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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 7, 2017 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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rain pulling down trees, possibly killing one woman. cutting off power and causing problems on the roads. and this is just the beginning. >> there was too much rocks i had to drive around in the middle of the road. >> live team coverage from the conditions right now to the worst that's still ahead. >> mr. santiago walked into the anchorage fbi office. >> new details about the man who allegedly killed five people in fort lauderdale. who he was and what he was
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going through. >> to report that his mind was being controlled. >> a family vacation ends with tragedy after a boy falls into an icy pond. how his parents risked their lives to try and rescue him. coming up. >> and their super bowl dreams deflated. what the raiders are saying about their first playoff performance in more than a date and their plan to -- than a decade and their plan to move forward. good evening. >> and good evening i'm poll poll. ca -- i'm max polumbo. heavy rain has hit making trees tumble and streets dangerous. one woman is dead. >> looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. the roadways slick as the rain comes down right now. this is just the before the storm.
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live team weather coverage for you. >> rob malcolm is live. lee martinez is in the santa cruz mountains. >> but first to our meteorologist with the latest conditions. >> as advertised the heaviest downpours will be moving in first thing sunday morning. we have been trending towards that intense category for two to three hours out there. live storm tracker two radar out there. increasing to 8:00 this evening. as you can see a couple of warnings in the north bay. this is a flood warning that will begin tomorrow for the anapa river at st. helena. there could be flooding in the upper valley. this begins before 12:00, a 12- hour period. could linger into next week as well depending on what happens with the rainfall. also, this, a flood warning for
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portions of the guadalupe river. this begins tomorrow afternoon just after 3:30. the rainfall continues to work its way back into the ree skwon. here is the -- region. here is the latest right now. the coverage increasing. up in the north bay heavy cells in napa and vallejo. look at all the greens and yellows showing up especially in the east bay. coming in closer right now. toward dublin and pleasanton. if you were going to select one cell showing you rainfall rates close to an inch an hour. a lot of coverage out there as well. the santa cruz mountains the actions picking up in santa cruz, scotts valley and watsonville as well. most of the bay area with the exception of the inland east bay under a flash flood watch.
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that's in place right now through sunday evening. heaviest rain as advertised over the past few days kicks up first thing tomorrow morning. early sunday morning. as advertised too the santa cruz mountains potentially picking up eight to ten inches of rainfall. that could be a problem spot. lee martinez was in the mountains earlier. the weather conditions have been changing quite a bit. have you noticed that? >> rain originally felt like an ocean spray but within the past hour it feels like it's coming down harder. about #00 people are without power. a little bit earlier 200 people lost power early in the morning because a tree came down. they're hoping the power will be restored by 11:00. this is 17 behind us here, going up this road is summit road. this is where we're seeing some doing r dangerous conditions --
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some dangerous conditions. these are locals here. this is the drop off and waiting area we're seeing people use. they're going up in caravans. locals are saying it's safer to go not by yourself but to ride along with other people. they're saying at this point even though they've lived here for quite a while the conditions to them are dangerous. the santa cruz mountains have had a rough few months with weather. they suffered through the loma wildfire in october followed by a wet fall and winter that caused flooding and power outages. >> we're learning what we're getting into. our first power outage was 24 hours and it wasn't raining. >> he came down to pick up his wife. he didn't want her sister making the drive in the rain. >> we put a generator in last night in anticipation of the storm tonight. >> making the drive back up summit road isn't going to be easy.
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there are several small landslides and a few trees came down. >> the roads are pretty dangerous. watch out for the brake lights because people get on their brakes quick. you got to watch out for people stopping pretty quick. >> locals and highway patrol haven't found floods but there are several spots where water is deepening. >> by the lexington reservoir there's water that runs parallel with the two lanes on 17 and it's pretty dangerous in that one spot. >> and further up the mountain we noticed that fog is also a problem with visibility and certain patches. some people that have their power and if they have christmas lights on that proved to be helpful to us driving. again pg and e says people are without power but they hope to have that restored by 11:00 tonight. storm clouds hanging over mount tam people down below
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begin preparing for the worst. >> residents and business owners know the drill. they're boarding up shops. rob malcolm has more on the storm prep there, rob? >> i'm standing here right now. the rain isn't coming down too heavily but i'm standing over the creek. take a look at how quickly and how fast these waters are flowing here. this is a critical area of concern. the drit cal flood level is -- critical flood level is over 11 feet. people hoping their hard work will pay off and keep the flood waters at bay. around the bay area countless trees weakened by drought and saturated soil gave way. this played out on highway 123 in oakland. -- highway 13 in oakland. lucas valley road in ma run county was -- marin county was also closed.
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a sign of what's expected. a record amount of rainfall expected and here store owners were getting ready. >> we're just getting prepare for it like -- prepared for it like any other business. >> will this keep the water out? >> hopefully it will do the job but we don't know for certain. it has worked before. >> this is a familiar sight on main street, sandbags on the footsteps of store fronts and employees trying to get a head start on potential problems. >> we've had flood warnings all the last few days. and we just dropped down our flood gates. a plank of wood. pack up some sandbags to make sure nothing gushes in. >> it's hard to say what the creek will do running through the downtown area it chrissed before in 2005. -- crested before in 2005 so flood gates are ready. >> my watch business here at
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mag nol ya is backed -- magnolia is backed up against the creek. we're getting ready for the flood that might be imminent between 4:00 and 6:00 in the morning. >> that's the critical hour? >> it is. that's when it's going to crest or hopefully not. >> emergency workers are also prepared for problems from overflowing creeks to widespread power outages. they have double the crews. m arin -- marin county officials are creating a command center and they'll be keeping a close eye on weather maps. some residents are hoping this won't be as bad as predicted. >> it was very close last time. flood sirens were going off. it was a little crazy. we're hoping we have another saving grace and it doesn't happen. >> and you can only hope. back here live the water continuing to flow as i mentioned just over 11 feet.
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that's what everybody is watching. and they're watching between 4:00 and 6:00 a.m. that's when we'll know how high the creek will rise. many people hoping they've done what they can to keep the flood waters at bay and protect businesses. rob malcolm fox 2 news. >> all of this weather may have played a role in an accident near bolinger canyon road. a woman was walking through the golf course when a tree fell and hit her. she was rushed to the hospital where she died a short while later. tracking the storm and you can to on the weather app you'll find live radar and up to the minute forecasts this weekend and of course every day. a disappointing finish to the season for oakland back in the playoffs after 13 years out. >> not how you start the season. it's how you finish it.
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the lesson the raiders learned today losing to the texans 27- 14. >> jason joins us with the latest. you can't replace derek carr can you? >> carr an mvp candidate and his replacement a rookie making his first nfl start. certainly one of the big story lines. a tough loss but the big picture, they exceeded pretty much everyone's expectations this year. getting back to the playoffs for the first time in 14 years. connor cook had no chance against the number one ranked defense. even worse on their second possession. damion, a huge day for him. picks off kwook and the texan -- ok and the texans are in business inside the ten-yard line. later on 1:20 until half-time. brock osweiler. cook not a great day.
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41 yards in the first half. and in the second half not much better. throws behindseth roberts and -- behind seth robs and one here. the receivers were not helping him out. no chance. 18-45. 161 yards, one touchdown, three interceptions his counterpart brock osweiler booed last week. runs it in from one yard out. no mistakes from osweiler. texans win 27-14. the raiders didn't even convert a first down on third down until the fourth quarter. dell rio after the -- del rio after the game saying focus on the positive. >> you can't eliminate the abrupt ending you don't want but i don't think you can dismiss what we accomplished. we had a great beginning.
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we won 12 of 15 games. i told them this is the beginning. we're just getting started. we need to learn from what we feel and experiences we have throughout this year, both good and bad. and learn from it and go forward, you know? ready to do more. >> is there a time a team needs to go through to become a championship team? >> if you could skip it i'd love to skip it, i mean. i don't know the answer other than to say the way i approach it is you go forward. you believe and you teach. and you glow and you continue -- grow and you continue to add and you grow stronger. and you know what you want it to look like and keep pushing for it. >> the same sentiment from derek carr. so thankful to play with this team. love my teammates and how hard they work. can't wait to get to work with
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them. joe fonzi later in the program we'll hear from connor cook in sports wrap tonight. >> not the ending we wanted but a strong season. >> great season 12-5 couldn't get it done today. >> thanks a lot jason. an officer-involved shooting in san francisco at 10:30. the new information we're learning about the -- at 10:30 the new information we're learning about the man shot. plus tonight new information revealed about the man behind that deadly mass shooting at a florida airport. the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds.
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learning more about the man behind the deadly mass shooting at the fort lauderdale airport. esteban santiago had several run-ins with law enforcement other the past years. -- over the past years. >> in november 2016 mr. santiago walked into the anchorage fbi office to report that his mind was being controlled by u.s. intelligence agencies. >> the fbi confiscated a handgun belonging to santiago but that weapon was eventually returned. they tell us authorities are trying to determine a motive in yesterday's shooting rampage. >> authorities are still trying to figure out why a gunman opened fire against innocent passengers, killing five and
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injuring six more. >> we vo interviewed him -- we have interviewed him. we're longing over all his social media. it's giving us a picture of the individual. >> as investigators work to figure out a motive they're charging 26-year-old esteban santiago with federal crimes. back in november he d an fbi office in alaska. he went inside telling agents he was hearing voices forcing him to watch isis videos. at the time agencies took a gun for santiago and took him for a mental health investigation. the gun was returned to him one month later. >> during our initial investigation, we found no ties to terrorism. and while we are early in the investigation, there is currently no indication mr. santiago was working with any other individuals. >> he was flying from anchorage and checked one piece of luggage containing the gun.
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the shooting raising questions about airport security rules regarding weapons. >> we need to review not only the question of whether people should be able to travel with their firearms but i think we need to take a hard look at the security around the baggage claim areas. >> the 26-year-old iraq war veteran could face the death penalty if convicted of the federal charges. aat the fort lauderdale -- at the fort lauderdale international airport joel. president-elect donald trump today defended his relationship with russia. this after a declassified american intelligence report was released about how russia sabotaged the u.s. presidential election with the goal of helping trump win. trump tweeted having a good relationship with russia is a good thing not a bad thing. only stupid people or fools would think it's bad. the report listed the many ways the kremlin tried to influence
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the election and said russia will take what it learned and try once again. >> some agencies, the in particular, the cia are doing good work. we're playing ca in regards to the aggressiveness in regards to the attacks. >> the incoming administration needs to know tus on this. >> -- focus on this. >> they collected information on some republicans as well but never released it. it never affected vote counting but didn't say if it affected the overall election in other ways. turning back to our big story. a massive winter storm causing problems in the northeast. snow and ice hammering the region. the storm that has crippled the south where thousands are without power there. and the icy weather has created travel nightmares. some in north carolina seeing ten inches of snow. . >> i'm trying to hurry up and get gas and get home.
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if you're not used to it stay home. >> we'll try to get in and stay inside most of the weekend. >> especially if you don't have four-wheel drive don't get out on the roads. it's unnecessary if you don't have to. >> traveling by air wasn't easier. weather-related issues caused flights to be canceled or delayed. and traffic has been snarled. meanwhile dealing with severe weather here in the bay area right now. meteorologist mark is tracking the big storm, how does it look? >> the rainfall continues to pick up and the trends will continue over the next two to three hours adding to the rainfall we've already picked up. the numbers adding up. santa rosa over an inch and a half. napa .58. san francisco .51. and amounts tapering off. we're adding to the totals right now. santa cruz mountains picking up rainfall as well. boulder creek over the past 24
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hours, 3.61 inches in the santa cruz mountains. on track to reach eight to ten inches. 1020 showing you a lot of coverage. the focus in the southern half of the region. rain reports, light rain reports, in santa rosa. some coverage in san rafael. moving the map towards san francisco, hayward. the yellow cells correspond to more intense cells. livermore essentially covered here. the south bay saratoga, and the santa cruz mountains. scotts valley and watsonville. rain trend increasing over the last hour. things ramp up into the overnight hours. this continuous band of showers. right now we have the moisture and the di nammics will squeeze -- dynamics will squeeze out a
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lot of rain between now and tomorrow morning. we're not talking a few light showers out there. rainfall rains heading in that direction for 3:00, 6:00, even 9:00. and then we final lie scale gak finally scale back by mid afternoon tomorrow. could have problems with a lot of water on the roadways. throughout the weekend we've started this process with rainfall expectations about two inches. two to tloo for the central portions of the bay. coastal hills around eight to ten inches. the bulk coming for tomorrow morning. also watching a number of rivers across northern california and the bay area as you can see russian river, napa river the creek in marin and the guadalupe creek. and the san lorento river. you will see at gurnville could be cresting above flood stage.
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monday afternoon 2:00 p.m. keep an eye on this. also, we have a flood warning in place for the napa river at st. helena. we could have flooding in the upper napa valley. flood prediction 18.6 feet. we will have to keep an eye on the napa river in napa getting close to flood stage as well tomorrow evening. a lot to talk about with the downpours, creeks, rivers, and small streams. all this rain showing up. i'll stop here. this is what we're concerned with. 2:00 tomorrow morning look at the bright oranges, yellows, and reds. these will cause problems. we'll let you know when the heaviest downpours move out. >> thanks a lot mark. the west coast crab strike is officially over. the agreement that a san francisco crabber -- the agreement that has san francisco crabbers in business. what happened in the bitter
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cold accident. moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile.
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new at 10:00, a south bay family's vacation in the midwest ends in tragedy after falling through the ice of a frozen pond. authorities in kansas say the family went into the water about 15 feet from shore. friends say when polly and gary's 8-year-old son fell through the ice they went after him and fell through too. people in the area said the ice was newly formed and very thin. >> it has not been frozen over for long. i want to say two or three days. it hasn't been cold enough. >> rescuers pulled the father, gary from the water. he's recovering but polly and trent drowned. visitors to seaworld tomorrow will see the last killer whale show. they do tricks with trainers
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and jump out of the pool. it came under scrutiny six years ago when a trainer was killed during a performance. tilikum, the whale that killed her, died yesterday. new information tonight in the west coast crab strike. it is now over. fisherman and wholesalers have agreed to a price. pacific sea foods says they've agreed to pay $2.87 a pound for crab. they went on strike nine days ago after turning down an offer of $2.75. san francisco crabbers make more than $3 a pound but they joined others in solidarity. flu season is upon us. the flu has turned deadly. at least three people have died in northern california in the past week including a man who passed away last night in napa county. health officials say the flu virus is generally worst from december to february. still ahead tonight.
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laptops and jewelry stolen. the images emerging tonight of a wanted burglar. it's been raining all day in the santa cruz mountains. starting to see small landslides coming up. more on the condition of the roads.
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we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e.
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we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. we continue to track the severe weather hitting the bay area this weekend. heavy rain pounding the region and it won't stop there. the bay bij toll plaza, a live look. rain is moving in right now. meteorologist mark is tracking the latest. and mark this is just the beginning. >> that traffic camera is a good reminder. if you can stay off the roadways tonight, tomorrow morning, do it. we're tracking extreme rainfall rates. maybe some bigger problems as
10:31 pm
well with lane closures. we had a break today. but as you take a look at the radar things changing between 8:00 and 10:00 tonight. look at the coverage out there focused in the southern half of the bay area. you can see, in fact, things beginning to become heavier. the rainfall from san rafael and pet lu ma come -- petluma coming closer. the central portion of the bay, san francisco, south san francisco, this one cell toward livermore. yellows and oranges here. and this one cell at livermore ahsanullah ahsan we calculate the rate. a higher one around 3.9 inches per hour. san jose and sun anidale covering the entire -- sunnidale covering the entire -- sunnydale covering the entire area.
10:32 pm
an increase in the rainfall intensity. we cannot show you this map enough. this is 2:00 a.m. those yellows and oranges and reds focused up in the north bay swinging through a good portion of the region tomorrow morning. more about your sunday forecast with a full update and more rain chances next week. >> thanks a lot mark. flood watch is in full swing in the santa cruz mountains as the rain continues tonight. leigh martinez is live near highway 17 with what everyone in the area is dealing with tonight. how does it look? >> well homeowners in mountains say the rain started this morning and even though there wasn't a big downpour it's been consistent all day. puddles forming on the roads. this is summit road. this portion right here if you want to swing back around we see a car coming down. quite a few cars coming and going. the locals say the conditions up there are not so great. we have a couple of cars in
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this parking area that are meeting up with some of their other neighbors in order to drive back up on summit road. they said it's easier and safer to go in a caravan than to go it solo. we've seen driving ourselves, we've seen some large puddles forming. no floods according to the locals or chp. but puddings deepening and some small landslides as well which can be kind of treacherous if you're not familiar with the roads up here. you could get caught off guard. about 800 people without power. they're trying to get that back on by 11:00 tonight. . . . >> leigh this could be one of the worst storms in a while. >> some of the locals up here for their whole lives say this is something they're used to
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and they're making the drives and hanging with their friends. we went to a restaurant that was packed. another homeowner bought a house here four weeks ago. was completely unprepared. their power went out two weeks ago and there wasn't even a storm. they bought a generator last night in anticipation of the storm. >> stay safe out there. and of course we're tracking the storm so remember you can too on the ktvu weather app. live radar and up to the minute forecast this weekend and of course every day. a man shot by police in san francisco early yesterday morning suffered life- threatening injuries. officers responded to reports of a man violating a restraining order. when they confronted him there was a struggle. officers used batons and pepper spray before one officer fired a shot at the suspect. the man was injured but ran into a house and barricaded himself in there.
10:35 pm
he surrendered. the man's bror wants to know why police -- brother wants to know why police used lethal force. >> he was unarmed. he didn't have no weapon or nothing. >> one of the officers involved in the confrontation suffered a head injury. everyone involved is expected to survive. a dublin woman asking for your help to catch a burglar. this happened new year's eve on coy lane in dublin. this is deo. the female burglar stole laptops and jewelry among other things. the homeowner believes she was targeted because packages were sitting outside her home. dublin police don't have leads. if you recognize this woman give them a call. >> did she steal a plant too? was that a plant? >> i don't know. but she got some expensive jewelry and a laptop. you can see her pretty clearly so call the police if you saw anything. controlling your car with your smart phone.
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the new feature volkswagen is promoting and what you can expect.
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well cbs is going on in las vegas right now. imagine being able to control your car with a smart phone. >> that's what volkswagen is doing at the electronics consumer show in vegas. their new feature, user id will allow drivers to bring their own media in the car from external devices. >> volkswagen says this concept will start with the all electric car launch in 2020. they expect self-driving cars to be available five years later in 2025. >> i can't get with the self-
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driving cars. i don't know. mark what about you? >> i'm ready. >> it's a new concept for me, guys. i think any car tomorrow be extra careful on the roadways. a lot of rainfall right now. that will continue into your sunday morning. as you can see out here pacific a continuous -- out here in the pacific a continuous band of moisture. we tipedly don't see this with a -- typically don't see this with a storm. if you're thinking on the barrier roadways dangerous roads, heavy rainfall, and you're going to see the water come out. that could lead to localized flooding that could cause issues on the roadways until your sunday morning. especial lir early on -- especially early on. chp will be busy i'm sure. a live look right now. looking out toward the bay bridge out there. and already you can see a car,
10:40 pm
i think it just drove through a big puddle. the rainfall you can tell has been picking up over the past two to three hours. that's a real camera. and it's showing up on the radar as well. it's matching up with reality. there's the coverage out there. first up in the north bay as you can see towards sonoma county. san rafael and navado. half-moon bay as well showing you an increase in the rainfall rate toward the south bay sunnyvale as well. everybody getting a good soaking. some areas with heavy downpours. extreme rainfall rates 3:00 a.m., 6:00 a.m., and even 9:00 a.m. as well. scaled back by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. i'm concerned with 3:00 to 6:00 sunday morning. flash flood watch in place
10:41 pm
right now. could turn into a flash flood warning. this in place through sunday evening. could have a lot of flooding to talk about here not only in the big rivers but the small creeks as well. keep that in mind tomorrow if you live near a creek. you probably know what to do. wind advisory until 3:00 sunday for the bay shoreline. and then for the higher terrain a high wind warning until 3:00. winds could be gusting to over 50 miles an hour. here's the set up. today, tomorrow this part of the system moves in. not as strong though. that could be working back on tuesday. this is what i'm concerned with. 3:00 tomorrow morning those yellows and oranges and reds showing up. 6:00 tomorrow morning this does slide south though. 8:00, 9:00 the focus could be in the east bay and is south bay and is santa cruz mountains and throughout the afternoon hours some scattered rain out there.
10:42 pm
heavy at times but the intense downpours tomorrow morning and some scattered rain out there. a chance you might hear thunder. a few thunderstorms pop up and scattered showers into monday. looks like monday night as well. not completely dry any time soon. here's your five-day forecast. multiple rain clouds to talk about for monday. showers, rain likely into tuesday. chance of a shower into wednesday. maybe early thursday morning. those are all systems you would kind of expect. but the one moving in tomorrow morning is the one we typically don't deal with. just be prepared for anything out there. flooding, try to avoid road travel as well if you're out there tomorrow. >> be careful out there. >> and bill will audiocassette about the radar -- will talk about the radar tomorrow morning. >> that does it for us on the 10:00 news. but sports talk is coming up next. >> we'll hear from the team and why they aren't defeated
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despite their loss.
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask
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breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care. fox 2 nissan sports wrap starts now. >> raiders. we're just not back where we want to be yet. got a bright future. just kind of fell apart the last two weeks. we're heading where we need to be heading. this is not the beginning. i'm not ready to stop and i know you're not either. >> a great raiders season came to an end tonight against a houston defense that proved too much for a rookie quarterback making his first career nfl startment connor cook was over- - start. connor cook was overwh


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