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tv   KTVU Mornings Weekend Edition  FOX  January 8, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PST

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this is ktvu fox2 weekend. morning. it is sunday, january 8. it is going to be a very busy morning out there. it sure is. the storm is upon us and the wors it will be hitting the bay area of the next few hours. let's take a live look at storm tracker 2. you can see the radar is lit up and a lot of green and yellow.>> we will get a lot more and we expect to do with power outages and wind and flooding. crews will want to make sure they stay on top of all of this. they are clearing down trees. look at this in santa clara were part of this tree came down in the montague expressway. connect the driver that hit the tree was stock.
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no one was hurt. take a look at this. utility crews are busy clearing a lot of debris from a giant tree that fell in birmingham overnight.>> this was on interstate 280. the chp was on hand to be sure drivers stayed clear of the area.>> traffic issues along the coast here is a look at our traffic map.>> you can see a slow around highway 1 check around cypress grove. christy caption is outside monitoring the storm conditions. >> reporter: but first let's go to bill martin who is in this morning for what is happening. are we in the thick of it? >> we are in the thick of it. we had a wet week prior to this so the ground is saturated.
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heaviest rain just moving into the bay area. we have seen heavy rain in the north and we have flood warnings up already./flood advisories and wind advisory, they ridge advisories. there is a wet -- they bridge wind advisory. there is that wet road right now. it is in santa rosa -- you are getting hammered out there. rainfall rate -- let's check out. there is .13, there is a quarter of an inch in our nation look at this. flash flood watches in the napa river area. flood warnings. you can see down here towards the guadalupe river a flood warning in effect until this evening. heavy rain in the santa cruz mountains which is basically covering the entire bay area lacks flood watch for the entire bay area. that is how
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it will go through out the day. heaviest rainfall will be to out this morning. do not be fooled by the fact it is not raining at your area -- the big deal is it is slowly moving south. as it slowly moves it will be dropping half inch in our rainfall rates causing problems. a great morning to stay inside. you don't even want to bother with the mountains. the wind is over 100 miles an hour. next time you see me we will push the computer model forward and we will give you an idea of what you can expect going into the rest of the morning but as you look at the heaviest rainfall right in here around the oakland area, you can see this is the heavy sell right now. it is not like -- this is one anton which is what we had been seeing this year. it is not a one and done. it's a half an inch of our. -- half an inch every hour.
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no. one cell will replace another within the next 20 minutes. so it will keep moving in for the next 4 or five hours in heavy squalls. >> and windy also. >> yes. gusts up to 50 miles an hour especially along the coast.>> people are just hunkering down. at least wait until the first part of the morning to get out. >> there is football on today. just stay inside. just hang out. [ laughter ]>> we will keep you updated.>> well as you just saw the storm dropping a lot of rain across the north bay. >> as a warning continues christy captain. is heading towards the flooding. i know you are in yonkers. >> it seems like everyone was okay.
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we were on our way up letter i 80. thank goodness my photographer is a very safe driver. he was able to stop because his car just came up in the middle of 80. once we pulled over and we called 911 to alert chp, it was a disabled vehicle based in the wrong way. as we were stopped there we saw a number of the vehicles coming along and either nearly hitting it. not a serious collision we saw after that. but certainly very dangerous. a real warning for everyone out there on the roads to go slow and take it easy. that appeared to be a spin out accident but it could have been much worse as other cars piled into it. the lights were off. you could not see it at all until the last moment. we saw several cars nearly striking. we come back to our
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live shot you can see we are getting heavy rain that bill martin was talking about earlier. it is a very sustained rain. we can see puddles on the sidewalk. the rain gutters and curb area is filled with water. i am just trying to show this. we will be making our way up to st. helena this morning still on our way up that way. i have to tell you that as we were coming up we both heard a very loud noise and we look down and it was an alert on our phone coming to us to tell us we are in a flash flood area and people need to be very aware. we are seeing a lot of heavy rain that we are not getting the wind you were talking about in this area, but certainly if you take a look around, you can see the heavy rain that we will show you and you can see the puddles. this is exactly what you are talking about. >> i am looking up in your area
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to the 24 hour rain totals and we are seeing anywhere from 2 inches to over 3 inches in the last eight hours so what has happened is we have had water all week. it has been a very wet week. i look right behind you and you can see the water is pulling up everywhere anything coming down right now, a quarter inch in our -- this stuff has nowhere to go. the quakes are full. the concrete -- the infrastructure in the bay area has trouble handling this so dry -- driving around it was like wow. i have 35 years driving around here and i was kind of shocked how fast people were going and how much water was on the roadway. >> reporter: it was really surprising and fortunately like i said ryan was on his game and was able to spot that vehicle. other cars were not that lucky coming on it so fast. one final note you are talking about that flood warning --
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there it is on my phone right now. emergency flood warning in this area. be aware of this. after we are done here we will push on up to st. helena.>> when you see that alert on your phone, the difference between a watch and a warning -- a watch means take all -- take a i out. when you see a warning, that means it is happening somewhere at that time. you are very smart to pay attention. >> we will be very careful as we proceed our way towards st. helena and we will have more updates for you throughout the morning. will, we will be your eyes and ears.>> thank you. well done and said trip up to st. helena. take it slow. >> that's right. be safe christian. >> the national weather service forecasts says this storm will bring records of a rain.
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they have been through this before. so there are sandbags and shovels available. cgn he is still on alert for power outages. one business to precautions but she was still hoping the forecast was wrong.>> it was very close last time. i remember it was a little crazy. we are just hoping we have another saving grace and it does not happen. >> and as our bill martin has been saying this storm will continue today and another one will come in later this week. and this current storm is considered maybe what of the biggest in more than 12 years in december 2005. officials were called to pulled three cars out of a creek. one woman was stranded inside of a car. a rescue worker had to jet ski to get to her. he was able to pull her out of the car's sunroof. the santa cruz mountains
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could be the hardest hit. the mountain communities could get up to a foot of rain. there has been a flood watch all weekend long in that area. people are worried about mudslides especially in the areas of recent wildfires coming up jesse will bring up a live report from the santa cruz mountains. pg&e says only a small number of customers are without power this morning because of the storm. 222 powers have no power. that includes 106 at that northbay, 70 at the south bay 36 in the peninsula and 2 in the east bay. crews are working but there is no estimate on when the power may come back. we are tracking the storm here at ktvu and you can also on our weather app. you will find up-to-the-minute forecast and live radar. coming up know winner for the raiders. will take a quick back -- a peek back at the game.
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all the rain in the bay area -- is any of it turning into snow in the sierras? what one resort saying it a look at road conditions for those coming home. and good morning. to stay in bed if you can. watch some television . you really don't want to be out on the roads. you can see our live camera. i believe that is san francisco? i don't even know. [ laughter ] it is raining pretty hard.>> when i come back we will track the latest heavy rain. and we are also tracking a store on social media. here are just some of the posts from around the bay area. that is a beautiful shot. >> that was not taken this morning. [ laughter ] >> if you sent in your pictures to us, be sure to include the # tran03 -- include the # ktvu
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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we are watching the roads for you this sunday morning as water builds up on the area highways and streets. this is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you could see headlights on and the roadways are wet. slow it down. we are seeing lots of spin outs and small fender bender's on the bay area freeway. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge. people are rolling on through. a decent amount of people are on the bridge. if you don't have to go out you may want to just let the storm passed on by in stay home. let's look at the san raphael bridge. i think people heeded your advice. are not a lot of folks are heading from richmond over to marin county but i am sure that
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will change. take it slow. city leaders in pacifica will take a look at the safety of the peer to see if it is okay to reopen it. they shut down the peer all weekend long because of the storm concerns. our christien kafton was out there this morning were the widget was pretty -- were the -- where the wind was pretty strong. >> not a lot of snow falling in the sierras also. pretty sad. >> this is a live look from the lake tahoe area in kirkwood. you can see still white. they are just losing some of the powder they had. if you are driving, always bring your chains. you will need them this morning. >> chains and snow tires are required if you are hitting -- heading up interstate 80 only up to donner lake interchange in nevada county. you will need a little help. currently no chain restrictions
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heading up highway 50. this is what it looks like. this kirkwood mountain resort to inches of fresh snow overnight. as you can see a couple people enjoying the slopes today. our kirkwood facebook page says kirkwood has received up to 58 inches of snow over the past seven days but probably at the lower levels getting a bit of rain. let's go right back over to bill . he is very busy watching the storm going through and it is wave after wave.>> it is. it will continue to be that way throughout the morning hours. the ground is so wet from last week and really from this winter. rain percentage average while over were it should be. this extra rain is just running off and it is sort of at a saturation point were you can only get so much rain in the creeks and we have hit it and we have the big weather moving in. you see the trees moving around
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and we just saw a limb blowoff. the gusts are at 60 miles an hour in some areas. if you are in antioch right now you are asking what is the big deal? it is hammering just north of you and this is coming your way. this is one of those storms were -- where you say oh my goodness i only have 3 inches of rain in san jose but then you may get 12 inches of rain 10 miles over the hill. that is a difference. that is a lot of difference in rainfall. so you are really feeling it up in santa cruz mountains and really filling in clearlake. talk to someone out in their field and winters they will tell you it is hammering out there. one thing we can do is look at the flood watch extending from one end of the bay area to the other. we do have a flood warning in that area of red. you can see -- let me see if i can get the picture. here it is.
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up in the foothills frank was talking about the height snow levels. there are flood warnings all along the foothills and that is because of the snow you will have so much water melting the snow that fell a few days ago at lower elevations. christian captains -- and this is the area -- that stays in effect until noon time today. just before noon time today and when you see these and you get this flash flood warning it means that you are seeing flooding. along the russian river you have tributaries with the flooding down by the guadalupe river you have a flood warning in effect until tomorrow night. or until tonight. part of me. that is basically for the guadalupe river. so you have -- and those are just areas that we are monitoring. there are a lot of areas that are going to have problems that we may not be monitoring. this is a close-up shot. i want to come in. we can do these storm reports.
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these are trained observers in the bay area and what they do is they report what they experience wind damage and flash flood -- that may be at baltimore canyon. here is hillsboro with non- thunderstorm wind damage. same thing and alameda. these are actual people on the ground trained by the weather service so it is not just anybody. let's go into the santa cruz mountains bit we have a debris flow at 1:39 this morning. that is basically a creek carrying sticks or whatever lashing out. we had -- this is another debris flow. we come to the coast out towards davenport wind damage. these storm reports will keep clicking on as we go. just know we are all under a flood watch. just because it doesn't say flood warning in your area, the
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creek to hide your house -- that stuff will start to come up especially in the next three hours we have seen this kind of rain before. it is not the end of the world but just take precautions and be careful on the roadways. maybe stay in until after road -- until after lunchtime and pay attention to the creeks and the drainage by your house and your gutters. we will see you back here. we will keep you update on the watches and warnings. thanks bill. raters, we have a break future. we are not were we want to be but we are heading were we need to be heading. >> we are not really ready to stop.>> it has been a tough last few weeks. what it could have been -- if derek carr had been healthy.>> oh well.
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hard to win again if you're quarterback is a rookie. he was making his first nfl start and yesterday it showed. connor cook the man out of michigan state. it would drop back and say hello to clowning -- davey and cloudy. the very next play say hello to lamar miller -- just like that oakland was down 10-0. back they come murray will trim the lead running in for 2. we have a ballgame at least for a while but osweiler was just good enough for houston. longest -- a beauty -- got good for 38 yards. that combination would hook up again two plays later. that is an easy six. raters were down 20-7. the rookie got picked three times
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-- just too much. too much to overcome as oakland loses to houston 27-14. the way competitors look at it is we will do what we can with who we have and expect to succeed. that is the way we will always approach. i will never yield. we will never surrender. we will battle whomever we are playing.>> that falls on me -- i needed to get the ball out of my hands. stuff like that but i can improve on that . >> the raters number one quarterback has support for his team. >> i love my teammates and how hard they work. i cannot wait to get back and get to work.>> happening today we have a lot of playoff football happening on ktvu this afternoon. green bay packers take it on
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new york giants. our coverage of that game kicks off at 1 pm today. stick around right after the game because we will have extra news coverage of this weekend's weather and that starts at 5 pm. let's talk hockey. the sharks had a big night. doubling up on the red wings 6-3 . snapping a three-game losing streak for san jose. another three for the 3rd period. patrick marleau made it 3-1 after one. and then getting hot in the final period. the sharks clash detroit 6-3 and hit the road tuesday night against edmonton. a plain ends up in a michigan lak -- and airplane ends up in michigan lake. what residents believe could of cause that to happen.
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this morning the faa is trying to figure out how and airplane ended up on this michigan lake. yesterday people near grand rapids calling 911 thing and airplane was sinking in the lake. earlier reports said the pilot was trying to take up on the lakes service a broke through the thin ice. residents living daresay it just froze over a few days ago. the pilot was the only one on the plane and he was not injured. san francisco say they san francisco police said the injuries of a man shot by san
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francisco police have become life-threatening. >> this happen in the oceanview neighborhood. there was a struggle when a man was confronted. first the police used batons to try to subdue him. a man wanted by police in connection with a deadly shooting in berkeley has been arrested. pablo gomez of north hollywood was taken into custody today in the city of burbank . he was wanted in connection with a homicide had happened yesterday. homicide victim has yet to be identified. the stabbing victim is said to be recovering at the hospital. when we come back the very latest on the storm that is picking up speed in the bay area. as expected trees have come down and we will take a look at what is coming happening on a south bay freeway coming up. and flood watches are in expect -- are in effect. it
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is raining hard out there. maybe not in your neighborhood but in other neighborhoods the rain is coming down. it is going to be a very wet sunday. we're very fortunate this is not a work day. flood warnings and flood watches, wind advisories. all the details when we return.
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good morning everyone. welcome back. we are tracking the storm hitting the bay area right now. taking a live look outside. that is highway 80 that is our emeryville camera. you can see there are a few people braving the storm and heading somewhere. for joining us on this very stormy sunday morning. let's get right to your forecast with bill martin. i think this is one storm we had been talking about for so long. in some towns it is not raining and they don't see what the big deal is but this thing got a lot of hype. it was telegraphed about a week ago. we saw all this moisture focused on us. the atmospheric river. we have been talking about it for a while and in fact it is here in it is right. do not be fooled. it is not raining in livermore -- there are howling wind throughout the bay area. there is a little break in the clouds also which coincides with what i am looking at but we had very heavy rain that
7:32 am
will continue to move through the bay area in bands and we have had a prolonged rain in the north bay and that is why we have the flood warnings. there is a flood watch out for the entire bay area. this area right in here is were you are seeing some heaviest rain. just because you don't have a flood warning in your area, these are flood watches in a lot of the area that just because you don't have a flood warning does that mean the creek -- there is flooding. there is so much saturation at this point that everything is running off. so everything it hits becomes a small flood concern. we saw that with christien kafton earlier. he is in the flood warning area in the north bay in the santa rosa area and you could see the running off the street of the water. you can see this red zone. that is because that is flooding in the pen grove area which is pretty typical with the pen grove creek but as the
7:33 am
day goes on, the greens will start turning to read. this green represents -- that is the forecast by monday morning to go to that read. just above flood stage. these guys could turn the color red in the next six hours or eight hours so we will be watching. with the idea being as these bands moving south there could be a flood warning there, it could turn the color red with actual flooding as we go into the afternoon hours as well as this system progresses, again it is very warm and moist and it is coming down. i have seen rainfalls right now on the peninsula -- this is live -- right on the peninsula you see san mateo. you have heavy rainfall in half moon bay. i talk to people out there. it has been hammering along the
7:34 am
coast and up in the santa cruz mountains. if the storm reports. we did talk about those. those will pop up. we as being more right here popping in. let's just pop in and see what is going on near watsonville. we have debris flow -- that is like a small stream flood kind of a deal were you are just pushing a lot of mud and debris in front of it. let's go further -- the forecast model shows us with rain -- heavy rain showing up at 9 am. that is a couple hours from now but you can see. that is the concern. this is the forecasting. it is still going on. this is the atmospheric river. that is natural radar. let's pushing forward. that is moisture over a mile deep pressing in from hundreds of miles -- thousands of miles in the south pacific. this is the mountains. you see the river starts to shift south. that is good because i have
7:35 am
seen these things stop and that is when you get your flooding. up in the north we are seeing places were we could be seeing minor flooding. and then by 5 pm this evening it looks as though we get to a lot of this. this is hours of concern. from about 6 am through 9 am -- that is the heaviest stuff. about noon it starts to taper and then we get a little break. here is a five day forecast. the upshot of all of this is we are getting the breaks and the brakes are huge. if i did not have a little break on monday, we would all be back here monday morning doing it again. this is one of those deals with the break will be after lunchtime we will be so pleased that there is a little bit of a letup in the rainfall. but then here it comes again.>> but you really just need 24 hours for the creeks to come down.>> i people forget how quickly when it starts to flood -- 20 yes.
7:36 am
that will happen today. what will happen is all this will turn red as this progresses south over the next four hours . >> thank you bill. >> right now the north bay is getting another base hit from the current storm with the nascar river level rising. we are keeping an eye on that.krishan captain. head south . tellis how was your trip up -- christien kafton is heading up. tellis how was your trip?>> we saw an accident. we will get to that in just a second but you guys were just talking about that napa river. to give you a sense of were we are we are 100 yards from napa valley college. you can see that high water here at that napa river as it passes under the bridge. we just saw a tree trunk or something just clobbered the bridge a couple moments ago. that warning -- very much it affect in st. helena. to get back to the accident, on our way up we did see an
7:37 am
accident on i 80 in hercules. we have video and we can show you just how dangerous that condition was. as we were driving up vehicle seem to come out of nowhere it seemed to be a solo car spin out right in the middle of i 80 fortunately my photographer, ryan, a very safe driver stopped in time. we put on our houses and did the responsible thing and called 911 and waited on the scene for chp to attend to that vehicle. fortunately it appears that was not in injury accident. we saw four young men out of the vehicle. we did the another car that appear to collided with it. certainly a warning for anyone hitting the roads this morning to be very safe out there.>> coming back to our live shot was just talking a moment ago about the saturated conditions. we are on the banks of the napa river and you can see just how so the ground is here and this is exactly what we were talking
7:38 am
about. this ground cannot take anymore water so it is starting to shed the water off. the water has no place to go except for the river and move its way down. an important message for anyone who lives near the river to heed the flood warning.>> were are you right now? >> we are in st. helena right near napa valley college. if you are familiar with the area.>> okay so maybe the control room can show you might weather graphic? >> we have flood concerns for st. helena. there it is. what will happen -- i don't know if you can see this, right now you are at about 7.5 feet. it is supposed to go 8 feet by this afternoon that is 2 feet above flood stage. that is not the end of the world because the way the river setup there is a lot of places for the river to run off to in the napa river at napa is set to go
7:39 am
just below flood stage -- about a half a foot hello flood stage. christian, you are absolutely right. i expect for you are standing there is water under your feet and if you were to take a stick in that river and watching over the next few hours you would see it start to come up. it is moving slowly about an inch in our.>> we actually just spoke to a woman walking her dog she said nearby sulfur creek is the highest she has ever seen it. as soon as we are wrapped up. we're going to go over there.>> you talk about sulfur creek. that is a creek that we are not monetary. i don't even know were that is. i have an idea but the creeks coming into these major tributaries are beginning to swell and flood and those of the ones that sometimes cause the most problems. debris flow, mudslides is those are your backyard said neighborhoods with these creeks are swelling. >> absolutely. certainly we are in the thick of it.
7:40 am
i am sure we will have a lot of coverage from the south bay but certainly here in the north bay we are getting hammered.>> the sake of their christian. it will change a lot over the next several hours . you talk about the south bay there are people in the santa cruz mountains keeping a close eye on that storm there.>> they make it up to a floor -- a foot. jesse is out there. tellis what you are? tell us what the trip is like?>> reporter: good morning to you guys. i am on the 17. i am on the roadway in it is interesting because the rain is intermittent. it was raining pretty hard right when christian started talking and about halfway through his report it stopped. so it is kind of intermittent here but it is okay. >> sorry to interrupt. we are
7:41 am
bringing in bill martin as well on this because i think the reason you are there in terms of road conditions and people being safe is it changes in and out. >> in and out, yes. the roads -- there is a lot of water on the roadway but a lot of debris also. there is not much of a problem as it was earlier when it was darker. a lot of problems with debris in the road whether it is ranches or stick the rocks etc. ranches or stick the rocks etc. i am headed to an area were a road is closed. -- where a road is close. there is flooding and sand -- that is why i am traveling the route that i am on right now, but the 17 is pretty clear. it is what in the rain is coming in bands . so it will rain heavily for a little while and
7:42 am
that it will stop and turn to a sprinkle and then start again. right now i am in a low but it is not too bad of a rainfall as i make my way towards my exit by valley drive. >> it sounds like your trip to the summit was not too bad outside of a little debris. >> and fog. i don't want to forget the fog. as you are going up the 17, there was quite a bit of fog. once i passed the summit and came back down -- there was not as much but there was a lot on the way up.>> you had a tree in the roadway and you had the fog so it is a slow driving for sure . a lot more slow then if that was dry.>> that is good news to know. bill is driving the radar out
7:43 am
here to show were you are and were you are talking to us from. i don't know if you want to chime in bill?>> what is interesting about what is jesse describing -- this week you have already had a half foot of rain in parts of the santa cruz mountains. you have a couple more -- 3 inches last night . in the rain -- the really heavy stuff has not even hit you guys yet. i would suggest somewhere around 9 am or 10 am or 11 am is when it will be the red zone for you guys. it is interesting the amount of debris on the road you are describing. santa cruz all along has been the target at least in the meteorological world is what you are expecting the most trouble. and you are describing their precursor to that because the real rain is still a couple hours for you guys away. >> in definitely it seems that way. it is kind of very light right
7:44 am
now in every now and again i will get a little bit of a downpour. i have my rain pants on and i am ready for the worst of it for when it gets here in a bit. i am now passing exit 3. >> you can't see this -- the s can see this -- as we come in. i will stretch this out. i will show you santa cruz is here in this storm is essentially coming in from the south. so, jesse, i am drawing arrows which represents the storm slamming perpendicular into the santa cruz mountains and that is why in many cases we are concerned with this area. this area has a topography that really favors this storm and this direction and this event. >> reporter: okay. that is good to know. i will send you some pictures as well when i pull over jesse you get an idea of what it looks like. again you want to be careful on
7:45 am
the roadways.>> absolutely. be safe on those roads . we want check in with you when you sent our pictures our way. it is 7:45. coming up more information on the us intelligence report regarding the role that russia played on our election and what they may continue to try to do next time. it's just a date. i can stay. i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan,
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wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. it is 7:47. welcome back. details continue to come in about the russian controversy -- the classified intelligence report was released this week.
7:48 am
the report listed the many ways that the kremlin try to influence our election and said russia will take what it learned and try again. >> reporter: the agencies the fbi in particular did some very good work at this we are still playing catch-up in regards to the aggressiveness of the daily attacks against our republican private infrastructure. the incoming administration needs to focus on this particular the report finds that russia collect information on republicans as well but never released it. the intelligence community said the hacking never affected vote counting but did not say whether it affected the election in some other ways. heavy rain in the north bay. let's go back to our weather coverage. we have a live picture. will, you are asking about -- bill, you are asking about the live feeds. we could see the water going pretty well.
7:49 am
overnight we talked about water levels going up abfeet and they are continuing to rise. at last check it is up 6 feet. anytover 11 is what causes concern so residents preparing for possible flooding there. >> let's go back to that picture if we can. because bill had a couple things he wanted to say about that pick well it is funny -- just checking all the monitors around the bay area. this does not look that high. we have all seen it up to the base of this bridge. that happens about once every winter. but this creek because of the high tide, it runs up into the bank. this morning's high tide and because of the potential rainfall, this creek still bears watching because if you get a high rainfall rates in this area, we are up by cascade canyon, you will see sharp rises on this creek in that is really low right there . but it
7:50 am
can come up very quickly. this is a big concern the bay area because it is such an urban area. >> the businesses aall right out there. they opened the floodgates and they had the sandbags lined up.>> obviously the russian river and the napa river is bigger but this is the one that has potential for flash flooding that impacts many people and can cause many dollars of damages to businesses. so this is the one we are watching till about noon. do not be fooled. th not very high at all. the mark on that bridge is a low, but it can come up about that bridge in the next four hours if things transpired the way they could. >> you were talking about the napa river that when going up 11 feet.>> right. let's talk about the major rivers now. this is the russian river. the reason we are doing this -- i don't want people to freak out what you just need to pay
7:51 am
attention. the russian river is a big one. it takes a while for the drainage basin to fill up so that wants to go to just below flood stage. that is not -- that takes a while. the napa river -- let me see if i can think that what up also. there it is. here is one thing i want to point out. we are seeing extreme rain like in the san mateo creek area in the santa cruz area. the way this pattern is set up, the south wind, the southerly flow, the pineapple connection, or the atmospheric river if you will, when that moisture hits the bill -- the hell it explodes. -- the hill, it explodes. 10 inches, maybe more. san jose on the other side of the hill they only see a little over 3 inches thick you can see a huge difference in the coastal hill. that is why we are monitoring the santa cruz area and why we
7:52 am
are paying attention to the russian river like we talked about. again the russian river that will take till monday before we see any kind of real movement on that and that will go to near flood stage. but when rivers go above flood stage -- they go like this. they come up real quick in this bottom part and the top players out in the floodplains are designed to handle a lot of water so it is a lot harder what you go afoot above flood stage because it starts spreading out quickly. woman think about rivers especially the russian river -- that is what you want to think about. forget what you are seeing here. let's go to a live camera. there is a live camera. you have wind advisory on all bay area bridge is right now. we are looking for wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour. it is just a stormy morning. we have seen this before. not the end of the world. it really just requires folks to
7:53 am
kind of just think about what you are doing. maybe stay home this morning. wait a little while. there is a live at radar. you can see the heaviest rain is moving south towards the san jose area. only backing up a little bit . you can see that we have a rain. the heaviest rate is still in the north they. you see the cells. those are significant rainfall rates i like to do this. rainfall rates are everything. this is when you have saturated ground. that is almost an inch of rain of our in that one moment. that is enough to cause a significant issue. how about the sierra? maybe you want to come back home? i don't think i would. i just talked to some guys via social media. it is raining in truckee. it is raising -- it is freezing rain in reno. we are seeing this run-up and that is the next thing.
7:54 am
as we get into 2 pm this afternoon we will see sacramento areas start to pop some flood warnings because of the runoff. they make it 4 inches but when the snow melts, when you melt 2 feet of snow -- they had all that snow last week -- >> yes. so -- this is a perfect storm. stuff will happen. in a get it is not the end of the world. it is just we were reporting, there will be a mudslide -- maybe debris flow, it will be creek's coming over. there will be bad travel in the sierra. so it is just a lot. is a plethora of things. so just be smart about it don't go around looking for trouble. slow your roll. [ laughter ] >> we will take a quick break will be right back. we're told to live large, but with princess cruises
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7:57 am
the chp says highway 101 at windsor is closed because of flooding. caltrans setting up cones to denver flooding traffic -- to divert traffic. new this morning a truck rammed into a group of israeli soldiers in jerusalem killing four people. wounding 15 others. a terrorist attack spokesperson said the group had just gotten up at bus when a truck driver rammed right into them. the driver was shot and killed by the police. the benefits include three women, one man who were all in
7:58 am
their 20s. we are coming up on our 8 am our. we'll bring you live team coverage. we are also taking a look back at the last time weather like this hit up in the north bay with there were at least two rescues from jet skis. we are talking the rain. is happening right now . you may not be getting a lot of be. in livermore but you will we have seen heavy rainfall rates in the north bay. almostinch in our. and nasty morning to be traveling around. -- almost an inch a hour. and a nasty morning to be traveling around
7:59 am
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welcome. this is a live look from walnut creek. you can see not a lot of people on the road's. that's good news. looks like -- maybe a little bit of sunlight peeking through but really the rain will be coming all morning long way -- if you do not have to be on the road that is good news. i am looking at the incident site -- that is absolutely lit up. between trumpet collisions and
8:01 am
roadway flooding in mud and dirt and rocks. on this sunday, january 8, if you do not have to go out say inside. it is a very wet sunday. we will take a live look at the radar and they should give you a good idea of what is going on in northern california all the way up to the oregon border all the way down south near santa cruz. we are getting inundated with this tropical storm that has taken over the bay area this week and of course the bulk of it in land around the sacramento in parts of the ea bay.>> it is not raining at my house you are saying? martin will be talking about yes, maybe not were you are, but things are coming. it could be a long morning. we are keeping an eye on flood watches and warnings because they could be issues. we are trying to stay on top of this this morning. this is a big problem. downed trees. this is santa clara overnight. this came down on the montague
8:02 am
expressway. a driver hitting a tree also became stuck. no one was injured. one lane state open while crews got the tree off the road. >> chainsaws are busy also. take a look at this. crews are busy clearing debris from a giant tree in burlington overnight. >> this is northbound trucks dale to interstate to interstate 280. chp was on hand to be sure drivers avoided that area. talking about the topic let's pull a traffic map. looks like it is fairly green in most parts of the day area but you can see little spots popping up in oakland in san francisco. nothing major but a lot of little things. >> i think a lot of people are staying home. thank god it is a weekend and a lot of people do not have to commute into work. it looked like christmas
8:03 am
morning. let's check in with bill martin and get triple forecast as the brunt of the storm is hitting us.>> you've got it frank. if this was monday morning it would be a whole another deal. we have gone set 6 miles an hour, we have flooding and flood watches. you try to move all those people to work -- we are very fortunate it is a sunday. that is probably why the traffic map is pretty mild. that's good. stay home. watch it happen because again this is not the end of the world, it is just a good storm and it is raining pretty hard. we will see the heaviest rain in the next few hours moving to the bay area south. live camera picture we are in the east bay. we have light rain falling right now but move into other parts of the bay area, there is a flood warning in the north. then traffic moving fine. it looks at the richmond san
8:04 am
rafael bridge. and then there is the flood warning in the north bay. that is up at the penn grove area it is really -- you see readback -- you see the color red pop up. that means that flooding is happening or it is eminent. you see the high tide. that is always happening. high tide in rain, that always floods. but there will be some rivers like guadalupe river having trouble. that will probably go to just above flood stage. looks like the napa river, st. helena, just above flood stage. not super dangerous but anytime you go above warning states that is a big deal. here is the rainfall right now. heavy through the north bay and that is were it will hang. seeing over 3 inches of rain. getting links from parts of the richmond district in san francisco. we can check the storm reports. one of my thoughts today -- you think about things what will
8:05 am
happen when we get these rainfall rates? first thing is -- this is probably a wind report. no report -- flash flooding in carmel valley. these are people on the ground. boots on the ground if you will. flash flood in tracy. probably a small creek behind someone's house. let issues in santa rosa. you can get the idea . let's go up to truckee and reno. tahoe city has 8 inches. then we will work our way into the santa cruz mountains. again porter creek -- this is brought to us by atmospheric river. it is really just one giant storm stretched out over thousands of miles in the pacific aimed right at us. there are areas of dynamic lift but a lot of the is straight up moisture like a fire hose streaming in from high humidity areas creating a high saturated hermas.
8:06 am
-- saturated air mass. heaviest rain is today. we talked about that. as we go into the rest of this day, when we time out the date these are were the concerns will be. the color red zones when you look at the 6 am through 9 am through 12, that is the heaviest rainfall that we are anticipating. so the model sees that through by sunday. by this afternoon you see that yellow line -- hopefully that is the way it goes. that is always good. then right now it is just trouble but if it stalls that is big trouble. when i come back we will take you through the model inside the radar closer to your neighborhood and we will keep an eye on what is happening but just a home if you can't.>> good advice. thanks bill. >> we expect this to continue.>>
8:07 am
that is causing problems on the road around the bay area. christien kafton is up in the mountains that we would check in with him in short order. mother nature is not very kind to electronic equipment. >> has already seen an accident. he has had a busy morning. we will also get to gary interest of bit. will move onto the santa cruz mountains. they are expected to be hit the hardest by the storm. the area could get 12 inches of rain. that is a lot of brain. santa cruz mountains have been in a flood watch all weekend long. people are worried about mudslides they are very prone to that. especially in areas that have had the wildfires. meanwhile the national weather service says the current storm could be the biggest in more than a dozen years. december 2005 crews were called to pull three calls out of the creek. one stranded. spirit
8:08 am
check this out. a rescue worker had to use a jet ski just to get her out of the car. here he is. he was able to pull her out of the car sunroof.>> and the national weather center in sacramento also calling this storm may be one of the biggest in over a decade in many areas. free-flowing rivers will be cresting at their highest level since 2005. the sierras will have seen more than twice the monthly average since december. we're tracking the storm. you can also. go to our weather app. you have live radar there. up-to-the-minute forecast this weekend and every day. stay right there. more on the storm as a coverage continues. we have downed power lines and trees. some areas facing these problems as this storm is moving through northern california. with the xfinity tv app,
8:09 am
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welcome back. we continue to follow the big storm on this sunday morning as water builds up on bay area highways and streets. let's take a look at the toll plaza right now. it looks like things are moving along just fine but take it slow because it is very wet outside. san mateo bridge is moving along quite fine also. in richmond san raphael bell --
8:12 am
bridge as well . you can see the reflection of a water in some of the drops on the camera. it is a wet sunday morning. all that means rain and snow up in the high country of the sierra.>> let's take you up to lake tahoe and the sugar bowl area. this is what we are talking about. take a look at the camera, raindrops. the snow levels are high and it is getting wet and flushing and messy. you will still need chains if you are heading that way.>> despite all the rain chains in snow tires, four-wheel-drive all required heading up interstate 80 kingsdale in into donner lake interchange and truckee and nevada county. no chain restrictions heading up highway 50 but carried them along because that could change in a moments notice . >> let's take a look at yesterday. we told -- we showed you a
8:13 am
picture yesterday. people were skiing. riding all week about the powder even though it has been a treacherous drive. certainly the facebook page was warning about high wind and rain. kirkwood got about 6 inches of snow in the past 24 hours. a slushy mess. sometimes when that rain comes it melts all the snow and then when the temperatures drop it turns to ice and that becomes a problem. >> judging from the lens it looks like a little more rain.>> it is up there. by tonight it will be up around 8000. very warm. in fact raindrops that sugar bowl, they are pretty high. they are at donner summit a sickly. that is the downside. you are losing and letting a lot of water out of folsom.
8:14 am
they are draining water because they cannot hold that much in those big reservoirs. you think it would be great for the drought. it is not necessarily great when you are not getting snow. that is a live camera shot. it just depends were you are. i woke up in the middle of the night asking were was that rain? and then i started driving into work and there was the rain. you just have to be in the right spot. right now that is north bay. there is a wind advisory for the entire bay area. all bay area bridges are seeing wind gus well over 50 miles an hour. notice one of the things we don't talk about often but the way the bridges lineup -- this is the richmond/san raphael bridge. the wind is blowing perpendicular. that is why the san raphael bridge is so notorious. it is not quite perpendicular but you definitely get hit sideways. so the south wind has a chance to mess with the bay area
8:15 am
bridges and that is why the wind advisories are issued by chp. there is a flood advisory for the entire bay area and there is also this. you have sonoma creek, that is getting high. you have a flood warning on that which basically means it is flooding. it is not giant creek but there are issues. and then you have been growth in petaluma, here is the napa river. there is a flood warning there. they will go to above flood stage but at this point it is not catastrophic. you go a little above flood stage you are generally fine . you would just get a little water on roads perhaps. will be watching here i am not taking these lightly. i am just saying don't head for the hills just yet . just pay attention to the monitors. >> you have time to kind of figure your deal out there. >> you will know. the river gauge forecast is really well. and then there is a flood warning for the waterloo but
8:16 am
river. and that stays in effect for a while. you have a lot of flood watches and warnings throughout the area. you could just track things right there. atmospheric river is the thing that we have been talking about and that is what is here right now. that is why it is so warm. the atmospheric river originates down in the tropics. there is the rain distribution but i want to show you the model. i pushed it through 10 am. that the atmospheric river right there. it is in this band -- our rainfall rates could be up to and inch in our. it is focused. look at 11 am. it is shifted a bit that it should down towards san jose. as this shifts south it is still san jose. they will have a couple hours in this area in the santa cruz mountains of it straight on atmospheric river focused and that by 2 pm it looks like it is not. that is the big deal. were does the atmospheric river point? right now it is focused on the
8:17 am
north bay but it will start shifting south. next we look at some storm reports and track the radar. that will tell you what is happening right now. >> marin county sheriff's just tweeted a picture of a tree in a house on wilson avenue. the problem is things will build up. let's go to the north bay now. christien kafton has been up there all morning long. he is in st. helena.>> reporter: frank, claudia. we were supposed to be like just a few minutes ago but obviously with the conditions are., things have to shift around. our equipment was waterlogged and we could also tell you that some of the roads are pretty in the possible. we will give you -- pretty impassible. we drove across this protest they couple of minutes ago we drove through with our lives truck and right now it would be simply unsafe to go through because 2 feet is
8:18 am
enough to carry a car downstream. again this will give you a sense of were we this is a load i lane in st. helena. this is a load i bridge. you can see the bridge. the was talking all along about the napa river. just a moment ago we walked across this bridge and we heard what we thought was bandar. brian and i realized it was a huge log hitting the bridge and creating this booming residents and we made a quick plan that it didn't look like this bridge was going to be overtopped with water we would make a bult to get back to our truck as quickly as possible. this gives you a sense of how high the water is and the level of debris. now we walked over this bridge probably about two minutes ago and when we were coming over the bridge the water was 2 feet
8:19 am
below. i would say now it is a foot and a half below the top of the road. >> christian, you are at the napa river in st. helena and you are seeing flooding at this point?>> reporter: yes. absolutely. >> the national weather service they will issue a flood warning for your area. that is a significant amount. >> reporter: absolutely and we just saw a couple napa county public works crews out here that they tell me they are going to shut this road down because it is simply not said. we drove through that a couple minutes ago and it was safe for us to go through but clearly not now. it is tough to look that far in the distance because we have so much water but maybe ryan to get it. there is a horse that marks this road as being closed. again one major concern and the concern for ryan and myself was this bridge. if you take a look again.
8:20 am
you can see the high water coming along here alongside this rich. if you can imagine a little more water will pushes river up to more feet and it will be coming up over the top -- up 2 more feet and it will be coming up over the top.>> have your cameraman shoot up the river. that is flooding . you are seeing sticks, you are seeing leaves. this is a river that has gone above its banks and you are seeing stop being swept up of sure and being pushed down stream. that is a very early stages of flooding the river forecast center has the napa river flooding up to 18 feet 18' x 4 p.m. this afternoon. i feel like you may be there already. flood stage is 16 feet were you are and it is supposed to go to over 18. when you see what you see right here -- do you see that log?
8:21 am
that is flooding because you are basically above the floodplain of the river and you are pulling debris into the river. and it may be hard for you to here at home or in the studio, but we are hearing rooms -- again the debris . you know it is a lot of force if it is getting bigger chunks coming down impacting the bridge.>> christian days big question. >> reporter: we are getting big noises. >> behind you the road that you came in to go over the bridge, that filled in -- how long ago did you go over that and how quickly did it flat out? >> reporter: so we heard from a neighbor who said -- yes, they are getting some flooding . it was a little bit of water. and that was maybe 10 minutes ago. maybe about seven minutes ago we drove through it and the
8:22 am
water was maybe 2 yards across the road. it was only 2 yards covered in water so now it looks like it is 40 feet through 50 feet adjust the distance of the road. as to how deep it is -- i can't even begin to guess. it is certainly unsafe to walk through and i certainly would not want to drive through . >> this is bill. do you see the yellow line behind you? start watching that . you can see. the double yellow line. closer to you. watch that. that thing -- it is almost ended. do you see were interns in the pavement. i bet you in the next 15 minutes that they will be underwater. >> reporter: absolutely. we will stand by. until we hear of another location of flooding . we will stay right here. we will monitor this . this is
8:23 am
our market and this will give you a sense of how best the water is rising also a couple minutes ago we had a lot of fast water and rain come through so a lot of rain come that water to shed down and ing start making its way up and over the winter -- the water bags. >> you mentioned residents talking to you. all the businesses are so close to the water there -- who could be affected in that area? >> reporter: there are holes in here in the area flooding, there are also a lot of vineyards. i don't know how big a problem that is a for vineyards. clearly they are accustomed to be flooded time to time. but there are some homes that are nearby. no homes that we have seen that are right next to the river banks. so it appears so far at least that we do not have -- here is a big chunk of od coming
8:24 am
right now -- that is a sizable what. lumbar. that that is exactly what we were talking about. cement that becomes very dangerous . you are smart to pay attention to it because that is a very sturdy bridge, but when you get logs starting to go down river, a lot of the damage when you have hurricane and storm surges, the debris or what have you, you are right to pay attention to that. christian, i had the radar up around two. in the split screen. if we look south and east we have another area moving your way so you will see another blast. you [ indiscernible - multiple speakers ] that we haven't county crew over here. >> reporter: we're going to try to talk with them and try to get a sense from them about what we can expect this morning -- we have a county crew over here. we go to try to talk with them
8:25 am
and try to get a sense from them about what we can expect this morning. we will also ask about other locations but so far this is the most significant location we have seen.>> we will check back in with you soon. it sounds like you are already making a lot of precautionary plans. be safe out there.>> that was christien kafton live up in st. helena with the rain continues to come down. we will follow the storm all morning. stay with us when continues.
8:26 am
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we'll help you handle what's next. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. welcome back to mornings on 2 on this stormy sunday. this is in -- thank goodness it is a weekend because that toll plaza would be a mass. the roads are mighty slick.>> good morning. i'm clotting long. we have team, -- i'm claudine wong. we have flooded roadways. >> first let's kick it over to our chief meteorologist bill martin who has had a busy morning.
8:31 am
>> it is really just getting started as we present to the morning hours. in terms of the heaviest rainfall the north bay has been getting it the most. the map -- we have seen in st. helena, we have a wind advisary on all the bay area ridges. we are fortunate it is not a monday or tuesday because the commute would be a mass. this is a good time for this to happen. hopefully you're not going out anytime soon. just stay home and enjoy the next few hours of heavy rain. there is your flood warning. this is -- what is that? that is sonoma creek. yes flash flood warning meaning sonoma creek is going over its banks./flood warning for pen growth. napa right now flash flood warning. it has not turn the color red but i suspect it will because we do see flooding near the st. helena bridge. then flooding near the russian river.
8:32 am
but the base is huge and it takes a long time for that to fill out so by monday that think should start to go above flood stage. then none of this at this point days as long as the system keeps moving, none of that is not manageable. although we may go above flood stage, it is not the end of the world. it is when you get 10 feet above -- that is when you really get into trouble. right now the forecast centers are saying we are right at the edge of trouble. that is what we are. this storm report -- we have seen lots of storm reports throughout the bay area. coming up over here, checking them out. a flood in napa -- that can be were christian is. this is a flood in santa rosa. these a small creeks. here we have a wind dust in apple bay not recorded. 30 mile an hour gust in san ramon. flash flooding in tracy . you get the picture . these are storm reporters flooding in the petaluma area. this is what i wanted to point
8:33 am
out. we have a set up here. i pushed the atmospheric river. that is at 10 am. we are at were? 8:40. this is were that napa river is starting to crest. up in the north bay. this area -- were it goes -- where it goes flooding will follow. at 10 am it is right over central pacific up. we have san mateo over towards is bay hill. that is when activity will be triggered. then at 1130 -- then at 11:30 san mateo will deftly be in the bull's-eye. then at 1 pm it is south of san jose but san jose will have a good two hours. of this thing. the heaviest rainfall rate potentially up to an inch and a half an hour. that is an immense amount of rain. and then at 5 pm it starts to
8:34 am
break out. it does that mean it is over. it just means where the focus of the atmospheric river is whether trouble is . let's take a live picture outside because the sun is starting to come up. really roadways right now are just a mess there are danny waters. in livermore you will be getting hammered . you may not be yet but you will. the ground is saturated. certainly month slides are possible. there is the san mateo bridge. people -- it is nice to see people driving nice and calm. people are taking their time. and of course there is no stress and hustle and bustle of a monday morning commute which helps quite a bit. >> absolutely. i think that makes quite a big difference. and advice -- stay home if you do not need to be out. >> it looks like a lot of people are heeding your advice. experts say today storm
8:35 am
would hit us hardest in the morning. actually this is a live picture from san francisco . you can see this is going to be a common theme out the day i think.>> background is just saturated. we had a lot of rain last week as you remember as well. we've got a lie shot right there. -- we've got a live shot right there. a lot of those trees go up and point out a bit they grow towards the road to get the sunlight and then you get a bit of moisture into the roads and a lot fall over. we have a lot of cleanup in san francisco.>> we are hearing about trees going down all over the way area. this is a picture of the marine county sheriff just posted. look at all those branches on top of this group and a tree to come down on top of that home. some we have seen also flooding pictures of social media in a lot of different folks who are dealing with a lot of different
8:36 am
problems. let's go up to the north bay and christien kafton who is in napa county. >> yes the napa river looks like it was at flood stage and you were on one side of the bridge and stuck a bit. what is the latest? >> reporter: we did have that public works crew from napa here. they said there are three roads that are flooded out and three ridges that are affected right now. we will go through and figure out exactly what was they are talking about a try to figure out exactly which roads but they also said silverado trail is flooded. you can see we have been monitoring just how high the water is on the load i bridge i'm st. helena. you can see the water level is still coming up here is probably about of the low. we are monitoring it. we do not want to be isolated or cut off. so our live truck is parked over on this side. there is a
8:37 am
big log. we have been talking about the big log that are hitting the big bridge and it sounds like thunder with a hint. we talked about it earlier how we initially came to this road here and we had a parking spot. it felt like we were safe at first . the water started to rise and that the whole road flooded out. bill, about 20 minutes ago when we last talked, you were talking about the double yellow line you are absolutely right. that double yellow line is now invisible that gives you a sense of how fast thewater is rising along the napa river. we've gotten a heavy downpour and that downpour pushed a lot of water into this system and it just can't handle it. around here it is completely saturated. it has no place to go.>> one thing we are showing with the radar -- people don't understand -- maybe they do understand -- there is flooding concerns were you are, but the
8:38 am
rain can happen miles away. right now highway 101 above windsor is close. it is flooded northbound. that is because the drainage they said is send many miles into the hills. so the napa river -- it doesn't have to be raining were you are. it can be raining 5 miles upriver and it is in fact and heading into that water and i have to say i have covered a lot of river flooding as i know we all have in this area, i am pretty impressed with the amount of debris i am seeing in the napa river right now. that is an indication of some very sharp, quick water rises above you -- far above you, so i am suspecting, when you see things moving in a river like that, that is a very active indication. look at that. >> reporter: exactly . gives you a sense of exactly how much
8:39 am
debris we are talking about. a gentleman just walked over . do you live in the area?>> i run the local water treatment let.>> reporter: what you make of this? >> i have seen it much higher but it is coming for sure. i just emptied my rain gauge at the plant and it was over 4 inches. that is since yesterday afternoon. >> that is a lot of rain in a short period of time. that's a problem if you get a lot of rain very quickly there is no place for it to go.>> people come over this road and go right into the field so it is not a good thing.>> reporter: stay said. there you have it . he has monitored his reign. he works for the water treatment plant and he says he has seen more than 4 inches in just the past 24 hours. there is a big one coming in right now. this is what we have been talking about. with these hit you can feel the impact and a little bit of a tremor through the bridge. that was not even a big one.
8:40 am
some big ones sound like thunder.>> this goes back to my days as a geology student and when i see images like this, that is significant -- there is significant flash flooding north or above you for it to be distributing this much debris down in your area. i'm not saying it is happening were you are but above you there must b that is a lot of debris. this is just happen recently. it is very impressive and very dangerous.>> reporter: hill, you have to think as this stuff comes down and collects, what that does is it can create a damn and push water back and create pressure so the water, when it comes out it is under more pressure when it comes out to the dammed up area and spills over into fields.
8:41 am
i'm going to make ryan walk a little bit more and show you exactly what we are talking about. we are getting all this backed up water on the ridge. there is a vineyard on the other side of the bridge and as the water gets backed up it either goes down to the low lying area on the load i bridge and we have been monitoring the back up here into the vineyard as well. >> the deniers love this. that is why -- the vineyards love this. that is why it is there. beautiful for them. that is a floodplain they are in. this river floods. all rivers flood and that is why that top part of the river floods out flat like you are seeing so that when you get above flood stage it flares out and these floodplain station that some of the best farming's. that is why california has such great topsoil. >> reporter: well the vineyard here is getting a free inundation which here in california is pretty good. >> how much do you think -- we
8:42 am
market that yellow line -- and in less than 10 minutes it got above that yellow line. were do you think that was it inches? maybe four were do you think that was it inches? maybe 4 inches? 3 inches? vertical?>> maybe five vertical . >> reporter: it look like it was maybe five.. that's five in 10 minutes. what is that in 30 minutes?>> those kinds of rises end of the rain is continuing in that area, that river -- there will be problem on the napa river.>> reporter: absolutely in the warning for us is interesting to look at but for anyone driving or walking it can present a serious hazard. again public works crew telling us that if you see standing water like this are moving water
8:43 am
like that do not try to walk through it. do not try to drive through it . you do not know how high it is. they have had cases were people have had days have tried to walk through and then all of a sudden it becomes a rescue.>> frank mentioned 2 feet of water will flow to your car. >> i think it is a couple feet of water. >> reporter: we were talking about that earlier. six i think it is a couple feet of water. >> reporter: we were talking about that earlier. 6 inches of water which will be of two about here will take me off my feet. 2 feet of water could move on truck. it is no joke. that people should never underestimate the power of a water. christien kafton, be safe out there.>> we will check in with him in just a little bit. >> it looks like we want to go over to the santa cruz mountains right now. we have a different video. little go over to the santa cruz mountains because they are keeping an eye on the storm hit
8:44 am
jessie has been telling us it has been on and off.>> prediction -- the north bay and the santa cruz mountains up to a foot of rain perhaps and we spoke with jesse gary our reporter about a half an hour ago. were are you now? santa cruz valley? you have been through a few neighborhoods.>> reporter: i was in scotts valley. now i am in santa cruz. this is brookwood drive what were it meets the a lot of creek. so i tweeted some pictures. this is not shameless self- promotion but if you want to see the pictures. -- >> we have them on the website -- >> good . the picture i sent was taken when a vehicle was stuck a few days ago right now there is the same amount of mud -- maybe more. 3 feet of mud caked over the roadway in it has forced the
8:45 am
street department to close the roadway . i just talked to a couple guys from the street department say it will be staying close at least until next week. the reason being will be heavier rain and going to the week it will be a wet week altogether. from their perspective it does that make sense to come in and bring in a front loader to only have it wash in again the next day so the road for the time being -- but will drive will be remain closed -- foothills drive will remain closed. as for the conditions right now we are in a low period were it is not raining. maybe some light sprinkles but no real rain. but you can see from the pictures the aftermath of the rain that has happened and is forecast to happen in just a bit.>> give our viewers a bit picky just went on from the 17
8:46 am
what was that drive like? >> reporter: the drive was foggy at first going up the 17 out of los gatos into the mountains . it was foggy with rain but a lot of debris on the roadway on the sides of the roadway and even some of the lanes. take caution particularly if you are driving in the early morning hours -- monday morning for the commute etc. or this evening because the debris gets washed into the roadway and you do not see. branches, sticks, stuff like that and rocks. so that was a bit of a serpentine as you made your way up the roadway -- not just because the roadway is ki and then -- is kirby. -- is curvy. then once i made my way through the santa cruz the foggy conditions dissipated and then i made my way to brookwood were the roadway is closed again because of an estimated 3
8:47 am
feet of road -- mud that is caked over this roadway. the same guys from the street department we talk to as you will see the interview in a minute -- they said they are going around clearing up the storm drains in this neighborhood -- the brookwood subdivision to try to make sure the storm drains are clear. you see a lot of street department and municipalities doing this because if you can get ahead of the storm, make sure that storms are all based the storm drains are all clear . if you can get a lot of water flow and that storms are not clog then you can reduce the flooding once they clog up that is when you get the problems with water getting into homes and stop. that is what they were trying to do at 7:30. they had been out early working this neighborhood. >> thanks jesse.
8:48 am
we know it could be a long day i had for you. any break that you can get right now, i would say enjoy it. you have a lot more coming. >> reporter: in we will have the video and of the sounds from these people in these next few minutes to put on the air as well.>> perfect. thanks jesse. we will take a quick break and we will be right back.>>
8:49 am
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8:51 am
you are looking at a lot of the pictures and videos continuing to come into our facebook page, twitter and instagram . you can see folks sharing the different scenes across the bay area as they fled from what scene to -- as they float from wet scene and a soggy morning. >>flooding garages, having trouble. the ocean is -- it is a wet sunday. keep pictures coming. we will get them on the air with a slideshow. >> this rain is not just hitting the bay area. it is soaking all of fornia outside of california sacramento.
8:52 am
the sacramento river is barely g on its banks. many people live along that stretch. sandbagging and waiting for the water to come their way. here is a time lapse video. the bay bridge from early this morning you can see just how hard the rain was pounding on the drivers windshield. wipers on fulltilt as a traffic moved its way through the city. motorists are dealing with some high wind especially early this morning out on all the bridges.>> we are going to go over to bill martin. i think starting around 7 am people were saying -- this storm is not anything, and now we are seeing rivers rise, more squalls coming in and this is what you were talking about. >> you said also. the thing
8:53 am
with these storms is -- it is raining, rating, wet, wet, and all of a sudden things start to climb. there is a breaking point. it starts to pop. that's how the whole day will go. as this atmospheric river moves south, things will start to pop. debris flow -- nothing we can't handle. it is just a good strong winter storm it is coming on the tails of a lot of ground saturation. we have saturated soil because of the rate. some areas lastly got up to 4 inches of rain. justin normal areas that have already filled the creeks. wind watch is out there. there is your flood warning. for the pen grove area. the russian river in green right here this we on monday. at this point they have actually downgraded that. now the napa river -- we are seeing flooding were christien
8:54 am
kafton is thereby st. helena. he is showing us some preaching banks. near st. helena. but what you are seeing right were christian is a lot of debris which is indicative of significant rainfall way up in here in the hills. so the heavier rain continues to fall. we will track that in heading south have the guadalupe river which is forecasting about flood stage. maybe right there. hopefully it will not be a big bubble but we have a long way to go especially if you are south of the north they. that is were it has been all morning. there is more heavy rain in marin county. they are not big on rain but they will get hit hard in the next 30 minutes as well as san francisco. we will visit that later. i want to show you the model here because i wanted to show you this atmospheric river. check this out here this is just a model. i was just showing you the
8:55 am
radar, right? that was pretty cool. this is the forecast. what you see is this narrow, focused line of intense moisture that is focusing right on the bay area. that is why there is flooding in those areas. now watch this movement. at 10 am it is forecast -- about an hour from here -- watch what happens. that whole thing shifts. now the trouble stop this spot will pop up in the areas here -- now the trouble spots will pop up in these areas here. this is like what you find in a hurricane. this is a very narrow and of highly saturated air that when it hits the coastal hills, when it hits mission peek, it explodes in water comes out -- times of water. here we go a little further south.
8:56 am
you can see at noon it is the san jose province . you can count on that. also this is jesse gary who was up in the santa cruz mountains. at 11 am or noon he will be hit. fortunately it should stop. that is a key. i have seen this before. it still could stall. when they stall, that area could stall for three areas -- three hours and that is when the real trouble starts. it is not the end of the world but if that thing collides installs for the next five hours we are looking at areas that will have problems like we are seeing with christian captain. in -- with christien kafton in st. helena. here's the afternoon forecast. good news because there is a little break. if we did not have the break we would be worried but we would get all the flood watches. all this stuff will happen but
8:57 am
we will get a break and that will be a big advantage to the russian river and even creeks. there is the atmospheric river. it is definitely -- you get one of these every three years. it is a good storm. is that the pineapple express?>> it is the same thing but a more scientific term. stuff will happen. this is not the end of the world. maybe someone is up there may be the kid has a soccer game -- i think you will be able to move around at 5 pm. the napa river and the russian river -- i think the napa river will be having problems closer to town. you need to be careful in those areas of the floodplains but i think san francisco -- you will be able to move around. you have some good although coming up at 1 pm. i recommend sticking around for that.>> is not the end of the world. i know all that has been written -- is a big storm. it is a good storm.
8:58 am
we need it. can manage this . careful and use your head. >> good advice. make it without bill martin. heavy rain, wind pounding the pacific coast. pacific appear shut down it will remain closed until the weather gets a little better. warnings on 2 continue. -- mornings on 2 continues after this.
8:59 am
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>> welcome back. some other news now. in virginia, state police say there have been hundreds of car crashes related to snowy and icy roads. they're having problems out there as well. the national weather service reports blizzard conditions. this is near richmond, virginia. at least one person has died in a weather related cash crash -- car crash. it is coming down. the problems aren't limited to the south. >> can't escape it. i think it is hitting everybody across the east coast. you can't hide from it. >> the black ice is very, very
9:01 am
dangerous. and it's something that, you know, causes many, many problems for everybody. verybody. >> well, this particular storm causing serious problems even in areas where people are not used to getting a lot of snow. connecticut, there have been several freeway crashes. one involved 20 cars, three semi-trucks and a tanker truck on a very busy interstate 91. two of the trucks diesel fuel tanks were punctured. officials had to close five miles of freeway. no one seriously reported. in arizona, fire crews had to pull three people stranded in a rising creek there. the driver of the car there tried to make it across beaver creek near sedona. didn't make it. high water levels stopped the car mid stream. the water levels crept into the car. the people in the car felt safer sitting on top of the car until the emergency crews came by with the raft. the sedona fire department were able to get the stranded people to shore. all right. not 9:00 on the clock.
9:02 am
we're going to take a quick break. we're watching the rain, wind, storm, power outages. when we come back, we will bring you live team coverage. we're also going to take a look back at the last time we had weather like this. this is up in the north bay. the reason that many areas are better prepared today. as we continue on this sunday.
9:03 am
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9:04 am
>> this is ktvu mornings on 2 weekend. >> all right. welcome to mornings on 2. it is sunday, january 8th. i'm claudine wong. >> good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. tracking the storm all morning long. downed trees, road closures. creek levels rises. bill has your track shoes on this morning. you are a busy, busy man. >> you wouldn't want to be anywhere else. when it's raining, it's hard to be home. you know how it is. >> yeah. >> when there's news and you're at home, you want to get in here. it is easier to be here than be at home. we have wind advisories throughout the bay area. it is a great day not to get going out there. i would stay in the house. we've got flooding up in the areas around marin county and
9:05 am
santa rosa. flooding up in occidental and flooding in napa. most of it is urban small stream flooding. but the napa river as you will see in a little bit with christien kafton he has dramatic pictures of the napa river reaching close to flood stage. some of the rain totals, rough numbers, these are 24-hour numbers. four, five inches not uncommon in these areas. let's go to weather 2, guys, if you can make the switch over to that. pop over to weather 2 radar. yeah. this is the current radar. where is the atmospheric river? this is the actual radar. not a forecast model. there it is right there. i drew a bad line there. you get the idea. a line of heavy moisture focused on the north bay right now. that's where we're having the problems right now. the thing to note is these area that's are all having flooding problems now will get a break in about three hours as all of the major rain begins to shift to the south. right now the hot spots, up
9:06 am
around kernville, up around windsor. not the russian river necessarily yet. up in graton, these small tribu tar s are starting to blow out. they flood typically on the upper russian river. if we pull it all the way out here, i can show you the heaviest rain. let's look what the is going on in san jose. not much. i understand that. you say when it's not raining on you, nothing is going on here. give it about -- in san jose, give it two, three hours, and you guys will be in it and get what has been going on up in the north bay. flood warnings throughout the bay area. flood watches. dynamic situation. as you look at the live radar. this is ongoing as we move forward. let's take a couple live cameras outside only because in the north bay, you kind of get a feel for what is happening. that is an east bay shot. you get a feel.
9:07 am
nobody is on the roadways. it is good. not the end of the world. just a good strong winter storm. look at the golden gate bridge. not bad. look at the flag blowing there. winds gusting up to 40, 50, even 60 miles per hour. the main brunt of the storm hasn't made it into san francisco yet or oakland or hayward or into fremont or livermore. but when it does, you're going to know it's there. so just bare with us as we man tore the north bay who right now are the beneficiaries, if you could say that, of some very, very heavy atmospheric moisture, atmospheric river moisture that is causing all sorts of problems. 101 is closed northbound north of windsor. 101. highway 101 closed going north above windsor. so it's a lot of rain up there. it is coming our way. >> we saw christien kafton up there too. it is a mess up north. a number of creeks, rivers
9:08 am
close to cresting. >> a lot of those are in the north bay. christien kafton is live for us in napa county where at least three roads are closed because of flooding. your situation has changed. it looks like you're taking off your hat. maybe a little bit of a break in the rain. >> no. i can hear you better if i take it off. that's why i have been taking it off. it is not vanity here. yes, ryan and i have moved a little bit. we're offer the napa river in st. helena. we've been talking about how high the flood water is and debris hitting the bridge. you can see from this angle how high the water is and the debris we're talking about. a safety concern for anyone in the area. don't try to cross the bridge. we've also been monitoring how the water levels have been rising on the other side. bill and i started our little project about half an hour, 40 minutes ago to look for the yellow lines. the yellow lines completely invisible now. that water now extending at least 100 feet of road here.
9:09 am
impassable. you can see from the position that we're in just how fast that water is moving. you can get a sense of why it would be so dangerous for anybody to drive through, not to mention walk through. you can see that water moving through the area. and that fast-moving water carries with it a lot of force. that is one of the reasons that napa county has closed off this road here. again, over the lodi lane bridge in st. helena. not safe to drive through here. one of our concerns has been whether the water continues to rise and if it continues to rised danger could be that it could overtop the bridge. that could present a whole other problem. we have been hearing over the course of the hour or so that we've been here debris hitting that bridge. the bigger pieces relationship out with a boom. you can feel the impact when you're on the bridge. it rings through the bring. you can also see that debris piling up. you can imagine a scenario
9:10 am
where it overtops the bridge which could present a whole different problem. we have a -- what appears to be a napa county crew here. we talked with them earlier about the danger that's are present for people who try to drive through standing water. >> if you do have to go out, please try to obey the speed limits. look for the flooded signs. look for the workand the flashing lights. and please use caution. >> reporter: now, if you remember, bill, we've been monitoring how high that water is. when we started out here, we were watching that water. it appeared to be maybe a foot and a half below the deck of the bridge here. now we're looking at six to nine inches of clearance space right now. we're carefully monitoring this because we don't want to be caught away from our vehicle. this gives you a sense of how much water we're talking about. the flood water bringing everything down stream. >> christien kafton, that
9:11 am
bridge, you said it's about eight inches from the top there. so that roadway on that bridge is going to get topped. because the rain -- we had the radar up. just north of you, there is heavy rain around cobb, the mountainous areas north and east of you. that's why you're seeing so much debris in the river. it's coming from a few miles upstream. >> a big piece just broke free. it was stuck here. sorry to interrupt you no. >> no. >> reporter: all of that debris breaks through. what that does is it keeps moving downstream and finds someplace else to jam up. it causes a flood somewhere else. it's going to get caught up somewhere. all of the water has to go somewhere. if we're getting rain further out, the water will keep coming down here. as the debris goes downstream, we're going to start seeing more and more localized flooding. we might be watching this road get overtopped here as we were talking about. six to nine inches a minute
9:12 am
ago. maybe three to six inches now. >> your camera guy is doing a great job showing the topography where you are. if he shoots downstream a bit and to the left, there's a vineyard on the right and on the left too. the floodplain, if you will. what will happen -- this river is going to top its banks in the area obviously in the next hour or so based on what we are seeing and based on the fact that it is continuing to rain. see how it is flooding down there? those are natural floodplains there. the river will be sharp. once it breaks into the floodplains, the rise -- it almost goes to a snail's pace because it is flaring out. the top of a river is like the top of -- you know, it is like a top of a wide martini glass or something, the way it vs out. so those floodplains, they're natural owe correspondences
9:13 am
because this river does this. but where you are, i wouldn't be surprised, that water is going right up to the top of the bridge. there's no way -- based object the rain just north of you, it will keep coming up for another hour. probably two or three hours. >> reporter: absolutely. i'm listening to you. i'm keeping one eye to our feet. ryan and i want to keep our safety paramount in our mind. and one final note. we've been talking about the flood that we've seen here, the possibility of floods in st. helena. you have to think about the road conditions. we shot video of a spinout accident in the middle of 80 in hercules. this was early this morning. this was around 6:00-ish. as we were coming up, ryan had to do some very safe driving to make sure that we didn't impact that vehicle. we stopped and called 911. certainly a warning for anyone driving that -- even if you don't see flooding like we're talking about right now, those
9:14 am
roads can still be very dangerous. >> yeah. absolutely. christien kafton, the speed of that water, once it breaches the bed of that bridge, it looks like it will just be kind of over and done quickly on not being able to pass the bridge. >> that has come up half a foot since you arrived. that's amazing. it was a good two feet down. now it's six inches below the bridge in an hour. >> three to six inches now, frank. and, you know, bill was talking about that rain moving in. and sure enough, in just the last 15 seconds, we started to get another deluge of rain coming down. this gives you a sense of how close the water is to overtopping the bridge here. a lot of rain and water. it's just a matter of time until the bridge gets swamped. >> i'm assuming that your exit plan is the other way. >> yes. we're taking it seriously. that's where we are over there on the high side of the bridge. so that if the water starts to
9:15 am
come up, we can get quickly. >> good to know. be safe out there. thank you for the update. the time is 9:14. national weather service says current storm could be the biggest in more than a dozen years. in december of 2005 marin county fire crews were called to pull three cars. a woman stranded inside one of the cars that you see there. rescue worker as you see had to use a jet ski to get to her. was able to pull her through the sunroof and attach a safety line her and get her to shore safe and sound. got an update from pg&e on the number of storm related power outages. a spokesperson says 21,000 customers across the bay area are without power at this hour. the largest outage in daly city where more than 6100 customers have no power. the numbers have gone up in the past couple hours. oakland, 5,000 customers affected by outages. santa rosa, 1600. in the walnut creek area, more
9:16 am
than a thousand of the customers still without power. pg&e say crews are working to restore power but no estimate on when that power might be turned back on. we're just getting word there's another 5,000 without power inthe san francisco area. that information just came in within the last 15 minutes. so it's kind of happening now where things were okay in early morning hours. now we're seeing some of that -- the push now where power is going out. crews were on stand by. i know they have staging areas to respond to this as soon as possible. we saw crews cutting down trees. as you can see from this map, lots going on. just looking at the chp traffic map as well. and literally minute by minute, they are just constant problems. nothing huge. but, again, yoow, if you're one of the 4800 people in that outage right there affected, you're frustrated and wondering when your power is going back on. now, we are following all of this for you of course here at
9:17 am
ktvu and also on our weather app. that is a great app to have because when you get on that, you get the live radar and the up to the minute forecast. you get those all weekend line and every day. search for ktvu in your app store and get that downloaded. we continue to follow the storm on this sunday. downed power lines and trees all over the bay area. some of the areas facing the most problems as the storm moves its way through northern california. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
9:18 am
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9:20 am
>> welcome back. here are some pictures and some of the videos that continue to flood into our ktvu facebook page. our twitter and instagram. you can see kind of a plethora of things from out on the coast, in the city. you see a guy paddling away there in the lower left hand corner. just some treacherous driving and some pretty as well. a good day to hunker down, stay home and enjoy the day with your family. because it is a mess out there. keep the pictures rolling in and the videos as well. make sure that you use #ktvu and we will try to get more on the air this morning. we want to go to the santa cruz mountains. people keeping a close eye on the storm. >> that area expected to get the brunt of the storm. nearly a foot of rain. 12 inches. jessie gary is there this morning on more on a neighborhood that has taken
9:21 am
quite a hit. jessie, take it away. >> reporter: you can see me not just hear me. we are standing on brookwood drive. i was tweeting out these pictures. this is the mud coming from the creek which goes usually underneath that little bridge there that goes across to the other side. and because of the heavy rains which started last week and have continued on into this weekend, about three feet of mud has kind of caked over the roadway. now this road is closed. we talked to public works a little while ago. they tell me this is going to stay closed for the foreseeable future. until at least next week because of bill martin's forecast. because of the rain coming in today and tomorrow and the next day and the next day. let's go ahead and take -- we have video. let's look at the video. you can get a better look how caked this mud is on the roadway that happened starting last week as a matter of fact. i was told that neighbors told me one day a vehicle got stuck almost up to its roof.
9:22 am
this was a little while ago. but still, this area is low lying. there are signs up warning of flood dangers. and that is why a, the road is closed right now and b, it will stay closed for the foreseeable future. we talked with randy with the streets department. >> about three feet of mud. from the creek over -- you know, when there's a lot of water and debris, it gets filled up with dirt and mud. a lot of times people try to come down the road even though it's closed. and they get stuck in the mud sometimes. >> reporter: this is the vehicle that actually got stuck in the mud. this was last week. and they had to call a wrecker and pull this vehicle out. and just within the past couple of minutes, we saw a vehicle that came down on the other side of brookwood road and started to gingerly try to cross all of the mud, three feet of mud and water. and maybe -- how far did he get? maybe -- maybe ten feet or so.
9:23 am
and then put it in reverse and started backing right back out. so the lesson is if you come to an area where you see there is standing water or like this mud, don't try to cross. i know it's a pain to go around the long way. go around the long way. a lot of times you get stuck and then you really do have a headache. >> yeah. rather get there late and safe instead of being stuck and calling aaa or getting in trouble as well. it's not -- it doesn't seem like it's raining right now right where you are? >> reporter: no. no. it's not. it is a little breezy. i've got the hood down. when the hood is down, a-okay. when the hood goes up, it is raining. right now it is not raining. we have been experiencing this all morning where we get these lulls where it doesn't rain. and then it will, you know, two seconds later dump on you. right now we're in a lull that is welcome. as bill, the worse is on its way. >> thank you, jessie. we will go over to bill to kind of find out what is in store for jessie as he sits there.
9:24 am
>> yeah. two hours from now, it will be a different picture. >> not done yet. >> no. especially in the santa cruz mountains. christien kafton is in the north bay. he has been showing us the napa river in st. helena, breaching its banks. there are flood watches, flood warnings, the whole bit. the heaviest rain in the marin county area. it is raining pretty hard out there and windy. wind advisory throughout the bay area. that impacts everybody. i have to tell you, a lot of folks not out this morning. we've been taking some live cameras periodically. people are staying in because it is sunday morning and it is actually a good time for this to happen. if this was monday morning, it would be horrible. what we have here is your flood warning. this is for the sonoma creek area. flooding concerns there until 11:00 this morning. and then the flooding up around pen grove not unanticipated. these are usual spots. kernville, russian river,
9:25 am
that's a big deal. that literally won't crest until monday. and so we have a ways to go. the latest river forecast has been a little less, a little lower. it will be right near flood stage or at flood stage. it shouldn't -- at least at this point it shouldn't be a problem. they get these numbers well. the napa river will get to flood stage. maybe a foot above. where christien kafton is, maybe a couple feet above there. that could crest right at flood stage, maybe an inch or two above that. so here is the story. it's the atmospheric river. wherever it is pointed, the problems are. right now it is pointed clearly in the north bay. that's where the activity is and all of the problems are. right through here. that area will continue -- that's not a good example. let me show you the rainfall rates. i can pull rainfall rates. the average rainfall rate is a quarter inch an hour. that is a lot of rain.
9:26 am
that is a lot of rain, a quarter an inch. the atmospheric river is beginning to shift south. as it does, areas like fremont and concord who have basically been dry or relatively dry are going to get -- going to get hammered. you can see the peninsula, you're like what are you talking about, bill? there is nothing going on here. as is typical for the bay area, north bay getting it first. it will work its way south. it is a matter how quickly it moves south as to how many problems may arise. let's take a look. these are some of the problems that have arisen. these are weather observers on the ground. we can go near fairfax to see a flood issued in san rafael. probably a creek behind someone's home. here is one in san francisco. wind damage in san francisco. here is one in stetson beach. wind damage there. just picking these out. a little bit of flooding in mill valley. not surprising. over here in alameda, wind
9:27 am
damage. and then we will move further south and see what we've got down here. we had debris flows earlier. wind along the coast. it doesn't give me a result here. here we are at hillsborough. wind damage. you get the idea. widely scattered throughout the bay area. we have nonthunderstorm wind damage and more of the same. so the idea being, hey, listen, it's all over the place. the heaviest stuff -- there is the atmospheric river right there. that's at 10:00 a.m. just about half an hour from now, it will be focused further south. that's where the troubles will start. then the troubles at 11:00 and 12:00 and 2:00. that's the story right now. >> it is pointed at christien kafton right now. >> marin county fire flooding that the creek is at 16 feet. so it's moving. we saw it a -- >> did they say where it is. >> they didn't give a location. we will have to dig those up. we were talking about people
9:28 am
getting stuck. >> yeah. >> alameda fire assisting with the rescue of a vehicle stuck in some water. so we're going to get more information on that. >> another reason to stay home. >> and just getting very busy and dangerous out there. there is heavy rain sweeping across the west coast. we're also watching floods in arizona. we will have more on the high water rescues and the lives saved. a big football weekend too. no derek carr yesterday and no win for the raiders who came up short in houston. we will hear from coach jack del rio who says do give up hope just yet. and we're keeping a close eye on the roads this wet morning too. if you're heading in from marin, smooth sailing. slow your roll as we say. mornings on 2 will be right back.
9:29 am
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>> you've been on this bridge all morning long watching that river rise. and what does it look like now? has it gotten over the bridge. >> reporter: yeah. let's go ahead and show you. the water level going up. we're going to walk closer to the bridge. you can see how high the water is. ryan standing over in this area to give you a sense of what the debris field looked like as the water impacted the bridge. you can see how much debris we're talking about and how high the water is. one local resident says it's just time as the water overtops the bridge. you can see how it has affected the road as well. we've been monitoring the water level. when we first got here, it was about maybe two or three feet
9:32 am
below the bridge. last time we talked we were saying that it was maybe six -- three to six inches from the top of the bridge here. and now we're probably maybe three inches or so from the top of the bridge. water level certainly coming up here. this is the lodi street bridge. and the lodi lane bridge here in st. helena. the issue of course is that the water has also completely swamped the road on the other side of the bridge. certainly not safe for anyone to drive through. you can see what looks like a small suv or a car that tried to make its way through turning around and going the other way. probably a very, very good . that water is at least two to three feet deep. and that is certainly deep enough to carry a car away, much less a person. the public works crews who were here in the area earlier told me that they certainly don't want anyone driving through the area. you can see that there are barricades there at the end of
9:33 am
the road. it looks like from our vantage point the water has gotten so high that it's now moving past those barricades. so the concern could be that if the water does come through, washes those barricades away, someone might not know that the road is closed off. certainly the advice to anybody who is driving never drive through water if you don't know how fast it is moving. and you can certainly see this water here really is moving pretty quickly. the major concern also here at the bridge you can see that debris field rising up. we are talking about it being maybe three inches down. if you take a look over here, you can see it swells and reseeds. as that happens, we're getting pretty close. we're starting to see the water come up here over the brim. it really is like we said just a matter of time. we're starting to see a little bit of water on the bridge. we talked with public works worker who explained to us just how dangerous the situation can be
9:34 am
>> listen, i'm looking. >> reporter: yeah. >> this is bill. i'm looking at the water on your right side, behind you. the other way. out on the road. even though that's impressive too. look at the debris coming down. that road, there is a current in that road right there. if you were to drive a car -- you're witnessing -- as you've been out there this morning, you're witnessing flash flooding firsthand. that road was dry. then it was wet. then it was getting a little deeper. now you have a current as you see on the side of the road. i'm going to guess you have a couple feet of water in there. that would sweep a 4runner probably off the road and push it down. that's flooding. that's what it looks like. it's very impressive how quickly that water has come up, christien kafton. >> reporter: absolutely, bill. to give you a sense, ryan and i
9:35 am
when we first arrived here parked between those two trees out there. you can see the moss covered trees. that is where we were parked. ryan had the foresight to go on back and say we will probably need to move our vehicle. he was going back to swap out a piece of equipment. and he said there was no way that we could stay there safely. >> i see a shed or a house. do you see that roof line behind you? if you -- do you see that roof line back there? >> reporter: yeah. that looks like -- it looks like it might be a greenhouse. frankly. it's hard to tell because we're so far away. we don't want to go across that water certainly. >> they're in jeopardy. i would imagine it's another six inches before they're getting water in their basement. >> reporter: absolutely. and that water i'll tell you, bill, it is coming really fast. >> yeah. >> reporter: you get a sense how fast it is coming right here. you were talking about th current. keep in mind this is not the napa river. this is just where the river is overtopping the road here.
9:36 am
>> uh-huh. >> reporter: so the napa river is in fact right over here. so we're looking at the napa river and then this is sort of extending out. and this is the floodplain as it comes through creating its new path right here across lodi road. >> it is amazing what has transpired the last couple of hours. we were looking at the double yellow line which is now 20, 30 yards down the road about 45 minutes ago. now you have a river on top of a river taking over the entire road. >> and you're absolutely right, frank. as i watch this, you and i -- claudine, we all grew up here. i have seen a lot of flooding. i know what it looks like. we have the radar next to it. let's stop it here. what is happening to the -- see the yellow areas north, about middle town up in here. that is heavy rain. miles away from where christien kafton is but it is bleeding into the watershed. there will be more flooding where you are. the rises on that river are so sharp right now that -- and you
9:37 am
can see it. the debris -- as long as debris is coming down, it is pouring. what you're seeing in that river is indication of major flooding upstream. major downpours and major rises. so the napa river today will be a trouble spot. certainly it is up by st. helena where christien kafton is. the rain right now is almost stuck up there. it hasn't moved much. maybe that part of the problem. the atmospheric river as we have talked about, wherever it goes, this type of thing can happen. right now it is pointed up at -- at the north bay. >> yeah. we will let christien kafton check back in in a little bit. we will go over to you, bill, to show us how the day is going to shape up when you talk about getting stuck. >> this is the old geography in me. i love that picture. that is news right there. when you see trees being swept down the river and muddy water like that, that is an active
9:38 am
dynamic situation. situation. it really is. and so you read about those things you study them. we talk about them. but you're actually seeing it. >> there's a lot of debris coming down. we're not talking twigs either. >> no. what is striking to me, and it must be to you at home too, how easy it would be to get in an environment like this. the road that christian was in earlier, if he was standing in the double yellow line, he would be standing in water right there. you see the training of the moisture. let me get my clicker here. i get talking and forget what i'm doing. this is a dynamic environment we're in. i'll try the atmospheric river like this right now. where christien kafton is in this area, that's where the trouble is. this atmospheric river is just now getting into the san francisco area and into the novato area and up into fairfield. up in grass valley and sacramento, we will see more of
9:39 am
these scenes. now, christien kafton's is dynamic because he has a river that is flooding. but we will see the sharp rises on other creeks as well. san mateo county right now are starting to see showers up by half moon bay. this is a computer model. so it is not -- it is not a radar. who i show you radar, that is what is happening now. when i show you a computer model, this is what is going to happen. the model says at 10:00 a.m. that this area, that's the river, is going to be here. well, that's good because it looks like it moves it out of the napa area. right. that's the hope. you want to move it out of there. that is 10:00 a.m. here we are at 11:00 a.m. there's a shift. now, this has got to keep moving or we have trouble. so it does move. it was further south. at 11:00 a.m., napa may be getting a break. the russian river may be getting a little bit of a break. it has downgraded the flood -- they have dropped the crest at
9:40 am
the kernville bridge by half a foot. it is not a ton, but they have dropped it. they're expecting drying out up here. look at san jose at 1:00 and breaks out at 2:00. what did i just say? wherever that thing points, that's where the trouble is. it is pointed at christien kafton right now. that's where the trouble is. >> thanks, bill. we just got word -- we told you about the car in the water around doolittle. we got information that two people were inside. there are rescue swimmers on the way. and the dive team out there as well. >> alameda county. >> yeah. in oakland, up the street where we are. alameda fire tweeting about it. we got more information about that. >> in lafayette, police say they need to avoid the area of valley road near withers out there. apparently there is downed power lines out there. if you are heading out that
9:41 am
way, proceed with caution or loop around and find another alternate route. probably a good idea. >> steer clear any time that you have power lines. very dangerous. we want to talk about the santa cruz mountains. people keeping a close eye on the storm. >> they tend to get the brunt of any big storm. jessie gary is in a neighborhood in santa cruz that got hit hard this week. good morning. >> reporter: good morning again to you guys. yeah. they usually get the brunt of it. we're in a lull. my hood is down. always a good sign. this is the aftermath. this is brookwood drive. we've been here most of the morning. we have come to the other side of the creek which is flooded and mud over brookwood drive which is now closed. take a look at our video. you can see how thick this is. roughly three feet. we caught up with some of the streets department workers here at santa cruz who want today come down and take a look. they closed this last week actually when the heavy rains
9:42 am
came because the mud flooded the roadway and caked it over. they will keep it closed for the foreseeable future because of bill's fact, as they call it the pineapple express, the atmospheric river, whatever you want to call it, it is rain upon rain upon rain. there is no reason to bring in a front end loader and move out all of the mud and muck and debris only to have it wash in again the next day or the next day. so brookwood drive is going to be closed for a little while. an inconvenience for neighbors who live nearby. >> just nature at work. right. >> yeah. >> that's all. just periodically come and clean the mud that com down. that is part of it. >> reporter: that was gary who lives just up the road a little bit. he says he is okay because he l there are homes down here at the bottom, including this home off to my right. so residences like that -- give
9:43 am
me -- there you go. that home to the right, the homeowner who lives here down at the bottom. this is a low lying area. there are concerns for folks like that that it could get a little, you know, dicey if the rain comes and it gets really, really heavy as bill is forecasting for later today. we will have to keep a weather eye on that. the conditions right now though not raining. not even sprinkling a little bit. just calm. which is nice. a good opportunity if you have to go out and walk your pets, et cetera. do it right now before the downpour comes. >> we can see the radar from here. and it is coming. probably the next hour or two. but hopefully they can get that cleaned up. jessie gary live in santa cruz. thank you. extreme weather not just hitting us here in the bay area. up next, we're going to talk about the blizzard-like conditions the folks in virginia are dealing with right now.
9:44 am
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9:46 am
>> all right. welcome back to mornings on 2. the pictures just keep coming in from folks around the bay area from this storm. you can see it varies from just the wet roadways to the closed roadways and folks kind of enjoying the look. be careful out there. there are trees on houses. you can see the bottom part of your screen. multiple reports of that and problems on the roadways. keep the pictures and videos coming. just use #ktvu and we will get them on the air. >> raiders. we're back. we're just not back where we want to be. we've got a bright future. it fella part for us the last two weeks. but we are heading where we need to be heading. and that's just the beginning. i'm not really ready to start. i know you aren't either. >> ready -- not ready to stop either. but it was a tough thing to watch. and you can't help but think
9:47 am
about what could have been. >> derek carr played that game, they would have won. >> i know. if he hadn't gotten hurt. he was hurt obviously. and the texans too much for the raiders in yesterday's playoff opener. >> hard to win when your quarterback is a rookie and making his first envelope start. rookie has never started a playoff game for game number one. connor cook, say hi to clowney. he gets the pick. it set up houston's first touchdown. lamar miller takes it out from four yards out. just like that down 10. back they come with murray turning that lead to 10-7. he runs in from the 2. we have a ball game. but brock osweiller, he threw for 168 yards. his lockest streak of beauty to hawkins. it set up this play. osweiller with an easy 6 finding the same man again from 2 yards out. raiders down 27 at the break.
9:48 am
you're hoping. connor cook finished with 160 yards passing. he got picked three times. too much. derek carr's absence too much. as oakland ends up losing 27- 14. back to the storm. we continue our coverage here. the bay area getting hit hard. the time collapse video of the bay bridge from earlier this morning. folks driving into the city. you can see the wet roads for drivers and motorists. dealing with a lot of high winds early on this morning. >> yeah. just more problems we're hearing from around the bay area. flooding in the san rafael area. posted by chp in marin. everywhere you look, the problems are happening. bill martin. >> yeah. >> you have been very busy. >> getting lots of pictures. pictures in -- there is big flooding on pescadero creek. that has been out of the
9:49 am
atmospheric river zone. they had the rain last night and last week, but it is now moving south. the north bay has been getting it. everything shifting south. one of the first stops. we're seeing significant flooding there. there is your flood warning for sonoma creek and pen grove. these rivers or creeks will get right to flood stage if not a little above. nothing at this point is dire. but there's a lot of water and a lot of runoff and a lot of -- just a lot of, you know, roadways are being shut down up around graton and occidental. i would stay home and watch football. i just would. that's where i'm going eventually here. eventually i'm doing that. because -- and, again, we're fortunate. i don't mean to make light of this. it is nice that everybody is in the -- in -- at home because they're not -- they're not out on the roadways right now. lots of storm reports around the area. these areas of heavy cells checking in.
9:50 am
fairfax, cascade canyon, that bleeds right into -- let me get rid of the storm reports. cascade canyon bleeds right into -- into the creek. that could be a concern there. that is significant rainfall. if i pull in the -- this is the most important thing. when you see the rainfall rates. i showed you half an inch an hour. that will get you flooding. if it stays in that area. there is over a half inch an hour. we're starting to see heavier cells working their way south. here comes activity. i'll move this further on shore. you see right here this will be hitting the santa cruz mountains soon as well. we are definitely -- and, again, you're going bill, what are you talking about? we've got nothing. it will get there. when it does, you will know it's there. just take it slow. this is what we did. i -- 10:00 a.m. this morning, okay, this is the forecast model. i was talking to mark at home. meteorologists are funny. we talk all day. mark and i have been talking for a -- the last three days.
9:51 am
he said you could pull it in closer and use the rpm, the close-up rpm. there is the atmospheric river. 10:00 a.m., more focused in this area. christien kafton is out in this area. it has moved. in the next half hour, 35 minutes, christien kafton hopefully gets a break. here it is at 11:00 a.m. wherever it goes, that's where the trouble goes. look at the east bay out by fairfield and concord and the east hills. there will be problems up there. the fortunate thing is it keeps progressing. there is 12:00 noon. the santa cruz mountains, right, this is will be the headline when all is said and done. it will be the santa cruz mountains still by 1:00, 2:00. and then you get a break late in the afternoon there. so it's not hard to forecast this. because it's -- wherever that big stream of moisture goes, that's where the trouble starts. and you have seen it with christien kafton. i would love to take his live
9:52 am
camera up. the directors hate me. night guy telling the morning guys what to do. it is down right now. sorry. i shouldn't do that to you. we're seeing it up in the north bay with christien kafton's camera on the napa river in st. helena. it is impressive. in all of the years that i have done the weather, 35 years and watching floods, i don't think i have seen a river actively flood like that. kernville has gone 15 feet above flood stage. but the debri -- >> we watched it grow. >> when you see debris and car size trunks of trees coming down the river, that is an indication of extremely heavy rain. that extreme heavy rain, i haven't seen it here yet. when you see it, you will know it and it will shift south. >> could that have something to do with the burn zone up there, the valley fire. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. yeah. there's a lot of erosion up there. a lot of stuff getting pulled off. attribute, if you would, to the
9:53 am
rainfall rates that are occurring outside of the zone that we're experiencing. so as this thing moves in the santa cruz mountains, we will see the rainfall rates on neighborhoods. that will interesting to see what happens. >> thanks, bill. >> thank you, bill. it is 9:53 now. police are blaming snow and lick slick roads for more than 500 car crashes across the state. it is a tough weather weekend. that's the weather service reporting blizzard conditions. this is near richmond, virginia. at least one person has died in a weather related car crash in that state. snow being blamed for other deadly collisions on the interstates. the problems are not limited to the south. >> can't escape it. i think it is hitting everybody at some point across the east coast. you can't hide from it. >> the black ice is very, very dangerous. and it is something that, you know, that causes many, many problems for everybody. >> even in areas that don't ge a lot of snow, there are
9:54 am
problems. connecticut sees snow but not this much. several freeway crashes there. one involved 20 cars. three big semi-trucks and a tanker truck. this is interstate 91 which takes you from hartford down to new haven. officials had to close five miles of that major freeway because of a punctured fuel tank. thankful leave no serious injuries reported. it took a while to get that cleaned up. >> what a mess. nothing like that here. but our roadways are not looking great. a lot of spinouts and flooding and problems. here is a live look at traffic as it goes through the mac maze. not too bad in terms of how much movement you're getting on the freeway. you shouldn't be going quickly. it is easy to hit puddles and go hydroplaning. the best advice from chp, if you don't have to go out, don't. let the storm pass through. grab coffee and curl up on your couch. mornings on 2 will be right
9:55 am
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here's your receipt. have a nice day! thank you. start the car! start the car! start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea >> all right. take a look at your screen. we have been getting pictures in all morning long here in the bay area and the sierra. people showing us what it looks like where they are. chances are the rain is coming down and you're braving it in some way or another. some people stuck with power out. other people having backyards flooded. >> you have a gal in the right corner going for a run and just
9:58 am
getting drenched. some pretty pics too. redwoods. but the rain is beautiful. but at times it is not our friend. a lot of rivers and creeks and tribu -- we will check in all day long to keep you updated with the storm. >> we will see you soon.
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