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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  January 3, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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be the starting quarterback and if he is the star quarterback he would be the first rookie and nfl history to start his first game in the playoffs. the raiders are taking on the houston texans. thieves are targeting unoccupied homes with lockboxes. they are going after appliance and now homes are being shown by appointment and asked to keep watch on vacant homes. a tweet from the president- elect donald trump with making some news. he tweeted general motors is sending mexican made model of chevy cruz to u.s. car dealers tax-free across the border. made in usa or pay big border tax. gm issued a statement saying its cruz sedans are made in ohio and that just 4500 hatch
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backs were brought in from mexico last year. gm says the hatch backs are designed for the international market. ford is scrapping a plan for a new small car factory in mexico. mr. trump had previously criticized that idea. the company says it will now move production of the ford focus to an existing plant in mexico. and then invest the money it safes to an electric car factory in michigan. the president-elect donald trump has taken on lockheed martin and ford and gm had been in the spotlight. >> tom vacar has a look a how trump's tweets can impact the brand. >> president-elect donald trump tweeted he wants to impose a border packs on chevrolet cruz cars built in mexico. terry conley dean of the golden gate school of business say overwhelmingly the majority of cruzs are made in ohio.
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>> gm only imports about 2% of what it manufactures in mexico in terms of the chevy cruz. >> ford frequently targeted by trump announced that it will not build the $1.6 billion car plant in mexico. a plant with the lower tax structure would have sold everything it built outside of the u.s. >> we have seen a decrease in interest in u.s. and we don't need the capacity. >> instead ford will spend 3/4 of a billion dollars expanding a michigan plant and having 700 jobs to build electric and self driving vehicles. that is a business decision based on where the biggest market for the vehicles is, the usa. so why did ford announce this all today? >> trump gets his victory coming to office. ford get out from under the spotlight. >> now the fact checkers are finding that a lot of the claims that trump has made are
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factually incorrect. >> we asked a fact expert if attacking a brand has damage. >> a negative er comment can be bad but they will recover from this. >> from trump his own brand comes into play when he trashes other brands. >> people that agree with the trump brand will see things in a negative light and people that don't agree with the trump brand will see it in a very different light. >> but for now it is immediate advantage for trump suddenly quicker fact checking. >> he is working around the media effectively. and there's an effective polling tool. tweet gets responses. the republicans attempt to cut the congressional ethics was reversed in less than 12 hours largely on the strength of a single trump tweet. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. three former presidents and
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former first ladies are set to attend the election of inauguration did the did the. hillary clinton and bill clinton have confirmed they will attend and former president george w. bush and laura bush will attend and so has jimmy carter and his wife rosalyn. they will be there. u.s. intelligence sources say there is more information about the russian involvement in the hacks than what was released by the f.b.i. and homeland security and releasing it could expose sources including allis that work with the u.s. the evidence is undeniable. >> it is solid. overwhelming. they didn't just steal data. they weaponized it and dumped it during an election with the intent of influencing the outcome of the election and sewing discord. the russian diplomats
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boarded a private plane. donald trump will get his own briefing this week and president obama has requested a comprehensive report. new at 6:30, a restaurant review setting off words on social media. alley wolf says hundreds have chimed in after a customer in folsom claimed that she was bullied and body shamed by the owner. nicole had no idea trying cheese steak would put her in the center of a social media controversy that left her ashamed and hurt. >> it was a violation. >> she did not want us to show her face during the interview but says after a friend took her to wild bill's cheese steak she posted a review on yelp complaining about the service and they returned and this time she did not care for food and updated her yelp review and the owner fired back on the restaurant review site calling her and her friend freaks. >> he continued to message me
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more and then sent a very rude message to us calling us freaks and said he didn't care us as customers. >> and she reported about it on facebook and the owner took it a step further on his business' facebook profile and he posted a photo of her and her husband kissing on their wedding day. here she is enjoying cheesecake after complaining on yelp. >> i fell he was saying i was fat and that was hurtful and a violation that he took my wedding photo. >> fox 40 reached out to the owner that says he was not available. >> he post add -- posted a pick of her that basically lied about my business. i never saw him discriminate. >> angel roberts was working when she came in. she drama iced the experience
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and fears this will hurt business. >> you are affecting the lives of much more than trying to make a statement against the owner. >> roberts is sorry that a customer felt hurt but hoping that the owner will change his ways. >> you can't do that especially under the name of your business and expect people to want to go for your establishment. megan kelly saying goodbye to fox news. we will tell you about her new job. a mom in florida gives birth to twins in different years. that's crazy.
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we'll explain more. california has a new senator. harris took the office for her new job in washington. >> please raise your right hand. >> vice president joe biden gave the oath to 7 new u.s. senators. harris takes over for the seat vacated by retiring senator barbara boxer. california's first new senator in 24 years. she will join senator dianne feinstein in representing california. east bay congressman eric swellhill tweeted out this picture with the caption as people's house convenes we are ready to start good trouble to
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protect # the affordable health care and fight gun violence. house republicans voted to keep paul ryan as speaker of the house. the lone hold out that did not vote for rhine was kentucky representative thomas massey. the 46 year-old ryan will serve the first full term as speaker after succeeding john boehner. nancy pelosi is the minority leader. house republicans kill the plan that they approved to shortly curtail the power of the professional ethics. there was a negative tweet from president-elect donald trump and the opposition of house speaker ryan delayed it from being enacted as part of a rules packet adopted today. megan kelly saying goodbye for a new job at nbc, sent a multi year deal with a new
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daytime show and sunday evening nous mag ga zip show. murdock thanked her and wished her the best. kelly says she will miss the folks at fox but excited about the challenge. her last day is friday. a florida mom celebrating the birth of twin babies born in different years. >> this baby was born at 11:43 and her twin brother arrived one hour after the clock struck midnight on january 1st, 2017. a key part of the system that delivers water to two million bay area homes is shut down. the safety concerns prompting the closure and the plan in place for those affected to still get the water. the heavy rains coming down just in the last minute or two an president national weather service has issued a small stream flood advisory. i will let you know how it pans
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out for your morning commute.
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starting today the primary water supply for san francisco and other bay area cities is being cut off for two months. officials want to survey a one hundred old tunnel to yosemite. tara moriarty tells us why officials say the closure won't affect customers here. under the treatment plant in sun bruno. there is nothing but the sound of gushing water. >> this is where the 80 million gallons of water is coming in. >> it is coming from the nearby
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san andreas crystal springs reservoir. >> we filter 40 gallons of water and here for the 60 day shut down we are tweeting twice that amount. 85% of the water that flows out of san francisco and northern peninsula faucets is from yosemite and not for the next two months. that's because crews will be surveying and fixing the mountain tunnel. a 19 mile artery out of the reservoir this is a collapsing. >> we will have an assessment for the new tunnel and if we do periodic shut downs to do repairs and upgrades. >> this is the reservoir in yosemite and this is the portion of the tunnel where crews are doing inspections. the water is not flowing and typically it will flow to the bay area where it serves households. >> we have water in the reservoirs and customers will turn on the tap and they won't
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notice a difference. the san francisco public utility commission has made upgrades to filters like these and half moon bay where 150 gallons an water. >> the distribution system is fine. >> will be pumped out to compensate for the loss. these are like glorified giant how powered filters. the inspection to the mountain tunnel is critical as it could take 270 days and cost 100 millions to fix. to replace it entirely would cost 620 million-dollars. the pipeline normally closes for maintenance for one month a year and the last time was in 1980 for a thorough inspection and things went smoothly. tara moriarty, fox 2 news. well we are right in the middle of a storm. let's bring in meteorologist bill martin. heavy rain that will continue.
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>> it is evident. the rainfall rates, five minutes ago the national weather service issued a small stream flood advisory for the entirety of the bay. that's not severe not a flood warning like a river warning. but what he this are saying is the same thing. a lot of the standing water. you get rainfall rates over a quarter of an inch and there is what happens. the advisory in effect until midnight. you can check out the system. raining hard and the heaviest rain is right about now and tomorrow morning about 3:00 a.m. pardon me. so winter storm warning stays in effect and a winter break and breaks in the showers. a small stream advisory is up because we are anticipating this. here we are at moonlight. and you can see the band moving through. and this is significant. kind of like what just ran through. most of us sleeping.
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you will hear it on the roof. at four a.m. it continues and let me go back. i what about to see something. this is -- yeah, 12:00 a.m. to the model is updated to four a.m. that took four hours for this thing to translate. that means it is not moving that fast. that means you wouldn't be hard to get a half-inch of rain and lingers to six a.m. to san jose and pushes off and your morning commute doesn't look back. the four a.m. commute and after that the heavy rain is done. the afternoon commute is there. that's good. basically the main event between now and four a.m. tomorrow morning. and then we get a few scattered showers and then we get to thursday morning and not bad, right? thursday afternoon. not bad. friday not bad and we get to saturday and sunday it is game on. it is heavy rain and big time storms this week. and those storms will get us if they transpire the way we anticipated as we take you
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through the model forecast for five days. not much rain here. but watch what happens. saturday and sunday. watch how it doubles. somewhere between saturday and sunday it will get going. and this will most likely give us urban and small stream flood advisories most likely maybe some flood watches. certainly in the burn zones but i'm thinking that kind of rainfall if you double it like that, i think you might see some of the creeks come up a little bit. we will track it for you and mark will be here. that advisory the entire bay area for how long? >> until 11:45. the advisory is protocol. how concerned are you about santa cruz mountains. >> for the flood watch? >> yes. >> yeah, if that thing goes off, there will be issues up there. >> thank you, bill. mark is up next with sports. it looks like the raiders will start a rookie quarterback
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in the playoffs against the texans. we will hear from connor cook's
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teammates coming up. the raiders make the playoffs and derrick carr is
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injured. it looks like connor cook. >> if they win or lose in texas on saturday the raiders will make history because you know about connor cook, the first time in nfl history since the super bowl anyway that a rookie quarterback will make his first start in the nfl in a playoff game! it is unheard of. basically unprecedented. but i will tell you what, you had to like the way he comported himself. stats against denver when he came in for the injured matt mcgoin. he was 14 of 21 for 150 yards and threw one touchdown pass and picked off and when you consider the fact he didn't take a snap all season long until he was thrown into this thing, pretty impressive and i think he opened some eyes with the teammates as well. >> to come in and not play all year, he did a nice job going through the reads and kept it in the pocket and making some good throws. >> he will be out there getting
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ready to call the play and he has his hands in his hand warmer and just like calling the plays with that swaggard so i feel very confident. like i said i have seen him since training camp. he has been out there working on his throw and trying to get better with coach jake and showing that he was prepared for this moment and his moment finally came. frank was asking me about connor cook. he wasn't available to the media. that's why you didn't hear from him. he will face the music tomorrow. the texans by the way, not exactly world beaters. the raiders have beaten them already and they have quarterback issues of their own. this guy brock osweiler will get the start. that was announced. he lost his starting job about 14 games into the season. he wasn't doing that well. and remember he had just signed a four-year 72 million-dollar contract that kind of took him away from denver and osweiler
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has not been that impressive and the fans are not crazy about him in texas but he will get the start. some 49er news. one of the names keep popping up sean mcveigh will be interviewed. he is 30 years old and the youngest coach by far in the nfl and he is the grand son of john mcfay, former v p. how about pat mahon. the quarterback in texas tech and had a spectacular season and he gives up his senior year and the 6'3", 230-pound quarterback is a guy that might be of interest to the san francisco 49ers. he has been kind of predicted to be maybe a second-round pick but a guy certainly worth looking at. he has some skills. pat mahon out of texas tech. the warriors are off but they will take on portland tomorrow. kevin durant continues to shine
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with the warriors and asked about how everybody is fitting in and who takes leadership rolls to the guys that fit in so well still get on each other on each and here is what he said. >> it is not about how it comes out, it is about the message sometimes and it may come out the wrong way. we got guys on the team that draymond green that you know the message is always good. he is so emotional and passionate that it may come off as he is getting on guys but it is said in the right way. i won't say what he says but coming to teammates and that is what we do and we enjoy someone helping you get better. that's what teammates do. i will shut up. and send it to you. thank you. see you later everyone. the coverage continues at 7 on
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wolowitz: so, how does this game work? i just throw it, like a real ball? yeah, just nice and easy, right over the plate. all right. you suck, wolowitz! what's that about? i'm heckling you. it's a beloved part of baseball. sheldon: he's right. and given that you're probably still waiting to be picked for a game that was played in fifth grade, i'm sure you do suck. hi. what's going on? baseball. okay, this is not what i meant when i said go outside and play. he's practicing. for what? the angels wanted an astronaut to throw out the first pitch, so guess who they called? what, you? really?! well, a lot of people who weren't available, but then me! that's so cool! congratulations. i guess that makes you the athlete of the group. well, not just him! may i remind you that you're talking to the seeker, beater, chaser and water boy of the third place griffith park quidditch team. i know.


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