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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 4, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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the storm that's been pounding the bay area is now winding down tonight, but it's left problems in its wake, and another bigger storm is forecast for the weekend. good evening, everyone, i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie. >> i'm frank somerville, the rain is tapering off in the bay area, but snow is still falling in the sierra, and there has been a lot of snow. at this hour in fact, i-80 is completely shut down over
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donner summit. caltrans closed the freeway at 2:00 this afternoon, they don't expect it to reopen before midnight. this video is from earlier in the day, as drivers were forced to turn around, and make alternate plans. right now, eastbound traffic is being stopped at apple gate in placer county, westbound traffic is being stopped at the nevada state line. that's about 70 miles of i-80 that is completely shut down tonight. >> here in the bay area, scattered showers had people pulling out their umbrellas again today. the heaviest rain now behind us, but only for a couple of days before it ramps up again this weekend. bill martin has impressive rainfall numbers from this latest storm. first, we go to debora villalon tracking some of the spots out it there. >> reporter: heather, blame beautiful mount tan. those passing rain storms get
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stick on its peak, and moran gets drenched. likely again this weekend too. >> i don't think my girls have ever experienced a blackout. >> reporter: losing power? a new experience for kids raised in drought, and not all together bad. >> it's like the olden days. like little house on the prairie, which we read often, so yes, it was a very sweet team. >> reporter: as usual, it was trees, falling into utility lines, that knocked out hundreds of fairfax households for three hours. the mess, cleaned up now, but around the bay area, countless trees are weakened by drought, a understand sitting in saturated soils. >> we want our customers to have a plan too. part of that plan is preparing for an outage. >> reporter: the new storm, blowing in, is expected to make the last seem mild. pg and e had already doubled its north bay crews to 16, and will add even more. >> we're expecting about 20 crews on hand, which is more
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than normal our staffing. our staging equipment will be here. >> reporter: planners watching the maps expect to activate marin's emergency center. >> we kind of translate that into what we see the impacts in the county with. >> reporter: all the signs are there. ignore them at your peril. this sonoma county driver stalled her mercedes. >> one of my local truck drivers was driving by, and i asked him to help, and he gladly did. >> reporter: that good samaritan, gave the woman a piggyback ride to higher ground, and a scolding from chp. >> even if you don't think that it's flooded, or closed, please do not go around those signs. turn around, find an opposite route. go home, find a coffee shop, whatever you need to do, and just wait out the storm. >> reporter: this is a good
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time to walk around your residence, and make sure water is flowing where it should be. >> we had 23 calls from about 4:00 yesterday afternoon, until about 7:00 this morning. so, which is a lot for us. >> we need the rain. it is a little scary, but i'm glad the next storm's on the weekend, so we won't be driving around, and worrying about school or work. >> reporter: from pg and e, a few reminders. flashlights are safer than candles, but they do need batteries in order to work. frank, when a storm is imminent, be sure and get a good charge on your cell phone. back to you. >> debora, it was pouring here in originalland originalland -- oakland tonight, what's it like in marin county? looks like it's stopped. >> reporter: it's stopped, which is really nice, because the last 36 hours have really been wet up here. definitely getting a break, getting a chance to dry off.
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>> debora villalon. the south bay also had problems, water caused minor flooding this morning. the gilroy fire department posted this picture showing high water. impressive storm totals, and a lot more rain on the way this weekend. >> yeah, a lot more rain. debora points out, marin county, over the last few days, they've seen four or five inches of rain. just in the last 24 hours, here are some of the rain totals. they are impressive. over an inch and a half in santa rosa. up in the santa cruz mountains, over 3.5 inches of rain. you know what? these numbers could easily be doubled, tripled and even quadrupled by this weekend's storm. snow levels are coming up, but it's still snowing up there. here's what's coming our way. got a lot going on.
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see all of that moisture coming in from those indicated arrows? mainly from the southern regions. they're all coming together, from north of hawaii, that blob, coming up from the equator, they're going to merge over the bay area. in between those two arrows, we're going to see one of those events that we see maybe once every three years in terms of the potential for rainfall, with really heavy rainfall, some areas anticipating like the santa cruz mountains, 8 to 10 inches of rain in 36 hours. we'll watch it for you. i'll have the details and the computer model loaded up next time you see me. damaging winds from the storms set half a dozen boats free from their moorings in sausalito. some ran aground not far away in tiburon, including a sail boat and a fishing boat. the marin county fishing office
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says two of its small dinghies were returned today. more damage in the east bay. a homeowner came home from work to find this. a large eucalyptus tree had fallen on his garage. three classic cars he had restored were crushed. now to oakland's new police chief, ann kirkpatrick was introduced today at city hall. she is set to become the first woman ever to lead the oakland police department. she comes to oakland from the chicago police department, where she was just hired in june. before that, she served in seattle, at the king county sheriff's department. before that, she was chief at two smaller police departments. henry lee tells us now, the 57- year-old kirkpatrick rejected a suggestion today that the oakland police department is a
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mess. and said that she's ready to tackle the city's problems. [applause] >> thank you so much. >> reporter: with the drawl from her native memphis, anne kirkpatrick says she's ready to jump in. ready to steer the department away from scandal, and back to fighting violent crime, and regaining community trust. >> i don't consider it a mess. it's an opportunity, okay? and it's all about going forward. it's about going from good to great. >> reporter: kirkpatrick is the city's first permanent police chief since june, when top cop sean whent, and two interim chiefs left in the midst of a sex scandal. >> she is unafraid to hold officers accountable to the highest standards of conduct. >> reporter: months ago, the mayor blasted what she called a
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toxic macho culture in the department, which she likened to a frat house. kirkpatrick said character traits like competence, vision, and accountability are not gender based. >> so i am a leader who is cloaked as a woman. and i'm grateful for being a woman. but i will be your leader. >> reporter: the new chief says she knows she will need to gain the trust of the community, and officers who see her as an outsider. >> i know i need to prove to them that i care about them, and that i will embrace them and support them. that i will be their number 1 champion. >> reporter: the chief was asked if she plans to live in oakland. >> oh, yes. i just told everything, i've got to save up some money. [ laughter ] >> y'all are expensive. >> reporter: kirkpatrick has certainly endeared herself to city officials. her first day on the job will
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be february 27. in oakland, henry lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. oakland's police officer's association released a statement, welcoming the appointment of a permanent chief. it goes on to say, oakland's hard working police officers look forward to working collaboratively with chief kirkpatrick in serving our community. >> the new chief is definitely going to have her hands fall, dealing with a wide rage of issues prosecute racial profiling and policing protests. amber lee is live for us with reaction from the community. >> reporter: there is mixed reaction to her appointment, but there is also optimism that a new leader may bring about much needed change. on a day when the sky over oakland is gray, and the chill in the air is undeniable.
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the first woman to lead the department. >> i'm more interested in transformation. that's the change of thinking. that's the cultural change. >> reporter: a change in culture that cat brook says doesn't necessarily come with having a female police chief. >> it's not about the gender of the person sitting in the seat. it's about the quality of the seattle. >> reporter: brooks expressed skepticism over the choice of kirkpatrick. >> she just came from chicago, where she was supposed to be implementing the reforms of the federal government, and she only lasted there 7 months. i'm not quite sure if she couldn't cut it. and we're not quite sure why she is leaving chicago. >> i knew a week and a half ago, that it was going to be her. i did speak with her for about an hour. >> reporter: defense attorney, john burres has waged legal battles over police misconduct, and currently represents the young woman at the center of
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the sexploitation scandal that rocked opd last summer. >> she has been the chief at three departments. all of which suggests she knows how to make decisions, knows how to make tough decisions, and apparently is not afraid to ruffle the feathers of the some of the police officers. >> reporter: others at the city hall announcement say they're ready for new leadership. >> we are very optimistic about what the new chief of police can do. we're very much going to be holding her accountable. >> she is the right prescription that a doctor could provide to a city like oakland. >> she told me, she's not looking to go anywhere else. she wants to be here in oakland. >> reporter: attorney burres is a test of the leaders. and we'll know what type of a
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leader anne kirkpatrick is when that time comes. >> at, we've posted more of today's news conference, with mayor libby schaaf, and anne kirkpatrick. you'll find it right there on our home page. frustration, and concern over affordable housing in oakland. the packed meeting tonight, where people said they don't want to see another deadly warehouse fire. >> coming up at 10:30, millions of pounds of mud on the move. the construction project alongside a busy bay area road to restore a wetland. >> and a san jose nonprofit targeted by thieves. we'll tell you the high priced merchandise that was taken, and how it's hurting the nonprofit in more ways than one. with the xfinity tv app,
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new at 10:00, the search is on for the thief or thieves who stole some high end bikes from a south bay nonprofit. azenith smith is live for us now at good karma bikes in san jose. that shop helps those who can't afford a bike, and you're saying it's not the first time they've been targeted. >> reporter: the owner tells me, that they've had break-ins before, but nothing quite like this. whoever did this took items not just once, but returned looking for more. jim gardener owns good karma bikes in downtown san jose, and says this is where four high end torquer bikes used to be. >> honestly, my first reaction was sadness for the person who did this. >> reporter: just before 5:00 monday morning, gardener says
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the thief used this large rock. he snapped these photos of the break-in, and it didn't stop there. an hour later, the thief returned while he was in the back room. >> while we were cutting the sheet plywood to patch up the broken window, they came in again and stole more bikes. >> reporter: among the bikes snatched, a cannondale road bike, taken right from the rack. >> when the second burglary of the day happened, i felt like wow, we can't let our guard down for one second around here. that was kind of eye opening. >> reporter: he estimates all the merchandise worth $3,000. to this nonprofit, that's a lot of money. good karma bikes fixes used bikes and sells them. money from the sale goes toward work training programs for the homeless, and the foster system, who can earn a bike for free. guy says working here has boosted his morale. >> i love this place, like i say. you're trying to give people a leg up. he trains people to become bike
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mechanics. >> reporter: he's also benefited from the program. >> to have someone that comes in, and targets a place that's doing so well is kind of heartbreaking. especially if they're the kind of people that we're trying to help. >> reporter: gardener doubts he'll get the bikes back, but says the thief is creating bad karma, not good. >> so we're just asking for people to keep an eye out, and help us help other people. >> reporter: you can see where the thief or thieves tried to break into this store. the nonprofit has insurance, but the deductible isn't cheap, and now they're forking over another $1,000 to beef up security with more alarms and more cameras. >> it's so unfortunate. the good work they do, taken away just like that. >> reporter: yeah, it's a very sad story here. hopefully, whoever is seeing this, if they know anything to contact the shop and help them out. the university of
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california is proposing its first tuition hike in six years. under the plan, tuition for instate students would increase by $208 starting with the fall semester, and fees for student services would go up by $54. uc says the state has reduced support, and they say that's left many universities looking for ways to pay for faculty aid. new at 10:00, battle lines were being drawn on capitol hill in washington, over president obama's healthcare act. >> republicans and democrats held separate meetings today to discuss the future of obamacare. ktvu's jana katsuyama with how that could affect the california program. >> reporter: right now, cover california officials say they're moving forward as normal. but as soon as next year, the state and individuals could
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lose funding. the battle lines were clearly drawn. president obama held a 90 minute strategy meeting with congressional democrats on how to preserve the affordable care act, while vice president elect mike pence met with republicans on how to take it down. >> but the first order of business is to repeal, and replace obamacare. that was our message today, and it will be our message on capitol hill. and it needs to be done. >> they have no replacement plan. they have no replacement plan, because they just, they can't agree. they don't have the votes for a replacement plan. >> reporter: republicans offered no details wednesday, but say they are still working on a replacement plan. president obama's affordable care act signed to law in 2010, aimed to provide health insurance for the 44 million uninsured americansment since then, more than 20 million americans gained insurance. uc berkely researcher, ken jacobs has studied the aca and cover california. >> that 22 million people would
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lose coverage in a repeal. and california's 3.7 million who gained medicaid coverage. >> reporter: under the obama healthcare law, many people gained coverage through expanded medicaid or subsidies, as well as rules for kids to remain on their parents' insurance up to age 26. the law also mandated employers and individuals to sign up for coverage or pay a fine. >> if they get rid of the individual mandate, and healthier people drop out of the pool, and sicker people stay in and buy coverage, healthcare costs are going to go up. if healthcare coverages go up, more healthy people will choose to drop out of the pool. >> reporter: that could put the insurance companies into chaos. >> what they're talking about doing could significantly destabilize the individual insurance market in various areas of the country.
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>> reporter: for now, cover california is holding open enrollment through january. and the republican appeal of the affordable care act will not effect people's health insurance in 2017. so we're getting the rain out of here. most of the showers, they're still down in the san jose area, but most of the showers, the heavy stuff is over. for now, 80 is still closed, we talked about that earlier. you've got the rain, or the scattered showers. light showers, but it's persistent. we've seen significant 24 hour rainfall accumulations, especially in the santa cruz mountains. 3 and 4 inches of rain in the last 36 hours. san jose still getting a few scattered showers at this hour. the showers will be gone by your morning commute. that's all you need to know. tomorrow, fortunately is a day to dry out. tomorrow is going to turn out okay. there's 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. your morning commute's dry. your lunch hour is dry, and you're going to see mostly, partly sunny skies. this is so, so important
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tomorrow, and then again on friday, it runs this pattern. dry, because we're going to get hammered on saturday and sunday, especially on sunday morning. so it's going to be giving the creeks a chance to come down. temperatures tomorrow will be in the 50s. mostly sunny all day. thursday follows suit. when i come back, we're going to talk about that significant rain event for the bay area weekend. still to come here, flames gut an apartment building in the east bay. in a moment, see how tonight's fire led to rescues, and has also left 30 people without a home. >> in the wake of the ghost ship fire, evictions are on the rise for people who live at commercially zoned warehouses. we'll tell you about a plan to put a stop to their red tags. >> also coming up a little bit later in sports, the high octane offense, fueling tonight's warriors game there at oracle. mike will tell us the live visiting portland blazers. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
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new at 10:00, an intense fire in concord has displayed 30 people, including 10 children. the fire started at 6:30 at an apartment complex near monument boulevard. fire officials say two people needed to be rescued, and two teenagers were able to escape through a rear window. four units were damaged, another four were left without any utilities. the american red cross is helping people find a place to stay. tonight, people who lost loved ones at the warehouse fire were among a group discussing ways to prevent another deadly fire. that forum also focused on a lack of affordable housing, that many say contributed to that tragedy. >> reporter: heather, tonight's meeting focused on finding solutions. one of the hotly debated ideas was to put a stop to evictions
10:26 pm
at warehouses, such as the one behind me, where artists live for not much rent. a show of hands from people who lost loved ones last month in the ghost ship warehouse fire during a packed meeting at oakland's city hall. carmen lived at the ghost ship and survived. many of the 36 people who died were not only her roommates, but her friends. >> i heard so many wonderful ideas and plans for the future of our city. don't wait. >> reporter: at the forum, the public was invited to write solutions on poster board. steven dicaprio already has a plan on paper. he helped write an emergency ordinance to protect residents of artist colonies, like the ghost ship from being evicted. >> we really wanted to change the course of the way things were going, so that it could be a more humane approach to dealing with the issue. >> reporter: the emergency ordinance would place a
10:27 pm
moratorium on evictions, and red tagging businesses for code violations, with exceptions for violations that are considered life-threatening. >> harassment from landlords, we're seeing flash inspections from the building department. >> reporter: rachel, who did not want us to use her last name said she received an eviction notice from her landlord just days after the fire. >> they've sent us an eviction notice again because they're afraid. >> reporter: there are no firm numbers, but the oakland warehouse coalition says the number of people being evicted from commercially zoned properties is on the rise. city council member rebecca caplynn says ensuring safe living conditions, and protecting tenant rights are not mutually excollusive. >> we're looking at laws that we could strengthen to protect tenants and to help buildings that are not in compliance be
10:28 pm
able to come into compliance without mass evictions. >> reporter: the warehouse coalition is expected to -- as for the woman we interviewed, rachel, she lives in that warehouse with 14 other people. she says for know, they're staying put. but if the law doesn't change, she says all of them will have to move out. live in oakland, monty francis, ktvu, fox 2 news. coming up, a tough holiday season forces macy's to cut costs, and a lot of jobs. also ahead, action tonight on this apartment building sitting on top of a crumbling cliff. when it's now scheduled for demolition. >> crews in the north bay, busy moving millions of pounds of mud. the new life that will inhabit the area because of it. most fast food places use formulas to create their combos.
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on segment 2 tonight, millions of pounds of mud being moved. if you've driven along highway 37, you may have seen the construction activity. >> frank malachi tells us, the restoration is designed to help reintroduce plants, wildlife, and people. >> reporter: there's more than just traffic noise along highway 37 on mare island. large pumps are busy moving millions of pounds of mud. >> we need mud. we need lots of mud. >> reporter: the manager of the san pablo national wildlife refuge. >> that's something you don't hear about. >> exactly, got mud? >> reporter: the mud is used it -- in to fill in hundreds of acres of land. it's been restored. the land sits several feet
10:32 pm
below sea level. the mud will return the fields to where they were before the land was drained some decades ago. >> the plants will move in all by themselves. >> reporter: once the area is restored, plants and wildlife will move in. it will look like this, and sound like this. [ chirping ] >> reporter: when old levees were breached, the response from nature was immediate. >> 9 to 10,000 ducks landed on that water within eight hours. the response was just huge. it was great feeling, to see all of that waterfowl come back in there. it was great. okay, we're successful so far. >> reporter: the san pablo national wildlife refuge was established in 1974, with just 189 acres to help save canvas
10:33 pm
backed ducks. today, the refuge covers more than 19,000 acres, hiking trails, kayak, and canoe launches have been added, and visitors can get up close views of ducks, raptors and other animals that are currently threatened. sea life is expected to thrive as well. >> salmon, and crabs, they get their start in these estuaries. >> reporter: it takes work to restore the land, which used to be partially submerged by tides. >> it kind of oxidizes, then shrinks, because you loose that structural integrity. it's kind of like a dried you up sponge. >> reporter: thus, they need the mud. >> you're looking at areas that are going to require several
10:34 pm
hundred cubic yards of material to build that back up again. the fish and wildlife service says it hopes to have the project finished in 3 to 5 years, and then open to the public. a fire station in pittsburg is back open after budget cuts forced it to close three years ago. firefighters spent today, checking their gear. the station was one of five that were closed in 2013 by the contra costa fire district, due to a weak economy. now that the economy has picked up, they were able to put station 87 back online. >> as property values go up, as people are paying those taxes, that improves our financial situation. >> officials say the reopening means fire response times will go from 10 minutes to 6 minutes. new at 10:00, the pacifica city council voted this evening in favor of demolishing an apartment building that is sitting on a crumbling cliff.
10:35 pm
it's been almost a year since officials declared it uninhabitable due to coastal erosion. they voted to hire a contractor to take down the 20 unit building before the cliff below it crumbles anymore. >> we saw a lot of changes in the last two months, so about mid-october we knew where the bluffs were exactly with respect to the structure, and we've seen significant progressive failures by mid- december. >> demolition of the building is expected to begin next week. macy's has announced plans to layoff as many as 10,000 employees after a disappointing holiday season. macy's and kohl's each reported a 2% decline in sales from last year. consumers also bought more big ticket items instead of clothes and handbags. macy's plans to close 68 this year, and the rest in the next
10:36 pm
few years. wall street meantime, had its second positive close of the new year. the dow was up 60 points, and it inches closer to the 20,000 mark. the nasdaq gained 37. the s & p was up 12. tech innovators are getting ready to showcase their latest gadgets in las vegas. the international consumer electronics show gets underway tomorrow. 3800 exhibiters are on hand, awaiting the arrival of an estimated 165,000 visitors. the show is considered the place to get a first look at things like virtual reality shoes that make you feel like you're walking in snow. or a toothbrush with artificial intelligence, that can tell you where you need to do more brushing. >> you can improve your brushing skills by looking on the app, and seeing where you're missing when you brush. >> okay. there will be plenty of technology surprises along with advancements in already introduced concepts, such as
10:37 pm
drones, robots, 3d printing. the show is set to run through sunday. a rockslide has closed a section of highway 1 tonight. still ahead, we'll show you the storm damage that has drivers there turning around. >> so we're tracking the next round of rain. it doesn't get here tomorrow, but after that, look out. i'll let you know when and how much to expect. >> new information about a stinky situation inside san francisco's hall of justice. why an inmate is being blamed for a sewage leak.
10:38 pm
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police in petaluma are trying to figure out who owns a safe in a field. it was spotted at the end of willowbrook court. the top of the safe had been pried open. anyone who recognizes this safe here is asked to call petaluma police. cleanup is underway at san francisco's hall of justice after raw sewage leaked from the top floor jail into the offices of the district attorney. as ktvu's tara moriarti explains, an inmate is getting the blame. >> reporter: it permeated the d.a.'s office for a second day in a row.
10:41 pm
prosecutors say this is at least the fifth time raw sewage has flooded the building in just the past 14 months. >> it's a very strong, pungent smell. started coming from down the hall. >> reporter: officls say an inmate stuffed a towel in a toilet, causing the backup on the third floor. >> some of the prosecutors in order to save some of the files they have, and to save some of their belongings, actually had to wade through the sewage water. >> reporter: some offices were a foot deep into sewage, so attorneys had to stack their files on their desk. the spill knocked the d.a.'s computer network offline. 30 people were forced to evacuate the building, including sfpd's entire domestic violence bureau, right next door to a very busy traffic court. >> that's actually a urine stain.
10:42 pm
from time to time it drips urine. >> reporter: it has been plagued over the years by rodent infestations, asbestos, and cockroaches. >> our conditions are deplorable, and we don't control the building. >> reporter: the landlord, or red, released this statement. over the past decade the city has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars installing new technology to mitigate this type of flooding. however, due to the infrequent use of this toilet, a sewage grinder had not been installed. regarding infestations, quote, it would be helpful if the d.a.'s office worked with red to communicate the importance of not leaving food out in the open for prolonged periods of time. basha says his office is frustrated. in san francisco, ktvu, fox 2 news. one big storm behind us, but another is on the way. the complete forecast coming up.
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most fast food places use formulas to create their combos.
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new video into the ktvu newsroom of a rockslide. 11miles north of san simian to about 4 miles south of big sur. this is the second time in just a month that a rockslide has closed highway 1 in this area. let's talk more about our weather now, bring in our chief meteorologist, we're going to get a little chance to dry out here, but it sounds like we're just going to get creamed on the weekend. >> this narrow band, there's a real narrow band of moisture that's going to focus on a part of the west coast, and if you're in that part, you're going to get real wet. if you're not, you're going to get wet, but not as wet. you'll see what i mean here in a minute. there's the leftover showers. now most of the showers have moved off. winter storm warnings in the
10:46 pm
mountains will go back up. this next system is a warmer system. this system was pretty warm too at the end. the beginning of the cold. then it warmed up, and that's where we are now, in this warm sector. mountain view, san leandro, and fremont. a few light sprinkles right now in the alameda, oakland area. but tomorrow morning's commute, you are dry. here's what we've got. here we are tomorrow morning. here we are tomorrow afternoon. it's a nice looking day. that's a chance to dry out. the creeks go down. now we get to friday morning, looks good to me. you'll see the clouds, notice they're coming from down here. there's your 6:00 on friday. as you get into 7:00 a.m. on saturday, it begins. this isn't the main event. this is just priming the pump, if you will. that's saturday mornings, and saturday afternoon. so saturday is going to prime the pump. it's going to get the water levels up. that's why we're anticipating
10:47 pm
problems for sunday's event. this model only goes out to saturday, because it's high resolution. when we come here and look at the long range model, which i often show you when i have to go past 72 hours. this line is an atmospheric river. it doesn't look like much because we don't have the colors enhanced. it's a lot. it's a couple thousand miles of moisture, about 50 miles wide, that's going to focus on a part of the west coast. at this point, the models say, from about redwood city south into san jose. san jose may see more rain than santa rosa. the idea being, wherever you are, so a lot can change. if you're in this zone, where this fire hose hits on sunday morning, late saturday night, sunday morning, you're going to get into it. it's going to be a lot of rain. we know pretty for sure that yosemite valley is right in that southern sierra nevada. kirkwood south is going to be there. it's going to mean rain, heavy
10:48 pm
rain. up to 10 inches. but it also is going to mean rain on the snowpack, up around the big bay area, or big bear valley, and up around yosemite. you guys remember back to 1997, this is a very similar event. that was when all of that snow melted in lake tahoe. this is that type of pattern, very, very similar. so let's just get through the next two days. we dry out, and we pinpoint where that fire hose is going to be pointed on sunday morning. >> thanks. sports is next. the warriors action, plus the raiders go where no team has gone before. what starting quarterback connor cook told us about his nerves, ahead of the big nfl first.
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10:51 pm
mark's here now. the warriors game a little closer than we would have thought. >> the way they're rolling right now, kind of reminds me of way back in the '80s, early '90s, with the 49ers. they'd win, and people would say, they only won by a touchdown. the bottom line, they're 31-5, yeah, they probably should have
10:52 pm
beaten the blazer as little more with damon lilard on the sideline. steph had a shot, but gives it out to clay. he threats the three right there, and the warriors look like they're ready to start rolling the blazers. didn't happen, even with the great defense. watch keven durant, not once, but twice. who says they need a rim protecter? on the other end, give it to him again. he buries the three. the warriors were actually down by two points come halftime. 3rd quarter, nice passing. 30 points on just 9 of 16 shooting. only needed 16 shots to get those points, and steph curry, i guess the question is how. how did he get that shot to drop? watch it on the replay right here. that is a thing of beauty. kind of looks at his hands and says yeah, how did i do that? he had 35 tonight.
10:53 pm
more defense here. clay with the steal. he'll take it himself, and he's fouled. it counts, and the warriors again look like they might pull away. but this is portland, and to their credit. sticking in there. sean livingston says why not me in the highlight reel? he had 9 off the bench. the warriors sticking around with the blazers all night. curry here with another three from the corner. he was 12 of 25 shooting. 35 points. and the warriors just grinding it out against the very stubborn blazers who should be happy they just never gave in. 125-117. moving on, i think by now you all know that the oakland raiders have connor cook, quarterbacking saturday afternoon down in texas. what you may not know is when a viewer called in today, and said all three raider quarterbacks, all came from
10:54 pm
colleges with a state after it. as in carr from fresno state, matt mcgloin from penn state, and connor cook from michigan state. thank you very much for that trivia. i don't know that i thought about it. what we do know is this young man is going to be up against it. got thrown in there against the denver nuggets. the denver broncos. i'm thinking basketball right now. but he comported himself quite well. even though he looks calm and cool at times, he admits, you know, when asked, are you going to be nervous against the texans? yeah, a little bit. >> i was nervous last week, just being activated. being inactive all season long, knowing i was one play away, i was preparing like i was the guy. once you get out there and you have a couple of snaps, you get hit, get knocked down, that stuff goes away, and you start to play ball. obviously, playing at michigan
10:55 pm
state, we played in some big time games there. we were fortunate enough to do that. i'm going to try to take whatever i did there, and you know, use it, put it to use out there sunday, or saturday. >> our producer just said in my ear, i opened the flood gates for viewers to call with meaningless trivia. speaking of the 49ers, anthony lynn interviewed, a former running back for san francisco. he will interview for the coach's position there. and interim coach basically for the buffalo bills, josh mcdaniel. the 49ers are going to have to make a road trip to visit him. he is the offensive coordinator for the patriots. he is a guy that the 49ers would love to have coaching out of the belichick coach's tree. and sean mcbay will get a look.
10:56 pm
he is the grandson of john mcbay. meantime, there's another basketball team making the rounds around the bay area, they were at the oracle recently. the harlem globetrotters. have a look at what they were up to at oracle. ♪ [ music ] >> i wouldn't even want to be, how does he do that? seriously. >> i wouldn't even want to be up there, let alone shooting a basketball. >> that's incredible. >> but bill has said there was no wind today. >> that's how he made it, of course, there was no wind. >> there is nothing but blue skies out there. it doesn't matter, pretty incredible. >> see you later everyone. >> good night. with the xfinity tv app,
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