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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  January 8, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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(thinking) this must be what stephen gostkowski feels like when he kicks a 50 yard field goal. gostkowski's's good! (thinking) this must be what it felt like when jim fixed the printer. ♪ pepsi >> announcer: welcome to the state farm postgame show. >> curt: randall cobb sat out the last two weeks of the regular season to heal his injured ankle and today he showed why that was the right decision. three touchdown passes as the packers advance past the wildcard round into the divisional playoffs 38-13. jimmy johnson, lopsided games in the weekend. >> jimmy: who would have ever thought? the first quarter, green bay had
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seven total yards, you know, and aaron rodgers getting harassed. he was sacked. but then they picked up 400 yards the next three quarters and win the game 28-13. four touchdown passes and three to cobb and aaron rodgers guys so much time. he has the mobility to avoid the rush and throw the ball down the field. great player. >> howie: missed opportunities early for new york. >> michael: you had the dropped balls by the giants and one early could have been a touchdown. i think as the game went on defensively the giants defense on the field too much and didn't have any sustained drives on the offensive side to keep the defense off the field. >> howie: 98% of the first half. >> michael: got lazy before the half and momentum change and never able to recover from that. >> howie: then the flood gates opened. >> curt: the hail mary before halftime got green bay going. aaron rodgers four touchdown passes in the victory and a conversation with erin andrews afterwards. >> erin: i'm told i only get one question.
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here it is. your head coach told me before the half we have to find a way to get momentum going and how did you do that? >> a hail mary. >> erin: that was before the half. >> i took some sacks in the first half. second half, back to rhythm throws and better on my time and get the ball in my land quickly. no negative yards play and offensive line blocked really well tonight, regardless of the stats. i held on to the ball a little long at times. davante made some plays and rojeds cobb who this offense has been missing for a long time we are better with 18 on the field and he showed it tonight. >> erin: we will see you in dallas. >> can't wait. >> erin: he mending randationed cobb. he is the performer of the day. green bay beat the giants. howie?
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now green bay goes to dallas. >> howie: yeah. dallas was dominate, particularly offensively. they also were dominate defensively. but this green bay offense, there is such a stark contrast from the team that new york saw earlier in the year week five and dallas saw earlier in the year. they are hot. their receivers, you add adams and allison and cobb now back. it really is a great matchup because of the quarterback. the quarterback brings so much confidence to the entire football team. >> terry: he gets time. you can't emphasize enough the timing on passes is just that. you set, plants, fire. and, obviously, the coverage by the giants was extremely good. that is why he holds the football so long. there is the pressure is put on his line. i don't know that i've seen an offensive line in all of my years watching television that can set back there and avoid someone so good and the touchdown pass to the left, very few quarterbacks can throw that pass.
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but he is a risk passer. he snaps it. other quarterbacks would have had to turn, square their shoulders and push the ball. he snaps it. amazingly quick release. >> curt: i think the first touchdown pass to davante adams, nine second of protection. >> terry: amazing. >> curt: they take on the dallas cowboys next sunday on fox on sunday. next saturday we seal you the next time when the seattle seahawks visit the atlanta falcons. our coverage begins at 2:30 eastern time with the pregame show. we will see you then. let's wrap up wildcard weekend inside that victorious green bay packer locker room. >> you play the hard way and whatever it takes. same exact schedule coming up. we are on to dallas! whoa! whoa! ♪ >> 1-2-3. >> win! >> curt: the most dependable plays of the day. at wildcard weekend wrapped up the steelers got off to a quick
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start and never looked back thanks to two tds each from antonio brown and le'veon bell. at lambeau, packers defended the frozen tundra to move on to dallas. >> announcer: fox sports thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league. for nfl news and highlights, go to yes to low fares with nothing to hide. that's transfarency. [sfx:]clap, clap, ding
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powerful storm moves through the bay area leaving behind lots of downed trees, driving rivers and power outages.>>
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good evening. pleasure with us. we are a bit early to be up-to- date on the storm and its impact and it has been significant. >> see where the rain is get me down heaviest. spike is moving into south bay. it's been a dramatic day of downed trees, rising water and the river levels going up. you can see on live stormtracker all the coverage so going back 12 hours. some of that rainfall heavy at times. within the past hour this is a new way to talk about. this is in portions of santa clara county purchased in the west of morgan hill. this is a flash flood warning. this is in place until 730. short-term should taper off but the rainfall still somewhat of a factor.
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this is good news as well. as a music that the abstract, scattered rain, not extreme intense downpours but still scattered rain outs toward the ocean beach, some cisco and oakland. shifting the maps east bay, not as much coverage to livermore, just cloud cover in place but as you can see toward concorde there's rainfall within the region and remove the maps of generic bay, the main events between three and five. it cost problems up there. still scattered rain for to put the intensity estimates 4.42 inches an hour. assume the maps around,
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perching sonoma county there still coverage. etc. now, here's a live camera looking towards the bay bridge stressing over the past two days. be extra careful is still the case now. there's a lot of standing water with the rising water levels river levels have been going up. napa river at st. helena has crested at 18.8 seats. to come down throughout the evening. napa river tonight's not the clock should be cresting over 26 feet. that's as of this evening. russian river below flood stage is the rejection right now. should be cresting 19 point should be cresting 19.5 feet. grenville takes while for the water to get there and it will happen tomorrow cresting at 38.1 feet nearly 6 feet above the stage.
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that current stage now 27 feet to put this in perspective, last tuesday the river stages only 7 feet. right now, 27 feet. that's how much water is added to the system. on the forecast model, excellent job addicting heavy rain in the north bay this morning. still showing the scattered rain showers. throughout the evening hours i have more weeks but also more rain and possibly a few with sums from setting up. set for the cooler weather pattern package regear a few thunderstorms. thankfully the intense downpour will last for hours and hours ago shifting out of the bay area we still have more rain clouds to talk about including tomorrow . more that in a few moments. mark just said the rain and when hit parts of the north bay very hard. creeks and streams bill over closing roads. the martinez is live in petaluma with the latest. as many
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people told us they prepared for this, it's obvious some have not as this, we're in petaluma off corona road as these cars currently will be towed. they receded water receded quite a bit into the river but when we showed up an hour and a half ago, both of these cars are underwater for the water level have reached to the door handles on both of these cars. off to the right is another car also underwater. right now crews work to remove these cars. we started our tour today in the north bay salmon someone on friday businesses and homeowners would it up on some backs but the creek was relatively low. after saturday's rain, rose significantly. it flows fast which has people worried they could see what's happened in downtown later. for the north it looks soggy through still above water.
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neighboring petaluma had three road closures because of floods and this couple walks through petaluma boulevard to check on their businesses.>> i fell. i got sucked into my arms also because it was flowing fast. >> how deep was it? >> up to my knees.>> hybrids are filled with water so they were pointless. >> coming down from mount 10 in high tide >> the business they have still dry but they worry about the water coming down from mount stam and high tide expected for tomorrow. back out here, live, the rain has led up, we see toward sex, and remove some of the cars stuck out here. here is a torture now.
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we will continue our tour further north. to check out grenville the sea the conditions are up there as well. >> thank you. >> meantime, a massive tree fell on interstate 280 bring the game. twitter usernames at hollister posted this video for the that tree fell just a few hours ago around 230 this afternoon. it's hits at least one car and blocked the southbound lanes north that you still avenue. those lanes are told just reopens 40 minutes ago. no word of any injuries but we continue to look into this massive tree that fell in burlingame. investigators look into the role that weather may have played in the death of a man who crashed into the oakland estuary. rescue crews pulled the taxi driver and a car on the water just after 8 o'clock this morning. that meant died. is not clear why he lost control at langley
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street, his identity has not yet been released. the rain is also cause headaches and contra costa county. this tree came crashing down near saint andrews dry -- drive. we got this video. you can see it's a large tree that blocked the road. lafayette's, a power pole hits other power lines along the valley regear weathers. ms. redding sent us this one. neighborhoods lose power for crews worked to get that powerful recovery. >> much of the trouble began overnight. this is what it look like overnights in santa clara. part of the tree came down automatic espresso. driver hit the tree and became stuck but no one was hurt. when lane stayed open for crews got the tree after. >> utility crews clear debris from another giant trees also fell in burlingame overnight.
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this was on the north bound on rent interstate 280. chp was on hand to make sure drivers avoided that area. >> he lost power, you are not alone. outages reported across the bay area last check pg&e says over 33,000 customers are currently without power. the book of those customers, 14,000 in the north bay. more than 8500 people in the dark on the peninsula for the area with the fewest power outages is seven cisco 1900. >> coming up, whether also causing major headaches in bay area airports. have an update on the delays and cancellations. >> late details of how the storm affected the area and the conditions of the mountains.
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and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. a live look at the radar. to see much of the bay area still getting rain but the good news, off to the west it's clear we will have a break in
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the next years. >> parts running 10 minutes behind schedule because of the rain. the delay is systemwide you to whether due to wet rails and weather-related conditions. there's also a major delay between the ballpark and daily city in both directions. this is due to debris on the tracks. uni is shuttling passengers between 24 street and the daily city stations for the same chances operating between a daily city and conversations for the >> it's a day of delays and flight cancens at sfo for as of late this afternoon airport officials say 284 incoming and outgoing flights have been delayed. 100 have been delayed. 163 bytes have canceled due to the weather. many of those delays are 1 to 2 hours long. they also weather-related delays in san jose. when jetblue flight was delayed two hours. there is no significant delays at the oakland airport.
5:22 pm
high winds have closed ski resorts for the day. you can see water drops on the webcam at heavenly's observation deck. user is closed due to gusty winds and the storm. that's also true of northstar this all men operations are shut down except for the gondola that goes to the ritz-carlton. the webcam for squaw valley and alpine meadows shows a gray sky and empty slopes. things closed down there as well. it's raining +7500 feet in the sierra. kirkwood also closed due to winds and heavy rain. are slated to the valley are closest we can because of the storm. campgrounds also shut down. rangers keep a close eye on the merced river that flows through the valley to make sure it doesn't overflow. the valley floor is expensive carefully before. was remain closed to tomorrow and majors will assess the situation tomorrow morning. the storm kicked in, since
5:23 pm
not come in as hard as we thought with in the overnight hours but it have to purchase money. >> it's very -- picked a certain spot to target early sunday. as of the north bay with finally shifted to the south for those deals talking to a friend saying it's not too bad in the city. 10 mostly, reports a strong wind, heavy rain of power outages. you may isolate of a different impacts. the system and rainfall totals, you see all this dramatic pictures with the river levels going up. the creeks around petaluma adding up. mill valley over 2 inches of rain, healdsburg over 4 inches. never over three it is a significant downpours for this portion of the region. that's 2.7 that's 2.73. he gets the idea we're not talking to a few hundreds or 10 7 inch.
5:24 pm
rainfall totals across the rest of bay area coming up. and woman 4.5 inches of rainfall . pacific over 2 inches, san francisco over 1 inch, safer oakland, raiderettes city. conquered in san jose. livermore, 1.2. wind also faction suspect that as well. some the gusts up to 61 miles an hour. golden gate bridge, the cross golden gate to you may have encountered a 15 mile an hour wind gusts processes go downtown closer to 41. here's a quick look in general at the radar but these are the storm reports as well. the number of reports on the snap show you 70 reports of a debris flow, flash flooding, flooding, announced dorm wind damage scattered around a good portion of the bay area. 1 o'clock coming closer we have this flash low blood warning -- flash flood warning in place..
5:25 pm
thankfully the rainfall rates backed off in this region. still rainfall in the region special target why.'s response not too much coverage assume the maps closer to the peninsula. scattered rain showers are sure you can't you can see right roadways showing up to it opens on the bay bridge. not too much coverage, at least for inland but out towards san ramon and concord we have action report here. at the north bay goes to send someone to novato towards ottumwa county pc moving out at napa county toward vacaville with more intense downpours it looks like it's nearly approaching half-inch an hour. outside, here's a live camera looking toward the bay bridge toll plaza. beairshelle careful on the bay area roadways. we had the system moving in another one developing offshore and that will be in the to sabercats.
5:26 pm
at least in san francisco for tomorrow still have possibility of showers, mostly cloudy skies would take this into the afternoon hours. lots of breaks but we cannot guarantee a dry day. we could have more shares pop- up especially in the north they approach the central portion of the bay tonight. still not completely dry. can have the isolated thunderstorm set up across the bay area. here we are not o'clock tomorrow, clouds in place. things could develop once again by monday night and the rainfall becomes more widespread. to take this into tuesday. pacific system coming on board. that& and that moved into the bay area today. highest among many in the 50s. a chance of showers but 20 breaks to be outside. is a five day forecast. wayne returns tuesday. chance of a few showers wednesday and heather and ties, like putting to dry days together for that could be
5:27 pm
thursday and friday for critically a chance of dry out here. >> we've been following this localized flooding, lots of roads. want to be something alameda county fire. the saying another intersection there has been closed due to flooding. is that crow canyon road. they are siding because of flooding. we still see people despite this the urging, they still dry the standing water. >> stresses the point is so much water already. it just a little more a can cause something like that. there will still be a concern. stunning news out of cal football. head coach sonny dykes out. fired after four seasons in you not believe how the players handouts.
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we continue our storm watch coverage. it's live pictures of the reader can see this awful lot of green. we check in with our meteorologist drop the newscast . he says of course expect several more hours of the strain. it comes down heavy in several parts of the bay area the shifting to the south bay. update you on that situation in just a moment. >> football, wild-card weekend in the books. packer game right here, however college football is making big news. >> sonny dykes, this firing came out of left field for the season ended 60. and therefore in the head coach. cow look for someone new. he just signed a contract extension for another four years that's college football is a big business even in berkeley and when you don't win enough won't last long. dykes is out after four seasons with kawann machine 19 and 30.
5:31 pm
he had some success of a few years ago. he went eight and five, one the armed forces bowl at which the quarterbacks selected first overall the nfl draft. the team regressed last year with a five and seven record. perhaps it didn't sit well with the school that he interviewed for several other jobs over the past two years. cal have to pay nearly 69 dollars to buy and out of his contract. here he is little less than one hour ago. >> this wasn't the results of what happened on the football field. as he licked and evaluated the program overall. we have someone committed to the university long-term someone who was to be here and build a winning program. >> the players reaction records. we speak of social media the impersonal platform yet time and time again we find out the most is impacting things on here
5:32 pm
. shaking my head. derious alfred laughing might you know what off. we have to find out on twitter though? luke the kats, go to church for one hour and all hell breaks loose. sonny dykes says i'm surprised as you all about the news today. this is what he said to his players. i'm sorry you found out the way you did for good has been an honor to be your coach and speculation is running wild on the internet about possibly chip kelly taking the job. he coached in oregon had great success for many years, justified by the 49ers. delegates another nfl head coaching job. could get it assistant job like offensive coordinator perhaps but stranger things have happened. chip kelly rivers will be out there until cal hires the next head coach or chip kelly gets a job himself. the raiders returned home from easton after the tough season- ending defeat today. the off- season began to players
5:33 pm
cleaning out their lockers, packing up, hangouts for some will be back, some ones but the basic nucleus is attached. retail 12 games is no easy feat. waiters succeeded district exceeded everyone's expectations and making the playoffs for time in 14 years. their car was asked if the raiders has somehow made it to super bowl, with a have been ready to go despite breaking his tequila to sever 24th? >> absolutely. was telling me no chance. unlikely. that's going to happen. all these things. it didn't mean anything to me. i just said okay, thank you. i would have been out there. it is so hard to sit and watch that i couldn't do anything physically. >> which sits back and reflect on its is not easy to win 12 games for who knows it will do it again.
5:34 pm
hopefully with you. >> jimmy ray the third 49ers general manager continues the interviewed ray. he's the indianapolis colts vice president of football operations but if the name sounds layer, his dad was the 49ers offense of coordinator under mike singletary in 2009. three games of 2010 tomorrow the denzell interview panthers assistant gm brandon beane and head-coaching vacancy sean mcveigh is a 30-year-old officer coordinator for the washington redskins. for wild-card playoff games for blowout by the home teams pressure this weather in green bay? what do you think? >> 13 degrees at lambeau field. aaron rodgers bundled up. possible mvp after slow start to the season. look at them by time in the pockets. he is so elusive. not that has but elusive. find this man. davante adams
5:35 pm
perfect past the 5 yard touchdown, time running out. right before halftime, somehow, rodgers sees to complete these hail marys with relative frequency. randall cobb waiting for it in the back of the end zone says take you for a much and that's a touchdown, 14-6 packers up at the half. giants score make it a one- point game but as rodgers to cobb, one more time. it's 38-13. the packers went to register hundred 62 yards for touchdowns, cobb had three will move on a face the cowboys we see that game right here next sunday at 140. dobson steelers o show us whether the 70 degrees, single digits rashes year ben rothlisberger antonio brown ctrs
5:36 pm
possession. an attorney for yards receiving. just trust stuff. matt moore took vicious hits. as bud dupree delivering a big blow. some of the cheap shots. that one through a flag. he stated the game and finished the story was a lady him down. -- leveon bell. he turned in one of the great games in pittsburg steeler playoff history. two touchdowns, steelers win 3- 12. their eighth straight win and rothlisberger was in a walking boot after the game but he said, he'll be good to go next sunday versus the city. wild-card weekend in the books. it's going to be a great one. >> what you make a chip kelly?
5:37 pm
this is a lot of speculation. >> stranger things have happened. i don't think you'll get a head coaching job with the nfl. i think he had his shot. we shall see. college football maybe his niche and he coached in the pac 12 already and he doesn't get a bigger, better offer cal, heavy grades. coming up, more storm coverage rivers overflow their backs take a look at potentially dangerous situation going on along the napa river. >> trees toppling all over the bay area. show you one that did serious damage.
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♪ life... is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care. her look at the live radar picture. it's still waiting in many parts of the bay area. it's clear out to the west and the next few hours we get a
5:40 pm
break from the rain for the next storm arose in tuesday. are facing heavy rains and gusty winds all morning long with rivers overflowing the banks. >> the martinez is in petaluma late word on conditions. >> it started to give a little bit of a break five minutes ago coming down heavy again. we are on industrial avenue by corner road. the cars are being told. to be take away. this road was underwater. this was over low from the river . three cars had water up to the handles of the door other cars. they are just being towed out. the water receded back significantly at this point because we got a little bit of a break from the rain. talking to law enforcement it looks like the industrial areas of petaluma were hits hard. there are three road closures. petaluma in the threestopped
5:41 pm
out. well it's good to us except the creek had a lot more water that it did friday. slowing significantly. checked over penns grove seems good. it was above water. petaluma was alone had three road closures and kept people trying to take a look at their businesses vacation is still dry. good news that they were. industrial areas that hard by the rain and overflow. law enforcement says this point, they have a shelter open up in case is just the industrial area they got hit hard and river associates to be receding back at this point. the rain has not stopped. debate got a lot of water.>>
5:42 pm
in a short amount of time. >> never river reached flood stage earlier today. cristian captain was in st. helena when the river overflowed its banks. packer we could monitor the progress at eight this morning, brian and i were parts on the side of the bridge in an area without was safe. there was napa county agency workers tell us they were part confident the waters will continue to rise. vaporizes to get out of that area of move the vehicle which thankfully we did this we can see the entire area under at least 3 feet of water. the napa river having swelled beyond the banks here. you can see that water make its way over the bridge. we first arrived out here at eight this morning the water was a good 2 to 3 feet beneath
5:43 pm
the bridge. t of debris. as he stood he top out here from time to time in here thundering blooms at sbisa tree or debris would hit this bridge and react as they came through. this is not safe to drive for any kind of water you see. 6 inches is it to sweep water off their feet. to be can carry a car away. is not just flooded out roads it can be dangerous. to make a way up to st. helena, we were actually stopped on ied because we saw a car spin out at 6 am. we saw a dark vehicle is in the come out of nowhere. fortunately we were able to stop in time. we called 911 and waited for the chp to arrive. as we were waiting saw several other cars nearly impact that
5:44 pm
car in the middle of i ate. survey warning for anybody take you to the roads to be very careful today. do not try to drive through. we're in st. helena. want to take you to san francisco were several cars parked along bryant street seven for were in the wrong place at the wrong time. it tree toppled over damaging to vehicles because they all those broken limbs, branches and leaves resting on the tops of the state's cars. residents of the santa cruz watch and worry all night during this time for the >> the hours long soaking made soggy ground even more saturated and prompted some people to take precautions. >> the the river racing hour by hour and getting closer to its banks. the rv is called lifeboats being moved to higher ground.
5:45 pm
ahead of rising water just beyond her backyard. >> it the incessant rain. it's days of rain and make it scary. >> if it stops we're fine. >> you don't want to take a chance. >> would you? [ laughter ]no. face down for turned rainfall of most recent in the arts. some trees standing a saturated soil or top of of utility lines for the sans dalpe gene service to more than a dozen customers don't have santa cruz. regular heavy rainfall since last week has swollen the creek. 3 feet of mud cake brookwood drive racing a closure. >> when is a lot of water and debris. a gets filled up with dirt and mud. a lot of times people try to come down the road even though it's close. they get stuck in the mud. >> batties monteze says the street will be closed at least one week until the weather changes allowing them's removal.
5:46 pm
some nearby residences part and parcel of living in the area. at stage at work.>> is to periodically come here and clean up the mud. that's part of it. >> for now, this area is in a period of rain and restlessness. residents worry if water in the sky. falling before the water in rivers and creeks rise too high. we should instead to date on this weather system. the weather app is available for you, you find life in a slow start the forecast this weekend and every day is especially important during the storm. >> the inauguration of president-elect donald trump less than two weeks away from the president obama gets ready to hand over power. the issue of russian hacking continues to dog charm. >> we continue to monitor the wet weather. would take you
5:47 pm
outside the bay bridged sons the cars out there right now. let people heed the warning stay inside. we'll continue our storm watch coverage when we come back. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today.
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until days president-elect donald trump take over. as a shift in power purchase trumps relationship with russia continues to make headlines. with the latest on the oval office this transition. something about the steps of thinking about everybody who has a chair. jurco president obama is getting ready to leave of office and handed over to donald trump progress transition teams work behind the scenes, russia is still on the forefront of the conversation. president-elect trump tweeting yesterday in parts, having a good relationship with russia is a good thing, not a bad thing, only stupid people or falls with think it is bad.
5:50 pm
president obama was as if he thinks the president-elect tweeting is a good idea. >> i said to him and i think others have said to them that the day he is the president of the united states, there are world capitals of financial markets and people around the world to take seriously what he says. in a way this is not true before your sworn in. turkish made clear his feelings on the united states relationship with russia >> to run versalles are on the same team. but the prudent is not on our team. >> republican leadership is expressing doubt mr. trumps optimism it comes to the common. >> my suspicion is a salzwedel is quickly. >> the truck team holds from a president-elect position for the >> don't think there's anything
5:51 pm
wrong with trying to have a good relationship with russia and other countries around the world. that's what they want to do and that's what he will do. >> donald trump's inauguration still 12 days away, all eyes are on present almost farewell address on tuesday he is expected to take an optimistic tone as he reflects on his eight years in office. video the fort lauderdale airport shooter opening fire. investigators are learning from this chilling video of a mass shooter. and intense storm system moving out of the bay area. you can see all the radar coverage over the past 12 hours still scattered rain out there and downpours so we're not completely dry. but you know breakdown the next system still developing offshore.
5:52 pm
♪ life... is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
5:53 pm
the weather is on everybody's mind. the matter where you live in the bay area you have been dealing with a soaking. that continues at this hour and most of the bay area.
5:54 pm
>> let's get a check on things that meteorologist. what surprised me about the storm with winds. i do you guys said to be gusty but literally i went to the gym, the door and i thought it was going to fling off its hinges. so gusty. >> dustin brown 61 must now. we're not just talking about wins. he's a strong was 20 to 30 must now but 50 and 60 50 and 64 that was a big problem. >> exley right now things begin to calm down with the most intense part of the storm but we still have rain showers up there. look at all the water. but it is a spillway on dry days but also wet and that's one of those. look at all that energy with the water pouring through the significant rainfall across portions of the bay area. we saw 3 inches of rain on the middle piko the past 24 hours ago you can see stormtracker the intense part of the storm's work 12 hours ago shifting across the region. moving to
5:55 pm
the south. we still have this. check in on areas shaded in red that this is a flash flood warning. this in place until 730 the day. west morgan hill san martin in gilroy proportions of seneca county flash flood warning but thankfully not tracking intense downpours for this portion of the region. rain to talk about in the santa cruz mountains. around 35 he still want to be extra careful the high risk of mudslides with all that rainfall they picked up over the past week or so. i to see this, bit of a break in the rainfall toward cisco. come close to the oakland. there's more courage to talk about my maclain as well. moving the maps around, seven county, which is in the storm
5:56 pm
is backing down but we still have intense downpours. we can't go completely dry just yet. toward lakeville and petaluma we still have rain showers to talk about this portion of the region. look at this satellite that this is the classic set up a atmospheric river you see how things light up in the pacific setting up the stormtrack and a jet stream approaching the region. wind speeds backed off a bit but we still have a bit of a breeze with ssl you can see gusting to 41 miles an hour because it is a only seven. outside, we can show you wet roadways. be extra careful. napa river will be cresting later tonight you can't see russian river at the approaching topping flood stage for tomorrow. that will be a concern as the water level crest exceed above the stage. he is a set up for today.
5:57 pm
as you can see the tuesday talked about the possibility of scattered showers into monday. more or less rainfall looking into the bay area to say. beginning first look at the moment when a gunman in florida began his deadly rampage on friday at the fort lauderdale airport. teensy postings 22nd video of much more of this coming up tonight at 10.
5:58 pm
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mother nature packing a powerful punch. >> way of life team coverage as the bay area gets slammed with its first major storm of 2017. investigators try to figure out if a stormy weather later role in a deadly accident in oakland. taxi driver died this morning at his car plunged into the oakland estuary. it happened after 8 o'clock mistreat the official cause of this truck crashes not know please tell us is not long, it's like the weather was controlling


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