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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 3, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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breaking news tonight. late word oakland has a new police chief i'm frank somerville. >> i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie. ktvu learned former spokane police chief anne kirkpatrick has been offered the job. sources are telling us to expect a news conference at noon tomorrow. now anne kirkpatrick was hired by the chicago police department just back in june to spearhead police reform efforts there. before that she served as chief deputy at the sheriff's department in king county
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washington retiring in 2014. she previously served five years as chief of the spokane washington police department. oakland has been without a chief now since june when sean wenz resigned in the wide ranging sexual exploitation scandal involving a teenager. at that time mayor libby schaaf ruled out what she called a toxic culture under the department, reaching out to several officials for more information where one source is telling us the police command staff was notified earlier today to expect an announcement tomorrow, but they were not told the name of the new chief. now to the weather we've seen heavy rain in the bay area all day long. that's triggering concerns about flooding. >> 1.63 inches in the past 24 hours. for >> there's been strong winds out there as well causing trees to fall and sparking the power
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outages. >> in the sierra there's a winter storm warning anyfect right now with up to five feet of new -- in effect right now with up to five feet of new snow. >> we have reporters out in the elements covering the rain, the wind, flooding, mud slides, and a lot more. we're going to check in with each of them. >> first though our chief meteorologist bill martin. the heaviest rain is coming down all night. >> they issued a national weather service, the small stream flooding advisory for the entirety of the bay area, the rain was coming down hot and heavy of over a quarter of an inch an hour in some of the cells creating really treacherous conditions on the roadways. flood advisories in effect for the next hour. those yellow and orange areas were representing a quartierer of an inch of rainfall warming up out there a little bit. we start increased temperatures, coming up with the strong winds seeing wind gusts around the bay area in
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the last couple of hours up to 55 and 60 miles an hour. it is howling wind, up in the mountains the snow levels have come up a little bit. i don't know if you can see that, but they are up above 2,000 feet now. the snow level is represented by the purple line right in here and you'll see it by the valley moving up as the warmer weather pattern moves in. that means more rain. so here we go tonight after midnight this is a computer model. heavy rain, more heavy rain at 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. and it continues on to about 6:00 a.m. when the early morning commute will be getting hammered. when i come back we will push the model all the way through. not only this system that's moving through right now the bulk of it, but throughout the weekend we will be getting really wet around here. when i come back we will talk about that. >> all right bill thank you, from bill now we go to debora villalon in marin county where the reservoir are now filled to 99% capacity. debora? >> reporter: yeah welcome 2017.
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it is really blowing out here. you need to plant your feet or you might get blown away. we are in downtown san rafael where this pumping station caught our eye. take a look at that churning water, really showing the power of the runoff coming down right now and powerful winds are whipping. that means both hands on the wheel. >> reporter: our ktvu news van rides high and it rocked and rolled a bit coming across the richland san rafael bridge. warning drivers to be aware of strong gusts. >> we've been driving since 10:00 this morning. >> this couple came off the bridge and stopped for gas. their trek home to santa rosa from holidays in palm springs slowed by the storm. >> it should be eight hours. it will be about 10 this time. it will be over 10 probably. >> reporter: it could be a long couple of days ahead for public works and the utility crews. this tree service was
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contracted by pg&e to pin tree branches before they could break and yank power lines down. several communities with more than 8,000 north bay customers have lost service. >> people have been living there this weekend and they know it's a problem. >> planners say people need to watch for a sudden rise. the same goes for low lying streets known to flood. >> we have all the framework in place if they start looking really serious. >> agencies have been trying to get ahead of the potential problems since the first big soaker last month. >> we have been here before and we cannot really predict what they will do, but they need to prepare accordingly. you know, they need to plan for the worse. >> this is our business. >> for water districts it is the best at times. >> the lake was at capacity. and now with today's storm, it is now above capacity. >> most of marin depends on rainfall for water supply. and those reservoirs are already spilling over. >> it's good this early in the
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season we are already full just in case the weather patterns change and we go into another dry period. >> thank god for the rainmaking everything here so beautiful. >> despite the snow cold feet with real rain, especially after so many seasons of doing without. even a wet crawl home can't dim the glow of the holiday. >> so it is nothing. we are excited with being with family and being home, we had a great time. >> a little weather is not a big thing. >> who cares. >> reporter: we have not heard of any property damage a yet. but that is very likely going to change because we will see strong winds and a saturated soil. it is more than likely, more trees are going to bite the dust overnight. in fact we would have more light on right now if they had not blown over. back to you. >> yeah debora villalon in a wet windy marin county tonight, thank you. in the south bay heavy rain
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is pounding the santa cruz mountains. a flash flood warning is in effect. azenith smith is live from highway 17 where the rain is steadying, keeping crews really busy. >> reporter: yes, it is very busy. heather, i want to mention the wind is starting to pick up. it is raining hard here, raining even harder in felton where crews are busy clearing out a tree that gave way on a hillside. heavy equipment was brought in just after 6:50 saturating the hillside. >> it's been very busy. and because of the rain it is going from call to call and the trees are down with the lock slides. >> they are keeping the roads wet and dangerous on highway 17 heading into the santa cruz mountains. we saw emergency crews responding to a car accident backing up traffic for the
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evening commute. santa cruz tells me of at least ten accidents today on the notoriously winding roads. >> i wish everybody else will be good. >> a flash flood watch in effect until the morning of the santa cruz mountains. they notified residents of the loma fire burn area a possible slide of flooding. the fire burned 4,500 acres last fall. this evening you can see where a lot of the vegetation is gone. >> there were some hazards with the fire, to the people who live in those areas are worried about landslides and the earth moving. >> the rain is good business. >> this whole area will be from the top to the bottom. >> reporter: out of stock and out of wood the manager says families are also stocking up on propane, water, and candles in case of power outages. >> especially in the months of
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january, it's been a pretty cold dry january, so it is nice to see it out here. >> this resident who lives in the mountain is soaking up the wet weather. >> it is spilling out, the weather. >> and i just checked in with chp they opened empire ridge road around 8:00 this evening. now they are monitoring flooding on highway 9 near glen arbor. live near the santa cruz mountains i'm azenith smith ktvu fox news. >> weather-related power outages certainly keeping pg&e busy tonight. more than 10,000 bay area customers have lost power. the new numbers from pg&e show outages are affecting more than 4,000 people in the north bay. more than 4,700 people there in the south bay. 1,500 customers on the peninsula and the east bay more than 300 customers in each area. the largest outages are in madeira and fairfax. drivers faced a lot of
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challenges today on all the wet roads and freeways, from downpours to big puddles of water to poor visibility. this is the view on 580 near the mcarthur mays in oakland this afternoon as you got a sense of how bad it was out there tonight. talking to folks about staying safe. debora? >> reporter: frank, we are along interstate 680 and it has been raining steadily until just a short while ago where they tell me the number of calls, they would need to double whenever it rains. the treacherous conditions will make drivers nervous. windshield wipers and their headlights are on where it is still difficult to see. >> it's a scary tune of people driving crazy. and it is just really scary. i can't really focus much because of the rain. >> one man blames the rain for bringing out the worse in drivers. >> there are all those impatient people all the time and they are scared of driving
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way below the speed limit. i was behind somebody doing 45 on the freeway. you know everybody is trying to get around them, you're stuck. >> they said drivers should avoid the far left and right lane. >> there will be a couple of breaks throughout the week just because of the rain stopping, it doesn't mean the roadway is dry and that is always a real fun problematic time for us. >> this might be the first one of the season to get a run on things like the sandbags. >> they advise people not to do their outdoor clean up or repair work when it is raining. >> i don't recommend people trying to get too crazy about it. >> but they say to wait for a break in the weather. >> we will get a lot of people getting hurt on ladders, trying to clean their own gutters. get a professional or get somebody who is really strong so you're not on some cheap ladder up there and fall off and get hurt. >> reporter: waggle is well stocked on the best sellers such as tarps. >> this is probably half of our
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sails, you know, there are huge wins. >> staying safe on your home, being prepared and patient. >> i would go slow into the speed limit and everything. i would stay all the way to the right not to the left. i take my time to be safe. >> reporter: the highway patrol is advising drivers to make sure their cars are properly inflated and they have enough tread. they say it over and over again to please slow down, frank? >> yeah, give yourself plenty of space. amber lee in pleasant hill tonight, thank you. the rain is causing delays for some air travelers here in the bay area. the faa is reporting delays up to three and a half hours for arriving flights at sfo. a spokesperson at sfo said about 360 flights were affected to some degree by the rain today. no delays were reported at oakland international or at the airport in san jose.
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we've got winds up to 55 miles an hour with rainfall accumulations over the last 24 hours. up to three inches, what you can expect for tomorrow. >> thieves are targeting homes that have been staged forsale. the evidence one burglar left behind to lead to an arrest. and also coming up at 10:30, steps to success. women helping women find a fresh start through a job training at a nail salon. >> and this weekend that is a change for their family's life. mouthwatering an get a sourdough bacon ranch combo for $4.99. with a full size beef patty, bacon, and creamy ranch sauce, on toasted sourdough bread. plus hot & salty fries and refreshing freestyle drink. because flavor always beats formulas. the sourdough bacon ranch combo, just $4.99 for a limited time. combos done my way.
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former california attorney general harris was sworn in today as a u.s. senator. >> please raise your right hand. >> harris was elected to take the seat overdubbed by senator barbara boxer. harris is the first woman of african american and indian decent to serve california in the senate. she says she will work to protect the environment, obamacare, and american's civil rights. today governor jerry brown nominated los angeles congressman javier busera to fill the seat as attorney general. he's 58 years old, a democrat. the assembly and senate will have 90 days to confirm him, expect today be a smooth confirmation. the 151th congress convened today. its first order of business was to swear in paul ryan as speaker of the house. in a surprise move gop lawmakers reversed course on a
10:16 pm
controversial proposal. they got a congressional ethics watchdog effort. >> the speaker of the house paul ryan. [ applause ] >> thank you very much. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan getting sworn in today along with new members of the 115th congress. his moments before house republicans announcing they are withdrawing a proposal to strip the office of congressional ethics of its independence. but opposition from speaker ryan and house majority leader kevin mccarthy as well as tweets from president elect donald trump proving to be too much for republicans who wanted the change. the white house was quick to criticize. >> i suspect this won't be the first time we see congressional republicans in this congress seeking to help people in positions of power. >> reporter: it's the first time in a decade both chambers of commerce and the incoming president are all republicans. and the shift in power would have gop lawmakers chomping at the bit to move quickly on
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issues ranging from cutting back on the environmental and financial regulations to repealing and replacing obamacare. democrats however are vowing to fight the republicans and their conservative agenda. >> we will fight tooth and nail when they will appeal the debates. diminishing america. >> it is sure to be another busy day on capitol hill tomorrow as president obama will make a rare appearance. vice president elect mike pence also heading to the hill with a message for their incoming administration. it's time to get the work done. it is time to keep our word to the american people. >> president elect trump plans to hold a press conference next wednesday stayed busy on twitter toddies cussing everything from keeping jobs in america to keeping prisoners at gitmo. in washington joel waldman fox news. >> the incoming president aimed his twitter account at general motors today accusing the company of sending jobs to mix co. -- to mexico as he tweeted they are sending mexican-made models
10:18 pm
of the chevy cruze to u.s. tax dollars, tax-free across the border. make the cruz and the united states to pay big border tax. gm defended themselves in a statement saying they are made in ohio and that just 4,500 hatchbacks were brought in from mexico last year. the gm says the hatchbacks are designed for the international market. ford also made several announcements today including they are scrapping their plans for a new factory in mexico and they are going to use some of the money to build electric cars in michigan instead. the ceo announced ford plans to build a hybrid version of the mustang and the hybrid version of the f-150 pickup truck. they could also double as a mobile generator on the work site. >> a $700 million investment and 700 new u.s. jobs resulting in the transformation of this planet into one of the world's most flexible and high-tech manufacturing centers. >> the innovation center will
10:19 pm
also work on self-driving cars. they said ford still plans to move the production to the ford focus to mexico, but it will be built at an existing facility, not a new one. back in april mr. trump also blasted ford for sending jobs out of the country. >> the guest list is forming up now for the upcoming inauguration of president elect trump. hillary clinton and former bill clinton have now confirmed they will in fact attend the event on january 20. former president george w. bush and his wife laura as well as former president jimmy carter and his wife also plan to be there. tracking the heavy rainfall around here. we have seen upwards of three inches in the santa cruz mountains within 24 hours. to-day totals of up to over four -- and two-day totals of up to over four inches. over an inch in san rafael. heavy rain continues to fall out there with the urban small stream advisory still in effect for the entirety of the bay area. wind gusts are up to 53, gusts in the east bay hills up to 44.
10:20 pm
they got down to 52 miles an hour. we saw some 60 miles an hour gusts in places as well as showers are continuing. the winter storm warning in the mountains will continue. the flash flood watch in the burn areas of the santa cruz mountains will continue and the rain continues. it will continue past midnight where you see the showers of the north bay and the heavier stuff up around napa and sonoma, not too bad. getting the rain right now. morgan hill getting rain. but the morning hours and 1:00 a.m. tomorrow morning the forecast. there is 2:00 a.m. we would look at this, 4:00 a.m. and then they will start -- 4:00 a.m. and then about the time you get ready to start traveling you'll get a break in the roadways out there. by tomorrow afternoon's commute mostly dry with a few light sprinkles, so it is all about between now and 3:00 in the morning in terms of heavy rain. we will see you back here with the long range forecast in that. still to come here they are considered a lifeline for the disabled. coming up why finding a
10:21 pm
wheelchair accessible taxi in san francisco may get even more difficult than ever. >> the raiders are expected to start connor cook. if they do they will make playoff history. mark ibanez has reaction from teammates coming up later in sports. >> and in two minutes new evidence of an occurring problem at san francisco's hall of justice. the sewage leak that forced evacuations today. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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new at 10:00 an accident in the south bay at the community college happening about 5:00 this evening at west valley college in saratoga. the victim is only being identified as a woman taken to the hospital and that bus is described as a charter bus. the spokesman for west valley college told us there will be a news conference tomorrow to release more details. a sewage leak at the hall of justice in san francisco prompted an evacuation today knocking a computer service
10:24 pm
offline. it shows right there the raw sewage dripping down below. and they called the building the stall of justice. about 30 people had to evacuate. the raw sewage ended up flooding hallways seeping into a room that was housed in the da's computer service. police in livermore are investigating a rash of burglaries for sale. henry lee explains how they are gaining access to the homes and what they are now doing. >> reporter: these lock boxes may not be as secure as you would think. since december they have investigated break-ins at nine unoccupied staged homes, saying they are making a line for those boxes, possibly after searching online listings. >> they are cutting the lock
10:25 pm
boxes from the doors, removing the keys from them, accessing their homes. they are stealing some stereoequipment, appliances, even things like home decor. >> this house was broken into just hows -- hours after an open house. but everything inside was removed. still they made themselves at home. >> it was a cigarette butt on the floor there and they would take the cigarette butt. and somewhere they needed to use a restroom. i've been in real estate for 38 years, i have never had this happen at all. >> ours was there before where they were opening up the door to get the property. >> that's crazy. >> and they say they are showing houses by appointment only, asking neighbors to keep a closer eye on their property.
10:26 pm
>> we are listing a home here in custody, we take it seriously. people need to know each other and just keep alert. >> reporter: police do have evidence in some of these cases including the cigarette butts to help make an arrest soon before anymore houses are hit. in livermore henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. coming up here new skills and a fresh start. the bay area nail salon where they are helping other women advance their features. >> up next new information about the future home of the warriors. this one crew is planning to break ground on their new chase center. i'm at higher risktwice as likfor depression.troke. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes.
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no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive.
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but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. just good. new at 10:00 the golden state warriors announced plans to break ground on the new sports complex in san francisco
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on january 17. the chase center will host warriors basketball games along with concerts, conventions, and more. the arena is going to be built in the mission bay neighborhood not far from at&t park. plans also call for a new water front park including restaurants, cafes, and public plazas. the current timetable calls for the chase center to open in two years. well also new at 10:00 tonight a unique program at a nail salon is doing much more than just giving women a fresh look. >> sure is, womens will find jobs, life skills, and a fresh start. ktvu rob malcolm in our newsroom. rob you spoke to the founders, he's a real inspiration. >> yes, it is hard to believe all of this is happening from a second office in san leandro. this program is getting women back on their feet. >> and then this is where we see our groups. so we can see we have actually seen this as many as eight
10:30 pm
people in here. all providing pedicures. >> every room has a story. the common theme single mothers looking for a fresh start. >> if we can affect a change and the mother's life, then we can affect change in the family's life and the change of the trajectory. >> this is much more than just a salon. most of the women who work here are single, paying close attention to the staff and clients. >> we put together an individual success plan for each woman. that plan is predicated on what they want out of lime >> reporter: racks of gently donated clothing and shoes for any client looking to clean up for appointments or job interviews. proceeds will help women obtain a manicure license and there's more. >> they want to be better parents, they also want parenting classes to improve their credit, we will provide resources to do that as well. >> reporter: this project is very personal for sims.
10:31 pm
but one time she faced homelessness herself. that was 25 years ago. in many ways that struggle put her where she is today. and there are success stories. >> she has been a mentor, a great mentor for me. what i knew from the moment i met her, she was a great leader. i wanted to be under her. >> reporter: training as a manicurist has allowed these women to be independent. >> it gives me a chance to be able to build steps to success. and that is my new baby now. that is our new baby. then had that's the baby that will continue to grow and as they grow they will make a difference in the lives of women. >> it certainly is a great program to land. you have the full support of her husband, who she calls her rock. she also hopes to take this business plan nationwide in the future. heather? >> what a difference she is making. good for her, rob, thank you. san francisco firefighters offered the city's arts community fire prevention at the wake of the deadly ghost ship fire in oakland.
10:32 pm
the event was held at the brava theater in the city's mission district this evening. the department handed out free smoke alarms. they also trained people and demonstrated on how to put out a fire and macanese cape plan. the department says they now have funding to offer these demonstrations city wide. >> that team is available to anybody in san francisco who wants to have a fire prevention education demonstration. to their group, business, or resident if it needs to be. >> officials plan to put this presentation online at some point following the event so anyone can access these potentially life saving tips. some parts of the bay area appear to be stabilizing and they are slightly less than where they were last year. the city is seeing a slight decrease in rents including san francisco, which is still very expensive. the median cost of a two- bedroom apartment is now $4,500. that's actually down 2.5% from
10:33 pm
last year. rents in san jose also fell slightly about 1% to $2,550 for a two bedroom. rents dropped another silicon valley city as well. but they are still higher in oakland, concord, and sacramento. people who use wheelchairs face a significant challenge trying to get a taxi in san francisco. it could get even more difficult. after one cab company many disabled people rely on said it might have to discontinue their service. ktvu rob roth explains. >> reporter: catching a cab in san francisco can be tough enough, but for those in wheelchairs it could be especially challenging. just ask fiona -- fiona hinze who has cerebral palsy. >> usually when a wheelchair user requests a cab that there either aren't any in the immediate vicinity. if there is they have to wait quite a while. >> reporter: but the problem could get worse. the luxor cab company is one of
10:34 pm
the go-to places for a ride, but they may need to reduce that service. >> right now we're evaluating the program. we might just abandon it and let it go, which we don't want to do. >> reporter: luxor says they provide about 1,200 rides a month for people in wheelchairs. >> the cost to operate them is about five times as much as a regular sedan. >> reporter: luxor says ride sharing companies such as uber and lyft have put a strain on taxicab companies, finding it hard to find drivers. and ride share companies don't have equipped fleets, disability right advocates are concerned. >> so it is really scary. it's not just oh, okay you've got another, you've got to ride in some other way. this means people may be stuck and stranded. >> reporter: it might be up for the city to find ways to pick up the slack if the availability of accessible vans
10:35 pm
shrink. in san francisco rob roth ktvu fox 2 news. still ahead tonight the first measurement of the sierra snow pack. why surveyors are optimistic despite a disappointing reading. >> there is still some heavy rain to come tonight that will have an impact on your early morning commute oral it. plus the big weekend rain i've been talking about. in just two minutes the toll hike on the bay area bridges. the plans that may go before voters. with the xfinity tv app,
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anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. crews at the gone gate bridge had to repair a -- golden gate bridge had to repair a section of the bridge. the damage was strong enough it kept the zipper machine that moves the median into place from operating. the median was installed two years ago to keep cars from
10:38 pm
crossing into oncoming traffic. the bridge district says itappears to be doing its job well. bay area voters may eventually be asked to increase a toll hike. according to the san jose mercury news discussions could begin in sacramento later this month aimed at putting a measure on the ballot in 2018. now if approved the toll would increase. the toll would increase and apply to all bay area bridges except the golden gate bridge. the additional money would go to various bay area transportation projects. on wall street stocks posted gains across the board today on strikes from the drug companies. energy shares, they were all up with financial and tech companies. and the dow jumped 119 points, nasdaq gained 45. and s&p 500 was up by 19. president obama offered his condolences to the leaders following the deadly nightclub shooting. and they stand united to defeat terrorism.
10:39 pm
and there is video from turkey, set to be a selfie video of the suspect from the terror attack. and the man resembling the tourist spot. the gunman has not yet been identified and he remains on the run. isis claims responsibility for that deadly attack, which left 39 people dead. the club's owner, the co-owner says it is the only reason he survived with luck. >> they will need to do it. he thought i was slowing down. and then he shot at me twice, he missed. >> reporter: turkey's state-run news agency says they have detained two foreign nationals at istanbul's main airport on suspicion of links to the attacks, but there are no details yet about their identity. in the north bay the family of the teenager who was killed they said they raised more than $10,000 for a reward for information leading to the conviction of his killer. and the body of the 18-year-old kirk kimberly was found back in november on the shallow grave
10:40 pm
of the sonoma state campus stabbed several times. family members say the bicycle was also missing. kimberly's family set up a page on the crowd funding site youcaring with a goal of raising $25,000. the sonoma county alliance also have been offering a reward for information leading to an arrest and the conviction of his killer. california prison officials won't comment, won't confirm, and won't deny reports of the notorious murderer charles manson was hospitalized today. he was rushed to the emergency room at a bakersfield hospital. these pictures of manson are from years ago. he is now 82 years old. manson was convicted of orchestrating the 1969 murders of actress sharon tate and six others. california prison officials will only say manson is alive and safety and privacy rules prevent them from saying more. storm tracker 2 picking up across the region tonight in a winter storm warning up in the
10:41 pm
sierra. chief meteorologist bill martin pushed together his extended forecast coming up after the break.
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a winter storm warning is in effect tonight over the sierra. it was slow going for drivers today heading across the mountain passes. tonight chain controls were made in effect on i-80 and highway 50. more snow is on the way. in fact bill tells us by this sunday, they could get a combined total of four to five feet of new snow on the highest peaks and two to three feet of new snow at the 5,000-foot level. well all that new snow is critical for the state's water supply. the state water resource
10:44 pm
department was knee deep in snow at echo summit today to take this year's first snow pack measurement. he found the water content about half normal. he said that reading is actually good news. just a week ago the ground there was pretty much bare. >> there were a few patches of snow. most of the snow we measured today came down in the last couple of days. it is continuing to come down. >> he expects conditions will improve substantially over the next week. about 30% of california's water supply comes from the sierra snow pack. here we are tracking the snow. this is coming down heavier and has pretty much all day over the lake tahoe area and the west slopes of the sierra nevada. it is slowing hard. it was down to about 1,800 feet earlier this morning. now it's up to about 2,200 feet. it will continue to rise tonight as the warm moisture air kind of moves in. it'll be heavier snowfall for
10:45 pm
the elevations, the higher elevations. but the lower elevations will start to turn to rain. we're seeing heavier rain in sacramento right now, heavy rain in the napa area and fairfield and santa rosa. yellows represent wipers on full. the radar footprint right now what i'm showing you will look like that for most of the night. there is nothing well organized coming through the next few hours. these bands are very moist air. so be ready to hear some of the heavier rain on the rooftops. windy conditions. i mentioned the winds, it's howling out there with gusts over 50 miles an hour. here we are, i did something here with a short range model and better resolutions, then i tie it into the long range as you'll see what i'm trying to do here. here we are at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. basically the early morning commute is wet, but not as bad as this afternoon's commute. and then by tomorrow afternoon the afternoon commute tonight, it will be sprinkles, it shouldn't be too big of a deal. but now we will go to thursday morning with no rain. thursday afternoon no rain.
10:46 pm
and then as we get into friday look what shows up a whole different deal. they had a lot of cool air with a pretty good moisture cap. and this system on friday nighthas a really, really, really good moisture cap. it's not cold, but it is super warm. we're going to pull out and show you the long range model. they've had the resolutions going out poor. now we're already into saturday evening, so it has been raining a bit on saturday morning, but look at this moisture tab. that's what you'll need to look for. look at that thing, that's what you will call an atmospheric river if this transpires we'll see significant rainfall. it will last right through sunday evening, break out after that, which is a good thing. what can you see over the next five days? well today by the end of the day it makes sense with an inch of rain. by friday we are about the same place not much of a change. now watch what happens on saturday. it will come up just a little bit and a lot by sunday. so look at this, san francisco will go three times, four times the amount of rain they got
10:47 pm
today in about 24 hours. if this all transpires, basically what i just said, saturday night into sunday morning is going to go off if that will transpire. that means heavy rain certainly urban flooding. small flood advisory and heavy snow in the mountains. there it is, our storm is pretty much winding down now by 3:00 to 4:00 in the morning. by 6:00 in the morning the heavy stuff will be gone and we get a nice break as you know heather and frank that's super important. then we get hammered on saturday and sunday with a break on the backside of that, which is super. if you don't have a break on monday that will be a problem. >> all right, bill, thank you. still to come here the sharks are taking on their rivals the l.a. kings. and the a's are bridging back a former -- bringing back a former player. sports director mark ibanez is up next. we live in a pick and choose world.
10:48 pm
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talking about the sharks in overtime, but just can't say enough. >> there is one thing about the team they played tonight, the l.a. kings, you do not want to get them in overtime. i mean seven victories when they go to o.t., i mean come on, frank. playing pretty top of the line hockey for themselves as of late. but back to back now losses to the kings despite that they are still on top of the pacific division. second period scoreless. kevin lebank with the dribble
10:51 pm
and skips their way into the net. 1-0. and that was it until the third period. kings are playing a situation coming up. and you can see what they will do. redirected by jeff carter, out late. get this 21 points in the last 21 games and he was not done, but they won one. 58 seconds left in overtime and their only possession of the game. they will pick up just beautifully maneuvered. and the last second it will be appearing on the thing of beauty where it is over, but you need to watch the replay as the sharks go down by the final of 2-1 picking up a point. and you know what it is the second time they lost when they have a lead going into the third period. all right it is suppose to rain most of the week get real heavy over the weekend. but believe it or not with that wet weather people are still thinking about baseball.
10:52 pm
spring training is only about five weeks away if you can believe that. along those lines the a's are making a little news. raja davis with that huge home run in the world series game seven to tie it before they finally lost to the cubs. it's a one-year deal with the a's. $6 million. he is 36 years old and despite that he was the american league leader with 43 steals to hit 12 home runs as well. that's not a bad addition, not a huge signing, but a lot of the a's fans would have liked it. but nevertheless he's an oakland a's. can you believe the mood swing with all the raider fans? a couple of weeks ago everybody is sky high going to the playoffs for the first time since 2002 and until the derek carr situation. but now they will make a little history in so long down in texas. connor cook officially will be the starter and it is the first time the super bowl era rookie quarterback will make his first start in that playoff game.
10:53 pm
he wasn't bad as he seemed very poised against denver certainly considering the circumstances. he was 14 out of 21 with 115 yards passing. and this touchdown pass to amari cooper, impressing his teammates along the way. >> he came in not playing all year doing a great job. he'll be out there getting ready to call the play in. and just like that he will call the play and kind of like the swagger. so you know i feel very confident. every day i needed to practice out there and work on his stuff getting better. really showing he was always prepared for this moment and his moment finally came. >> yeah, you never know. connor cook, you don't know what he knows, he would get them in there and why not? stranger things have certainly happened in the nfl and the team they're playing, they've got their own quarterback issues.
10:54 pm
the texans dulled out a huge salary for brock osweiler. remember he sign add four-year deal $72 million. the fans down there are not thrilled with his play. he was the starter for the first four games and eventually benched for tom savage, but they decided to go with him. so he officially will start. so it will not exactly be a battle, but golden state warriors continue to be a headliner act around here taking on the portland trail blazers tomorrow. they will keep rolling and the blazers come in. damian lillard may not play because of a sprained ankle. kevin durant his first year with the warriors and a model efficients feeling pretty comfortable. nearly now at the halfway point of the season if you can believe that. we talked a little bit today about that and how the team takes care of their stanley business sort to speak behind closed doors. >> someone we need to talk to, you know, it's not about how they come out, but about the
10:55 pm
message sometimes where they might come out the long way. we have guys that are, you know, showing you their messages that will be good and he is so emotional and passionate. it might come off as he is getting on those guys. but it will be the right way, you know, i won't even say it, but they need to come to the bench sometimes where it is whatteammates do and they need to enjoy it. >> so far it seems like he will be enjoying this time. in the meantime i mentioned they were off with some action tonight. what can you do with 1.6 seconds. take a look at what transpires into a tied game with philly. sixers have got the ball against minnesota and have a look and a listen. >> oh my goodness! this is the second play. look at the athletic ability as
10:56 pm
you can see it better on the replay right now. sixers win the game. that's a lot of activity for 1.4 seconds left and the game winning shot of robert covington. the sixers will prepare. >> that was perfection i mean really. >> that's what you would call making the best out of your time. >> yes. >> i mean you know what you're right. they don't know what they don't know to come out to have a great game. >> the way he would get thrown in there against denver, he didn't have a whole lot of time to think about it. when you consider taking it into consideration he gets thrown all over the pre-curious situation in denver. you guys are athletes. >> you didn't -- you didn't just show up, but you need need to light it up. >> from the players they were impressed, you know. >> find out on saturday. good night everyone. >> good night.
10:57 pm
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