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tv   KTVU News at 6p  FOX  January 8, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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mother nature packing a powerful punch. >> way of life team coverage as the bay area gets slammed with its first major storm of 2017. investigators try to figure out if a stormy weather later role in a deadly accident in oakland. taxi driver died this morning at his car plunged into the oakland estuary. it happened after 8 o'clock mistreat the official cause of this truck crashes not know please tell us is not long, it's like the weather was controlling factor.
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>> the storm has caused damage across the bay area. a large tree in red is one of several policy limits of the storm. the sun fell across glorietta boulevard and blocked the road. another tree fell on hold dry. taking a transformer which knocked out power to that area. >>'s fiscal golden gate park woman had to be rescued after a tree fell on him pinning him underneath. happened to the beach chalet to several bystanders called 911. firefighters responded and use a large metal bar to help lift the tree off the man. the video was taken to hospital with what appears be only minor injuries. >> this is incredible and masters tree despite a massive tree fell at interstate 280 for twitter user posted this incredible video. the tree fell at 230 this afternoon and hits at least one car and blocked all the southbound lanes of 280 n. of giusto avenue. those lanes have reopened. they did so over an hour ago. >> the bay area branch has issued a flash flood warning
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for parts of santa cruz county. posted a tweet saying move to higher ground for got a map showing the at risk areas west of morgan hill 17 and gilroy. this was posted just before 5 o'clock this evening. taking a look live at conditions outside at the bay bridge toll plaza, the roads you can see very slick traffic is low which is good. let's look at the latest at the conditions on this hour and what we can expect tonight >> we can't go completely dry but the most intense part of the storm raising out the glass as you start to get a better idea of what's potentially could happen this weekend. back then, suite have hence the storm would overwhelm the bay area terms of rainfall, downed trees and power outages. the north bay picking up significant rainfall especially early this morning to take a look at these numbers. san rafael over 3 inches of rain. santa rosa over 3 inches. look at his work over 4 inches.
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a lot of this came down this morning causing the problems out there. more general view across the bay area. implement and seneca sound silly 4.5 inches.'s cisco one point and seneca sound silly 4.5 inches.'s cisco 1.41 and livermore 1.02. here you can't see the radar coverage over the past 12 hours to the constant stream of moisture moving into the bay area will notice the past few brings things begin to back off but still has scattered rain. you heard about that flash flood warning post for portions of santa clara county's these areas to the west morgan hill to the west and go way, that's a flash flood warning and less until 730 this evening as you look at the radar, thankfully we don't have lots of intense downpours. you can pick out closer to morgan hill, gilroy and more development in scotts valley. it doesn't take a lot of rainfall to cause more problems because you only have significant rainfall early onset.
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out towards san francisco, living clouds in place. coverage for concord, san ramon and livermore up in the north bay as well closer to petaluma. sonoma county toward ethicality showing more downpours. the upper levels have been rising genetically. napa river at st. helena has crested, should be up 16.8 9 o'clock tonight's napa river will be cresting above flood stage is evening. russian river healdsburg will approach flood stage should be shy at that point. kernel tomorrow to talk about a class level of 38 point to talk about a class level of 38.1 feet, nearly 6 feet above flood stage, russian river as a revert level continues to rise. here's the setup for today. another system as we head into tuesday forecast. complete forecast update the five day coming up in a few minutes. we wait to take you to lafayette this power paul hit other power lines along the road near weather.
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sometimes the neighborhood lost power from this, crews worked to get best poll back up right. if you lost power, you are not alone. it is just further across the bay area. pg&e says a few more than 33,000 customers without power at this hour. the bulk of those customers 14,000 in the north bay. for the 8500 people in the dark right now. the area with the fewest power outages coming it would just 1900. the rain and wind hit parts of the north a hard. creeks and streams spilling over causing road closures. b115 is live in petaluma to update us on the situation there. petaluma emergency services opened at the center at law enforcement earlier told us know homeowners affected. three streets closed earlier. all were run industrial areas of
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this parking lots you can still use quite a bit of water through another like we saw at 3 o'clock this afternoon. maybe 2 to 3 feet of water and cars janet that they had been towed but all across the north bay we check it to her earlier to check on other cities. we first stopped in san anselmo. as of friday can. businesses and homeowners are loading up on sandbags. the creek at that time was relatively low. after saturday's rain, it rose significantly. is flowing fast just people worried they could see a flight through downtown later. pengrowth looked soggy but was above water. we didn't see any fighting there. they bring petaluma have three road closures because of funds to this couple stuff to talk to us. they said they had to walk through petaluma boulevard to check on their business. i felt.
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got soaked up to my arms because it was going fast. the business was dry. high tide expected tomorrow. only telling us industrial areas were affected by floodwaters sing a lot has receded back on its own. the road is looking good right now. this is industrial avenue behind us. corner road blocked up earlier is back open so that's good news. know homeowners are affected. heard from someone in mill valley who said he got a robo call from pg&e he is one of 2000 lost power. hopefully he has
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this power back. haven't gotten any word on that. our next tour, went to go up to current build a check on the russian river. get back to you later let you know how that looks. >> circa bart has been running behind schedule throughout the day. 10 minutes this to my delay hit earlier because of the weather. there's a major delay between balboa park and daily city in both directions do to debris on the tracks. muni schilling has just to 24 street and the daily city stations. sanchez is are from between daily city and coleman. leading to delays and cancellations today. 200 284 incoming and outgoing flights were delayed for all counsel due to weather. many of those are 1 to 2 hours long. there also weather related in san jose.
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when jetblue light was late for the two hours. there are no significant delays reported out of oakland. the napa river reached flood stage earlier today. it's now on its way down. that river overflowed its banks this morning. we've been monitoring the progress at the napa river in st. helena since it is morning are eight this morning, ryan and i will partthere on the other side of the bridge, area with first i was safe. it napa county emergency workers tell us their confidence the waters would continue to rise for the devices to get out of that area move our vehicle which thankfully we did kiss you can see the entire area under 3 feet of water. is slow down at the low dial-in bridge over crossing for you can see that water making its way over the bridge. much grinnage as it slowly came
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up and run a this morning. the water was a good 2 to 3 feet beneath the bridge. the water crossing over the top of the bridge again with its lot of debris to stand out here from time to time we hear these thundering rooms as pieces of tree or debris would hit this bridge and bring out as it came through. county workers telling us it's certainly not safe to try to drive through any kind of water you see like this. 6 inches is enough to sweep a person off their feet. 2 of water is enough to carry the car away. is not just a letter that was not be dangerous. we were actually stopped on i ate because we saw solo karcis been out at six as you're there we saw a dark the cold seem to come out of nowhere. forsett were able to stop in time or to the responsible thing called 911 and waited for the chp to arrive as you're waiting
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we saw several other cars new impacts that car in the middle of i ate so certainly a warning for anyone who takes the roads. if you see me like this but do not try to drive there. >> we're in st. helena. sure to stay at the dates on this bay area storm system. you will find live radar and a forecast this weekend and every day. especially important whenever a storm strikes. the models affected and a potentially dangerous problem that part of the bill. chilling new video of gunfire erupting at the fort lauderdale airports the first hand look at the moments the chaos unfolded and what merely about the shooter. >>
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president obama 12 days of leaving the white house the president-elect trump take over. >> as a shift of power purchase, chomps relationship with russia continues to make top headlines. brian yunus has the latest on the oval office transition.>> there's something about the steps and thinking about everybody who has walked here. trigger president obama is getting ready to leave the white house hand over the white house to president-elect donald trump but as transition teams work behind the scenes, russia is still on the forefront of the conversation. president-elect trump tweeting yesterday in part, having a good relationship with russia is a good thing. not a bad thing. only stupid people or falls would think it's bad. >> president obama was asked if the tweeting is a good idea. i said to him i think others have said to him that the day
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he's the president of united states, there are world capitals and financial markets and people around the world take seriously what he says. in a way that's just not true before your sworn in as president. >> he made clear his feelings on the united states legend with russia. >> a cells are on the same team. but mere pittance of our team. >> republican leadership is expressing doubts mr. trumps optimism it comes to the criminal. >> a suspicion is these hopes were dashed quickly. chuck about tom team is holding firm president-elect position for the >> don't think there's anything wrong with trying to have a good relationship with russia and other countries around the world but that's what he wants to do anything that's what he will do. >> we don't trust inauguration 12 days away, all eyes are on press on his farewell address on tuesday he is expected to
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take an optimistic tone as he reflects on his eight years in office. african leaders falater appeal obamacare have yet to elaborate on its replacement for the democratic senator corey booker says is a dangerous gamble but the healthcare millions of americans at risk.>> you going to repeal this knowledge will plunge many americans into health crisis. this is a camera showing someone off a cliff. as if i don't think don't worry, we'll figure this out for you get to the bottom. >> trap as an ex-president republicans also controlling congress, the gop finally has his best opportunity roughly 6 years to repeal the law. president obama has said he believes his signature healthcare law will outlive his presidency. >> senate leader mitch mcconnell said except intelligent midi conclusion that russia tried to interfere in the presidential election but he says he had no effect on
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the outcome. except with a ghastly agree to their trying to affect really action. that they uneasily in my view that somehow they would be an advantage in donald trump were to be elected. i think that was a bad bet. and that really in the end made a difference. there's no evidence whatsoever that changed the outcome of the election. >> mcconnell also said it's not unusual for a new president would want to try to get along with the russians in reference to a tweet by donald trump. he predicts hope will be dashed quickly once mr. trump takes office. would take a first look at the moment when a gunman in florida began his deadly rampage . tmz posted this 22nd video shows 36 year old is upon san diego becoming walking lower left-hand right there.
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he walks to baggage claim and pulls out his handgun from a waistband and starts firing. the shooting killed by people, injured eight others and left thousands of travelers stranded. santiago is an iraq war veteran warren new jersey and groping for 30 go. he could face the death penalty if convicted. volkswagon recalling the 135,000 of its vw and audi vehicles. they said there a problem with antilock brake system and some of its 2009 and 2010 cars. think through the vw jetta, ears, rabbit and golf models as well as the audi a3 for the volkswagon says it's in the process of notifying registered owners and repairs will be made at no cost, no crashes linked to the antilock system had been reported yet. the weather is our top story. it will be throughout the evening. marked as a storm starts to taper off, it still delivering
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moisture on around the bay area. still grateful least. intense downpours phasing out. still have rain clouds to talk about it to start anyway. today we have the combination with a very heavy rain all strong gusty winds. looked at sfo gus, 61 miles an hour. golden gate bridge 50 must there and napa 32 miles an hour. as you can see this is what happens over the past 12 hours. the rainfall not only here but heading out to the east. some reports to was that ate a. is being closed because of a mudslide in that region. love storm reports was part of the states as we come closer, look at these storm reports, quick scan. the number of reports 71. that includes debris flow, bush buddy, flooding and wind damage across a good portion of the bay area. for now we still have this flash flood warning the standing water.
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this percentage are county until 730 to the west of morgan hill, to the west of gilroy. frankly we're not talking about extreme rainfall rates but still scattered rain. there's a live doppler suites detecting more rainfall closer to the santa cruz mountains for the state covered here tre san ramon livermore and antioch. in the north bay, still more development. not totally out of the woods just yet. pretty good downpours southern orange county and toward portions of novato and portions of sonoma county toward glenallen and sonoma. we still have intense downpours but that's persistent heavy rainfall working its way out of the region. this is the classic atmospheric river set up. you can see the circulations producing this. the area of high pressure to the south, this area of low pressure to the north and that different sets of the flow for that generated a significant rainfall we had today. as we head towards to say this
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will be the next organize rainmaker moving into northern california. between now and then we still have a chance of showers. mostly cloudy skies? two degrees 7 am. son cloud makes as we approach 11 am and the increasing clouds as we wrap up the afternoon and head into the evening hours. this forecast model did excellent job with the system moving into the bay area earlier this morning. that o'clock tonight we still have or development that could lead to a chance of thunderstorms out there is you may hear thunder later on tonight scattered rain showers o'clock. unit is not a lot to show you. monday 9 o'clock in the morning . by the clock a chance for showers the things develop by monday evening this will set the stage for more rain as we head into tuesday. rainfall like it's a good portion of the bay area throughout the day tuesday. should not be a strong. there's that five day forecast.
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rain returns to stay for the chance for a few lingering showers and wednesday, thursday and friday looks like we should have partly cloudy skies. just for the storm in this perspective, we haven't seen anything like this in two years. it's up there in the extreme range. a big shakeup for cal football. >> we have those details next.
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the fire the head coach which is a shocker because the season had been over quite a long time but when you don't win enough, you don't last long. this firing maybin about more than that. otherwise why wait six weeks after the season to let a guy go. terms of wins and losses, not great. cal went 19-30 overs for seasons including five and seven last year. they appear to be making strides under sonny dykes which is why they signed into a four-year extension last march. perhaps it didn't sit well with the athletic director mike webb said sonny dykes had interviewed for several other jobs over the past few years. regardless of the reason, he's gone. you'll get a nice parting gift. it roughly $6 million that's
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the buyout of the remainder of his contract. the raiders season came to an abrupt end yesterday in houston for today there back in alameda , sunny things and clearing out their lockers. this is a great season for them. 12 and five. not quite good enough. obviously their car was one of the big reasons why. knows that they would have won yesterday but we know they made the playoffs for the first time in 14 years. that's something to celebrate. their car was asked today and said if they made the super bowl, do you think you would have been ready to go despite breaking your fibula in december? >> absolutely. >> everyone was telling me no chance. unlikely. that's going to happen. all these things. that didn't mean anything to me i just said okay, thank you. i would've been out there. >> i'm going to sit back and reflect. went to know it's not easy to win 12 games. who knows
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if we would do it again. hopefully we do. you want to win all of them. >> miss that team comes back good dear cara [ event concluded ] the headline is but that office of line will be greats. she back in the playoffs next year. more playoffs. wild-card weekend in the books, for blowouts by the home team and a lot of shirtless players seem to be the theme today. this is green bay wisconsin. 13 degrees for the only guy pulled up his aarodgers and good think as he was hot today. 42 yard hail mary. seems like he does a solid time. this will to randall cobb back in the end zone. that puts them up for t-six at the half. they scored to make it a one- point game because rogers again to randall cobb. he takes it to the yards for the touchdown. the packers won 38-13. the face the cowboys next sunday. dolphins and steelers, branches
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here, the steelers linebacker -70 degrees, he is shirtless. it's not bothering him. rothlisberger to antonio brown, 62 yards for the touchdown. had a big game, two touchdowns the first eight minutes. this game was roundly danville led to a record 37 steelers win 30-12. their play kansas city in the divisional playoffs. things heat up on the road to the super bowl.>> will see back here at 10.
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