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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  January 6, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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people and wounding eight more reportedly told the fbi that the government was controlling his mind. authorities say that 26-year- old esteban santiago threw down his gun and surrendered. he had arrived on a flight out of anchorage, alaska. the puerto rico national guard says santiago had been deployed to iraq in 2010. so far the names of the victims have not been released. >> the effects of that massacre today at the airport in ft. lauderdale are being felt here. a jetblue flight from sfo to ft. lauderdale that was set to leave tonight has been canceled. officials are urging passengers to check with your airline for flight information. delta air lines is saying passengers could face disruptions right on into the weekend. >> and public works crews around the bay area are preparing for the heavy rain expected this weekend. in contra costa county plenty of people there are stocking up on sandbags.
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many crews are out checking drains. be sure to charge your cell phone. also, it's importance to have an emergency plan in place. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. police in san leandro have made an arrest in a horrible sexual assault. the suspect is accused of attacking an intoxicated woman after kidnapping her from a bart station. >> our crime reporter henry lee spoke to police today and has more. henry. >> heather, police say this was a terrifying attack committed by stranger who is a registered sex offender. san leandro police say the woman in her 20s was the target of a vicious attack during which she was drugged. >> there is probably no worse crime than sexual assault. this is something that the survivor, their friends and their family will have to live with forever. >> on the night of december 15th the woman went to a work related holiday party. because she had been drinking she did the responsible thing by taking bart instead of
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driving. authorities say video from the station shows her swaying back and forth and at one point falling to her hands and nays on the platform. a short time later about 1:00 in the morning she got off at the bay fair bart station. police say that's where this man, 27-year-old manny foster, realized the woman was inebriated and left the station with her. court documents say he pulled her close as she tried to walk away from him. >> she had consumed alcoholic beverages. he had the upper hand in this case. he took full advantage of it. >> authorities say the 6' 3" man led the smaller woman out of the bart station as she continued to stumble. the suspect took the victim to this stretch of railroad tracks where police say he brutally sexually assaulted her. she tried to escape but the assault continued until finally he left her in the mud. she had no idea where she was. authorities say the woman was drugged during the attack. the woman still covered in mud ended up at a nearby house. the residents told me their dog
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started barking. they found her on their doorstep and thought she was a burglar. >> so we closed the door, and the wife called the police. >> she scared me really bad. and i said, get away, get away from here. >> the resident said she became distraught after a police detective told her the woman had been assaulted. >> i did nothing, but then he told me, don't feel that way because i called the police. >> police say dna from the attack was matched to foster from an earlier sexual saw. bart police arrested him two days after christmas at the civic center bart station in san francisco. the alameda county prosecutors have charged him with six sexual assault cases including kidnapping. if convicted he could face life in prison without parole. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. the man who was pinned between a bart train and a station platform on wednesday night has now died. authorities say 31-year-old jeff of hayward accidentally fell from the platform at san
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francisco's 24th street station. a go fund me page has now been set up to help his family bring his body back to the philippines where he will be buried. at last check close to 5,000 out of a $25,000 goal had been raised. we're learning more about a problem with the bart train that snarled this morning's commute into san francisco. bart tells us an electrical short affected five cars of one train at the west oakland station. while crews worked to resolve the problem all trains headed to the city were on hold leading to delays. after an hour technicians were finally able to move the stalled train out of the way. >> if you can imagine a train door, all the train doors open, all the car doors open at the same time and close, but they also get information about speeding up or slowing down. and so these five cars on the end of this 10-car train weren't getting that information. they weren't moving. >> bart says it is not clear yet what caused the electrical short. a number of bart riders told us that after a long wait for a
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train they eventually gave up trying to get to work and headed back home. flu season has arrived with a vengeance. healthcare centers say they are swamped with flu patients, and as jesse gary reports three people have died just in the past week. >> reporter: this man says he first felt the flu bug's bite while traveling home to pakistan over the holidays. >> what has it been like? >> it was like i was coughing a lot and my nose was running, and so, yes, that's how it is. >> reporter: not fun. >> no, not at all. >> reporter: it seems everyone in the bay area is either sneezing is or coughing and has or is coming down with the flu. health officials say the influenza virus reaches its highest levels from december to february. >> the flu is in full swing. it really started to pick up the latter half of december. we are still seeing a lot of activity. we don't know yet it
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has peaked. >> reporter: santa clara and every other county in the bay area is seeing rising flu levels. this urgent care center reports 12 to 14 new cases per day. the largest public hospital in the south bay is packed with those suffering symptoms. so far three deaths have been reported. last night an adult napa county man succumbed to the flu infection. last week similar patients died in solano and monterey counties. nationally upwards of 36,000 deaths each year are attributed to the flu. >> one thing is that people can get influenza and get other infections on top of that, like a bacterial pneumonia, and that can take their life. >> reporter: doctors suggest people suffering flu symptoms, fever, cough, sneezing, head and body aches, should stay home. cover your cough or sneezes to reduce the spread of germs. wash your hands with soap and water, or use hand sanitizer. avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. and lastly, get a flu shot, the best defense for this virus.
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>> getting vaccinated may prevent you from getting the flu, or at least it will prevent you from getting severely ill from the flu. >> reporter: it is advice this man says he will follow before the next flu outbreak. you can get flu shots at a variety of places, not just here at a hospital er. as a matter of fact, some companies offer flu shots to their employees to try to prevent the spread of the flu virus in the workplace. with that in mind, if you feel like you are coming down with something, flu or not, if the kids are sir, everybody stay home. you don't want to spread this in the workplace or at school. in san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. still to come here, new details about a massive data breach involving a major health insurance company, and millions and millions of its customers. plus, history in san francisco. we will introduce you to the city's newest supervisor and what he says about his mission. it is absolutely essential, from my perspective, and i want to work on making sure that we
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new at 6:30 a state agency says a foreign government may have been behind the 2014 cybersecurity breach of health insurance company anthem. the california department of insurance released its findings today but stopped short of naming the foreign government. the breach compromised e records of more than 78 million customers. investigators say hackers used a fishing e-mail and got through several layers of
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security. anthem discovered the cyber breach a year ago and said it also included the records of at least 12 million miners. anthem is the nation's second largest health insurer and is licensed in all 50 states. wall street wrapped up the first weeks of the new year on the plus side with the dow coming within one point of the 20,000 mark today. at the close the dow was up 64 points at 19,963. the s & p was up by seven. the labor department reported wages rose nearly 3% in december as the economy added 156,000 jobs. san francisco mayor ed lee has appoint a new supervisor to represent the castro and glenn park neighborhoods. he said plans to fight for access to healthcare. >> with aca potentially under attack, medicare perhaps trimmed back, it is absolutely
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essential, from my perspective, and i want to work on making sure that we don't lose ground in the work that we have done to reduce disparities and access to high-quality healthcare for all the communities in san francisco. [ applause ] >> he will be filling the district's 8th seat previously held by scott wiener who was elected back in november. he is the first person openly living with hiv to serve on the board of supervisors. he is set to be sworn in this weekend. a major storm on its way to the bay area. >> when the rain has come what we do is we lift everything up. >> up next, continuing coverage on this weekend's big storm and what people are doing to prepare. then i'm tracking that weather. it is going to be a wet weekend but especially saturday night into sunday morning. the latest computer model and how it pans out for your sunday afternoon.
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around the bay area city crews are clearing storm drains and getting emergency plans in place. they are preparing for that major storm that is coming our way. forecasters say it could unleash anywhere from two to ten inches of rain. flooding a concern along bay area creeks and rivers and in many low lying areas. >> ktvu's tara moriarty reports from the public works yard where folks were stocking up on sandbags today. >> reporter: sucking the leaves and at the bree out of city storm drains. >> they have elephant-like- looking trunks, and they would have to remove the grate off the catch basin. >> reporter: 25,000, to be
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exact. that's what crews have been doing for weeks, but now that a massive storm is bearing down on the bay area they are working at break-neck speed. >> fortunately we put in a sump pump a few months ago which hue been a life saver. >> reporter: residents and crews are trying to stave off potential flooding any way they can. >> it was nonstop action. every time i would take a break here comes another one. >> reporter: at the public works yard business was hopping. public works officials say there are 1050 sandbags per pallet. you can see that the public tore through these ones. within a five-hour time frame they were able to dole out about 800 sandbags today. >> once a year it floods pretty bad. every three years it floods really bad. >> reporter: julia works at a shop in folsom, a spot notorious for heavy rains. >> we lift everything up like a fat. we put bins on tables. >> it will go up maybe 8 to 10
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or 12 inches. >> reporter: cleo gonzalez says the area looks like a lake. >> it's an absolute disaster. see my sandbags here? we just had 8 of them stolen. so who was supposed to stay out here all night? >> reporter: he says homeless people steathe plastic tarp exposing his warehouse. many owners along folsom say the city needs to do more. >> it takes you six months to get back up on your feet again but we would rather it not happen. >> reporter: public works is bringing in general laborers and dispatchers around the clock through the weekend. there will be engineers and street inspectors on call in case of any mudslides or sinkholes. the sandbag give-away has been extended until sunday. let's bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin. the bottom line it sounds like we are going to get creamed by rain. anywhere from two to ten inches, depending where you are. >> just depends where you are, right. if you get two inches you are going to say, what happened?
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but i think most places will see three and four inches. two inches would be on the light side. but hat the potential to bring us some problems. outside now enjoying the dry while it lasts. it is going to be wet. the travel all weekend is wet. you are not going to the mountains. i wouldn't go to the mountains certainly on this pattern. there's the extra tropical moisture plume, or the atmospheric river, or the pineapple express. it's over 2,000 miles long. there's no way it's not going to rain. it is going to be wet from northern california all the way to santa barbara so everybody is getting wet. i think santa barbara, monterey county, fresno, everybody is getting rain. there are showers just offshore right now. those are light. the yellows and reds will start coming into the radar scope here as we head into saturday morning. now that is a lot of rain, but
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that's not the main event. you see that break? that's real good. technically we may get a five or six or eight-hour break after tomorrow morning's rain to let things settle down. if you look down in the far corner you can see the concern, this area here. that's the beginning of this wave. so now here it is, saturday night, sunday morning. yellows and reds. more yellow and red so that's six hours we've seen in that the north bay and the central bay and san jose. then it stays. now it's 10:00 a.m. so we're talking six, seven, eight hours of heavy rain for mainly san jose, bay area south. but santa ro sacks, tool get heavy rain. it's a prolonged period. you can see in here this is the deals, right in here, this area from here to here. that's the water hose. you can see where it is, right, santa cruz mountains. that's why we're expecting the most problems up there. but everybody is going to have problems no. way you won't see an urban and small stream flood advisory. flood warnings will pop up.
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the wind advisories will be in effect through tomorrow morning all the way through sunday morning. the winds will gust to 50 and 60 miles per hour. heaviest rainfall is going to end up being right here. you will seat as of 5:00 a.m. there is your break tomorrow afternoon, thankfully. that's a big deal there. then bam this is the deal. we'll be in sunday morning. mark will be around. rosemary son vacation or she would be here. she's in hawaii. i know she probably wouldn't want to miss this. the five-day forecast keeps us wet through saturday and sunday. like i always say that break on saturday is huge if that happens. if you look after sunday there's a little break. that's huge. if we were to back these storms up, if we had one more of these, it would be big trouble. so we may be okay but there will be problems throughout parts of the bay area. >> bill, thank you. sports is next. take a short break. sigh in a moment.
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doesn't always equal something tasty. at my place, you can get a mouthwatering sourdough bacon ranch combo for $4.99. with a full size beef patty, bacon, and creamy ranch sauce, on toasted sourdough bread. plus hot & salty fries and refreshing freestyle drink. because flavor always beats formulas. the sourdough bacon ranch combo, just $4.99 for a limited time. combos done my way. everybody excited about the raiders' game tomorrow but they got some more bad news. >> donald penn, their offensive all-pro lineman is not going to be able to play so that is not the greatest of news. but as everyone has said, you have got to suit up. at this point, get ready to
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play the texans and let the pieces fall where they may. joe fonzi is down there, going to cover the game. sounds like he's having some friday night fun down in houston. joe fonzi with the latest on the entire raider nation situation. >> reporter: the state of texas has a rich football tradition. you automatically think of the university of texas or the dallas cowboys. what you might not know is that houston, this part of it, anyway, a hot bed for oakland raider fans. the black hole also meets here. >> everywhere, that's why they call us a nation. we're everywhere. any major city, even the small towns, will you find raiders fans. there's a lot of us out here in texas. >> i feel like the raiders are my extended family. i can go anywhere in the u.s. and find family members. and that's just it. >> i think the raiders' brand is the only one in sports that it's a lifestyle, you know. there's an attitude to the raider brand that people just gravitate towards, and it's a beautiful thing. >> we just started our booster club here last year and hat
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grown so much. it's just like wow. >> it's not just raider fans who are meeting here tonight. they were also joined by one of the stars of super bowl 15, former raider running back kenny king. >> two of the last 10 years i've gotten a chance to be able to see a lot more of the raider nation and the chapters that are here. and it's really exciting because now there's more raider fans. >> guys, i know the answer but give me a prediction tomorrow. >> raider victory, baby. >> raiders! >> as always, they look good, and they travel well. reporting from houston, joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2. >> messing with joe like that. tell you what, as we know by now, you put something in the voters' hands, and you never know how it is going to turn out. the returns are in for the nba all stars western conference in the full court. zaza pachulia is number two.
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he is leading his great teammate draymond green in the fore court. coach durant number one. but zaza and green having a little fun with that vote. at the practice facility earlier today. >> shout-out to zaza. >> i'm only in it for the team, for this team, and that's what i care about the most, and regarding the voting, i'm just sitting back enjoying the process. >> if zaza were to go and you were not, what would that be like? >> i'm going to get on him the whole week, go from there. >> he's smiling about it now but i get a feeling if zaza made the all-star team and draymond did not, he would have a different outlook. giants and packers. different players have different ways of getting ready. odell beckham the controversial star of the new york giants
6:57 pm
always dancing, always spouting is off, he spent part of this week as a lift driver. there's some of that footage. >> giants, new york giants? >> yes, of course. >> who are the people over there at the giants? >> i like o'dell. >> i don't got too much bad to say about beckham junior. >> i love him. >> i don't know how i feel about him, always dancing all the time. he plays the game with passion. it's all good. >> you know anyplace to get a haircut around here? >> your hair looks cool. it kind of looks like ramen noodles. >> that was cool. >> stay las for the game. >> mark, thank you. see you later. >> good night.
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