >> we are ready. we prepare all year for this and the rainy season happens every year so we have been here before and while we can't predict what the rain will do we can prepare accordingly and plan for the worse and handle the situation. >> pg&e crews are cutting branches and all of this rain is good for the water district. >> being in the water district this is our business. >> this is the spill way and we went to one of the rain gauges. >> 1.63-inches. in the past 24 hours. reporter: the agency's current
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reservoir storage at 93 percent capacity. well above average for this date. >> we get 75% of our water from our own water shed land at 25% of our water comes from sonoma county. having these rain isis key to supply our customers with water. reporter: if the rain continues like this the morin district could expect that reservoirs could be at 100% tomorrow and then more going to the bay. for more we two to bill martin in the weather center with a lot of answers. we got rain coming and the heaviest rain will snow up in the next few hours and on the weekend. what has come through now as far as rainfall accumulations have been relatively light because it was coming from the cooler air to the north. the first round and what we are seeing is more warm air and more moist air in the area.
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that's why temperatures have come up a few degrees and rainfall has picked up and it is raining hard. the main event in the area. snow levels down to just above grass valley in around the bay area. here is the story. the afternoon commute and it is wet. we got standing water. a let's go to this area in san jose by livermore. check this out. rainfall rates, you know that's .7, almost 3/4 of an inch. let's check it out here. that's how heavy it has been coming. two inches in an hour which is hard to do. the idea is in these cells we are picking up really heavy rain. let's try this area here. there's a quarter inch now. it is not getting off of the roadway. lots of water. a nasty commute. this activity continues all night to about 3 in the morning.
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and then things change. morning commute will be better tomorrow morning. even though there is a few sprinkles. we got more wet water to talk about. you can track the snow with the free ktvu weather app for phone and tablets. turning now to the oakland raiders. will they be starting an untouched quarterback for the first game in 14 years. >> joe fonzi is here. i know the team is not confirming anything but it looks like it will be the rookie connor cook. >> to the answer of which you said there, heather, the short answer is yes. exactly. for a couple of weeks now, the talk concerning the raiders is about the identity of their starting quarterback. they have known for a while that derrick carr will not lead them into the first playoff appearance in 14 years but now an even more obscure fact will come to light on saturday. >> the raiders knew going in that they would be playing
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without their injured pro bowl quarterback. they have no way of knowing their backup matt mcgoin would play. there are reports that say cook would be the starter for saturday's playoff opener in houston. that would make him the first rookie quarterback in nfl history to make his first start in a playoff game. >> he kind of has this calm sense about him like i don't know if you all saw it but he got out there in the game in denver and he will get ready to call the play and he has his hands in his hand warmer and just like calling the plays with that swaggard. so i feel confident. >> i think he plays with confidence. and even the first drive it was good to see. >> the identity of the quarterback has dominated the story line since derrick car got hurt on christmas eve.
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but they boarded buses for a walk through, the players remembered how far the team has come in the last three years. >> people don't understand how hard it is to win 12 games in this league, let alone make it to the post-season. people can say what they want. the om people that matter is the people in the building and obviously our fans. but as long as we believe in each other and the fans believe in this man, the sky is the limit. we can determine how it will go forward. this is what we waited for and we vit and we need -- have it and we need to take on the game with everything we got. >> probably the most important thing for the raiders, this is a young team going to the playoffs for the first time since 2002. the houston texans have an uncertain situation as quarterback. not one major in that raider locker room is going to the
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game lamenting who is playing and who isn't. they are just thrilled to go to the playoffs. talking about the offense but i have to be honest, against the denver broncos, the defense was not stopping them. >> also if you want to look at previous performances you can look at the previous game that they played against the houston texans, the game in mexico, now the texans have a highly regarded defense. not so with the offense. it is interesting. if the raiders can do things defensively and with an uncertain situation for the quarterback, every reason to believe that it will be a good game and a good match-up. like your optimism. find out saturday. let's see what happens. maybe going to new england. that will be tough. new at six, the warriors season is off to a fast start and two brothers inspired to play because of the team's success have now hit a brick wall. their hoop dreams have created a controversy at an apartment
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complex and jesse gary has the report. diane saved for a year so she could purchase and struggle to set up this near regulation basketball hoop for her sons. >> i have to roll it in and out. >> the game is down now. called and not on account of the weather. a letter saying some neighbors have complained please do not use the basketball hoop on the premises. diane bought the hoop but an hour of play was too noisy and forced the goal inside the garbage. 11 year car lost and his brother shoot hoops on video. >> we can't keep kids indoors. they have to go out and play.
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>> espinosa posted this letter and posted to facebook scolding neighbors for not promoting a kid friendly environment she says there's nothing forbidding the hoop. the owner, the san mateo community district don't consider this is a dispute and will reach out to diane in a few days but she has reached out to an attorney that is reviewing the complaint. >> i'm tired of it. if i get evicted i will find a way to live. for now the basketball hoop like the boys that use it sit inside. in redwood city, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. one american car company in the dog house with the president-elect donald trump and the other has earned praise. coming up, a closer look at the brands that have taken a hit because of donald trump's
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treats. homes for sale being targeted. why police say online listings are making it easier for those
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thieves. police in livermore investigating car break-ins. henry lee tells us what they are stealing. >> these lockboxes may not be as secure as you think. since december livermore police
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have investigated break-ins at 9 unoccupied staged homes. burglars are making a beeline for the boxes after searching online live are listings. >> the suspects are cutting the lockboxes and feeding the vaults and removing the keys and accessing the home. >> they are stealing mostly electronics like tvs and some stereo equipment. appliances and even things as little as home decor. >> this house was broken into a christmas eve. hours after a open house and everything had been removed and the burglar made himself at home. >> it was a cigarette butt on the floor. there is still stain there. the police department took the cigarette butt. and someone used the restroom. i have been in real estate for 38 years and i have never had this happen. >> the one on vancouver was broken into. ours the week before where
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someone was opening the door. >> that is crazy. >> the real estate agent is showing houses by appointment only and asking neighbors to keep a close eye on properties. >> we take this seriously. >> every neighborhood needs to be diligent. there needs to be neighborhood watch programs and people need to know each other and just keep alert. >> livermore police have evidence in some of these cases including the cigarette butts and hope to make a case soon before more houses are hit. new at six, the california highway patrol says it is up to officers to decide whether a person is driving impaired. now that california has legalized the recreational use of marijuana. jerry hill and evan low introduced a measure to cause a loophole. if passed it would band smoking marijuana while driving. in the meantime the c hp says
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the use of marijuana by drivers or passengers is covered by current laws and impaired drivers could be charged with a dui. >> we don't want to be where one says i have had one beer. this is prohibited. if you are driving you can't ingest any type of marijuana. >> the ch p declined to comment on whether they will help the enforcement efforts until they have had an opportunity to review the bill. 250 small earthquakes have geologists keeping a close eye on california's border with mexico. it happened near the city of raleigh. many of the quakes were small but the most powerful a 3. 9. seismologists say it is not clear what mother earth is trying to tell us. >> all of this stuff happening in a highly populated area. we don't know what could happen.
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maybe nothing, maybe something. scientists are currently working to create an earthquake. early warning system for california designed to provide a few seconds of advanced warning about a coming earthquake. it is slow going on highways in the sierra because of the snow. cal tran is requiring chains on i-80 and highway 50 unless you have a all train system. some are enjoying a romp in the snow while chain installers do the work. there is small traffic issues. >> a lot less traffic. people are at their destinations now. and now we are dealing with the regular traffic. the truck is coming up the hill. the snow is expected to continue right on into the weekend. if you are headed to the sierra, be prepared. our chief meteorologist with more on the wet week and we are in the middle of the heavy rain. >> if you are heading to the mountains, bad time in the
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morning and after that it should be fine. put the chains on at home. dry lane before the snow. it is a bear. don't do it down there. do it here. >> here is the system i'm tracking. here is the warm moist air filling in and why the rain will pick up and why it is picking up now. the cold air that was further south, that is why it is getting pushed to the north and that's why it is raining hard because it is a warmer airmass. we do see low snow elevations to the purple areas. representing snow right down to below colfax and grass valley and auburn. brentwood you are seeing heavy rain and we talked about the cells dropping especially up here by santa rosa and vallejo. it is heavy rain and it is definitely pulling out roadways. we are not seeing urban and small stream advisories but for a brief time and the rain will come down and continue to do
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that. winds have picked up. i have seen the gusts in the last half hour. these bad boys are going. a southeast wind. that means it is moving in and you see the direction blowing and coming from the south and east but that is a significant wind right here. live camera shot here. but the way the flags are laid out, 25 miles per hour. you can tell the speed of the win by how the flag is typically. here is the forecast tonight, and then it starts to consolidate midnight and 1:00 in the morning. it starts to rain hard to 3 in the morning and look at this, all the way to 4 in the morning to san jose. after that it will progress and move through. the morning commute, the early morning commute pretty wet. the 7 and 8 and 9:00 commute not too bad. that's the forecast for the next 12 hours. when i come back we will go to the week and we will show you the heavy rain. the san jose sharks are in
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first place and tonight their mainly rivals are in town. a preview of the match-up live from the hs c center. authorities in turkey on high alert as they hunt for the gunman at the massacre that kill 39 people. the new video tonight that may show the face of the suspect.
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a new video from turkey, a selfie video from the suspect
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of that deadly nightclub shooting. it is not sure when it is recorded and shows a man resembling the gunman. he has yet to be identified and remains on the run. isis claimed responsibility for the deadly new year's day shooting. the club's owner says the om reason he survived was luck. >> he thought i was falling down and he shot at me twice and he missed. >> security is tight at turkey's airport and border crossings as the manhunt continues. 39 people killed, mostly tourists. the u.s. is reacting to flu claims by north korea that it is close to an intercontinental missile. kim jon kum is pursuing technology. but not have seen the missile.
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the trump administration accused china of failing to help contain north america. >> the united nations security council last fall passed the toughest resolution imposing the toughest sanctions against the north korean regime. and we only cooperated with china. china is working to keep the north koreans from obtaining weapons. the san jose sharks begin a new year in first place and they are at home facing off against the rivals l aking. scott, it is fun when they go head-to-head because you know it will get intense. reporter: always a good time frank and heather. the sharks begin 2017 in terrific shape. they are in first place in the pacific division and despite the fact that they have played fewer games than the closest competitors. the la kings hot on the trails.
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7 points past san jose and they did take it to the sharks beating san jose in three tries by a score of 3-2. the sharks flew home to spend new year's with their families and got back to work preparing for the kings again. we pretty much know the drill when they get together. the games are high intensity and ultracompetitive and given the dislike, maybe a little chippy. i don't know about chippiness. you have to get in the trenches and do the same thing. >> it is usually a big game. we will go the same way. high intensity game. they are a little bit behind us and they want to win and we want to win. it will be a good match-up. the players may down play it but they don't like each other. there is a lot of history between the sharks and kings in the regular season and in the
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playoffs in recent years so like you say frank a good time when they get together and we will keep an eye out for chippiness at the arena. the rivalry games are the best. last year the sharks made it to the stanley cup finals and lost in 6 to the penguins. how do you compare them to last year do you think they have improved. >> they have. they picked up where they left off. last year san jose was sort of middle of the standings and trying to claw its way up to secure getting into the playoffs and right now they are much in driver's seat in the pacific division and in the conversation as one of the top teams in the western conference and one of the top in the nhl. largely the same group that got to the cup finals. brett burns has taken his game to a different level and jones has been fantastic. it is the same old same old.
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keeping on keeping on with a couple of cliches. the team is every bit the group as the club that got to the finals. scott, you mentioned brett burns, he has that beard thing and so does joe thornton. are they ever going to cut that off? >> not to my knowledge. i was just having that conversation with some of the media relations guys in the dinner room and i don't think it will happen anytime soon. they are slated for a haircut tomorrow and breaking news but i don't think they are shaving the beards. it is part of their identity. thanks, scott. okay. >> still to come here. ktvu at 6:30. up next. find out if hillary clinton has accepted an invitation to attend the inauguration of president-elect donald trump. northern california restaurant causing controversy online. the claim from one customer that says she was body shamed
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on social media. now to our top stories and we are seeing heavy rain moving across the bay area along with gusty winds. the south bay the c h p warning drivers about slick conditions along highway 17 and a flash flood watch is set to start in 30 minutes in the burn areas of the santa cruz mountains. the oakland raiders set to make history this weekend and it looks like connor cook may
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be the starting quarterback and if he is the star quarterback he would be the first rookie and nfl history to start his first game in the playoffs. the raiders are taking on the houston texans. thieves are targeting unoccupied homes with lockboxes. they are going after appliance and now homes are being shown by appointment and asked to keep watch on vacant homes. a tweet from the president- elect donald trump with making some news. he tweeted general motors is sending mexican made model of chevy cruz to u.s. car dealers tax-free across the border. made in usa or pay big border tax. gm issued a statement saying its cruz sedans are made in ohio and


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