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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 9, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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the swollen russian river sends waters into low-lying neighborhoods swamping roads, homes and more. >> from the south bay new video of a rescue as crews jump into a rescue pulling stranded residents from homes. >> it's starting to rain again. live storm tracker 2 shows another storm just offshore bringing more rain tomorrow. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener.
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we had a break today, but more rain is coming. we have live team coverage tonight. chief meteorologist bill martin will explain what to expect tomorrow. we'll hear from azenith smith and leigh martinez on the flooding, rescues, and rock slides caused by that weekend storm. >> but our first stop is in guerneville in sonoma county where 3,000 people were advised to evacuate when the russian river went three feet above flood stage this afternoon. ktvu debora villalon was there tonight. a lot of people didn't get out. >> reporter: a lot of people did, but many people are accustomed to this from years past. so a lot of folks do hold up in their homes and try to wade it out and wait for the waters to recede. if you know guerneville we're at the play land the pee wee golf place that's right outside town. if you take a look you can see this is one of many roads that is impassable here in guerneville also in monterio alongside the river. it has been raining here hard for hours. and this is the part of the bay
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area that can afford it the least. >> we've been here for so long. >> reporter: this was the way homes from work a kayak down the road. the same way the trio would get down to guerneville hours earlier. >> people need their coffee. we run a coffee shop and it had to be made. >> reporter: higher ground is what many residents need right now as the rain swollen russian river rises to and above flood stage. water creeping inside low lying properties and pushing against second stories. >> as you see it, mother nature says the mighty russian river is still mighty. >> reporter: county officials are monitoring the river calling it moderate flooding compared to previous widespread events. but now many people new to the region haven't seen anything like it before. >> really the last time there was significant floods like this for more than a decade ago. there is also a lot of new people saying wow this is the first time i've seen it like this. i've been told the water levels
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have reached the window. >> reporter: this home on church street in guerneville is sandbagged just in case as it is next to a low-lying area already under water. >> we're just on the edge holding out until it takes us over. we're parked at the neighbors, we're ready to go. >> reporter: it's the the first flood. >> they said no that's no big deal. i think they said 85. they were wiped out, you know, four feet of water at safeway compared to this, i'll take it. >> everyone is grateful for breaks in the rain, but i'm sure how bad the flooding will get before it is over. >> we are going to be out for a few days, which is why residents are rescuing possessions, even if that means wading through waist-high water trying not to trip on tree stumps or speed bumps. >> if the water gets into the house that's about it. that's all i'm worried about. i got as much as i can, but you know. >> what are you hearing about the next couple of days? >> that the river is suppose to
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come up and it will get even deeper. >> reporter: kayaks, canoes, row boats, they are the way to get around. and with more rain, high winds are expected tomorrow. the situation out here in the river community looks to get even more dicey now through wednesday. another big problem that's popping up tonight landslides. the earth is saturated. we took a look at a landslide outside guerneville on old monterio road on santa monica avenue. the fire chief tells me this slide might be longer than they realize. as far as they can tell it has been taking down trees. so they have red tagged at least seven homes so far. not necessarily because the slide has hit the homes or has damaged them, but this is creating instability among the trees. the trees could fall -- the trees could fall on the homes. these homes are being put out
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in the rain being told to evacuate because of the landslide. the fire chief told me he expects this to get even worse in the days to come because they had a foot of rain in four days in these coastal communities here in west sonoma county. they're reaching a breaking point where the land is going to start to go. back to you. >> from the north bay to the south bay, ktvu's azenith smith is live in morgan hill now at an apartment complex where people have been cleaning up after being forced out by flooding. azenith? >> reporter: well julie, the sandbags are out, but it didn't stop flood water from getting into four down stair units. residents had to be rescued by firefighters on a boat. the dramatic rescue all caught on camera. san jose fire department's urban search and rescue team on high status tonight in case of more water rescues like this one. >> just step right up on the
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roof guys. >> reporter: this video provided by the san jose fire department, firefighters by boat hoisted a ladder to a second-story window at a home near highway 101 near 25th and gilroy, rescuing two people stranded. >> you need to empty that house out. >> reporter: half the home appears to be submerged in water. once the two residents are safe firefighters rescue a dog caught up in the water. >> good boy. >> reporter: san jose fire says it is among four water rescues due to the heavy rain and flooded creeks. down in morgan hill this was the scene outside an apartment complex. despite sandbags in the front, water from the creek crept into the back of the complex flooding rooms and the carpet. >> most of them are busted from the bottom because of the water. they had to build those away. >> that would never happen.
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like they did before. >> the family spent the day mopping up worried about the next round of rain and what they could bring. >> my hope is not really like yesterday. that is my hope. but i don't know. >> reporter: public works crews in both gilroy and morgan hill spent the day clearing out debris from the storm drains as well as taking care of mud slides. in case the creek at morgan hill in gilroy reach flood stages again. julie? >> looking at those pictures are just amazing how high the floodwaters are. thank you. now to the next round of rain that's headed our way. our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking it for us. how much rain do you think we'll get? >> not as much as yesterday, but one to three inches. we're very lucky they would have the break for the rivers and the creeks settle down a bit. let's go back quickly to yesterday. i mean this is yesterday morning. you'll see the system move through there. that's your river unloading. but look right here that's today and the break, right? that's saving us to give us some time to settle down. now we come all the way down.
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that's the new system. this one is an atmospheric river coming a little further north where it will be a little cooler meaning lower snow levels not as much runoff. it's raining outside right now. we talked about that. but the rain really gets going tomorrow morning. so here we are midnight tonight. this is the computer model now. 4:00 a.m. scattered showers. 6:00 a.m. about the morning commute you start to see wet on all the roadways. then 8:00 to 9:00 we are seeing widely scattered showers throughout the bay area. then we will take it to lunch raining from san jose and heavy up in the russian river drainage basin as well. so a wet day tomorrow, but fortunately we got this break today. well a part of the same silverado trail in the napa valley is closed to traffic tonight because of a mud slides in st. helena. the flight happened this afternoon at silverado trail and pratt avenue. now geologists worry more of that hillside will give way. ktvu's leigh martinez is live in st. helena and leigh engineers have told you it's
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not if it will fall, but when? >> reporter: that's right public work crews removed 20 truckloads of rocks from silverado trail this afternoon. but then when they called up geologists they kept the road closed because he's saying things look a lot worse up above. they're seeing some fractures, they're seeing some cracks going straight across. there's only two plates up there -- plaits up there loosely held together. they see a lot of water going through there, meaning there's a lot of water inside. all the basin that it is on top of is breakaway sand. it's just matter of time now for more of those rocks to come down. >> reporter: the rocks first slipped on monday afternoon on tot much traveled silverado trail. the view from above shows a massive rock slide reaching across the divider. this evening the road is clear, but engineers don't trust the land above it. >> a part of it has slipped, relieving the pressure on the upper part. so it's not secure. it's basically floating up there. >> reporter: since there is not
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much holding altogether napa county authorities closed their second most traveled road from deer park road to pope street. it's working to protect st. helena's water distribution pipeline. >> it's going to come down. when we don't know for safety purposes we are going to have to determine what we can do to remove it. >> reporter: elsewhere in st. helena another large problem remains. >> the trunk -- the trunk of this thing, it is quite difficult. to get through with the ordinary chain saw, so yeah i believe they may have broken one of the chain saws. >> reporter: in fact a six-foot chain saw broke attempting to saw it apart. the winery owner at least had a sense of humor about it taking these photos. in st. helena these challenges will still be here tuesday morning. now the public works director says crews will have to
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determine tomorrow morning in day -- will have to determine tomorrow morning in the daylight what to do. they will need to go from above with a high probability to use explosives to get the rest of it down. in st. helena tonight leigh martinez ktvu fox 2 news. >> you can see the rain so saturated. leigh, thank you. for the first time in more than a decade flood gates along the sacramento river are open. rising water prompted officials to manually open the center flood gates known as the sacramento wear for the first time since 2005. and to manage downstream flows of the river. the water flows into the yolo bypass used for farming. but they also serve it as an overflow channel to prevent flooding. farmers were warned to remove their livestock before the flood gates were open. the yosemite national park is set to reopen tomorrow after a weekend closure. now that concerns about flooding have subsided. the river crested about 12½
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feet early this morning. they have not experienced major flooding, but some facilities have been affected. they are warning that a rock slide happened at the entrance. and a whale now belly ups after being found dead inside the bay. find out what marine experts know so far. >> and the new administration at 10:30 why the president elect is under fire for one of his white house appointments. vice president joe biden visited san francisco today to talk about the moon shot emissions. what he also said about losing his son to cancer and what he plans to do after he leaves office.
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protein proteiny protein. at least 14 grams of protein. 100 calories. new greek 100 protein. from yoplait. you're looking at vice president joe biden's motorcade in the streets of san francisco tonight. his visit was more personal than political. the vice president spoke at a health conference about his cancer moon shot effort. it's an initiative to find a cure for cancer. ktvu jana katsuyama is at westin st. francis hotel with the vice president explaning how cancer has unfortunately touched his life. jana? >> reporter: frank, he arrived a little bit late today about 4:00 p.m. due to weather delays and a bird that struck air force two down in southern california. he announced the results of his year-long cancer moon shot mission to find a cure for cancer. but he also spoke as a father who lost his son to the disease less than two years ago.
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vice president joe biden has been given speeches for decades, but this was personal. >> i believe we're on the fundamental change to our approach on fighting the dreaded disease of cancer. >> reporter: biden's own son beau died in 2015 of brain cancer at age 46. biden told the crowd at jpmorgan health conference how that has impacted him and inspired his cancer moon shot drive to find a cure. >> even if we couldn't save our son, science, medicine, technology are progressing faster than ever to save countless of other sons and daughters. but there's a greater sense of urgency. >> he explained some of the government initiative successes, partnering with the valley tech workers. >> then in three weeks they would set up a website
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you can type in real words like breast cancer, leukemia, your zip code, age, then find a list of every clinical trial near you and every clinical trial in the world. >> reporter: he also cite add new government partnership such as a new national cancer geno data base. >> it's an open source data base. anyone in the world can access it. any research in the world breaking down the silos. >> reporter: mr. biden also announced the launch of the new system giving cancer researchers licensing to test combinations of drugs from different companies. fostering more collaboration and data sharing. he also said access to preventions, screening, and care is critical. it was expanded to millions of americans with the affordable care act. >> folks, without debating the affordable care act, i hope our college in the new administration -- colleagues in the new administration are able to share. >> his word is meant to inspire and touch the crowd. >> what he said just spoke to
10:17 pm
all of our hearts. you could feel his own pain, but it's true. everybody here knows either they know someone who has had cancer. >> i thought it was really moving and good to see it on top of all the industry experts. and the government will be behind the effort, i think it is something that affects all of us. >> mr. biden left for detroit and before he left he announced after he leaves office he will be forming a group called the biden cancer initiative trying to bring people together from both sides of the aisle and all parts of the society to find a cure for cancer. >> and i always like the expression of which cancer would get cancer to die. thank you. >> for the first time in more than 20 years there are more women than men on the san francisco board of supervisors. the new board was seated today and one of those women were reelected as board president. london breed presides over the
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board. after the vote breed spoke about importance of standing up for what she called the city's core values. >> every san franciscan who feels scared now you are seen, you are loved, and you are one of us. >> among the newly sworn in supervisors are hillary ronen who replaced david campos and sandra lee fewer who replaced eric mahr. a federal judge ruled in the city of san francisco. they cannot be held liable for the death of the woman who authorities say was killed bay man in this country illegally. the judge dismissed a wrongful death claim. and the judge concluded that the city did not violate any loss. stanley was shot to death in san francisco back in july of 2015 happening right in front of her father. the family had claimed negligence saying the sheriff department had released her accused killer despite her request by u.s. immigration
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officials to keep him behind bars. >> reporter: the marine mammal experts are hoping to determine what kill add whale found floating in the bay this weekend. today the army corp. of engineers towed that dead whale from oakland to angel island where it is now tethered to a pier. it's either a blue whale or thin whale about 40 to 60 feet long and probably a female. the marine mammal center plans to conduct a test to determine how it died. officials tell us there are no obvious signs of trauma. they have not set a date because of the stormy weather. we've got rain out there right now. rain showers are falling throughout the bay area. we have live cameras raining lightly in oakland at this hour as you can see the wet road ways. some of the heavier locations about eight inches, san francisco would get almost two and a half inches with a flash flood watch in effect for the entire bay area for tomorrow. and there is a wind advisory and wind warning for tomorrow and the winter storm warning
10:20 pm
for the mountains with the next system. and as they would need to move in they bring in this moisture seeing heavier showers now. well certainly seeing the snow levels drop we will be looking at six to seven feet of snow over the next 48 hours around lake tahoe in the higher elevations. that's a lot of snow. the snow levels will be dropping. it's a colder weather system. with that we've got heavy rain near napa and santa rosa and just north of vallejo with some of the heavier showers. tomorrow morning the heavier showers will be here impacting the morning commute and the afternoon commute. tonight at midnight, 3:00 a.m. there we are 6:00 a.m. the morning commute not bad. there's lunch time and the afternoon commute. you see it's kind of a wet day all day, but nothing like what we just saw. one to two inches perhaps, maybe three, but it shouldn't be any huge problems. we'll keep you posted on that and keep you back here with the rest of your forecast. the big storm is creating a drinking water emergency in the city of santa cruz.
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city leaders say the newel creek pipeline was damaged when they started leaking hundreds a minute. the pipeline was shut down this moment and repairs are expected to take several days to a week. businesses and homeowners are being asked to cut back their water use by 30% for the next week. among other things they are being told to do their laundry or use their automatic dishwashers. >> thousands of uc workers are set to walk off the job. coming up the strike that will affect everything from hospitals to college campuses. >> college football championship game plays would live up to the hype tonight. but the winning touchdown is coming with just one second left on the clock. mark will show us how the rematch of last year's championship game would have a different outcome. >> but up first the man hunt is underway after a police officer is shot and killed and a responding deputy died in a crash.
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in orlando, florida the community is grieving the death of two officers with a murder suspect still on the run. 41-year-old markeith loyd shot and killed veteran orlando police officer master sergeant debra clayton outside a wal- mart this morning. the officer confronted loyd who then opened fire. during the man hunt an orange county florida motorcycle deputy was killed in a traffic accident. that deputy still has not been identified. >> the best thing he can do at this time is turn himself in. we would love to be able to resolve this situation peacefully. >> reporter: loyd is also accused of killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend last month, but was never taken into custody. a $60,000 reward is now being offered for loyd's arrest. thousands of workers at the university of california hospitals and ten campuses plan to walk off the job tomorrow. the one-day strike is a part of an ongoing dispute over wages. those planning to walk out tomorrow including people who
10:25 pm
scheduled medical appointments, checking in patients, and send out bills at the school's campuses, library assistants, and aide workers plan to walk out. students at uc berkeley are on break though for another week. new state senator scott wiener is hoping to expand an idea from san francisco statewide. the senator is introducing a bill to require the installation of solar power on all new residential and commercial buildings. it's similar to an ordinance passed in san francisco last april that he wrote as a city supervisor. wiener says the measure will help california remain a national leader in clean energy. it was ten years ago today that apple rolled out their first iphone setting off huge changes in the world of technology. this is apple co-founder steve jobs showing the new touch screen phone to the world at the mac world 2007. the new iphone allowed people to surf the web, listen to music, get directions, and take pictures all in one device. since then more than a billion
10:26 pm
iphones have been sold. but not everyone was a fan right away. >> it had so many things stacked against it when it was first released. first of all it was $499 to $599 when first released, only available at at&t stores for the first four years. and a lot of the people said the fact they had no keyboard or stylist to interact with the screen was a big detractor for them. >> well now the iphone is recognized as a game changer creating a whole new industry making huge profits for apple. apple stock, in fact is up 800% in the past ten years. take a look it's snowing again in the sierra. later tonight why that's welcome news after a day of heavy rain. up next the white house job for donald trump's son-in-law. the appointment raising questions about nepotism. we'll talk to our political analyst.
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president elect donald trump's newly named senior advisor is hitting the ground running. >> tonight jared kushner met with the speaker of the house along with other transition officials to discuss rewriting the nation's tax code. john roberts explains the controversy behind kushner's appointment. >> reporter: jared kushner is one of the four people trump trusts the most along with his wife ivanka, his daughter. it was kushner who put the lean campaign machine behind trump's victory together, inventing a new generation of data analytics to micro target voters. to get kushner in the white house, the trump's transition is turning to a 1978 law that exempts the president from the federal anti-nepotism statute. the justice department has described authority is, "unfedderred and sweeping." trump appears confident kushner will be joining him at 1600
10:30 pm
pennsylvania. trump is also confident about his cabinet appointments. for the first time this year emerging from the golden elevator at trump's tower to meet the press, predicting every one of his cabinet pick wills be confirmed. >> they're going great. confirmation is going great. >> i think they will all pass. i think every nomination, they're all at the highest level. >> reporter: trump was also talking jobs today meeting with the ceo of china. whose trump's team says the plan is to create one million jobs in the u.s. over five years. >> we had a great meeting. a great, great entrepreneur, one of the best in the world and he loves this country and he loves china. >> reporter: earlier trump was tweeting about the just announced fiat chrysler expansion. it's finally happening, trump wrote. fiat chrysler just announced plans to invest $1 billion in michigan and ohio plants adding 2,000 jobs. trump also welcomed to the tower bernard arno of luxury brand giant, which owns louis
10:31 pm
vuitton to talk about creating american jobs. >> one of the great men. >> reporter: what trump wouldn't talk about today is the intelligence report that fingered vladimir putin as the man behind russia's hack to the dnc. he will hold his first press conference july 27. outside trump tower new york john roberts fox news. well tomorrow president obama delivers his farewell address in chicago. thousands of people plan to brave freezing temperatures to attend that speech, which will happen at the same venue where president obama gave his 2012 election night address. the president will reflect on the accomplishments in the past eight years and also look forward to the nation's future. >> so joining us now is our political analyst. critics are wondering whether the appointment of jared kushner is legal under federal anti-nepotism laws. what do you make of the
10:32 pm
appointment? >> the president can appoint whoever he wants to. you go through the past presidency and the controversial picks all along the way. i don't think there is a problem, but they are going to have to solve the financial entanglements he has as the son- in-law of the president elect. >> let's move forward. we've got a full week of those planned, the democrats are concerned some of the nominees have not been fully vetted or required to fill out the paperwork. will that be a problem? >> it is not going to be a problem, but in past years you would have a chance to look at the backgrounds of people. these are the appointments coming and the nominations will be moving very quickly. it's unusual. but everything with the president elect so far is unusual. >> donald trump as he does so often, there aren't going to be any problems. all of them will be concerned.
10:33 pm
do you think they will all be confirmed? >> on the fact that they could be controlled, then the answer is yes. however as they dig into their backgrounds there will be things that may arise that everybody comes to a consensus, such you would not want to confirm somebody. but you've got to expect some of this vetting has occurred. >> could the democrats stall the confirmation progress? >> to the extent they could raise issues that would keep other republicans from wanting to vote for that person possibly. but i think it's sort of a one- way train. >> maybe the senator with the stance on immigration and civil rights, passing incarceration may have a tough time. >> and first up they are going to throw everything at him. i think if he goes through, at that point the rest tend to
10:34 pm
follow. >> what's your opinion on how donald trump has handled himself since winning the election? >> i think on balance we're seeing somebody who has appealed to the american people using a certain persona and that continues. he is still tweeting, he is still reaching out to the people kind of going over the heads of the media frankly. which is why on wednesday that media conference is going to be very interesting if he does indeed go through with it. and we will see as his presidency will start, whether he has time frankly to be doing all the tweeting when the real agenda starts it out. >> how do you think he finds the time? >> at 3:00 in the morning he's up doing stuff. >> tomorrow night president obama delivers his farewell speech. what do you expect to hear from him? >> he is going to cement his legacy. this is something started by president george washington in 1796 when the 32-page handwritten letter published in the philadelphia paper and has continued through history.
10:35 pm
barack obama is going to set out his time in office and why he should be remembered. >> all right. as always brian, thank you. >> you're welcome. big changes coming to sunnyvale's yahoo. what we have learned about verizon's proposed acquisition. also the search for a motive to the suspect on last friday's massacre at the airport in ft. lauderdale goes before a judge today. i'm tracking the rain. it's raining out there now. but as we head into the morning commute and the afternoon commute tomorrow more rain. we'll detail the timeline and talk about the mountains too with the winter storm updates. up next a community in shock after a nature educator is stabbed to death at a uc berk -- and a uc berkeley student arrested for the crime. what you gone do? lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence
10:36 pm
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tonight we're learning more about a young woman killed in a
10:38 pm
uc berkeley attack. 27-year-old emilie inman was found stabbed to death friday at the home she rented on ashby avenue. she was a native of france who grew up attending uc santa cruz. her accused killer is a uc berkeley student. investigators say 22-year-old pablo gomez killed inman and stabbed another woman who was seriously wounded, but is expected to survive. police say the motive is still not known. >> this is very unreal. very unusual. we've had stabbings uncommon per se, but with this type of violence it is uncommon. >> police in southern california arrested gomez in burbank one day after the killing not far from his family home. he is now undergoing psychiatric evaluation. the man accused in a deadly mass shooting at the airport in ft. lauderdale, florida made his first court appearance today. 26-year-old esteban santiago is facing federal airport violence
10:39 pm
and firearms charges, which could lead to the death penalty if he is convicted. he's accused of killing five people and wounding six others during a shootout at the ft. lauderdale airport baggage claim friday. two months before the shooting the fbi says it opened a file on santiago. >> mr. santiago walked into the anchorage fbi office to report his mind was being controlled by u.s. intelligence agents. >> earlier today florida congresswoman debbie washer man schultz lead a -- wasserman schultz lead a speech. they have set to require the branded e-mail service along with its website and mobile apps in the $4.8 billion deal. in an sec filing, yahoo says the business is largely made of an investment in the chinese commerce site changing their
10:40 pm
name. however the verizon deal has not yet closed following two major security breaches involving yahoo. on wall street stocks finished mixed. dow fell 75 point, nasdaq gained 10, and the s&p lost eight. a drop in oil prices sent stocks dropping. snowmageddon after rain. even at higher elevations. why that's a relief for everyone from homeowners to ski operators. chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking tomorrow's rain here in the bay area back with your full forecast for the week ahead.
10:41 pm
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it happened in the santa cruz mountain where a news van was crushed. the slide forced the closure of both northbound lanes as crews used heavy machinery to haul away the mud and debris. chp hopes to have those lanes reopened by some time tomorrow. traffic is also moving again on highway one in pacifica. that's after a mud slide shut down all northbound lanes for almost 14 hours. the slide was first reported late last night near rena del mar avenue. in fact drivers told us it took two hours to navigate a two- mile stretch of highway that normally takes only about five minutes. heavy snowfall is expected in the sierra this week after dangerous and blustery conditions over the weekend. as vicky gonzalez tells us the snow shut down ski resorts. the snow continues to fall
10:44 pm
along the sierra. piling up on shoulders and shutting down local businesses. >> the conditions were very, very harsh out there. >> reporter: resorts across lake tahoe taking a couple of days off due to the messy and dangerous weather. >> we had high winds, heavy rain, we even had some thunderstorms. obviously not conditions you want to be out on the mountains or employees out on the mountains. >> reporter: as caltrans works to keep i-80 free from more closures. >> right now we're just enjoying a very relaxing mellow sierra snowstorm. >> reporter: a brief hiatus following a massive five-foot deep mud slide spanning 1,000 feet shutting down portions of the interstate. >> i think the earth is stabilized up here in snow country. i'm hoping so because that really took the wind out of our sales having to deal with that. >> reporter: but truckee residents are continuing to ride out the bumpy conditions. >> i've been loving it. [ laughter ]
10:45 pm
>> reporter: the truckee river moving swift, cresting sunday due to heavy rain, melting fresh snow pack. >> it's been a roller coaster for sure. it started out with the snow last week and then we got the rain over the weekend. that was kind of a bit of a bummer from all the powder they've been getting. >> reporter: the water level is dropping below flood stage. a bit of a break. >> still wet. but hopefully you can see good skiing this week. >> reporter: with another strong round of snow on the horizon. local ski resorts were closed on sunday as well as today, but planning to reopen for you tomorrow hoping for an additional five to seven feet of snow by this weekend. in king vail victoria taneyhill ktvu fox 2 news. >> you heard it right. they are thinking maybe eight feet, four to eight feet possible as we head into the next three days up in the sierra, nevada. more rain for us. heavier rain will be on and off tomorrow. it won't be like you saw
10:46 pm
yesterday, but still pretty wet especially on the morning and afternoon commute. also what you're going to notice with the wind advisory there will be more wind with this storm than the last one. and wind gusts could go above 60 miles an hour with the wet ground, trees and power outages a real possibility tomorrow and again this isn't the scale of one to ten, but probably the last one. i would feel the last one is a nine and a half probably about seven. but with the wind they could add to that. plus the ground is saturated. so mud slides will bound. i mean we're not looking at it today, but there is a flash flood watch area for the entire bay area and the king tides for your morning. let me ride my bike up on the oakland hills as they would have slides everywhere, just everywhere. but you would need to add more water to that tomorrow and there will be more slides because of the nature of the typography in the soils. winter storm warning stays in effect 4:00 a.m. on thursday. four to eight feet of snow six feet tall. right? and some places will get up to eight feet of snow. the rain is falling down the
10:47 pm
bay area. here is the next system back here. heavy showers still, training up here over the napa valley pretty hard seeing the snow levels drop down a little bit the radar right now. across the valley they will be getting rain just above colfax starting to see snow here and cooler systems, better news for truckee, reno flooding, central valley flooding, it will be more helpful to get some snow. so these guys will get pretty heavy rain for the last 35 minutes or so keep an eye on that. waves of showers will go through tomorrow. then as they do if you are under one you know it's raining hard with little breaks. tomorrow morning that's san francisco. tomorrow afternoon and then by the afternoon commute it's still doing it just a wet day tomorrow all day and windy as well. if you could avoid the mountains i wouldn't go to give it a couple of days. tomorrow morning lunchtime then the afternoon commute. that's your day. now we'll go into wednesday scattered showers, no biggie after what we have seen. then thursday maybe a few scattered showers, but again
10:48 pm
nothing compared to what we have seen. but the takeaway here is we're real fortunate to get the rain and the snow. we are really fortunate we got the break here today and the break is huge. if we didn't get that break today we are going to round up the next storm and the russian river is just a few feet above flood stage. they will stay there through wednesday. but it's not going to go much above that. we would have a big storm today pushing that thing for you a lot harder. >> they will need to be able to take it. >> yes, julie, the soil saturation we can't take too much rain. today is a very important day. >> even with tomorrow's rain it will not make things worse. >> it is not going to help, but it shouldn't be anything like what we saw yesterday or the problems we would have. >> l bill, thank you. coming up herein credible finish to the national championship game for alabama and clemson. three touchdowns in the last four and a half minutes. mark is up next with an amazing highlight. tasty. at my place, you can get a mouthwatering
10:49 pm
sourdough bacon ranch combo for $4.99. with a full size beef patty, bacon, and creamy ranch sauce, on toasted sourdough bread. plus hot & salty fries and refreshing freestyle drink. because flavor always beats formulas. the sourdough bacon ranch combo, just $4.99 for a limited time. combos done my way.
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we have been loving the national champion. >> it was incredible and just the way you would want it back and forth. alabama has not lost ever. >> trailing in the fourth quarter, just back and forth. >> disrupting the entire news
10:52 pm
room. i mean coming on the heels of a week four game in their playoffs, no drama there tonight. but they would have their day for this week, early before they started nick saban. we'll see you later, pal, but here we go again looking like beau jackson, the second touchdown of the night for 47 yards. you're thinking 14-0 alabama, but they collect themselves 14- 7 at the half. he takes it for a nice move to get in there 27 yards. but they would slug right back and probably a big time for clemson, the quarterback wide open.
10:53 pm
24-14 at the three, sensational, calm and collected, you'll see it in a moment for the touchdown. and they will take their first lead. up and over 28-24 as they lead. they never trailed and they were not about to stay there, just an amazing 30-yard run, that's the freshman right there. bam ma and long faces for the clemson fans. however they run the clock out. nine plays, 68-quader drive, one second left. watson connects again with renfro. passing three touchdowns, where the national title goes to clemson 35-31. second national title in their school's history. i've got to tell ya, it's very nice to see a victorious coach
10:54 pm
show joy and humility in winning the championship. >> years ago my goal was to put clemson back on top. tonight that's the reality. listen, i love the university of alabama, i love the people there, the coach is so gracious and the heart of their team, this would go down as one of the greatest of all time no doubt about it. i'm just so happy for the clemson team. i mean it's unbelievable. >> that's a classy coach accepting a great victory right there. in the meantime desean watson looked pretty good in a 49er uniform. we're doing a little informal poll. about 65% of the viewers online says that is who the niners should use on the number two pick, calm, collected in the clutch. in the meantime though they need to fill another position. that would be the coach. today the grandson of the former 49ers president john
10:55 pm
mcvay interviewing for the job. they call him the new and up and coming john gruden just 30 years old. he would be the youngest coach in the nfl currently served as an offensive coordinator for the redskins for the past three years. he's the fourth candidate to be interviewed. anthony lynn the former runningback was first and kyle shanahan, mike shanahan, second and josh mcdaniels narrowing it down to either l.a., san francisco, or returning to new england where he is an offensive coordinator. the choice is right there. in the meantime the golden statewarriors still stinging a bit from the ridiculous loss where they blew a 24-point lead sticking in the coach's mind. last night they did win, but check out what happened just a few seconds to end their game. >> riding in the baseline, they need to use that time out that quickly and 18 seconds into the
10:56 pm
game. he's sending a message. that's a great popovich time- out right there. >> yeah, as bob fitzgerald said that is a popovich play right there. i mean that's unheard of to call time out 18 seconds into the game. popovich for those who don't know is a guy who is considered the top coach in the league. today david west compared kerr and popovich. >> i mean he's probably not as ra ra, but you know he leaves a great message. that's what they expect with their expectations and what they could accomplish. >> that was it. popovich has a great move right there. >> 18 seconds. [ laughter ] >> you got it now. >> that's for sure. >> and thanks for joining us. >> good night. >> we'll see you later everyone, good night. >> sports wrap brought to you by the bank of the west.
10:57 pm
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