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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  January 5, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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getting rain the sierra is getting a lot of snow. the problems on the road, to and from from the lake tahoe area as mornings on 2 continues. immaterial this is ktvu morns on 2. >> good morning, thank you for waking up with us. here is a pretty picture. looking toward the bay bridge in the city this morning. we do have a little bit of a break. >> yeah. yeah. >> tick a breath. clearing out today and tomorrow. get ready. a lot of rain moving in. it's thursday. january 5th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. also joining us. steve is off today. mark is here. tell us about what is coming. >> reget age major deal this weekend. first thing saturday. just get ready. to prep. that's a headline for today and tomorrow. if there anything you can do to prep for the weekend storm that will be a good idea as you can see right now we have a lot of moisture being directed toward central california. a break but this will redevelop
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by the weekend. first thing saturday morning. right now we have some clouds in place and even -- a chance of a few sprinkles out there or drizzle right now. little bit avenue i green showing up on the radar here. especially in portions of marin. we are watching for that in the short term. more clouds and wet roadways as well. current numbers we have fog issues up in santa rose a. quarter mile visibility. most recent. 47, walnut creek reporting 4 approximate 3. here is the plan for today this morning. mostly cloudy skies. 7:00 a.m. temperatures will be in the 30s to the 40s and then by 12:00 approaching the 50-degree mark. wrapping up the afternoon. 50 to 55 with partly cloudy. here is the forecast model. we will put this into motion. once again you may encounter miss mist or drizzle this morning and then into friday we are looking okay. hard to believe we have a major storm setting up off shore. friday, 5:00 p.m.
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by friday night we are thicken many the clouded here we go with that rain band on shore. this will be a factor all weekend long. this will be the main weather set up. generating is significant rainfall and intense rainfall. we will talk about that in a few minutes. sal standing by with a check on traffic and no major downpours to deal with. >> that's right this morning's drive i think will be helped out by that very fact. right now traffic is slow as it normally is at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see that it's move agriculture long little slowly trying to get on to the bridge but once you make it onto the span it looks good into san francisco. no major problems on the bridge. public transit systems better now that we are back on time with bart and some of the other systems starting off okay. let's take a look at interstate 880. you can see traffic here is not bad as you drive through the area. as i took a -- a wide view of the east bay we don't see a lot of slow take i can. we see the pass continues to be
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one of the spots here where we have had slow traffic. we have a new accident on the shoulder and the pass area. it's not in the lanes but the drive is a little slow this morning. at 6:03 let's go to back to the desk movement more rain and snow expected in the sierra. we checked in with caltrans. chains still required on sections of interstate 80 near the north part of lake tahoe. but for four wheel drive and snow tires. 80 had been shut down since two yesterday afternoon. that was the second closure of the day. caltrans did reopen in both directions over donor summit before 1:30. right now though still some restrictions for big rigso over that pass. we are getting a break from the bad weather right now that. means the chance to prepare for the trenching storm that are forecast for the barry this weekend. alex savage live now. that is an area certainly problems with flooding.
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>> reporter: good morning to you. as we know flooding is a major concern. especially with these weekend storms and it's a real concern here. especially in marin where you have all the water flowing downhill off mount tamw. re-- and people have been coming to this sandbag station here in the parking lot of the tennis courts on sunny hills drive and they have been getting those sandbags ready to protect the homes this is one of many stations already set up in this area and they will likely be busy later on today. homeowners bracing for several inches of rain. there is the possibility of nearby creeks over flowing their banks with all the rain coming down. emergency workers preparing for all sorts of problems flooding to downed trees and widespread power outages. pg&e said its doubling the number of crews that will be on hand for this coming weekend to respond quickly to any outages.
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officials preparing to open up an an emergency command center to manage storm related issues's this come up. >> as we -- large storm, heavy rainfall. gusty winds, what we do is kind of translate in to what we would see the impacts in the county. >> reporter: the soaking storms will bring more rain to areas where the ground is already soaked from the wet weather we saw earlier this week and that means we could see a lot of uprooted trees, roads possibly blocked of course power outages as a result of those fallen trees. again now is the time. we have a break between the systems, now is the time to prepare. if you -- know of spots where your home tends to have water seep in. this is the time to get the sandbags filled up. this is one of many sandbag stations here in marin. they will likely be popular spots to visit over the next couple days. >> sounds like we can't
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underestimate how tough the storm could be this weekend. >> reporter: i don't think so. the warning out and it is serious. >> thank you for staying on top of that. strong winds from yesterday's storm sent six boats adrift. some of the them ran aground not far from t ib eron. the is sheriff said it would have the small dingies that were recovered and returned yesterday. now shall don't forget this is again going to be a very bug storm hitting us this weekend and you can track it with our free ktvu weather app. it's available for phones and tablets. time -- bart is running normal this morning after firefighters rescue aid man last night who was trapped between two rail cars. this happened about 6:15 at the 24th street mission station in san francisco. authorities say it looks like the man accidentally fell into the train tracks. was hit by a train and then was
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pinned between two cars. he was freed and then taken to the hospital in serious condition. during that rescue trains were stopped between san francisco and the east bay and there were more delays throughout the evening. oakland police are investigating the first homicide of the new year. it happened yesterday afternoon. just after 1:00 near 16th and myrtle streets in west oak hand. the victims was found in the street behind a parked car and he died at the scene. people who live nearby say they heard five or six gun shots. so far no arrests have been made. another freeway shooting in the east bay is under investigation. it happened just before noon yesterday on the redwood road off ramp. investigate officers say this people in a bronze suv and people in a silver hatch back were shooting at each other. when deputies arrived no victims or suspect was found. just bullet casings on the ground. a spokesman said that investigators checked surrounding homes and byes to
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make sure they weren't hit by stray bullets movement happening today in san francisco, more than 200 california police chiefs will be he at usf. they are in the bay area for the 22nd law enforcement symposium. the focus is on the use of force. retired police commander richard -- will lead a discussion on mental health issues and the use of force and the event will wrap up tomorrow. a new chief will take over the police department next month. >> it's all about going forward. it's about going from good to great. we are of moving forward. we will learn from the mistakes of the past but the past is behind us now. >> she said she is ready to tackle the city's problems. she is the first woman to lead the department but said she is a leader who is cloaked as a woman. we will have more on her hiring and reaction from the community coming up at 6:30. we are finding out more about a deadly crash.
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it happened at west valley college. in our next half hour what could be partly to blame for that crash that involved a bus for google employees. and up next intelligence officials now set to tell congress what they know about election hacking allegations involving russia, we will have a live report. ?q
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. welcome back. top intelligence officials about to till congress at least some of what they know about
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allegation that russia meddled in the november elections. that may create a even bigger rift with the president elect who is now talking about making some big changes in the united states intelligence community. we are live on capitol hill to explain what is happening, what's groining on. >> reporter: good morning. when we talk about the united states intelligence community community we are talking about a sprawling collection of individual group that are often times at competing ends of things. trump is talking about reworking, redoing this even as he questions the conclusions they reached about russia's role in the election. there is a central intelligence agency but also the fbi, the national security agency, the defense intelligence agency, army intelligence, navy, the dea, the list goes on and on and on. 16 of them in all. reporting to a director of
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national intelligence. an office created back in 2004. the president elect as first reported is now talking about challenging it. an idea his vp spoke about yesterday on capitol hill. >> geffen some of the intelligence failures of recent years the president elect made is clear is he skeptical about conclusions the group and i think the american people hear him loud and clear. >> reporter: this was the president today gets a look at what the intelligence community has learned about russian meddling in the election. trump gets a similar briefing tomorrow but he has made his skepticism clear. as congress hears today from intelligence officials about russia the white house is making clear the administration's displeasure with trump. >> there is a stark line that's been drawn. and the president elect will have to determine who he is going to believe. >> reporter: and the president elect will have to determine whether to continue those
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sanctions against russia that the president announced just last week. >> all right. washington. thank you. the president elect is also siting statements assange that russia was not the source of the hacked e-mails. just with in the last hour on twitter trump said on reports that have accused him of siding assange over the united states intelligence appearance. he said in part that the dishonest media is wrong to say that he is in agreement with assange and that the media likes to make it look like is he against intelligence when is fact is he a big fan. the state of california will have former united states attorney generic holder on its side. if it decides it needs to fight a legal battle against the trump administration. democratic state lawmakers say they hired eric holder to help them defend california policies that may come under fire when the president elect takes office. some of those battles could be
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over climate change, health care, civil rights and immigration. state republicans however say that the 4,000 employees in the state attorney general's office should be able to do that job. however legal experts say former attorney general holder probably has a lot more detailed knowledge of the federal justice department. there is a surprising new number. one destination in a moving company's survey. united van lines tracks the number of people relocates to a different state and south dakota is the highest number of people moving in. vermont is a close second at 67%. oregon which has been number the one the past three year social security dropping to number three. new jersey is the highest number of people leaving the state. followed by new york and connecticut. california considered a balanced state with almost as many people moving in as people moving out. also today people are getting ready to show off their
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latest items in las vegas. 3800 are there awaiting arrival of about 16 5,000 visitors. the show is considered the place to get a first look at things like vr shoe that make you feel like are you walking in snow or perhaps a toothbrush with artificial el it against that can tell you where you can do more brushing. >> you can improve your brushing skills by looking on the app and seeing where you are missing you brush. >> there will be plenty of technology surprises along with the advancements in already introduced concepts like drones, robots, 3d printing, smart home devices and wearable items. it opens to the public today and runs through sunday. we will have a live report coming up in the next hour. sal is back from vacation. you still remember how to take care of the folks at the toll plaza? >> i do. we have a back up there. good morning to you. let's go out and take a look at that back up at the bay bridge
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toll plaza. you can see the traffic will be just a little busy this morning if are you driving at the bay bridge. it's beginning to look a lot like normal at the physical plaza with some delays out to the maze. that 880 ramp is beginning to fill in. next monday is when a lot schools back in and then really as i like to say, it's on. let's go to 880. the photograph sick move agriculture long well in both directions. you can tell more people are on the road. i do want to say that traffic in the south bay is not bad. so far but are you beginning to see just a couple spots where things starting to get a little slower. no major problemsw. he checked in with public transportation and again no major issues on the systems. at 6:17 let's bring mark in filling in for steve. i was just prepping the snow maps for tahoe and i had that memory. that time i ran there to you at the -- sugar bowl. remember that? >> that's right. that's right. we found out that i'm a skier and you are a snow boarder.
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>> that's right. that guy looks familiar on the hill. there he is. >> it was good times. that. was a fun dayf. are you going to the mountains be careful. they are expecting more. its been a very -- almost historic week in the tahoe area. more snow on the way this weekend. as you can see right now on live storm tracker two we have a strong weather system in the pacific. with very been talking about this. it's getting its act together. this will be he rushing closer to the bay area as we head toward the weekend. this morning we are staying it's a break. it's a dry day but a chance of mist or drizzle out there. enough low level moisture out there. you mayen counter a few sprinkles. if you don't have those maybe fog. especially out toward santa rose a. visibilities have been coming down to a quarter mile and very cold air up there. 32 degrees. freezing there. san francisco, 44. san jose checking in 46 and livermore right now 44 degrees. key headlines of this system. rainfall a safe bet this is a conservative statement.
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two to four inches. maybe higher than that. keep it on how things develop. then gusts, winds gusting to 50- milance hour. when you see all the elements it's a recipe we will have issues out there with flooding, possible, at least a sharp rise in the creeks and the streams and could have power outages as well as we head in to the weekend. just with the forecast models we are thinking you see the numbers really going up through saturday, 10:00 p.m. this is -- not just talking about a few sprinkles and then once you get into sunday the forecast model doesn't go out that far but we will add to the totals for the second half of the weekend. all because this river setting up. it's a narrow band of very notice air. that one spot will be in the bay area. latest models thinking -- maybe closer to the isn'ta cruz mountains. rainfall into saturday. first thing sunday morning. then a slight chance of a
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shower. we get a break this afternoon. partly cloudy skies. it looks quiet out here. look what happens. first thing saturday morning. 7:00 a.m. we begin to bring in more rain across the area. saturday and redeveloping. there is a chance we are talking about this.  could be targeting areas to the south. santa cruz mountains. big sur as well and then into early sunday morning this a time i think we will pick up the most intense downpours early sunday morning up until about five or six. in the sierra a winter storm watch in place friday evening through saturday evening. snow fall could be around ten to 20 inches. snow levels creeping up. especially by saturday night. could be converted over to rainfall for a good portion of the mountains. temperatures for this afternoon enjoy the partly cloudy skies and the dry afternoon. we are expecting low 50s out there. lock ahead your five-day forecast is very activity. we thicken up the clouds on friday. next storm comes on board first
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thing saturday. heavy rain on sunday and then just a slight chance of a shower. we need that break that could be happening monday of next week. >> sounds good. thank you mark. proposed tuition hike at the university of california. it's the first in six years and coming up in 20 minutes how much more money students california would have to pay. >> also a disturbing attack. streamed live on facebook. the investigation in chicago.
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. welcome back. it's 6:24. saturday marking two years since the mass shooting at a french newspaper. the mayor of paris and the french minister laid a wreath in front of the offices in this morning on january 7th. 2015. two brothers forced their way into the offices, killed 12 people and hurt 12111. they were killed in a shoot out with police two days later. al-qaeda's branch claimed responsibility for that attack. > police in chicago are investigating a terrifying video showing a young man with special needs being beaten and tortured. for 30 minutes that video was streamed on facebook live. police say that four suspects, two men and two women all african american have been detained in connection with the
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attack. you can hear them on the video yelling about trump and about white people. the police haven't said if hate crime charges will be filed. all during that video the victim is beaten and cut with a knife and he is tied up and helpless at time. >> it's quite a possibility. it's a kidnapping. that essential is one of the charges we will seek if it turns out to be that. he is a little -- he is traumatized by the incident and it's hard to talk to him at this point. >> police say the victim knew at least one of the his accused take acres from school. facebook has removed the video. officials confirmed that a body found near a car crash is that have olivia gonzalez a woman missing southern california. we have been talking about this story for a while. family and friends held a vigil last night in los angeles. gonzalez and her boyfriend brian fernandez were reported missing last week. their car was found on tuesday.
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hundreds of feet down a cliff off highway one. >> just shock. like just driving back saying i don't think this is real. >> for man dough's body hasn't been found. time is now 6:26. 30 people in concord need a new place to live now after a fire last night at an apartment complex. it started just after six at the near monument boulevardt. started on the first fleur. then spread to the second floor. two people were rescue from that building. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. it's now 6:26 and creating safe and affordable housing in oakland. the solution proposed to protect artist colonies, one month after that deadly warehouse fire. >> and we will tell you about the challenges facing oakland's new police chief. >> it's getting busy out there on the drive and the roads are
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still wet though it's not raining that. may play a factor this say look at the bay bridge. backed up out to the mazew. he will tell you more about this straight ahead.
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. good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. thursday, january 6th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. time is 6:30. let's check in with mark who is in for steve. if are you just joining us we are in for a big one this weekend. >> 48 hours now we will be on storm watch and possibly three days now thing also be interest around here in the bay area. that intense storm. the most intense start of the storm moves in early. the key headlines. anything you can do to prep for this storm today is a good day to do it. you can see on the satellite. also traced in the upper level
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winds. moving out from the hawaii area. all the way toward california. this will get restarted in the next 24 hours. as a are he cults it'll be the result of highwayy reason. this was the satellite and radar over the past 12 hours and we still have lingering moisture out there. lingering cloud. the chance a few spotty sprinkles or mist or drizzle out there. as you can see. also up in the north bay. santa rosa reporting fog. visibility down to one quarter mile. they continue to cool off. 31 degrees. in the air mortgage. napa -- livermore 44. san jose 46 and san francisco 44 degrees. a cool morning out there. the chance of a sprinkle or drizzle out there. in terms of the real rainfall that set to move in to the area later in the weekend. this is just through saturday. 10:00 p.m. this is the first half of the weekend. these numbers really go up into
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sunday. that could translate into problems in the bay area. we will talk more about the possible impact was the upcoming weather system. right now for today we have the clouds this morning. skies becoming partly cloudy for the afternoon. low to mid50s for afternoon highs. here is the forecast model showing you this and just the a few clouds and then friday we start out dry. maybe a few high clouds increasing by mid to late afternoon. first thing saturday morning. this will just be the beginning of what will -- what will be a very active weather weekend coming up wal-mart rehabilitative talk more about that. sal stabbing by with the update on the roadways. good morning. we are look agent east shore freeway and i want to stay the traffic will be busy on that east shore freeway. about a 21 minute drive here between the bridge and the mcarthur maze which is not bad if you are driving on 80. its been much worse for shower. it -- it's starting to fill
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anymore you can see the photograph like be busy if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza. that's backed up out to the maze. metering lights on. once you get on to the bridge it looks okay in the san francisco. it's a little better than normal. there is some slow traffic on highway 4. 680 -- to the walnut creek interchange and after that it's okay heading down south to san ramone. take a look at some of the damage after yesterday's rain this is -- wow. the homeowner came home from work early yesterday morning and this big tree had fallen onto his garage. it crushed three classic cars that were stored inside that garage. wow. the pacifica city council voted to tear down an apartment building this that sits on a cliff. the 20 unit building was evacuated a year ago and declared on able to be lived
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in. the city council held a special neating. members voted to hire a contractor to tear down the building before it falls down into the ocean. >> we saw a lot of changes in the last two months. about mid-october, we knew where the bluffs were exactly with respect to the structure and we have seen significant progressive failures by mid- december. >> and that demolition work is expected to begin next week. the new police chief will take place late next month. she met the media for the first time yesterday. the 57-year-old has been a police chief in three different cities in the state of washington. she has been working to reform the city city police department following a controversial police shooting. she rejects any idea that the police department is in shambles. >> i don't consider it a mess. it's an opportunity. it's all about going forward. it's about going from good to
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great. we are moving forward wal-mart he will learn from the mistakes of our past but the past is behind us now. >> she will become the first female police chief. two of her first goals, bridge the divide between the public and the police department and gain the trust of the rank and file. she does have a lot of work ahead of her. we are live in oakland now this morning and have been out trying to get reaction to the new chief. >> reporter: yeah. that new chief steps in to a position into a department that has seen a lot of changes at the top. its been rocked by scandal. the mayor say that he is a woman for the job. >> ann kilpatrick is the reform minded leader that oakland has been searching for. >> reporter: the chief was officially introduced to the city yesterday and kirkpatrick laid out her first 100 day plan. it includes ride alongs with officers and a series of focus groups aimed to learn what is important with the community.
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some are optimistic. others say they want to know how the new chief pans out. >> she he just came from chicago where she was supposed to put in the reforms of the government and only lasted there seven months. i tonight know if she couldn't cut it -- who knows why she left chicago but that's another department in scandal. >> we are optimistic we are going to hold her responsible as to what is going to happen. how it affects us and what will be next. >> reporter: that new chief takes over officially february 27 pght. >> thank you for that update and the reaction there. the oakland police officers union release aid statement welcoming her. it said oakland's hard working police officers look forward to working with the chief in serving our community. we have posted more of that news conference with the mayor and the incoming police chief on the website. will find that on the front
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page. authorities in the south bay say it may take day no, sir know what caused a deadly crash involving a google charter bus and a pedestrian. it happened tuesday evening on the campus of west valley college. the 51-year-old was in a crosswalk when she was hit and killed by the charter bus operated for google employees. the college said that google employ employees allowed to pay to park on come pus and the bus is allowed to pick them up. emergency crews say that the weather may be at least part of the blame. >> it's very rainy and windy at the time. time frame wise, crews got there with in minutes. they were able to get her out from under the bus with in minutes. >> students we talked to say there is a lot of traffic out there on the campus. speeding isn't a problem. investigators plan to talk to witnesses including people who were on the bus at the time of the crash.
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creating safe and affordable housing was the focus of a meeting last night at oakland city hall. more than a month after the deadly oakland warehouse fire. many people who lost their loved ones were there at that meeting. they were invited to come up with solutions and write them on a poster board. however steven dicaprio with the group called land action already wrote an emergency ordinance to protect artist colonies and it includes putting a stop on evictions and red tagging buildings unless violations considered life threatening. >> we really wanted to change the course of the way thing was going so that it could be -- a more humane approach to dealing with the issue rather than just going around and using this as an opportunity to start shutting down spaces. >> land action plans to present its plans to the city council on january 17th. there are no firm numbers but the oakland warehouse coalition said that a number of people
6:38 am
being evicted is on the rise. police in san jose have arrested a man they say is behind more than a dozen purse snatching robbery that targeted older asian women. the 18-year-old was arrested two weeks ago. >> police are saying between october and december he followed at least 14 women from shopping centers to their homes. sometimes the victims were pulled to the ground and they were hurt. police are searching now and they are looking to help identity other possible victims. they say he often wore a hooded sweatshirt and drove a silver jeep. a apply evacuate memorial are be held today for carrie fisher debbi reynolds. fisher was best known for her role aspirin sessions leis. she died december 27th at the age of 60. her mother died one day later after a stroke. she was 84. both women will be buried tomorrow at forest lawn memorial park in the hollywood
6:39 am
hills. time is 6:39. a man was trapped between two bart trains last night. cameoing many at seven the unusual medical emergency in san francisco that brought bart service to a halt. >> first new details on the raw sewage leak in the hall of justice. we are going to tell you how it was traced back to a jail inmate. >> good morning. we still see the traffic is going to be getting busier here. this is a look at the golden gate bridge and nice looking shot. southbound 101 traffic does look pretty good. it's -- as you head down into san francisco. . >> and in weather somewhat a break today. you may encounter a sprinkle or light drizzle for this morning many look at that. the nice break from the clouds, enjoy the breaks while we have them wal-mart restill talking about that manager storm that will move in to the bay area this weekend. here you go, the spare!
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the spare, no, i don't want to put anybody out. nonsense! we lend it to everybody. some people we hardly know.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 6:42. live pictures, washington, we are there. the senate armed services committee is holding a special hearing on capitol hill. focusing on allegations that russia hacked the november elections in the united states. the senator also be hearing testimony by the heads of national intelligence and the director of the nsa and many others. here is senator john mccain. is he a chairman of the committee. we will have how on today's hearing throughout the morning right here on mornings on two. we will check back. meantime we are learning more about that raw sewage leak
6:43 am
at the da's office in san francisco. the building houses courtrooms and police bureaus and jail cells. prosecutors say that it's the 5th time in 14 months that raw sewage has flooded the offices and the hallways. this time an inmate stuffed a towel down a toilet on the 7th floor. that backed things up and it leaked down onto the third floor. >> some of the prosecutors in order to save many some of the file this is he have and to save their be locks had to wade through raw sewage. >> that spill also knocked out the da's computer network. 30 people had to evacuate. the department of public health and cal o is sha are investigating. the university of california is proposing a tuition hike for the first time in six years. under the proposal tuition for in-state students would go up by $208 beginning in the fall
6:44 am
semester. that's about 2%. fees for student services would also go up by $54. uc said the state has been reducing its support which has left a lot of universities looking toker ways to pay for financial aid. the uc ridge entities will consider that proposed tuition hike later this month. some of the world's most cutting edge cars are in the south bay right now. the silicon valley auto show begins today. yesterday some of the car was off load from a vehicle transport america to the san jose convention center. take a look. some of the hot rods, muscle cars and the show stoppers . the mclaren570s and 150s. the silicon valley auto show runs through sunday. auto nation america's largest retail certify launching a hiring blitz. some of those jobs available right here in the bay area. auto nation is looking for sales associates to work in san jose.
6:45 am
the nationwide hiring event is coming up on tuesday. you do have to regulars ahead of time for that event and we have a link to that and all of the information that you need to know about that hiring event on our website. the number of americans seeking unemployment benefits dropped significantly last week. this morning the labor department said that weekly requests for jobless fell 28,000 to a seasonal adjusted 235,000. this suggests employers are holding onto workers and maybe looking to add jobs. let's check in with the next hour of mornings on 2. >> i join any just a few minutes. bad news for macye. some 10,000 workers could be out of a job and 100 stores could be closed. where hole say sales stand today compared to last year. and what's happening at two other retailers. household names.
6:46 am
once giants in their fields. also its starred to tell if he is joking but rob schneider who is from pacifica has an offer for the owners of the 49ers, an offer i think they will refuse when he wants to do when how he wants to get the 49er faithful behind his plan. these stories and more when i join new just a few minutes. 6:46 is the time. back over to sal. keeping an eye on traffic a little bit of a break today and tomorrow for the drive in terms of weather at least on the drive. >> i think that -- the not raining part is going to help. let's start off in the east bay. think it is going to help. let's start off in the east bay and look at highway 24. westbound. you can see it's slowing down. i'm look around to see and make sure we are not missing anything on 24. you do have slow traffic on the way up to the tunnel. we will slowly ramp up by the time -- we reach next monday we
6:47 am
are going to have a lot more slow of take i can. people are going back to school. a lot of them next monday. bay bridge toll plaza that's backed up for a 15 to 20 minute delay. there are no major problems through traffic and continues to be okay. the middle of the east bay. between haywood and fremont. you will see a little bit of slow traffic building on 880 especially after 92. heading down to union city. just a little bit of slow traffic getting to the san mateo and dunbarton bridges. let's bring markn. >> the headline for todayw. relooking now. we have a dry weather pattern. you may encounter drizzle. some terms of storms we are in between storms for today. you can see the active weather pattern. in the pacific and there you go at the surface winds and the jet stream winds, depends on where they are directed. it's a fine line of where this gets pushes the most intense rainfall attempt could be closer to the santa cruz mountains and all -- toward big
6:48 am
sur. watching out for that. that could impact the forecast as well. partly to mostly cloudy skies. a lit of action on the radar. there is the chance you may encounter a sprinkle or two out there. for the most part we have clouds and areas of fog in place. santa rosa in fact reporting low visibility down to one quarter mile. 32 degrees. san francisco, 43. haywood 46 and san jose last check reporting 46 degrees. key headlines with this weather set up. rainfall. a general range and conversative this weekend. could be two to four inches. coastal hills, could be over eight inches and winds gusting to over 50 miles an hour. when you see a combination of elements like these grouping up at the same time that could translate to problems with some flooding. debris flow and power outages as well. coastal hills get the most and that will be happening this weekend as the hills actually force the clouds up.
6:49 am
you squeeze more rain out and that's what normally happen was a case like this all the rivers. the russian river right now has been rising 1.6 feet. lue notice flood stage is 32. it goes down and d approach flood stage into monday this is off a little bit it could be around flood stage. the forecast has it peaks just under 30 feet. river we have been talking about this a lot. with very one move through the area tuesday night and into wednesday. the next one sets up for this weekend. rainfall develops saturday. heavy rainfall for sunday. here is the forecast model. today we get a break this afternoon. we need this break. just get ready for the big change and the big storm this weekend. friday another break as well. then friday night we do bring the chance of showers and here we go. the rainfall coming on board. saturday morning, first thing saturday morning. could pick up saturday evening. six and then once again into early sunday morning. probably the most intense downpours, that could be for early sunday morning.
6:50 am
this will be producing snow up in the mountains. a winter storm watch. snow fall could be ten to 20 inches. we head in to the weekend especially by saturday night. temperatures for this afternoon will have partly cloudy skies, readings mainly in the low to mid50s and looka heat. your five-day forecast. a bit of a break today and tomorrow. our next storm comes on board for saturday. early sunday morning. heavy rainfall and hopefully get that break into monday of next week with just a slight chance of a shower. >> we could use the break for all of that. thank you for the warning. breaking barriers in the military. coming up in 15 minutes how three female marines making history today. >> and high end bikes stolen from a nonprofit group. the search in san jose after that shop was hit twice with in an hour.
6:51 am
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here's your receipt. have a nice day! thank you. start the car! start the car! start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea
6:53 am
. welcome back. it's 64:53. police are searching for whoever stole some high end bikes from a south bay nonprofit organizationt. happened just before five. monday morning at good karma bikes in downtown san jose. they fix used bikes and sells them. the money from the sales goes to work training programs for the homeless and for young people who have been in the foster care system and they have now turns 18.
6:54 am
the owner said that the thief used a large rock to smash the shops front door window but didn't stop there. about an hour later the thief came back. when the shop owner was in the back room. >> while we were cutting the sheet plywoot they came in again and stole more bribings when second burglary of the day happened i felt like wow, we can't let our guard down for one second around here. that was kind of eye opening. >> yeah. >> four very costly bikes and a road bike were taken. the shop owners estimating the price of what was taken is about $3,000. the mayor of redwood is stepping in on a dispute over a basketball hoop at an apartment complex. in fact we were telling you about this yesterday. diana espinoza bought a near regulation hoop for her sons to use over the thanksgiving hole
6:55 am
dame some of the neighbors complained saying that the hoop was attracting to many loud kids. the mayor of redwood saw our story and he said we have to find a balanced solution. we need to let kids be kids. the apartment complex is owned by the san mateo community college district. the mayor is on the board that oversees the school. the warriors notched their 10th win beating portland last night. the trailblazer was without -- with a pained ankle. still the trailblazers led them by two at the half. then the warriors turned up a notch in the third quarter. seth curry led with 35 points, durant added 30. the warriors won 125-117. the warriors continue their home stand tomorrow night against the grizzlelies. before the warriors beat portland the globe trotters tried out some --. >> what?
6:56 am
>> trick shots. >> yeah. there theyr. >> he isn't going to make that shot. if the roof. >> from the roof oracle. >> pam. he made it. it's good. >> it's good. that bucket -- you can see why -- he got his name. the globe trotters promoting games in oakland and san jose starting next weekend this reso incredible. for the first time they will have a four point line. that is -- 30 feet from the hoop. the nba three point line is just about 23 feet. right at the top of the key of course. >> wow. in florida they are getting ready for monday night's college football national championship game. workers getting the field ready at raymond james stadium in tampa. the tigers will play the crimson tide for the second straight year. raymond james hosted another game early their week. the crew hads to rip up the field and reset it for the championship game. aered could tolling ticket iq the relevant sale price for a tick tote monday's game just
6:57 am
under three thousand dollars. that's a record for a college title game. last year by the way alabama beat clemson for the national title. today the city oakland will honor a really great group of athletes. the high school team who won the state championship. they beat the country day 20-17 to win the cif division 5a title. it's the first state football championship ever won by an oakland athletic league team. the celebration will start with a rally at 12:30 this afternoon at oakland city hall that. will be followed by a small parade to the high school. bravo. >> way to go. >> congratulations. coming up in the 7:00 hour we are getting a break from the rain today and tomorrow. an even bigger storm is headed our way. could bring some flooding as well up next what you can do to protect yourself and your property. >> and more snow is dumping
6:58 am
down on the sierra causing a lot of problem for drivers. how dangerous it is and how it left some people stranded for hours. ?q i'm at higher risktwice as likfor depression.troke.
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0. good morning, serious rainstorms moving in this weekend. we'll tell you about the preparations. top u.s. security officials are testifying on capitol hill. the investigating hearing underway about russia's allegedly meddling in the u.s. election. it's cold but thank goodness it's not wet. welcome to thursday january 5th. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. just what mark is going to tell you in a minute about the forecast. >> yeah, we're talking about the weekend storms previewing those because it's going to be -- i'll just say it's actually a moisture plume like a garden hose being directed


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