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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  January 4, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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why this pick is a history maker for the city. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. we are looking live across oakland this morning, where you can see a lot of cloud cover. it's not raining right now in oakland, but, boy, overnight, the rain caused a lot of problems the winds were also pretty bad. you probably heard them. i certainly did while i slept. they knocked did down the trees, caused power outages. right now, main people around the bay area are still without power, and that storm moving in, sounds like we're going to get a little bit of a break, and then another big storm coming in. thank you for joining us. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. we have live team coverage of the big storm.
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alex is in for sal. let's go to mark first in for steve. you're tracking our storm. >> yeah, it was pretty intense the activity has been trending down a little bit over the last couple of hours. this is a flash flood watch posted for the santa cruz mountains until 7:00 this morning. but on close her inspection, this is actually a flash flood warning closer to felton. the river has been rising rapidly. so this is in place until 6:45. and it's hard to ignore that the rainfall total, ben lomand over 6 inches of rain over the past 24 hours, so significant rainfall there, and up to the north bay area, this flash flood warning in place until 7:45 this morning. the creek there has been
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running high, and as a rut, they have that flash flood warning. thankfully, the rainfall rates have been tapering off a little bit. here is the coverage out there. and those yellows and some greens, at least backing off a little bit. there you can see some of the coverage up in the north bay. we'll push the maps closer to the east bay, and stillle some coverage out towards tracy and discovery pay, and then some more development here closer to the peninsula, closer to san francisco, and then into south bay, not as much coverage, but still some scattered rain. the bulk of the rainfall is happening right now into this morning. 8:00 and then some more breaks in the action. still some scattered rain showers for tonight, setting up a break for tonight, but the big headline after today's storm lab stronger storm this weekend. at least for the roadways this morning, alex is standing by with an update. lots of standing water out there, right,al next >> that's right. the rain has caused it'sth fair share of problems already this
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morning. even though it's early in the morning. our biggest problem spot so far has been 880 in the east pay, but i have good news to report for our friends who commute through that area, we're seeing some improvements here. an earlier crash that was southbound 880 at industrial parkway, has now been cleared from the lanes. that was a car that went up on the center divider there. they have it all cleared out of the way, but you'll still see some of that residual backup to 238, but we should be able to recover, hopefully. another crash that was northbound 880 at northernton, in the newark area, that's also been cleared out of the way, as well. so that's pretty good news for folks who have to travel through that area this morning. now let me show you the san mateo bridge, and you can see the traffic flowing nicely along the span, westbound, over toward the peninsula. there was an earlier crash reported in the westbound direction, just before the toll plaza on highway 92. so be aware of that,, if you're traveling through that area. to the south bay, and we'll
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show you a live look here at interstate 280, in san jose. more and more cars hit huing the roads right now, and the traffic volumes beginning to build in san jose, and you can see the roadways are slick this morning. the good news is, not showing any major crashes or slowdowns in the south bay. at 6:04, dave, back over to you. >> well, the rain keeps falling in the south bay. it's causing the most serious problems in the santa cruz mountains. i know a tree is down on highway 17. what's going on out there? >> reporter: yeah, we're just off of northbound 17. so this tree didn't fall on the freeway. it was a side road. cal-trans crews have just left the scene, but you can tell where this tree fell down. it was blocking residents from getting on the freeway. let's take a look at what it actually looked like when it
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fell. a resident in the area called in the chp just before 5:00 this morning, because the tree was blocking the road at idle wild. overnight on bear creek road, off of highway 17, a car got struck in several feet of water where the road flooded. >> two feet of water, you can think of. the person was found. so she made it pretty much all the way through, except for the car, you know, the water got sucked in, so the car stalled out. >> reporter: residents who live in the area where the loma fire burned 4500 acres last fall be concerned about landslides and damage that that might cause. many of them are stocking up on supplies like propane and candles if they experience a power outage. the ground is is sosatureated here, it is causing power lines
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to come down. in some areas right now, pg&e is dealing with numerous outages. we know there are some in san jose, the boulder creek area. there's a couple of hundred people affected. the chp is also warning people to slow down, the roads are slick. there was just an accident a short while ago, in the last 15 minutes at bascom and moore park in san jose, so we're going to continue monitoring the roads here, and see if there's any, again, slides happening. of course there is a flash flood warning that is in effect until about 6:45 this morning. don't know if that's going to be extend at all. right now, the rain is pretty light, so we're just going to see how it goes for the rest of the morning. back to you guys in the studio. now, the storm has brought a lot of intend rain to the north bay, and trees were knocked down, like right there. some streets were flooded. city planners say the people who live here creeks, you already know you should closely watch those water levels. officials had crews out trying
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to get to areas known to flood. ever since that last big storm. >> have been here before, and while we can't really predict what the rain is going to do, we can definitely prepare accordingly, and, you know, plan for the worst. >> now, most of marin county depends on rain for it water supply, and the water district there said it's reservoirs are overflowing now. officials say that's a good thing, because the weather patterns may change at any time, and then they just have to shut the flood gates to keep the water they already have. well, there are many power outages across the bay area still this morning. we want to take you to the pg&e outage map. marin spent the peninsula were the hardest hit. right now, there are still about 1400 bay area custom next dark, down from 10,000 at the peak of the power problems. the biggest local outages are in santa rosa, mills valley, and down if gilroy.
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crews continue to work to restore power to everyone. you can track the rain, the snow up in the sierra anytime with our free ktvu weather app. you know can find it in the app store for smartphones and tablets. >> happening today, the mayor of oakland will introduce oakland he's new police chief, and for the first time in 165 years in oakland, a woman will lead the police department. ktvu's frank is in our newsroom now with more on this big announcement. >> reporter: her name is ann kirkpatrick machine she's machine he is chief for three cities up in washington state. her last summer was hire heed by the city of chicago to spear head reforms following a controversial officer involved shooting in that department. she has been on the radar of a number of big cities, becoming a final this both chicago seattle for their top job. she was also second in command at a sheriff's office, and worked for an fbi group studying police discipline.
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she is 57, and also has a law degree. she takes over an embattled oakland police department that has been without a chief since june, and went through three chiefs in a matter of a week and a half. the mayor has vowed to root out what she called the toxic macho culture. important to note the city of oakland will become one of the first, if not the first, major city to ever have a female mayor, police, and fire chief. that announcement should come around noontime today. back to you guys. >> a lot of people are very excited about it on facebook. they're chiming in. >> thank you, frank. >> okay. 6:019 the time right now. no more traffic on bay area roads. coming up in 15 minutes, the possible solution laid out in a new study involving uber and lyft. plus in washington with republicans in power now, the future of obamacare is in jeopardy. up next, the healthcare showdown expected today on
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capitol hill. >> an experience storm moving into the bay area earlier this morning. now things begin dog back off in against intensity. coming up, we'll let you know if we will have a break later today.
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here's your receipt. have a nice day! thank you. start the car! start the car! start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea welcome back. boy, an all out battle is takes shape on capitol hill in he washington this morning over obamacare opinion? temperatures, led by president
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president obama, are fighting to save it. republicans have the power now to dismantle it. doug is live in washington d.c. with what's going on today. doug? >> reporter: good morning. well, having the power to do it and actually doing it are two different things. republicans have long talked about repealing and then replacing obamacare. repealing it is relatively easy. replacing it is hard and democrats goring to fight them every step of the way. the current and future administrations are well represented on capitol hill this morning. divided over obamacare. signed into law almost 7 years ago, and the cornerstone of president obama's legacy. the president meeting without outnumbered democrats as they struggle to save the program. the white house acknowledges that the president is concerned about lose hing the political capital he's invested. >> that's certainly true, but the president's priority and the president's motivation is rooted in looking out for the interests of the 22 million americans whose healthcare
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would be taken away if republicans repeal the affordable care act. >> reporter: but republicans pledging for years to repeal obamacare are planning to act fast. as the new congress was gaveled in yesterday, paul ryan was once again elected speaker of the house, pledging to move forward. >> this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. this is the kind of thing that most of us only dreamed about. i know, because i used to dream about this a lot he. >> reporter: but right out of the gate, a gop stumble. republican lawmakers against ryan's wishes voted to largely defang the independent office of congressional ethics. while members of both parties have complained about with the move was quickly seen as an overreach and a misstep. president-elect trump tweeting focus on tax reform, healthcare, and so many other things of far greater importance, a message evidently heard loud and clear, as the house republicans quickly backed off. there has long been a question about whether donald trump would continue to tweet once he
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actually takes office after january 20th. yesterday, though, we saw him using twitter even to keep his own party in line. back to you guys. >> all right, thank you, doug. >> it's 6 be:15, and president- elect donald trump is continuing his criticism of the u.s. intelligence community. mr. trump tweeted that a briefing he is supposed to have on russian interference in the presidential election has been delayed until friday. he added: but officials with the cia and fbi said the briefs had always been scheduled for friday. the president-elect has expressed acceptism of the intelligence agencies conclusion that the russian government hacked into e-mails linked to the democratic party to try to interfere with the november election. the president of the naacp and five other members of the naacp were arrested last night in alabama for staging sit-in protests in an office of senator jeff sessions, who thomas has he nominated for
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attorney general. they first gathered yesterday in mobil, alabama, ovechkined of his senate -- outside of his senate office there, and vowed to occupy his office until sessions was no longer the nominee, or they were arrested. the president of the naacp tweeted this selfie inside one of those offices. the six member of the na a aac. -- naacp were arrested and later charged for trespassing. a long island railroad commuter train derail add at train station in brooklyn, new york, this morning. showing you some images off of social immediatia. there are reports of at least 18 people juried. they appear to be minor at this point. again, take a look. it's a new york train derailment. some people on social media are saying it appeared the train did not stop at the end of the platform. so certainly some of the people
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on the flat form could somebody of the people who are injured. we also want to show you new video from the scene. you can see a huge response from first responders there. it's just packed. this is a developing story. we're going to continue to follow the very latest information. again, a train derailment in new york. we'll bring you updates, as soon as they become available, but, again, sounds likes 18 people injured, and minor injuries. hopefully that is the case. >> all right. we'll check back. 6:17. we're going to check in with alex savage. we have rain this morning. a lot of traffic accidents around the bay area. it's busy. >> yeah, it has been a busy morning, unfortunately, already. a lot of minor crashes, single car accidents, cars that are just sort of spinning off the roadways, and even once those crashes are cleared out of the way, we're seeing residual backup. at the toll plaza, a significant backup already this morning. it's backed up well through the maze right now, allle though
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the ride getting there westbound on 80 coming through berkeley, not too bad as of yet. i will show you now highway 4, where things are certainly starting to build up, and a lot more folks beginning to make that ride up and over the hill he out of the an tee i don't care and pittsburgh area. slow right there coming through bay point, and over do into concord, where it will free up for you. we'll take you to the maps here and show you that the commute coming into the livermore valley is not a fun one this morning. you can see we have very heavy traffic coming up over the alta month crash pass. there is a -- alta month pass. there is a crash there. when you have emergency vehicles, crews on the other side of the freeway, that can tend to slow things down in the westbound direction. so a pretty slow ride coming through livermore this morning westbound on 5800. 6:18 is the time. over to mark now with a look at the rain that is going to keep
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coming our way here for the next few days. >> yeah, we are locked into a pretty stormy pattern. at least thankfully we have a bit of a break, so we'll be able to get outside for thursday and friday. by the weekend, that will be a different story. the rainfall totals, probably heard the rainfall overnight, and those numbers really adding up. santa rosa over two inches of rain. redwood city, over an inch and a half. those amounts tapering off. but some pretty good downpours out there. you will notice over the past few frames, things beginning to taper offer a little bit.
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a flash flood warning posted toward the north pay, until 7:45 this morning. the creek there has been rising pretty quickly this morning, so that flash flood warning should expire, thankfully because the rainfall has backed off a bit. here is the latest on the radar. but if you are hit hing the roadways, just keep in mind, a lot of standing water on the roadways this morning. we're keeling back the coverage. we cannot guarantee a dry forecast today, but definitely some more breaks in the action. this band of moisture being
6:21 am
directed toward the bay area. we call this an atmospheric river. another one developing this weekend, and it will be stronger, so we're talking serious rain for saturday into sunday, and flooding will be a major concern, especially as we head towards sunday. here we go. showers for today, and at least for this morning, and then just a chance into the afternoon hours. once again by 4:00, as well. in san francisco, actually might see some breaks in some of the overcast. here we go this morning, showing you some of the rain out there, 8:00, we scale back, and that trend continues. maybe a few pop-up showers this afternoon, and into the evening hours, but then that sets the stage for a break for thursday, and then into friday, but once again, we'll have another atmospheric directed toward the bay area saturday into sunday. so this will be a concern into the weekend. forecast highs this afternoon, mainly in the mid-to-upper 50s out there with more breaks in the action later on today, and here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast. it will be dry thursday andtry, and then more serious rain,
6:22 am
heavy rain, strong winds. we're going to have flood advisories, possibly more flood warnings kick in for portions of the bay area this weekend. so just keep that in mind if you live near a creek or small stream, just to be extra aware of the next few days. >> and all of the fire zones. lake county, a lot of it is going to be hit with some slides, probably. >> yeah, especially the santa cruz mountains. they've been hit with six inches, and this is just the beginning. >> and they're under an advisory. there controversy about a basketball hoop at a apartment complex. coming up, why the management told the mother, take it down. plus, they left southern california on a trip to big sur a week ago, but have not been heard from sense. but up next, there is a crash that may be connected to the distance of that young couple from los angeles. it's just a date.
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dylann dylann
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authorities are investigating whether a deadly crash along highway 1 may be tied to a missing couple from los angeles. olivia gonzales and brian fernandez have been missing since december 23rd. they were on a road trip to big sur, driving a honda civic with their two dogs with them. yesterday authorities found the breck of a tan sedan more than 300 feet down a steep embankment. they found one boyd and one dog inside. the name has not been released. they will guy back to the scene today to continue their investigation. >> a new study offering a possible selection to reducing traffic on the bay areas crowded roads. researchers from mit found commuters used car pool services instead of driving
6:27 am
aloan, it would reduce the amount of cars on the road by 75%. bay area teenagers are criticizing a mall that banned young shoppers the day after christmas. arden fair mall in sacramento impoised a reconstruction on people under the age of 18, after a series of violent incidents at malls aclose the country. the mercury news reports the westfield malls in san jose have not had problems, so they've nod banned unaccompanied teenagers from the mall. sun valley mall in concord also told the paper it does not have a policy against teenagers. teenage irs today the paper they do want to go shopping with their friends, not their parents. one pointed out that barning teenagers would be -- banning teenagers would be turning away
6:28 am
customers. coming up, the real estate tool that thieves are using to get in. and the rain has lightened up, but the wet roads are creating problems for drivers. we've had quite a few spinouts this morning. coming up, we have the conditions that drivers need to be aware of by commuting to the city. heavy, labored breathing
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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president obama is on capitol hill to urge democrats to fight to save the affordable care act. we are peeking in there. >> he's walking towards those cameras. we're waiting for him to come out. the president is set to meet with the house caucuses. right now, you're probably very concerned about the weather, as we all are. >> definitely cold. in the middle of the united, just what was that? the wind, and it was a pretty potent storm moving across northern california, and we'll be talking a lot about the traffic in the area, as well.
6:32 am
this is a lot more than just a few sprinklest out there. the last few frames, be things beginning to back off. we're not totally try. still have scattered rain, and a flash flood warning in place out toward the felton area, close to scots valley, as well. it should expire in a few minutes. look at that ben lomand rainfall total, over 6 inches, and up in the north pay, a flash flood warning in place until 7:45 we still have some scattered round to talk about as we come in closer. more dry than wet. we had a solid green band over
6:33 am
a portion of the region, but here you can see in portions of the south bay, there's still some coverage out there, some rain showers still paying us a visit. at least for this morning, scattered rain out there, can't guarantee is a dry forecast, but still the possibility of a few pop-up showers throughout the day, even at 3:00 into the evening hours, but this will set up a break as we head into thursday and friday, before a stronger system moves in over the weekend. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. we have an update on the soggy bay area roadways. good morning, alex. >> good morning to you. good to hear the rain may be tapering off just a bit here. we certainly do need a break. the storm in the early morning hours triggered road closure in oakland, and we're getting now some live pictures from this scene. we want to take you straight out here. you can see a large tree came crashing down, likely due to
6:34 am
those strong wind gusts associated with this system, and this tree is now blocking mountain boulevard nears a scot --s a cot drive. obviously as folks wake up the in that neighborhood and try to make their way to the free and we head off to work, this is going to cause an issue for you. crews are out there beginning the process of dealing with this large tree, and getting it out of the way, but it is going to take some time. so, again, mountain boulevard blocked entirely at ascon drive in oakland. now let me take you to a live picture of highway 24, and you can see those tail lights there, a lot hoff folks hitting the road right now, heading out of the walnut creek area westbound on 24, coming through la day it, it is slow, and it frees up after that, as you get closer to the tunnel. we'll go to the maps here, and i'll show you where we had an earlier crash southbound 880 at industrial parkway. it was cleared a while ago, but
6:35 am
still a lot of residual slowing also a lot of slow traffic west bound as you head through the san mateo bridge. in san francisco, the weather has contributed to a number of crashes. already this morning, we have lea live in the area right now. talk about the challenges the drivers are facing. >> reporter: it seems like we have a break in the rain. i actually saw a woman walking the suede boots, so as long as she avoids the puddles, some she should be okay, and surprisingly, the puddles are the problem out here. there are some sand bags. this is a very vulnerable street for flooding. you can see the people that have businesses here are very prepared for the flooding.
6:36 am
relation, we is saw some dangerous conditions. there was some significant flooding this morning. cal-trans showed up and drains that portion that was flooding. there was a multiple car crash enter the northbound caesar chavez exit. drews had to use chainsaws early this morning to get it off the road, and a fewer sent us this video through our fresco app of very strong winds and very choppy bay waters along the embarcadero, and you don't want to get to close to that, because the waves were much higher than normal, and splashing up on to the dock, so
6:37 am
you don't want to get wet, but seems like the rain tapered off. this is a very vulnerable area for flooding they got licky out here. there were pockets of 0 heavier puddles this morning. >> they do have a little bit of a break, lee, but then big rains head hing here this weekend. so thank you for that. 6:37 is the time. tonight city council will he hold a special meeting to approve a contract for tearing down that apartment complex dangling on the only of a cliff. the 20 why not apartment complex has been at risk due to implosion. the building was deemed a health crisis because asbestos
6:38 am
and other hazardous materials were found inside. now, in the past six years, to other nearby apartment buildings have been torn down right nearby because of that coastal erosion. snow is really slamming the sierra, and it's very dangerous to driver. chain is required on both interstate 80 and highway 50. there's already several feet of snow. there may he be 4 to 5 feet of new snow on the highest peaks by sunday, and about two to third feet of snow at the 5,000 foot elevation. all of that snow is welcome news. look at the pictures. california tries to recover from years of drought. yesterday, the state water resource department took it's first snow survey of the year at echo summit, and found the water con tint is about half of normal, but the experts say that's really good news, since just a week ago, the ground was pretty much bare. about 30% of california's water supply comes from that see rather snow pack. scientists say droughts are
6:39 am
already getting longer because of human-caused climate change, but now researchers at u.s.s. irvine say that -- uc irvine say that they turn to natural gas to create electricity, and that increased one third more cash were dioxide in 2014 than three years earlier, and they say the higher carbon emissions added to climate change. also happening today, a community jobs and house hing forum is sit to take place in oakland following last months deadly warehouse fire that killed 36 people. topics will include the growing home's population, and unemployment. members of the oakland warehouse coalition, which was formed after the fire, will also attend. it starts of 5:00 tonight at the oakland city council chambers. >> our time is is 6:39. he's in livermore investigating several burglaries targeting
6:40 am
homes that are lied for sale. thieves have been cutting lockboxes on doors, stealing the keys, and then using the keys to get inside. police say since stem, there have been 9 burglaries at unoccupied and staged homes. >> they are stealing mostly electronics, tvs, some stereo equipment, appliances, and even things as little as home decor. >> some real estate agents are taking extra recaution no, sir tow protect the homes they're selling, they are showing homes by appointment only, and are also asking neighbors to closely watch for anything suspicious. livermore police say in some cases, they did find finger prints, and also discarded cigarette butts, they're hoping to make an arrest soon. >> right now it is 6:40. history is being made in the city of oakland. coming up in 20 minutes, what we are learning about the newest police chief. >> plus, hijinks on capitol
6:41 am
hill. how the teenage son of a new congressman stole the show on his dad's first day in washington. >> and it's been a wet morning commute around the bay area. quite a few crashes we've been tracking, and it's also going to a slow ride getting into san francisco. we'll tell you about that commute and another problem that just popped up in oakland that you're going to want to be aware of, too. >> still track something rainfall on the radar, but heading into a break, some somewhat later on today and over the next couple of days we're already previewing new system that will definitely impact your weekend.
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6:43 am
6:44 am
police in turkey have detained five suspected militants believed to be link attitude the deadly new year's nightclub attack. the suspects, believed to be islamic state group militants ever picked up during a raid in a port city on the aegean sea. the gunmen who killed the 39 people and wounded nearly 70 others is still on the loose. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. also new this morning, german investigators are raid a building in berlin last night, where they believe sorts of the tunisian suspect in the market attacks be lived.
6:45 am
isis claimed responsibility for that attack, as well. calling the -- o mri, a soldier of the militant group. >> let's check in and see what is coming up the next hour on mornings on 2. >> when i join you in a few minutes, the flu has reached wide spread levels. what the california department of public health, there now have been three reported flu deaths in california, and dozens have gone to the icu with the illness. flu activity typically increases this time of year. what is happening nation speed how it compare tosca do. that is coming up. and also mark stucker berg is known for extreme yew year's resolutions. this year is no different. his goal that will have him logging a lot of frequent flyer miles. and of course the rain. these stories and more when i join you in a few.
6:46 am
>> time is 6:45. fundraising will be well under way for the next california's governor's election in 2018. lieutenant governor gavin newsome is way ahead of his competitors with $11.5 million raised so far. former l.a. mayor antonio and former state superintendent of puck be lick instruction, delane easton are also running. please raise your right hand. >> harry was elected to take the seat opened up by the retirement of senator barbara boxer. hair sis the first women of african-american and indian descent to serve california in the senate. harris said she will work to protect the environment, the affordable care act, and america's civil right. >> there were lots of smile is there. a new communication from kansas was upstaged on his first day in office by his
6:47 am
teenage son. >> yeah, look at hire right there. >> okay. >> all right? >> congressman roger marshall his fame were taking part in the swearing in photo opportunity on capitol hill. there was house speaker paul ryan right there. marshall's son, cal, held the bible in his right hand, and then he started dabbing. the popular dance gesture with his other arm. once house speaker ryan realized what he was doing, he gently pushed cal's forearm down. come on, cal, put it down, while we take this picture. but it's memorable. it will be a part of history from now on. >> like it or not. >> like it or not. i'm sure they had some words after that, i would think.. good morning to you guys. >> good morning. >> i'm dabbling in traffic this morning. >> very clever. >> sal will be be back tomorrow, though, fortunately,
6:48 am
hopefully with similarly bad puns. >> i'm sure he will. >> yeah. good morning to you guys. we have had some issues with the wet weather this morning. one of the big problems we're still keeping track of is here in oakland. we're going to take you to some live pictures right now, because a huge tree has come crashing down. this is in the montclair neighborhood, and this is blocking mountain boulevard near ascon drive, and we just heard from crews on the scene there. our photographer, sid is there gathering information, and said it may not be until about 7:30 or so, when a tree-trimming crew can make it out there to even start the process of trying to clear this tree. so probably this is going to be there for the next few hours, impacting folks near highway 13 in the mon d.c. lair neighborhood of -- montclail neighborhood of oakland. backed up through the maze, and traffic also starting to slow down significantly coming through albany and berkeley,
6:49 am
getting toward the maze. finally here is a live look at the san mateo bridge, where we have very heavy traffic head heed westbound on 92, coming up to the toll plaza, and even once you get past the pay gates, it's very slow most of the way across the span, and over toward the peninsula. looks as though we have some raindrops on the lens there, but, mark, it sounds like we're sort of tapering off just a bit with the heavy stuff? >> yeah, compared to this morning, things backing off a bit, but, yeah, keep the umpire handy today -- umbrella handy today, because we can't guarantee a dry forecast. these numbers are very impressive with this system. san rafael over three inch offers rain, santa rosa over two inches, redwood city nearly an inch and a half. san jose, .25. the wind advisory expired, but it verified nicely. kind winds gusting to 40, 50, even 61 miles per hour out
6:50 am
toward mount diablo. we're coming in closer, and this is good news. we actually had a flash flood warning for closer to the melton area. that has expired, but look at that total, over 6 inches, approaching 7 inches over the last few hours. the creek there has been rising, and this is in place until 7:45 this morning. as we expect the radar, we're still track something rainfall, as you can see, up in portions of the north bay. so still some scattered rain, portions of marin county, san rafael, extending out toward napa, as well. as we move the maps here close tore san francisco, and you saw on the san mateo bridge camera, as well, extending to portions of the bay, as well, still have scattered rain to talk about. more development closer to the santa cruz mountains with some rain still coming on board.
6:51 am
site won't be be be completethly dry, but still more breaks in the action expected throughout the day. here is the bigger picture the the pacific. you can see this narrow band of moisture being directed to the area. this is what we call an atmospheric river. this is the system from last night. and then another one that is set to move into the region over the weekend, and it will be stronger. 7:00 a.m. scattered showers in san francisco, and then just a chance at 12:00, and then by 4:00, as well. but more breaks in the activity throughout the day. here is our forecast model still showing you the chance of a few showers throughout the day. especially by the afternoon, and into the evening hours. so it won't be completely dry, and still you might encounter summer light to moderate downpours out there, but thursday will be dry. next storm, though, that's set to move into the region this weekend, produce something heavy rainfall once again. look at this moisture being directed right on toward the bay area, the coastalle hills, 8 to 4 inches will be
6:52 am
conservative. think we'll pick up more, and the coastal hills could pick up over six inches easily. temperatures not changing too much, mainly in the mid-50s, and look ahead at your forecast. partly cloudy skies into thursday and friday. major rain expects this weekend, saturday and sunday, flooding will be be a concern, and possible supply high winds, as well. >> thank you, mark, for the warning. >> 6:52 is the time up. it's a car that indicators to today's generation. coming up, we'll show you criesler's latest car that can do more than drive effort. it's going to do something fun with the people inside, as well. and making grocery store checkout lines more kid friendly. the moments one mom from michigan wants to remove. ♪ ♪
6:53 am
♪ all the care your family needs. all connected for you.
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openling statements in the murder trial of garcia eia torres are expected to take place in two weeks. procedural matters and motions took up the court day yesterday. for sis accused of kidnap asking killing sierra lamar, a teenager who vanished on her way to school five years ago. although her body has never been found. prosecutors say dna evidence links torres to sierra lamar, but the defense attorneys claim that sierra lamar ran away from a home. >> our time is 16:55. after years of seeing cents going up, rent something some
6:56 am
parts of the area appear to have hit a plateau, and are actually slightly less than last year. according to a new report from apartment, cities seeing slight drops in rent include san francisco, which is still pretty expensive. the median cost of a two bedroom apartment in san francisco is now $4,500, but that's down $2.5% from last year. in san jose within rents also dripped bout 1% to $2,50 for a two-bedroom apartment. rents are also down in other silicon valley cities, but are still heading up in oakland, concord, and daly city. >> a controversy in an apartment complex over a badge hoop. diana espy no is a bought this basketball hoop for her two young sons and puts it out so they can play for about an hour in the middle of the day at hire redwood -- redwood city apartment complex, but some of
6:57 am
the residents complained to the apartment management saying it was too nicey. 14th has received a response from the company saying tonight put the basketball hoop out there anymore. for now, her kid place basketball indoors, on video games. >> we can't keep kids indoors. kids have to go outside and play. i'm tired of it. if i get evicted, i'll find a way to live. >> she said she checked her lease, and there is nothing in the lease preventing the use of that basketball hoop, and she has contacted a lawyer. the complex is owned by the san mateo community college district. they say they plan to reach out to her in a couple of days. >> a michigan mom is on a mission to make supermarket checkout line morse child friendly. she started on on-line petition calls a michigan area grocery company to get rid of candy and tabloid magazines from the checkout lines. >> my son asked me about the
6:58 am
word cocaine, and while i was going to introduce the topic of drugs to him at some point, i wasn't ready to take about that edge to him in the checkout aisle. >> she is also asking the store to replace the checkout lane candy with healthier foods instead. she start the move on after trying to contact the company, but didn't get any response. a big announcement coming today from the city of oakland. what we're finding out about who will be the new police chief. >> reporter: we are live in the santa cruz mountains where the rain has been coming down. we'll tell you about the downed trees and power outages, and what cal-trans and the chp has been dealing with.
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> get ready for a slow commute this morning. a winter storm is dumping rain all across the bay area. what you need to know if you're heading out the door. if after a 7-month search, the city


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