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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  January 9, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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after a rainy, rainy weekend, we are thankful for any breaks we can catch. fits dry outside your window right now, do not think the rain is over, because there is much more to come, and a change in temperature, as well. welcome back to mornings on two. >> good morning, i'm dane
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clark. >> thank you gacia and dave. we are getting a break, but still. >> rain in the mix, and especially around santa cruz right now. take a look at it right here. you can see it just came on shore. looks like it's weaken add little bit, as it getocity radar. right there, highway 17, this is the one we were talking about, sal and i briefly. does look like it has weakened, but still some brief maybe moderate rain, although it does look like it's starting to weaken as it moves towards the inland areas. a little bit of hit and miss shower activity, but mostly we're done. we're just in between the systems. next hough, no problem arriving late tonight into tomorrow. 50s on the temperatures, a few 40s. cooler air is finally beginning to work its way in. also, the breeze is still there. not crazy windy, but we do have a high wind watch the in advance of this next system, which is on its way for late tonight into tomorrow. the sierras, the snow levels
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finally coming down, that's good. blue canyon was seeing rain, but it's getting colors. another system will start to work it way in tuesday into wednesday, southern california is getting the rain right now for the most part. moderate to heavy rain down there. we get cloud you mostly cloudy skies and light rain today. highs in the 50s for most. all right, sal, what do you have, sir? >> well, we do have traffic that is going to be busy. i want to show part of highway 1 in pacifica closed this morning because of a mudslide that occurred last night. the laynes are closed. they're still trying to open lanes. there's no estimate on when the road will be opened, because not only do they have to remove the debris, they have to make sure that no more of that debris is going to come town on passing motorists, and i think they're waiting for a little bit of light to help with that. it's still going to be closed. so the way to get out of pacifica is to go down to highway 92, which is slow. we have some lane closures
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there. you can get out, but it's slow because of a downed tree. so this is a tough morning trying to get out of pacifica. we'll let you know when this does get better. i want to show you the bay bridge eastbound between san francisco oakland on that lower deck. looks like some flashing lights out there. i don't know what is going on. i'm looking at it here on my chp list. it looks like there could be some sort of a crash or lingering road work down there, but let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza, which what is most people want to see driving into san francisco. it is backed up out to the maze. today is the day a lot of cools are out after winter break, and it will be that much busier. an officer involved shooting, that ramp northbound 101 connector to 880 is shut down. that's causes go traffic on highway 101 this morning. highway 92 this morning is going to be busy getting out of
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half moon by a. let's go back to the desk. >> you heard sal mention we're following developing news in san jose, a busy fryway connector is closed this morning after a shooting by a chp officer. alex, you're right there with more on the investigation, and how traffic is affected. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, it certainly will, impacted here for the next little while. the june date i just got from a chp officer at the scene is this connector ramp from northbound 101 to northbound 8800 could be closed for the next couple of hours as a result of this investigation into the shooting by at least one chp officer this morning. you know see the headlights coming towards us. the traffic is beginning to build, and nobody is able to make this transition here to northbound 880 because, as you can see, it's blocked off for this investigation. the san jose police department leading this investigation into a shooting by the chp late last
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night. it happened and just midnight, and here you can see there was a dark colored sedan sitting in the lanes of traffic with its doors open, its hazard lights on. the chp said that an officer put out a call for help at some point for some reason, and then shortly after that, the officer or at least one officer opened fire. we know at least one person was taken to the hospital after this shooting, and i did get word that that person is expected to survive their injuries. now, again, the san jose police department is in charge of this investigation. we are working to get more information from san jose police on exactly what happened, and exactly what prompted the chp officer or officers to open fire here this morning. but, again, the real impact for commuters is the fact that the northbound -- the connector from northbound 101 to northbound 880 is shut down entirely this morning, and, dave, it could be closed for
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the next two hours. so certainly a major impact for traffic through the south bay. >> new from overnight. a break in the rain now, but not before it hit one east bay city very hard. took these pictures in martinez just after midnight. heavy rain overwhelmed the sewers. sandbags held back floodwaters at some businesses, and driving was also difficult. emergency crews were called in to get a woman out of her car on 101. that road was closed when water covered a large section of the highway, just north of 25. >> well, around 3:00 this morning, the russian river in sonoma county reached flood stage, 32 feet, at the gurnville bridge. that river has risen more than 17 feet since yesterday
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morning, but moist of the people who live in the area say with the break we're getting in the rain, the water won't reach main street. last night, some business owners checked on their shops and told us they're not worried. >> i doubt it will get high her than 30, 32 feet, 33 feet maybe. >> when do you get concerned? >> 41. and have only had that three times since i've been here. >> now, the river is now at 34 feet, but it's not rising as fast as it did earlier this morning. however, people who live and work in gurnville say it's been much worse if the past. the sonoma county office of inch case has closed several schools today, all of the schools in the clover dale, geyserville, and harmony school districts will be closed today. today.
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we're also closely watching the napa river, which was spilling over most of the day yesterday, but now looks like the water has started to recede, but stale flood warning has been issued along the napa river. it will run through this afternoon. napa was hard hit by the powerful storm. some 8 inches of rain fell over the weekend. >> here is coastal flooded a rise i have for all of the bay area that will continue through thursday. there was a flash flood warning in the southern part of santa clara yesterday after a creek spilled over its banks and flooded the road near the intersection of monterey and watsonville roads. the water two feet deep on some parts of watsonville road, and the water was deep enough to seep into some hopes.
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? we're lucky that our house is high enough, but some neighbors across the street said there was water in their house, so it's a little concern. >> emergency workers think that will be the case again today with another storm scheduled to hit tomorrow. check on your flight status ahead 0 time if you are flying, at sfo, there were some delays yesterday due to the weather. oakland international airport said there are no delays so far. still waiting to hear back. we do have an update for you from pg&e on the number of storm related power outages around the bay area. pg&e said almost 6,000 customers have no power. most are in the north pay, where more than 24 customers have no power. in the south bay, it's more are than 1900 customers. on the peninsula, it's more than 1400 customers. the east sway san francisco both have a smaller number of
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power out ans. pg&e said there is no estimate on when the power will be back on. now, stay up to date on the weather conditions, including the next storm that's heading our way. just download the ktvu weather app. you'll fine live radar and up to the minute forecasts. >> friend were police have announced the arrest of 16 people related to the kim kardashian jewelry height. plus the latest on president-elect donald trump's cabinet picks, and president obama's fair well speech. it will be a busy week in politics ahead.
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for bladder leaks vice president joe bidenen will be in san francisco today. he is set to speak at the j.p. morgan healthcare conference. vice president biden was in los angeles yesterday at an event for may the mayor there. he then goes to detroit tomorrow, and then on to chicago for president obama's fair well address. >> this could be one of the busyist political weeks of the year. we're going to hear from both president obama and president- elect donald trump. >> and doug reports from washington this morning. donald trump's cabinet picks heading to capitol hill for
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confirmation hearings. >> there certainly is some precedent for this, but that doesn't mean it's going to are easy. we think about 9 of trump's cabinet picks will have hearings this week. this is going to be a political war zone this week. donald trump hope hing to push through the bulk of his cabinet nominees. the first out of the gate, alabama senator jeff sessions to be attorney general. democrats will question his commitment to civil rights issues. wednesday's hearing will include former exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson picked for secretary of state. democrats accusing the trump team of not yet providing complete information to the office of government ethics on the financial ties for many of the prospective nominees. >> the american people have a right to know if they're going to be entering in those offices with colonel duplicates of interest. >> reporter: republicans mean time benefiting from democrat who is decided to change senate rule backs in 2013, allowing for just a simple majority in the senate to approve nominees.
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>> i'm optimisting we'll be any able to get up to 7 nominees on day one, just like we did 8 years ago. >> i'll be think back to being a young community organizer, pretty much fresh out of school. >> reporter: president obama, meanwhile, trying to build the hype for his chicago fair well address tomorrow. three tickets for the event have already been swept up. and a day later, on wednesday, president-elect trump is is scheduled to hold his first press conference since winning the white house in november. at that press conference, trump will almost certainly be asked about allegations of russian hacking in the lead up to the election, as well as how he is going to handle his business interests once he takes office. >> well, the ceo of general motors says her company has no plans to change it's production plans because president donald trump criticized them. they said that capital decisions in the auto business are made two to four years in advance. last week donald trump threat beened on twitter to slap a tax
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on gm for making the compact chevrolet cruise in mexico, and then selling them here in the u.s. gm said it only makes a small amount of cruze hatch backs in mexico, and makes all of its cruze said ans at a factory in ohio. -- sedans at a factually in -- factory in ohio. let's start in the east bay with highway 24 westbound. you'll see the traffic is going to be busy. there is a crash reported westbound 24 near that exit, and traffic is going to be busy as you drive through the area. you can see that this is much worse than it normally is already. the better location is 24 near saint stevens, and then traffic of one of our veers actually
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said it is blocking the two left lane, and it's backing up traffic almost all he the way over to walnut creek. a big backup at the bay bridge tomorrow plaza, as is normally the case. it's a little bit more this year, though, as many more are returning back to school after the winter break. northbound 101, the ramp here is closed, as you drive to northbound 880 because of an officer involved shooting. it's been there since midnight. it is causing slow traffic on
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highway 101. and highway 17 load at vine hill because of debris and lines down. i do want to mention, this is where the closure is in pacifica. if you're north of raina delmar, you should be fine getting out of pacifica. if south, you'll have to go gown and get out via half moon by a. let's bring steve in with today's forecast. >> i think it's going to get worse tuesday and wednesday, sal, because the ground is right where -- i mean anymore, and you know what i'm talking about. >> are we going to get a break at some point? >> yes, after thursday, and then it's going to get colder. but there are signs, the long range, middle of the month, shows more rain coming in. some of the rain was pretty good, some was not too bad at
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all. east san jose, near santa rosa, six inches of rain. that's from vincent who sent that in. in. the wind was almost a bigger factor at times, certainly on sunday, than some of the rainfall. sfo gusts to 61. golden gate bridge 50. napa 3 t. so it was rocking and rolling, as far as the wind
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gusts. we seller another high wind advisory out for tonight. and rain moving through. looks like it's boot scooting out of there pretty quick, though, but into cooper tino, some light rain there. the system has finally moved out, but looks like a little bit starting to pick up around port reyes, mostly about 95%, we're done with the rain now. there are flash flood watches and is warnings out for almost all the rivers. certainly up in the mountains, and as you can imagine, around the sacramento area, as well. the snow level is coming down a little bit. the breeze is still there. nothing in the crazy category, but it will pick up again tonight. more of a westerly component right now. 32 in contribution, if you are heading to tahoe, finally turned snow, so at least that snow level is coming down. winter storm out until 10:00 a.m. thursday. things will really start to
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economic. you can see that snow start to come down on 80. there have been reports mudslides on 80 near truckee. so a lot of issues there, and be advised, you could have delays because of that. southern california dealing with some very heavy rain this morning. that's the main band for them. we'll get this next system. with so much moisture in the air, wouldn't take much to get this out fast. tuesday looks like rain and wind day. think this will be very critical, because the ground is is atured now. we'll take this into wednesday, and get a break thursday, friday, into the weekend, but will turn colder again. >> just keep the umbrella with you. >> i would. no sense putting it way. time is 6:21. the storm is causing big problems up in the see rare. both directions of 80 near donner lake are still closed this morning. a mudslide closed the westbound
6:22 am
laynes. chp posted this photo on its facebook page. eastbound laynes of 80 are also closed in that same area because of downed power lines. heavy equipment will be brought in to clear out that mud, but the westbound laynes are not expected to reopen this afternoon. i don't know when the eastbound lanes will reopen. >> the weekend storms brought down trees all over the bay area. many of them in san francisco. a man was trapped underneath fallen treer in ocean beach. ands and one europe ago a man was shot and killed on a bart train in oakland. up next, where the investigation stands, and surveillance cameras are still missing from many trains.
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you totally nailed that buddy. simple. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. one year ago today, a young man was shot and killed on a b.a.r.t. train in oakland in a brazen shooting, and place still have no leads on suspect. 19-year-old carlos nunez romero was killed on the train near west oakland. it sparked a wave of controversy because it was not captured sunday surveillance cameras on the train. afterwards b.a.r.t. revealed that most of it trains had i do company cameras. b.a.r.t. police were able to get some footage of the us is picture from a station platform camera. that person has not yet been identified. b.a.r.t. still has not installed cameras on all of it b.a.r.t.
6:26 am
trains and says that that should happen sometime this year. >> happenle today, it's national law enforcement appreciation day. organizations that want to show support for police officers are sponsoring the event. they are asking people to wear blue, send a car to support your local police department as a showing of appreciation from law enforcement, as a way to counter the recent negativity against officers around the country. country. new this morning, french police have arrested 16 people next with the robe of kim card ash yarn west in paris, who said he was held at gun point in october, when thieves stole
6:27 am
$10 million worth of jewelry. police said they were able to track down the suspects through dna evidence left there at the scene. >> our time is 6:27. a car plunged into the oakland estuary, up and next, the deadly crash that may be connected to the deadly storms we had over the weekend. headaches on highway one in pacifica this morning, after a mid-sue slide causes a morning commute nightmare. what you need to know before you head out the door coming up next. >> we do have problems on highway 17, a big traffic jam. closures that really are affecting traffic here. we'll tell you what is going and on why you might rethink doing this drive. ve. we're rapidly losing credibility as handymen.
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good morning, and thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. >> time is now 6:30. i didn't mind my early start, because when i drove in, steve, the roads were dry, and there wasn't hardly another car on the street. >> i agree with that. we got a break coming in. wasn't that bad for us. and most of the morning deputy is okay, although, sal, i think this had something to do with what you're about goto talk about, and that's highway 17, santa cruz mountains. a pretty good cell went through there. it's already gone through, but as sal would say, the damage is done, i think, and that was some brief heavy rain. there is still rain around san jose. and into the san jose foothills, some of it is picking up a little bit. the air mass, the humidity, the air mass is just saturated.
6:31 am
wind will pick up ain late tonight into tomorrow. you're encounter all sort office issues with what we had over the weekend. for once somebody light rain, but it will be picking up later tonight, and overnight into tuesday more more intend rain. all right, sal, where are you going to start? >> we're going to start in pacifica, steve, because we have big problems for people who work and live there, and try to get out of there to go to work. caltransgender this morning is working to remove -- caltra ns this morning is working to remove mud on the roads there. cristina has the details.
6:32 am
>> reporter: good morning, sal. yeah, this mudslide is making for a messy commuteth. you can see of that that traffic here backed up. you can see these headlines. cars are slowly making their way on the southbound laynes here going north because police are running a traffic rig, but if you are heading to san francisco, you're being advised to take an alternate route. this mudslide happened around 11:00 last night. all of that mud just came crashing down because of all of the heavy rains. so caltrans had to bring in heavy equipment. it is still out there trying to scoop up all of the dirt. when we passed the mid-slide, it looked like crews were making progress, but southbound 1 was still slow, so keep that in mind if you're heading southbound, because that traffic is being stopped because of the traffic break, so that cars northbound can head through and pass on the southbound lanes. if you're heading to san francisco, try to find an
6:33 am
alternate route. police crews say they hope to have this opened around 6:30, which is any minute now, or possibly 7:00. so we'll wait to see if that does happen. they anticipated it would open earlier and they keep push back that date. again, this is causing nightmares, sal, and i'm sure you have some help here with that. >> well, there's at least a little bit of problem, cristina, with the lane being opened. they're doing one-way traffic control, as you saw there. but if you don't want to 28 nat line, which is all the way down to the pedro valley, i suggest that you go ahead and make the decision right away to just get out via half moon by a, which means you have to go all the way down and out of half moon by a. it's not that bad. know it at great drive anywhere on these roads with the storms. there are a lot of trees and bebe all over the place on every road, and that should be an alternate route. she said they're just about to
6:34 am
reopen maybe one of the lanes northbound, maybe two of them, so we'll see. that will definitely make traffic better once they do that. this is a look at highway 24. there's a crash at saint stephens. the traffic is going to be busy. as you can see, it's almost at a standstill. it's not a serious crash, but it is blocking lanes. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. that is backed up for a big delay as people are back from the winter break. die want to mention highway 17, if we can go back to the maps. it is closed northbound at granite creek. i would not advise you to do this drive, because highway 9 is not a good alternate, and a lot of people are just being turned around or waiting for a long time here on 17. it's not a drive i would make right now. if you can put it off, i would. 6:34, let's go back to the desk. >> high winds knock down tries all over the bay area. it was a close call for two families in the crocker neighborhood. these pictures come to us from the san francisco fire department. this happened on brookdale avenue yesterday morning. no one inside was hurt, but a
6:35 am
family of 5 and a family of 2 have been displaced. now to san francisco's golden gate park have where a man had to to be rescued after a tree fell on him at restaurant. fire crews responded and used a large metal bar to help lift that tree off the man. the man was taketon the hospital with what appeared to be only minor injuries. yesterday's high winds blew scaffolding down at two construction sites in san francisco. pieces of scaffolding fell near market. part of another scaffolding collapsed at california street near spruce. no one was hurt. oakland police say the weather probably played a role in yesterday's deadly crash where a cab driver was killed when his car plunged into the estuary. it happened not far from oakland airport yesterday. the cab driver lost control of his cab and plunged into the
6:36 am
oakland estuary. he was the only person in that cab. well, people in the santa cruz mountains are closely watching the weather. the ground is very saturated after all of the rain the past few days. people are also closely watching the rising san lorenzo river. one woman who live he nears river moved her rv to higher ground. >> it's the days and days of rain that maybe it scary. if it stops, we're fine. we can handle that. reporter: but you don't want to take the chance. >> >> would you? (laughing) no. >> some trees fell on to utility lines, knocking out pg&e service to more than a dozen customers. new from overnight, a san jose police car stalled out in standing water. this happened a at santa the is a and bailey where the road was closed. a woman was stuck in a car, and they tried to drive through the water to get to her.
6:37 am
the car stalled out. the cigars not hurt. >> at least -- the officer was not hurt. monterey county emergency officials say the caramel river overflowed at 11:00 last night, and levee broke in another area. the swift water rescue team was called in to him people evacuate, but most of the residents decided to stay in are their homes in my opinion waters are receding, and a flash flood warning in the area has expired. deputies are out watching the situation. no word yet on the extent of the damage to the homes. >> we continue to follow developing news from san jose this morning. in just moments, the officer- involved shooting investigation is that now underway. plus chilling video of the fort lauderdale airport shooting as it happened. we have just a tough morning commute almost everywhere you look, because of either crashes or wet weather, mudslides, you name it.
6:38 am
this is highway 24. you can see it's not doing well because of a crash in lafayette. >> thankful through not a lot of rain this morning -- thankfully not a lot of rain this morning. it will be lightening up, but there is more on the way. lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile.
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welcome back. the man accused of friday's deadly shooting at the fort lauderdale, florida airport, will be in court today.
6:41 am
and there's new surveillance video tow to to show you. the moment the gunman takes out his gun ask starts shooting. you can see people run, trying to hide wherever they can. five people were killed. several others were hurt. 26-year-old esteban santiago was a veteran of the iraq war. his family said he has mental problems. back in november, he went to an fish office and said he was hearing voices in his head that told him to join isis. >> this person walked into the be fish. we know this now. and said that he was watching isis videos. i think the fbi would tell you that this is not what the fish wants. i mean, hey do a very good job, but obviously they missed this one. >> santiago is facing several charges and in convicted could get them death penalty. prosecute next germany have closed their investigation into a plane crash into the alps
6:42 am
almost two years ago. all 150 people on the plane were killed when the co-pilot locked himself in the cook pit and deliberately flew the plane into a mountain. german prosecutors said there are no indications of anybody else other than that co-pilot was involved in the crash. the investigation showed the co- pilot was fighting degrees at the time, but didn't tell the officials of the airline. african of authorities are conducting a separate investigation into that crash. four new san francisco supervisors were sworn into office yesterday. two were elected in november, another appointed by the mayor to phil a vacancy -- to fill a vacancy. >> last night the warriors started slow against sacramento, but started to make it look easy after the half. the warriors didn't get their first lead until midway through the third quarter when they scored 19 points to the kings 7
6:43 am
points. kids durant had 28 points, steph curry, 30, klay thompson added 18. the warriors went on to win. they now have 124 regular season games in a row without back-to-back losses. the warriors will he host miami tomorrow night. >> time is 6:43. some major track problems on the peninsula because of the weather. sal, we'll go to you now. >> right now, gacia and dave, we have pacifica closure, northbound highway 1 coming up at reno delmar. look at this traffic jam here, as people are not getting through. they were light let's something people through northbound the southbound lanes, bit right now, i don't see any traffic moving at all, and this is just a huge mess for patrick as you drive through. now, the lanes were supposed to be opened. what they're doing is one way traffic control. they're let something of that southbound traffic get through, and then they put cars on the
6:44 am
northbound in the southbound lanes, but they are not letting anyone use the northbound laynes yet. this is still completely closed. so if if you are driving through pacifica, you have to too one way traffic control, and for this time of the morning, that's really tough, because you're going to be waiting, now that traffic is backed up almost all the way through pacifica. if you're north of marina delmar, you'll be able to get out to dallas-fort worth city and -- daily city and san francisco that way. we have a crash near saint stephens that is blocking the right lane. traffic is jammed all the way up through lafayette. it gets better if you're getting on the freeway in orinda. it might even help you out, as people are stuck behind the closure there of that fast lane. and the santa cruz mountains closed at granite creek because of rocks and mud.
6:45 am
i would not advise using highway 17 right now, unless you're going to go out there and be be caught in traffic, if that sounds good to you, but i now it doesn't. so i would advise, if you can, not to use it. let's bring steve in. >> is that closed in both directions? >> southbound is opened. northbound is closed. >> all right. thank you, sal. well, let's get to it here. i need a personal assistant just to read all my tweets, my facebook messages. my e-mails, gacia. >> i'll work on that for you. >> thank you would you, please? well, we lost our blue atlas cedar to the storm. there are many picture. of this coming in. people with downed trees. trees. >> i'm getting the rain totals as fast as i can, but believe me, if i wanted to do this, i could do about another three
6:46 am
pages. the wind gusts, 61 at sfo. golden gatge, 50. so the combination of the two, now you have saturated soil, and any more high wind coming in, some etty heavy rain just went through highway 17.
6:47 am
looks like a lot of this has pushed off towards the east san jose foothills, but there's a little bit of shower activity just kind of trying to pop up here. nothing too big, though, right now. a few 40s north. a lot of 50s here. flash flood watches and warnings are out as you might imagine for almost all of the riverrers and creeks. there is a little bit of a breeze kind of kicking in, but nothing too bad right now. west of livermore, 13. finally snog at truckee and also tahoe, but winter storm warning kicks in and goes until 10:00 p.m. thursday. snow level has come down, so we need that, good news stopping that rain at the higher elevations. the bilk of this will arrive tuesday, but in advance of that, you'll get a lot of moisture coming across. southern california continues to get the bulk of the rain for right now, but our rain will pick up later this afternoon, tonight, and overnight into tomorrow. also will have a coastal flood watch out for king tides the next couple of mornings, as
6:48 am
well. another one, maybe 4 inches of rain. after thursday, it does look like things calm down. we'll get a break as we head into the weekend, but it will be noticeably colder, but it will need a break by the time this next system comes through into wednesday. temperatures will end up in the 50s for most locations. >> 67:48 now. severe weather in the sierra closed many ski slopes to close their lines for a couple of days. the concern here is high wind, and high avalanche danger. there is also risk of flooding due to rain in some areas. several feet of snow has fallen from just this latest storm. in 20 minutes, how uber plans to offer help to cities across the nation. >> but first? >> disrespect inviting
6:49 am
disrespect. violence inviting violence. >> donald trump comes under attack a at the golden globes, how the president-elect responding to what meryl streep had to say. there is a place where magic will fill you with wonder
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and always leave you wanting even more. because one day just isn't enough. here, there is magic for days. welcome back. a woman in texas is suing uber over a crash that left her paralyzed. sarah melbourne and her friends ordered a uber ride back in
6:52 am
2015. she said her uber driver ran a red light and that they were hit, and her legs were pair laar lied. her lawyer said the uner driver has a criminal history, including drug charges, and the lawsuit allegations that uber was negligent when they hired that driver. >> they should not allow them to drive under uner's name, because passengers who get in those cars assume they're safe, and they're not. >> millions of people trust uber with their live hessive day, and they have no idea who they are getting in their car with. >> so far uber has made no comment about the lawsuit. however uber's background checks primarily focus on screen out crimes that would directly affect passenger safety like reckless driving, six y'all assault, or violence -- sixial assault, or violence. >> steve joshes called it three products in one 10 years ago at
6:53 am
mac world. since then, more than 1 billion iphones have been sold. >> our time is 6:52. hollywood's biggest stars came out last night for the 74th annual golden globe awards, and tonight's snow jimmy fallon was the host. he delivered the opening mon mow log at first without -- monologue at first without a teleprompter. >> welcome to the golden globes. the teleprompter is already down, so this is a great way to start the show. cain do impresses. what do we too here? >> piece of cake, jimmy. the show twin on, it was mostly smooth from there. hollywood's best and brightest were honor 0ed throughout the night. the biggest winner was the movie la lal land with 7 golden globes. tracy ellis ross in blackish won best actress in a serve years comedy, and american
6:54 am
crime story, the people versus o.j. simpson won for best mini series or tv movie. actress meryl streep is getting a lot of attention. she received an award, but used her acceptance speech to slam donald trump without ever saying his name. >> when the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose. we need the principled press to hold power to account, to call them on the carpet for every outrage. >> well, this morning in a series of tweets, donald trump responded, calling meryl streep an overrated actress, and a hillary flunky, and said he was not surprised by hire comments. >> a sold out charity concert was held in london for david bowie. the concert was held on what would have been his 70th birthday.
6:55 am
the event was organized by actor and friend gary oldman. the show included a set list of his classic tunes including star man, golden years, and we're hearing rebel rebel. david bowie died last january of liver cancer. >> cal is starting the search for a new head foot call bawl comb, sonny dykes was called into the u.c. berkeley's athletic director, and he fired him. the timing is a bit unusual, considering last march dykes signed contract extension to stay at cal through 2019. the golden bears have just one winning season in dykes four years at cal. it happened with jared two of as the quarterback. williams said he wants a head coach who is committed to cal. dykes had interviewed for jobs at missouri, houston, and baylor, while at cal. >> the raiders season is over after losing to he the houston texans 27-14 on saturday.
6:56 am
team members were cleaning out their lockers after lose are their first play-off game in 14 years. they might still be playing, and say, if derek carr hasn't been injured in the game against the colts. he tad asked how it fit to see the raiders is on he short end of the score without him. >> it wasn't a helpless feeling. it was more sad. i just feel for my brothers. we put so much work in together, and you just want to be out there. you know, that's the hard it's part, is that you don't get to strap it on, you don't get to go out there and play the game with them. >> for now the raiders will go their separate ways, but they'll be back together for their first preseason workouts in april. the focus shifts on whether the raiders will move to las vegas or stay in oakland. the owner, mark davis, continues to apply to the league for the move. the cold weather in washington d.c. didn't stop? subway riders from stripping did down and showing more skin than normal.
6:57 am
it was part of the annual no pants ride on the saw o subway. participants showed up to ride in their under ware, despite the fact it was freezing in washington d.c. >> i love just, like, creating something that gives people a weird story to go home to dinner, and just, like, i'm not going to actually believe the things i saw today on the street, and then people might not actually believe you. >> this was the 9th year for that event in washington d.c. the subway ride started 15 years ago in new york city, and spread to other areaincluding r area. >> a path of tee construction across the bay area, and more stormy weather to come. how communities are bracing for the worst. >> and the storm is bringing big problems to the sierra. a major mudslide blocking a busy highway, and the dangerous rivers forcing evacuations.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
0. a busy freeway connector closed after a shooting overnight. what we know about the investigation and the impact on traffic, coming up. we continue to follow the latest on the wild weekend storm that rolled through the bay area. it left major flooding in parts of the bay area. keeping an eye on rising rivers. the storm brought down a number of trees as well. a live look where things standout side. look at the clouds. not very productive. i think at this moment but that's going to change. steve has the answers you have been looking for this morning. first, welcome back this monday january 9th. >> i'm dave clark. the big story continues to be the big storm and what is coming our way. >> another system late tonight and tomorrow for boating ominous -- an angry sky. >> i like it. >> angry


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