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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  January 6, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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capitol and montana in san francisco. we are hearing the activity is going on at capitol and lobos. we don't have a great deal of information here. here is what we have heard that officers were responding to an officer involved shooting. we have heard report that at least one, possibly two officers have been treated for something here on scene. with very been hearing report that there may be an individual who may be barricaded in the situation. we are going to work to try to get details on this. as you can see there is a great deal of activity going on. residents being allowed to move out. nobody allowed in. we are near the intersection of capitol and lobos. we are waiting to get he details. the san francisco police to find out what is going on here and what they are trying to do to try to resolve the situation. we will continue to try to monitor the situation and update you by social media and on air all morning long. >> all right. breaking news. san francisco. we will check back. right now we want to check
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in with sal and steve. weather and traffic. we have a break from the storm today. not a bad drive. it'll be --. >> just cold. >> yeah. this is cold. icy. get out to your car early and start it going. we had ice on our windshields. >> then tomorrow rabe and sunday could be really heavy rain. >> okay. >> all right. for some -- you know -- we sometimes -- you know all you -- you know you over hype this. we aren't. the possibility is there. maybe santa cruz. i remember january, january 382nd. storm that devastated santa cruz. yes indeed. anything close to that gives me chills. boy concur with that. it could certainly rival that. i mean you don't see or read the weather service saying historic levels are comparing possibility to something that's happened but that's what they
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have done. not gush it may not set up over the santa cruz mountainst. may set up over marin. where it does set up there is going to be a lot of rain. general rainfall saturday won't be that bad. everybody is in on the rain. sunday the wind and the rain all begin to of month in interpret they rapidly. the problem you have here -- the issue is this moisture comes up from the tropical pacificf. you take that and start to lift it over coastal hill itself just keeps raining raining raining. by the time you are done have you a foot rain and that can cause problems. ly get out of the way. timing -- this is the lighter rain there. there your timeline. that is the -- atmosphere river. when you see the yellow. that sets up. that's like the peninsula. doesn't mean its right. that's just its projection. then it focuses on i think marin. this is just one forecast model. then is stays there. that's where your concern is right there.
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then it starts to slide south on sunday. that could then in the santa cruz mountains. we may start off north bay and by sunday start to head toward the santa cruz mountains that. would be with flooding in the sierra nevada. there is a series of systems come across into next week. for this morning it's the cold. 20s and 30s on your temperatures. we have freeze warning out tonight. flash flood watches. 24 hour temperature change is huge. there is double digits for some. 20s for some. stanford at 29. you can see the moisture streaming up here. that will play into what looks to be a wet weekend. especially on sunday. 40s. 50s. you have a lot going on. yeah. we have some black ice reported between vallejo and the bring. from one of our viewers. we have ice on 24 and on 580 at the pass. 24 between walnut creek and oakland. be careful out there.
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let's take a look at the bay bridge. we have a back up here building, trying to get into san francisco. it look like it's a ten to 15 minute delay coming in to the city there. no major problems on the way in. traffic continues to be okay on the bridge. little windy up there as you heard steve say. also looking at the drive. 880 north and southbound here. it does look good with no major issues driving past. driving on the east bay you can see traffic is not -- we don't have a lot of red on the map, on 680. on highway 4. we are doing well of traffic wise. be careful. you may encounter black ice. let's go back to the desk. we have also been following that developing story in oakland since about four this morning. where firefighters still at the scene of an apartment biling fire. people were awakened told to get out. people -- they are live at that scene. i do know you that were double
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checking to make sure that everybody got out safely. what is the result of that? >> reporter: yeah they searched the building. everybody made it out safely. just two people treated for minor injuries. just got word a short time ago from the oakland fire department that the cause of this fire may have been someone who draped a blanket over a wall furna contribution e. a chilly night. the heater was turned up but possible that is what sparked this fire. at this apartment biling this on the 3800 block of harrison street. the building on the left hand side there. it's a three story complex. the fire started in a unit that is on the first floor of this building. they got reports about four in the morning a fire in that first story unitt. extended up to the second floor and to the third floor. you can see the flames that were shooting the window of this building this morning. everybody was rushing to try to make it another safely.
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firefighters came in. they helped escort people out of the building. they knocked on door just to make sure that everybody knew there was the fire and they needed to get out immediately. we talked a short time ago with the the man who lives on the first floor of the that building. he said that when he woke up in place -- the place was filled with smoke. he kicked a back window as he tried to escape but there were bars, couldn't get out of the window. he did make it out of the fire. he is grateful for that. here is what he told us. >> i looked out and i could see flames. i flew there was a fire. i didn't know it was -- that's interesting. >> reporter: you heard it in there. reference to electrical blanket. that was a report we got from the fire department said it may have been caused by an electric blanket. the updated information from the fire department is that it
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appears as if the cause of the fire like way was someone who draped a blanket over a furnace. obviously a very cold night. folks trying to stay warm. it appears that may have been what led to this fire. a total of 14 people forced out this building. now we will have to find another place to stay for the time being. the good news. nobody is seriously hurt. >> that is at least some good news there. thank you. two back country skiers barely escaped injury after being caught in an avalanche. it caused a partial closure of mount rose highway between reno and lake tahoe just west of the mount rose ski resort. the skiers, a man and woman and two dogs were rescued. officials say that after the hillside collapsed one of the skiers helped the other one get out. they were checked out by paramedics and then released.
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as much as six feet of snow fell over the past four days. at least two vehicles were also stuck in that avalanche. just last month that same ski resort a man was killed by an avalanche while skiing a friend. that man was buried under nine feet of snow. turning now to the president elect trump transition today. congress will start -- they will officially count the electoral votes and declare trump the winner. all met in their respective states last month to cast their votes. two who were supposed to pick trump voted for the republicans. four pledged to clinton also voted for someone else. that means the final count is expected to be trump 304, clinton 227. the president elect will be the next chandler in chief two weeks today. final preparations underway at the united states capitol building. it'll include a lunch, parade
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and the inauguration speech. cuter is the top concern. >> there is no question that on inauguration day this would be the most appealing target in the world. >> there will be areas for protesters to demonstrate. the capitol police and secret service will largely be in charge of those zones there. are about 250,000 tickets available still for the inauguration. they contain security feature. the president elect will get a classified briefing about the allegations of russia interfering with the united states election. he has expressed skepticism about the reports that russian hackers targeted democratic party e-mails trying to influence the elections. the united states intelligence community said that it has concrete evidence of it. the director of national intelligence briefed congress on those allegations yesterday.
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>> i don't think that we have ever encountered a more aggressive or direct campaign to -- interfere in our election process. >> in their testimony yesterday the directors of three united states intelligence agencies said that trump's criticisms have hurt morale. the president elect is tweeting about report that he will be asking congress to pay to build the wall he wants on the border with mexico. trump tweeted that the dishonest media doesn't report that any money spent on build the great wall for sake of speed will be paid back by mexico later. he was reacting to reports that his transition teams have been meeting with members of congress about providing the money to pay for building that border wall. that was in the campaign promise that he would force mexico to pay fort. those his tweets said mexico
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would pay it back later not clear how that will happen. san francisco mayor is decided who will fill scott weiner's seat on the board of sup soups. had is history making choice. >> and a young child hit by a stray bullet. coming up at 6:00 month how her older sister helped stop the bleeding as the capacity rushed to the hospital. >> it's cold one but we are all focusing our attention on the weekend rain. more on that coming up.
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. welcome back. time is 6:13. new from over night. san francisco's 911 system had an electrical problem and went out for a while. officials say that just before midnight the dispatch center had a power disruption. dispatchers could still receive emergency phone calls from the public but radio terminals and computers did not work. they had to write down the calls on paper and then a group of runners took the information to a separate group of dispatchers who used handheld radios to contact and send emergency responders out to people who were calling in for help. technical sport repaired by three. today carrie fisher her mother will be laid to rest. fisher died last tuesday after she went into cardiac arrest on a plane. renne odds died the next day.
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a private memorial was held for them yesterday. about 125 family members, friends and stars came to fisher's home it pay respects. today burial service will be private. new this morning we are hearing the san francisco mayor plans to appoint hiv aids activist jeff sheehey to the board. he will be the first hiv positive person to seven as a supervisor. he is the director of communications for the uc san francisco aids research institute. in the past he served as an hiv aids advisor to the former mayor. he will now fill the seat previously held by scott weiner who was elected to the state senate in november. he will be here in the studio with us coming up at 7:45. the wet weather may about to game for increased in animals being dropped off at shelters. the san francisco chronicle
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report that 41 dogs and cat was dropped off at the animal services on tuesday. shelter workers said that the wet and windy weather could be to blame for the increase because owners loose track their pets in that type of weather. another storm on the way this weekend there. are concerns that the shelter could be more crowded. more than 250 dogs and cats found homes though because of the holiday windows at union square. the spca said 257 animal was adopted in november, december and the first day of january. that's just below last year's count of 261. if you missed out the san francisco spca said plenty of an ma'ams in its adoption centers. a lot of little guys looking for a new home. >> it's cold. >> it's freezing. it's very cold. >> pam cook says it it's cold. this is. >> i'm wimpy.
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>> its complicating things for sal. you are watching highway 24 and the black ice. that's riping wal-mart he have had reports of black ice on 24. 580. 80. yeah. we are pretty cold. i saw cars with windshields that were iced over this morning on the way to work. i thought that is what usually mains we have ice on the roads. westbound 24. no accidents to report. people driving slowly and carefully. same for 80 between vallejo and richmond. we had a crash that may have been caused by black ice but it was there. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see traffic will be backed up to the maze. about a ten to 15 minute delay. if be look at the roads here at the slowest traffic, if we do to the maps the slow straff nick the entire east bay is on the pass. we have that earlier black ice. we always have slow traffic
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here. this morning it is pretty slow. the speeds are down as you drive here. its going to be a -- nine miles an hour. that's enough to put new a bad mood once you get in to the main part of livermore. do that again sal. >> now steve paulson. >> thank you sal. doing the best i can. i'm telling you. i'm just -- i'm tired of this pamela. >> get some --. >> i [inaudible] now we are good. i feel better. it's cold this morning. before we get to that let's talk about what looks to be a very rainy pattern for especially on sunday. i think you have all heard by now. the moisture source from tropical systems. there is plenty there. rain saturday. nothing unusual on saturday. just a general rain. may be a little let up in the
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afternoon. it's sunday that the low level jet comes in. about 40 to 50knotts. below 5,000 feet that. will funnel in the moisture. could get eight to ten inches of rain. it can bounce south. all the updated information. better idea in about 45 minutes. everybody will be in on the rain. it's cold this morning. freeze warning until nine. flash flood watches kick in starting saturday. i could do an hour on just the sierra forecast. there is the possibility of a lot of freezing rain. a lot of the cold air will get trapped until the warm air
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starts to come in. a lot going on in the mountains. 29. morgan hill. 28 for scotts valley. boulder creek at 29. santa colorra at 28 degrees. there is the moisture source coming up. once it sets up shop sometimes it just doesn't budge. there in lies the problem for heavy rain. if it just doesn't morphia get a foot of rain over a 24 hour period. that's why we have concerned about the santa cruz mountains or the russian rivert. could set up there. there is no slam dunk. saturday is a rain day. sunday, it really kicks in. these are just san jose.
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lake tahoe. winter storm watch. changing conditions day today. 50s today. rain on the weekend. let's just leave it at that. >> freezing rain. that doesn't sound good. a first fan ballot return ahead of next month's all-star game. the surprise warriors player who is receiving the 5th most votes in the western conference.
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. one of my favorite 80s bands. cold as ice. >> you never take advice, pam. >> yes, i do. if there is a special song you want to hear i will play it every friday morning. usual the hash tag ktvu on twitter, or facebook or instagram. >> thank you sal.
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rookie quarterback connor cook will lead the raiders tomorrow against the texans. they flew to houston yesterday ahead of the afc wild card game. it's their first playoff appearance since the 2002 season when they lost in the super bowl. the raiders and texans last played in november in mexico. . the warriors play at home and curry and durant just found out they are the top all-star vote getters in the western conference. the first fan ballot returned from the league. durant leads all western conference player was more than 540,000 votes. curry is right behind them. coming in 5th a surprise. more than 439,000 votes.
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james and irving of the cavaliers are of the top two overall. the all-star game is next month. it'll be in nears. it was a wild third period come back for the wild in hockey last night. they are beat the sharks. 5-4. the sharks had the 4-2 lead in the first. patrick marlow scored his 492nd career goal. then the wild scored three straight goals and the sharks did not have an answer. their third straight loss. the shark also lost detroit red wings tomorrow night. police are looking for the owner of a safe found opened left in a field. the safe was in some bushes off a deadened street. take a look at that. city public works employees found it on wednesday but said it had been there for at least a week. investigators do not know what was inside the safe before it
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was broke then to. >> could be, you know, gold hopefully it would be something gold, maybe something more of an antique style. millions of dollars. or boring documents. >> if you see -- the safe, if you know who own itself, have you an idea, what was in it or what happened. please call the police president it's quite the mystery at this point. we now confirm there has been an officer involved shooting in san francisco. we will bring you a live report up next. the police are asking everybody avoid the area. >> three men eating dinner inside a restaurant are gunned down in san jose wal-mart relieve at police head quarters to tell you about the first two homicides of the year. why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance...
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. mornings on go. friday, january 6th. i'm dave clark. >> it's a very busy friday. >> its. >> 6:30 the time. we want to start with weather. the big storm is moving in. >> sunday. >> tomorrow is going to be raining to. >> not crazy. >> saturday night. >> we haven't talked about cabin fever this weekend. the kids stuck inside. pets and animals. it'll be a rainy weekend that's for sure. >> its been a rainy few days. >> yeah. cold this morning. very cold. >> some of the updated information is coming in. see if will anymore resolutions on where some of this heaviest rain will fall. very been leaning on it. more so than the santa cruz mountains but we will see what develops. 2020s for many.
6:31 am
30s. that's why we have a categories warning. look at kelseyville. 22, 26 in glenn. close -- windsor 20. 37, 36, bodega bay. northwest napa27. the green is a flood watch. goes until nine. a lot of mice tour screaming friendship the southwest. all the way from the tropical pacifict. won't impact today wal-mart he will see the increasing clouds. we will start to see rain on saturday but sunday is the main day. saturday you can hand physical. sunday we may see a plume set upf. it does over eurekasl that moat will fill up very fast. we will have more in ten minutes. 40s, 50s on the temperatures. i do have traffic that's moderate. i don't think we are at full strength this week. i think that next week on monday, schools back in and really going to see it. it's good that we are missing
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the storm front monas we -- we may have some rain next week as well. right now 80 westbound doesn't look bad. 20 minutes between the bridge and the maze. it's crowded but not stop and go. when you get to the bay bridge you will wait there for 15 minutes before you make it on to the span. you look at the east bay you can see that the road temperatures not firing up red in many places. that's good. for you if you have to drive to work. you can see traffic in the south bay. it's looking good. there is a little slowing on northbound 101. that's about all for now. at 6:32 let's go back to the desk. back to that breaking news in san francisco. there has been an officer involved shooting. we have been able to confirm that. on the scene. what else have you been able to find out? obviously still very active scene. >> reporter: yeah. active scene. with rehear that three people have been transported in from the scene including the individual officer was trying
6:33 am
to appreh end. we are in the city's ocean view district you can see large police presence still here working on this officer involved shooting. from what we -- officer was trying to detain or arrest on individual. that individual fought back wal- mart rehearing that the two officers that were trying to detain that individual or arrest that individual were somehow pepper spray. they were treated here on scenew. rehearing that this was an officer involved shooting. one witness saying that they believe that the individual they were trying to arrest was shot in the leg. with rehear that that individual may have somehow barricaded himself inside a home. officer was on the scene of that barricade trying to get that suspect out. that suspect came out after some period of time. we are hearing that he gave himself up to police and was transported to the hospital to be treated for a gun shot wound. our witness said that individual may have been shot in the leg. we are waiting for san francisco public information officers to arrive here on
6:34 am
scene to verify the information. we know this was an officer involved shooting. we are video of -- at least one or two officers being treated here on the scene. with reseeing what -- they are being treated for being hit with pepper spray that they were traying to use to catch that suspect wal-mart rewaiting for more details in the ocean view trick. we will continue to update you onlines by our social media and on air this morning. >> and just to repeat the neighbors -- any evacuations, anybody -- concerned there about what is going on? >> reporter: sue far we haven't seen a lot of evacuations. we haven't seen any. we haven't seen a lot of neighbors choo have been moved from from their homest. seem that officers -- since it's -- the situation seems to be resolved. they have maintained that -- they are allowing neighbors to leave as they need to go to work or school or go about their business. they are not allowing anyone
6:35 am
in. they want to preserve the scene. we are hearing an officer involved shooting. >> thank you for that update. also this morning police in san jose are searching for a gunman who shot three men last night while they were eating  dinner at a restaurant. we are at an jose police head quarters now and have they heard anything about a motive? >> reporter: not yet. police are telling us that this was a very brazen shooting. this gunman just walked into the restaurant and started shooting. it makes you think that maybe he knew he was -- who he was going after. this was targeted but police haven't revealed whether that is the case or not. they are saying this happened at 7:45 last night. three men were eating at the restauranton story road near king when the shooter came in and started shooting. all three were struck struck by bullets. two died and the other was rushed to the hospital.
6:36 am
police say that his injuries appear to be nonlife threatening. officers spent the night canvassing the neighborhood and talking to witnesses. police haven't released any of the identities of the victims. our crew talked to a man when believes one the people was his nephew. >> they said there there is two bodies inside the restaurant. they killed two guys. >> reporter: how do you feel right now? >> i don't know. >> reporter: the area is known as a gang hot spot. police are looking in no it was gang related orioles not. witnesses say when the gunman walked in it happened quick there. was no arguing between the suspects and the victims. he just started shooting. police haven't released a suspect or vehicle description. they hope that surveillance video from the neighboring by wills help in their
6:37 am
investigation. back to you. >> san jose. thank you. san francisco, homicide detectives are investigating a deadly attack happened yesterday afternoon in the tender loin. about 3:30 police were called to the scene an saul. a 11-year-old was badly beaten. he later died at the hospital. there is no word on a motive. and no arrests. the a 23-month-old girl is in stable condition at oakland's children's hospital after she was shot yesterday while sitting in her family's car. it happened at about noon near 66th. the little girl was with her 7- year-old sister and mother who was driving. the mother just pulled the car over to look at her gps when someone fired in to the car hitting the little girl. the mom realized what happened and raised to the hospital. the girl's 7-year-old sister applied pressure to the gun shot wound to stop the
6:38 am
bleeding. immaterial what happened is they were driving down the street. the cars were shooting at each other and shot the baby. >> the girl underwent emergency surgery and is expected to survive. police do not have any suspects at this time. but they say this they are looking for a black cherokee jeep. shiny rims. may have been involved in the shooting. if you have information call police. happening today in richmond. an organization of landlords will go to court this morning. they are trying to stop a new rent control law from being put in. the california apartment association is asking the court to grant a temporary restraining order. colleging the legality of measure l which took effect last week. tenants rights advacates say there is no legal basis for that court challenge. there is a new republican effort to get rid of federal funding for planned parenthood.
6:39 am
house speaker paul ryan said that the cuts to funding would be part of the republican effort to repeal the heal care act. planned parenthood could loose $400 million a year if it's defunded. according to the congressional budget office. the organization said that would result in 400,000 women losing access to health care. >> so many women depend on planned parenthood for things they may not be able to share with other people. >> we aren't going back. with renot going back. we will stand our ground. we will fight that decision by the speak tore defund planned parenthood and you know what? the american people are with us. >> the planned parenthood said after the 1976 law they can't use federal funding for abortion. they say that any defunding would impact nonabortion services like std screening and providing birth control. they say mostly low income, young and those without insurance would be affected.
6:40 am
supporters plan to hold a rally in sacramento on january 17th to protest the legislation. two people were displaced by a fire at a single room hotel in san francisco. that fire was reported about 7:15 at the elm hotel on eddie street in the tender loin. fire crews were able to contain the fire to a unit on the 4th floor and one on the 5th. the red cross helping those two people displaced by the fire and an investigation in to the cause continues. yesterday morning a woman suffered critical burns in a fire that started in a condo near twin peaks. that fire was reported just after eight yesterday morning on clarendont. spread to two nearby condos. the woman was rescue from the second floor and rushed to the hospital. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. coming up at seven we will tell you about an east bay man and his story of recovery and
6:41 am
redemption. >> [inaudible] >> hissen count we are a flower surrender who he -- vendor who he had robbed years before. >> and a bolted baching rob -- and a bold bank robbery. >> we are seeing traffic is going it be busy in many areas including highway 24. 280. you can see that's getting busy around here. we will tell you about it coming up. with the xfinity tv app, anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline.
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. welcome back. it's 6:43. russia said its starting to reduce the number of troops it has in syria. russian military officials say they are withdrawing an air craft carrier and other war ships from the waters off syria as a first step in drawing down. some of the forces there. russia has been a key supporter of syria and it's involvement -- is credited can turning the war in favor of the syria government. a cease fire between russia and turkey is mostly holding. if it continues to hold peace negotiations are scheduled to take place late their month. our time is 6:44. there are calls again for charges to be filed against two san francisco police officers involved in a deadly shooting. these demonstrators protested yesterday demanding that the da
6:45 am
charge the two police officers. in february of 2015 the 21-year- old was hot and killed by police officers. at first they said that he lunged at officer was a knife. an autopsy showed that he was shot in the back. ? there is novar is surveillance video that police hope will lead them totman who robbed a bank. it happened on december 15th at the wells fargo on university eve. the man pulled out a gun. waved it around as customers and bank employee was on the floor. the man then pointed it at a teller who handed over the money. here is a closer look at the suspect. in the distance there but is he coming toward the camera. wells fargo offering a 5,000 dollar reward for information leading to his identification and arrest.
6:46 am
let's check in with what's coming up in the next hour. good morning. >> good morning. it's cold. freezinga is the word . >> we are staying on top of the year. it was almost a year ago the bay area hosted the super bowl this year it's in houston. you will watch it here on fox. much will be the same when it comes to the big game day there will be a visibility difference when it comes to security. what visitors to houston will see less of and how city leaders still promising a safe experience. also on the site people fining for rules for the recreation area have posted documents they say show bad behavior by the national parks service. the unfair activity allegedly one member of a dog owner activist group on that site. what the documents contain and what if anything the gdnra has
6:47 am
take say. these and more when i join new just a few minutes. it's cold in the bay area. i'm telling you it is really cold in the sierra. mammoth and the eastern sierra received several feet of snow during the last storm. hour snow, more heavy rain is expected starting tomorrow. now the tahoe ski resort say conditions are just ripe for skiing. there are no chain controls on highway 50 or interstate 80 but that is expected to change. you may want to make chain was you if you will be driving up there today. right now 6:47. we do want to check in with sal on traffic. i know you were updating that -- there are no chain restrictions right now heading up to tahoe but that could change tomorrow. >> right. 80 and 50. often when they have a storm they close the freeway entirely. the highway or they have you put a chain on your car unless
6:48 am
you are -- drive a four wheel drive vehicle with snow tires. we will check in on that. right now in restrictions. highway 24. we have had some black ice. my friend here at work. told me about it early this morning. when the sun comes up maybe that will change. we haven't had any major problems on 24 despite being a couple of reports of black ice. bay bridge toll plaza is back up for about a 15 to 20 minute delay. it's dry here. there are no problems getting in to the city. if you are driving on the south bay drive in san jose in -- about the only slow traffic is 101 near capitol expressway. after that looks good. 101. 208 slow. for the most part the south bay is off to a nice start. we are looking at a very cold morning 206789's and 30s. it's the cold before the rain.
6:49 am
mostly. i made it this far. >> i may are to talk about --. >> now we are good. >> the beautiful sunrise and give you a cough drop. >> that's all i have been chewing on. it'll kick in mainly sunday. there will be rain saturday. sunday looks like a very wet day. in fact just saw projection came in. three inches of rain at sfo through 6:00 p.m. sunday. just on sunday. that includes an inch of rain on saturday as well. about four inches of rain at sfo for the weekend. not including sunday night. just through six. rain developed saturday. heavy rain on sunday. now question will be, where does the plume hit in sfo is getting four inches. you can almost double that. triple that in if itself the santa cruz mountains. parts of marin.
6:50 am
you think -- about lake county. lake county is in line for more rain. it looks to be somewhere between marin and santa cruz but extending for even. sunday is the main rain day. 20s. 30s on the temperatures. even -- half moon bay at 29. 29 brentwood. 29 san ramone. even lafayette at 29 degrees. 31 dublin. freeze warning out until nine and then flash flood watches out. that starts on saturday. the sierra is just un-- seriously -- i could do an hour show on that. there may be freezing rain starting in the snow level will be very low. northeast california 20 below. some of this cold air will get trapped, saturday will be the transition day. some of that may not budge. that warm air may not move in until late saturday and sunday. then the snow level will go up
6:51 am
maybe around eight thousand feet. you could get the possibility for heavy rain tonight. zero in truck eye. there is the moisture source. as it-s to work in we will get a cloudy day later on. rain could start late tonight. more likely oaf night and we will take this rain on saturday. nothing you haven't dealt with b. that's what septembers up over you. it'll rain and rain and rain. with reconcerned about the santa cruz mountains and the coastal hills and i would think up to marin and the russian river. some of those through next week are just incredible. i don't see how we could get around it. kemp field. we are just talking about santa rosa or sacramento. watch how saturday is not bad. that's the plume.
6:52 am
one winter storm watch. snow levels going all over the place. very low and way up and way back down. rain is on the way for the weekend. heaviest will be on sunday. >> we will watch for flooding and mudslides. we will watch that. thank you. is in hot water because of atwitter. up next the offensive typo they are apologizing for.
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. ♪ [ music ] . >> nice. . >> the original version by simon and garfunkle. >> you remember that singles version. >> yes. this was the original. requested which cindy. thank you very much. traffic jam. the theme is cold. there is a special song you want to hear let us know. ly play it every friday morning. use the hash tag. >> all right. thank you. the east coast, severe winter. getting worse.
6:56 am
>> dry -- >> buffalo new york. the snow and bad road conditions caused major back ups in the buffalo area. driver was stuck in the snow and the the ice for several hours, are you right sal. here is a good news about several students and two elementary schools in the area. they were trapped by the snow in school. they finally got home. they spent the night is stuck stuck in their classrooms because of that bad weather. plans are move ahead back here to revamp many san francisco muni's busiest bus route. gary street. the board of supervisors voted to put 1.7 miles of dedicated bus lanes on the street through the richmond district. the lanes expected to speed up travel over the 38 gary busby 24%. there will be more hearings and more votes before they can start work on that 300 million- dollar project. that is a business owners didn't like it. they say it'll take parking
6:57 am
their customers. supporters say that rapid transit project is needed since that part of the city doesn't have rail service. a tweet typo has yahoo in hot water. yahoo finance tweeterred an offensive typo and later apologized. it was supposed to say trump wants a bigger navy. here is how much it'll cost. instead someone type an n instead of b for bigger. some twitter users say more than 20 minutes passed before it disappeared from the twitter account. an hour later they issued an apology writing we deleted an earlier wyatt due to a spelling error. we apologize for the mistake. there was an early morning officer involved shootingt. happened in san francisco. we are going to bring you another live report from this scene, a lot of police out there in the ocean view
6:58 am
neighborhood. >> and an early morning fire led to an evacuation in oakland. come covering that since four this morning. what we are learning about how that fire may have started in an apartment. here's your receipt. have a nice day! thank you. start the car! start the car! start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea
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>> san francisco police still on scene at an early morning officer-involved shooting. we're expecting new details any minute. now to oakland where an apartment building was evacuated overnight. what officials believe may have started the early morning fire. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu fox 2 mornings on 2. >> busy and cold morning. it is friday, january 6th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm dave clark. we have been telling you about this breaking news since 5:00 this morning. shots fired in the ocean view neighborhood of san francisco. christien kafton is there. so what do you know about what happened out there? >> reporter: well, we do know that this was in fact an officer-involved shooting. san francisco police confirming that via twitter earlier this morning. there are still officers on scene. a public informatio


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