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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  January 5, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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. a break in the rain but more -- a lot more is on the way. we will tell you how emergency officials are preparing for this weekend's maimingor storms. >> also there was a brutal attack and it was streamed on facebook live. we have new information about the people detained in the attack and the reaction coming in this morning. mornings on two continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. well, take a look at the measuring stick there. snow continues to hit some parts of the sierra right now. some ski resorts reporting several feet of snow in the past few days. i snow steve, mark they have all been predicting that. this is the measuring stick at kirkwood ski resort. shows over a foot of snow in the past day. i know -- he is celebrating the resort. i'm hearing all the resorts.
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sugar bollocks squaw, they are all very happy. >> more is coming. >> more is coming wal-mart rehabilitative check in on the drive um there. thank you for joining us. thursday admonishing. january 5th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. >> very more rain and snow on the way. to the sierra. take a look at how this looks so far for drivers. its been slow going. from -- to and from the lake tahoe area you can see. caltrans reopened both directs of interstate 80 though over donor summit just before 1:30 this morning. still restriction on the big rigs there. it can be very windy up there as well. the road has been is shut down completely since 2:00 yesterday afternoon. the second closure of the day. we told you about the first one in the early morning hours right here on ktvu mornings on 2. chains still required on 80 right now. but for four wheel drive. and now tires this is a map of the area. you can see about 70 miles of
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roadway to the nevada state line. cal trans has shut down the entire freeway there. look at that. all in red. highway 50. chains required on all vehicles but for four wheel drive. five miles east to meyers in el dorado. that's usually kind of the part that --. >> you know it well. >> yes. it can get rough. thank you for joinings and to check in with more on that because mark is here. i know a lot of people are thinking about heading up tomorrow with all the new snow. what is the drive going to be like? >> okay but i think in to the weekend it'll be stormy. >> you could get stuck up there. it'll be tough. if you want to be stuck up there. have a nice cabin. never fun when you are on the roadways with all the traffic out there and also the closures. keep that in mind. they are expecting another round of snow fall in to the weekend. snow levels diogu quite a bit saturday night. could be talking about more rain in the mountains. here is a closer look at the radar and the satellite.
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we have the rainfall from yesterday and right now we just have lingering includeds in place. the chance of a sprinkle or maybe drizzle out there. for the most part mostly cloudy skies to start out thursday and cold numbers. santa rosa has cooled off one more degree. they are down to 33 degrees. san francisco 45. livermore right now 44 degrees reporting some cloud cover. here is the plan for this morning. mostly cloudy. temperatures upper 30s to the upper 40s. today we get a break. no rain expected this afternoon. maybe a little bit of some drizzle this morning. partly cloudy for the afternoon. low to mid50s. here is the forecast model as you can see we will take this into this afternoon. looking pretty good and into your friday as well. these breaks so important because we have been advertising that big system moving in this weekend. first thing saturday morning lue be waking up to rainfall this is not going to be intech. it'll pick up throughout the weekend and also into sunday
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morning. we were talking about significant rainfall possible flooding and some gusty winds as well. a lot to talk about with the weekend forecastw. rehabilitative do that in a few. sal standing by with the update on the roadways. quiet for your thursday morning. >> reporter: some people, there are some spots where we are seeing slow traffic. good morning to you mark. 580 westbound. we will start there and take a look at the drive was you drive on 580 from the central valley. 205 will be he slow. you can see traffic is -- going to be slow until you get to the main part of livermore and then it -- lets up a little bit. with relooking at the east bay drive where it's still wet from the last few days of raint. will -- interstate 880. you can straff sick move agriculture long well. we don't have a big crowd just yet. photograph sick smooth on the way into san francisco. at 5:04 let's go back to the desk. it's not raining. the skies dry at least for now.
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as mark said a couple of moments ago that won't last for long. alex savage at the bay bridge toll plaza. it looks dry. now may be the time to get ready for the next storm. >> reporter: yeah. this break is a chance to prepare for a lot of people around the bay area for what is to come. we are at the toll plaza here. we did see a little sprinkle on the way out here. i think sal mentioned this. the roadways quite wet and still a little pocket of standing water in some areas. lue want it be careful as you head out the door. we have no heavy rainfalling anymore. this break between the is systems, certainly a good chance for emergency professionals. especially up in marin to try get a head start on the weekend storm that are headed our way and he they are serious storms. planning coordination and above all speed to respond are the formulas for success according to officials. marin is expecting a ton of
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rain. it's preparing to open up county emergency command center so they can manage all of the problems that will likely arise as a result of the rain storms. we should tell you that pg&e will be putting extra staff members on hand so they can get the power back on for anyone who may experience outages. >> probably stay open through monday. we are expecting about 20 crews on hand which is more than double our normal staffing which means our crew also be ready to roll. mobile, our staging equipment will be here. our oec will be right inside there. >> reporter: and you remember the smart meter that were controversial. they will help pg&e know if someone looses power. they will know that right away. that means a quicker response time to get the power back on for homes and businesses impacted by the outage. we can expect a number of outages. especially in the marin area.
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the ground soak from the rain we saw early this week and that will likely mean a lot of downed trees. also there is -- the possibility for flooding and folk its -- especially in marin prepare fogger that as well. getting sandbags ready. >> all right. alex. bay bridge toll plaza. you can down load the free weather app for the very latest on conditions in the bay area and up in the sierra. don't wait. what are you waiting for? get it today. the pacifica city council voted in favor of destroying an apartment building sitting on a cliff. we have been watching that 20 unit building. it was evacuate aid year ago. the city council held a special meeting last night. members voted to hire a contractor to tear down the building before it falls in to the ocean. >> we saw a lot of changes in the last two months. about midobject we knew where the bluffs were with respect to the structure and we have seen
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significant progressive failures by mid-december. >> reporter: demolition is expected to begin next week. 30 people in consored need a place to live after a fire at their apartment complex. that fire started just after 1:00 o'clock last night at the building -- right near monument boulevard. the fire started on the first floor but spread to the second floor. two people had to be residued from the build upping. the american red cross now helping the displaced people find new places to stay. the cause of the fire still under acception. today in san francisco more than 200 california police chief also meet for the law enforcement synposium. the focus is on use of force by police. retired san francisco police commander will lead a discussion about mental health issues and use of force. it's the 22nd conference hosted by the university of san
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francisco and it'll wrap up tomorrow. chicago police are investigating a disturbing video that shows a young man with special needs being beaten and tortured. the 30 minute video was streamed on facebook live. police say that four suspects, two men and two men, all african american have been detained in connection with the attack. they can be heard on the video yelling slurs about trump and white people. police have not determined yet if hate crime charge also be filed but throughout the video the victim is beaten and cut with a knife all while he is tied up and helpless. >> it's quite a possibility that it's a kidnapping. that is one of the charges we will seek if -- it turns out to be a that. he is a little -- is he traumatized and it's hard to talk to him at this point. >> police say the victim knew at least one of the attackers school. facebook has removed the video. officials now confirm that a body found near a car crash
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is that have olivia gonzalez who was missing southern california. last night family and friends held this vigil in los angeles. she and her boyfriend brian fernandez were reported missing last week. their car was found on tuesday hundreds of feet down a cliff off highway one. >> it was just shock. i was just driving back saying i don't think this is real. >> quite a scene. it was bad smelling water and a surge of sewag, that flowed in to the hall of justice in san francisco. >> coming up at 5:30 the latest flood to hit the aging building and what is the cause of it. >> and a last ditch effort to save at fordable care act. the future of the act and how
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it could affect those who use covered california for authority health insurance. >> we do have wet roads from the last few days of rain and that could slow you down. this is a look at highway 24. not looking to bad on the way to the tunnel. >> and with those wet roads watch for areas of fopping. there is still a chance of drizzle out there for this morning. we are heading in to a break period but significant rainfall as we talk about your weekend forecast with heavy rainfall and strong winds. we will update the forecast. with the xfinity tv app,
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. welcome back it mornings on 2. top intelligence official also testify today at a senate hearing about the allegations that russia interfered in the united states election to help trump win. the president elect said is he skeptical about the conclusion reached by the fbi and cia that russia hackers targeted democratic e-mails. he cited statements from assange that russia was not the source of the hacked democratic e-mails. >> a stark line that's been drawn in the president alley electricity will have to determine who he will believe. >> given some of the intelligence failures of recent years the president elect has made it clear is he skeptical about conclusions and i think the american people hear him loud and clear. >> tomorrow the president elect will be briefed by the
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directs of the cia and the fbi on the investigation into the russian hacking allegations. trump has suggested that he may restructure the intelligence agencies once he takes office. former united states attorney generic holder has been hired by the state of california to represent the state if it decides to fight a legal battle against the trump administration. democrats state lawmakers say they hired holder to help them defend california policy that may come under fire when drum takes office. some of them could be over climate change. civil rights and immigration. state republicans say that the 4,000 employees in the state attorney general's office should be able it do that job. legal experts say the former attorney general has much more detailed knowledge of the federal justice department. republicans in congress say their first order of business after the inauguration is to get rid of at fordable care
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act. here in california the program operates under the name covered california. officials say they are going ahead as normal for now. berkeley researcher ken jacobs said that 22 million people including 3.7 million in california would loose coverage if that act is repealed. many of those people now have insurance because of expanded medicaid or help to help pay for premiums. it also lets children stay on their parent's -- it covers people with preexisting medical conditionst. requires most to have insurance or pay a fine. >> if they get rid of the individual mandate and healthier people drop out of the pool and sicker people stay in it and buy coverage health care cost also go upf. they go up more healthy people will decide to drop out of the pool. >> he said that it could put the markets in to chaos if republicans take away funding for the law with no replacement
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plan. that could also destabilize the market for individual insurance across the country. the president elect was on social media again this morning talking about health care are form. his we'res read in part its time for republicans and democrats to get together and come one a health care plan that works. much less costly and far better. happening today in san francisco a key vote is expected for a project to bring dedicated bus lanes to san francisco's geary corridor. the transportation authority will vote on the final environmental impact report and design plans for the bus rapid transit project this is a 300 million-dollar project designed to help increase pedestrian safety and also speed up the travel times for bus riders. the corridor is one of busiest transit corridors in san francisco. if are you just waking up with us this morning guess who
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is back? sal is back. >> that's who you are. >> i see. >> alex did airfreight job. >> thank you. i thank alex for filling in. grearry street used to have street cars. >> way back. where the bus also go. there you go. if he have like that big center median ready because that's what it was. >> to bad they didn't keep those. >> i know. if they have known they would have. let's go out and take a look at the drive. it's still wet from a few days of rain. you can see gilroy to san jose this drive doesn't look bad as you drive through the area. it's a nice looking drive through morgan hill and getting in to the silicon valley. once again we have not vice- presidented a big drive early this morning. you can have plenty of room to get over to the area. i want to mention something on the pass. i want to go up there again because of a crash not on 580 but at grant line road.
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they are working an accident there that's busy as you can see. the freeway is but the side roads are as well. let's move along to 280 and san jose where northbound 280 looks good. up to highway 17 and at the bay bridge we don't have a big back up yet. the roads are wet from the rain and the last few days. you should be aware of that. ata 5:19 let's bring in mark. good morning. we are happy to have you back to talk about traffic. we are not talking about any major rainfall to impact your drive but still we have at least the chance of some drizzle or a few sprinkles. up tense rainfall not in the forecast for today. here is the live camera toward the bay bridge and san francisco. on the satellite you can see the -- the overall weather pattern and this continuous stream of moisture toward the bay area. trace that in for you. somewhat of a break setting up for today and into your friday. you can see the history of yesterday's deal with the rain
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showers move across the barry. right now now we have low clouds and fog in the north bay. santa rosa reporting visibility down to a quarter mile. that's impacting sonoma county. santa rosa now at 33. oakland 47. san jose 46 and san francisco downtown. 44 degrees. here is the overall weather set up. here we go cal cast hawaii and between the two point was very a lot of moisture being directed on toward the bay area. what we are watching in to the weekend. rainfall developed saturday. heavy rain sunday. especially first thing early sunday morning. after two or three sunday morning. you can see some of the expectations with this system. a safe bet with rainfall would be two to four inches. that may be conservative. a few neighborhoods may be approaching five inches. coastal hills eight to ten inches and winds gusting to 50 miles an hour. when you have all of this mix. this combination of this rainfall and strong gusty winds
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we could have power outages. that's a high possibility. mudslides and also a sharp rise in the creeks and the small streams. we will have to watch flooding. the coastal hills, picking up the most rainfall. inspect north bay and especially into the santa cruz mountains. closer to big sur as well as you get moisture approaching the coast. the lift -- the hills squeeze out more rainfall and that's what we are expecting this weekend. here we go today. maybe a sprinkle or drizzle out there tomorrow morning. and then into friday we will thicken up the clouds throughout the afternoon. maybe a few showers developing friday night but you can see what happens in to saturday morning. here we go at this rainfall coming on board. first thing saturday morning. a continuous stream of moisture into sunday and i think the rainfall will pick up into early sunday morning. as far as temperatures today we do have at least some breaks in the clouds this afternoon. skies partly cloudy and temperatures will be in the 50s. low to mid50s in that cooler
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weather pattern. we will talk about the sierra. they have a winter storm watch that kicks in friday night that could talk about ten to 20 inches of snow fall into the weekend. here you can see the oaf all weather story and it's quite a weather story tomorrow. increasing clouds, next storm first thing saturday morning. heavy rain into sunday and right now the forecast model only brings a slight chance of a shower early monday morning. hopefully that will be the case because by then it'll need a chance to dry out. beyond that we could talk about more rain as well. this is no joke. >> remember two years ago we couldn't see a drop of rainfall? >> couldn't buy it. >> yeah. now it's just -- the complete opposite. >> all right. thank you. for little league around the country changes coming. more new rules for background checks for adults involved in the sport. >> and after a tough holiday season macy's is cutting jobs and costs. more about the future of macy's
5:23 am
and union square and the stores in the gal letter, ria.
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. welcome back. time is 5:25. macy's will lay off as many as 10,000 employees. they will shut down a hundred stores after a very dispointing holiday season. they reported a 2% drop in holiday sales compared to last year. they will close 100 stores, 68 of them will close this year.
5:26 am
the rest in the next few years. no bay area store also be closed. macy's is selling its union square men's store and the stones town galleria locations. it'll then lease out the stores from the new owner. happening today tech innovat oh, rs are getting ready to show off their latest items at the electronic show in las vegas. it's the big one. 3800 exhibitors are there. they are wait fog art rival of 16 5,000 visitors. it's considered the place to get a first look at things like vr shoes. they make you feel like are you walking in snow. or a together brush with artificial intelligencet. can tell you where you need to do more brushing. >> you can improve your brushing skills by looking on the app and is he seeing what you are missing. >> wow. it therewill be a lot of technology surprises along with advancements in interest introduced concepts like drones
5:27 am
and robots and 3d printing. even wearable items. the show will open todayt. will continue through sunday and we are going to bring a i live report on mornings on 2 from ces. that's coming up in the 7:00 hour. late their month millions of ford driver also get amazon's as alexa technology in their carf. you own ford vehicle was the sync3 entertainment system lue get the feature by the end of the month. it'll let you start or stop your car and engines, unlock the doors, check your fuel levels, by issue age command through the echo device. extra features expected late their summer. car sales hit a record high for the 7th year in a row. 17.6million cars and trucks were sold in 2016. year end incentives, better economic conditions and easy credit helped push the sales
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higher. they have climbed since the year 2009. a san jose woman hit and killed by a google employee shuttle bus. the investigation underway now into that deadly crash on a college campus. >> oakland has a new police chief. we will tell you what challenges she faces coming up. >> and it's wet out there as a matter of fact. lue see traffic that's going to be busy on highway 24 as you drive over to the tunnel. we will tell you more about the morning drive. and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪
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. welcome back. part of highway 1 still closed down because of rock slides. the crews have been out removing rocks and other debris. highway one is closed from 11 miles north of san simeon to about four miles south of big sur. by the way it's the second time in a month that a rock slide closed that highway in that area. >> gosh. welcome back. thursday, january 5th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. it's 5:31 and sounds likes we could see more of that. maybe some road closed. rock slides, trees down. ineastbound storm. >> i prepare for all of that in to the weekend. we talk about earlier. maybe a strong cold front approaches the bay areat. moves on out and leaves us clear. this is not a cold front this is a band of moisture being
5:32 am
directed toward the areat. will be fixed in one -- general area and as a result we are talking about significant rainfall and strong gusty winds. there is the weather pattern in the park. a lot of moisture directed toward us. key headline. we get a break. there is a chance you may encounter sprinkles or maybe a drizzle. looks like a little bit showing up on the radar here in parts of the north bay. we can't guarantee a completely dry forecast. still a few pringles and fog showing up toward santa rose a. current numbers off to a cool start. 33 degrees. concord 46. san jose 46 degrees. san francisco 44. once again this will be the watch. we get a break from the significant rainfall for today. you may encounter drizzle as we said but the rainfall develops into saturday. could be heavy at times as we head into sunday. atmosphere river gets -- gets it's -- gets directed toward central california. for the weekend.
5:33 am
possibly next week as well. the weather pattern could remain active into next weekw. rehabilitative talk more about that in a few minutes. we are enjoying partly cloudy skies. saint luis with the update on the traffic. good morning to you. >> we are looking at a drive where traffic is doing pretty well if are you driving in solano. let's go there. westbound interstate 80 is not bad from vacaville to fairfield and vallejo. it continues to be a nice looking drive through the area. if you are driving through vallejo we don't have a lot of slow traffic yet approaching the bridge or for the cordelia junction. we have a crowd beginning to form here. the metering lights on and there is a little bit of a wait. nothing major. still wet from the last few days of rain. you heard mark say it won't be rain age lot today. you may get a break for the drive morning and afternoon. lorraine is coming. we will talk about that later this is northbound 28 in san jose this traffic is off to a
5:34 am
good start. public transit systems look good with no major delays reported on any of the major ones. 53 had. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. ? after a bad year the city of oakland as has a new police chief. the incoming chief have a lot of work ahead of her. we are at oakland police head quart tore talks about her and the challenges she he faces. good morning. >> good morning. the new chief steps in to the department that's seen a lot of changes at the top. its been rocked by scandal. from city leader was he are hear age lot of optimism going forward. the chief was introduced to the city and kirkpatrick laid out her first 100 day plan including ride along was officers and a series of focus groups aimed to learn what's important to the community. the new chief will have to deal with a wide range of issues racial profiling to officer misconduct and public protests against the police department. city leader community leaders say they are hopeful going
5:35 am
forward. >> we are very optimistic about what the new chief can do we are very much going to hold or possible responsible as to what is going it happen . this is is my opportunity to -- what is meant for me, by reform. reform is where we have policies and procedures and we direct behavior. >> she willed chicago's police department where she served for less than a year. the new chief takes over february 27th and the next hour or so we are looking at a talk with people around oakland to find out what they want to hear from their new chief and ha they are looking for as the new head of the oakland police department. >> it sounds like she is beg well received. >> reporter: so far we are hearing a lot of support for the new chief. especially from city leaders.
5:36 am
we will look into find out what the general public. the average oakland resident has to say about their new chief. >> that will be interesting to hear. thank you. the police union released a statement welcoming the new chieft. says that oakland's hard working police officers look forward to working together with the chief in serving our community. south bay authorities say that it could take days to figure out what cause aid deadly crash involving a google charter bus and a pedestriant. happened tuesday evening on the campus of west valley college in saratoga. the 51-year-old was in a crosswalk when she was hit by the charter bus operated for google employees. now she did not survive that crash. the college said that google employees allowed to pay to park on campus and the bus is allowed to pick up those google workers. emergency crews say weather may be partly to blame. >> it was very rainy and windy
5:37 am
at the time. time frame wise, crews got there with in minutes. they were able to get her out from under the bus with in minutes. >> students we talked to said there is a lot of traffic on campus but speeding isn't much of a problem. investigators now plan to talk to witnesses including people on the bus at the time of the crash. we are learning more about that raw sewage leak at the da's office in san francisco's hall of justice. the building also has courtrooms, police bureau ands jail cells. pres say it's the 5th time in 14 months that raw sewage has flooded the offices and the hallways. this time an inmate stuffed a towel done a toilet on the 7th floor. that caused the back up that leaked down on to the third floor. >> some of the prosecutors in order to save some of the file that they have and to save some their belongings actually had to wade through the sewage
5:38 am
water. >> that spill also knocked out the da's computer network. 30 people had to evacuate including the entire domestic violence bureau of the san francisco police department. the department of public health and cal osha are investigating. negotiations continue to today as crab fishermen continue to strike. its been going on for nearly a week along the entire pacific coast. it started when one of the major whole sellers said it wouldn't pay $3 a pound which was the negotiated price and instead offered crabbers $2.75 a pound. right now nearly 1200 fishing crews have stopped worked all together this has dropped the supply of crab significantly along the west coast. specifically right here in the bay area. police are searching for the thief or thieves who tell high end bikes a south bay nonprofitt. happened just before 5:00 at good karma bikes at downtown san jose. they fix used bikes and then sells them. money from the sales goes
5:39 am
toward work training program for the homeless and -- aged youth -- youth at risk youth in the foster system. the owner said that a thief used a large rock to smash the shop's front door window. the robber did not stop there. an hour later the thief returned when the stop owner was in the back room. >> while we were cutting the plywood to patch up the broken window they came in again and stole more bikes. when the second burglary of the day happened i felt like wow, we can't let our guard down for one around here. that was kind of eye opening. >> four high end bikes and a road bike were taken. the shop owner estimates that the item is worth $3,000. for the first time in six years the university of california is prosecute posing a tuition hike. under the plan tuition for in state students would go up by
5:40 am
$208 beginning in the fall semester. that's about 2%. fees for student office services would go up by $54. the state has -- is getting reduced support and that's leaving many universities looking for other ways to pay for staff, classes and also financial aid. the uc ridge entities are due to consider that tuition hike late their month. a man trapped between bart cars coming up at 6:00. the effort to free him that caused major delays system wide. >> and frustration and concern over affordable housing in oakland. this packed meeting last night where people say that something had to be done to prevent another deadly warehouse fire. >> good morning. we are still looking as a drive that has some trouble spots or i should say slow spots. westbound 24, not one of them looks good heading out to the tunnel. >> and in weather no major rainfall for today but still you may encounter a sprinkle or
5:41 am
drizzle out there. some slows, a break for today and tomorrow. we are still talking about the presaw and the major weather event in to the weekendw. he will talk more about that coming up after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ all the care your family needs. all connected for you.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 5:43. people who lost loved ones in the warehouse fire in oakland were among a group at oakland city hall talking about ways to prevent another deadly fire and also how to create more affordable housing. >> lot of concern there. we were at last night's meeting. we have more on some of the solutions that are being discussed which includes a stop to evictions at warehouses. >> reporter: a show of hands from people who lost loved ones last month in the warehouse fire. during a packed meeting at oakland city hall. carmen lived there and survived. many of the 36 people who died
5:44 am
were not only her roommate bus her friends. >> i heard so many wonderful ideas and plans for the future of our city. don't wait. >> reporter: at the forum the public was invited to write solutions on poster board. steven dicaprio had a plan on paper. is he with a group called land action and helps write an emergency ordinance to protect residents of artist colonies. >> we really wanted to change the course of the way thing was going so that it could be a more humane approach to dealing with the issue. >> reporter: the emergency ordinance would put a stop on evictions and red tagging buildings for code violations. with exceptions for violation that are considered life threatening. >> we are seeing harassment from landlords, the flash -- from the building department. >> reporter: rachel who did not want us to use year last name or identity the warehouse where she lives said she received
5:45 am
annie conviction notice from her landlord just days after the fire. >> they sent us the notice again because they are afraid. they have gone on the record saying that they would will have to have us there but they don't feel like they have a path forward into legalizing the spaces. >> reporter: there are no firm numbers but the warehouse coalition said that the number of people being evicted is on the rise. city council members who organized the forum said ensuring safe living conditions and protect iting tenant rights aren't mutuolli exclusiv. >> we are looking at law to protect tenants and help buildings not in compliance to be able to come into compliance without massey conviction. right now it's 5:45. sal is back covering traffic. how does it look out there? >> pretty good. bart is recovering a minor delay. they had some track issues that they have resolved. some lines may be slightly dehe
5:46 am
layed but it's not a major deal. other public transit systems are doing okay. the tracy drive getting busy and traffic is moving along well until you get to the the tray is city triangle. until you approach 580 and then 580 over the pass is going to be slow. this looks like a normal drive. no more of that holiday light stuff going on and once you get in to the livermore area it looks okay with no major problems. then -- into the main part of -- go all the way over to 880, 238 is fine as well. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights came on at 5:30. it's not a major delay but about a ten minute wait before you make it on to the span. once you do getting in to san francisco doesn't look bad this is a live look at northbound 101 on the left. doesn't look bad here. let's bring in mark.
5:47 am
>> good morning. today we get a break. a chance to relax in terms of not having to go outside and prepare for intense rain. you may prepare for intense drizzle. here you can see the camera. looks like it's a san rafael camera be log out toward the bay. lot the cover --. visibility down to one quarter mile. here is what's happening in the pacific. as you can see we have the continuous band of moisture. the rainfall, the organized rain has moved out but a little bit of green developing here on the radar. we can't rule out the chance of a sprinkle or two especially right now. looks like it could be happening in portions of the north bay. as i said santa rosa visibility fog coming down. 33 degrees right now. san francisco 44.
5:48 am
san jose 47 and livermore last check reporting 44 degrees. key headlines for this weekend. at least expectations rainfall a safe bet wal-mart he will be two to four inches, a few spots approaching 5 inches. coastal hills topping eight inches, especially down toward the santa cruz mountains. could be he watching for that and the north bay. coastal hills, and winds will be a problem as well. thinking sunday morning we could have a wind advisory kick up or a high wind warning. winds gusting 45 to 50 miles an hour. take a look at numbers this regoing up quite a bit. this is through saturday night. saturday 10:00 p.m. and we are going to add a lot more to the rainfall as we head into your sunday. especially sunday morning. early sunday morning. the coast, they -- at least based on the -- the coastal hills, lift the clouds up more. more rainfall this weekend for saturday but nope to sunday. lake tahoe another winter storm watch kicks in friday evening.
5:49 am
it'll likely convert to a winter storm warning once you get closer to the event. snow fall around ten to 20- inches and snow level also creep up around the weekend. by saturday night we could talk about more rain and snow into the sierra as a bit of the warm air moves in. here is the forecast model today. once the fog and maybe a sprinkle or some drizzle out there this morning and partly cloudy skies for this afternoon. friday will thicken up the clouds, friday night a cab of a few showers and then we will take this into saturday. here is saturday morning. ten. moderate rainfall. could be heavy at times. saturday morning, 10:00 a.m. and then saturday 1:00 p.m. here we go with that moisture. try to be directed toward at least the standa cruz mountains wal-mart rewatching out for that as we head toward late saturday. this is midnight sunday and it'll stick around. we are will pick newspaper intensity early sunday morning that. will be at -- the time of the weekend. i'm concerned with the second half of the weekend.
5:50 am
temperatures for this afternoon. have the clouds, partly cloudy skies for the afternoon. themselves the low to mid50s. here is the look aheadn. to friday we thicken up the clouds, this the next storm included for saturday. the heaviest rain. that's scheduled to move in to the area. then on monday the chance of a shower. i know when i'm trying to sleep early. i think it'll wake me up. ly go here it is. this is what's happening. the intense rainfall and the gusty winds, that will be the biggest -- sunday, 2:00 a.m. to two. that time frame. >> be safe out there. >> okay. thank you. and a lot snow in the sierra led to big shut downs over donor pass. the snow is not falling as heavy today. just minutes ago want to show you what it looked like in the sierra. still a lot of snow on the road over on the shoulder. the roads have been cleared. we are closely watching the
5:51 am
extreme weather conditions. across the state and especially tomorrow. a lot of people will head up to tahoe. >> and hopefully can get back down. >> right. the road up tomorrow may be egg but coming back down will be tough. starting this year the national little league organization is requiring background checks for all little league coaches and other officials. the united states branch of the organization wants local little leagues to check to see if volunteers are listed on any sex offender register reor if they have other criminal history. the little league will pay for 125 background checks for each local league and they say that any volunteer whose name comes one a case involving a juvenile can't participate in any capacity in little league. local leagues have to consider any other criminal records when they decide if a person can work or volunteer with the little league. the warriors got their 10th win. beating portland at oracle.
5:52 am
the trailblazer was without lillard but still they led by two at the half. then the warriors kind of kicked in in the third quarter there. seth curry led with 35 points. kdurant and the warriors won. they continue their home stand tomorrow night against the grizzlelies. florida they are getting ready for monday night's college football. national championship game. the work years preparing the field at raymond james stadium in tampa. the clemson tiger also play the alabama crimson tid, for the second straight year. raymond james hosted another bowl game this week. the crew hads to rip up the field and then reset it for the national championship game. according to ticket iq the average resale price for a ticket to monday night's game is just under $3,000. that's a record for a college title game. at least year alabama beat clemson for the national title.
5:53 am
>> wow. that's a lot of money. >> it's only three thousand. >> for one game. at six millions of pounds of mud on the move. the construction project along a busy bay area road to restore the wetlands. s
5:54 am
5:55 am
. happening today a private
5:56 am
memorial for carrie fish and debbi reynolds. fisher died december 27th at 60. her mother died the next day after a stroke. she was 84. burial is will be friday in the hollywood hills. if you have driven along highway 37 in the north bay i know you have seen a lot of construction activity. millions of pounds of mud are being moved for a massive wetlands restoration project. large pumps are busy moving millions of pounds of mud to this part of the san pablo national wildlife refugee. they are using that mud to fill in hundreds of acres of land. for generations it was used for hay farming. the mud will return the field to where they were before the land was leveed drained decades ago. when the old levees were breached two years ago the
5:57 am
fields flooded and the response from nature was immediate. coming up next at six, it's dry now, little bit of a break but as we have been talking about the bay area is preparing for a huge storm. up next we will have a live report on what's happening in marin ahead of this weekend's expected very heavy rain. >> and there is a back up now traying to get into san francisco. at the bay bridge. it's packed up almost all the way out to the mazew. rehabilitative give a drive time on this and tell you what the other drives looking like ahead. >> and the bay area in between the storms for today. still the chance of a sprinkle or drizzle for this morning. a lot of clouds out there. coming up we are talk be at a break for today and tomorrow and then gearing up fort major storm approaching weekend.
5:58 am
here's your receipt. have a nice day! thank you. start the car! start the car! start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea
5:59 am
. we have a break in the wet weather today and tomorrow but we are bracing for another round of heavy rain here in the bay area this weekend. we will tell you about how emergency crews preparing especially here in marin. while the bay area is
6:00 am
getting rain the sierra is getting a lot of snow. the problems on the road, to and from from the lake tahoe area as mornings on 2 continues. immaterial this is ktvu morns on 2. >> good morning, thank you for waking up with us. here is a pretty picture. looking toward the bay bridge in the city this morning. we do have a little bit of a break. >> yeah. yeah. >> tick a breath. clearing out today and tomorrow. get ready. a lot of rain moving in. it's thursday. january 5th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. also joining us. steve is off today. mark is here. tell us about what is coming. >> reget age major deal this weekend. first thing saturday. just get ready. to prep. that's a headline for today and tomorrow. if there anything you can do to prep for the weekend storm that will be a good idea as you can see right now we have a lot of moisture being directed toward central california. a break but this will redevelop


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