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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  January 10, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PST

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growing this morning along highway 17 and the santa cruz mountains as a news photographer got caught beneath the debris while covering the storms. mornings on 2 starts now. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. tuesday morning, january 10th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. i ran into a patch 6 heavy rain. >> a lost water on the freeway. >> we are watching waiting for the bay area's next storm. let's get the forecast. is steve in his office. it's here. >> it's here. >> a lot of green there. >> a lot of green. there will be a lot of green. let's get to it. unfortunately one to two inches of rain has fallen in northern sonoma, napa. there is a lot more on the way. it's more of a steady rain, nothing to heavy. also snow in the sierra. there is a blizzard warning out for the sierra. that's not something we have seen in a long time.
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snowing in tahoe. and blue canyon. the moisture surge -- 50s on the temperatures. oakland 16 miles an. gusts about 45, 50. out of the south. expect that. here is the system. tracking right at us. it'll be with us and then another system late wednesday into thursday. that one may focus more to the south. we will deal with that then. until then it's rain. steadily to heavy. i'm optimistic but i predict the drive will be slow this morning. you know i think so. i had to drive in some pretty heavy rain here. i want to ask you. this rain is going to be over tomorrow you think? >> as well. >> it'll be raining tomorrow as well. >> not as -- today, tonight, heavy tonight, into wednesday morning. then a break and another system wednesday night, thursday morning. >> thank you. >> you are welcome.
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>> good morning. let's start off with the tracy super drive. wet out there as we have been telling you. in case you haven't looked outside yet. traffic still light on the tracy triangle. that drive here no problems in livermore. it hasn't been a bad drive at all if you are driving on 205 and 580 right through the area. getting on the road early, get a little bit of a break. you can drive slowly as you should during this wet weather. no major problems on interstate 880 north and southbound. it's looking good here but it's raining in oakland. at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see traffic is light. steady rain is coming down. more now on the storm coverage and we are start in the north bay where the russian river is several feet above flood stage swamping roads and homes and more. >> we have seen this before in that area. the latest round of storms sent water gushing in to low lying
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neighborhoods in gurnville. as many as 3,000 have been adviced to leave the area. deborah reports not all residents decided to get out. >> reporter: we have been here for so long. we are -- this is what we do. >> reporter: this is the way home from work. a kayak down the road. the same way this trio got down to downtown to open for business hours earlier. >> people need their coffee. we run a coffee shop. it had to be made. >> higher ground. >> reporter: higher ground is what many need right now. as the rain swollen river rises to and above flood stage. water creeping inside low lying properties and pushing against second stories. >> as we see mother nature says the mighty river still is mighty. >> reporter: county officials monitoring the river called it moderate flooding compared to previous more widespread event its but note many new to the area haven't seen anything like it before. >> the last time there was
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significant floods like this were more than a decade ago. there is a lot of new people saying wow, this is the first time i have seen it like this. i have been told that the water level has reached the window. >> reporter: this home on church street is sandbagged just in case as it's next to a low lying area already under water. >> we are right at the edge and holding out until it takes us over. we are parked at the neighbors and we are ready to go. >> reporter: it's his first flood but they have adviced. >> they said it's no big deal. i think they said 85 was four feet of water in safeway compared to this. i will taket. >> reporter: everything is grateful for breaks but unsure how bad this bout will get before it's over. >> we are going to be out for a few days. . >> reporter: which is why they are rescuing things even if that means going through waste high water. trying not to trip entree stumps or speed bumps. >> if the water gets in the house that's it.
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that's what i'm worried about. i got as much as possible. >> reporter: what are you hearing about the next couple days? >> that the river is supposed to come up and it'll get deeper. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2news. >> wow. the storm is causing some homes in the area to be red tagged now. last night officials in sonoma ruled that home is not safe because of mudslides. they ordered the family living there and six other homes to evacuate. the chp said slick roads and speed may have played a role in a deadly crash in marin. this was just before nine yesterday morning near the sonoma county line. the 20-year-old driver was killed. his car veered off the road, flipped over and landed in that creek. the driver identified as jose herman. also in marin only one lane of traffic is still open on lucas valley road.
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because of a sink hole. there is no word on when the road will be reopened. authorities are recommending using surrender francis drake boulevard for trying to get to or. reporter: from the west area. in san jose the fire department's urban search and rescue team is on high status. >> i would just step right up on the roof guys. >> reporter: the team has done four rescue operations in south santa clara because of the storms. the fire department provided this video of a rescue in gilroy. two people were trapped in their home by rising water from the creek. an apartment complex in morgan hill, sandbags could not stop water from seeping in from another creek that over flowed. >> like most of the furniture is busted from the bottom because of the water. they had to throw it away.
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>> sandbags. what my neighbors say, they say that the water is -- it doesn't get in only from here. it gets in from all the way in the back. >> reporter: public works crews rushing to clear out debris from roadways and storm drains in case local creeks reach flood stage again. this morning crews are still trying to clear a massive mudslide. ail hillside slid onto highway 17 forcing both northbound lanes to be closed. the chp diverted traffic in both directions to the southbound lanes. it's a major mess to clean up and they are still working on it. >> now it's just a matter of cleaning this up which is a huge dynamic. there is wires mixed in with tree stumps, boulders and a lot of loose mud, dirt and gravel. >> the rain also washed away part of bear creek road about a quarter mile north of highway
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9. this would have been another route for people to get to san jose but not now. also look at this. a tv news photographer was driving on highway 17 about 3:00 yesterday morning at the very moment when that hillside gave way. his van was crushed. the photographer was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. here is an interesting impact resuddenlying all the major storms hitting the bay area. the weather has created a water shortage in santa cruz. city leaders say that the rain and wind damaged the pipeline that provides about a third of the area's water supply. it's now been shut down. repairs expected to take several days. businesses and homeowners in santa cruz are asked to savor water, cut back on their water use by 30% for the next week. pg&e has been rushing to get ready for today's storm as well. yesterday crews spent the day making repairs to power lines
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that were damaged by heavy winds and rain over the weekend. at one point more than a half million people were without power. today's rain could bring some some more outages because the ground is already soaked from the last storm. that could lead to more toppled trees which can then take out power lines. >> pg&e has a weather department who uses a modell to pinpoint where the storm is going to hit the hardest. they look at outages so we can send extra crews in. >> pg&e is reminding people if you see some downed power lines in your area stay away from them and call the police. pictures and videos from the last storms have been coming in to social media. here is a look at some of them. look at this. just rushing water around the bay area. be sure to send us your weather video and use the hash tag ktvu. and on the weather app you will find live radar, current-s and the latest on your forecast. just look for the weather app
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and down load it. our time is 4:09. happening today thousand of workers at university of california campuses around the state plan to walk off their jobs this morning. it's a one day strike. its part the continuing dispute over salary. here in the bay area the picket also be at uc berkeley, san francisco, the lawrence berkeley national lab and the uc office of the president in oakland. those who plan to walk out include those who scheduled medical appointments, check outpatients and send out bills. at the school campuses library assistants and financial aid workers will take part. right now it's 4:10 and traffic is finally moving again in pacifica. that's after that mudslide brought drivers to a stand still for nearly 14 hours yesterday. coming up in the next half hour cal trans next move to make sure people can get through
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that area safely. >> first senate democrats plan to put up a fight as the first confirmation hearings start for the president elect's cabinet. their argument against trump's pick for attorney general. . >> good morning. we are looking at a drive that is going to be rough because of the wet weather. still some closures this is northbound 880 at oak street. we have an oaf turned vehicle in one of the lanes and traffic is now temporarily being held up on northbound 880 as you come up on oak street. >> break yesterday but it's long gone. it'll be a rainy day. heavy totals in the mix for the next 24 to 36 hours.
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. welcome back. a 7.3 earthquake hit off the coast the philippinest. happened last night just about 130 miles off the coast. experts say the earthquake was far to deep to cause serious damage or prompt a tsunami warning but it was felt on the surrounding islands. the rush is on in congress. confirmation hearings begin this morning for the president elect's nominees. immaterial the president elect hopes to have most of them in place by inauguration day but democrats want to it slow down the pace. >> reporter: these things always a rush with the incoming administration. we have seen the schedule change somewhat this week.
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one of the most controversial hearings may be one of the first out of the gate. two confirmation hearings today. alabama senator jeff sessions for attorney general and john kelly for secretary of homeland security. the president elect expressing confidence. >> i think they will all pass. i think all of them -- they are all at the highest level. >> reporter: its sessions who is likely to draw the most fire. he is well liked by members of both parties but his nomination to be a judge in 1986 was derailed amid allegation that he had used racially charged language, something that was never proven. that and his positions on issues like illegal immigration will lead to tough questions and democrats trying to slow things down with other nominees. arguing that ethics filings and background checks aren't compete for everybody. >> i think what they are hoping for is that if the paperwork they may find some kind of financial problem or conflict that would force someone to withdraw or someone
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would misstate someone. >> reporter: a hearing for one of the picks has been pushed back to next week. another controversial selection will not require senate confirmation. the president elect hiring his son-in-law to be a senior white house advisor. all of this as trump prepares for a press conference tomorrow and the president pulls out all of the stops for a massive sendoff rally in chicago tonight. this is all part of the president's extended farewell. there was the star filled party at the white house on friday, the big sendoff tonight and then next week he will have his final press conference as president. in washington. also happening today protests in san francisco against the nomination of senator jeff sessions as attorney general. its being organized by the group refuse fac the rally and protest is scheduled at the federal building on golden gate avenue
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in san francisco. we asked brian if he thinks there will be legal problems with trump appointing his son- in-law as an advisor. >> a president can appoint anyone they want. you go -- through past presidents and there were controversial picks all long the way. i don't think there is a problem. they are going to have to solve the financial problems that he has as the son-in-law of the president he elect. >> the trump transition team said that the son-in-law won't be paid a salary while serving in the administration which could help avoid legal problems stemming the federal anthony nepotism law. the president is scheduled to give his farewell address later today in chicago. thousands of people plan to brave freezing temperatures to attend the speech which will happen at the very same venue where the president gave his 2012 election night address. the white house said that the
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president will reflect on the accomplishments of the past eight years and also look forward to the nation's future. this will be a rough drive for some people this morning. a lot of rain came through coming in. what's happening now? >> there are some crashes already unfortunately. northbound 880 just before oak street. just before the crack london square exit there is an overturned vehicle in one of the lanes. to set up the hard closure it doesn't look like anyone -- at the current moment is getting throught. looks like they are trying to right this vehicle and get it onto a tow truck. in the meantime photograph sick being held here northbound 880. it looks like there is a chp vehicle moving through. the rest of the of traffic is just sitting there in oakland on 880. if you are driving up to downtown oakland there will be a delay. this is madden figure you are trying to get to work and you are -- leave it out to the last minute. you come up on this and you are
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sitting on the freeway for ten minutes. that's going to put a crimp in your plans. northbound 880 right before oak. let's move along and take a look at the westbound bay bridge. some steady rain here. the traffic is okay. you can see that the traffic here is okay. going to move to over -- see if i can get you the gilroy drive here. it does look good. we had flooding in gilroy yesterday. the rain is coming down. give yourself extra time. at 4:19 let's go to steve. rain is returned. this looks like another round today into off and on tomorrow. then one more system wednesday night into thursday. then we will get a break and we are going to need it. may need it before thursday. been about one to two inch amounts northern sonoma, napa and points north and the focus the heavier rain for a while north. a good band moving through
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parts from oakland toward the east bay and also down to the peninsula. it's some snow on the go and a blizzard warning has been posted. they will measure in feet after everything is said and done. lake level and above where they may be above four to eight feet. there is a lot of moisture come across with everything so soaked. it won't take much here. two systems here. one more on thursday and then we will get a break. rain and wind today. heavy rain tonight into early wednesday and then thursday one more. that's the low coming right in. looks like it wants to come by us and head down to southern california. 50s on the temperatures. they won't change to much. the breeze high. wind watches out. the high wind warning it'll turn up big time by this evening. due south wind. 57 down in monterey. again 50 and 80 will be very difficult traveling here. today and especially tonight into tomorrow. there is the front. we will get that tonight that. will give us a round of heavy
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rain. possibility of convictive bands in here. thunderstorms in by later tonight and tomorrow. then the next system will come in along the coast that. will keep this beat going after thursday. i think around thursday afternoon and then we should start to see improving conditions. any way you look at it here there is some -- more two to four, maybe five inch amounts for some. this is very critical situation i think for parts of just about anyone here. especially up napa county, sonoma and on down toward santa cruz mountain as just to much rain is in the the mix. we will get a break on the weekend. 50s on the temperatures. they won't change to much. the lants 50s. the highs in the 50s and rain will play into the forecast. could be very heavy by the evening. it's steady this morning. more rain wednesday. one more system thursday and then a break on the weekendt. will be colder but at least a break. >> okay. a break would be good. >> it'll be welcomed. >> the extended outlook is
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. welcome back. it's 4:24. we are getting new details as a woman stabbed over the weekend near the berkeley campus.
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the 27-year-old was found stabbed to death friday at her home on ashby. she was from france and grew up in san luis o bisbo. her accused killer, a 22-year- old pablo gomez is a berkeley student. go mez killed her and stabbed another woman who was seriously wounded but is expected to survive. >> it was very brutal. very unusual. we have had stabbings -- are not unusual but with this type of violence is -- it's unusual. >> gomez was arrested the day after. a judge has ruled the city of san francisco cannot be held liable for the death of a woman who authorities say was killed by a man in the country illegally. the judge dismiss aid claim filed by the family of the 32- year-old. the judge said that the city and former sheriff did not violate any laws. she he was shot to death on a
4:26 am
pier in july of 2015. her family claims mention saying that the sheriff's department released her accused killer despite a request by immigration to keep him. experts want to determine what killed a whale in the bay at the port of oakland over the weekend. the army corp. of engineers towed it in angel island where it's tied to a pier. they say it's either a blue whale or a fin whale about 40 to 60 feet long. the center plans to do an investigation to determine how it died. officials say that there are no obvious signs of trauma. the vice president flies to chicago today to take part in the president's farewell speech. the stop that he made in san francisco before heading east to talk about his fight to cure cancer after his son died of that disease. >> first it's a big concern during strong storms.
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sewage spilling into the estuary. the problem and the work east bay mud has to do to clean it up. . >> good morning. we are looking at a drive where traffic is still doing okay. it is raining pretty hard and it's already beginning to get slow. >> rain here, snow in the mountains. it could be a lot of snow. a blizzard warning is out until noon on wednesday. they are going to measure snow in feet.
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. good morning. come back. a soggy tuesday this is a live picture from our emoryville camr. look at all the traffic. with all that traffic there is rain. the newest storm is here. it has arrived. we are tracking for you. be careful. give yourself extra time. good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2.
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tuesday january 10 pght. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. the bay area still under storm watches and warnings this morning. you should know about. standing water on the freeway. let's check in with steve. how long will it last? >> untiling about thursday afternoon. >> wow. >> not continuous but today will be one of the main days. in fact heavy rain comes in tonight. i think the evening drive may be a little tougher sled home if you will. blizzard warnings out for the sierra. that is -- that is -- you don't see that very often here. only when it's a really wet pattern and cold air is in place and that's what we have. a blizzard warning out. there is advisories in the green for flash flooding. wind for us. that will take news to tonight and also tomorrow. rain has arrived. nothing to heavy although steady, sometime its can add up fast. sierra nevada already dealing rain on 50 -- snow up on


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