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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  January 5, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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the car was immediately taped off as part of the crime scene. bystanders tell me the car was honking as it pulled into the emergency area and the mom jumped out and started saying that someone had shot her baby, her baby had been shot. another person said they heard someone on the intercom to page a pediatric doctor for a code 10 emergency. the little girl was transferred here to ucsf benioff children's hospital. a woman identified herself as a relative of the family. she says she is hoping this girl is okay. >> i can't answer no questions bye can let you know that she is stable and we just ask for prayer. we're holding up fine. thank you for scsmght. >> what happened was, driving down the street, cars shooting at each other and cars shooting at each other end up shooting the baby. she's fighting for her life. of course we have to deal with this the first week of january 2017.
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>> we are actively pursuing this investigation to identify who is responsible, locate them and remove them from our streets. >> reporter: police are looking at all possibilities for the shooting including whether this was some sort of retaliation for a homicide yesterday. but the girl's family says as far as they know there is absolutely no connection to that case. we do know that the little girl was in car seat which was seen in the backseat of the car parked there at highland hospital. we will of course keep monitoring her condition and let you know if she improves. when we spoke to the relative a couple minutes ago she says the mom is holding up okay. right now a lot of relatives are here trying to support the relative. it is possible they may release a picture of the little girl tomorrow. >> i know that from sky fox you could see at least markers on the ground of more than 10 shots. the good news though as you mentioned at least thatle girl right now looks like she is going to survive. on will you find the latest on this developing story. we're also posting updates on
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twitter, facebook, as well as our mobile app. happening now the city of oakland is holding a public hearing as it considers a new privacy policy. the proposed ordinance would require city agencies to notify a privacy advisory commission before seeking money for surveillance technology such as cameras. and they would have to receive city council approval to buy and set up those systems. agencies would also have to submit a report on any surveillance technology already in place and rask the potential impact on civil liberties. state senator nancy skinner is working on legislation to limit the risk of another warehouse fire like the wynn oakland. 36 people were trapped and ended up dying in the ghost ship warehouse fire. skinner says she wants to preserve work spaces for artists but ensure the buildings they are in are safe. she is still work tout details but is considering rules that would give building inspectors greater access to properties and loans for building owners
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to fix any problems. now to the south bay where a power outage forced the closure of the government building for santa clara. it will be closed tomorrow again. as jesse gary tells us that is building a hub for the county and its closure is impacting hundreds of workers as well as residents. >> locked out. >> reporter: today business at the county seat of government came to a standstill followed quickly by a disbelieving guys. posted signs explained this place of power in the dark. >> there are no county services today in any of the facilities. >> reporter: officials say overnight three copper high- voltage con did you its failed. the outage impact that building as well as the government center and the fleet garage. but the broader frustration felt by the public. >> there's something really simple. i wanted to verify the square footage in my house so i have to come back tomorrow. >> i had no idea. just came to the door and there
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was a sign that said closed due to power outage. >> reporter: joey made the 70- plus-mile trip only to be turned back. >> nothing we can do. >> reporter: a steady procession of professionals were allowed in. the government building only has partial power, enough for lap tons and cell phones. so an about face for all needing things from legal documents to records to birth certificates. >> reporter: how inconvenient is it? >> extremely inconvenient because i need my birth certificate to obviously get my passport right now. >> reporter: for now county staffers are focused on a fix and hope the lights will be back on tomorrow. sheriff's deputies will provide security during the overnight hours but if you have business here at the santa clara county government building don't come down hear because it will be
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closed until monday. try to take care of your business on-line. once the fix is in and the power restored then there's going to be a search for the ultimate cause of this power failure. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. now to washington where republicans are vowing to de fund planned parenthood. that word came from house speaker paul ryan today. he said slashing federal funding for planned parenthood would be part of the gop torte repeal the affordable care act. the move sparked outrage from democrats who point to figures from the congressional budget office that show that 400,000 women would lose access to family planning services. the incoming administration is reportedly exploring ways to fulfill donald trump's promise to build a wall along the pecks can border. the associated press reports that officials plan to rely on existing law without passing any new legislation. it is not clear how much of the wall could be built without action from lawmakers given a 2006 law authorized just 700
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miles of fencing along the southern board cher runs for 2,000 miles. >> and the president-elect is calling out toyota for plans to open a factory in mexico. mr. trump said if toyota builds the factory to manufacture the corolla it would face a, quote, big border tax. the japanese car maker responded saying production and jobs in the united states would not be affected given it is moving production of the corolla from canada tight new plant in mexico. final preparations are now underway for the trump inauguration coming up two in weeks. >> the biggest concern for the congress impressional hearing is security. fox reporter doug mcelway is in washington now with a preview. >> reporter: on january 20th president-elect donald trump will become the next commander in chief in a ceremony at the u.s. capitol building. 44 presidents have taken the oath of office before. all but six happening here in washington. >> ronald reagan sudden 1981 during his inaugural address that what we do here is both
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commonplace and miraculous. and miraculous almost anywhere else in the world. commonplace here. >> reporter: some 250,000 tickets are available. they each contain multiple security features to prevent counterfeiting. all attendees will be required to have one with security a top concern. >> there's no question that on inaugural day this would be the most appealing target in the world. >> reporter: areas in washington will be available for those would wish to demonstrate against the incoming president. the capital police and secret service will large be in charge of protest zones. >> currently estimating 700,000 to 75,000 total crowd. >> reporter: president-elect trump has not made any special requests for the festivities which include a luncheon, a parade, and of course the inaugural speech. >> president trump wants to be president of all the people. i would expect him to repeat that. >> reporter: the crowd will include several notable people would have criticized mr. trump
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in the past including ohio governor john kasich, former president george w bush and hillary clinton. they all plan to attend the inauguration. in washington, doug mcelway, fox news. >> today u.s. intelligence officials told two senate committees there's no doubt that russia interfered in the presidential election. the head of national intelligence said in his view the hawes never encounteredded a more direct campaign to interfere with the election trouses by releasing those hacked documents. the u.s. announced sanctions last month for the breach. >> the hacking was only one part of it. and it also entailed classical propaganda, disinformation, fake news. >> clapper defended the intelligence committee saying it doesn't get the credit it is due for protecting the nation.
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president-elect trump will get a classified briefing tomorrow. he has been critical of u.s. intelligence as well as being skeptical of the allegations of russian interference. coming up here, a horrific act broadcast live on facebook. on ktvu at 6:30 the charges brought against four suspects for this attack j. we're tracking the rain around here. significant rain coming. not tomorrow, but it is going to be wet this weekend. i will have the latest model lined up and ready to go. but first, new guidelines for parents when it comes to kids and peanut allergies. the findings might surprise you. >> it's a huge thing for parents because it's really difficult for those kids. a look now at the thursday evening commute. that's the san mateo bridge, the commute direction on the left, tall headlights heading eastbound. a little heavy. right now the other direction
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looks like it's a little heavy as well. also a live look at the conditions on interstate 80. boy, you talk about heavy traffic, you are lacking at it right now. this is at the macarthur maze in oakland. heavy in both directions on this thursday night. ?q
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san jose police are looking for victims of an alleged purse snatcher. they say the 18-year-old snatched 14 purses from elderly
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asian women between okay and december. investigators say he would follow them home and would sometimes pull them to the ground or drag them, causing injury. some victims also say they were threaten weed a gun. they told police that he was driving a silver jeep patriot. norman was arrested on december 22nd and is held on a million dollars bail. sheriff's investigators in windsor in sonoma county are looking for a man and woman accused of shoplifting at a safeway store and pointing a gun at a clerk. the incident happened last night shortly after 9:00 at the safe way on brooks road. these images are from surveillance video. police say the couple made off with a basket of unpaid items. when a clerk followed them into the parking lot the man pointed a gun at the clerk. fortunately no one was hurt. it turns out what the doctor once ordered is no longer needed when it comes to peanuts. new research shows babies exposed to peanuts at an early age are less prone to lifelong peanut allergies. alyana gomez is live with this
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change approach. alyana. >> reporter: heather, this is pretty odd because we're even talking about infants as young as two to three months. it's surprising information for new moms like myself. my son is about two months old and we were told not to give him peanuts until about a year. but now it's the opposite. parents are told to wait until at least 12 months to start introducing it. today the institute issued new guidelines. >> back in the past we thought we should delay a lot of foods until age one or older. eggs, fish, peanuts. but now it is showing that early introduction of these foods is actually beneficial. >> reporter: this doctor says it has been an ongoing discussion since 2015 but confirmed now by new research. the study tested more than 600 infants and found that regular
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peanut consumption reduced the likelihood of allergies by 81%. >> it's really difficult for those kids to be in school. they're exposed to the in restaurants. >> reporter: so introduce account peanuts before four months is okay as long as the child is low risk, which means their parents have no peanut or egg allergies. if they're high risk, doctors say six months old is best. >> i don't know. i wouldn't rush it. >> reporter: this mom says she is sticking with what she knows even if doctors say it's okay. >> doctors are saying a lot of stuff. one year this, then the second year it's something else. >> reporter: doctors say parents still in sure about giving their child peanuts can do an oral challenge in the office, or for more peace of mind can have their child take a blood test to determine if an allergy is present. doctors say if parents do try peanuts at home they say to have benadryl on hand, or as my photographer said, make sure you're near a hospital. but doctors say when trying
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peanuts if an allergy is present it shows up almost immediately after eating peanuts. they say the things to look out for sex stream vomiting, 10 to 15 times, or even trouble breathing. those are the serious issues, respiratory issues especially are the ones that parents will need to send their kids to the er for. >> certainly a big change. alyana thank you. now to the weather. today the bay area got a break from the rain. some folks sought as an opportunity to prepare tore the next store. it is going to be a big one. in the north bay residents and businesses were busy getting sandbags to protect their property. the forecast is calling for heavy rain, up to five inches in some parts, and possible flooding. parts of the bay area could see as much as five inches of rain. emergency officials say they are preparing for all sorts of problems including downed trees
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and power outages at football games. >> water managers are also keeping an eye on the coming storm. this reservoir is over 100% capacity so the water district is sending some of that water downstream to make way for more rain. that's on the way. it's a similar situation just east of modesto. don pedro reservoir in the sierra foothills. >> the state is releasing water there to make room for more. >> reporter: as water is released from don pedro reservoir -- >> i'm hoping it won't flood us out. >> reporter: residents of this mobile-home park -- >> we have been watching it. >> reporter: are keeping a close eye on the rising water they say is now covering a small beach they had access to just two days ago. >> i live right across from the grass. so if it gets past the grass, i'm probably going to start panicking. >> reporter: the turlock irrigation district says the releases are necessary to
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create room in the reservoir for runoff expected from storms this weekend and early next week. >> we're watching the news and watching the forecast just like everyone else. the latest forecast from the national weather service calling for a pretty substantial amount of rain over the next 10-day period potentially up to 20 and even 30 inches of rain in our watershed area which is really east of don pedro into the mountains of yosemite. >> reporter: the spokesperson says the releases are part of an agreement with the corps of engineers which requires don pedro's surface rise no higher than 802 feet above sea level through the end of april. >> trying to stay below that flood control area so that we don't -- we have plenty of capacity should we need it in the case of a high water event. >> reporter: as a result he says the river will rise high on the banks but won't top them. if they do neighbors like jenny tells us they will be ready to
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evacuate. >> my mom has a tahoe with four wheel drive. >> i couldn't help but notice on that reservoir how filled us. >> last year we were looking at reservoirs filled with nothing. >> think about the difference between today and yesterday. things change so quickly. we go from very wet to very dry. a few weeks ago before thanksgiving and around christmastime there wasn't a to be of snow in the mountains. now there might be that much by the end of this weekend. there's such a thing as too much snow because it's hard fortin from structure to manage the next eight feet of snow that's going to show up. anyway, here we go with the forecast. the rain models are backing off a little bit on these heavy rain cells. it is still going to be wet as heck. don't get me wrong. but the difference here is going to be if it is -- backs off a little bit instead of big river like the san lorenzo river flooding, we may -- if
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it's less rain we may end up with smaller creeks, which is our hope, which will probably -- it's hard to say now. the models are going back and forth but it is a wet weekend especially on sunday morning. 4:00 a.m. sunday to about 9:00 a.m. is the heart of this thing. a freeze warning is in effect tonight. it's not really the head line, but -- well, if you have tender plants, it is the headline. temperatures are currently 41 in santa rosa. it's cool out there. tonight is going to be really cold. tomorrow is a lot like today. as the clouds increase tomorrow the rain picks up late friday night into saturday morning. remember, saturday is not the big deal. sunday is the big deal. here is the system. this is that atmospheric river. pineapple express. that's what a lot of people
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call it. now it's basically atmospheric river. it just represents a whole lot of moise sture from the water all the way up. so we're going get real wet in here on saturday mornings saturday afternoon. an inch of rain. then on sun date just goes off. so what i have done is i just told you tomorrow, freeze warning in the morning, a lot like today, dloons dry out. then when you see me next we're going break this down as we go into saturday and sunday with the model. the main routes to the sierra are back open after being closed by heavy snow and avalanche fears. ski resorts like sugar bowl say they're gearing up for some great snow. operators say that the conditions are close to perfect anticipate though it may take a little patience to get to the slopes because 80 is always slow, and for that matter is so 150. law enforcement across california talking about use of
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force. >> to provide greater accountability and the fuller picture of what happens in those encounters. >> up next, a forum today in san francisco meant to improve police community relations. the raiders flew to texas today for their upcoming playoff game. mark will tell i couldn't say the run game could be key if they want to beat the texans. frightening moments at an east bay bank all caught on cam radio. authorities hope this could lead to an arrest.
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. here at 6:00 some frightening moments for customers at a wells fargo bank in berkeley. take a look. this shows the man enter the bank on university avenue. it happened on december 15th. then he pulls out a gun. he waves the gun around for a bit as customers and bank employees hit the floor. eventually the man points the gun at a teller who hands over an unspecified amount of cash. the man then leaves the bank with the money. here is a closer look now at that robber. he is described as a man in his 60s, six feet tall with a medium build. wells fargo is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to his i kent if i indication -- to his identification as well as his arrest. there's a new call for action against two police officers involved in a deadly shooting. the demonstrators held signs to illustrate the 679 days that have passed since the death of
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lopez. the 21-year-old was shot and killed by plap clothes police officers in february 20 15. initially police said he lunged at officers with a knife but autopsy reports showed that he was shot tin back. police officers from all across the taste gathered at the university of san francisco today to discuss controversy surrounding use of force. that forum comes on the heels of change to the san francisco police department's use of force policy. the new protocol prohibits officers from using choke holds and from shooting at moving vehicles. act police chief tony chaplain said accountability is a priority. >> as of last month we've deployed approximately 1500 body worn cameras to provide greater accountability and a fuller picture of what happens in those encounters. >> more than 200 officers from across california are taking part in today's discussion at usf. they will be back for day two tomorrow. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is up next with a horrific act
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broadcast live on facebook. >> the actions in that video are reprehensible. that along with racism have absolutely no place in the city of chicago. >> up next, the charges brought against four suspects in this attack on a mentally disabled man. plus, it's like the super bowl for techies. a look at day one of the consumer electronics show in las vegas. mystery solved. investigators tell us what was inside a safe broken open in the north bay. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is up next.
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now to our top story. a small girl was shot today in oakland. the 22-month-old was in a car site in her mother's car when she was shot about noon today. police say she is in stable condition and is expected to survive. she was taken to children's hospital. investigators are looking into the possibility that the gunfire was in retaliation for a killing that happened yesterday. it is not known whether the little girl's mother or even the little girl were the intended target. just lots of questions still remain tonight. in the south


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