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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  January 4, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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to help californians who need health insurance get it. so you'll be ready next time life happens. because it's more than just health care. it's life care. ...better than a manual, and my hygienist says it does. but... ...they're not all the same. turns out, they're really... ...different. who knew? i had no idea. so, she said look for... that's shaped like a dental tool with a round... ...brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head surrounds each tooth to... ...gently remove more plaque and...
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...oral-b crossaction is clinically proven to... ...remove more plaque than sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels so clean. i'll only use an oral-b! the #1 brand used by dentists worldwide. oral-b. brush like a pro. and out to a look at our top stories, the city of oakland introducing its new police chief. and kirkpatrick washington. she will be taking on an embattled department. she is oakland's first email chief of police and her first day will be february 27. police are investigating their first homicide of the year. people say they heard five or six shots, no word on the victims name.
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the city of oakland searching for ways to protect tenants and create affordable housing, especially in the wake of the ghost ship warehouse fire. a town hall meeting is underway. the organizers tell us she is getting a lot of calls and emails from people in oakland saying they are concerned that some landlords may be using the tragedy to evict tenants. you are watching ktvu news at 6:30 pm. republican say dismantling obamacare will be their first order of business. so far they have not fed what was in place -- beds have not said what will be put in its place. >>reporter: president obama who has just over two weeks left in office making a rare visit to the hill, meeting behind closed doors with house and senate democrats, a move seen as a
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last-ditch effort to save his health care law. it may be a little too late, republicans bowing to repeal and replace the affordable care act once president-elect trump takes office. with a gop led congress now in the position to do so. >> we want to make sure as we do relief we do it in a way that doesn't pull the rug out from anyone.>>reporter: paul ryan and others meeting with mike pence in a separate meeting today, urging lawmakers to stay the course when it comes to pulling the plug on obama care. fox news learning the vice president elect would like to see a repeal bill on president trumps desk by february 20. >> the first order of business is to repeal and replace obamacare.>>reporter: the high profile visits coming after the 115 swearing of the congress.
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democrats are bowing to hold the opposition accountable. >> the republican plan to cut healthcare would not make america great again, it would make america sick again. it would lead to chaos. >>reporter: president-elect trump tweeting about everything from obama care the job creation while naming jay clayton to head the secretary . california's new senator announced her first piece of legislation aimed at helping protect undocumented immigrants. she tweeted she is cosponsoring legislation to keep 744,000 dreamers from being deported. the dream act was signed back in 2012 and allows people brought to the united states as children to obtain work permits. many of them say they are now fearful they will be forced to leave the country.
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california lawmakers appear to be gearing up for a legal battle with the trump administration and have hired eric holder to represent the state. >>reporter: today, a new chapter in the series california versus president- elect donald trunp. >> this is something concrete and not symbolic. >>reporter: the move is the hiring of eric holder who served as us attorney general under president obama. >> i think having more legal minds is a better thing. >>reporter: the assembly speaker and kevin daly on say that holder will be critical in fighting the future administration on issues like immigration, climate change, healthcare, issues seen as key components. >> we are talking about livelihoods of real families throughout the state. our role is to prepare and defend. >>reporter: lawmakers say that
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role is not even paid yet. >> president-elect trump is not been sworn in, why not give him an opportunity to set his agenda and let's figure out ways that we can work with president trump as californians. >>reporter: ted games also question how the role of holder and others will differ. >> he is the filling and role that ought to be fulfilled by the attorney general. why isn't that role left to that particular individual? why are we looking at spending additional taxpayer money? >> it could be a problem for him should he be confirmed as attorney general. it sounds like a lot of what they're talking about with eric holder will be the same kind of thing at the department of justice.>>reporter: while the democratic leadership says hiring holder should not be viewed as a preemptive strike,
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it is hard to see it any other way. >> this is really a call to arms and supercharges the narrative that california is preparing for legal and political warfare with the incoming administration. still to come, schools considering raising tuition for the first time in six years. details on the plant unveiled that will affect tens of thousands of students. it is like the super bowl for techies, a look at some of the impressive displays at this year's consumer electronic show.
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the university of california proposed its first tuition hike in six years. under the plan tuition for in- state students would increase to $200 for the school year starting next fall. also, these for student services will go up by $54. a spokeswoman says financial age to cover the increase. out-of-state students would see an even larger increase. uc says the state has reduced support and that is left many universities looking for ways to pay for faculties, classes, and financial aid. both macy's and kohls each reported a 2% decline in sales
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compared to last year. macy's also said it will be closing 68 stores and 10,000 layoffs are likely. macy's stock dropped about 11% and kohls dropped about 15%. last-minute preparations are underway in las vegas. the international consumer electronic show is more of a technology show. 3800 exhibitors are expected and 165,000 people are expected. this is where many innovators introduced their creations, such as the first virtual reality shoes for the first toothbrush with artificial intelligence that can tell you if you are getting the job done. >> you can improve your brushing skills looking on the app and seeing what you're missing. >> there will be plenty of surprises along with advances in drones, robots, 3-d printing, smart phones -- smart
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home devices, excuse me. the show opens tomorrow and runs through sunday. >> i'm sorry, shoes that make you feel like you are in snow? why not go and walk in the snow? >> somehow i think i can figure out if i am brushing my teeth properly. >> we are not the ideal customers. i don't want those products. raw sewage leaking from san francisco hall of justice. >> that is actually a urine stained.>> next, the latest on this dinky situation and the cleanup now under way. we are kind of mopping up after significant rainfall. there is a real rain around the corner there really will impact your bay area weekend.
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a cleanup is underway at the hall of justice in san francisco after raw sewage leaked from the jail on the top floor and into the office of the district attorney. >>reporter: the sound of flesh in size of discussed -- discussed permanent at the das office for the second day in a row. prosecutors say this is at least the fifth time russell which has flooded the building in just the past 14 months. >> it is a very strong smell coming from down the hall. >> officials say an inmate stuff a towel in the toilet causing the backup.>> some of the prosecutors in order to save some files and belongings
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actually had to wait through the sewage water. >>reporter: some offices where a foot deep in sewage so attorneys had to stack files on top of their desk. many important papers were so damaged they were unable to bring documents into court. the spilled knock the computer network off-line, arty people were forced to evacuate, including the entire mystic violence bureau, where sewage seeped down right next door to a very busy traffic court. >> that is actually a urine stained. >>reporter: sebastian says the hall of justice is seismically unsafe and has been played over the years by rodent infestation, asbestos, and cockroaches. >> our conditions are deplorable and we don't control the building.>>reporter: the landlord released this statement: "over the past
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decade the city has been hundreds of thousands of dollars installing new technology to mitigate this type of flooding. however, due to the infrequent usage of this toilet a sewage grinder has not been installed. " it would be helpful if the communications staff worked with us to communicate with their colleagues the importance of not leaving food out of the open for prolonged period of time. sebastian says his office is frustrated. osha and the department of public health have been notified. tracking the raindrops, we have gotten quite a bit over the last 24 hours and will see quite a bit more as we head towards the weekend. these are the santa cruz mountains coming up on 6 inches of rain. very impressive mac we got almost 3 inches in areas around san rafael. now we are getting ready to dry
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out a little bit. that is good, about two days will help a lot. and then this lights up, we have moisture coming around the corner from the hawaiian island and this coming up from the tropics. they merge right over the top of us. here is where we are, it is going to hit a narrow window like a fire hose. we used to call it a pineapple express. wherever the holes points, it is not a very wide nozzle. maybe 60 miles, but that is the with. wherever it points will get hammered. right now it looks like it is going to point mainly san jose south or redwood city south, that means san jose mountains are going to get hammered. get yourself prepared. rain
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starts on saturday, not a huge deal, kind of what we just experienced and then the real stuff rose in saturday night into sunday morning. the atmospheric river will focus itself mainly, at least according to this model south of san francisco. here we are on saturday, these are rainfall totals. an inch and a half in san francisco. watch this, san jose goes up to 8 inches. i have never seen the model be that aggressive. this is the bull's-eye, if that transpires, yes, you've's creek will go over its boundary. we will see flood advisories and flood warnings, guarantee. at this point maybe the north bay gets a break, but we will see significant rain and then you have the issue with the
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high snow level. this stuff will drop heavy rain on snow that have fallen and there is going to be big melt. we have flood watch is up for those guys. they already have the flood watch is up for 48 hours from now. we will be fine, but it is going to be a real rain event. it is a weekend, lots of people will be watching playoff football. the mayor of redwood city is stepping in over a dispute over a basketball hoop and an apartment complex. diana espinoza bought the basketball hoop for her sons over the thanksgiving holiday, but neighbors complained saying it attracted too many noisy kids. we have now learned that the mayor thought our report and said "we have to find a balanced solution and let kids be kids." the apartment complex is owned by the san mateo community college district and the mayor just happens to be on the board.
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i get that connor could have nfl playoff experience, but he
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does have experience in bit college games, that will help them, right? >> that is true, he has an  historic lack of experience. >> i am trying to look on the positive side. >> he was great in college.>> no doubt about it. that is the reason the raiders drafted up for a chance to get him. as mentioned, he has played big games during his career at michigan. as a matter of fact he played against alabama. he did not win, but in his three years he also never lost against michigan. three times they were able to beat them. you know what, for all intents and purposes, one of those years he was and looked pretty good against the broncos. he didn't seem too small for the moment. back to a touchdown pass to amari cooper. he talked a little bit about if he will be nervous.
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>> i was nervous last week just being activated. being an active all season long and finally knowing that i was one play away, i was preparing like i am a guy. you always have the nerves and once you get out there and get hit, get knocked down, all of that stuff goes away. obviously, playing and michigan state were play big-time games. we were fortunate enough to do that. i am going to try to take whatever i did there and put it to use out there sunday -- well, saturday. >> he seems like one of those guys who gets it. meanwhile, the 49ers, who were not preparing for a playoff game, are searching for their general manager and their coach. they will interview, in fact already have interviewed anthony lynn. this is josh mcdaniel, offensive coordinator of the patriots. he is preparing for a playoff
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game and the brain trust of the 49ers are going to fly back to new england and interview him. apparently over the weekend they have a scheduled visit with sean -- john mcveigh, the former president of the 49ers. his grandson. meanwhile, christian mccaffrey split for the nfl leaving his last game with stamper. today, another one will leave. solid defensive lineman, solomon thomas. he will pass up his last two seasons and stamper, enter the nfl draft. he had a great season with eight facts and team tackles. stamper losing another top prospect to the nfl.
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that is the way it goes. it is business first, the worriers will be playing the blazers tonight. damien willard will not play, he has a sprained ankle. the worriers beat them about 40 points with willard the last time they played. if you are a blazers fan it is not looking too great. >> connor cook seem so relaxed. he almost seems like eric car. they are just very composed and very relaxed.>> i condescended earlier, i mean it in a good way, they are gym rats. they love the game and they have been around their whole lives. it wouldn't surprise me, just don't try doing too much. stick to the game plan, which they will simplify a little bit and he will be our right. i expect him to do well. >> see you later, everyone.
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have you guys heard about this research team that's trying to transgenically manipulate chicken dna to create some sort of chicken dinosaur? oh, i think that sounds wonderful. what? you're afraid of both dinosaurs and chickens. yes, but tell me a dinosaur chicken salad sandwich wouldn't hit the mesozoic spot. hey, guys. hey. hello. we still on for tomorrow night? yeah. i'm excited to finally meet your girlfriend. yeah, oh, and speaking of which. according to a recent study out of oxford university, when someone takes on a new romantic partner, that person loses one or two close friends. since when do you read social science? i go to the bathroom like everybody else. why would i lose friends just because i started dating someone? yeah, you didn't lose anyone when you met amy. yeah, well, no, the study refers to romantic partners. not the way i would categorize the two of us. you guys kiss and hold hands.


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