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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  January 6, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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film festival, we watched singing in the rain every day for inspiration shooting lala land. she called her an unparallel talent. >> preparing for a wild weekend storm. an officer-involved shooting in san francisco. what we're learning about the investigation now underway. san francisco mayor ed lee has decided who will fill scott weiner's seat on the board of supervisors. more on his history-making choice. ce. i hope if you are heading to the sierra you are already gone. because this picture and more specifically this drive up is going to change. so much snow headed to the sierra. i know skiers and borders love that. but boy it can be a mess driving on 50 and 80. back in the heart of the bay area, many people woke up to
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cold conditions and used a credit card to scrape the ice from the windshield. it's a pretty picture but boy changes in store for the weather. we thought weather would be the only big news but bart proved us wrong. welcome to the 9. you have been busy as we have been covering the major delays on bart heading from oakland to san francisco. west oakland station is key here. >> a train got stuck. >> yes. they thought they could move it but didn't move for an hour. i had a friend giving me a play by play. he was stuck on a train for an hour just waiting to move. he hadn't moved. >> we had supervisor -- senator scott weiner here in oakland and he said he was going to take bart back to the city but had to change his plans. alex savidge is live at the west oakland station. a lot of people are h. to change plans because of these major delays. >> reporter: yeah. i can assure you, gasia, a lot of folks will be showing up late in san francisco today. hopefully their bosses understand. this is the scene here now at the west oakland station. things beginning to sort of return to normal. the trains are running once
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again from the east bay into san francisco. they cleared that stalled train out of the way. it caused a huge mess for bart riders all morning long. folks are beginning to get into the city on the trains. i can see right now another san francisco daly city train arriving here. there are major backups obviously because the trains were stopped for so long. this started at 7:45 this morning when the train got stuck on the tracks here at the west oakland station. it turned into a nightmare. they were not moving any trains into san francisco for quite a while. and then for a time they started to do single tracking to get a couple of trains at least going into the city. and that made for a huge mess. the trains were pulling into the west oakland station and they were jam packed with people. folks standing on the platform, a lot of them, most of them could not even get on to the trains. we talked with some folks who were trying to get into work in san francisco this morning. after a while, they just gave
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up. >> so you're just giving up. >> i just decided i'm going home. i have seen three trains pass by. it's like you see people making on the edge. i think i'm going home. >> calming it quits. >> yeah. >> is the boss going to be understanding. >> he already told me he is stuck on one of the trains coming through also. he is in the same boat. getting ready to go home too. so -- >> reporter: there you go. so the bus got caught up in the bart delays as well. so certainly he is understanding. boy, so many folks had to switch around their plans, make those calls into work to say they will be late. they had system wide delays. and those delays are going to continue. according to bart. even though san francisco-bound trains like this one are now moving once again. but obviously when you stop the trains for that long, as we all know, you get the residual delays for quite some time. things back up and running here. bart trying to get things back on track for the morning
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commute. >> one thing that i insided -- thank you, alex, reporting live from west oakland. more people starting driving during that hour. >> the bay bridge toll plaza picked up. >> look at it now. remember at 8:00, when you guys went to me, it was almost done. it was almost -- there were like three or four cars there. now more people are there. that means this afternoon, more people are going -- >> do you know who is line right now? uber. i requested to go to the district. it is $38 for a solo ride. although it says that fraes are higher due to increased demand. at one point it was $90. >> yeah. if you're trying to go into the city, more people drove, more people trying to get out. >> we're also following a situation in san francisco, developing news there. police are at the scene of an officer-involved shooting. >> christien kafton has been at the scene since 6:00 this morning. >> he joins us live right now.
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police saying two officers injured and the suspect was transported to the hospital. >> reporter: yeah. that's the latest information that we have. officers still on scene working this investigation. now we understand that the homicide unit although nobody died, homicide unit on scene. district attorney, investigators, internal affairs, everyone working this investigation. it started out as a call for violating a restraining order and ended with three people injured. we're hearing that one officer had a head injury after struggling with the suspect. police say they were called to the scene by a neighbor who tried to have the police come on out because he said that the neighbor was violating the restraining order. officers tried to talk with that man. they say that they struggled. in the course of the struggle, one of the officer's night sticks was taken. the officers apparently used pepper spray and one round was fired. police say after that initial scuffle, the suspect managed to get back inside of a home. >> so he managed to get back in
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the home. >> he manages to get back inside at some point and at some point makes a phone call to 911 stating that he has been shot. that's all we have regarding that. >> did he have a weapon at the time? >> unknown. >> reporter: police say they called in the hostage negotiation team and eventually a s.w.a.t. team. officers breached that home and took the man into custody with no further incident. the suspect was taken to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. the two officers were treated as well for non-life- threatening injuries. at this point we are still in the ocean view district. the street here is still shut down. no word on exactly when this investigation is going to be wrapped up and when the streets will be reopened. >> just looking at the map there, north of 280 where you are. i noticed a school. are students still going to school today or did they shut the school down. >> yeah. that is sheridan elementary that you're talking about, mike. if you look at the scene, you can see where the red tape is downslope there. that's the block where the
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incident apparently happened. sheridan elementary is just another half block beyond that. i did get -- i did have a chance to contact the school. the person who answered the phone said yes school is in session this morning. >> thank you, christien kafton. live in san francisco. thank you for that report. other top story is the weather. new video from walnut creek overnight shows temperatures dip below the freezing mark. sub freezing temperatures were also found in the north bay and south bay valleys. let's go to steve paulson who is following -- you and i have been tag teaming it this morning and talking about the cold weather. >> you know, look, you guys know i'm a straight shooter when it comes to the weather. yes, it was cold this morning. starting tomorrow and maybe all the way out to the middle of the month, it may be rain on top of rain on top of rain. so today actually is a little bit of a break. because there's so much moisture to the west/southwest that has to move in here. saturday length a general rain day. it won't be crazy. it won't be bad.
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sunday though looks like heavy rain. maybe late saturday into sunday. where this whole plume of moisture sets up could produce anywhere from about 5 to 10 inches of rain. for some reason, i keep leaning towards marin county, san francisco marin county. but eventually it will make it down to the santa cruz mountains. even if it doesn't, there will be pretty decent rainfall and gusts to 50 miles per hour on sunday. we had the freeze warning this morning. that has since expired. 30s and 40s. but we had a lot of 20s. it was 2 below up in truckee in morning. long time since we have done that. our advisory has now ended. there are advisories for snow. and i mean seriously on saturday because this cold air is trapped. possibility in the northern sacramento valley and also up i- 80. maybe some freezing rain on saturday. by the time you get to sunday now, the snow level will go way up. i mean maybe above 7500 feet to 8,000 feet.
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tremendous amounts of moisture coming up from the tropics. tropical pacific flowing around the high and also drawn up by a low pressure system. the combination of the two will give us copious amounts of rain. today we will see increasing clouds. it won't be bad. just cold. but we're looking at for this weekend the possibility of 8 to 10 inches. especially in the santa cruz mountains or coastal hills. that's what we're really concerned about. tomorrow, not too bad. may get a break late saturday and sunday. sunday morning, things just light up. it doesn't stop there. there might be some lingering rain into monday. and then another system on tuesday. and there are signs of thursday all the way out to the 22nd of the month. now, if sacramento gets 8 inches of rain, that translates into you know what up in the mountains. you're seeing scales almost historic values here. when the weather service and monterey mentions that and fresno, it needs to be taken
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seriously. the potential is there. 40s 50s on your temperatures today. after today the temperatures will be a moot point. rain moves in. temperatures will warm up. heavy rain and wind into sunday and i think again on tuesday. >> okay. steve, thank you. >> you're welcome. homeowners have been getting ready to protect properties once the storm arrives. we saw a number of people loading up on sand bags yesterday, especially those living near the creek where flooding often happens. it has been devastating in the past years. one of the other areas expected to be the hardest hit is the santa cruz mountains. they could see close to a foot of rain there. they are worried about mudslides this weekend. especially in areas where there were wildfires recently. free sand bags are being given away to protect the homes. the sand bags are available at fire stations throughout the county. if you're headed up to the sierra this weekend, be prepared for a lot of snow and the possibility of dangerous road conditions. fairly good now if you want to go now. >> right. >> several feet of snow have
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already fallen this week. more is on the way. it is creating ideal conditions for skiers and snowboarders. this video from rhino donnel of all of the fresh powder at north star. he woke up yesterday morning and was one of the first out on his snowboard putting down fresh tracks through the tree lines. yesterday on the 9 we spoke with kevin cooper of kirkwood ski resort about the dangers of an avalanche with all of the storms. sure enough an avalanche actually happened at mount rose right there near reno. two back country skiers barely escaped injury. officials say after the hillside collapses, the other skier helped the other to get out. the man, woman and two german shepherds were rescued. they are said to be doing okay. two vehicles were also trapped in the avalanche. as much as six feet of snow has fallen in the past four days in that area. last month at the same resort, a man was killed after being buried under 9 feet of
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snow in an avalanche. track the snow with our weather app. you will find watches, warnings and more. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, chances are you have gone to work sick or been sitting next to someone in the office who was sick and you wish they had stayed home. >> yeah. >> we're getting new information from the alameda county health department about flu activity in the bay area. we will bring it to you with a doctor's expertise. >> yeah. >> i have had that too. >> we'll be right back. >> first reaction is they're not sick. >> right. >> you hate to say that. but -- with the xfinity tv app,
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anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. >> we want to bring you back to this breaking news about the bart system. it is now back on track. at least the trains are moving again. in and out of san francisco. we had a stalled train at the west oakland station for a long time. and people were stuck for -- some people were stuck for hours.
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now trains are moving again. but there will be a lot of late people in and out of san francisco this morning. some people gave up and they're working from home. other people took uber. still more people are waiting for the system to get back on track. getting in and out of san francisco is going to be tough. this is a look at the bay bridge. and you can see a lot of people decided apparently to take their car. flu season is here. and chances are you've either gone to work sick or sat next to someone in the office who was sick. >> uh-huh. >> now doctors are trying to get all americans to take the flu more seriously this year. >> just a short time ago the public health department announced that flu activity had reached widespread levels and is increasing across the bay area. and we've also learned a napa county resident died yesterday of the flu. >> a medical expert, larry brushet joins us now with more to do to protect yourself from the flu. do you think that people take
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it as seriously as we should. some people don't get the shot or just power through. >> it's a conversation to have. between 30,000 and 50,000 people in america will die from influenza every year. again, depending how bad the virus is and how good the vaccination is. it is the best thing we've got. we certainly want to talk about that. in terms of what you can do. >> dr. larry, i got a flu shot. i see people on the video getting flu shots. does that mean i'm protected or can i still get the flu? >> you're not 100% protected. it's not a perfect flu shot. that's true. but it does offer some protection. and like we said before, it's kind of the only thing that we have. one interesting thing that i saw in december, flu numbers have gone up predictably. we're in the flu season. this is what we expect every year. but it dropped in the week between christmas and new year's. i thought about that for a
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minute. why? one potential reason is that people stay home. we talked a little bit about that. i heard you on the intro talking about is somebody really sick? if you have the flu -- the flu we're talking about fever, head ache, body aches, often cough, upper respiratory systems but it is really the body ache. if you have symptoms, stay home. that may have contributed in a drop between christmas and new year's. people are not at work, kids are not at school. that's one thing that you can do that can make a difference in terms much the flu. >> dr. larry, even when the california department of public health says influenza has reached widespread levels and they have quotes in widespread, can you really put your finger on the reason why? >> i don't know what they mean by widespread. the numbers that i have seen is it's kind of consistent with what we see, again, every year. kind of end of december, january, february, march, in
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terms of flu season. which is it affects a lot of people. millions of americans will get sick with influenza this year. it is a big deal. there's a lot of days work lost. when i see people in the er with this, they feel like they're dying. the flu is not just a cold. it is not just a little cough and run enose. the virus runs through your system. and people feel really sick. i have to reassure them. most people are not dying. it's just normal flu, which is miserable. >> dr. larry, i get the flu shot. but on those years when it turns out that the strain of what is happening in the community isn't matched by the strain of what is in that shot, it can be very discouraging for me to go and spend another $30 and half hour the next fall to get a flu shot that may or may not work. >> that is certainly understandable. this year's flu looks like it's influenza a. h3n2 are some of the sub types that i have seen
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from the cdc's report. i wish i could tell you that the flu shot is 100%. it's not. it is not 0. it is somewhere between. 50 to 60% effective. again, it's one of the best things that we've got. i would encourage everybody, even know, it can still offer you some benefit to get it. i understand your -- you know, i understand your frustration that it's not perfect. >> yeah. >> this is ongoing. we need better vaccines. >> dr. larry, we have to run soon. but i want to get in a question about kids. we all have kids here. is there anything special to protect our kids who may not be the best at washing hands. do you keep them away from other kids? what do you do during flu season? what would you do with your kids if you had? >> number one is the flu shot. number two, like you said, wash your hands. number three, if they get sick, keep them at home. you know, be conscious of is there flu outbreak going on at their school. are a lot of kids sick.
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do your best to keep them out of that. you know, something else in terms of immune system is take care of yourself. get enough rest. drink enough fluids. you know, make sure that you're eating well and doing all of that stuff and managing your stress. that makes a difference too in terms of is your immune system strong enough to fight it off if you're exposed. how long are you going to be sick? in general, take care of yourself as well. >> a valuable message. dr. larry, thank you for joining us this morning. i agree were what he said about if you're sick, stay home sick. don't come to the office and share it with all of your friends. if i have a fever, i stay home. our school has a rule your child has to be fever free for 24 hours and then he or she gets to come back. >> that's a good rule. >> before christmas i was sick and i should have stayed home an treks day. >> thanks a lot, mike. >> i knew i was going on vacation. >> not to look bad. >> no. but to let your coworkers down. so you have that pressure -- i didn't want to let you down. >> i know. >> i didn't have the flu. just a bad cold.
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>> no one got sick. changing the subject, rocky quarterback connor cook will lead the oakland raiders against the texans tomorrow. the raiders flew to houston yesterday ahead of the wild card game. it is their first playoff appearance since the 2002-2003 season when they lost in the super bowl. the two teams faced off in new mexico. the texans blew a 4th quarter lead and the raiders won 27-20. the raiders was one of the best teams in the league before derek carr got hurt. now they are tied with three other teams as the least likely to win. the most likely is the patriots. >> of course. >> this leads to the question of the day. do you think the raiders have what it takes to win it all despite what the experts have to say? mr. g says not with the injury to carr. >> the answer is yes. they were better on the road. and the old looked like it did
9:22 am
when carr was in when cook took over raider nation. >> defense needs to be on point tomorrow and offensive line needs to protect cook, allowing him time to find receivers. not easy but can win. i agree with you. if they get the win, watch out for the wild card teams as they gain momentum on the road and face the next opponent. >> that's why you play the game. >> that's why you play the game. we will look for your notes sos later in the newscast. tweet us by using #ktvuthe9. two people are deed after a triple shooting at a restaurant. what witnesses saw as police search for the shooter.
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>> we want to update you on that breaking news surrounding bart. bart had a train that was stuck a long time this morning at the west oakland stays. it was literally stuck on the tracks. they could not move it. they tried for a long time. finally they did. moved it up to a siding. now trains are flowing again.
9:25 am
more people decided they should take their car apparently because the toll plaza traffic is busier. bart trains are running in and out of san francisco again but there is a big back log. if you're taking bart later in the day, you should be fine. if you're going into the city, expect more cars on the streets than normal. a neighborhood in castro valley is without water right now because of a water main break. this is right off of lake road. essentially just south of the road itself. the repairs could take ten hours which means you could be going to bed without water. the work started at about 7:00 this morning. right now it is not clear what caused that water main break. investigators say a heater near a bed may have caused this big apartment fire this morning in oakland. flames and smoke from the fire forced a dozen people from their units. the fire quickly spread up to the second and then the third floors of that building. on the 3800 block of harrison. one man who lives on the first
9:26 am
floor says he kicked out a window trying to escape his apartment. two people had to be treated for minor smoke inhalation. a total of 14 people were forced out by the fire and getting help from the red cross. two men are dead and another in the hospital this morning following a restaurant shooting in east san jose. the gunman went in and opened fire. janine de la vega spoke with the uncle of one of the victims. >> reporter: i spoke with the victim's uncle. his sister got a phone call from authorities and they confirmed that her son died. the family identifies him as 22- year-old daniel maldoed in owe. the uncle says the family was together on new year's eve and his nephew was happy. they just don't know what happened. police say the shooting happened at 7:45 last night. three men were eating at the taqueria near king when the shooter came in and started firing multiple rounds. all three men were struck by
9:27 am
bullets. two died inside the restaurant. the third was rushed to the hospital. officers van cased the neighborhood overnight and talked to witnesses. police are looking into whether it was gang related because it happened in an area with heavy gang activity. last year there were 47 homicides in san jose, which is the highest in decades. many of he those killings did involve gangs and police are putting a focus on combating gang violence. police have not released a suspect or vehicle description in the shooting. they are hoping that surveillance video from neighboring businesses will help in their investigation. reporting from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up next, san francisco mayor ed lee has decided when he will appoint to the board of supervisors. the last jobs report under the obama administration. a look at what is ahead for president-elect donald trump. ♪[music]
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♪[music] >> welcome back, everyone. we are checking twitter. the question of the day, talking about the raiders big game tomorrow down in houston and whether or not the absence of quarterback derek carr means that the raiders aren't going to win the game or even the super bowl because the odds makers in vegas have them at 66: 1 in some cases. do you think the raiders will win it all. >> not likely. get past houston, i don't see why not. just win baby. >> okay. i see a lot of optimism on my twitter feed which i like. it's a good possibility that my raiders will get the job done. we have a great team that has to work hard and help the qb. no carr, odds are higher. they might have a chance to win tomorrow. hard to do that without a
9:31 am
quarterback. >> i see. roan says nope, unfortunately their carr broke down before reaching the finish line. so he is being a little light but that's why they play the game. i give them a chance to move one game up. >> we will be watching. tomorrow is the big game. today is the day we take your responses. another major breaking story. >> i want to update the people trying to figure out whether to get into the city. the west oakland bart station, trains are moving through after being stuck on the tracks for a good portion of the morning commute. trains are now moving in and out of san francisco again. the problem is a lot of people decide today drive. now we have a big backup at the bay bridge which had been light. after this happened, more people are driving into the city. that means more people will be driving out of the city. bart now says that service has resumed. if you take bart, expect delays.
9:32 am
>> the weather is the big story of the day. a precaution for tomorrow and especially sunday. >> as for the raiders game, does brock scare anyone? come on. raiders, let's go. we have a lot -- it can be maybe 7, 10, 15 days here. we're talking about way too much rain here. great droughts are replaced by great floods sometimes. we're concerned going forward. today it's all about the cold temperatures. we had 20s. we had 30s. now we have 40s. even up north, i mean, there were some digits for some. but kellyville still in the -- kelseyville still in the 20s. there are advisories for snow. there are advisories for flooding. flash flood watches out. there could even be freezing rain i think on saturday. certainly up towards parts of lake county, the sacramento valley, and up i-80. so keep that in mind. as this cold air is trapped and
9:33 am
here comes this surge or this plume of moisture up from the pacific and the tropics. the easterly breeze will turn more southeasterly. it's going to turn. but that's bringing all of the cold air back over towards the coast. draw your attention to a series of systems seriously that will start working their way in here. and the potential exists between now and i would say the next week or so. maybe rain measured in feet for some here. over the weekend, santa cruz mountains, marin county. i'm very concerned there. russian river as well. because some areas could just get slammed. once it sets up, if it doesn't move, it will keep raining. saturday is just a rain day. not severe. sunday will be wind and rain. some of this will be very heavy. i mean, if san jose is getting four, that's probably ten in the santa cruz mountains. there's just no way around that. same for santa rosa. if santa rosa is getting three and a half, that's 7 or 8
9:34 am
towards kernville, forestville. if san francisco is getting 3.85, that is probably about 6 or 7 around kentville, ross, tam, marin county. i'm very concerned with that. we don't want to sit there and say the sky is falling but look at the potential until next wednesday. off the chart. possibility of being historic here. that word has been mentioned by a couple national weather service offices. rightfully so. 40s, 50s on the highs today. it will warm up. that is one positive, i guess. boy, there's a lot of rain on the way, you guys. >> be safe and hang on. >> it's scary some of the projections. i talked about this about four, five days ago. remember that, mike? >> yeah. 24-inch rainfalls going out to the 22nd of the month. >> a lot of rain. >> what are you going to do. >> seriously you might as well take precautions now. not only that, but also in the sierra. because that snow has come way down. if you start getting rain on
9:35 am
top of that, then you can make that flood situation even worse. >> all right, steve. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> following some of the top stories coming out of san francisco. we're hearing that san francisco mayor ed lee will be announcing his appointment to the board of supervisors. this is the position to fill the one vacated by scott weiner. tara moriarty joining us live from the hall of justice. tara, two of the mayor's past three appointees have lost re- election. so i believe this is a big one for him here. >> reporter: yeah. this is actually going to be a historic one. he will appoint jeff shehe to the board of supervisors. the reason this decision is historic is because he will become the first hiv-positive person to serve as a supervisor. he is currently the director of communications for the uc san francisco aids research
9:36 am
institute and previously served as an aids advisor to mayor newsome. district 8 serving the castro valley and the triangle neighborhood. he could potentially serve for the next decade because he will serve weiner's two remaining years that he has and then if he is elected to two four-year terms, that would be a total of ten years. >> they know more about bulls than bull market but the professional bull riders association helped to ring in the opening mark this morning. they are promoting the start of the 2017 bull riding season. the first event tonight at madison square garden. the markets and money are up this morning due to solid economic reports today. i'm looking at the dow and nasdaq. both are up. >> this 20,000 thing has been on my mind for months now. >> look at the jobs report. >> all right.
9:37 am
the december jobs report did not excite investors too much. 156,000 jobs were added last month, slightly lower than analyst projections. the government announced that hourly pay jumped 3% compared to december of 2015. the biggest increase in 7 years. here is even better news. says 40% of employers plan to hire permanent full-time workers this year. the hiring outlook this year is the best in a decade. two thirds of businesses increase to increase salary on initial job offers and nearly half will raise the company's minimum wage. joining us in the studio to make accepts of the numbers is morgan stanley advisor. i've heard a lot of people say this effect with trump taking the white house has not been seen yet. we won't know what investors will feel like until he actually takes office. is that true. >> that is true.
9:38 am
we have theu -- right now. we have january 20th, the inauguration. that's when the rubber hits the road. >> it's on a friday. >> we expect euphoria at first. >> what is your narrative for 2017? is it higher interest rates? is it better earnings growth if you had to put your finger on it. >> because we've had a goody economy going forward, not fantastic. today's job reports bares this out. we need 100,000 jobs to break even. we're averaging about 180,000 jobs per month. we've had 75 months of consistent job growth. that's the largest span of time since the great depression. so that leads the platform for president-elect to come in and take to the next level. we're looking for tax reform.
9:39 am
rear looking for infrastructure play to put more money into the economy. we have to look for more labor. it will be exciting for workers in 2017. >> no president has ever been perfect. the markets, they stumble and come back. do you expect it to be a robust market to bounce back, if you will? >> again, we would expect it to. the fundamentals are pretty good. yesterday was the first day of congress. and what did they talk about? the affordable care act. >> uh-huh. >> replacing it. which if that's going to be the conversation, that's going to take up a lot of time. what the markets are looking for is tax reform for businesses. when you lower the business tax rate from 35% to 15%, something happens in the economy. >> that powers the market higher. >> much higher. it is the anticipation of the market capitalization and the worth of these companies and dividends being paid to be much higher. >> mike joked about how we have been hovering around the dow 20,000 for weeks wanting to hit
9:40 am
the mark. does it mean anything? >> it's important because it's a record. but it's not that important because we really went from 19,000 on the dow to perhaps maybe even today 20,000. so if we do that, that's a 5% increase. if you go back to 1987, blackmon, the dow was at 1,000. and within the year, it went to 2,000. that's 100% increase. that would get me excited. a 5% increase is good. it's nice. >> for people sitting at home and wondering where to invest this year, should it be the index funds or do you think it's better to maybe do individual stocks in. >> well, individual stocks you're really speculative. it is better to bet on the big market. >> if you have a few extra bucks. >> need your core portfolio to be diversified. the index is always safe because that's giving you a broad area to invest n you get the good, bad and ugly with it. >> even with the transition of power. >> yeah. do you think that people pay enough attention to their
9:41 am
401(k)s? a lot of people forget good them and look at them once in a while. do you have any suggestion for those people who want to maybe start managing their 401(k)s better during this market time. >> 401(k)s are extremely important. number one, put away as much money as you can. maybe every three months you ask yourself am i doing okay? if you are, you do another percent. three months later, am i doing okay? another percent. >> what about the al occasions? >> the allocation is really important that you realize how old you are and how much time you have to retirement and how long you will live. when you're younger you're aggressive. when you're older you will be more conservative. less equity in the market. being diversified. then you can set it and forget t a lot of the 401 common carrier plans allow you to rebalance. 401(k) plans are just simple. you can't do anything exotic. just maintain that. just don't lose money. that's the most important. >> just the message of discipline is one that is so
9:42 am
important. i'm thankful that my parents instilled that in us. once you start putting it away, you don't even know it's coming in. you don't feel like you're missing anything. >> you cannot react to the market fluctuations. the market over the long-term does well. in the short term you have your ups and downs. you can't be emotional about it. >> speaking of money, do you put your money on the raiders. >> if they had carr. he helped them come back from behind in a lot of the wins. >> happy new year. moving on to congress today. congress will officially certified the electoral college votes and declare donald trump the winner of the presidential election. all 538 electors met in their respective states last month to cast votes. two that were supposed to vote for trump cast ballots for other republicans. that means the final electoral college count is expected to be
9:43 am
trump 304 and clinton 227. president-elect donald trump will become the next commander in chief two weeks from today. final preparations are underway at the u.s. capitol building. it will include a luncheon, parade and the inaugural speech. security is a top concern. 250,000 tickets are available for the inauguration. president-elect donald trump is tweeting about reports that he will ask congress to pay to build a wall he wants on the border with mexico. trump tweeted the dishonest media does not report any money spent on building the great wall for sake of speed will be paid back by mexico later. he was reacting to reports that the transition team has been meeting with congress about providing money to build a border wall. that would go against the promise that that he would force mexico to pay for the wall. the tweet reads that mexico would pay back later, it's not clear how that would happen. first lady michelle obama
9:44 am
wrapped up her last event at the white house. she got emotional at the end. >> i can think of no better way to end my time as first lady than celebrating with all of you. so i want to close the day by simply saying thank you. thank you for everything you do for our kids and for our country. being your first lady has been the greatest honor of my life. >> throughout her years at the white house, the first lady has focused most of her efforts on education and children's issues. coming up, locking your room and ordering a drink will be a lot easier out at sea. the high tech changes that could turn into big business for cruise lines. ♪[music]
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>> everything is going to change. >> almost every key note has one surprise. i'm sure it will be at least one. have no guess what it will be thissaer. >> boy, it was the most anticipated apple key note address ever. and the one that revealed one of the company's most innovative products the iphone. monday will mark ten years since apple unveiled the original iphone. now smart phones are just about everywhere. back then it was an amazing technological leap forward. we went back to the ktvu archives and pulled video and reaction to the original iphone. >> good morning. thank you for coming. >> you're welcome. >> three things. a wide screen ipod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone and a break through internet communications
9:48 am
device. >> it was fantastic. blown away. heard rumors but apple sealed the door. >> he wowed me. he really did. this is the old steve jobs, i think. >> the overall outline is what apex pecked. more fancy and awesome. >> are you getting one? >> yeah. >> yeah. of course these days -- >> look how happy they are. >> i remember that day. i remember that event. it was mind blowing. now i see 8-year-olds walking around with these. >> i remember when i went there texting -- i had to have to text with dot dot dot. i was able to text without that. it was mind changing. >> it's a phone and camera and computer. it's everything. it's nice to see steve jobs making that announcement. now we know that these gadgets are everywhere. tech is at the next level. some devices can unlock your door, order food for you and enjoy entertainment. this is all happening on cruise ships. >> a wearable technology has been introduced at the consumer
9:49 am
electronics show in las vegas. >> stewart the cruise guy is at the show and has a look at the small device with big result snooze hello from the consumer electronics show. we're at the booth with incredible stuff. let's take a look. carnival corporation parent company to iconic brands unveiled incredible technology which will be quite a game changer for the hot by tallet industry. cruise lines and other travel companies have developed their own apps which are already antiquated. when i go on cruises like most people we don't like lines. how can the big ships better deal with people like me? introducing ocean medallions. this little device fits in your pocket. it does nothing but enables us to do just about everything. getting on and off ships will be a breeze. ordering food and
9:50 am
beverages,ible acting with ship staff, making reservations and unlocking cabin doors. no more touching, tapping or scanning. ocean medallion can help you personalize your vacation. help me help you. medallion technology will debut aboard the love boat. it comes online in november. no doubt passenger experiences will be taken up a notch or two. another reason that more than 25 million people will cruise this year. from the consumer electronics show for ktvu fox 2 news, i'm stewart the cruise guy. back to you. >> going deep with the jerry maguire quotes. help me help you. >> he wasn't wearing a cruise shirt because he wants to be just a little more polished at the ces. >> sal, just real quick, kind of off topic here. i got a message from a viewer, patty says she loves your music. >> oh. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much for
9:51 am
saying that. all right. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, being given a second chance. up next, we will tell you an east bay man's story of recovery and redemption. his recent encounter with a flower vendor that he robbed at gun point years ago. here's your receipt. have a nice day! thank you. start the car! start the car!
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start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea
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>> the cause of death has not
9:54 am
been determined. the orca was being treated for a bacterial infection. he is responsible for the death of a trainer during the death of the dive with shamu show in 2010. he was profiled in the documentary black fish that helped sway popular opinion against keeping killer whales in captivity the sea world parks. unlikely and emotional meeting was caught on cell phone video between a man trying to turn his life around and the flower vendor he robbed at gun point nearly three years ago. >> i can't even ask for forgiveness. what i can do as a man is come to you and let you know that i am sorry and i understand. and i want you to know that i'm here to make this right with you. >> if i can get a picture with brother here. thank you, man. >> absolutely. >> you're awesome, man. it takes a lot of character to do that. >> joe duke says he was a drug addict three years ago looking for money when he robbed the flower stand owner at the gas
9:55 am
station. he pulled up to the gas station and saw the man that he robbed. duke decide today approach him because he is now clean and sober after serving time in jail and want today make amends by giving the owner the money he had. >> there's no words to explain. it's not something that you can put into words that you gain from making amends like that. it's so powerful within -- within you. >> joe duke has been clean and sober for 18 months. the warriors play at home tonight against a tough grizzly team by the way with a winning record. 22-16 record. steph curry and kevin durant found out they are the top all- star vote getters in the western conference. kevin durant is in the lead. coming in fifth, more hand 439,000 votes. the nba all-star game is next
9:56 am
month in new orleans. the golden globe awards is this sunday. >> nominees for back actress include natalie portman for her role in jackie. other nominees include amy adams. jimmy fallon is going to host the awards on sunday night. the harlem globetrotters return to the bay area with 7 games through january 22nd at oracle arena and the snp center. enter now for tickets for the 7:00 p.m. game on january 21st, 2017 in oakland. tickets also include access to the pregame event. to enter go to our facebook page and click on the contest link. you must be at least 18 years old to enter. the prize is an approximate retail value of $269 and is provided by the harlem globetrotters.
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to purchase tickets at any of the events visit one winner will be selected on january 9th, 2017. you can see the official rules on thanks so much for joining us. you said it all. thanks for joining us this morning on the 9. keep in mind this weekend wet. very cold. stay with us. we're monitoring the upcoming storm. we will see you back here at noon for more.
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